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Top of the most stylish styles of boots this season


Stylish and fashionable boots for women in 2018-2019 are an indispensable part of the wardrobe. It’s not so easy to choose the most practical boots for women and girls for a cool season.

But exquisite boots play an important role in the overall bow of the autumn-winter season, allowing you to set the required “tone” to the whole image, perfectly complementing and completing it.

Fashion designers dictate their requirements and offer us to choose beautiful shoes, but also not to forget about the convenience and comfort, which is extremely important in the cold season. Attractive boots with heels should be left for a special occasion, but for everyday exits it is worth looking out for more comfortable and resistant boots 2018-2019.

Fashionable boots presented at the shows are diverse in styles and styles, which will certainly please the fair sex. Choose stylish boots, first of all, depending on the scope of activities, activities and events for which you are going to wear boots, and of course the weather.

Considering all these factors, every woman and girl should have in her wardrobe a few pairs of boots that can be combined in different images and styles, harmoniously completing each bow you choose for a particular occasion.

Famous designers and fashion houses, such as Stella McCartney, Marni, Alexandr McQueen, Lanvin, Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs, Haider Ackermann, Ralph Lauren, Burberry Prorsum, demonstrated the most fashionable boots of 2018-2019, which have already managed to look to many fashionable women .

Among the models presented are stylish jackboots, boots with a transparent heel, boots with lacing, original boots for women with prints, ornaments, embroidery, boots made of metallized leather, boots with a stiletto, steady heels and tanketts.

Undoubtedly, such a variety of options for boots helps to look for stylish shoes for the year 2018-2019, which would be stylish, feminine and practical even in the cold season.

In this review you will be able to find out the most popular trends for fashionable boots of 2018-2019. We invite you to view the original selection of photos of boots that are the most fashionable for women and girls this season.

Stylish boots - the most elegant boots of 2018-2019 year for women

Especially popular among the models of boots presented by designers are the boots of 2018-2019, with which you can easily create exquisite bows in the cold season.

Fashionable boots are elongated boots above the knee, which look great with short dresses, tunics and even jeans, allowing you to look stylish and original.

Choosing fashionable boots, pay attention to the original models of the combined textures: leather, suede, varnish, as well as boots on the platform or wedge, which is more practical and comfortable during bad weather.

The unusual trend of the season is boots with a heel, which is shifted slightly forward, and the heel seems to be hanging down, as well as stockings boots, which attracts attention and creates a special effect at the sight of such boots.

When choosing fashionable boots, boots of 2018-2019, special attention should be paid to the practicality of this shoe, which depends on the type of heel and its height, or the presence of a platform and wedge shoes, which are more comfortable.

Stylish boots - this is the best option for boots to create a romantic and attractive bow for lovely girls who want to draw close attention and interested looks to their person.

Classic boots 2018-2019 on a low run: the most practical boots for women

For the autumn-winter season, it is difficult to come up with more comfortable and comfortable shoes than classic boots for women on a low run without a high heel or platform.

Fashionable boots for women are presented in black, brown, beige, red, white color that allows you to easily combine them in different styles and fashionable directions.

For bright personalities, it is worth to highlight unusual and original boots of 2018-2019 from metallic leather, as well as in unusual colors - burgundy, marsala, green, blue, red.

Also an important role is played by the decor of boots, which is represented by a variety of rivets, chains, ribbons, rhinestones, fur inserts, as well as inserts from other unusual fabrics.

Fashionable boots of 2018-2019 year with prints: animalistic drawings, flowers, abstraction on boots

The most spectacular for the fair sex will be fashionable boots with prints that are very diverse and original.

Boots with exotic prints - leopard print, zebra print in stripes, crocodile, etc., presented in unusual colors and color combinations, will help to create stylish and fashionable bows that attract attention and interest. Such boots will certainly please the brave and impudent girls and women.

Most often, boots with prints in bright colors are made of latex, as well as trend boots with velvet. Pay special attention to fashionable boots with floral motifs, twigs and curls that are incredibly feminine and graceful look on the leg.

Unusual boots 2018-2019: fashion trends and trends

Fashionable boots of 2018-2019 are presented by original models with an unusual-shaped heel, as well as boots with transparent heels, boots with stiletto heels or thick, steady heels.

As for the spout of boots, this season you can prefer as boots with a rounded, rectangular, as well as a sharp nose that looks feminine and sophisticated.

The original boots of the 2018-2019 season for women are represented by the option of boots with ties and lace, which looks very elegant on boots.

Experiments with color and material

Classics, as everyone knows, are always in fashion. But sometimes you want something new and unusual. This season, designers did not stint on the diversity of ideas and allowed fashionistas to choose not from two or three options, but from dozens. And so, what to wear to look stylish?

Here is our list of 10 fashion trends:

1. Gloss. In a metallic color fashion - gold, bronze, silver, as well as all sorts of spraying. The main thing - to shine. All this, depending on the case and image, can create a more solemn look, or vice versa, a kind of illusion of cosmicity and mystery.

Such a model will be the "highlight" of onions, and you can not be afraid to overdo it. But the clothes in this case should be quite restrained.

2. All at once. If you dig into the fashionable archives, you can find similar options for boots, in which leather is combined with suede or varnish with matte leather, velvet, vinyl and other materials. This season you will look at these models advanced fashionistas.

The height of the shoe, the type of heel and other details are not so important if a successful combination is chosen.

3. Floristics. The playful and unusual design with the colors of fashion gurus was successfully transferred from clothes and underwear to shoes. Even boots on a tractor sole with a floral print will look feminine and neat. Particular attention should be paid to shoes, sewn of printed fabric with floral motifs. She looks very sophisticated.

4. Red and white. Dark colors have long become familiar to everyone, but appearances of white on the world podiums have become a real comeback of the last few decades. Yes, white is very impractical and demanding in the process of care. But at the same time, it is catchy and special.

And to add a little fire to the image will help red boots, they are one of the most fashionable this season. Similar options appeared at Fendi and Hermes. There is something to choose from - bright scarlet, burgundy, “rotten cherry”, classic red. The designers didn’t stint on the model either - with a pointed nose, high tops, complemented by various décor.

5. Treads and stockings. As they say, and beautiful, and warm. But stylists do not pay attention to these criteria, highlighting the more important - sexuality. Treads and boots, stockings, elegantly lying on the bends of the legs, make them even more attractive.

If you want something unusual, then you should look at especially high options - to the middle of the thigh.

6. Lacing. This season it can be seen everywhere - from short ankle boots, to warm boots. Ahead, side, rear, decorative or functional, it will be relevant in any form.

7. Stud vs thick heel. Ideally, if both these models are in the wardrobe of a modern woman. The hairpin will give expressiveness and refinement, and a comfortable wide heel will become a magic wand when you need to be beautiful all day, but you should feel as comfortable as possible.

For girls who are not sure that they will be able to “master” the hairpin, stylists recommend choosing a kind of “training” option - kitten hills, which is a small thin heel with a height of only 3-5 cm.

8. Velvet. Noble material that looks truly rich. Today he knowingly got into our top, because he began to decorate not only the tops of his boots, but also the heel. But such shoes are suitable only for dry weather in order to preserve all its attractiveness.

9. Wedge and platform. This trend is gradually losing its relevance, but is unlikely to leave the fashion world for good. After all, the wedge and the platform are an excellent option for cold and slush. But this season, no rough forms, only a neat sole, which will not give the image of rudeness.

10. Animalistic motifs. In order not to talk about such shoes, but love for her remains a constant value. Advanced women of fashion can afford to buy boots from genuine crocodile leather, in other cases, you can choose more budget options with a print. In a trend as natural shades, peculiar to animals in nature, and unusual color options.

As you can see, the designers this time moved away from extravagance and placed emphasis on comfort and elegance. It remains only to make a choice and replenish your wardrobe with the model you like. Enjoy your shopping!

Fashion trends in 2018

Winter is the time when you want warmth and comfort.

On snowy days, it’s not so easy to force yourself to go outside, especially in uncomfortable shoes. For cold pores, there is a large selection of shoes. Leading among them are models with a pointed toe, on a stable sole, on a wedge, military style.

Suede and leather shoes are very fashionable now, as well as beautifully trimmed, with unusual decor.

Many believe that boots are slightly rude shoes. However, this is not always the case. Winter models are distinguished by sophistication and grace. Serpentine pattern and original lacing is rapidly gaining popularity. Of the new trends - shoes with a sharp toe and a thick heel - horseshoe.

In spring, elegant and stylish ankle boots come to replace comfortable flat shoes. It is not necessary to choose a stud, this season will be fashionable thick steady heel or wedge. Beautiful decor and decorations on the shoes will complement your style. Open heels on heels - a new trend, giving the image of femininity and emancipation.

Autumn is a time of extraordinary, therefore designers of the fashion world recommend choosing non-standard models.

This is an unusual combination of colors, and rich decor, and material. Such elements as lightning, rivets, locks will be popular. Many prefer the boots on the tractor sole, but the most popular will be lacquered and chelsea.

Low shoes

Such shoes are perfect for a warm spring and autumn. In winter, it is better to think about models warmer. Fashion demi low shoes are different lacing and cover the ankle of the leg. They go well with tight jeans and an oversized coat.

Short boots

Among the short models, a special place is occupied by the “Chukka” - suede or leather shoes with a minimum number of holes for laces. They come in different colors, but beige and blue look the most elegant. Incredibly loved by girls and chelsea boots. This season will also be popular short shoe boots, boots, deserts and, of course, loafers.

Boots with zip front

Can be presented in heels and on a flat sole. For lovers of an active lifestyle, it is preferable to choose the second option. For the evening exit shoes with heels fit the best. They are not deprived of decor and will look elegant. It is, rather, not even shoes, but half boots, where the zipper is a peculiar highlight.

For everyday wear in 2017, women will prefer elegant low shoes with a low or low heel. Such shoes will not let your legs get tired for the whole day.

Low shoes are well combined with many types of clothes, including, and with office style. Classic is more welcome than avant-garde, so the standard model with a narrow or wide toe will be popular, as before.

But you never guess which shoes your girls like. It all depends on the style. The military and casual will come to the fore. Boots on a flat sole, all sorts of colors, including pastel, will be a real hit. They will allow you to create a lot of bows, from everyday to romantic.

Wedge suitable for those who want to look beautiful and at the same time not to suffer from discomfort caused by the stud. Shoes of this type go well with a business style where office dresses and classic trousers are in the lead.

Brutal massive shoes like not only bikers, but also girls who have recently adopted this fashion. Slightly more sophisticated, they are a casual model that blends in well with narrow jeans, black leggings, and a short skirt. Jacket-jacket with this - a win-win option.

The English style of shoes has long established itself and continues to be fashionable. Oxfords are a great choice for those who like convenience. Black and white models are still at the peak of popularity, but the range has long been expanded and you can choose oxfords of different colors, with or without patterns. They look good in combination with short pants or a skirt.

Popular brands

Today, shoe manufacturers - a huge amount. Among all the new products it is extremely difficult to choose your own style. Moreover, everyone offers something interesting.

The torsion top belongs to shoes made of genuine leather, as well as trimmed with snake pattern or tiger stripes. These models produce almost all fashion houses, ranging from the little-known to the top fashion designers, such as Christian Dior, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli.

Metallic is another new trend of the 2017 season. Brilliant decor, zippers, and rivets are becoming mandatory elements of the new collections. Manufacturers Nina Ricci, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Louis Vuitton are leading in the release of such models.

Shoes with a sharp toe in the new season will definitely be quickly sold out from store shelves, because along with animalism, this is the second most important trend. Such a sock will be present in many models and styles of shoes, as well as in boots. Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Versace - the best choice for every fashionable woman. They fit the fast pace of life, especially when combined with a flat sole.

Kenzo is a recognized giant of style. This season, the manufacturer has provided models for girls who appreciate comfort and convenience. Shoes on a low run or with a very small heel - just what you need for a quick walk. Similar shoes also released Marni.

Balmain - French couturier, specializing in boots of classic and soft pastel colors. Almost all models are presented with a zipper in front.

Designer fans also come to the rescue of extraordinary style, given the most unusual desires. Fashion for extravagant heels and platforms is an integral part of the season of 2017. These can be narrow heels at the top, and wide, triangular at the bottom, with a slope to the sole. Balenciaga, Marni, Givenchy, Versace are the main fashion houses that add such elements to their shoe collections.

Color solutions

Classic black is still fashionable among lovers of beautiful shoes. But still he slowly fades into the background, giving way to bright and colorful colors. So fashionable "snake" shoes are especially in demand in bright green and red hues. This color is a challenge and it will give the image extravagance.

A combination of several colors in shoes will also be bright and unusual. Everything that can give you a contrast is permissible here - black with red, black and white, burgundy and white. Less popular, but no less stunning, are other combinations of green and blue, blue and white, and reddish with beige.

Bright colors of shoes will liven up even the coldest autumn day and help you cope with a bad mood. Rich blue, blue, purple, orange color will give you a positive and attract the attention of others. Classic shoes will also go through significant changes. Bright red, dazzling white. Matte black and brown are the best choice in 2017.

However, for those who are afraid of too bright colors, there is good news - the fashion for black, beige and brown does not go anywhere. Несмотря на красочность этого сезона, классические оттенки все еще остаются востребованными и с легкостью подойдут под разные луки.

Тренд 1 — Золотые сапожки

Сверкающие сапожки цвета драгоценного металла представили на показах к новому сезону дизайнеры брендов Jeremy Scott, Alexis Mabille, Timofeeva and many others.

Золотые сапоги – поистине королевская обувь. Они позволят каждой представительнице прекрасного пола почувствовать себя королевой. But only under the condition that other parts of the image - clothing, hairstyle, make-up, accessories - will correspond to this shoe that is brilliant in every sense.

And, of course, time and place of action. Golden boots are more suitable for evening images, but, for example, a crowded morning metro is not quite a suitable location for the royal exit.

Trend 2 - Treads

Treads again in trend. Moreover, they returned in the most daring version - heels. Fashion house Christian diorbrands Moschino, Zimmermann demonstrated in their collections for the autumn season of 2017 and winter - 2018 boots on heels of leather, suede, fabrics.

Stiletto heels are shoes for the most daring fashionistas, they give the image a note of aggressive sexuality. In order not to look vulgar in them, it is advisable not to combine them with supermini, neckline, transparent blouses and other types of weapons of mass destruction of men's eyes.

Trend 3 - Python Leather

Animal prints will never cease to inspire fashion designers to create new models of clothing, accessories and shoes. After all, this coloring is created by the most ingenious designer - nature.

Fashion shows for the upcoming season Gucci, House of holland, Maison margiela Once again, they built a python leather boot on a fashionable Olympus. This print is subconsciously associated with danger, therefore, python leather boots are ideal for images of fatal beauties. Dangerous temptresses can choose boots with such a print of the most diverse models that are relevant this season - boots, boots of medium height, heels and low speed, in gray and brown tones. Fortunately, during the creation of many of them, no python was hurt, which gives additional financial and moral bonuses.

Trend 4 - Sensible Sock

The new designer feature, presented in many shows for the upcoming season, is an accented toe of the boot, which can be metallic, but more often it is made from a material that is contrasting in color and texture.

Models in boots with this trendy detail walked the runways at the shows Chanel, Loewe, Nina ricci. The shape of the toe of fashionable boots can be both pointed and square. Most often the socks are accented with black lacquered inserts against the background of the lighter material of the boots. This fashionable detail visually shortens the foot, gives the shoe a zest and, of course, emphasizes the fact that the owner of such boots keeps up with fashion.

Trend 5 - White boots

White boots will always find their fans, because for many they are associated with chic and luxury. Especially, if it is white boots from designers of famous brands.

White color, like a blank sheet of paper, inspired fashion artists to create real shoe masterpieces. Stylish model from Miu miu, decorated with zippers and buckles, white boots with inscriptions from Dolce & Gabbana, original white boots with the effect of aging from Maison margiela and many other models of white boots will not leave indifferent bright fashionistas, able to compete with this shoe in terms of attracting the attention of others.

Trend 6 - Red Boots

On shows for the upcoming the autumn season of 2017 and the winter - 2018 Fashion gurus literally flooded the catwalks with red boots. And this means that soon this color will flash on women's legs, decorating the streets of cities around the world.

And this, of course, is a positive thing, because in the cold season of the year there is a lack of bright colors. The red color combined the boots of all the trend models, providing fashionable women with a huge selection. Given the wide palette of shades of red, some may be confused with the difficulty of selecting accessories of the same tone. But for modern fashion, the rule of matching colors of shoes and accessories is obsolete. Red boots can easily solo in black, gray, brown monochrome, and as a support for red in the image is enough lipstick or manicure of the same shade.

Trend 7 - Boots

After a long absence, the trend has returned to the boots with ankle accordion. It cannot be said that this comeback was unexpected - the harmonica became the logical continuation of the fashion for wide tops, observed in the past seasons.

After all, the soft skin of wide tops tend to fall, gathering in a harmonica at the ankle. Also the effect of an accordion can be achieved by cutting. The accordion on women's boots emphasizes the elegance of women's legs, it looks impressive and stylish, and in the autumn season of 2017 and winter - 2018, in addition, it is also very fashionably.

Trend 8 - Cowboy Boots

In the autumn season of 2017 and winter - 2018, cowboy boots once again move from the category of style attributes to the category of trend footwear. This comeback has been confirmed at collection shows. Calvin klein, House of holland, Grinko and others.

This will please many, because thanks to the convenience, beauty and unique stylish look, cowboy boots undoubtedly deserve the title of fashion favorite. What is to wear cowboy boots, so as not to remind ryazhenogo cowboy? Modern fashion offers many win-win options - from light folded dresses in the style of folk to shorts and mesh tights.

Trend 9 - Boots to mid-calf

Boots to the middle of the leg for a long time were out of sight of fashion, remaining in the shadow of their higher or lower counterparts. During this time, everyone has already forgotten that this height of the tops is universal, comfortable, successfully emphasizing the proportions of beautiful female legs.

The upper line of the tops of such boots crosses the lower leg at its widest point, creating an emphasis on the contrast of the width of the gastrocnemius muscle and the narrower knee, which gives the geometry of the female legs in the most favorable light. Beautiful models of boots to mid-calf presented at brand shows Missony, Marny, Lacoste and others sure to make us remember all the virtues of medium height boots and love them anew.

Trend 10 - Varnish boots

Varnish boots - another trend that returns to the nostalgic for many fashion designers of the 70s. Over the time that has passed since then, fashion has become much more democratic, therefore, unlike the 70s, which offered a limited selection of lacquer boots, modern fashion shows for the fall season 2017 and winter 2018 presented this trend in a huge variety of models.

The various forms of heels, socks, length and width of tops, various types of decor give an unlimited choice of models of lacquer boots.

Choice oh Fashion.ru

When reviewing the shows of the collections of famous fashion houses, you often find yourself wanting to return to watching the favorite creations of talented designers again and again. In the autumn - winter season of 2017-2018, high green boots with lacing and metal toe from such David Komaornate black high-heeled boots from Oskar de la renta and avant-garde high boots, imitating packaging, from Moschino.

Modern fashion has erected women's boots to the rank of one of the key figures of the image, style-forming elements. The richness of the choice of fashionable boots offered by the trendsetters allows each woman to choose for herself what most fully corresponds to her attitude and aesthetic preferences.

Learn more about fashion shoes in general here.

Features and benefits

Every season, fashion designers of stylish shoes offer you more and more new and relevant models. It is time to figure out what will be fashionable to wear in the fall, winter and spring of 2017-2018.

When the summer days cease to please us with their bright saturated colors, we are willy-nilly inclined to choose some bright shoes for autumn. Subconsciously, we want to extend this pleasant warm period. This year, eminent fashion designers are in the wake of modern fashionistas. In the new season, they will offer us unusual colors and very relevant stylish combinations of materials and styles.

Casual style

If you want to create an image in casual style with the use of fashionable shoes, then we recommend to choose a shoe with a wide low heel. This option is considered the most optimal for every day. However, some women of fashion who prefer high heels may be skeptical of this option, which is more like men's shoes.

It is worth noting a wide range of various shades and styles. Designers made sure that you had no problems with the choice, and offer a variety of colorful and bright models, as well as products made in soothing, delicate tones. Thanks to this wealth of choice, you can create stylish bows.

As a rule, boots designed for autumn-spring are represented by models of medium length. In addition, they can be decorated with lacing or some decorative elements in the form of straps, locks, rivets, rhinestones and so on. These options look very stylish.


Transparent shoes will be a very prudent and practical option for autumn-spring. This is usually rubber shoes. Its practicality lies in the fact that such products will not let your feet get wet in rainy weather. Most often, these models have a relief platform that will save you in the slush.

In addition, these options of footwear will allow you to look stylish and original even in bad weather. Since the shoes are transparent, you should keep in mind that your socks will be visible to others, which means that they can not be in the pellets or look untidy. Thus, all you need to take care of is the right shade of socks or golf, which should be perfectly combined with your main bow. These boots are great for walking in wet weather or going on a picnic.

In the upcoming season, winter, autumn-spring 2017-2018 special attention should be paid to the length of the tops. Low shoes will be very relevant. It is the average length that is considered optimal. It is better if it will slightly cover the ankle. Moreover, such shoes can be made both on high (if we are talking about female variants) and on a flat sole.

In addition, stylish decor elements are welcome, such as zippers, rivets, bows, and so on.

With front zipper

In some ways, boots with a zipper in front resemble a retro style. These options look very original. One of the trends of the upcoming seasons will be sharp socks. Therefore, at the peak of popularity will be the shoes with a zipper in front and a pointed toe.

The length of such models should not be high. Choose medium options. These boots will be the original alternative to popular oxfords or lace-up shoes.


For today's young people in the upcoming season, boots, made slightly in a biker style, are perfect. They will perfectly fit into your everyday look and suit for walking with friends or going to a concert. Perfectly such models will be combined with popular nowadays torn or worn jeans, sweaters and leather jackets or parks. These shoes are decorated, as a rule, with all sorts of rhinestones, belts and metal plates. Moreover, the more of them - the better.

For lovely ladies, fashion designers of strong shoes offer excellent feminine options that can emphasize the sensuality of their nature. If you prefer high-heeled shoes, but it seems impossible for you to go on them all day, there is a great alternative to look stylish and attractive and at the same time feel comfortable. We are talking about shoes on a wedge, which not only adds to you a few centimeters of growth, but also creates a reliable support when walking.

Of course, walking is much more comfortable on a wedge than on a heel, especially if it is tall. In addition, these models look quite elegant and can be used to create all sorts of fashionable and stylish images. That wedge will be an excellent attribute of women's shoes 2017-2018. Ankle boots on wedges visually make your legs more graceful and slim.

Among the current shades in the upcoming seasons, we can note the classic blue-black color and all sorts of variations of brown tones. And it can be not only exclusively brown, chocolate, coffee, beige and even orange are also allowed. By the way, with regard to the latter, you should be able to wear shoes of this kind. Although these boots, especially winter ones, will look very original, you need to choose the right clothes for them. For example, a gray or dark green coat and a bag in tone will be an excellent option for them.

In addition to the brown shade, fashion returns to such saturated colors as purple, blue and dark green. These options will help you in creating stylish bows. By the way, bright colors are inherent not only in women's shoes, but also in men's options. However, in this case, representatives of a strong half of humanity are not recommended to get involved in too saturated, eye-catching, flowers.

First, catchy shoes will be too noticeable accent, which is not relevant in the upcoming season. Secondly, an incorrectly chosen shade of a shoe can add lightheadedness and frivolity to your image, which will obviously be noticed by others.

If we talk about female models, there is also a taboo on excessively bright colors. This, first of all, concerns those ladies who have too big size of shoes. If you choose some bright or very bright models, then keep in mind that such options can visually lengthen your leg.

Modern designers use a wide variety of materials to create fashionable shoes for the winter, autumn-spring 2017-2018. One of the clear favorites of the upcoming season will be suede boots. Comfortable and incredibly beautiful suede creates a comfortable feeling to the legs, especially if you have to walk long distances. However, this material requires a very careful and diligent care, so choosing such shoes, keep in mind that it will be quite difficult to preserve their pristine beauty. As for leather products, they are recommended to choose some bright saturated colors, and not soothing classic shades.

In winter, especially in very cold weather, boots that have a fur finish are perfect. Such options will be perfectly combined with a down jacket and a park. Also in some collections in addition to such shoes are similar fur accessories, such as scarves, hats and even bags with fur trim.

How to choose

Choose shoes, as well as any other shoes, should be based on their taste preferences, as well as their own goals. Of course, it’s not always easy to choose from a huge number of options. But to identify a pair of shoes that will perfectly fit into your wardrobe, a few basic principles will help.

First, if we are talking about women's shoes, then here it is necessary to look at the length. For spring in the upcoming season, not too long options will do. Perfectly look at the model laces. In addition to the fact that the lacing itself looks very original, it also allows you to adjust the width of the tops.

Secondly, you need to pay special attention to the heel. Men in this regard are much simpler: they do not have such a wide variety of choices. As for the beautiful ladies, then fashionable designers recommend choosing the height, based on considerations of convenience and comfort when wearing. Therefore, it will be relevant wedge or grooved sole. Especially indispensable, these options will be in the winter.

What to wear

To create a stylish winter or autumn-spring look, in addition to properly selected shoes, you must also learn how to competently combine it with other elements of your look. Of course, there is no rigid framework that you must adhere to. However, there are a few rules, following which will allow you to create a unique fashionable image for any event.

In the upcoming season, designers offer to create some unusual, extraordinary images. They themselves very often in their shows combine brutal shoes and outfits made in the female style. It turns out a certain game of contrasts.

If you have chosen for yourself boots, protectors, cropped boots in biker style, or ordinary boots without heels, then in this case, you should avoid using classic wide trousers and jeans when creating an image. But tight tights in tone shoes, skinny jeans or cropped straight pants are perfect for a bow of this kind.

Also, when using brutal rough shoes, it is not recommended to use things that look like men's styles in their image. On the contrary, try to choose clothes as close as possible to the feminine style. This may be, for example, models of elegant short coats or even fur coats, if we are talking about the winter period. However, boots without heels or boots on protectors will not look harmoniously with down jackets and thick jackets.

Looks great shoes made of genuine leather. And it can be options for lace-up and without a heel or as models on the wedge. В предстоящих сезонах модные дизайнеры предлагают огромное количество всевозможных цветовых решений этого типа обуви. На пике популярности иссиня-черные и коричневые изделия.

Гармонично ботинки на шнуровке коричневого оттенка будут смотреться с плотными колготками в тон обуви. Такое решение сделает ваш образ невероятно стильным, а ножки - стройными. Также последние несколько сезонов подряд такие ботинки очень часто сочетают с гетрами. Получается отличный стильный лук для молодёжи.

Брендовые новинки

Among the famous manufacturers of fashionable women's and men's shoes this season is worth noting a few of them. Perfectly look women's boots and ankle boots on the wedge or a fairly high solid platform, which are proposed in the collections of Alexander Wang and Dolce & Gabbana. Such models have a very original look. The main idea of ​​this kind of footwear is a convenient platform and an attractive original appearance. As for Dolce & Gabbana, all their products are decorated with iridescent rhinestones, which became an obvious feature of this manufacturer.

Also shoes with heels in the upcoming season will please us Georgio Armani and Marc Jacobs. Not to mention the famous fashion designer Balmain, whose stylish shoes perfectly highlight your unique look. Some of the manufacturers offer shoes with a tapered toe. Such extraordinary options presented in the collections of Emilio Pucci, Christopher Kane and others.

Stylish images

To create stylish images with stylish shoes is a simple task. It is only necessary to correctly combine clothes and shoes.

Here are some examples of creating stylish images with the use of autumn-spring and winter shoes. The simplest image for every day, which is suitable for early spring and autumn, is an image using oxfords.

For example, take the coffee shade oxfords. They should be laced up. As a bottom, we select dark leggings, or it can be classic black skinny trousers with a tight cut. The top is represented by a blouse of a free cut of white color, over which a jacket of the same dark shade is piled. As accessories, you can use a small bag or clutch.

One more image will turn out if to use shoe boots of average height of a light shade. They can be supplemented with some bright print or decorative elements, such as straps or plaques. Ankle boots should be without a heel or on a very small low heel. Complement the image with leggings or tight fitting trousers of a dark shade. As the top we use a dark green blouse of saturated color, over it we throw a beige jacket or a raincoat. An excellent accessory here will be a bag in the tone of a blouse on a thin strap or chain that slides over your shoulder.