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Bride price: needed or not?


I have a wedding in November. We decided not to make a ransom. Is redemption required at a wedding?

The wedding tradition of ransom has its roots in the distant past. She aims to see whether the groom is stingy and what feats he is capable of for the bride. Nowadays, fewer young couples spend ransoms. Here it is your business, it is interesting to you to carry it out or not. Banal ransom at the entrance is already pretty fed up.

I'll tell you what a ransom was at my wedding, though the weather was lucky and it was summer.

We conducted the ransom in the park of our city, in the form of the fairy tale Buratino. The groom at the entrance, as it should be, bought tickets, and then in the park he was waited for by the heroes of the tale with the tasks. In the end, he had to catch the key from the pond (the pond was replaced with a fountain))) and save the bride. Everyone walking in the park was very worried about the groom and was eager to see the bride. Video and photos turned out awesome. Impressions are still the car!)

Where did it come from?

The tradition of bride price has been known for a long time, and therefore it is difficult to say exactly how it appeared at all. There are several versions:

  • In Russia, daughters for parents were helpers. They cleaned, cooked, washed. And the groom, who took such an assistant from the family, was supposed to compensate the parents for such damage.
  • In another version, the ransom was something of a gratitude to mom and dad for raising such a beautiful wife and mistress.
  • Another version is associated with those ancient times, when tribes still existed. As you know, marriages within the same tribe were undesirable and could lead to the extinction of the genus due to incest. And so the young people tried to choose brides from other tribes. And often the relationship between the clans was very strained. And in order to appease the girl's parents, the groom made various offerings.

Today, no one demands money for a bride, but it is still considered that a groom who wants to receive his beloved must pass several tests. Only in this way he will be able to prove his feelings, as well as show the parents and girlfriends of the bride that he can protect her beloved and take care of her.

Where to spend the ransom?

Sometimes it is very difficult to determine the place of the ransom. Usually, all events take place in the place of residence of the girl, because the groom must take his other half from his paternal home. But there are several options:

House repurchase. If the room is quite spacious, then the ransom can be safely held in a private house or apartment. You can prepare the room in advance and arrange it as you need.

And what to do if the area of ​​the room does not allow to hold events in it? Many decide to "occupy" the entrance. This option is also appropriate and quite possible. But if the entrance is narrow and dirty, then the groom, his friends and guests will not be very pleased to be in it. Yes, and tenants can interfere.

If the weather allows, then let all the actions take place in the yard. It will be much more pleasant to be tested in the fresh air and to observe what is happening. When all tasks are completed, the groom will be able to enter the premises and see his beloved.

In the summer you can arrange a corner for the bride in the fresh air. For example, if there is a private house and a fairly spacious yard, then the girl may be in the gazebo. But the gazebo will need to somehow block or cover, because the groom should not see his beloved.

Fair redemption

Take as a basis for a plot of some fairy tale. The best option, of course, is a tale of love, in which the main characters can never be reunited, but still feelings bring them to each other. Options:

  • Cinderella. Naturally, the role of Cinderella will play the bride, and the role of the prince - the groom. Contests can be very diverse. For example, a young man can be asked to help his beloved: sweep the floor, sort out the grain, or peel the potatoes. In addition, the groom can be blindfolded, give the bride's shoe and offer to try it on several girls, and then choose your soulmate. In general, re-read the story, turn on the fantasy and act.
  • Sleeping Beauty. Let the groom fight with the dragon and other monsters, go through the dense forest and overcome obstacles, to finally kiss his sleeping beauty and wake her up, breaking the spell.

Thematic buyout

You can arrange a ransom in the style of "Pirates", "Cowboys" or "Rogues". Having chosen the main theme, invent various contests and tests for the groom. For example, a cowboy may throw loops-lasso on bottles or even on frisky horses, whose role will be played by guests. Pirates can search for treasure, and the robbers will try in every way to deceive the bride and her parents.


Redemption can be turned into a real quest! Here is what you can think of:

  1. First, determine the area in which the events will unfold. He must be well-known. For example, you can choose the area in which the bride and groom met.
  2. Then determine the place where the bride will wait for the groom. It can be a cozy cafe, a chic restaurant or even a beauty salon. Perhaps the girl will want to go to visit common friends.
  3. Now consider the route. Each stop should be meaningful and well-known for the bride and groom. For example, the first point of the route may be the place of the first meeting of newlyweds, the second - a favorite place for walking, the third - the most frequently visited place.
  4. Come up with tasks. At each stop, the groom must be tested. So, you can offer him to find some important thing that tells you where to go next.

Inspection of the apartment

The original buyout in the apartment is also quite possible. The bridegroom can be offered to be reincarnated as a detective for a while and find his bride in her footsteps. In the process of searching, a young man may collect some artifacts, the role of which will be played by personal belongings of the beloved. And for every thing can be attached task.

Tasks may be different. For example, you can ask questions about the apartment:

  1. What is the most favorite room for the bride?
  2. Where is the bride hiding in childhood?
  3. Where did the girl hide sweets when she was little?
  4. Where does the bride spend the most time?
  5. Where does the girl not like to be?

By the way, the bride can hide in a closet or pantry, it will complicate the search and make them more interesting.

Contests and tasks for the groom

For everyone to be fun and funny, you need to pick up or come up with original and unusual tasks and trials. Here are a few options:

  • "Gentle alphabet." The bridegroom should, for each letter of the alphabet (with the exception of the most unused), say one affectionate word for the bride.
  • Three glasses are offered to the groom: in one of them is salty water, in the other - sour, in the third - bitter. What will be the face of a young man, such a life and waiting for the newlyweds.
  • The bridegroom and his friends should sing a serenade or a love song for the bride.
  • Passage into the room in which the bride expects, you can glue the wallpaper. The groom will break them and then pay damages to their parents.
  • "And I recognize a pretty little by a finger." A tight sheet is stretched, several holes are made in it. In these openings, the bride and her friends should place the nameless fingers of their right hands, and the groom must guess which finger belongs to the beloved.
  • "Remember everything". The bridegroom is asked questions about the bride and the relationship of the young, and he should give them the right answers. In case of failure, the young man pays for the error.

Useful tips

Some helpful tips on foreclosures:

  • It is not necessary to choose a script and contests in verse. Improvisation is much more interesting and dynamic, and it’s not necessary to read a piece of paper.
  • Do not choose tasks that may embarrass or surprise the groom or guests.
  • Plan everything in advance and be sure to calculate the optimal redemption time for the newlyweds to have time at the registry office.
  • If you decide to use a ready-made script, be sure to "fit" it under the bride and the groom.
  • Do not make a bias for money. Instead, the groom can perform tasks: dance, sing, recite poems.
  • Be sure to prepare in advance for the purchase of attributes and costumes, so that everything went fervently and fun.

Let the ransom and the wedding be remembered for all your life!

Who should arrange the bride price?

To organize the ransom must witness and bridesmaid. But now it is just a tradition, but earlier on how the groom passed the tests depended whether the wedding would take place or not.

In the modern ransom include many fun tasks, entertainment, games that set a certain tone of the wedding. By the way, if the wedding will take place in a certain style, then the ransom should not stand out.

Style needs to be kept everywhere. Interesting buybacks will be a ransom with the Cinderella style, in tax style, in airline style, in railway style or border.

So, the ransom is organized by the witness, and the groom's friends help the groom to complete the tasks. It is clear to everyone that the groom and his friends should not know the ransom scenario.

Fun redemption scenario

  • The groom on the threshold. The witness offers the first thing to the groom and banknotes or coins on the threshold to lay out the full name of the bride. With money, the groom should be prepared for the ransom!
  • If you have coped with the task, we skip to the next stage.. Before the groom laid out the letters and girlfriends are asked for each letter to call the character traits of his future wife. Witness and friends if needed help.
  • Next, the bridegroom make a proposal to tie a towel as much as his love for the bride. When the groom tied a towel, he was asked to untie as quickly as he could handle the problems in his marriage.
  • And it is possible to put hearts on the steps, on each one write the reason why the groom suggested the bride to marry him (“according to aerial”, “by calculation”, “tired of a quiet life”, “mother makes”, “everyone gets married same ”, etc.) And at the very top step you need a heart“ for love ”. The groom needs to get to him, not to step on his hands.
  • Then the groom is brought three glasses on a tray, in one - sweet water, in the other - bitter, in the third - salty. In this case, the witness says: "With what face you drink the contents of the selected glass, with this you will live with your future wife."
  • You can stick different photos on playing cards. It can be caricatures, a photo of a naked peasant, one photo-photo of a bride. The groom is invited to make his choice of the bride. Every wrong attempt should be paid.
  • Next, the groom can offer to draw his bride. And then they take out some grandmother and prove that this is a copy of his picture.
  • The bridegroom is asked to find out about his bride. We need several girls, at least three, one of them, of course, the bride. The sheets are stretched and the girls stretch their fingers.
  • On the way of the groom put the decorated basin and ask to put in it for the bride the most valuable gift. The witness offers the bridegroom to check his generosity. The groom needs to guess that the greatest value is him.
  • The bridegroom is asked to choose one of three different threads.. Regardless of which one he chooses, the false bride comes out first in a cool outfit and sticks to the groom, convincing her that she is his bride. The second can get a beauty who will dance a beautiful belly dance, and you can dress a little girl as a bride and also ask to dance.
  • If the bridegroom does not like these brides, he needs to pay off them. After passing all the tests, the groom gets his bride.

An example of a buyout can be seen in the video.

But currently, some couples are not willing to conduct a ransom.

In this case, you can arrange a romantic breakfast for two in front of the registry office, accompanied by a videographer and a photographer. Or arrange before the registry office a beautiful meeting of young people in a park or square, or on the river bank. A wonderful option would be to meet the young at the door of the registry office, when their cars simultaneously approach from different sides.

Beautiful option - wedding in the country in a house or cottage surrounded by beautiful nature with the organization of exit registration. At such a registration, the bride's father will hold her by the hand to the altar and give it to the groom.

But if you still want to “torment” the groom with tests, you can arrange a ransom in the form of a quest, with the selection of a suitable site and preparation of tips for the groom.

After completing all the tasks, the groom will find his betrothed. If you do not want to develop your imagination, you can use the existing quests in St. Petersburg.

Bride price at a wedding: history, tips and ideas

Would you like your wedding to be remembered from the first minutes? How to make so that instead of excitement, the surrounding covered a wave of fun and ease? Immerse yourself in the wedding atmosphere from the very beginning by organizing a comic bride ransom. Successful start in the best way affect the course of the whole celebration. And all the most interesting about the redemption of the bride at the wedding you will learn from our article.

History of tradition

Wedding redemption is considered to be Russian for a long time, despite the fact that the traditions of other nations are to some extent similar to it, for example, the feces of Muslims. In Russia, the ransom at the wedding was a real performance, which was prepared in advance. Want to know how it all happened long ago? Svadbagolik.ru happy to tell you the most interesting.

To block the groom's path to her lover began on the way to her home or even at the entrance to the village. A log was widely used as a partition behind which a so-called “heroic outpost”, consisting of the bride’s relatives, was already waiting.

To block the path to his girlfriend before the wedding, as well as to demand a ransom for her, could the villagers. For all the whims paid by a friend (now - a witness). The groom could be asked to demonstrate the heroic strength and courage.

Upon arrival at the house of the bride, he and his friend were forced to knock on all the doors for a long time, “kindly” closed by relatives and neighbors, and after that - be sure to treat the kids running out into the yard with sweets. On the way to her lover, I had to cajole her girlfriends and demonstrate a subtle mind, solving riddles.

At the final stage, his betrothed was also required to be found, since usually several girls were seated on the bench (sometimes old women disguised as bride).

Now the tradition has changed significantly, now it has less rigor and more pampering. Of course, you can easily hold a wedding without a ransom, but is it worth refusing a powerful charge of positive emotions that will set the mood for the whole celebration? In addition, the comic rite will help to remove the feeling of anxiety that future spouses usually experience at the beginning of the wedding.

Preparation of the program for wedding redemption lies on the shoulders of the witness and girlfriends. It is necessary to discuss with the bride in advance all possible tasks and jokes in order not to lead anyone into an awkward position.

You can use the best scenarios of bride price or, on their basis, come up with your own unique one. An interesting idea would be to create a comic rite in the style of a wedding celebration.

Use the simple rules when searching for a script and organizing a bride price:

  • Each mistake of the groom is necessarily corrected by emptying his pockets, as well as the pockets of the witness or friends.
  • In addition to money, the groom with his retinue can pay off sweets, fruits, liquor or tricks to circumvent the moment of reckoning.
  • You should not overly delay the bride price, as the long action is tiring for guests and future spouses, and besides, the newlyweds are at risk of being late in the registry office. Do not forget that the ransom will necessarily go into the wedding film.

Interested in how to buy a bride? What can confuse the groom and, at the same time, entertain the guests? It is difficult to imagine a cool bride price without:

  1. Questions that girlfriends hope to get the original answers. They can not just read out, but also arrange on posters, paper traces, hearts and other attributes. You can ask both standard questions, for example, about where you met, and more original ones. For example, ask how many centimeters waist bride?
  2. Logic tasks that will make representatives of the groom's side show ingenuity. For example, when the bridesmaid puts a pelvis in front of the bridegroom and asks to put there the greatest value for the bride. The groom can send money there, a wedding ring, or climb into the basin himself. The latter option will cause a storm of emotions and good mood.
  3. Competitions, because they are an integral part of an interesting bride redemption, because the way to her tend to complicate the obstacles. A sense of proportion in the search for the most interesting contests should come first. Avoid excessive physical exertion, for the sake of a betrothed bridegroom will be ready to run, jump and push-ups hundreds of times, but if the bride will be pleased with the groom who is tired and wet with sweat, that is another question. The same goes for too intellectual contests.

Scenario or tips for choosing one

In order for the wedding redemption to look like a holistic action, it is necessary to decide how it can be. Pay attention to:

  • Классический, обычно состоящий из нескольких этапов. Это встреча жениха, путь к невесте и встреча с суженой. Все этапы сопровождаются различными заданиями, описанными выше, шутками, иногда стихами или даже песнями.
  • Thematic, each stage must necessarily display a specific theme or style. When choosing a program based on a famous movie, try to ensure that all dialogues, contests and other tasks are as close as possible to its plot. For example, the bride ransom according to the film “Prisoner of the Caucasus” can be organized in such a way that the groom and his support group will have on their way to their beloved to sing a song about bears, dance a twist and pack into a sleeping bag. The topic can also be selected based on the personality or profession of the groom. A car enthusiast will enjoy a ransom in the style of an exam for law, the doctor will gladly pass a comic medical examination on the way to the bride, and the lawyer will be in court.
  • Bride redemption in the style of the quest has a logical chain, fulfilling the tasks of which the groom will eventually receive the desired - his beloved. It is important to think over the scenario here, tying it together, and you can find the best youth quest programs for bride price on our website Svadebagolik.ru.

Whatever scenario of ransom you choose, remember that it is not necessary to follow it completely, because there are no boundaries. There are only your preferences, which can be combined with our tips and ideas, creating a truly unique comic action at your wedding celebration.

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Wedding redemption ideas: 22 examples for newlyweds

Those who are given the honorable mission to be witnesses at the wedding, know how difficult it is to decide on the ransom scenario.

The Internet is replete with a million scenarios, and each of them is fascinating, and some have already filled the askerin. Sometimes, it seems that it is simply impossible to do something original. We have prepared for you 22 interesting ideas for bride price, which from the traditional buy scenario will make it original.

22 great ideas for bride price bridegroom

Idea # 1

Redemption may take place in different forms. For example, in prose, in verse, in the style of hockey, in sign language.

For example:

We Tatiana cherish,

And just do not give up.

You are beautiful - no doubt

And you are dressed in fashion,

But to get a bride,

It takes a lot to go ...

They say love for all ages is submissive.

And all nations. And if so,

Scream: "I love you, Tatiana!"

In three different languages.

But if overseas languages

You failed to know

You will have a ringing ransom

We, as expected, to give!

Idea number 2.

Redemption in another language. It is not necessary for the bride and groom to be foreigners.

No doubt everyone understands Belarusian, Ukrainian and English, and if they also know French, Spanish or Italian? Ukrainian or Belarusian language will give the ransom a special flavor, Italian or French will be, perhaps, a reminder of the past, in a situation where the newlyweds met abroad or on courses of a foreign language. Do not forget to just translate for the guests, so that everyone will know what the conversation is about.

The idea for redemption number 3

An alternative to traditional foreclosures can be a feast.

For Eastern countries, the bride price at the wedding is unacceptable, however, the groom must pay a certain amount for his darling. You can use this option. And for this you need to visit the store, which sells oriental clothes, and purchase the appropriate attributes.

In this case, dressed in Oriental clothes girlfriends and the groom himself will look very original, and the most traditional script will not look ordinary! This option of redemption is suitable when there is little time before the solemn registration of marriage, for example, if registration is in the first half of the day and it is very difficult to hold various competitions.

The original idea of ​​redemption№4

The idea is to conduct the ransom, tied to the specialty of the future husband. That is, in the case where the groom is a programmer, the ransom can be called an installation, and prepare the ransom scenario accordingly. In the case when the husband is a businessman, instead of redemption you can arrange an elite auction with cool contests.

If the future husband has a legal education, you can spend a ransom in the form of creating a family constitution or a court session, on the occasion of whether the groom is worthy of his bride. Well, if a doctor? You can arrange for a ransom in a psychiatric ward, and the diagnosis is “Endlessly Ill with Love!”.

Idea number 5

Gypsy style ransom

This is the most fun and dance. Of course, requires appropriate suits for the bridesmaids, but it's worth it.

Bridesmaids will need to meet the groom and his retinue with noisy dances and songs, while not forgetting to demand gilding the handle.

The bridegroom should be asked to light up the cheerful music, guess his happy family life, of course, for a certain fee, and then you can skip to the bride!

Idea number 6.

It would be nice to choose an interesting place for redemption. Carrying out a ransom in high-rise buildings can be replaced with a ransom on the estate, or in the park, on the back of the house, the ransom on the roof of the house or on the threshold of the Registry Office will be original. Well, the most fond of the groom, can even get to his beloved and through the window!

Idea number 7

A ransom on the subject of the general hobbies of the young, or the hobbies of the bride, or the groom. You need to know exactly what young people are interested in. You can arrange a ransom for the groom based on the bride's hobbies (cooking, traveling, music, girlfriends) or stylize the ransom for the groom's hobby (sports, movies, fishing, hunting, football).

Idea number 8

The original idea of ​​buying a bride can be realized when creating a script called “In Search of Treasures”.

The elements of orientation in the terrain must be included in the buyout scenario.

The witness gives the bridegroom and his retinue a previously prepared map or some part of it, and if he reads it correctly, he will be able to find his treasure - the bride.

You can think of different places with contests, or parts of the map. It can be a favorite cafe of young people, a stop where they often met, a bush under which they kissed.

Idea number 9

Replacing cash with a tasty currency. You can replace money with fruits, candies, chocolates, tasty alcohol, and the like. And you can - passionate kisses ...

Idea number 10.

Redemption in the style of reality shows.

If young people like to watch shows, such a ransom is what the “doctor ordered”! Prototyping of a buyout scenario can be programs like “What? Where? When? ”,“ Last Hero ”,“ Fort Bayard ”,“ Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? ”And even“ Fashionable Sentence ”. The videographer will capture all the actors and edit the video with the transfer scenario.

For example, take the program for connoisseurs “What? Where? When? ”Connoisseurs will be the groom and his retinue, and questions will be from the young relatives. Be sure to turn on the musical pause and the help of masters, who can become mother-in-law, mother-in-law and grandmother. Questions may be from a grandmother, sister or young brother, aunt, uncle, mother, father, etc.

Idea number 11

Movement in time will make the redemption unforgettable. You can organize a ransom in the ancient Greek style, or a ransom of the Middle Ages, luxurious Baroque or crazy retro-style.

To do this, you will need to pick up music, costumes, contests and the appropriate scenery on the chosen topic.

Idea number 12.

Instead of redemption, a fantastic idea will be a great idea.

The bride can be turned into a princess living in a dense forest. The guests, in the guise of forest evil, will test the bridegroom, test his strong knight, wisdom of thoughts, dexterity, resourcefulness and courage.

You can play the most diverse roles: the devil, the kikimora - the temptress, the fairy. All costumes can be rented, and you can make yourself. The fabulousness will be given to candy, which will be dispensed by every fabulous resident when meeting with the groom.

Idea №13 Repurchase based on your favorite movies

This may be “The Caucasian Prisoner”, and Trus, Balbes and Byvaliy will buy them out, while using phrases from the film. And you can recreate a thumbnail from "Harry Potter", or "Lord of the Rings." But before asserting the buyout scenario, it certainly needs to be discussed with the young.

Idea number 14


This theme is suitable for suitors who served in the army, or are military personnel and respect military traditions. The witness and girlfriends need to dress up in military uniforms and, when they meet the groom, give him the course of a young fighter to make sure the groom is suitable for family life.

To do this, you can hold several interesting contests: start a ransom with a medical examination, then follow the oath, competition for fire training with darts, check artillery abilities (shooting balloons) and the final competition, you can hold a competition for the physical fitness of the groom. Which will help to convince everyone that they really give the bride into reliable hands. After successfully passed the test, the groom is passed into the room of the bride!

Idea number 15


If the young are football fans, you can spend an interesting ransom in football style. The ideal would be to hold a ransom on the football field, the witness and the bridesmaids will need to prepare football attributes, with which you can create a real atmosphere of a football match.

The ransom itself can be built on football questions. A logical continuation will be the exit registration of marriage on the football field, and the subsequent photo session. Football fans will truly appreciate such an event.

Idea number 16


This is truly an original idea for an unconventional buyout. But the groom and his buddies should not reveal their ideas ahead of time.

Indeed, it will be a surprise if the witness, and the bride, will be expected by the groom's motorcade, and the EMERCOM team arrives in the appropriate gear.

Such guests will pass all the trials with ease and will take away the bride without unnecessary hostilities! Active and resourceful suitors should take such an original idea as a note!

Idea number 17

To buy a bride in a private house

Well, if there is an opportunity to spend a ransom in a private house. Private territory allows you to arrange a whole idea.

As well as a private house can be interesting to decorate.

Tests can be carried out in the courtyard, on the veranda, in the entrance hall, in the rooms. Where there is a place for wild fantasy, the ransom becomes many times more interesting.


Wedding purchase style GAI

Such a non-standard redemption is suitable for those who are connected with work in the police, lovers of driving on an iron horse and just people with a sense of humor.

For such a ransom, you will need the appropriate requisites: a traffic policeman's suit, a whistle and a rod, traffic signs, and the like. But most importantly, you will need fun active guests and fantasy. The witness and girlfriends dress up as DPS officers and the action begins. According to the results of the ransom, the groom must receive the right to a family life, after which he will be let through to the bride.

Idea # 19

Interesting idea for police-style buyouts

The essence of such a ransom is as follows. At the main entrance of the entrance, two girls meet the groom and his friends - the police, who claim that the bride’s apartment was hacked and the most valuable thing was stolen.

The bridegroom is trying to justify himself in confusion, at the same time there are witnesses from the bride’s side who say that the hostess of the stolen item will have no complaints about the robber if he makes a promise to keep the kidnapped carefully and with great love. So what did disappear, if the bride is in place? Well, of course, the loving heart of the bride! After the solemn oath of the groom, he is passed into the room to the bride!

Idea number 20

Serpentine ideas of modern bride redemption can be offered with thematic redemptions. For example, in the style of an airline, a wedding court, a samurai style, and the like.

Idea # 21

For those who like to have fun, a ransom with children's competitions will do. The basis of such contests can be contests, which in your childhood were held in pioneer camps, or at school parties.

But even more interesting contests for the little ones. You can prepare questions that small children answer easily and without hesitation, but adults have to break their brains.

Thus, the groom will be trained for the future role of a great dad.

Idea # 22

If the witnesses still have no good ideas and no desire to conduct the ransom themselves, you can attract assistants. You can invite real artists who will make the ransom at your wedding unforgettable.

It can be mimes, artists specializing in sweepstakes, gypsies and the like.

Well, if you don’t like the idea of ​​having the original ransom, you can arrange a beautiful meeting of the bride and groom before the registrar. To the registrar, they can drive cars from two opposite sides. For example, the bride is on white and the groom is on black.

Also at the exit registration to the altar a young father can lead. And you can invite a musician, and the meeting of young people will take place at the door of the registry office, for example, to the sounds of a saxophone.

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How to organize an unusual bride price

It is the bride price that marks the beginning of most weddings, however, it should not be regarded as a standard tribute to traditions. This prepared event can be a bright and impressive event that will be remembered with pleasure by all its participants. Styles bride price can be divided into traditional, thematic and exclusive.

Traditional buyout

This style is most common. Redemption of the bride for the groom is a set of small contests near the house of her husband. The script is often written in verse. Tasks are focused on the comic quality check of the groom.

Since this is the most common style, most contests are known and expected. This is often the reason why some couples, considering how to spend the bride price, the script of which has become familiar, eventually decide to do without him.

Another reason for failure is contests that are emotionally difficult for the groom. Not every young man is psychologically ready to shout loudly about love under the windows or sing songs in the stairwell.

Redemption of the bride in the style of traditional festivities is not bad at all, but if you make a variety and exclude inappropriate tasks, the redemption will become unusual, easy and memorable.

Numbers and Questions

The task for the knowledge of dates is one of the most common contests. The groom is asked to explain what the given numbers mean to the bride. The numbers can be hidden in balloons, on the petals of paper flowers or written on the steps. Examples of numbers:

  • birthday,
  • how many years have passed since the meeting
  • number of the car,
  • growth,
  • breast size

It is necessary to consider how the ransom goes, if the bridegroom is very worried and does not remember many dates. If you modify the competition or offer a shorter version, it will be much easier.

  1. Invite the groom to choose only 1 of the special cards, and then ask him to explain the meaning of the number on the chosen card.
  2. Use photos of numbers, for example, the part of the license plate of the machine, covering only the numbers. This option contains tips for the groom, however, does not apply to all numbers.
  3. Replace the numbers with colors, i.e. suggest the groom to explain the meaning of color to the bride. For example, blue - the color of the eyes or green striped - the color of your favorite sweater.

Deciding how to redeem a bride at a wedding, fun organizers often include questions about their future wife in the script. For example, consider some of them:

  • favorite book,
  • the city of Dreams,
  • baby nickname
  • mother-in-law's name
  • place of work.

It is also highly likely that an agitated groom may forget the answers to many questions. The solution will be a non-standard version of the organization of the competition, such as the following:

  1. Crossword. The groom is offered a small crossword puzzle, which should include answers to questions about the bride. Such an incarnation contains hints from previously guessed words.
  2. Family Tree. Required to fill the family tree of the future spouse. On the prepared poster, you need to properly arrange the photos of her mom and dad, grandmothers and grandfathers.
  3. Table for bride price. Of the proposed treats, the groom chooses those that the future wife loves.

A common task with the proposal to guess that the poster belongs to the bride. The most famous items for comparison are baby photos, hand or lip prints among many similar ones. Alternatively, such options are suitable:

  • photo elbow (knee, ear),
  • a piece of clothing or shoes
  • accessory (for example, a watch or phone).

A separate category includes tasks relating exclusively to the bride. Among them:

  1. Clothes on the first date. For this competition, thorough preparation is needed, because the bride needs to be photographed in various outfits.
  2. Accessory. We need to remember what the girl had with her at the first meeting. It could be, for example, a handbag or an umbrella. Предмет надо отыскать среди других ее вещей.
  3. Примечательные фотомоменты из жизни пары, которые нужно объяснить.
  4. Памятные вещицы. Пояснить их значение для будущих молодоженов.

Комплименты и достоинства

В этом задании на предложенную букву говорится комплимент невесте. К примеру, на букву «к» — красивая. As an alternative, it is worth replacing the compliment with a tender nickname for the beloved one. Example: on "with" - the sun. Letters can be:

  • from the name of the bride,
  • hidden in the balls
  • written on the steps.

Similar to the previous task - to identify the merits of the groom. It is proposed to make it to friends. The number of epithets is negotiated immediately, or they are called as the matches stuck into the apple are pulled out until a short one is caught.

He needs to admire himself to say in his mirror what a beautiful or kind, and not to smile.

Reason for marriage

Frequent competition at many weddings. The reasons are selected a variety and interesting, including such:

  • for love
  • by calculation,
  • according to need
  • parents demanded
  • argued with friends.

The groom will have to choose the main thing - love. He can search in balls, choose from a deck of cards or tear off petals from a paper flower with inscriptions. More unusual options for this competition will be:

On each compartment of the target is attached a piece of paper with a cause. Labyrinth. A mini-labyrinth is built on the ground, leading to different answers. The bridegroom is offered to get to the right option with the help of a radio-controlled car.

Bride portrait

It is necessary to draw the future spouse on the prepared sheet. To complicate the job, the groom is blindfolded. As a result of such drawing, a future bride is offered to her future husband, similar to his drawing. Often a young man dressed in a white dress and veil is attracted to this role.

You can replace the traditional competition by picking up a puzzle from a photo of a bride or making up her identikit. To the latter are offered photofragments with the image of the lips, eyes, nose. It is necessary to choose the necessary and make the right photo portrait.

In which room?

This competition is held in the apartment. The groom is asked to guess in which room the bride is waiting. Often for this you need to pull for 1 of the ropes that lead from the rooms. Play the role of false brides can, for example, brother or grandmother.

To make the contest non-trivial, instead of a voice, you can play audio recordings of laughter or sneezing of fake brides and a real contented woman behind the door.

As you know, traditional wedding redemptions provide a symbolic fee for the groom in case of failure of the job. The event will be special if you replace the selling off. You can use the following options for replacing money:

  1. Certificates Are made by the hands or on the printer by the principle gift. They are handed over to the groom and contain the wishes of the future spouse. For example, a certificate for a massage or to buy a necklace as a bride price.
  2. Balls with desires. They are placed where contests are held, for example, on flights of stairs. Many balloons unwittingly create a festive atmosphere. In this case, the groom himself burst the ball and chooses the desire of the future wife.
  3. Penalty job. Simple tasks, for example, from a mathematics or geography course.
  4. Penalty dances. For failure, the bridegroom is instructed to dance with a witness to a tango or waltz.

Also, the original bride price may be due to the creative ideas of the groom. For example, he decides to be extraordinary and pay a ransom in dollars with his photo printed on a printer.

Exclusive buyout

In a separate category, the original scenarios of bride price are highlighted, which deviate from the standard scheme and differ from the rest by the absence of competitions for the groom. Among these it is worth noting:

Quest is a modern bride price. The event begins with a letter on the threshold of the groom's house, in which there is a note or photo indicating the place to go. This may be a photo studio, in this case, in the first letter there should be a receipt.

The groom receives 2 photos on the receipt, 1 of which indicates the next place of visit, and 2 photos is part of the puzzle. The groom travels around the city, extracting the remaining parts of the puzzle and receiving messages / photos about the next point.

When you receive the last fragment, you need to collect a photo pointing to a specific place, for example, a door mat. There will be hidden the key to the apartment of the bride.

The treasure card is a quick redemption of the bride in a treasure hunt style that starts at the groom's house. There he is met by a pirate and offers to buy or exchange a card for a bottle of rum (champagne). When the bridegroom agrees, the distraught pirate also gives him a compass and a scapula.

A map showing the location of the buried treasure is limited to the bride's court and contains directions and number of steps from one point to another. For example, from the starting point, which may be the entrance of the bride, you need to take 20 steps to the north. Following the map will lead the groom to the place where the chest (box) with the bride's apartment key is buried.

Escape - the search for the escaped betrothed. Arriving at the wedding, the groom sees the traces of several pairs of shoes, which diverge in different directions from the entrance.

The groom follows in the footsteps, revealing signs along the way that tell if he is going right. If the road is not the same, then he returns and tries another way. At the end of the false tracks are posters that there is no bride.

A sure trail will lead to the place where the future wife is hiding, for example, in the house of a friend.

Instead of the traditional preparation of the plan, how to redeem the bride, the groom is invited to come up with this himself and organize an unusual and memorable surprise for his future wife.

For example, he can arrange a meeting with her in the park by inviting musicians there in advance, or take her out into the countryside.

A romantic option would be the decision to come for the future spouse in a carriage or symbolically plant a tree.

The ransom is the opposite - it is an unusual ransom of the bride, because in this case it is not the bride who comes for the bride, but the bride for the bridegroom. It is possible to hold contests, but her very arrival to her unwittingly betrothed will be an incredible surprise.

Thus, a creative approach to the issue of organizing a buyout will turn the event into an unforgettable and fun adventure. The bride's redemption, not protracted and properly organized before the wedding, will set the light and relaxed atmosphere of the upcoming festive event.

Going to a wedding? Everything you need to buy a bride: a list for the groom and the organizers

Wedding ceremony implies respect for the traditions that came to us from the times of our great-grandmothers. As a rule, modern newlyweds change them to the style of their celebration, introducing updates and creativity. So over time, ancient rituals acquire a new meaning and become a fun liner for the holiday. Let us examine what is needed for the redemption of the bride.

Wedding traditions: then and now

Redemption of the bride symbolizes the departure of the girl from the paternal house. She says goodbye to her parents and goes into adulthood. Earlier, the groom who came to the house was supposed to please the girl's parents, present gifts for her beloved and show his respect. And that was all that was needed to buy a bride at the parents' house.

Now the rite has changed almost completely, becoming a fun liner for the wedding event itself. The ransom is fun, accompanied by dances, jokes, riddles. To date, the ritual has become an amusing contest for the groom, during which the bridesmaids are trying to confuse him, to joke.

The bridegroom comes for the bride to the parental home and passes the tests prepared for him by the bridesmaids. Tests can be any - guess your favorite shoe, guess riddles, name 20 compliments, etc. No restrictions. If the groom fails to cope with the competition, he can buy it off by presenting a gift - money, sweets, fruit, etc.

The groom should know what to do and say at the bride's redemption, and be ready for any ordeal, therefore it is better to prepare for this event in advance.

Earlier in Russia before the wedding, the groom sent the bride a box. It happened in the morning. In the casket were gifts for the bride and her bridesmaids. you can easily follow this ancient custom, thereby appealing to the girlfriends and the future wife, and who knows, maybe the bride price will be easier.

What is useful for the future spouse

As a rule, the bride, in order to avoid embarrassing situations, warns the young man in advance that she will need to take it with her. There is a specific list that is necessary for bride price for the bridegroom. It is suitable for any scenario of the rite.

  1. Money in small denominations - at contests, the groom and his friends will have to pay for incorrect answers, additional attempts, to placate those who will stand in the way, etc. As a rule, for such purposes, the bridegroom picks up bills of no more than 100, 500 rubles. Particularly generous suitors pay off with a larger par.
  2. Coins - they will be needed in case a “lay out the name of the beloved with money” contest is prepared for the groom, etc. Coins can be of various denominations - from 5 kopeks to 10 rubles. Take more coins with you.
  3. A bottle of champagne or a few - To buy off a quest, champagne or wine is often used. You should have a few bottles with you, even if you do not plan to give them to your bridesmaids for your incorrect answers.
  4. Candies. If you want to come to the ransom with a sense of humor, offer the bridesmaids a bag of gold for the beloved. Present a bag of chocolate coins in gold foil. You also need to have several boxes of candy, lollipops, chocolates or chocolates.
  5. Pen, notebook - It may not be useful, but it is better if it is in the requisite. Suddenly, suddenly need.
  6. Caricature currency (print money with the image of the bride and groom). You will need them if there are not enough real ones, and the edible currency will end (candy, champagne, etc.)
  7. A set of jokes, songs and, of course, a great mood. Without this, nowhere is the most important point in the groom's requisite.

Going to buy a bride, the groom must be ready for anything. You should stock up with money (both real and printed out yourself), you will definitely need it, because you cannot know everything that you have been prepared for as a test.

Buy more fruit, sweets, and champagne or wine, fold them neatly into bags, and store them with a friend or witness.

They will be useful to you in any case - an incorrectly passed test, please cajole parents, get a hint for a question, etc.

Items for organizers

Props for ransom organizers will directly depend on which contests will be included in the program. There is also a props, which is used at almost every celebration.

  • Posters. They will decorate the house and create the right atmosphere. Posters may be with wishes for the newlyweds, indicate that the bride lives here, etc. If you want to be different original approach, you can do it yourself or order posters with the image of the newlyweds in the workshop, porters in the style of movie characters or cartoons will also be interesting. Posters in the future will be an excellent reminder of the wedding day.
  • Pictures of different directions. Their content will depend on the contests. For example, a poster of gifts - the groom throws darts in a poster on which it is written that he should give to his future wife. Also on the pictures, posters can be stamped lips, feet, words written in different underscore, etc. Pictures, their meaning and content will depend on the contests, but in any case they will be useful to you.
  • Chamomile. It is found on almost every buyout. A large daisy is made, a significant event for the newlyweds is written on each petal - first meeting, first kiss, etc. The groom should give the dates when the event took place.
  • Pen, paper. It is imperative to have a pen and blank sheets of paper with you. The ransom can go on any scenario in which you urgently have to write something down or correct it.
  • A box for money or a bag to collect something. In order for the grooming of the groom not to be lost, especially with regard to money, it is necessary to prepare in advance the little chest or pouch where everything will be folded.

When collecting requisites for the buy-in ceremony, you must be extremely careful - any detail is important. Write on a piece of paper, what is needed for the redemption of the bride, so as not to miss anything. Depending on whether you are the groom or the organizer, the set of props will vary significantly.

Bride price - ritual fun, old and at the same time responsible. It carries a deep meaning and at the same time helps to tune in to the upcoming celebration. It is necessary to think over to the smallest detail the entire list that is necessary for the bride price, then the event will be held perfectly. On the eve check again its compliance with the prepared competitions.

Wedding traditions: how to spend the bride price

Traditionally, before going to the registry office and the official painting ceremony, the bride is paid. The rite of redemption can be confidently attributed to the mandatory components of the wedding ceremony - a very rare wedding will do without this fun action.

It is fun, because in the redemption of the bride, it is important to amuse the guests, and not “sell the girl more expensive”.

The price, as a rule, is symbolic, but the difficulties - contests and trials for the witness and the groom - are the real ones.

We will tell you how to organize the ransom so that the groom and the witness “the service does not seem like honey”, and the guests are satisfied and cheerful, and at the same time “follow the procedure” in terms of tradition.

The bride redeems, of course, the groom. However, like any bargain, redemption can not do without "intermediaries". Therefore, at the bride price, the protagonists are a witness and a witness. The bridesmaid is the “selling” party, and the groom's friend, respectively, the “buying”.

Bride price begins with the arrival of the groom. Traditionally, having driven to the house of the bride in a car, the “groom's tale” notifies everyone and everything about his arrival with a loud beep. With a lot of beeping, a witness with the bridegroom comes out of the car and, if desired (as a rule, there are those who are willing) - a support group. The first is a witness, his task is to clear the way for the bridegroom and the rest.

Even on the way to the house the guys usually come across the first “obstacle”. This is a group of neighbors, or friends and relatives of the bride (and more often a “hodgepodge” of all who are not lazy).

And here the first ransom is ripped off from the "groom's brotherhood". Although usually a witness gets off lightly: as a ransom, candy, liquor, a small gift, or, in extreme cases, some money, are successfully “rolled”.

But the real serious obstacles ahead!

The test for real men is to go through a witness who is helped by the bridesmaids. There is no longer without contests, quizzes, tricky questions and difficult tasks.

The bridegroom can be tested for "hardness of memory" by questioning with a predilection for the date of dating the bride, under what circumstances it was, what was the first kiss, when the birthday of the future mother-in-law was, what brandy preferred the future father-in-law, etc.

But even having answered all the questions and having passed all the tests, the bridegroom with the witness should not relax! There is no easy victory on the bride's redemption, because the guys will immediately try to cheat by slipping a mumbled aunt or even a disguised muzhik instead of a bride.

Close relatives of the bride — usually a brother or nephew — may sell the bridegroom with the witness to the bridegroom. It is believed that the spit to keep the beauty of the future wife, and what the groom will not lay out any money to enjoy the beauty of the bride!

At the ransom, it is not forbidden to steal a bride's shoe. If this succeeds, then the bride must be given to the groom without redemption.

When the parties agree and the ransom is completed, they bring the bride - by this time she should be completely “at the parade”. The bride is planted next to the bridegroom, he has to kiss her and give flowers - the same bridal bouquet that will be a constant companion of the young throughout the wedding, and at the end of the day, thrown by the bride, will be put into the hands of one of the unmarried girls.

In turn, the bride with the witness pin the groom and the witness on the chest with a boutonniere or a flower.

A good tradition is to buy a glass of champagne after the ransom, as a sign of complete agreement. Then all sit down in cars and go to the registrar. The most prestigious place in the car is considered to be the rear seat on the right - that is, as a rule, it is given to the bride. There is a tradition in which the bride and groom go to the registry office separately, on different machines, and come back together.

How to spend a bride price? Best contests of the Queen of Dating

Wedding custom "Redemption", which often begins with a wedding, has its historical roots in the times of the adoption of Christianity. Prince Vladimir the Great, having married Princess Anne “for ransom, for the Princess”, gave the Crimea and Korsun to the Greeks. For many centuries, the old tradition of bride price has not lost its relevance.

The groom has to pay for his bride. This fun wedding ceremony at a modern wedding is just a fun game, played with great pleasure by both bridesmaids and relatives of the bride and the groom. How to spend a bride price?

Таким вопросом задается, чуть ли не каждая свидетельница, поскольку обязанности за выкуп невесты, конкурсы, сопровождающие его, возлагаются на свидетельницу и подружек, они-то и думают, как проводить выкуп, что бы он был наполнен веселостью и динамичностью.

Как проводить выкуп невесты?

Так, в день торжества, гости со стороны жениха и конечно он сам направляются к дому любимой или ранее оговоренномуместу, где их уже поджидают семья и гости невесты. Along the way, many obstacles meet, the girlfriends have already taken care of them, for whom the more creative challenges, the more fun the guests.

The groom’s wedding procession will have to show: wit, resourcefulness, ingenuity, demonstrate a lot of skills to get to the bride’s house, and besides, it may not be there yet another wedding tradition. There are cases when relatives or neighbors are not present at the celebration itself, but they’re happy to see how the ransom goes, what kind of outfit the bride has, because this contemplation will give a huge positive for the whole day.

Bride price is a fascinating contests, fun tasks, riddles for the groom and his friends according to a pre-planned scenario. He may be delayed, so the groom should not be late for his wedding, so that in no hurry to adjust any of his plans. It is customary to buy out your sweetheart with sweets, alcohol and a symbolic amount of money.

Extraction goes to the bridesmaids and the witness. Competitions for bride redemption are not needed in order to make fun, torture the groom, but in order to laugh a little, to prepare yourself and guests for a fun, happy, festive day!

Redeem the original? Easy!

Everyone wants his wedding to be unforgettable, exclusive. That style will distinguish it from others. Therefore, it is very important to spend the bride price in an original way, so that it fits brightly into the theme of the wedding.

The bride and groom, witnesses, parents, guests, love, confession, praise - all this is present in all weddings and will not go anywhere. And the atmosphere, the decoration of the process, you need to think of and go where the fantasy will lead.

And if it leads away - it will be spectacular! Each stage is important because of a significant event: a bridal outfit, a groom's gathering (his parents also collect and bless), a ransom, a wedding, a wedding, a celebration, a wedding night. It is not necessary to come up with all the new actions, because you can perfectly use what you have already invented earlier and, if possible, consult with experts from wedding agencies.

They will send in the right direction, provide their options, prompt in various trifles, because it is not the first time for them to plan one of the most important events in a person’s life.

If you decide to organize your own wedding without the participation of wedding agencies, and there will be a desire to hold such a custom holiday as bride price, the competitions described below and one of the most widespread redemption competitions favorite will help interestingly continue the tradition with laughter and kind smile.

Examples of competitions to buy a bride.

    Competition "Will the heart tell the name of your beloved?"

Cut lemon into slices, arrange on a plate. Below them will be leaves with written names. The groom eats one slice until he makes the right choice.

The groom chooses flowers ball, takes out a piece of paper from it. If the answer is incorrect, the name is not the name of the beloved, the witness puts money in the basket until a piece of paper with the bride’s name falls into his hands.

Competition "guess the appearance of your favorite?"

Before the start of the ransom, to prepare a piece of paper on which the girls leave their kisses, the prints of their lips, including the bride, and you can also ask the men to put their imprints on it will be more fun. The groom should guess where the sweet kiss is to his beloved.

Take a few: five or six children's photos, among them the groom must find a child's photo of his beloved.

Competition "Does the groom know his bride well?"

Bridesmaids are preparing to buy a huge chamomile, dress up one of the bridesmaids, and maybe a cheerful boy, in a skirt with petals, where questions are written on each petal:

- Does she like to read books?

- What are the eyes of the bride?

- What are the movies she loves most?

- What kind of flowers does she like?

“Where did you kiss her for the first time?”

- What is her phone number?

- Where does she prefer to rest: on the sea, in the mountains, in the forest?

- Does your bride love to host the kitchen?

- What does she like more: a trip by car or a walk on a bicycle?

Competition "tender words"

On the door leading to the bride's room, a sheet of paper is attached, with a multi-colored inscription: "I will call you ...". At the bottom of the sheet are attached strips - forfeits. Taking off every fant, the groom must continue, namely sing the line and name his bride.

At each step of the ladder (if it is much better after a few steps) put a flower cut out of paper can be a circle, a diamond. It should not be small, so it was convenient to collect, tear off. The groom, climbing the stairs, must step on or pick up a circle, a flower, at that very hour, affectionately call the contracted one.

The bridegroom is offered a ball (it can be made from dough, plasticine, the main thing is to make it soft, you can take a peach, an apple) into which matches are stuck, very nice skewers with hearts. The groom should get them one by one until he finds something broken or small and promise what he will do at home, which will help his wife.

On the wall is attached or simply in the hands of the witness, the girlfriend has a lot of balls, in each of them lies a fant with the possible reason for his marriage.

- Parents say that the best bride is not found,

- Very beautiful,

- because of dowry, etc.

The groom breaks the ball and reads the cause. The competition ends as soon as he finds a piece of paper that says "I love or create a happy family."

The groom paints a portrait of his beloved. It is advisable to save a masterpiece for a family album. A witness holds a tray. The groom on it should put in cash the portrait or the name of the bride.

We wish you a successful wedding and magical memories of this wonderful day!

What is wrong with the standard bride price?

- At the entrance, even in clean it never looks beautiful. There is little space, the light is bad, all the guests on the narrow stairs do not fit and as a result it turns out that the redemption seems to be held for the amusement of the guests, but the guests do not see it, and walking up the stairs to the high floor in heels is obviously not the best pleasure in the world. 🙂

- Time is spent on it a lot (an hour on a wedding day is a lot).

- Nerve preparation is spent even more.

- Well, and besides, the concept of saving (which is often said to me this year.) Does not fit the option with the ransom.

- If everything is to be considered, then usually such a ransom costs the wedding budget 5-15 thousand (all kinds of posters, wedding time, additional bottles of alcohol, food, etc. + time to prepare everything, and this is also money.)

The case of the life of a wedding photographer at the redemption.

I once had such a case. The groom comes with friends into the porch, sees girlfriends already ready to start reading their poems, stops and speaks. “I asked Nastya that there was no such thing, tell Nastya that I am waiting for her in the car.” Turns around and goes into the car. The wedding took place then over a glass all reconciled, but the morning was spoiled.