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Feng Shui flowers as a means of attracting wealth


Home plants do not just decorate the house. Many of them have energetic properties that will help attract wealth and well-being to your home.

Recently, indoor flowers and decorative trees have become almost the main decorations in our house. With their help, you can literally revive your home and create a pleasant atmosphere around. Signs say that some items can both attract and repel money. These include home plants. Their strong energy can attract wealth, monetary success and prosperity to your home. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru recommend that you purchase at least one of these plants.

What plants attract wealth

Living plants have a strong energy. With their help, you can bring a piece of nature to your house, as well as attract money. Only 5 indoor plants will help you get rid of financial difficulties.

Fat woman The well-known plant Fatty, or Krassula, is an indispensable decoration of many houses. Due to its unpretentiousness, it has become the most popular among fans of domestic plants. It is believed that this tree - a real magnet for money. With it, you will not only be able to get rid of financial problems, but also to increase your wealth. To enhance the energy of the Fatty, it is advisable to plant it in a red pot, and put a coin on the bottom. Do not forget to care for the plant. If Crassula is withered, immediately replace it, as dry sheets lose their power, and their negative energy hampers cash flow.

Geranium. Currently, geranium can be seen in almost every home. Its owners claim that the main plus lies in the use of the plant. It repels insects, does not require large expenditures, and care for them brings pleasure. It has strong energy properties. With it, anyone can gain wealth and improve their financial situation. It is believed that geranium frightens off thieves and fraudsters, so the number of its indispensable advantages also includes protecting your home from unexpected guests.

Cactus. In recent years, cacti have become particularly popular. It is believed that their energy has a positive effect on both spiritual and physical condition of a person. Their protective properties can save us from disease, problems and financial difficulties. Despite the fact that the spines of the cactus sometimes scare us, even in them lies the power. Thus, the cactus deters the robbers from our home. Arrange it in a sunny place and carefully care for it, but do not forget that it needs less moisture than other plants.

Bamboo room. Much less often bamboo plants appear in houses, but this is because many people do not realize that they are a strong monetary talisman. Room bamboo symbolizes growth, prosperity and well-being. It is believed that the whole secret lies in its strong stalk. If his shoots began to sprout, it means that soon you and your loved ones will gain wealth. To enhance the power of bamboo, put a toad figure next to it. From the teachings of Feng Shui, it is known that it is the three-toed frog that symbolizes monetary success.

Room fern. Nephrolepis, or indoor fern, is considered one of the main symbols of wealth. Even his lush leaves, which personify abundance and prosperity, speak of this. However, during the care of the plant will have to take into account many rules. The most important thing - do not forget to water it more often. All types of ferns are moisture-loving, and without water they dry very quickly. Many lucky people claim that before they got a big prize or won a huge amount of money, they purchased this particular plant.

Not only plants, but also herbs have strong positive energy. Our ancestors knew about their healing properties, and many of them are still used in medicine. Find out what herbs can help you get rid of problems and attract well-being into your life. Good luck to you, and don't forget to press the buttons and

What kind of feng shui flowers attract wealth

The most popular plant for attracting wealth is the money tree - the sweetie. The fleshy and round leaves of this flower symbolize the coins. It is believed that in a house where a bastard grows well and constantly gives new shoots, money is always found. If you want to have a money tree that will increase wealth, get a small process and grow it yourself - the flower will feel comfortable and give you its positive energy.

Feng Shui recommends financial geniuses to start a bunneville. This plant is associated with the power and energy of money, it gives owners good luck in investing capital, helps to attract investment, expand business. And if you hang a sword next to a flower, this talisman will contribute to your triumph over all competitors. However, remember that Bunehville favors only hardworking people.

The growth of wealth contributes to the bamboo. It is also advisable to plant it yourself by placing a few coins in a pot of earth. And when the bamboo grows up, it needs to be decorated with red ribbon and coins. This plant is very fond of light, so you need to put a flower at the window, and if there is no such possibility, create good artificial lighting. Bamboo has one more very useful property - it is able to turn negative energy into positive.

According to Feng Shui, many plants with round leaves are responsible for financial well-being. But one of the strongest charms for family wealth is geranium with red flowers. In addition, this plant enhances the volitional qualities of the owners, tempers the character, helps to reduce aggressiveness and develop a sense of humor. Geranium loves light and moisture, but you shouldn’t re-moisten it because sensitive roots quickly rot.

In order to always have wealth in the house, it is important not only to earn a lot, but also to properly manage money. This will help the owners fern, able to protect against unplanned and unnecessary spending. And this plant contributes to the creation of a friendly atmosphere in the house. A pot with a fern is best placed in the shade and very good if there is a source of moisture nearby, for example, a fountain, which is very appropriate in the wealth zone.

How to use plants to attract wealth

The feng shui wealth zone is located in the southeast sector of the apartment. In this zone, and plants should be placed to promote financial well-being. In addition, live money charms have a positive impact on the workplace of a person - in the office, in the store.

Plant-mascot gives its beneficial energy only if it is healthy, well-groomed and does not suffer from a lack or excess of light and moisture. In addition, the flowers are very sensitive to the mood of the owners and always feel their dislike. Therefore, grow at home only such a lively talisman to which you are located.

Hang on, big money and small

Scientists have long confirmed by numerous studies that plants are living organisms that react to human emotions, words, music. And you can grow them not only for aesthetic pleasure, but also to attract money to the house.

Of course, you should not expect that rain from bank notes will instantly fall on you, but the fact that your financial situation will improve with time is confirmed by those who have already managed to acquire such a "friend."

The main condition is careful and attentive care.

Here is a list of the most popular plants that bring wealth:

Another name is Crassula Oval, and among our compatriots it is considered to be the main money tree. Why? And because the fallen and yellowed leaves become like coins. For the first time this was noticed by the Chinese following the philosophy of Feng Shui.

To make a fat woman really become a talisman of your house, she is not recommended to buy. Buy it so best by nipping off a leaf from wealthy people. Fortunately, the plant is very unpretentious and easily propagates by any part of it. Therefore, a leaf placed in the water, very soon take root and can be transplanted into a pot.

For greater confidence in the action of the fat woman, Feng Shui experts recommend putting a coin under her roots, and tying a red ribbon on the branch to attract financial energy.

Did not notice the special action of this flower? You may be growing the wrong kind of it. Monetary considered geranium, blooming in red flowers. But her main strength is in flavor. Smell the plant more often, and the money will surely love you.

It is suitable for any place in the house, be it a bedroom, living room or nursery. In any case, they attract good luck and prosperity.

And geranium also has remarkable healing properties, filling the air with healing phytoncides.

He is known as one of the plants that perfectly absorb harmful energy. That is why cacti are frequent inhabitants of the tables and tables on which televisions and computers are located.

But it turns out, thorny plants can serve another service to their owner. In particular, to scare off thieves and strengthen the business qualities of its owner, who will definitely bring income.

And not least, experts of feng shui advised to get a cactus and those who are prone to squandering. He has to balance the desire to save and spend a little.


Behind this convoluted name lies a plant that is familiar to many, like a dollar tree. They, unfortunately, do not grow on it, but it can bring financial gain.

To make it happen, you need to water it in a special way. To do this, use the rich water charged. At the bottom of the jug put a few coins, pour water and let it brew for 15-20 minutes.

They say that the faster it grows, the faster things will get better. By the way, in height it can reach a whole meter.

But remember, all parts of this plant are poisonous, so take care of it should be very careful, and not to allow close to children and pets.

Its power lies in hard and strong stems. In order for them to “act”, they need to hang three Chinese coins or a bell, then bamboo will help to move positive energy.

If your plant has launched a new sprout, it means that in a short time the material condition of its owner should improve.

Wheat tree

The symbol of wealth, prosperity and wealth in Russia was once considered the wheat spikelet. Now experts on feng shui offer to grow a popular wheat tree on their windowsill. To do this, you need to take six grains of wheat, plant them in the ground, taken from the field, water them every three days, and wait for shoots. Grains need to be planted at one depth.

When the spikelets grow, they are hung 30 gold coins.

Esoteric also remind that some indoor plants can feed on human energy, because they are better not to put near the bed. And so that the expected effect doesn’t keep you waiting, it’s worth taking such measures seriously. After all, energy flows are a very delicate matter, which does not tolerate haste and ridicule. We are sure that you will succeed, which means that the money will love your wallet.

The fat woman she is Crassula, she is the Money Tree

I wrote about this most important money tree in an article about ways to attract wealth. Even those whose interests are completely far from the cultivation of houseplants have probably heard about the fatty soup, since among the potted flowers of the “magnets” of money, the fatty is the No. 1 plant.

Huge her plus undemanding care, cope with the landing and subsequent care can even a beginner.

The second advantage is that the plant is attractively decorative; those who like houseplants are not necessarily flowering, but with beautiful leaves, they will definitely love it.

Well, the quality thanks to which it is on the current list is the attraction of money.

But in order for her magic properties to work, you need to know and follow a few rules on planting and care. I have grown up a fat woman for a long time, I love her, but I haven’t been familiar with all the nuances;

Money tree, how to plant it correctly so that money is kept

1. The fat man is best grown from cuttings, which it is desirable to pinch off secretly, especially well, if there is wealth in the house where you kidnap him from.

2. If you don’t “steal” the money tree from anyone, then buy it, but it’s better not in the store, but from the one who grew it himself.

3. When the stalk will give the roots (purchased plant after delivery home) you need to plant / transplant. For the "new home" choose a flower pot of red, green or black.

4. At the bottom of the pot, in addition to the usual drainage, you should put a coin. At this subtlety landing observed.

5. Take care of your Crassoullae (although, as I have already written, she is absolutely not whimsical) so that she will always be healthy and green.

6. The leaves, which begin to wither, turn yellow and dry, do not need to be removed, they must fall off on their own.

7. Experts say that if Crassula has blossomed, then this is an indicator of wealth, which unexpectedly or quite predictably, can fall on you.

I think all the other money trees can be planted, focusing on this "instruction".

Geranium (Pelargonium)

Did you know that at one time this “bourgeois” flower was branded as a symbol of petty-bourgeoisness?

Offended, he was not at all deserved, geranium brings considerable practical benefits to the house - it repels insects, is used to prepare medicinal decoctions and beauty masks, has healing properties, in particular, its aroma helps alleviate the symptoms of migraine.

But for today's article, it is also a suitable candidate, since it is considered a money magnet.
Unlike previous green pets, pelargonium attracts money a little differently, not in the form of unexpected winnings in the lottery, but by creating a favorable atmosphere for creating a stable affluence in the house where the geranium is located.

There are no special secrets of planting associated with monetary rituals, the main condition is that the plant is always healthy and flowering. And for this you need to know a few simple rules, simple because pelargonium is also very undemanding flower.

Provide her a place lit by the sun, moderate watering and regular organic dressing.
And then the flower "bourgeois" will help bring monetary stability to the house, as we all remember the bourgeois were wealthy people

Dracena Sander, "Lucky Bamboo"

The East is not only a subtle thing, but also a wise one, so you should pay attention to the fact that the eastern residents consider the dragon tree a symbol of prosperity and an assistant in the accumulation of income.

The main condition under which it “will cope” with its monetary responsibilities is the well-being of the plant.

The bamboo dracaena, like geraniums, needs sunlight, but at the same time abundant watering. It is even less whimsical than the same brute or geranium, can grow both in the soil and without it, for example, in helium balloons or in a pot with stones and water. If you grow a geranium in the ground - add more drainage to the base of the pot, if without soil, then the water should be changed periodically, washing the vessel and stones.

And if you see that the plant has started to give new sprouts, then you should know - in the near future you will have an influx of well-being.

This is where the ambiguous resident of our homes) Opinions about him diverge dramatically from “grow” to “throw away”.

I already wrote my opinion, I love cacti, I consider them plants as “protectors”, it’s just that when placing cacti in an apartment, certain rules must be followed.

It turned out that cacti are also considered to be involved in cash flows, but not in their attraction, but in protection.
On the one hand, with its prickles he stands guard over material well-being from various monetary crises.

In this case, the guarding ability does not depend on the type or size of the plant.

In addition, it is believed that cactus deter thieves.

On the other hand, the cactus will be useful for those who consider themselves to be a spender, because it helps to manage money wisely.

With the third, the so-called "aggressive" energy of cacti enhances the business skills and mental abilities of its owner.

Well, if the cactus bloomed - then wait for cash receipts.

Everybody knows about care - there is no one less demanding than cacti, in order to ruin him, you need a special talent. All they need is sunshine and infrequent watering, and as a treat - special feeds for succulents.

Nephrolepis, Fern

His most important participation lies in the essence of the plant itself, the fern is a symbol of reflection, decision-making, a guarantor of stability, it is against unnecessary fuss.

Потому-то у тех, в чьем доме проживает нефролепис, не слишком много ненужных вещей, папоротник помогает не делать необдуманных покупок и не совершать пустых денежных трат.

Вот только с заядлыми шопоголиками он не справляется)) Да и стоит ли? Ведь для них покупки – сплошное удовольствие.

But even the fern does not prevent them from starting because, as it was noticed, many of those who purchased or received nephropolis as a gift, after some time, in various unexpected but honest ways became owners of large sums of money.

Fern will appreciate the conditions created by him in the form of high humidity and sufficient, but not too bright light.

If you have not heard that ferns should be started to improve the financial condition, then I would like to remind you that the Nephropolis fern is a close relative of the forest fern that blooms on the night of Ivan Kupala, and as we know, the one who found this magic flower also finds absolute happiness with it.

By the way, pay attention to how unpretentious all the "money" plants are, it is much easier to grow them than to earn money))

But there is not so "appeasable" money plant.

Bougainvillea, "Paper Flower"

If I know the rest of the indoor plants very well, they either grew up with me earlier or are growing now, then I haven’t met with Bougainvillea. But I decided to include in the list, because I read that Bougainvillea is considered to be one of the most powerful money “magnet” plants.

It is considered to be such a strong monetary talisman that in Asian countries every bank keeps it.
It is a flowering plant, but the flowers are small and inconspicuous, and the beauty that is in the photo is provided by the triangular-shaped inflorescence.

Propagated by bougainvillea cuttings, for subsequent growth choosing her bright and dry and place. When choosing a place, try not to disturb the beautiful woman any more, she does not like moving, and in displeasure at changing her place of residence she can lose all her foliage. Although if she likes a new place, the leaves will grow again.

In return for attention, Bougainvillea will assist you in successfully investing money and in successful financial transactions. To further enhance its capabilities, hold bronze coins next to it, as the Bungvellian mascot is a metal that enhances its abilities.

Just keep in mind that helping bougainvillea people are hardworking and competent.

Choose which plant you like best, grow at home, it will surely please you not only with your money-raising abilities, but also with a very attractive appearance