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Beautiful women's underwear (54 photos)


Beautiful underwear is an accessory that is enjoyed exclusively by everyone - both women and their men. Just some are afraid to admit this to themselves.

But not so long ago, right on February 14, the media said that the production and sale of lace panties would soon be banned in Russia and several other CIS countries.

This topic literally blew up and outraged the public. And we decided to approach the issue practically and chose the most seductive models of women's underwear that you can still buy or donate.

La Perla - Italian brand with a rich history, whose name translates as "pearl". This brand was admired by the legendary couturier Jean Paul Gautier, who in one of his interviews with La Perla called the “pearl among the linen”.

1 / Victoria’s Secret

Fashion house Victoria’s Secret is traditionally pleased with the perfection of forms and grace of silhouettes.

Amoralle is a brand of underwear and stockings from Latvia, created by Inese Ozola, one of the most successful stocking, underwear and nightwear designers in Eastern Europe.

1 / Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is the world-famous British brand of charming women's underwear, sexy clothes and playful accessories.

The name of the brand, which can be deciphered as a “secret agent inciting to actions leading to a trap,” fully justifies itself.

Aubade is a French brand of lingerie, which is created with an artistic fantasy and in the spirit of modern fashion. Lace, embroidery and product colors are exclusive, and their production uses about 15 types of fabrics, but the main material is the famous “Kale” lace of fine workmanship.

Brand I.D. Sarrieri is called the “God of Swarovski in underwear,” as the brand's masters know the special technologies of drawing stone and rhinestone patterns on lace and silk with unusual tone transitions and stones that the Swarovski team produces specifically for I.D. Sarrieri.

1 / Lascivious Lingerie

The name of the British brand Lascivious Lingerie, created by designer Chloe Hamblen in 2004, translates as "voluptuous." And the collections of this brand fully justify their name.


Description: Beautiful underwear is a calm self-confidence, in its irresistible and uniqueness, beauty that fascinates and attracts looks, refinement of taste, underlined femininity and elegance of each model, Show completely ... that will help every girl, without exception, to feel truly seductive, attractive and desirable. We are doing everything we can to make the world around us brighter, more beautiful and, as a result, kinder! That is why we want to invite you, lovely girls, to a special, very cozy and incredibly beautiful world of underwear of such popular brands as Incanto, Amelie, Milavitsa, Aveline, Valeria, Yax, Dimanche, Lormar, Papillon, Lolita, Afrodite, Prima vista, Sielei, Clever - the world of sensuality and tenderness, exciting memories and anticipated victories.

Our range is constantly updated.
At the moment we have about 300 different models that are ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

Delicate lace panties shorts

About 60% of men want to see in their half the panties of this style. Why are they so popular? And because not all men like it when the most "interesting" parts of the body are open. Much more attractive is that a little visible, but is not yet available. Sexy fishnet shorts-shorts can arouse the imagination of your beloved, awaken in him the feeling of hunger and the desire to quickly release your beautiful body from any kind of underwear.

Transparent lace shorts will attract attention to the body of their owner by the fact that through them you can see the intimate parts and the man will not be able to resist not to dream a little, why he is even more excited.

Isn’t such a result the main goal of a woman? After all, it is for this that they are so carefully and choose their underwear.

Sexy panties with a cut

Such panties - is the absolute opposite of shorts. They were created in order to excite a man from the very threshold, as they say.

If he sees his beloved in so open panties, he will immediately realize that today he is waiting for an unforgettable night of love, full of long and stormy orgasms. This open underwear is also very popular with men. They find it erotic because it can be on a woman even during intercourse.

Panties with a cutout are designed so that a man can see and touch them, not only during foreplay. Playful panties of this style will help to return to bed former passion. That they will be the secret weapon with which you can without any problems to adjust their intimate life and diversify it a bit.

Alluring corsets

Not every woman believes that a corset should be present in her wardrobe, not only as a linen for adjusting the figure. Believe me, to hide the figure flaws is not the only goal of the corsets. They can and emphasize its main advantages, having excited at the same time the partner.

One of the most erotic fantasies of men is a fantasy in which a brutal and determined woman, dressed in a tight-fitting corset of bright red color, approaches them. Such a woman definitely knows what she wants and is ready in every way to please her beloved. A man does not know what to expect from her.

Now she can give him some magical and violent orgasms, and in a few minutes she will turn into her slave and force her to fulfill her most depraved desires all night. Want to reincarnate in a woman of dreams? So run to the store and get the sexiest corset that you will only see!

Together with the corset (any color), black stockings will look great. Imagine only surprise and insurmountable desire in the eyes of your beloved, when he sees you in such a manner. He could not dream of a better gift.

Elegant thong panties

Panties of this type have already gained popularity. They can be safely attributed to the category of open and overt linen. Are they erotic in the eyes of the males? Of course, yes!

If the corsets and pants with a cut are not always the inhabitants of the wardrobe of every woman, then strings are found there very, very often. To get a man and adjust it to the required wave, you need to get a thong panties that do not seem like a favorite too common and banal.

To do this, it is better to give preference to the classic string panties, which will be decorated with a lot of beads, sparkling rhinestones or colored feathers (they can tickle a little of their beloved during foreplay).

Not so long ago there was a new model of string - C-string (so called because they have the shape of the letter "C"). They do not have lateral elastics, and on the body they are held only with the help of a strong and elastic frame.

This model will not be able to leave your partner indifferent and cool, because he hasn’t seen such a thing exactly yet, and men like to learn everything new. Do not deprive your favorite such pleasure.

Cheeky open bra

Such an amazing and sexy bra model, unfortunately, is not suitable for all ladies. It will look great only on owners of a small elastic chest.

The whole eroticism of such a bra is that it has transparent inserts, under which you can clearly see the nipples or any other part of the breast. Another highlight of an open bra is that its cups can be easily unfastened in an instant.

Men prefer such a model because they do not need to suffer for several minutes in search of a place where the bra is unbuttoned. Simply hook the hooks over the cups with your finger - and the chest of your beloved will appear in front of them in all its glory.

What does the color of linen tell men?

If you choose the right color of linen, you can give your man new shades of arousal. Red underwear is associated with love, passion and insatiability in men. After seeing his beloved in underwear of this color, the man realizes that he is dealing with a woman who is open for experiments and knows how to give unreal pleasure to his partner.

• A woman who prefers black underwear is seen by men as a notorious person who will be very difficult to satisfy.

• Wearing white underwear, a woman can bring to the man all the honesty and sincerity of her feelings, the willingness to focus her attention only on satisfying her lover, forgetting about herself.

• Men’s color underwear is not often found sexy. Unless it is not leopard or tiger colors - which, however, is now not in vogue.

Underwear selection rules for obese women

To a woman was comfortable, and she looked more toned and slim, you should follow the following rules:

    Choosing a bra, you need to know your size. If it is small, it will start crashing into the body, delivering a lot of inconvenience. It does not look aesthetically pleasing and can even lead to back pain.

It is better to choose a bra model with wide straps. They will evenly distribute the load and will save from ugly skin folds.

It is not necessary to buy a bra with the effect of "push-up" or foam rubber, it is better to buy a regular model. In lush women, breasts are so big, foam rubber will add extra volume.

The bra should be with bones, big breasts need good support. It is better if the bones are not only the bottom, but also the sides, as well as vertically cups.

The back of the bra should be elastic and wide. Good fit full semi-bras, reaching almost to the waist.

The clasp can be both front and back. If it is difficult for a woman to fasten a bra at the back, then it is worth choosing a model with a front zipper.

It is better to choose panties with a high waist, then the hips will seem less voluminous, and the waist will be narrower.

You can choose and small panties-melting, but only suitable in size.

The best option for curvy shapes - panties, shorts. They tighten the hips, waist, abdomen and buttocks tightened.

Good on the full look with a combination of high waistline. They will hide the belly, and the bust will be lifted up with the help of bones and tight bodice cups.

As for the fabric, it will fit natural materials - cotton, bamboo, linen. For special occasion you can buy satin linen. It is better for owners of appetizing forms to avoid synthetics, as it does not allow air and creates the effect of a “greenhouse”, forcing a large woman to sweat more.

Council Women with large booty should not buy thong or tango panties. It does not look very beautiful.

Sexy lingerie for obese women

A fat woman can look very seductive in her underwear. Besides, now there is a good sexy lingerie for any shape. The top of the attraction is lacy underwear that fits the body and does not cause discomfort.

Black linen with a contrast fabric with a base will look impressive on a full woman. A good set can be selected from standard colors: white, beige, and red.

To create a romantic image, ladies with magnificent forms should pick up linen of light pastel shades: pale pink, light blue, lilac, light gray, muffled yellow. For those women who are accustomed to take everything into their own hands, animalistic prints are suitable, as well as combinations of bright fabrics with lace.

See another selection of beautiful underwear in the next article.

Pledge of female sexuality

Spectacular underwear - this purchase is not so much for someone, but for yourself. Of course, men can not remain indifferent when looking at the beautiful half-dressed girl. But for the most part we buy underwear just for ourselves, in order to feel our own attractiveness and sexuality.

A set of underwear must be present in the wardrobe of every girl. You should not think that it can be used only for dating with a loved one. Many girls prefer even a simple business image to complement spectacular lace underwear, arguing that it gives confidence in every situation.

How to choose the perfect underwear

Beautiful underwear should be both very high quality. It makes no sense to buy expensive clothes, if you feel uncomfortable in it or it causes irritation on delicate skin.

Selecting linen, it is desirable to apply. Even knowing your parameters, you can not always guess with the right size, because manufacturers do not always use the same size tables, because of which bras and panties are often “lightweight”.

Trying on a bra, make sure that the tape-clasp sits well, not rising and not falling.

If on the back it lifts up - this indicates that, no matter how well the cups do not fit to the chest, the bra is too big for you. Also avoid buying those bras that tightly squeeze the chest, interfering with normal breathing.

Bra cups should fit snugly to the chest and not gather in the folds. If the bra is provided with bones for breast support, they, of course, should not dig into the skin and put pressure on the body. The best option is when the bra sits so well on the chest that it almost does not feel.

The perfect bra should lift the chest, creating a spectacular hollow. In this case, the bra should sit well on the chest, so that there is no need to constantly correct it.

With panties, everything is much easier - just choose a model that sits well on you and does not dig into the body, crushing it.

Another important criterion for choosing underwear - the material from which it is made.

Most often for everyday wear, girls try to choose cotton underwear. But organic cotton underwear stretches too fast with regular wear, so preference should be given to models in which 80 percent of cotton accounts for another 20 elastane. In this case, the linen will ideally sit on the figure and be worn for a long time.

Quality tracery

Most girls associate beautiful underwear with lace. But, buying a similar set of underwear, try to choose exactly the highest quality model. Cheap laces not only look less attractive, but also quickly stretch and tear.

Choosing a sexy outfit

In addition to materials and sizes, linen varies in styles. Let's look at several options for beautiful clothes for different situations and girls with different types of figure.

Underwear of this type was previously quite exotic. Bodie is a sexy lingerie that fits tightly to your body. For its tailoring microfiber or cotton is usually used. Body - this is a complete set of underwear, which combines bra and panties. Often, such underwear is decorated with clasps, lacing, lace inserts or silk ribbons.


You can wear a combination over the open linen. This short semi-transparent dress was worn under casual clothing. Now it is used exclusively to create spectacular images. The combinations, as a rule, are sewn from thin translucent fabric - chiffon, lace or silk. She can either fit the body or be free. In the first case, you will emphasize your sexual figure or even slightly tighten it, and in the second - you will create a gentle image.

With peignoir

Part of a set of underwear often serves peignoir. This detail of the wardrobe should not be worn as a daily nightgown. It should be left for special occasions.

Initially peignoirs were worn in the mornings by noble ladies. Girls put it on for the morning procedures for the care of themselves, so that even at the earliest time to look spectacular.

Peignoirs were first created not only from airy materials like silk or chiffon, but also from more dense ones - velvet or satin.

Today, a variety of materials is also welcome.

Now the peignoir is an effective detail of a dress for seducing the beloved man. A body covered with a translucent fabric looks even more defiant than completely naked. Buy a peignoir can be in simple lingerie stores, and from well-known brands.

New Year

For special occasions, girls often choose quite interesting sets of underwear. A vivid example of this - underwear for the New Year's Eve. On this day, girls often want to please their loved one with a spectacular sexy Snow Maiden costume. A set of elegant blue or white linen, complemented with rhinestones or lace, is suitable for this very well.

Another special outfit to which girls are treated with great responsibility - underwear for the wedding. Although under the dress it will be completely unnoticeable, it is impossible not to please your newly-made spouse on the first wedding night with a gentle and elegant complete linen. For the wedding, girls usually choose classic lingerie in white or beige. Well, if it is decorated with lace to match the dress or garter.

Белый цвет у нас ассоциируется с невинностью и чистотой, поэтому такое белье идеально подходит для первой ночи, когда вы с мужем будете заново познавать друг друга. Также можно выбрать светло-розовое, голубое или бежевое белье. Подобные цвета будут гармонично смотреться с вашим изысканным свадебным платьем.

На маленькие формы

Special attention should be paid to the choice of underwear for girls with small chest size. It is believed that men appreciate the beauty of a girl just for this parameter. Therefore, many girls try to visually enlarge their breasts by any means.

The most common and safest option for women's health is a push-up bra. He raises his chest and helps create a sexy hollow.

With such an outfit, you can wear dresses and blouses with a deep neckline, do not hesitate to a small chest size.

Fashionable French lingerie

The best quality is considered to be underwear from French brands.

Graceful lingerie from high-quality lace, made in accordance with the latest fashion, will make any girl many times more elegant and sexy.

The most beautiful designer lingerie

About quality branded lingerie is worth talking separately. After all, it is from time-tested companies that it is worth buying underwear so that it lasts as long as possible, delighting with its incredibly stylish appearance.

Euterpe roza

Exquisite lingerie for girls creates a brand Euterpe roza. In the assortment of this brand you can find a spectacular set of linen for everyday wear and for special occasions.

If you are looking for unusual lingerie, in which you can not only go to work, but also to conquer men's hearts, pay attention to the bright lingerie from the company Fora. This company can find spectacular underwear sets with corsets and belts for stockings.

High-quality cotton underwear from this brand is quite suitable even for everyday wear. This brand produces underwear for girls, who every day want to look spectacular.

This Italian brand has been producing sexy lingerie for decades. Even famous designers, for example, Jean Paul Gautier, admired the refined sets of lingerie from this company.

Calvin klein

Sets of underwear from Calvin Klein look elegant and elegant. Such underwear combines a comfortable fit and refinement of appearance. At the same time the range of underwear from this brand is represented by a large number of different models. The high cost of this brand linen is quite justified, because in addition to the label with the name of the company, it differs from cheaper models by its high quality.

This brand of women's underwear for almost fifty years. When sewing underwear designers of this brand use the highest quality material. Most models are made of lace or laced with guipure inserts. In addition, the lingerie from this brand is ideal for girls with curvaceous, because it is complemented by slimming inserts that make the figure more elegant.

Victoria’s Secret

For many girls, underwear from this brand is almost the ultimate dream. In their collections regularly appear the sexiest new items that combine elegance and modern style. The only drawback of things from this brand is its high cost.

Belarusian brand Milavitsa appeared on the fashion market at the very beginning of the last century. Then he was called "Francois Tournier." The brand name changed by the end of the century, in 1991. At the same time, its range has changed. Along with everyday underwear, sexy models of lace began to appear, made in accordance with fashion trends.


If you need a set of exquisite linen in muted tones, you should pay attention to the linen of this brand. The cost of this lingerie is quite democratic, so almost all girls can buy it.

for special occasions

For special occasions, girls, as a rule, choose very beautiful lingerie, which allows you to create the right mood.

Effectively the lacy linen decorated with bows or garters looks. For a romantic date, you can complement the classic combination of bra and shorts with a spectacular corset or stockings on a wide belt. Such experiments will surely please your man.

When choosing underwear to create a seductive image, remember that not all things will look on you just like on models or on mannequins in a shop window.

So, for example, girls with a small booty are not recommended to wear thongs, and corsets are unlikely to suit owners of small breasts, especially if they are deprived of any breast-raising inserts.

For a spectacular look, it is recommended to either buy a set of the bottom one, or to harmoniously combine a bra and panties that match each other in style and color.

for everyday life

But not only on a date with a man should wear spectacular underwear. In everyday life, girls also tend to look as attractive as possible. When choosing clothes for everyday life, remember that there are no sexual and non-sexual colors. Previously, it was assumed that the most impressive looks underwear black and red. But pay attention to other color models, and you will understand that the main role is played not so much by color as by the shape, design, and how the specific underwear "sits" on its owner.

Appearance history

The first lingerie called sexy just does not turn the language. As you know, the ancient inhabitants of our planet (those who lived before our era) had no laundry at all. Becoming a man - reasonable people began to wear underwear. At first it was peculiar.

So, the residents of Egypt covered the ass with a special skirt, and did not hide their breasts at all. As a result, wise women began to notice that men like the process of undressing women, so there should be more clothes.

Therefore, in ancient Greece began to modestly cover the chest with a wide strip of fabric. For the rich, it was silk; the poor used cheaper fabrics.

Over time, the usual piece of cloth hiding the chest began to change depending on the size of the place that it was supposed to cover. Women suddenly realized that with a similar item of clothing, you can change the size of your breasts and your appearance.

Since then, the tailors began to experiment and over time they created a corset. They have been popular for five centuries, and this in view of the variability of fashion a lot.

This seemed not enough to the courtesans. Therefore, they decided that the laundry should not hide the chest. Ladies with Puritan upbringing also did not disdain such underwear. In the end, this angered the church. Priests have imposed a ban on the wearing of underwear and corsets. This rule was observed only at public events. In life, ladies continued to wear sexy at the time underwear.

In the eighteenth century, the era of practical linen began. It was the same in men and women. But it is not so important. It is important that the laundry is recognized as an integral part of the wardrobe. Also then tailors modernized corsets, starting to use horsehair.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, beautiful ladies finally learned that underwear should be beautiful. It had pantaloons and a large amount of ruche and lace. In those days, garters were invented.

The main problem of such linen was its quantity. Pantaloons, a shirt and several skirts were put on at the same time. As a result, the woman turned into a bag.

Therefore, for some 20 years, women have completely changed their underwear, minimizing the amount of fabric used for its tailoring. In the 1930s, women already wore bras familiar to us everywhere. And then it started. Began to appear cups of different styles, adjustable straps, various fasteners. The changes affected and panties. Gradually, they began to decrease.

One can’t even believe that they didn’t wear underwear before, because now a woman’s going out into the street without him is a bad form.

How to choose?

Lingerie is not a boots, it requires a subtle and delicate approach. But this does not mean that underwear can not be given or bought without fitting. Moreover, even after completing the fitting of a woman, they can not always choose the right panties and bra.

If you like to wear tight dresses, skirts and trousers then buy thong panties. Shorts will ugly bulge on your ass.

Bra "push-up" or "Angelica" is only suitable for small breasts. They will highlight it, give it shape and create the effect of the presence of the breast in some cases. If you have a breast of the third size and more do not wear such a style, otherwise you will have to constantly monitor whether your dignity has fallen.

Lace and guipure underwear suitable for seduction. At work you will not be comfortable in it, and it is harmful for delicate skin. Wear only natural fabrics.

Bella should decorate. This is the main principle. It can change the contours of your figure beyond recognition, so carefully try it on before you buy.

For sports, choose seamless underwear in order to avoid rubbing.

In 2013, luxurious underwear will be relevant. You will not lose, wearing a body, peignoir, a corset and the usual separate. It should not be simple, but with decorated lace, stones, embroidery, pearls and various inserts.

Pay attention to silk sets. Also choose a model with a decorated bust and trim panties.

For full

Beautiful underwear can be picked up on any complexion. You should forget about silk sets, they only emphasize the reliefs. Coarser, stiffer fabrics are suitable for you. Wear corsets, they will highlight the chest and pull the belly. Combination buy direct without ruche. In general, refuse flounces, layering and alyapistosti. Also do not forget about slimming underwear.

There are no restrictions on this issue. Most importantly, it should not be visible under the clothes. Psychologists have noticed that the bright color of underwear can even elevate mood. If you want to seduce a guy, then choose traditional colors and do not lose.

Lingerie in the closet should be a lot. Therefore, be sure to buy yourself a couple of new sets every week.

Types of women's underwear

Body. Previously, it was considered a more exotic type of clothing, but today it has become a very popular brand. Body is very pleasant to the body, as they are mainly made from cotton and microfiber. It covers the entire body of the girl. Buttons, buttons and velcro can serve as clasps. They are located in the lower abdomen.

Grace. A variation of lingerie that stirs the figure due to the fabric composition - cotton and lycra. With the help of grace, you can change the shape of the body. For example, to make a waist much thinner, and a breast higher.

Corset. This piece of beautiful underwear has come from far times. Corsets are made in the form of a wide belt, inside which are sewn rigid inserts. In most cases, these inserts are made from whalebone. Also on the corset in the back or on the sides there is lacing for greater waist tightening. Often, hard plates made of wood or steel are sewn into the corsets at the front, so that the waist can be pulled down to the desired look, and the breasts will appear more voluminous and elastic.

Bra - A popular type of underwear that is designed to support the breast. Thanks to this product, the weight of the breast is evenly distributed around the body. Over time, thanks to fashion designers, this type of lingerie has become so diverse that you can get lost in it. There are many types of bras:

  • Invisible bra,
  • Sports bra,
  • Push up,
  • Bra pitted,
  • Bra without straps,
  • Seamless bra,
  • Bra for nursing mothers,
  • Fully enclosed bra,

Panties - the main part of women's underwear. They are sewn from various materials, from silk to cotton, but the main and invariable part is the insert, which is necessarily made of soft fabric.

Combination. In its tailoring, it resembles a long sleeveless shirt with thin spaghetti straps. Wear it over your underwear. When sewing combinations use in most cases nylon fabric.

Tights designed not only for warming in cold seasons. They hide some of the skin lesions on the legs, such as scars or veins in the legs.

Top brands of beautiful lingerie

There are many brands on the market for beautiful lingerie. Only well-known trademarks for the whole world, there are more than a hundred, and each carries a difference from others, constantly offers new items to customers. They are not only different models of linen, they also differ in their pricing policies.

Beautiful Milavitsa underwear

This brand of Belarusian production is very popular not only in the CIS, but throughout the world. The brand produces lingerie, swimwear and knitwear of gorgeous quality. In a huge number of collections and various designs, each girl will find a model for her soul.

Beautiful underwear Lormar

The brand has a bright and bold design. For sewing all models, only high-quality fabric is used, which is durable to wear and pleasant to the body. This Italian brand has won the whole world not only with the modern technology of sewing its products, but also with an acceptable price category.

Beautiful underwear Agent Provocateur

The brand produces provocative and sexy lingerie. This underwear is the embodiment of all male dreams and dreams. In a short time in the global underwear market, the brand made a great takeoff. His products are in great demand among female temptresses.

Beautiful underwear La Perla

This Italian brand creates only exquisite and sensual lingerie, made of fine lace. Each collection is beautiful and unique. This brand adheres to the principle: beauty, style, convenience. Each model of this brand is a work of art created by designers.

How to choose a beautiful underwear?

Among the large selection of linen, not every girl knows how to choose the right one for yourself. Sometimes it is beautiful, but uncomfortable when worn on the body. Improper underwear can cause discomfort, distort the shape and harm women's health.

1. The size. Many girls for visual breast enlargement buy small sizes. This becomes uncomfortable and can lead to physical problems. The sizes of bras are designated by number and letter. For example, to determine the size of the bra you need to measure the chest girth (this is the numerical part of the size), and then measure the girth under the breast. Next, you need to make a small calculation - to take the girth under the breast from the chest girth, we get the difference (this will be the size of the cup). To determine the cup, use the table below.