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What is the best way to refuse to eat before bedtime?


The question “Why not eat before bedtime?” Torments many people. Evening snacks not only lead to a quick weight gain, but also cause a number of health problems. Insomnia, obesity, various diseases and premature aging - all this is waiting for someone who regularly fills the stomach with food a few minutes before bedtime.

Why do you want to eat?

Most likely, you are faced with the following situation: the clock shows that until midnight there are only 60 minutes left, and you are drawn to the kitchen like a magnet. In this case, it is not a weak willpower that is to blame, but a surge of hormones. The fact is that night time for the body is a period from 22 to 6 hours. If a person is not sleeping, the stomach begins to produce the hunger hormone ghrelin. At the same time, the circulatory system signals a decrease in sugar levels. These two processes and force you to go to the kitchen at night.

What can not eat?

Many people ask themselves: “Is it possible to eat at night?” The last meal should take place approximately 4 hours before bedtime. The body will have time to digest the substances that have entered it during this time. What foods you absolutely can not eat before bedtime?

  • Carbohydrates: cereals, thermally processed vegetables, flour products and sweets.
  • Fruits are healthy foods, but they can be enjoyed 3 hours before bedtime. The fact is that they contribute to the active secretion of gastric juice. As a result, a person feels a strong hunger.
  • Protein food does not apply to what you can eat before bedtime. You should not consume too many dairy products, eggs and cottage cheese, seafood and legumes before you go to bed. Curd in moderate quantities not only does not harm the health, but also improves the condition of the muscles of the whole body.
  • Give up a lot of meat and poultry for dinner. Ideal - boiled chicken fillet. This dish will support muscle tone after a hard day, it will be especially useful after playing sports.

Nutritionists have still not come to a common opinion about whether persimmon can be eaten at night. This product contains a huge amount of vitamins and macro-and microelements necessary for a person. On the other hand, persimmon contains a lot of sugar. Carbohydrates, dietary fiber and tannic acids cause caries. If you suffer from kidney disease, regular consumption of persimmon can make you feel worse.

What can you eat before bedtime?

Of course, you can not dramatically change the diet. This will create stress for the body. Therefore, you need to wean yourself from late snacks gradually. This will help you foods that can be eaten shortly before bedtime. These include walnuts, apples without peel, pears, persimmon, avocado and cantaloupe, cabbage and tomato, some greens. Berries - a product that can be eaten in any quantities.

A good choice is scrambled eggs with broccoli. Sometimes you can afford a small plate of boiled potatoes, some beets and carrots. Bananas are allowed in moderation. If you have no problems with the work of the stomach, you can eat mushrooms or legumes.

Low-fat kefir and products containing fiber will be good for your health. Although kefir contains a small amount of calories, this product is very nutritious. Preference should be given to a low-fat beverage. It does not contain carbohydrates, but plenty of proteins. Kefir promotes weight loss and helps to quickly establish the work of the intestine. Milk drink should be drunk when it is heated to room temperature.

The effects of late meals

Why not eat before bedtime? Most likely, the first thing that most readers thought was overweight. Yes, nightly snacks are fraught with obesity, but this is not the worst thing, which leads to the habit of late supper.

If you eat foods containing carbohydrates, before bedtime, the body begins to produce insulin. That, in turn, sends a signal to the pituitary gland that the body can "rest." As a result, the production of growth hormone somatotropin is inhibited at night, and fat reserves are not only not consumed, but also added! After eating, the level of stress hormone cortisol and sex hormone rises. All this contributes to the accelerated aging of the body.

The increased content of insulin in human blood leads to the development of many diseases, among which are diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, hypertension, osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and dysbacteriosis. Excess insulin adversely affects psychological health. Constant depression, nervous breakdowns, psychosis - all this is inevitable for those who like to eat before bedtime. Why not eat too late? You will become more prone to pernicious habits such as smoking, drinking and even addiction.

Vessel problems

There is another reason why it is harmful to eat at night. Excess glucose destroys collagen. This protein regulates the elasticity and strength of blood vessels. Late food intake leads to the fact that the vessels wear out prematurely, as a result of which various diseases develop.

Each person decides for himself at what time to have dinner, but the rule must be followed: the last meal should take place 3-4 hours before bedtime. The fact is that on an empty stomach, growth hormone is produced better, contributing to an increase in muscle mass.

Poor Digestion

Another reason why it is harmful to eat at night, is that the duodenum is in a state of "rest" and does not work in full force. Filled with food, it stretches. Gastric juice can not get into this mass, so food is stored in the intestine until morning.

Bile is formed in the gallbladder. It can not break through the formed shutter, so it becomes thick. As a result, inflammation and stones are formed, which can only be removed using surgical intervention.

Sleep disturbance

It has been scientifically proven that late meals lead to insomnia and other sleep disorders. The hormone melatonin helps to fall asleep, but it is not produced on a full stomach, which is why it is so difficult to sleep after a night snack. In addition, if you regularly eat at night, you can bring down biological rhythms. There will be a feeling of discomfort in the mouth and heaviness in the stomach. Appearance will also deteriorate: bruises will come out under your eyes, eyelids will swell up. However, we must understand that starvation before bed is contraindicated for small children and patients suffering from an ulcer.

If there is no other way out ...

Some people work at night. As they spend energy at this time, late meals are simply necessary for them. Nutritionists have developed basic tips that should be followed by night workers.

You need to eat carbohydrates in the evening. Best of all suitable for these purposes all kinds of cereals, cereals and fresh vegetables. All these foods contain carbohydrates that are digested for a long time. In the morning and afternoon, on the contrary, give preference to proteins. After night work, you will need rest, and you will not spend a lot of energy. In no event it is impossible to starve, because it can lead to health problems.

Sample menu

Nutritionists shared their views on what you can eat at night without harm to your health, if you work in the dark. If you follow the diet below, you can lose weight by 5 kg per month.

In the afternoon, eat 2 boiled eggs, a few pieces of dietary meat. From drinks you are perfect kefir. At night, the diet is more extensive. It includes a slice of black bread, carrot juice, yogurt, cheese, buckwheat with steamed vegetables or boiled meat.

There is another food option: in the daytime you should eat dairy products like kefir and yogurt, enjoy cottage cheese and fresh fruit. Steamed fish is perfect as a main dish. At night, you can eat a portion of boiled rice with baked vegetables and drink all this juice.

Scientific background

The case presented above is an exception. If you work on a standard schedule, and at night you relax, then this menu will not work for you. Scientists have presented a rationale why you can not eat before bedtime. Late food intake triggers a series of processes in your body. During rest, the muscles do not work, the brain activity decreases, that is, the processing of carbohydrates contained in the body is slowed down. Excess food after contact with the liver turns into body fat, which is carried through the blood to the internal organs and tissues. Simply put, late snacks provoke obesity.

Another consequence of a nightly dinner is the deterioration of your skin. The skin becomes very flabby, blubber has a structure resembling lumps. Not always the person who loves to eat at night looks too fat, but the terrible condition of the skin speaks for itself.

What to do if you really want?

Above it was said how many hours before sleep can not eat. From the time of dinner to sleep should take at least 3-4 hours. This time is enough for insulin and blood glucose levels to return to normal. But there may be a feeling of hunger. What should be done in this case?

First, you need to drink a glass of warm water or replace it with another drink. For these purposes, mixed with bran kefir or warmed milk. A small "recharge" calms the stomach, and you fall asleep faster. Secondly, an important role is played by a correctly composed menu.

Can I drink water before bedtime?

Water plays an important role in the life of the human body. Just one glass will have a beneficial effect on your body. First, the perspiration is normalized and metabolism is activated. Secondly, the body will go toxins. Thirdly, the work of the heart and intestines will improve. Fourth, the body will be saturated with oxygen. In the end, the feeling of night thirst will disappear.

Some people are not sure whether to drink water before bedtime. Excess water will cause bags under your eyes and disturb your sleep, as you often have to go to the toilet. However, you need to drink water in moderation. In the evening you should refuse salty food, it will save you from a strong feeling of thirst. It is necessary to suffer only one week, and swelling will no longer bother you.

If you like salty food, then you need to drink water 2-3 hours before bedtime, otherwise in the morning there will be big swelling under the eyes, as well as pain in the lower back. Supporters of proper nutrition have nothing to worry about, because with moderate salt intake, water does not stagnate in the body. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle can drink a glass of liquid just before bedtime, this has a beneficial effect on overall health.

Why should you refuse to eat at a later time?

So why not eat at night?

  • Weight gain. About this consequence, perhaps, everyone knows. And here everything is quite logical. If you fill up at bedtime, then all the calories ingested in the body simply do not have time to burn, that is, to spend on energy production. And this means that they will go "in stock", that is, they will contribute to the deposition of fat.
  • Gastritis and heartburn. At night, the body must rest and partially shut off. At rest should be the digestive system. But if you load it with food, then the organs of the gastrointestinal tract will not be able to rest and recover. And since the digestion process will not be complete, the food will not be fully processed, rotting will begin, and the mucous membranes will be greatly irritated. The result - gastritis, and from him close to the ulcer. In addition, evening meals often provoke heartburn attacks, since the secreted gastric juice in the horizontal position of your body will be thrown into the esophagus and thus cause discomfort.
  • Insomnia. It has long been proven that evening overeating causes sleep problems: difficulty in falling asleep, frequent waking up, and superficial sleep. And all because the body can not relax completely, then the brain receives signals and is unable to switch to the correct deep sleep mode.
  • Kidney problems. If you eat salty food and drink a lot at the same time, then your body will certainly linger on a liquid that the kidneys simply cannot cope with. A possible consequence is renal failure.
  • Refusal of breakfast and, as a result, loss of energy and decrease in working capacity. Everyone knows that breakfast is practically the most important meal of food, because it is he who gives a charge of cheerfulness for the first half of the day (usually it is the busiest). And if you ate before bedtime, then you hardly want breakfast, which means that you will not receive your portion of energy and will not be able to fully work, study and do important things.
  • The threat of diabetes. At night, insulin, which is responsible for the processing of glucose entering the body, is produced much more slowly and in small volumes. And this will certainly lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. And if the evening meal will become a habit, then the risk of developing diabetes will increase significantly.
  • Avitaminosis. If you eat only in the second half of the day, and in the first one you are almost starving, then the vitamins that enter the body with food will not be properly absorbed, and this will lead to their deficiency, which is sometimes very, very dangerous.

    What foods are especially harmful?

    Nutritionists and doctors especially do not recommend eating the following products at a later time:

    • Red meat is extremely hard to digest.
    • Sweet. It will certainly cause a jump in blood sugar. And even sweets can cause insomnia, as they usually give vigor, which is completely unnecessary at night.
    • Sour fruit. Acids contained in them have a negative effect on the mucous membranes of the stomach, which are especially vulnerable at night.
    • Sharp Spicy seasonings, sauces and spices, firstly, irritate the stomach and intestines, secondly, accelerate all the processes in the body and cause a rush of blood to all tissues, which is not recommended at night.
    • Flour. It can cause constipation, and also promotes rapid weight gain and increased blood sugar levels.
    • Fatty. Such food is very heavy and extremely harmful to the figure.

    What if you really want to eat?

    But what to do if you really want to eat? First try to just not think about it and get distracted. You can read a book or chat with relatives. A walk will also be useful (but it can increase hunger). If this does not help, drink water, it will fill the stomach and help create a feeling of satiety.

    If hunger still does not go away, but only increases, then allow yourself a snack, but only healthy and light. The ideal option would be a glass of milk, natural yogurt or kefir. You can also eat an apple or other non-sour, but not very sweet fruit.

    Surely you have lost the desire to eat at night, and this is very good!

    Have a good lunch

    At about five o'clock in the evening arrange snacks. Eat fresh berries (in summer), some dried fruit or a banana (at other times of the year). Thus you stimulate the production of serotonin - the hormone of happiness. He, in turn, will launch the synthesis of the hormone melatonin - regulator of circadian rhythms. Until the end of the day, you will be emotionally stable and calm.

    Decide in advance

    If you immediately refuse to eat at night does not work, try to follow the recommendations of Natalia Knyazeva. They helped me. “Immediately after dinner, take a beautiful plate and put on it everything that you plan to eat today before bedtime, if you feel such a desire,” the psychologist suggests. - It is good to divide these products into small portions. After eating one, wait 15 minutes before proceeding to the next. Naturally, it is not necessary to eat up everything that you put on it. ” What to choose? A good option is natural yogurt with low (but not zero!) Fat content and other “evening” products that soothe the nervous system and help you fall asleep.

    Clear the landscape

    The best way not to eat some fast food such as crackers or chocolate bars for the night is not to have them at home. Instead of chips and salted nuts, it is better to stock up on dried fruit. If for some reason you cannot not buy fast food, even if it does not fall into your field of vision. Store these products in closed cabinets. This will increase the chance that you will choose what you put on a beautiful plate as food for the night.

    There are consciously

    In front of the TV, computer, phone and even a book we eat mechanically, without giving ourselves the opportunity to enjoy the taste. Chase each piece in your mouth to fully experience its taste. After all, different areas of the language are able to catch different shades of taste. To lengthen the tasting process, you can put frozen berries, pieces of fruit or a piece of chocolate on a beautiful plate. Cold at times reduces the sensitivity of taste buds, and with it the desire to chew something goes away. Кроме того, замороженной дольке шоколада понадобится пробыть на языке около двух минут, чтобы растаять! Максимум удовольствия при минимуме калорий.

    Еда на автопилоте: пять шагов, чтобы вернуть себе контроль

    "Food on autopilot" - food that occurs outside of our consciousness, for example, when we eat a bag of chips without even realizing it, or automatically return to the kitchen to cut off another piece of cake, or eat a huge portion in a restaurant simply because it lies on a plate.

    Super fat burners: why don't they work?

    All sorts of dietary supplements and slimming teas really reduce weight for some time. But many of us really want to find a wonderful and instant solution to the problem of any complexity. And of course, to swallow a pill and watch how the weight goes away is much easier than giving up your favorite treats. But is it necessary to do this?

    Why you should not go to bed hungry

    The temptation to lie down quickly, thereby bringing the coveted hour of breakfast closer, is probably familiar to almost everyone who once experienced the pleasure of a night meal. However, the fact remains that by curbing the desire to satisfy hunger, you will sleep better.

    Having a snack before bed helps stabilize your blood sugar levels, especially if you had lunch early and were fairly active during the day. This is important because low blood sugar can cause an unexpected awakening in the middle of the night. It also increases the risk that when you wake up in the morning, you will not feel vigorously enough. The human body needs the energy that it spends, including sleeping.

    If you fear to earn indigestion in fear, you refuse to have a snack before bedtime, then you risk not getting enough sleep. For this reason, we recommend that you by all means freeze the worm, but do it according to science, choosing the right dishes for a late meal.

    Foods ideal for dinner looking at night

    The whole trick of a competent snacking before bedtime is to find suitable food items, as well as consciously limit the amount of consumed portions. Specialists from the same Center of Medicine (UPMC) argue that, following certain rules of this “fight club,” you can find the perfect night menu.

    So, more about these same rules:

    • Give preference to low-protein foods and those that contain healthy fats.
    • Try to eat in small portions, trying to consume less than 200 kcal at a time.

    Food that is heavier can be regarded by the digestive system as an excuse to work hard, and directly while you are trying to sleep. Therefore, our task is to make this process as easy as possible, and the feeling of hunger surrendered to the mercy of the winner. So what to eat for the night? Here are some options beyond any competition:

    • Low Fat Yogurt. Nutritionist Eirin Coleman (Erin Coleman) recommends this particular product, as it contains dietary protein, probiotics and other useful nutrients. Thanks to protein, one feels full for quite a long time, and this is exactly what we need: the feeling of hunger will wake up only in the morning, along with you. It is important to remember one thing: yogurt should be as sweet as possible.
    • White meat. Sports nutritionist Joel Marion advises to satisfy hunger with a piece of chicken or turkey, as it will be digested for a long time. White meat contains glucagon, a peptide hormone that increases blood sugar. It helps the body to delay the process of converting the fats and carbohydrates into it into energy. Red meat is not recommended for the night.
    • Cottage cheese. This wonderful and well-known product is another hint on the topic of healthy nutrition from Marion. Cottage cheese is digested very slowly, almost forever, and consists of protein. As in the case of low-fat yogurt, it should not be sweet, but if you add some berries to it, it will not interfere with your sleep.
    • Whole Grain Crackers. According to research conducted by experts at Harvard Medical School, a few small cookies made from flour of one-off grinding will be enough for you to hold out until breakfast and to lie down without remorse of conscience and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
    • Vegetables. Writer Karen Borsari believes that vegetables such as cucumber, carrots and broccoli are very nutritious, and most importantly, contain few calories. Moreover, they contain complex carbohydrates, thanks to which the feeling of satiety will stay with you for a long time and you will calmly fall asleep. If the taste of the vegetables themselves is not enough for you, season them with non-sharp hummus. It is rich in vitamin B6, an essential component for melatonin production.
    • Products included in the diet BRAT. BRAT - an abbreviation that stands for: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. As you may have guessed, all of these components are universally considered safe even for people with acute disorders of the digestive system due to their easy digestibility. The same properties of this group of products make them indispensable for a midnight feast. By the way, bananas help to fall asleep: the potassium and magnesium contained in them, promote muscle relaxation. And they also stimulate the production of melatonin and serotonin - substances that are involved in many of the most important processes in the human body.

    All of the above products are very useful in themselves, so if you like healthy food, then you will not have to change your taste habits. Keep them in case of an unforeseen foray into the refrigerator and, as they say, you can sleep peacefully.

    What exactly should not eat before bedtime

    Know: some foods that got into the stomach shortly before bedtime can raise a real uprising in it. Indigestion, heartburn, belching - agree, unreasonably high price, which you risk paying, carelessly feasting on a dream coming. Here is a list of these dangerous for us, night gourmands, dishes:

    • Foods high in carbohydrates and sugars, such as cookies and ice cream.
    • Oily, fatty and heavy food.
    • Ample food, the digestion of which takes time and effort.

    Let's not beat around the bush: none of these three points should get you in your mouth before going to bed. Avoid spicy foods: they stimulate the production of gastric juice, which may cause you not the most pleasant sensations. Finally, it is strongly recommended to stop drinking alcohol and caffeine.

    If you want to make a late snack, then it should not be chocolate and wine. Chocolate contains caffeine, and it is a powerful stimulant. You'd be surprised, but alcohol has a similar effect.

    By following these simple rules, you will not only save your health, but also be able to afford the luxury of a night meal without any consequences.

    But some nutritionists advise to refuse food for 3-4 hours before bedtime.

    "Everything, it's time to lose weight" - such a decision sooner or later comes, perhaps, to each of us. How to achieve the goal? Prefer a slow, but the most "healthy" way, resorting to a balanced long-term diet? Or maybe, in a week, “run up” to the desired result by choosing a hard low-calorie diet? Or to smile with satisfaction to the mirror after a few days spent literally with "mouth stuck" on fasting days or emergency fasting diets? To help you with the choice of diet, as well as to understand why you can not lose weight, help tests specifically designed for Passion.ru.

    Diet after six

    In a series of beautiful and promising names of diets, you probably will find the name of one of the most popular diets, and probably the most controversial one for today, - “Dinner minus”.

    What is her popularity? In simplicity! Diet offers to follow only one main rule to combat obesity - the rejection of dinner, or rather, from eating after six o'clock in the evening. By the way, in some sources it is called “Diet after six.”

    And, it would seem, what is there to argue about? But still. Some consider the rejection of food after six in the evening an effective method of losing weight, others - a futile venture.

    Some nutritionists advise not to eat after six, but 3-4 hours before bedtime, otherwise a “hungry break” at 12 or more hours, which is dangerous for digestion and health, can form in people-owls.

    Others, on the contrary, offer to forget about food even earlier, after lunch, allowing themselves to have only a light snack and drink in the evening. They explain this by the fact that “by nature” our body works according to the light day.

    With a decrease in solar activity, all body processes slow down, so by evening it does not need much energy, that is, food, and the body is unlikely to be able to fully digest food eaten after dinner with reduced metabolism.

    Each is free to decide for herself - whom to believe, and to whom - no. But, probably, there is not a single woman who would not try to introduce this rule into her life and would not encounter difficulties.

    After all, food for us is not only a source of energy, due to which we live, but also a source of pleasure, and an antidepressant, and a cure for boredom. At the sight of a beautiful piece of cake or the smell of your favorite roast, your appetite wakes up, even if we are full. And we are ready to eat some more. What for? To enjoy, pamper your taste buds.

    A lonely evening at the TV becomes more fun if you have a plate with nuts, chips or crackers in front of you. You are eating, which means you are busy with something, do not miss it anymore. Well, let you not notice how in one sitting you absorb two daily calorie intake. But tasty.

    And you will remember calories tomorrow when you forget about the taste qualities of "abused" food and find an increase in weight.

    It often happens that we eat out of habit, without knowing for ourselves whether we really want to eat or not. Sometimes we take thirst or mental strain for hunger, sometimes we bring hunger to an uncontrollable state and overeat.

    For long-term maintenance we need the right food, for example, boiled meat and vegetables steamed, but the thirst for taste delights makes us grab the "quick-burning" chocolate, from which we will soon again want to eat, or choose an even more delicious option - skewers with potatoes -free, which besides the feeling of saturation will give us extra calories.

    It turns out that food can be compared to a drug. And bad, and we can not refuse. Overeat, and still eat. We are trying to "tie up" and go on a healthy diet, go on a diet - and break down.

    For such "addicts" who decided to start at least stop eating at night, Passion.ru will discover 25 ways of how to still keep his promise and "not to eat after hours."

    You leave the house after breakfast. But, stopping on the way to cooking for a colleague’s bun, you buy muffins for yourself too. What for? How so! The smell of fresh pastries, a type of crispy brown crust instantly whet your appetite. And it is scientifically proven.

    Food acts on all organs of our senses. At the sight of it, we remember the "delicious" moments of our life associated with food. We begin to increase the secretion of gastric juice and appetite is played out. As if in some kind of oblivion, we eat piece by piece.

    Scientists have noticed that if a cookie is in the field of view of a person and it is enough to reach him, then he will eat it twice as much as the one who needs at least five steps to reach the cherished cookies. That is, the proximity of food, especially for losing weight - this is a real problem.

    And when there is no food - no problem. So stop stocking up on supplies for the week. Even purchases for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow are able to tempt you to eat them a little earlier. For example, tonight.

    Learn to buy "on time": at one time to cook, to eat at one time (or at least one day). In the fridge should not spend the night in a saucepan or pan with tempting dishes.

    What? You do not live alone and you have to cook large quantities in the evening after work to provide family with food while you are not at home? It may be difficult, but try to wake up an hour earlier and make lunch in the morning.

    Prepare food in the evening - defrost the meat, peel the vegetables (leave the potatoes until the morning in the water so as not to darken), soak the cereal. Make the maximum possible, but do not bring any product to readiness. Otherwise, he will be asked in the mouth, especially in the first weeks of “abstinence” from late meals.

    If your household does not suffer the appearance of an empty refrigerator - they are not ready to refuse sandwiches or tea cakes after six in the evening, then put your products separately.

    All that you plan to eat for dinner, and all that allow yourself to kill hunger to sleep, put separately from other delicacies in the refrigerator. And it should be done being well fed to measure exactly as much as necessary in cold blood.

    You will immediately identify the "boundaries" for which your appetite is not allowed to leave, and it will be easier for you to control yourself.

    It is even better to put your "ration" outside the refrigerator if storage conditions allow. So you do not have every time, looking in the refrigerator for a small portion of their products, to resist the temptation to eat a large number of obscenely tasty and "wrong" products. Out of sight out of mind, so to speak.

    Another way to avoid meeting the temptations is not to go into the kitchen at all after six o'clock. Of course, then you will have to transfer the honorable duty to prepare products for the morning to someone else. But there is a plus - you do not have to wash the dishes for your loved ones after late snacks.

    Even if you are going to go into the kitchen just for a glass of water, ask a relative to do it. Or keep a decanter for such cases or a bottle of water, for example, in the bedroom.

    Want to keep from late dinner and not go into the kitchen? Go to bed early! And get enough sleep, and no one will be terrorized by the requests. True, many can not take advantage of this ploy, because an empty stomach causes insomnia and secret night attacks to the refrigerator.

    In this case, it is allowed to eat a small piece of cheese or a glass of low-fat kefir. Remember, you do not eat, but just knock down your appetite to fall asleep. Therefore, restrict a minimum of food.

    Refusal of dinner: small tricks

    Sometimes you just force yourself to eat at night. I didn’t eat it in the morning, because I didn’t want it, I just had a snack at lunch, because there was no time, and in the evening I came home with a brutal appetite, who "does not want to know anything" about the posthigal ban!

    As a result, you fill up the night, compensating for the lack of a full breakfast and lunch. And in the morning you find an increase in weight.

    Who is to blame for the fact that you can not refuse to eat and get fat? Predisposition to corpulence? Hormones? Stress? Not! You yourself! Because you forgot the rule "eat breakfast yourself, share your lunch with a friend, and give dinner to the enemy." It turns out you have become your own enemy.

    Breakfast is the main meal. And the safest for the figure. Even on the system "Minus 60", developed for weight loss, it is allowed up to 12 hours to eat anything and as many as you want.

    After all, eaten in the morning has time to completely "burn" for the day. By the way, many who decided to give up food after six in the evening say that it became much easier for them to cope with their appetite in the evening when they began to have a full breakfast.

    Therefore, have breakfast necessarily. At first it will seem that only in vain you feed yourself with extra calories, but then, having stopped late for dinner, evaluate the result. Dine is also better to full. Do not have time to work? Hold up in the evening, but in the afternoon, make time for lunch.

    If, on returning home, you realize that it is too late to have dinner, and you want to eat, then allow yourself a light snack. It is better to eat something at 19.00-19.30, than, bringing yourself to an unbearable famine, overeat after 21.00.

    By the way, popular nutritionist Marianna Trifonova recommends taking a "snack" with you directly to work. "Take fruits, breads, dried fruits, cheese, some vegetable, carrots, for example. Have a bite at the end of the working day - and you don’t want to eat everything at home."

    Some, who managed to refuse late dinners, admitted that they simply ate themselves literally 5 minutes to six, though without gluttony and high-calorie foods. And even this approach gave a positive result in the form of weight loss.

    Psychological tricks are also effective: a magnet with the inscription “Do not eat at night” or your photo in a bathing suit (not in the best form for “scaring” or, on the contrary, in the best form for stimulation) on the refrigerator.

    We quench. emotional hunger!

    In the evening we are left alone with ourselves, our thoughts and desires. And sometimes they are associated exclusively with food. So what prevents to switch and satisfy hunger not physical, but informational and emotional?

    Finish the work that had to be postponed for the sake of a full-fledged lunch or read professional literature, improving in his career.

    At home - no thoughts about work. Nothing prevents you from occupying yourself, for example, with the execution of "always put off deeds." Compilation of a photo album of long-printed photos, embroidering a picture once started, cleaning at the entresol, eventually. Just think how many opportunities gives us the rejection of the late feasts!

    If after work there is not enough strength for anything, and even the mood disappears from the desire to eat, then sit back!

    Читайте журналы или художественную литературу, обзванивайте всех подруг (может, разговорами вы поможете и им не поужинать после шести), да просто посидите в интернете или за компьютерной игрой.

    В ситуации, когда близость холодильника и привычка поздних приемов пищи слишком влияют на вас, изолируйте себя от еды.

    Leave the house to the cinema (but not to the cafes adjacent to the cinema hall!), Meet your friends, just walk in the park or along the streets not far from the house (do not take money with you not to buy anything edible).

    In the end, if you cannot cope with hunger, if it does not allow you to fall asleep, replace the plate with food with a piece of cheese, boiled chicken, cottage cheese, or food in general - with a drink (a cup of tea without sugar, kefir or milk). Just give up coffee and strong tea. They will prevent you from falling asleep quickly, which means you’ll rather forget about food.

    Some admit that after six in the evening they were saved by a jar of light drink: and sweet, and the stomach fills, and because of the gases you do not drink in one gulp, therefore, while you sip the drink, it seems like you are fed up.

    True, the health benefits of these drinks are questioned. But that's another topic.

    Nutritionist Tips

    Who, if not a nutritionist, every day meets with examples of the successful and unsuccessful introduction of a ban on food into his food regime after six o'clock in the evening. Therefore, who, if not a nutritionist, will give good advice on how not to succumb to temptation and make this rule a good habit.

    Marianna Trifonova, a famous nutritionist, the head physician of the Emerald Center for Aesthetic and Restorative Medicine and the chief expert nutritionist at Tefal, shares her advice:

    "I am not a supporter of the" strict wing "- those who do not eat after 6 o'clock in the evening! However, it should be noted that this direction of the nutrition movement has a lot of enthusiasts.

    The fact that any of us slows down the metabolism in the evening, and, therefore, an abundant dinner, eaten in close proximity to sleep, dead weight will lie in our stomach, causing not the processes that people dream controlling your weight.

    Therefore, for those "Stoics" who decided to radically change their attitude towards food, having finished their relationship with it in the region of 18 hours, I can give some practical advice:

    Green and herbal teas are a great way to fight hunger. In the summer, brew leaves of currants, sea buckthorn, raspberries, lindens. Also a glass of mineral water, tomato juice or water with a slice of lemon will help.

    Gnaw pumpkin seeds: few calories and mouth is busy.

    During the last meal, do not get carried away with spices and spices, as they whet your appetite.

    Take a hot bath - this procedure reduces appetite and relieves fatigue.

    Brush your teeth, in this case the conditioned reflex will work - once you have brushed your teeth, it means you cannot eat.

    If you really want to eat something in the evening, promise yourself to do it in the morning. Most likely, in the morning you will not eat this food, and if you eat it, it will not be as harmful as in the evening.

    And, remember, the most important thing is a psychological attitude. Every time when you want to break the schedule of food intake, think about the fact that tomorrow you could weigh less per kilogram (if, of course, you refrain from eating). Over time, you will develop the habit of not eating in the evening, and it will be easy for you to stick to this rule.

    If you have the idea to treat yourself only one evening, chase her. Since one evening will grow into a habit, and everything will return to normal.

    In the end, you do not give up tasty things, but simply leave them for later. Or eat a small portion instead of a large one. Believe in yourself, and you will succeed. "


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