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Top 10 best places for spring break


Any person sometimes wants vivid emotions, new impressions, and where, no matter how on vacation, should we look for them? Only there you can shake off your daily routine and gain strength for new accomplishments. Changing the situation while traveling, a person rests with body and soul, and new impressions do not allow him to sour.

Over the past few decades, the Kingdom of Thailand has made international tourism one of its main sources of income. Last year alone, 27 million holidaymakers came from all over the world, of which 15 million came from Bangkok, which is a record for the cities of the world. Thailand has a rich cultural heritage, bright national cuisine, luxury hotels were built here near white beaches. Thanks to all this, new travelers are going there, and many return to Thailand more than once.

2. Brazil

Brazilians are known for being cheerful all over the world, they literally ignite when the words “samba” or “football” are mentioned. For tourists in Brazil, this is a real paradise: here you can take part in a jaguar hunt in the jungle, or simply lie on a beautiful beach, sipping a local Caipirinha cocktail under Bosanova. On the Atlantic coast of Brazil stretched over 2,000 beaches, and along it there are thousands of small islands - here you can find a secluded lagoon, and excellent places for surfing. In general, in Brazil there is so much interesting and unusual that it is impossible to enumerate everything. You can take a chance and go on a long journey deep into the Amazon, where there is an opportunity to catch a huge fish piraruku. Much less effort will require a visit to Rio de Janeiro - the magnificent South American city with its famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, where you can enjoy plenty of Bosanova and samba, go in for extreme local sports - slide on a piece of plastic from a high sand dune directly into the ocean.

3. Australia (Great Barrier Reef)

The Australian Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral formation on the planet. He is even counted among the wonders of the world. Here is a paradise for lovers of scuba diving, divers here can see a huge variety of fauna of the Pacific Ocean: amazingly beautiful fish, cetaceans, mollusks and corals themselves. But environmentalists believe that because of global warming, the water temperature rises slowly, which, together with its pollution, leads to the death of corals. The most pessimistic predictions divert the reef of life for a few more decades, and then it may happen that there will be nothing to look at. So hurry to Australia!

4. Croatia

Having joined the European Union, the beloved by Russians as a place of rest, Croatia became more accessible for them, since it constantly introduces the abolition of the visa regime. Therefore, compatriots gladly go there to relax in the mild Mediterranean climate of Croatia. It is never too hot here, but only to the utmost. A wonderful addition to the climate are the picturesque Adriatic beaches and the surrounding landscapes. Croatia is a very “home” country that did not build huge all-inclusive hotels, at the entrance to which the constant doorman in livery is on duty. Instead, there are many apartments rented out by locals, in which tourists truly feel at home.
Croatia has a lot of greenery and very clean air, in which the subtle aromas of pine resin and sea salt are felt. Local beaches frame the lace treetops. One has only to drive away from the big cities in the outback, as you can enjoy the peace and quiet, even in the midst of the tourist season. But Croatian beaches are not the only entertainment here, because Croatia is rich in historical and natural sights - it is no coincidence that it is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Morocco is considered the North African pearl, and yet relatively recently it has been closed for tourism, but recently it is catching up on its own, accepting a huge number of travelers from all over the world. This country has a variety of natural conditions: the sands of the Sahara here go to the sea, and on the other hand they run into the mountains. Therefore, it makes sense to come here and those who like to soak up the beach near the warm sea, and those who prefer to spend their holidays more actively.
Among several Moroccan resorts, Agadir is particularly famous, which is located in a valley on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. There are beaches of golden sand, camel rides in the dunes and a host of other attractions are organized. In the town of Essaouira there is one remarkable fishing port in which colorful boats of fishermen crowd, and clouds of seagulls fly over them. Islam is widespread in Morocco; therefore, Russians who do not profess this religion are not too comfortable here during the celebration of Ramadan, because even foreigners are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at this time.

6. Bulgaria

In the wonderful country of Bulgaria there is a gentle sea, sandy beaches and green parks. Local beach resorts and club hotels are all-inclusive. This country can be called ideal for family holidays - here you can find both mineral springs and sports facilities. The pride of the country are endless vineyards and pink plantations. Although Bulgaria is a fairly close neighbor, it has a very well developed tourist service, which has European quality and offers a decent entertainment program. The beaches in Bulgaria are clean and well maintained.
While vacationing in Bulgaria, it is impossible not to come to Sofia, which is one of the oldest cities on the continent - here settlements of prehistoric times are found. An important landmark of the capital is the Hagia Sophia, which even fell on the emblem of the city.

Greece can be called the golden mean in all respects. There are many small home-style hotels, which preserve the hotel service with daily cleaning, and offer a buffet for breakfast, but at the same time allow themselves to be welcome guests from good acquaintances. Greece has given the world many great historical sights, but it is also rich in a variety of beaches: sandy, pebbly or sandy-pebbled. You can have fun moving from the beach to the beach and comparing them. On many of the countless Greek islands, you can stay in a hotel, where instead of a veranda there is a small swimming pool in which you can sit for a whole day without leaving your home. In addition, you can make light walks on the sea on various boats, looking at picturesque bays and looking for new beaches for yourself. It is necessary to say about the beautiful Greek cuisine, which is famous throughout Europe. Both adults and children dinner at the national Greek restaurant will give a lot of gastronomic delights.

Tunisia can be called a rather young tourist country, since it began to attract travelers widely only in the 80s of the last century. But today it boasts 1200 km of beaches, near which there are numerous modern hotels, and many historical monuments. Also, popular thalassotherapy centers have been established on the basis of local thermal springs. There are resorts that are already teeming with crowds of tourists, attracted by low prices and excellent beaches, but there are also still gaining popularity - in these you can relax in a much more relaxed atmosphere.
Tabarka is just such an uncrowded resort located in the north of the country - the “coral coast”. It is worth visiting diving enthusiasts. The small resort town of Magdia, located on the Mediterranean coast, has a relaxing family vacation on the white beaches. Holidays in Tunisia can be a solution to problems for those who are afraid of flying airplanes, because here you can sail from Genoa or Marseille on the ferry, capturing your own car, on which you can drive around the country.

9. Cambodia

In Cambodia, incredibly beautiful landscapes, there are many antiquities and very cheap food. It may even seem to someone that the fee for services here is indecently small: for one dollar in Cambodia you can eat a hearty and tasty dish, and for five “greens” you can rent an apartment for yourself. Such low prices are kept here because, until recently, tourists did not come here because of the terrible recent fate of this country, and only recently the situation began to drastically change for the better. Now in Cambodia is seeking, mainly young people, who like a lot here.

With its incredible history, Italy could not help but become a destination for tourism related to educational excursions. Countless routes through classical Italy will always attract tourists who prefer not to roast all day on the beach, but to know the country with their ears and eyes, constantly traveling along it. The most curious seek to get off the beaten path and climb into the unfamiliar villages of the Italian hinterland. Those who need sun and sea can go to the resorts of the Adriatic Sea, in Amalfi and Naples, or settle in the resorts of Tuscany and Lazio. Russian tourists have long mastered such directions in Liguria as Portofino, San Remo or Santa Margherita Ligure, where bohemians and elites prefer to have fun. Of course, do not forget about the Italian islands: Sicily, Sardinia, Ischia can reward with magnificent views of nature and allow you to enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday.


As it turned out, the duration of the vacation can affect the life expectancy. And those people who rest more than three weeks a year - live longer than those who spend less time on vacation

The palm was won by Grace Bay beach with clear water, iridescent with hundreds of blue-green shades. Immediately after him follows Baia do Sancho in Brazil

In the spring, it often pulls you to go somewhere, and why not give in to your desire, especially when the long May holidays are ahead?

Rating the best places for a beach holiday

Approximate price for a family of 2 people

The best beach holiday in Europe

The best beach holiday in exotic countries

Cuba, oh. Cayo Largo

Malaysia, about. Borneo

Bali, Tanjung Benoa

The best beach holiday in Russia

from 25 thousand rubles

from 49 thousand rubles

from 60 thousand rubles

from 42 thousand rubles

Greece, Crete

Crete is the most popular place in Greece, where our tourists prefer to go to rest. If you go on your own, you can easily keep within a modest amount and have a great time both on the beach and on excursions.

  • clear sea, sandy beach,
  • excellent European service, friendly staff,
  • Greece's rich history will not be bored during the holidays.


Board: If you do not want to get to Crete in the very heat, choose to rest either June or September.
Crete reviews:
“Greece is the perfect place, I went for the third time already! Satisfied!
“This year we rested near Heraklion and traveled the eastern part of Crete. It is very pulling back to Crete and see the west (they say it is even better!). ”

Montenegro, Budva

In Montenegro, it is advised to go to those who have decided for the first time to rest on the sea abroad. The price-quality ratio here is obvious, in addition, there are many advantages to rest in distant countries. Also, many prefer Montenegro to Bulgaria due to the fact that here the Adriatic Sea, and not the Black.


  • Almost all prices are reasonable, Bulgaria and Croatia are much more expensive,
  • similar mentality, no language and cultural barrier,
  • do not need a visa
  • beach and pebble, and sandy.

disadvantages: with a properly planned trip there are none.


  • it is better to stop not in Budva itself, but in nearby villages, for example, in the village of Yaz There are fewer people on the beach and the prices are even lower
  • The most optimal time for rest is June.

Reviews vacationing in Budva:
“Great big beach in the village. Yaz There are small pebbles, on the one hand, and on the other - sand. In Budva itself, there is horror on the beach, people of darkness, so we chose a really best option for us. ”
“I’ll say that we had lunch and dinner on the waterfront. They took a shawerm for 3 euros (they have such huge portions), I personally had enough until 9 pm. Beer - 1.5 euros, chicken in pita - 3 euros, tea is expensive - 3 euros, ice cream - 1.5 euros (also a large portion). There is also a small one - 0.5 cents. ”

Spain, Mallorca

The popular resort island in the Mediterranean is chosen by people with a wealth above average. Spain is a rather expensive country, so the rest here will cost a lot of money.

  • Excellent European service
  • beaches for every taste: sandy and rocky, clear sea,
  • richest culture of Spain.


Reviews vacationing in Mallorca:
“We rested in the Cala D’or area - this is the southern part of the island, a few dozen kilometers from the capital Palma de Mallorca, in my opinion - a good place for a relaxing, family holiday, unlike areas located not far from Palma.”
“The island resembles a miniature Spain. Here you can find a beach for every taste and color ... You can also decide on the question of solitude: you can go to very noisy beaches or visit a secluded beach where there are very few people. ”

Italy, Calabria

Calabria, which is located on the "sock" of the Italian boot, is perfect for beach lovers. There are not many attractions, but low prices, beautiful beaches and clear sea.


  • cheap hotels and life in general
  • clear sea, sandy beaches,
  • Excellent infrastructure and European service.


  • watch, basically, nothing,
  • need a visa.

Reviews vacationing in Calabria:
“If the beach is more important, the sea, just rest is better in Calabria. There are quite long and wide sandy beaches, good clean sea. People a little. And the prices in hotels and restaurants are lower there. ”
"Calabria in the area of ​​Tropea (there is a very beautiful sea and good and relatively inexpensive hotels with private beaches) is more suitable for a relaxing beach holiday."

The best beach holiday in exotic countries

Goa causes contradictory impressions of different people: someone says that the rest in Goa was unforgettable, but someone he remembered for boring spending time surrounded by cows and dirty water. If you are accustomed to the Turkish "all inclusive", rest on Goa is not for you.


  • exotic, which will be remembered for a long time,
  • low prices (if you do not take 5 * hotels),
  • rich culture of India.


  • the sea can be dirty depending on the season
  • long flight (no change - 7-8 hours).


  • It is better to rest in Goa from December to March,
  • choose a hotel carefully, as in any exotic country,
  • refrain from relaxing on Goa with children. Many tourists take children with them, but it is unsafe.

Reviews vacationing in Goa:
“Unique nature, great climate. We were at the end of December. The weather was about +30, +32, while there was no stuffiness. And the water was always equally warm! ”
“When calculating the money spent on food, it turned out that food, only food, - for two days for us for two days, with lunches and dinners, it cost us 6000 rubles. for two. I think it is not at all expensive, provided that you eat what you want when you want and in any quantities. ”

Cuba, oh. Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo Island is famous for its gorgeous beaches and clear sea. Russians are treated very well here, unlike the Dominican, so you can safely plan your trip.


  • great sandy beach and crystal clear water
  • friendly attitude of staff in hotels
  • visa is not needed.

disadvantages: with a properly planned trip there are none.

Board: it is better to go to Cuba in the spring, i.e. from March to May (sometimes June).

Reviews resting on about. Cayo Largo:
"We liked. The weather is very comfortable, there is always a breeze, so it’s not hot. The sea, the beach, the sand is just some kind of cartoon color, everything is somehow unreal. ”
“This is a wonderful place, just fabulous! Sea - it is impossible to describe its beauty! Sand - it's impossible to describe its whiteness! Palm trees are tall! Dolphins - friendly! ".

Bali, Tanjung Benoa

In Bali, there are places for both quiet and noisy rest. In Tanjung Benoa, the rest is just measured, calm, which is suitable for couples who prefer to bask on the beach.


  • an exotic atmosphere for those who want something unusual,
  • friendly staff in hotels
  • you can live pretty cheap
  • rich culture of local people
  • The visa is put on arrival at the airport.


  • not always clean beaches
  • lack of attractions.


  • Do not go to Bali if clean sand and crystal water are important to you. But if you want to make something exotic in your life - you go there,
  • from November to the end of March in Bali - the rainy season, it is better to choose another time for vacation.

Reviews of holidaymakers in Tanjung Benoa:
“Bali did not disappoint a bit. This is a very special place, with a very special atmosphere, nature. I want to return there again and again, and even better, not to leave there at all ... This place needs to be felt, felt, lived, with its not always clear ocean, beaches not with white sand, lack of architecture ... ”.
«Мы жили в "Novotel Benoa" 4* (Танджунг Беноа): спокойное местечко, вдоль улицы - небольшие (и недорогие) ресторанчики - облюбовали один из них и каждый вечер там ужинали».

Малайзия, о. Борнео

Малайзию предпочитают любители полежать на пляже и позагорать. Однако здесь есть и множество интересных достопримечательностей, осмотр которых разнообразит ваш отдых.


  • большой остров, можно не только купаться и загорать, но и знакомиться с местной жизнью,
  • clear sea and sandy beaches
  • you can go diving
  • visa is not needed.

disadvantages: with a properly planned trip there are none.

Board: it is better to go on about. Borneo from April to October.

Reviews resting on about. Borneo:
“Chose Borneo. They wanted to see the mountain Kinabalu, got exotic: orangutans, sounds of cicadas, impassable jungle. All who have been, agree that all that is in Borneo is not found anywhere together. Exotic surrounds on all sides. The local population is respectful (almost respect). ”
“They lived in Borneo on Semporne, and every day they took boats and rode to the islands. I liked Sibuan especially - white sand, palm trees, etc., you can even swim at low tide. ”

Excursion Europe in the spring

For interesting excursions welcome to Europe. Here, more or less warm weather begins in March, everything is blossoming. What are the benefits?

  • Reasonable prices, for this period there are always interesting offers from travel agencies,
  • not hot
  • heat-loving tourists sit at home and wait for a more suitable time to travel,
  • Do not forget about the spring sales of air tickets,
  • many attractions, unique architecture.

What directions can we recommend for early spring? Of course:

This is the "cream" of European lands. The most beautiful walking streets, parks, theaters and art galleries are right there.

There are always classic routes, or you can organize something absolutely incredible for yourself. For youth, open clubs, modern interactive museums. For example, the House of Music in Vienna. Have you already been there?

Hungary always looks festive, and in the spring there are fairs, festivals, the spring season in Budapest Opera will delight lovers of classical works.

Vein. always beautiful! In spring, the gardens are in bloom, and the stores offer super discounts. This, too, must be borne in mind. The same story with Italy. Why not visit Venice when the sun is just starting to burn? Very romantic, believe.

Czech Republic, Spain, Germany will delight lovers of food festivals. Here you can taste the most delicious national dishes. Very different, of course, so highlight at least 3 springs to visit these countries.

Sea, sun, beach - and this is spring!

If you do not want a cultural life, but you want a lazy beach holiday - you should not wait for the summer. We leave:

  • Thailand,
  • China (Hainan Island),
  • Goa,
  • Vietnam,
  • Seychelles
  • Canary Islands (Spain),
  • Maldives,
  • UAE.

With Thailand, everything is clear. For almost 2 decades, this country has been popular for Russians. It is warm, inexpensive, and the peak season is from winter to spring. Of course, such entertainment and color you will not find anywhere else.

Sunset on the plaza Chaychet Chaichet. Koh Chang Island

China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka - are always beautiful. There are very comfortable hotels, delicious unusual food, and beaches. no words, how good. Have you seen idyllic pictures with white sand against a blue sky, turquoise sea and lush greenery? Almost certainly they were made in the local resorts.

Indonesia will appeal to lovers of diving and surfing - ideal conditions. Tropical islands are already a kind of classic spring break.

There is also Dominicana, Cuba, Mexico. There is a completely different, hot, spicy flavor. The beaches are not inferior to Southeast Asia, and nature will delight you with colors. Exotic fruits, hot dances.

By the way, besides a beach holiday, there are interesting cities here. Havana, for example! Only 3-4 days in this city will charge you with energy for the whole year. And then - welcome to the coast.

Such an attractive Mexico

Cuba, the beaches of Varadero - it is white sand, like flour. Spring is paradise here. The sea is warm, the coke milk is cool, and the nights are full of Cuban music and the best rum cocktails. Surprisingly not expensive.

Mexico, Cancun, Riviera Maya - lie on the beach, and then you are waiting for Tulum, Chichen Itza. Interesting Mayan culture and mysteries of ancient civilizations.

Dominican Republic, Punta Cana - the water here reaches +27 degrees already in early spring. Delicious food, friendly people and lots of interesting things besides the beach.

Where is spring skiing

Who said that spring can not go skiing? Excellent conditions on highways in March-April. These are resorts:

Ski resort in Andorra

By the way, in Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi is not worse than in Switzerland. Excellent opportunity to ride, take a walk and have a good rest.

If you go to Europe - plan a week on the highway and, for example, a week of cultural rest in one of the capitals.

Carnivals, holidays, festivals

Great news! In the spring passes the mass of interesting carnivals. Want to participate or just watch? Then we go:

  • Carnival in Nice, France,
  • Venice Carnival, Italy,
  • Carnival in Cadiz, Spain,
  • Rhine Carnival in Germany,
  • Festival of colors of Holland, Austria, Italy.

Japan will show you amazing cherry blossoms. You can engage in the contemplation of flowers day and night, like real Japanese. They are very beautifully illuminated from below, so at night the parks look charmingly.

Russian resorts

Domestic motels are not bad at all. Even the near Moscow region offers you a huge selection of health centers. Here you get:

  • Physiotherapy,
  • Massage,
  • Terrinkur,
  • Nordic walking
  • Pool,
  • Medicinal and simply tasty food.

We would like to recommend several good resorts:

  • Sanatorium "Istra"
  • Sanatorium "Moscow region",
  • Solnechnogorsk military sanatorium,
  • Sanatorium "Pine Forest",
  • Mud "Sapozhkovskaya".

Sanatorium Sosnovy Bor

And, of course, Mineral Waters in the Caucasus. Here you can not just undergo treatment, but also have a good time, gain strength. Even 1-2 weeks of this holiday will give you a charge of vivacity. Spring in the Caucasus is beautiful and picturesque, do not forget the camera.

Medical Waters

About the Caucasus have already talked. Now European resorts.

We can immediately recommend:

  • Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic),
  • Ischia Island (Italy)
  • Wiesbaden (Germany),
  • Baden-Baden (Austria).

In the spring there is “not a season”, so prices can be quite reasonable, and sometimes they will pleasantly surprise you. And yet, these are beautiful European cities, in spring, in bloom!

We go to the Crimea in the spring

It is very comfortable in spring due to the mild climate. If you do not tolerate the heat - the Crimea will be the perfect solution. Here you can engage in outdoor activities, or just walk, read on the benches in the park, lazily lying on the beach.

Prices are quite reasonable. Crowds of tourists will not be guaranteed.

Visit the beautiful Livadia and Vorontsov palaces, go all day to Bakhchisarai or Sevastopol.

Inexpensive holiday

If you want to go, and in finance you are limited - we offer budget options:

By the way, it will not be superfluous to go to a travel agency - ask about the “spring offers”. Usually, there are interesting, inexpensive options around the world! Your spring can be very bright if you spend it in a really interesting place.

Or get ready for spring vacation yourself. And do not shelve them. Cheap flights and hotels are bought up quickly.

The best beach holiday in Russia

If you choose where to rest on the sea in Russia, Crimea, without a doubt, remains one of the most popular places. Here you can not just bask on the beach, but also visit all sorts of attractions.


  • clean air, beautiful mountains,
  • a huge variety of attractions
  • there are sandy and pebble beaches,
  • quite reasonable prices.


  • the service leaves much to be desired.

Reviews vacationing in the Crimea:
“For me, the best place in Crimea is Koktebel. I have been going there for several years in a row, first with my friends, now with my husband. What do you like - awesome landscape - mountains, sea, blue sky with hang-gliders, housing prices are relatively low, a good beach, a long one ”.
“Rested in the resort. The location is great! There is incredible nature, air and energy! The infrastructure is very poorly developed, but you will definitely find places where you can smoke a delicious hookah and have a good dinner. ”

Gelendzhik itself is not very interesting from the point of view of a beach holiday. At sea, it is better to go to the neighboring villages: Divnomorskoe, Kabardinka. But in Gelendzhik you can take a nice walk.


  • beautiful nature,
  • You can find relatively inexpensive housing.


  • pretty dirty sea
  • prices are still overpriced.

Reviews of vacationers in Gelendzhik:
“In Gelendzhik, it is better to just take a walk in the evenings, and to have a rest, either in Kabardinka or in Divnomorskoye, there the sea and the beach are better, and indeed nature. and in Gelendzhik each other should sit on their heads. ”
“Go, really, to Divnomorskoe or Dzhanhot - always, if there are a lot of people, you can step aside somewhere. The sea is open, not a bay, as in Gelendzhik, which means it is cleaner. Nature is all around - forests, fields, mountains. ”

Pretty decent resort for a beach holiday in Russia. Here, of course, not Europe and not Turkey, but to find a good place is quite real.


  • sand beach,
  • almost all beaches are free,
  • if you rest in the village near Anapa, it is relatively inexpensive.


  • often the water is dirty,
  • the level of service leaves much to be desired.

Reviews vacationing in Anapa:
“The sandy beach of Anapa is not just dirty, but very dirty. In the sand - cigarette butts, plastic bags, wrappers, etc. On the beach "High Beach" is less dirty, but during the season it is difficult to find a place to just stand. "
“Concerning Anapa - if you have small children, then it will suit you. If there are no children, and besides, you are annoyed by the incessant cries on the beach, flying in all directions from running around the sand and inadequate mothers - then don't even go there. ”

Budget vacation on the Azov Sea is suitable for families with children and those who want to spend their holidays in a relaxed atmosphere.


  • suitable for families with children
  • relatively inexpensive vacation
  • beaches are sandy, pebbly, rocky,
  • plenty of entertainment places.


  • dirty sandy beaches, mostly.

Reviews vacationing in Yeysk:
“Yeisk is a quiet calm town, there is no fuss in it. The population is friendly. They will tell you where to go, where you can relax. The city has a dolphinarium, an aquarium, a water park, a butterfly exhibition, a terrarium. ”
“Dirty beach, children did not dare to let on such sand. We went swimming on stones, it’s not good to enter the water, but at least clean. The kids are interested in it - the water park, the dolphinarium, and the park, but if you want a clean sea and lying in the sand is not the place. ”


The rainy Holland, famous for its mists, is especially gracious to tourists in the spring. In late April, the temperature rises to + 13 ° C, beautiful Dutch tulips bloom: forty kilometers from Noordwijk to Haarlem, the famous Parade of Flowers Parade overcomes.

And if the flower fields of the Keukenhof Park and the mills do not surprise you, take a bike or a car and go on a trip to the cities of the Netherlands: Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Utrecht, Haarlem, Delft. All of them are located close to each other, but each has its own atmosphere.

  • Best time to travel to the Netherlands: April-June
  • How long to fly to the Netherlands from Moscow: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Visa: need

One of the most beautiful countries in Northern Europe attracts skiers from around the world until mid-April, and in the northern part even to the end of May. If in your city the snow melts inexorably, and you want an active holiday, in Finland there is an opportunity to ride not only on skis, but also on dog sleds. And even on reindeer. The temperature in Lapland still reaches ‒1 ° С in March.

The end of May is also suitable for visiting: it’s already sunny on the streets and the air warms up to + 15 ° С. It's time to appreciate the rich local history, visit museums and art galleries in Helsinki, admire the grace of the Cathedral, ride the ferry to Suomelinna fortress, listen to the silence of the Church in the rock.

  • The best time to travel to Finland is March – July, September – October.
  • How many fly to Finland from Moscow: 2 hours
  • Visa: need

The weather in Poland is unpredictable. Against the background of a cold snowy winter and hot summer, April and May look the most suitable for a pleasant stay.

Especially comfortable in Poland for those who are not indifferent to the beauty of nature. The landscapes here are very diverse: endless plains, sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea, Belovezhskaya and Romintenskaya Pushcha, large mountain ranges, and of course, a large number of lakes.

May with an average temperature of + 18 ° C is the best time to travel to the Masurian lakes. The historical sights of Warsaw, the amazing architecture of the Teutonic castles, the antiquity of Krakow and the quiet charm of Lodz deserve attention.

  • Best time to travel to Poland: April – October
  • How many fly to Poland from Moscow: 3 hours
  • Visa: need

The homeland of the oldest European monarchy is famous for the firmness of traditions and a large number of architectural attractions. The first excursion walks can be started already in a cool March (+ 7 ° С), and not limited to London alone.

What could be better than spring England: take a walk around the castle Vinzdor in search of Her Highness the Queen of Great Britain, "sit in prison" for a while in the prison museum at Lincoln Castle, feel like a character in Jane Austen's book "Northanger Abbey" in the aristocratic city of Bath.

No one has canceled the joys of a trip to a real double-decker and unobtrusive conversation with the British in one of the London pubs.

  • Best time to travel to England: April – October
  • How many fly to England from Moscow: 4 hours 10 minutes
  • Visa: need

Traveling to the cradle of civilization in early spring can be not only enjoyable, but also beneficial. In March, the temperature in Athens rises to + 12 ° С, and hotel prices are several times lower than the maximum.

On the islands at this time is still not enough heat, but Athens, Thessaloniki and Halkidiki - the right choice. It's time to get acquainted with the architecture of the magnificent Acropolis, the unique monasteries of Meteors and eat tasty meals in the so-called family tavern.

Warm May in Greece (+19 ° С) - the beginning of the beach season on the sunny islands of Santorini.

  • The best time to travel to Greece (Athens, Santorini): March-May
  • How many fly to Greece from Moscow: 4 hours
  • Visa: need


Spring in Portugal begins early, in February, when the water warms up to + 14‒17 ° С. This truly distinctive country with a warm temperate climate will be equally enjoyed in spring by surfers, seekers of interesting sights, and admirers of good wine and cuisine.

The full season starts in May, but it's still chilly to swim. The streets get hot and dry. Tourists rush to the southern part of Portugal - on the beaches of the Algarve, the Lisbon Riviera and, of course, on the island of Madeira.

  • Best time to travel to Portugal: from May to October
  • How many fly to Portugal from Moscow: 5 hours 20 minutes
  • Visa: need

The island’s climate is humid all year round, especially in winter. In February and March there is nothing to do here: a strong wind blows, and it often rains. By April, conditions are becoming more favorable for travel: there are not so many tourists, the air temperature is + 28‒29 ° С, water - + 25 ° С.

Nevertheless, it is better to take an umbrella with you, because the weather in Mauritius is very changeable, and from time to time a short downpour can take everyone by surprise. This small country, lost between Africa and India, is a good choice for lovers of the exotic: white beaches, volcanoes, sunny tropical forests, rich underwater world.

  • Best time to travel to Mauritius: April-May, October-December
  • How many fly to Mauritius from Moscow: 11 hours 30 minutes
  • Visa: not needed

Spring is a great time to travel to ancient multinational Israel. The rainy winter period ends, it is still too early for the summer heat. Inhaling the April air (+ 17 ° С) it is most pleasant to make pilgrimage walks on the shrines of three religions or to sway on the water of the healing Dead Sea.

In addition, Holy Week falls on this period, Christian pilgrims come to Jerusalem, there is a unique opportunity to see how the services are performed. In May, beach holidays due to the temperature of + 20‒25 ° С become more popular.

  • Best time to travel to Israel: April-June, August-November
  • How many fly to Israel from Moscow: 3-4 hours
  • Visa: not needed

Transitional periods of spring and autumn - the best to visit the palm beaches of Brazil. Short rains do not cause inconvenience to travelers, and the temperature of + 23‒26 ° C allows you to enjoy both beach and sightseeing holidays.

In February and March there is a happy opportunity to get to the most famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Tours to Brazil are quite expensive, but the beautiful beaches of Copacabana and Panema, the Iguacu and Caracol waterfalls, the bustling capital and the picturesque Salvador are all worth it.

  • Best time to travel to Brazil: March-May, September-November
  • How much to fly to Brazil from Moscow: 12 hours 30 minutes
  • Visa: not needed

Going to Cuba, it is important not to miscalculate with the season - from May to September it is very rainy and humid, quite hot in summer, but in March and April the most comfortable weather is established with approximately the same temperature of water and air - + 24‒25 ° С.

The island of freedom attracts tourists Caribbean exotic, organically combined with a revolutionary entourage. Of course, Cuba is not just cigars, rum, Fidel and salsa. These are beautiful beaches, excellent hotel service, great opportunities for diving and yachting.

  • Best time to travel to Cuba: October-April
  • Сколько лететь на Кубу из Москвы: 13 часов
  • Виза: по прилету

Южная Африка – еще одно удивительное место для желающих встретить весну в экзотических условиях. Особенно если учесть, что времена года здесь противоположны нашим, и на апрель-май здесь приходится короткая осень.

Как раз заканчивается сезон дождей, погода становится теплой и безветренной (+23‒25°С). The local atmosphere of ancient African cultures has long been imbued with the spirit of modernity. But most tourists do not come for the sake of the landscapes of the legendary Cape of Good Hope or entertainment in Sun City - they are primarily interested in national parks: Krueger, Limpopo, Pilanesberg.

  • Best time to travel to South Africa: October-May
  • How many fly to South Africa from Moscow: 15 hours
  • Visa: need

Interestingly, in Mexico you can swim all year round - the water temperature does not change and is equal to about + 25 ° C. But in early spring it is not as wet and rainy as in summer, and there is no danger of meeting the hurricane face to face.

Of places for a beach holiday, Cancun and Riviera Maya are preferable, for diving, Cozumel Island, for excursions, of course, the city of Chichen Itza. Or better this way: imagine yourself dancing at the best disco in Acapulco with a glass of first-class tequila in your hand.

  • Best time to travel to Mexico: December – April
  • How many fly to Mexico from Moscow: from 12 hours
  • Visa: needed (it turns out just)

The Japanese spring begins with plum blossoms, and from late March to mid-May, the cities are covered with white and pink sakura petals, for which many tourists come to the Land of the Rising Sun. The rainy season is worth the wait in the second half of May - June.

Japan was not created for a beach holiday, although the islands of the Okinawa archipelago are famous for beautiful beaches and good conditions for diving. Tourists come to see the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, the Emperor's Palace, the wooden gates of the Itsukushima sanctuary.

  • Sakura Blossom Season in Japan: April – May
  • How many fly to Japan from Moscow: 9-10 hours
  • Visa: need

As is known, the climate of China is very diverse: the central part is characterized by moderation, the southern part is subtropical. For a spring holiday in China, you should choose the southern island of Hainan.

By April, the sea water warms up here to about + 25 ° С, as well as rather humid air. Beach holidays can be combined with health promotion: there are a large number of Chinese medicine centers on the island, as well as thermal springs and natural parks.

  • The best time to travel to China (Hainan Island): April-May
  • How many fly to China from Moscow: 7-8 hours
  • Visa: need

Seville, Spain

If you adore flamenco, be sure to visit the Seville Fair. It takes place in Seville 2 weeks after Easter. This colorful and entertaining holiday begins exactly at midnight on Monday and ends on Sunday.

All these days on the main square of the city are organized festivities, dances, as well as many other entertainment. A special decoration of the holiday are women in national attire. All local residents must wear a flamenco dress, the fashion for which changes every year. Tourists can also try on this outfit.

Over 1000 cassetas (holiday tents) are set up in the town square, inside which you can enjoy traditional dishes such as chinas, iberico, ham, etc., as well as sherry. But tourists should know that not all cassettes can be freely entered. In some tents allowed only by invitation.

One of the most popular entertainment at the fair is horse-drawn carriage rides. Well, what holiday in Spain can do without bullfighting? In Seville, is the oldest bullring. You will have a great opportunity to see with your own eyes the sight that makes the blood run cold.

The Seville Fair ends with a stunning firework display. In 2016, it will be held from 5 to 10 May.

Paris, France

Paris is the most romantic city in the world. It is beautiful at any time of the year, but in the spring it is especially transformed: the windows and balconies of houses are decorated with flowers, a lot of flower markets appear, street cafes open.

It seems that the streets of the city are specially created for romantic walks. You can safely go on a picnic in some park. Especially popular among Parisians and guests of the city is the Field of Mars and the Luxembourg Gardens.

Spring is the best time to explore the sights of Paris. Be sure to visit Versailles and Fonteblo. It is spring in Paris where the famous night of museums takes place, during which you can visit any museum of the city absolutely free of charge. Also at this time, arranged many theatrical performances and carnivals. This year, the night of museums in Paris will be held on May 21.

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is one of the most beautiful cities in Japan. In early April, thousands of sakura trees bloom there, which are definitely worth a look. In Osaka you can have a very interesting time. In this city a large number of temples. Every year a holiday is held on their territory, during which ceremonies and court dances of the Heian period (8-12 centuries) are shown.

Fans of modern entertainment will not be bored either. Osaka has many varied entertainment centers, restaurants and clubs. You can go to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Aquarium or Universal Studios Japan Amusement Park. If you like the picturesque nature, be sure to visit the park "Nagai".

Bali, Indonesia

If you want exotic, then go to Bali. In March, the dry season begins there. You can sunbathe on the white beaches and have a wonderful time. Moreover, March 9 Balinese celebrate the Hindu New Year. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with Indonesian traditions. This holiday is called “Nyepi”, which translates as “Day of Silence”.

The Balinese are very superstitious people, so they are very serious about respecting all traditions. On this day, none of them goes beyond their yard. On the eve of this holiday, women prepare gifts for the spirits and expose them at the doorstep of their house, so that they will be filled and not enter the house.

In the evening, all residents go out and start to knock and make noise. After that, everyone goes to the Wow-Wow parade. This is a procession of colorful handmade monsters. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

United Arab Emirates

Spring is the best time to visit the United Arab Emirates, because at this time of the year there is no sweltering heat in this country. You have a great opportunity to see all the sights and go on a variety of excursions. In addition, you can have a great time in entertainment centers and attractions, as well as enjoy a beach holiday and first-class service.

Viecas Island, Puerto Rico

Viekas is one of the best places for a beach holiday in spring. There you can sunbathe on the white beaches, plunge into the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea and relax in the shade of tropical trees. The main attraction of the island are "luminous waters".

At night, when the moon is not visible at all, the water begins to glow with bluish-green fluorescent lights. This is a very beautiful sight, which you should definitely see. In addition, the island is surrounded by reefs. So diving enthusiasts will not be bored too.

Valletta, Malta

If you like architecture and museums, then go to Valletta. It is one of the largest and oldest ports in the Mediterranean. In this city, a large number of castles, cathedrals, churches and other architectural masterpieces. You can also learn a lot about the history of the Middle Ages by visiting many museums. It is best to go to Valletta in May, because at this time the city is especially beautiful.

Maine and Massachusetts, USA

Every year on the third Monday of April in the cities of Maine and Massachusetts there is a celebration of the Day of Patriots. Celebrations last until early May. All this time various parades, competitions, fairs are held. City streets are decorated with national symbols. In addition, you can see the reconstruction of the battles in Lexington and Concord.

Spring in Cyprus is very favorable climate for recreation. The sea is very warm, and the sun is still not as hot as summer. You can go on a trip around the island and visit many attractions, not afraid to get a sunstroke. Cyprus has a very rich history, so you will have something to look at.

10 best beaches

1. Curonian Spit (Kaliningrad)

Wide beach of fine crystalline light sand on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It stretches along the villages of Rybachy, Morskoye, Lesnoye - only 98 km, along the edge - coniferous forests.

2. Baikal (Irkutsk region)

A huge lake with Baikal dunes - kilometers of wide beaches with fine, light sand.

3. Sea of ​​Azov

The shallowest sea in the world is a depth of up to 13.5 m. Several wide beaches (spit up to 25 km long) from a shallow shell rock (sand). Here are lots of surfing schools.

Price: from 6000 rub.

4. Lake Brosno (Tver region)

Russian analogue of the mysterious Loch Ness. 9 km long, 1.5 km wide. According to legend, a monster lives on the bottom. For those who are not afraid - clear water and sandy beaches.

Price: from 10 000 rubles.

5. Seliger

(Tver and Novgorod region)

One of the most developed tourist zone with natural sandy beaches around the lakes, housing for every taste and budget. On the spot they are supplied with everything necessary: ​​a bicycle, fishing gear, you can take a boat and retire on the islets (there are more than 160 of them). Price: 9000 rub.

Price: 12 000 rubles.

6. Anapa and Dzhemete

The name of the suburb of Anapa Dzhemete translates as “golden sands”. They really are like that! In Anapa - active life, in Dzhemete - measured, family.

Price: 10 000 rubles.

7. Beaches of the Caspian Sea

(Astrakhan, Makhachkala, Derbent)

In the Volga delta (where Astrakhan is located) and on the shore of the Caspian Sea there are wide sandy-pebble beaches, many with thermal and mineral waters. Price: 12 000 rubles.

8. Staraya Russa

The Dead Sea and Baden-Baden in one bottle - here is one of the best thermal resorts (9 springs, you need to drink water, swim in it, smear it with mud with a high iron content).

Price: 15 000 rubles.

9. Ubsunur basin, lake Ubsu-Nur

The reserve zone bordering Mongolia has beaches along the lake, surprisingly reminiscent of the sea coast: a wide sandy strip, gulls, even the water in the lake is salty in taste.

Price: 18,000 rubles.

10. Lake Onega

The best beaches of Karelia. Sandy, small, but often located in the forest zone (for example, Onega). Sailing is especially common here. Price: 14 000 rubles.

10 best excursion routes

1. "City of the dead"

Next to Davgavs - old 14th century a complex of 99 two- and four-storey crypts surrounded by picturesque rocks.

Price: 10 000 rubles.

2. Vyshny Volochek

This city with a rich history is called the Russian Venice for a huge number of channels - their system in 1703 was created by Peter the Great.

Price: from 3000 rub.

3. Virgin Komi forests

(in the north of the Ural Mountains, Komi Republic)

The largest pristine forests in Europe (an area of ​​32,600 km²), protected by UNESCO. In order to visit them, you need to get to the national park "Yugyd Va".

4. Sikhote-Alin Reserve

This safari in Russian. A brown and Himalayan bear, Amur tiger, wild boar, musk deer, roe deer, Ussurian cormorant, Far Eastern forest cat, Amur goral, spotted deer and many others live in the biosphere reserve.

Price: 14 000 rubles.

5. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

An exotic holiday in Kamchatka may include both a quiet pastime (swimming in hot springs) and the active part (helicopter excursions over volcanoes, visiting the Valley of Geysers, rafting on the Bystraya river, alpine skiing, trekking, etc.).

Price **: from 28,000 rubles.

6. Krasnoyarsk "Stolby"

Huge volcanic pillars of quartz-free granite on the right bank of the Yenisei, in the spurs of the Eastern Sayans. A total of about one hundred bizarre shapes, each of which has its own name: Grandfather, Lion Gate, etc. Trekking is possible (here it is called “stolbism”) and walking tours through the reserve.

7. Solovetsky Islands

Foreigners from all over the world go to the Solovetsky Monastery on the White Sea with a complicated history of the Gulag. It was built in the 15th century, but was used for a long time as a special purpose camp. And only in 1990 he again became a functioning monastery for men.

Price: from 8000 rub.

8. Naryn-Kala Fortressin Derbent, the most ancient city of the Russian Federation

This ancient pre-Arabian fortress on the Caspian Sea coast with an area of ​​4.5 hectares was taken by the Russians during the Russian-Persian war in 1796. Since then, it has been preserved in almost perfect condition.

9. Abrau Durso

From excursion to the factory of sparkling wines (no worse than French wine tourism) to exploring Lake Abrau - the largest freshwater lake of the North Caucasus.

10. "Stone Forest" on the Lena River (60 km from Yakutsk)

Fairy forest of stone pillars a few meters high along the course can be seen by sailing to it by boat. 6 years ago, UNESCO included it in the World Heritage List. There is a similar forest (Shilin) ​​in China. Boat rental - from 3000 rubles., From 800 rubles. - excursion.