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Why cats shit anywhere


Cats are one of the most beloved pets. Cute, soft and fluffy, they bring a lot of positive emotions to the house. But there are situations in which the cat as if forgets that she is one of the cleanest animals on the planet. Everything was just fine, and suddenly the cat began to shit anywhere. What happened? What was the reason for the trouble and what to do with it?

Today, you will learn why cats start shitting anywhere and how to deal with such a scourge. You will be surprised how big the list of reasons why the animal began to use the master's sneaker or a nook behind the sofa as a toilet can be.

How to understand why the cat shits anywhere?

Before you begin to learn ways to overcome the dirty habit, it is necessary to disassemble the causes of inappropriate behavior. Without a clear awareness of the motives you will not be able to achieve a positive result. All the efforts of the owners will be in vain, and the relationship in the house go wrong.

There is quite an impressive list of reasons why the cat began to shit anywhere. Each animal is individual, so the owners may have to work on solving the problem.

So, you noticed that the cat began to shit anywhere. What to do in this case? Let's figure it out.

The main and most dangerous reason why the adult cat began to shit anywhere, is the disease of the animal. This factor must be eliminated first. So the first thing that responsible owners must do is to show the pet to the vet.

If the cat shits anywhere, the reason may lie in the fact that the animal thus tries to get your attention and asks for help. In the process of bowel or bladder emptying, the animal may experience discomfort or even pain. In this case, the usual place for "secluded affairs" no longer seems safe to her. Cat feels its sensations on the tray. Puss will try to defend the need of a flower pot, on the corner of the carpet, in the shoes of the owner. In general, she will try to find a place where she will not be hurt.

The most common reasons for which cats began to shit anywhere, are constipation, worms or other parasites. Also, some problems can be the cause.

This disease is accompanied by the formation of uroliths (stones) in the ureters, bladder, or directly in the kidneys. When the blockage of the outpacing tract in the pussy appear pain, colic. Urine comes out dropwise, there are admixtures of sand or droplets of blood. The main symptoms are as follows:

  • frequent urging to the toilet,
  • the presence in the urine of impurities of blood or sand,
  • anxiety,
  • depression, depression,
  • tight sore belly
  • avoiding fluid intake
  • reduced appetite
  • pain when urinating.

If the pet is not shown to the doctor in time, he can quickly die due to intoxication of the body.

So called inflammation of the bladder mucosa. The disease may occur due to damage to the mucous membranes uroliths, sand, infection in the urinary tract. As in humans, hypothermia is often the cause of cystitis in cats. The symptoms of this disease look like this:

  • depressed state
  • signs of anxiety
  • urinary incontinence,
  • frequent urging to the toilet,
  • painful urination,
  • heat,
  • the presence of mucus and blood in the urine.

This disease is also not worth trying to treat yourself. The cause of the disease and the type of infection can be correctly determined only by a specialist.

A very dangerous disease, one of the varieties of purulent metritis. Already grown animals suffer most often. The main cause is hormonal imbalance. They can provoke illness and occasional mating, improper management of labor, mating with sick manufacturers. In this case, inflammation develops in the uterus of the animal. In addition to the usual in such cases, loss of appetite and increased thirst, the animal may experience the following symptoms:

  • frequent urination,
  • tight and painful belly
  • high temperature
  • purulent discharge from the uterus.

It is very important not to postpone the visit to the doctor. It happens, the disease develops so rapidly that the treatment does not even have time to act.

Problems with the tray itself

And why the cat shits anywhere, if she is completely healthy? The reason is quite banal. For example, she does not like the tray itself or the unusual filler. Such products produces many companies. And not all of them care about the quality of the raw materials used. The new tray is made of cheap low-grade plastic and, as a result, the cat shits anywhere. What to do in this case?

Well, first, change the tray. It is better to purchase a model more expensive, but from a trusted manufacturer. Secondly, you should carefully consider the choice of filler. You may have to go through several options until you find one that suits the animal.

You can not understand why the cat shits anywhere? Look in the tray. When was the last time you cleaned there? Cats are clean animals. They will not write where it is dirty. Some pets force owners to clean the tray after each visit.

Or maybe you, on the contrary, are too zealous in cleaning the cat litter and abusing detergents? Many smells of household chemicals just scare animals. If you recently changed the means for disinfection, this can also be a reason explaining why the cat began to crap anywhere.

The source of the problem may be the size of the cat litter. Perhaps your pet just grew up and it became cramped in the old tray. It will be enough to replace the container with a more spacious one, and everything will be fine.

The location of the tray can also be a problem. A cat will never do its business in front of a large crowd of people or, for example, in a draft. The tray is best located in a secluded place, away from the front door or passage. You can put it in the toilet or in the bathroom, but it is necessary to ensure that the door there was always open. The cat will not go to the toilet where it eats. Therefore, keep the cat's toilet away from the food and water bowls.

The toilet of the closed type, in the form of a small house will approach the most constraining animal.

Marking territory

You can not understand why the cat shits anywhere? Look out the window. It is likely that March has come, and the cat has been banal. Despite the fact that a man has long domesticated a cat, she still remains a wild creature. Therefore, they continue to communicate with the opposite sex in an animal way, by means of smells.

During estrus, a cat can start shitting in the corners, unconsciously trying to attract cats with its smell. Individuals of the male sex also mark the territory, thereby showing the boundaries of their possessions.

There are several ways to solve the problem:

  1. Give the animal what it wants - to find a partner for mating.
  2. Use hormonal drugs to reduce sexual desire. They must choose a specialist.
  3. Once and for all solve the problem by castration (sterilization) of the animal. This does not guarantee that the cat will stop shitting in the corners, but it will not mark the territory.

Cat psychology

It is likely that the subtle psychology of cats is to blame for bad behavior. Why do animals who have always behaved “decently” and used a strictly defined place to send their natural needs crap everywhere?

Think, perhaps you offended your fluffy pet with something? For example, strongly scolded, began to pay less attention, rarely ironed or late to come from work. Maybe hit the cat for a prank or treated him roughly? In this case, it is likely that the pet you just revenge. No matter how trite it sounds, you have to apologize and build relationships.

Often the cause of inappropriate behavior is moving to a new apartment. Lack of familiar smells and favorite places can be a big stress for an animal. In this case, the owners need to show maximum patience and help your pet settle in a new place. Pay attention to it more often, play familiar games, build a new comfortable bed or several shelves. Looking down on the world, the pussy will feel more confident.

You can help the fluffy "okoshashit" new premises. Take a dry, clean cloth and wipe the cat well with it. Now, with the same cloth, wipe the furniture, walls, doors, window sills and the floor wherever you can get it. So you will transfer the smell of an animal to objects, and they will no longer seem so alien and dangerous to them.

Claw removal

Another reason why cats start shitting anywhere, in some cases, onihectomy becomes claw removal. Taking care of the safety of carpets, wallpaper and upholstered furniture, some owners surgically relieve the animal from claws. Paws become tender and unprotected.

Kiske just painfully bury hard filler, so she is looking for places where this is not necessary. And, of course, the animal has the right to be offended by the owners for such an execution and it is banal to take revenge.

What to do? Do not touch the claws. And if this happened, then use the softest and most gentle sand or special diapers for the tray.

The fight for the territory and the attention of the owners

If a new animal suddenly appeared in the apartment, it will be a real stress for the cat. There is no surprise that the cat shits anywhere. What to do? Try to make friends with them, but you need to do this wisely. You can never shout or beat a cat if it aggressively perceives the "alien". The animal protects its rights, its territory. It is best to breed pets in different rooms and accustom to communicate gradually.

Stroking the cat often, talk to her. Show that you did not love her less. Start a new bowl, tray and stove for a new family member. Do not allow him to occupy places where the "old" cat liked to lie. Gradually, the animals will get used to each other, and it will be possible to remove the installed barriers.

Often the birth in the family of a baby becomes a huge shock for a cat. This "alien" destroys everything that got used to and that the cat loved. The owners change the daily routine, give the animal less time. New, previously unknown smells appear, restrictions on freedom of movement are often introduced.

In order to defend their rights and return the lost attention, the cat, which previously regularly went to the tray, starts shitting in slippers or on the owners' favorite carpet. What to do in this case? It is necessary to accustom a pet to children gradually. You can invite friends with kids to visit. Attention paid to the pet, it is better to distribute among all households. A cat should not "dwell" solely on the expectant mother.

With the birth of the baby cat should be given the opportunity to meet him. Allow the animal to sniff the baby’s things, do not scold for breaking new borders. If the pussy climbs into the crib to the baby, arrange her bed next to her. She will be happy to watch such an unusual "kitten", and often guard it.

The sad, but rather common reason that an adult cat shits anywhere, is its age. Often this happens with very old animals. It is already difficult for them to get into the old tray with high sides and they follow the path of least resistance. If your cat is old and his paws hurt, buy him a new tray, lower it or just lay a diaper in place of the old toilet.

Small kittens can also bring a lot of trouble. But here the owners have to endure, encourage and gradually accustom the baby to the desired behavior. It is very important during this period to choose the right tray and filler. Both should be like a kitten and be comfortable.

How to prevent a cat from shitting anywhere?

First of all, it is necessary to correctly determine the cause of bad behavior and to show patience. Brutal methods not only will not bring results, but, on the contrary, can aggravate everything. Here is a list of things you can never do when communicating with animals:

  • shout,
  • pour water
  • poke his nose in the newly made puddle,
  • force to the tray and set down there,
  • beat with hand, cloth, newspaper, slipper or any other objects.

All these actions will only offend the animal, and the pet will take revenge on you with a tripled force. It will be much more useful to quickly carry the cat to the tray if you see that it is attached to the toilet in the wrong place. After you must be sure to encourage the animal for the correct behavior.

Here are some tips to follow so that the “toilet case” does not go beyond the tray:

  1. Watch out for cat food. She should not be hungry or thirsty.
  2. Check your pet for worms and regularly give appropriate medications for prevention.
  3. At the slightest suspicion of health problems show your pet to the vet.
  4. Place the animal tray in a quiet, secluded place and provide him with easy access there.
  5. Clean the tray as often as possible, preferably after each visit.
  6. To wash the cat "pot" use only mild soap-based products that do not have strong unpleasant odors.
  7. If you decide to change the brand of filler, do it gradually. Gradually mix the new and old composition. Give the cat time to get used to the innovations.

Special preparations

To wean the animal to foul in the wrong place, you can use special tools that are in any pet store.

Here is a list of the most popular tools that have received positive user feedback:

  • “Shit? Not!".
  • Innotek SSSCat.
  • Stop-it Cat.
  • Antigadin Antipakostin.
  • TX-2928 Trixie Fernhaltespray.
  • "Antigadin".
  • Hartz Stay OFF spray.
  • "Stop Spray".
  • Beaphar Katzen Fernhalte Zerstauber.
  • Gimpet

There is another category of drugs. They have exactly the opposite effect and attract cats. If your pussy "forgot" where you need to go to the toilet, spray it in the tray, and in time everything will be fine. The most popular are:

  • "Apt cat."
  • "My place? Yes!".
  • Ms. Kiss "Teaches to the tray."
  • "Schooling to the toilet for cats."
  • Mr. Fresh.

Opinions, tips and special tools

There are also folk remedies that make it possible for the cat to discourage the desire to defend the need in the wrong place. For these purposes, such substances are excellent:

  • garlic, onion,
  • alcohol, iodine,
  • clove, cinnamon,
  • cayenne or ordinary black pepper,
  • lavender,
  • thyme,
  • lemongrass,
  • root,
  • acetic essence.

Especially dislike cats feel citrus. In places chosen by cats for their "business", you can decompose the rinds of lemons or oranges. In the opinion of pet owners, spraying tinctures based on wormwood, garlic and onion peels helps some. The tool is collected in a spray bottle and sprayed in the corners, under the sofas and behind the cabinets.

Some recommend treating problem areas with bleach. Should not be doing that. Firstly, the unpleasant smell quickly disappears, and secondly, many animals simply adore it. If your cat is one of those, it will only triple its efforts. There are several other, much more effective ways to correct the behavior of the animal:

  1. Put a cat in custody - close it in a small room where you can put a tray and favorite toys with it. Release the pussy only at the time of feeding. After she begins to use the tray for its intended purpose, you can start releasing the cat to other premises for a while.
  2. Praise the animal after each visit to the tray. If this is a little kitty, you can play with him right on the spot.
  3. Paste the places chosen for the wrong cases with double-sided tape. When the cat's priest sticks to it, the animal will not like it very much.
  4. Wash the crap thoroughly and place small bowls of food there. Usually, cats do not shit where they eat.
  5. Wet the napkin in the puddle made by the cat, and then place it in the tray. So it will be easier for the animal to find the "right" place.

Variants of weaning a cat from the bad habit of mass. The main thing is to act systematically, with love and in no case be cruel.

Why cats spoil, reasons

Representatives of the cat family, regardless of breed, quite intelligent, neat, intelligent animals. However, it happens that educated cute pets begin to spoil all over the apartment, house.

Behavioral disorders in animals can be triggered by various adverse factors. Consider the reasons why the cat began to spoil in the wrong places, for example, under the threshold of the front door, in flower pots, cabinets, on the carpet, in shoes.

Perhaps the cat shits because of untimely accustoming to the tray. Considering the advice of felinologists, cat breeders, it is necessary to bring up the kitten immediately after the pet has mastered the new place, after the end of the adaptation period, socialization. Взрослое животное намного труднее отучить от вредных манер, привычек и кот будет гадить там, где ему захочется, продолжая портить вещи.

Если кошка гадит где попало, среди основных причин подобной проблемы можно отметить:

  1. Месть. Кошки – животные с тонкой душевной организацией. Если пушистому питомцу уделять недостаточно внимания, обращать неуважительно, грубо, котик гадит, делая хозяину назло.
  2. Недостаток внимания. Кошки – социальные животные, которые, несмотря на свою независимость, нуждаются в повышенном внимании. Если котенок, взрослый кот гадит в доме где попало, пересмотрите свое отношению к домашнему любимцу.
  3. Хронические патологии, diseases of the urogenital tract, infections, viral and bacterial diseases, congenital anomalies of the urinary system often leads to the fact that the cat shits where it is.
  4. Cat shits and denotes its territory. Such behavior can most often be noticed during puberty. There is also reactive labeling due to various adverse factors.

The cat marks territory, shits because of strong stress, phobias, psycho-emotional disorders. Such behavior of fluffy can be caused if there are other pets in the house or for example, when changing the place of residence. Seals are strongly attached to the habitat of their habitats.

Obstruction of the intestine, ICD (urolithiasis) often leads to the fact that the animal shits in the wrong places.

If the cat, the cat began to spoil not in the tray, this behavior may be associated with the period of sexual hunting. This is due to the fact that pets thus attract individuals of the opposite sex. For example, often the cat shits during heat, attracting cats with its fragrances.

If the cat refuses to go to the tray, it may be that she does not like the size, the shape of the "toilet". Fluffy pet can also scare off the smell, composition, structure of the filler. Do not like cats to go to the toilet on a dirty tray.

Faced with the unclean behavior of a beloved cat, if a cat stubbornly shits anywhere, it is important to take appropriate measures in a timely manner. We need to wean the cat shit, until it developed into a constant habit.

What to do if a cat, cat, kitten shits at home

Immediately it should be noted that if the cat shits in the secluded corners of the apartment, spoils the property, personal belongings, after the root cause of such behavior is established, it will take some time for the pet to take away the pernicious manners. If the cat, cat, kitten shits, be patient. Do not apply physical strength, painful effects to animals. Such an approach can only aggravate the situation and your pet will be doing evil.

Watch the animal carefully. Learn your pet's behavior. See where the cat prefers to do its own business. Close access to hard-to-reach places that your pet has chosen for the toilet. If the cat shits on the carpet, change the carpet.

If the cat is foul, there is such an opportunity, restrict the movement of the pet in the apartment until the cat starts to regularly walk on the tray. Close fluffy in the same room, put there a tray with sand, filler. Provide your pet with fresh drinking water and food. After three or four days of isolation, the cat must develop the correct conditioned reflex.

Put in places that the cat has chosen for its toilet three or four trays of various shapes and sizes. If the cat constantly shits, try using different fillers. At the same time, leave one of the trays without sand, laying a grate on top. Most cats prefer fine-grained bulk formulations that you can dig into. Track which toilet, and with which filler the cat will choose. As soon as the pet starts to constantly walk in the same tray, remove the rest, gradually moving the cat's toilet 40-50 cm daily to the desired place.

If an adult cat, kitten, cat shits, but you recently got a pet, you should definitely ask the former owners, breeders, which filler was used. Get in advance everything you need for the care and maintenance of cute fluffy.

If the animal goes to the tray as intended, be sure to encourage it in a gentle tone, a favorite delicacy. This will help to form positive associations for the use of the tray. Do not distract, do not frighten the cat when the pet needs it.

You must always monitor the cleanliness of the trays. Cats are clean animals, so the cat shits in the wrong places if the owner doesn’t take care of the cat's toilet. Clean the tray at least twice a day. Otherwise, the cat will write anywhere.

If the cat is already crap, started writing not where you can, wait until the pet does its work. After the misbehavior, poke the cat in a puddle, charm the pet in a strict tone, transfer it to the tray and praise. Blot the excrement with a napkin, put the impregnated paper with a smell in the cat's toilet.

It is very important to get rid of, eliminate the smell of cat tags where the cat, the cat shits, leave their "surprises". For these purposes, use household chemicals, as well as special products (antigadin) that will help eliminate the smell of cat urine.

Other methods

The cat by nature has an excellent sense of smell. At the same time, there are flavors that attract or, on the contrary, scare away cute Fuzzies. This feature can be tried to apply if the cat began to shit anywhere in the apartment.

If the cat shits, use frightening, unattractive scents for cats.:

  • cinnamon, cloves,
  • black, cayenne pepper,
  • perfumery
  • garlic, onions.

Cats do not like the smell of lavender, rue, thyme, lemongrass. Cat does not tolerate essential oils, citrus aroma, vinegar essence. If the cat, the kitten, the cat is foul, does not want to go to the toilet on its tray, place the inflorescences of fragrant plants, pieces of lemon, orange peel, lavender balls in the “favorite” places. Prepare the tincture on the basis of onion peel, garlic, and wormwood. Type the mixture in the spray, spray in the corners, other secluded places in the apartment, where the cat shits.

Wipe the places where the cat, cat shit, vinegar, bleach, concentrated solution based on soap. Treat all corners with strongly smelling deodorizing agents. Such flavors should discourage the cat to go to the toilet where he wants.

In pet stores, vetaptekah sold aerosols, sprays, fillers, which have an attractive scent for cats. Perfumed formulations will help develop the correct conditioned reflex in fluffy purring. The cat will go to the toilet on the smell that attracts her.

If the cat, cat, kitten, cat shits, you can use the gastronomic method. Arrange where the pet fulfills its need for bowls of food, delicious treats. Cats will never crap where the food is.

The above methods did not help? Cat, cat shit, perhaps the cause of unscrupulous behavior lies in the urinary tract diseases. Noticing that the pet is experiencing pain, discomfort when trying to go to the toilet, with frequent urge to urinate, other uncharacteristic symptomatology should seek help in the vettle.

If the cat, the cat shits, the fuzzy constantly marks angles, periodically eliminates the need for inappropriate places, most likely, it is necessary to resort to a more radical method - castration, sterilization. Of course, if you do not plan to engage in breeding. Sterilized animals are not marked, become calmer, more docile and, as a rule, go to the toilet exclusively on the tray.

In any case, if the cat shits anywhere, find out the cause of unclean behavior of a pet. Show attention, care, provide proper care. Keep track of the health of cute fluffy, timely eradicate bad habits, behavior patterns.

The reasons why the cat shits

In fact, cats and cats are very clean animals by nature. They love cleanliness and even on the street, the cat will never leave in sight what she did. She necessarily prikopaet foot dug hole after it uses it. Such behavior is inherent in them by nature, and if a cat or a cat, which previously normally went to the tray, suddenly began to spoil, then there are good reasons for that.

Tip! If you still can not determine the reason, first try experimenting with changing the tray or filler and most likely you will be able to identify the preferences of your fluffy pet (if the problem is, of course, in this).

  • Wrong tray sizes. Your cat has long grown, and the tray has remained the same and it may just be uncomfortable to walk into the old tray, so it will instinctively look for a more convenient place.

Recommendation! Choose a filler tailored to your pet. For long-haired breeds do not use materials from pressed sawdust - they stick to shaggy legs and crumble throughout the house. The filler of sawdust is difficult to dig, so for it you should use a tray with a grate.

  • Not comfortable situation in the toilet room. Maybe someone will find it ridiculous, but for an animal, comfort has the same meaning as for a person. And if you, for example, put a new washing machine next to the cat tray, and the cat went to cope with its needs at the moment when the machine was washing, then it is quite possible that the cat could scare the noise of a working machine. And now he is just afraid to go there. The reason for not comfortable situation can be a change of air freshener in the toilet room. Kotu can be just unpleasant.
  • Character. Yes, in this way cats can demonstrate their character and show their dissatisfaction with unexpected guests or the behavior of their owners.
  • Stress. A long stay in solitude, when the owner has left, or moving can cause serious damage to your pet's mental health, his body crashes, and he starts shitting anywhere.

  • Health problems. If all of the above factors are missing or excluded, and the cat still shits, then urgently to the vet! It is quite possible that the cat is trying to tell you in this way that she has health problems and needs help (we had a cat, so he began to crap when he had kidney stones and he just could not hold back and run to the tray ).

Important! Do not forget to leave your pet access to his toilet. For example, if the tray is in the bathroom, then the door should always be ajar there, or a small personal entrance for the cat should be made at the door.

How to wean the cat shit?

The easiest and proven way is to take the cat to bed at night. But the cat can (and most often it happens) shit in the daytime, while no one is at home.

Tip! Never beat or punish an animal! Any of your punishment, the cat will only accept as punishment for what he badly buried (because he instinctively knows what to dig in), and if you punish him, it means you buried it badly and next time he will look for a place more dimmed, and dig in more carefully.

That is, simply put, by beating and punishing you do not solve the problem, but only aggravate it. And each time the smell will be more stable, and it will be harder to find.

Therefore, I offer you several working methods in solving this delicate problem:

1. Take a soft rag and walk around the cat's neck several times, and then use the same rag to where it shits. Believe me, the cat will never spoil where it smells of pheromones.

2. In places where the cat has spoiled, place small bowls of her favorite food. Most likely, there will be a lot of them, but this method is very effective, since the cat will not go to crap where it eats.

3. This option was tried by my friend. She says that she solved the problem with her cat in this way: place small pieces of food foil in "mined" places. The foil is very slippery and it will be just inconvenient for the cat to dig there before and after the procedure.

4. The shops sell a lot of various cosmetics to neutralize the smell and scaring cats from places not intended for his toilet. There is a huge amount of them and I will not tell about all.

I will name only a few of the most popular and proven:

  • Mr. Fresh spray (weaning shit for cats).
  • Repeller for cats and dogs ANTI-CAT Trixie Anti-Kot.
  • Smart spray - protection of places not intended for the toilet of cats.
  • A repellent lotion for dogs and cats TABOO Baldecchi.

By the way, I advise you to purchase a special UV flashlight that will help you detect feline "mines".

Folk ways

Cats do not like water. No, there are cases when cats love to swim, but when they splash water in their faces, there is hardly such an amateur. Folk remedy number 1 in returning the cat to the tray is water.
If your cat spoils you on the bed, then you need to pour water into the sprayer, and as soon as the animal begins to cobble on the bed for its needs, splash water on him . Those who took advantage of this method, assure that 1-2 times is enough for the cat to stop shitting on the bed.

If the cat is sitting in the wrong place on the floor or on the bed, and “digs” a hole in order to relieve themselves, you can clap your hands loudly .

If a cat uses a carpet instead of a tray, then you should first wash the carpet thoroughly, and then on the affected areas. apply eucalyptus essential oil, or fir, or clove . It does not matter, most importantly, that the smell was harsh and stable.

It is possible in those places where the cat meets the need, stick double sided tape . And when the cat once again wants to do it, then it is unlikely to succeed. The paws will stick to the scotch, and the cat will feel bewildered and anxious. And, believe me, she no longer writes there.

Another favorite place for toilet, cats consider flower pots. Wrap a flower pot in thick plastic so that the cat cannot climb there. . There is an easier way: temporarily put a plastic bag on the flower, cutting several holes for the stems. You can put on the ground in a pot a few orange or tangerine peels - cats can not stand the smell of citrus. Well, and do not forget about the spray gun: saw that the cat climbs into a flower pot - immediately splash.

If, after all the manipulations, your cat still continues to spoil, “congratulate”: you got a unique cat or cat by stubbornness and character. And now you have only two choices: either give your pet to someone more patient,

either sterilize . Sterilized cats (cats) do not take revenge and go to the toilet only in your pot.


To solve this problem is quite possible. There are plenty of proven tools and methods. We decided our own easily, as soon as we understood the reason for this behavior of the cat. It turned out to be quite simple: since the cat was still young, she wanted to play. And usually this desire arose at that moment when they were still sound asleep. We began to close the door to the room and leave it in the kitchen and in the corridor. She was angry that they would not let her in, and that was a scum, and we scolded her and again did not let her in. . Here such a vicious circle turned out.

After we stopped closing the door from her, and she began to sleep with us on the bed, the problem resolved itself. But I, just in case, sprinkled the already marked places with a special tool. Suddenly, we will offend her with something else, and she will want revenge (shit) ....

Why do they do it

Shit in the wrong place can animals of any gender and age. Experts say that most often an unpleasant situation arises not because of a bad upbringing or a cat's character, but because of health problems or as a way of realizing instincts and natural needs. Pets do not go in place, because:

  • They are not satisfied with the location of the tray in the apartment. You need a rather secluded place away from prying eyes. If during the visit to the toilet the cat is constantly distracting and worried about something, he can choose another corner or a master sofa for that.
  • The tray is too small or has a strong smell of detergent. The cat is uncomfortable in such a toilet and not wanting to experience discomfort, she is looking for another place.
  • It is possible that the animal does not like the kind of filler. The range of these tools is now wide, try changing the filler for some other, it can solve the problem.
  • Not cleaned in time tray. Cats are big cleaners and if their toilet is filled with excrement, they may refuse to visit it. If you are not home for a long time, it is better to put another tray so that the degree of contamination of the cat's toilet is not excessive.
  • The cat changed its place of residence or experienced stress. In the first case, the animal may simply not get used to the new place, and in the second, it expresses its experiences in this way.
  • Infection with worms, intestinal and genitourinary diseases can cause a cat or a cat to feel painful when it is excreted. In this case, the pet will be associated with causing pain and will avoid using the toilet. In this case, only a visit to the veterinarian and further therapy will help.
  • In the end, cats can simply mark their territory. The tray they will visit, but in parallel leave tags and fragrant pools throughout the apartment. The situation will correct the castration or free-range, during which the pet will find a sexual partner.

Kitten - a special case

When a kitten shakes in the wrong place, this is a slightly different situation. Usually babies are accustomed to the tray by the mother and to many other things. But not always the cat is a joyful mother. Young inexperienced cats can teach their kittens little, sometimes they even refuse to feed them with mother's milk.

If the cat did not, breeder should teach a kitten to the tray. Малыши все схватывают на лету и если их регулярно сажать в лоток после еды и сна, котята быстро осваивают эту науку и уже не гадят где попало. Но иногда котенка забирают в другой дом совсем маленьким или у вас в квартире слишком много комнат, в которых несложно заблудиться.

Принеся малыша к себе, побудьте с ним дома первые дни. Доступ к большинству помещений лучше ограничить и сажать котенка в туалет как только он будет пищать, проявлять беспокойство и сразу после того, как он поел и поспал. Двух-трех дней будет достаточно для того, чтобы котик усвоил, где ему надо справлять свои потребности.

Лишь при несоблюдении этих правил может случиться так, что малыш будет гадить где попало. Ведь если вы не будете настойчиво показывать ему, где находится туалет, он сам выберет себе это место, а, может быть, и не одно.

Как отучить кошку гадить в квартире самому

Use the following simple tips.To correct the situation when the cat shits:

  • Experienced owners who have raised more than one cat claim that it will never defecate where it eats. If you find a place where a cat or kitten shits regularly, put a bowl of food there, or scatter food on a sheet of paper next to it.
  • Some offer to scare the animal. As soon as you caught the cat doing a bad business, spray water on it from your hand or from the sprayer. The tested fear will discourage him from shitting at this place. You can also knock loudly near a newspaper rolled up.
  • Pay more attention to the animal. Perhaps the cat just misses you or is under stress from the appearance in the house of a small child, another animal. Your task is to create a feeling of comfort and safety for him, then the cat will not urinate on your carpet and your belongings.

It is useless to poke an animal into its heaps or puddles, it does not help wean the cat from a bad habit. Cats do not tolerate violence, and instead of the desired effect, you risk getting the opposite result. A pet may lose confidence in you forever and get angry, but he will hardly understand his guilt.

Auxiliary means

Sometimes should be used for the problem of deliverance from unauthorized puddles additional funds.

  • The stressing animal can be given soothing drops based on natural ingredients, purchased at a veterinary pharmacy.
  • If the animal is excessively excited by unrealized sexual instinct, and you cannot use castration for some reason, get special contraceptives for cats, for example, Gestrenol. Just keep in mind that the long-term use of such funds is not desirable - it can cause disruptions in the hormonal system. Over time, it is better to neutered the pet.
  • On sale you can find special repellents in the form of a spray ("Dzhimpet", "Himola Antigadin"). They are treated to the places where the cat has gotten dirty and, according to the manufacturers, this will prevent her from shitting there again.
  • Will help and a simple cheap tool - table vinegar. You must first clean the floor in the place where the cat shat, and then wipe it with a piece of cloth dipped in vinegar, or spray the product with a spray bottle. Such a sharp smell the cat will bypass.
  • Some use whiteness or ammonia for the purpose of scaring off odor, but be careful, not all surfaces can be treated with them. So, dark linoleum or parquet can easily be spoiled with bleach that eats away paint. For upholstered furniture for the same reason, it is better to use specially designed purchase sprays that do not harm it.

If the cat shits in a flower pot

Suppose a fluffy pet lives in your house, and suddenly one or several flowers began to turn yellow or die for no reason. Most likely, this cat has got into the habit of reserving the need for a flower pot. Obeying instinct, cats bury their excrements in the ground. It may have happened in your case..

If the suspicions were confirmed, you will have to try to wean the beloved from this occupation. If possibleIt is better to remove the pots that you like to the cat, in an inaccessible place: on a shelf or glazed balcony, a special stand for flowers. In the absence of such places, you can leave flowers on the windowsill, but lay near the foil, or double-sided tape.

You can organize protection directly in the pot, spreading sliced ​​lemon or garlic on the soil surface. Alternatively, you can purchase mineral filler for the tray, this will allow the animal plenty to swarm and realize their instincts.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways.. Try the ones that seem most appropriate to you. Anything will surely help wean the cat to shit anywhere.

Why does the cat start shitting?

If the cat consistently went to its tray, and then suddenly its behavior changed - it is useless to scold and punish it. Until the owner finds the cause and does not eliminate it, the "dirty tricks" will continue, regardless of the fear of punishment.

For a cat, this is completely normal, natural behavior. Before this was not? Perhaps your boy just matured ... And declares his new status. And at the same time and potential brides lures. He does not know how and where to look for them. And the instinct says: “scare away rivals and attract girlfriends!”. So he tries, poor, leaves tags. And for some reason the owners are unhappy ...

An adult cat, too, can suddenly start tagging. Usually this is due to some changes in the life of the family, which cause the cat to doubt its position, status, and thus try to "restore order", and at the same time make sure that everything is still under control.

Adult A cat may begin to mark the territory if repairs have been made in the apartment, because there are odors everywhere, which means that it is urgent to correct the situation.

Confused cats and changing family composition - the appearance of a child, the arrival of relatives. The situation becomes especially difficult if, due to a change in marital status, the cat begins to feel a lack of attention to his person. At this point, not only tags are used, but also frank rudeness - fragrant “handfuls” on the master's bed, described favorite shoes, etc.

Such demonstrative behavior is usually accompanied by other manifestations. The cat may become aggressive, not given in the hands. There are such "clever men" who are able to smash the beloved master's vase, knock down indoor flowers, and not out of mischief, and not at all accidentally. This is a planned and carefully carried out plan of revenge on the master-traitor, who dared to bring his wife into the house and now spends time with her, ignoring the formerly beloved and only cat.

The cat began to crap in the wrong place.

A completely different situation, if the cat did not shit in the tray, but chose another secluded place as a toilet. This may be the corner behind the closet or under the bed, a narrow slot in the closet or a corner in the hallway. The situation is aggravated by the fact that such places are not easy to detect, and even harder to clean.

If your cat is found out that he shits in the wrong place, and this happens regularly, and the place remains the same or changes, if the old becomes inaccessible, the reason is most likely the discomfort that the cat feels in its own tray

  • The tray has become small because the cat has grown. Exit - change the tray to a larger one. Size - one and a half cat in length.
  • The filler is not suitable. Some cats do not like lumpy filler, others categorically do not tolerate woody - a matter of taste. Sometimes cats don't like filler particles stuck in the fur of their paws. And sometimes, do not like the smell. Remember, perhaps the trouble coincided with the change of the filler? Then go back to the old version. And if this is not possible, select the most similar of the same type. Often the fillers are flavored. But the smell, which is pleasant to the owner, may not like the cat at all.
  • The tray smells unpleasant. The tray without filler is washed after each use, and at least once a week, thoroughly washed with toilet bowl detergent, which allows you to dissolve salt deposits. By the way, didn’t you use a new tray cleaner? The filler in the tray is completely changed 1-2 times a month, while the tray itself is also thoroughly washed and dried.
  • The place where the tray is located has become insufficiently secluded, so the cat is looking for a new "corner of thought." This can happen if there are many guests in the house, and the tray is located on the aisle or in the toilet. Or, for example, a cat can be disturbed by a child who grabs him during “intimate affairs”.
  • If the tray is in the toilet, someone from the family members can close the door. And the cat simply can not get into a specially designated place for the toilet.

What to do the owner, if the cat began to spoil

If the cat marks, but does not foul - we are looking for a solution on how to reduce its sexual activity or nervousness. In the first case, you can use special drugs, for example, "Cat Bayun". In the second, by the way, it also does not hurt. However, the main thing is to reassure the pet, to convince him that no one attempts to encroach on its territory.

If the cat marks the furniture and the corners, it makes no sense to use odorous substances - it will become even harder to mark, in order to “kill” the strange, unpleasant smell. When the tags are associated with new furniture or repair, you can generally just accept and wait. After a while, everything will go into its own course. The new situation will get the smell of a cat - and the need for labels will disappear by itself. It will only remain to eliminate cat urine stains and a strong odor.

If the cat shits not in the tray, but chooses another place for itself, we think what is wrong with the tray. Too little is replaced by a bigger one. Dirty my Change the filler. We provide privacy and constant access. Alternatively, we put an additional tray in the place chosen by the cat.

If the cat is clearly "mischievous" - we are building relationships. We do not scold, but revealingly we become upset when we discover a “surprise”, women may cry, men just show how unpleasant they are. And then we call the cat, we complain to him about the difficulties, we iron, talk, scratch. And so day after day. Until he begins to trust the owner again and does not stop doing spite.

If “puddles and heaps” are found every time in different unpredictable places, this is bad. It is better to run to the vet as soon as possible and fully examine the pet. After all, this behavior is not typical for cats, which are very neat and clean by nature. So, health problems are very likely. And in this case, blaming the patient is not only senseless, but also cruel.

December 2, 2016 | 11:14 dp

I have three cats in the house live: 2 cats and a cat. Recently, they just became arrogant. Everyone has their own tray, but they are constantly shitting in "strangers." Plus, all sorts of boxes are trying to use for these purposes in addition. Dad says that they are trying to survive us from home, and periodically slaps them on the priests. For some time it helps, the order in the house is restored. and then the character begins to show again.

July 7, 2017 | 3:50 pm

On this site, they forgot to say that from time to time just fools are caught, just like people, there are simply assholes among cats. My stupid shits in his house (where he sleeps, and lie down next to him. He doesn’t care, he is too lazy to go to the tray. paws are shit and do not want to wash - people wash them, so the current is zero, it still shits and thinks that in another place it will not be washed.

July 7, 2017 | 3:54 pm

By the way, yes, there are such. To justify them, I can only say that cleanliness problems usually occur to those who were taken too early from the cat. They simply had no one to teach to wash, lick, walk in the lot.

January 15, 2017 | 8:57 am

Hello. I have a cat 7 months. He sabilno went into the tray but then abruptly began to shit anywhere. Yes on the bed. I'm shocked what to do

January 16, 2017 | 10:23 pm

Good day! If nothing has changed in the house, then, most likely, your kitten has started “puberty”, so it is harmful, like any teenager. Try to pay him more attention, play when there is an opportunity to caress. And about surprises - show that you are upset, that you are unpleasant, but do not scold, do not poke your face in order not to embitter.

January 29, 2017 | 6:00 pm

Hello, my cat is 1 year and 2 months old, sterilized. Until the moment of sterilization I began to walk on the sofa. After the operation has ceased. Now history repeats itself. Already noted the entire sofa and began to chair. Today found traces on the chair and on my skirt. (although she spent the night alone). What is the reason for her behavior and how to disaccustom her? Sorry for my apartment and a cat. Obviously something is wrong (((((

January 30, 2017 | 11:06 dp

Hello! It is difficult, of course, to give advice in absentia. I would first go with the cat to the vet, passed the tests. Perhaps something bothers her - and hence the problem. If everything is in order, the recipe is one: to look, to think ... What is the reason for the behavior, after which the cat shits. Well, as a temporary measure, to treat the sofa with vinegar. A strong smell is not needed, just a hint is enough - and the cat will not work. My cats started to gnaw my daughter's hair. Once wiped with vinegar - enough for a month. We no longer smell, and cats snort - I don't like it.

February 26, 2018 | 7:52 pm

Cats are very jealous. Did not sleep at home - to blame.

April 16, 2017 | 10:51 pm

The cat has been living for 2 years (he himself is 2 years old). At the end of March, they took another from the street, while he lived in a bath, went to the tray, tapped out to walk around the apartment, he still went to the tray. As soon as after two weeks they provided him with complete freedom of movement around the apartment, he began to shit on the carpet in the corridor and on the jamb in the bath, although it also happens that he goes to the tray. What could be the reason?
The attitude of cats is a little strange: for the street is afraid of our home a little. Home is up to a fight and bites the street.

April 17, 2017 | 10:41 dp

Two cats in the same apartment is always difficult. Your home protects its territory, which feels like a master, hence aggression. And the street, while he lived in the bathroom, he considered this territory his own, he was not methyl on someone else's. When he was released, he began to fight for the territory, so he began to crap, to leave his smell. So I understand the situation. I would try to separate the “zones of influence of cats. Let everyone have their own room at least, their own tray. Try it when you are not there, keep the cats apart. And together, for example, feed, allow to be with you in the "neutral territory".

April 18, 2017 | 10:31 pm

Kotu year and a half. I give tablets from sexual hunting according to the instruction. In the tray goes and, it seems, still marks the territory, although so abundantly that it seems as though he had just coped with need. "Antigadin" helped only for a few days, then sprinkled, and the cat immediately went straight to that place. Cat's sexual desire for pills is not completely suppressed. He satisfies him with a toy specially given to him, since such a thing. Not a single tip on the Internet has helped at all. Some people write that cats live for 16 years and have been ugly all the time, and nothing ... This prospect is not good. Is there any way out of this situation?

April 19, 2017 | 11:32 am

I think you have only one way out - castration. It is not cruel. If you do not plan to “marry” the cat, then, on the contrary, it will remove the extra negative, and, most likely, will help wean the mark. cause even malignant tumors. Do not hesitate. While the cat is young, the operation will transfer easily. When you decide, immediately after castration, be sure to rinse all the "critical" places with vinegar. It is desirable several times with an interval so that the smell of vinegar is kept as long as possible. Well, follow the cat. Good luck!

May 13, 2017 | 11:54 am

The cat lived in a 1-room apartment with us for 7 years, then in the winter they picked up a Scottish lop-eared adult cat from the street (the vet said, 3-5 years). Have lived together for a little over a year. They can't stand each other; they live like a “cat with a dog,” a little turn away — a fight. The cat goes to the toilet perfectly, pisses into the sink in the toilet, large in the tray. Kota sterilized. He has a big problem with the tray. It can go a week or two without incident, then begins to fill / impose in the corridor. Now just finished repair. All the time, while repair was going on, the shit was also periodically in the corridor, but they understood -dirt, and so on. We must suffer. Repair over. And now, about a week after the completion of repairs, he also shits in the newly-trimmed corridor to the new carpet. Every day in different places. She goes to the tray, but without enthusiasm. How crazy. What to do?

June 1, 2017 | 5:43 pm

It is difficult to judge in absentia. And again - this is not my cat shits in a newly renovated apartment. But it seems to me that a cat can be understood. Just imagine - a purebred animal, sleek, most likely accustomed to the hall and affection for some reason turned out to be on the street. This cat was forced to fight for a place under the sun, for which his previous life did not prepare him at all. Now he is in a new home. The first thing is to mark one’s own territory, and it’s thicker that no one has even thought to “encroach”. From here we shit exactly in the hallway, in different places, because it is from here that the main threat of alien invasion comes. Stress is aggravated by the fact that the apartment already has a “hostess” who did not accept him. And it was castrated. And repair is a new smell. So, you need to mark with a new force. In my opinion, the cat behaves quite logically from its point of view. He does not want to be back on the street at all, which is why he painstakingly marks the new-found home. It marks not in the literal sense, as cats mark - but tries to leave its scent everywhere.
Another question - the owners hardly like it. And what to do with it. I see option 2. The first is patience and humility. Do not scold, tidy up, showing your displeasure. But try to put up with an unpleasant smell, do not eliminate it completely. Kotu - more attention, affection. Maybe - put a few trays in the hallway. How long it takes - no one will say. And relapses are likely to be at the slightest stress. Постарайтесь не приносить резких запахов.
Второй вариант — более жесткий. Выделяется время, когда вы сможете находиться с котом большую часть дня. Желательно приобрести выставочную клетку — она довольно просторная. Кот отпускается «на волю, лишь когда вы за ним смотрите. И при малейших признаках — сразу в лоток. Все остальное время он проводит в клетке в компании с лотком. И так недели две. Часто метод срабатывает.
Сейчас пришел в голову еще один вариант — развести их с кошкой по разным комнатам, если есть такая возможность. Обязательно поставьте коту домик, можно самодельный.. нужно место, которое будет полностью в его распоряжении, это позволит уменьшить стресс. Кормить животных в разное время по одному. Чтобы никакой конкуренции. В коридор не выпускать совсем. Может тоже сработать.

July 6, 2017 | 1:45 pm

Hello. Cat 1 year 2 months, accustomed to the tray, went regularly to him. At first it began with the fact that he began to crap near the tray, walk along the small one in the tray, but leave surprises nearby. I was filled and changed the tray to a large, but still the same. A few days ago I went to the toilet for him to see where he would do things, he ran out, not going anywhere. After a few minutes at about 30, I hear a sound in the kitchen that something is digging in and yes! "Surprise" under the table! At the same time, he knows that he cheated and hid under the sofa. Washed and rubbed with vinegar, so today left a "surprise" under the TV. Although regularly we want a little in the tray. What to do ? Please advise! Clever cat, everyone knows what and how. But the change in behavior is not clear. all attention to the cat! One and love.

July 7, 2017 | 1:24 am

It seems that the oddities of your pet began with puberty ... And, judging by the behavior description, something does not suit him in the tray, because “surprises first appeared next to the tray, and only later, when they expressed dissatisfaction - began to crap everywhere. I have one of the cats, for example, categorically refused to go to the tray, if there was already something there. And now my “girls” have 2 trays. And they both use together. But there is a division: one is “writing,” the other is “kakatelny.” Maybe you should try putting a second tray next to it and see what happens? And try to remember how it all began? Decided from the best intentions to change the filler? Or maybe new furniture, new smells, a new family member? Everything could affect. Try again to give the drug "Cat Bayun". HE is harmless, slightly calm the pet. Maybe he is so sexually active?

July 7, 2017 | 6:59 am

Thanks for the answer! Let's try the second tray. I forgot to write, the cat was castrated in the spring. And there is nothing new in the apartment, neither furniture, nor repair (

July 12, 2017 | 12:03 pm

They took a 4-month-old kitten (boy). They accustomed to the tray, the month was all good, went to the tray with a grate without filler. Now I began to wonder: in a small way - in a tray, in a large way - right next to the floor. They put the second tray - ignoring, removed the grill - also, bought a bigger tray - zero reaction, poured filler - chews, had to be removed.
Trays wash regularly, as pollution.
What else can you try?

July 12, 2017 | 8:21 pm

Good day! And you did not try to spy on exactly how he behaves? Sometimes the cats simply fail to fit in: sitting in a tray, and the “result” turns out to be “overboard”. Will help tray with high sides or tray-house. if it first goes into the tray, sniffs, then comes out and caxits side by side - something is wrong in the tray itself: usually there is a smell. While small, you can try to insist. Follow. How to go to the toilet - go in, close the door. When you try to settle down at the tray - put back into place. And so to the result. The kitten will not suffer for a long time. But you need patience. Miss - go shit somewhere else, where not immediately visible. Here, much depends on the nature of the pet. If flexible - will get used. And there are such stubborn ones - you can't overdo it.
You can still accept and go "on occasion." Like shit at the tray? Fine. Fill a piece of paper (you can paper towel or napkin) and we will clean after use. Also, by the way, an option.

February 26, 2018 | Three to six pp

I have the same. Two cats, two trays. One writing, the other kakative. How much do they agree ...?

July 30, 2017 | 3:11 pm

Hello, I have an adult cat. Always went to the tray and nothing. But when the puppy appeared, the cat began to spoil in front of everyone in the corridor. It has been several months since the puppy was given into good hands, and the cat will not calm down. The whole family does not know what to do. And cursed, and poked his nose, and after eating in a tray planted. Nothing helps. What should we do?

August 1, 2017 | 11:59 pm

Good day! It looks like your cat is one of those who are not organic competitors. He must be the only animal in the family, otherwise he will defend his rights and in this, directly speaking, unpleasant way. You have already seen that scolding and poking his nose is useless. It remains only to try to convince the cat that he is not in danger of anything else: remove all signs of the puppy's presence, all the objects on which its smell could persist. Pay more attention to the cat - take it in your hands, iron, talk. Following the "crimes" clean up, showing how unpleasant you are, but not scolding. After some time, the cat will calm down. Talk to family members. If the cat is dear to you, you will have to put up with an unpleasant smell and extra cleaning for a while. Imagine that this is a child who, because of stress, began to write. You will not scold him and poke his nose? If this path does not suit you, you will have to give the cat “in good hands”, because the more you scold him, the more justified is his experience and fears - what if a competitor appears again? And the more he will try to mark his territory. By the way, the corridor here is an indicator that the cat is trying to prevent the appearance of aliens.

August 3, 2017 | 1:45 am

Hello! I have a huge problem, help! A cat of 6 years old, a kitten was picked up on the street for 1 month, she didn’t apply for a hospital check and the result was deplorable. Both have deprive, we are treated, the cat has absorbed us Titi, and the cat became a lawyer anywhere, she understands that she’s not up to business, but she doesn’t have to hold (((What to do? How to examine in the clinic? Cat before kitten became mom, maybe health problems ? Or because of depriving?

August 3, 2017 | 11:15 am

Good day! I do not think that due to the deprivation may be incontinence. Deprive is treated completely uncomplicated, and there are no problems with this, the main thing is not to catch yourself! But incontinence can be a serious problem. Be sure to go to the vet and get tested. there is a possible infection. And most likely, both the cat and the kitten will have to be treated. With this, you should not just give the cat antibiotics. It is necessary to identify the cause. If it is not an infection, then there may be problems of a behavioral nature. And even a reaction to sucking. Then after a couple of months it will pass by itself when the kitten stops sucking. In order not to dissolve, put something on the cat. As an option - just a couple of layers of fabric fasten at the back with ties. The school did not cut cotton-gauze bandages? Here the principle is the same. Or just apply a wound healing ointment. Most of them have an unpleasant taste and are harmless when licking. Although here the best option - the advice of a veterinarian.

August 6, 2017 | 4:04 pm

Good day! We have a 7-year-old cat with a striped one .. always went to the tray (except for the moments when we looked at its pollution and didn’t clean it out in time, or when we were sick once) ... and so I started writing on the sofa ... cursed, cleaned ... periodically repeats. Then in the tray, then on the sofa .. Even when the tray is clean. There was nothing new in the apartment ... there were no stressful situations ... the disease was also unlikely (but we still bring the veterinarian just in case) .. love and attention abound with him ... There is no strength to endure it ((the husband locked him in the toilet (he we have combined, in the same place his tray and now they put water with food) we don’t let out ... The sofa sprayed with 50/50 vinegar and water one time .. I'm all at a loss ... There are several questions: 1. Is it possible to keep the cat in such a punishment? long? 2. How to wean away from this disgrace? 3. How to treat the sofa with vinegar from the smell (how many About the time, with what periodicity, in what proportions) Ps: for all 7 years, the cat (not neutered) never went on a spree, didn’t ask the cat and didn’t mark the territory (I doubt if he can mark) Pps: we are still planning to start repair after two weeks, so in general, fear takes that he is crazy about the smell of new ones and will just start converting the whole apartment to the toilet? You never know what's in his head, since he has already started doing this on the sofa for no reason ( ...

August 7, 2017 | 9:43 dp

Good day! I sympathize ... Of course, the cat has some reason, but we can not always understand them. Basically, your husband acted quite humanely. As an option, a temporary space limitation, many experts recommend. Some even offer to buy an aviary or exhibition cage. And release the cat only under strict supervision. Especially at the time of repair. As soon as you go to the sofa, go right back to the toilet. More, unfortunately, there is nothing to advise at a distance. It is possible that the cat still has problems with the bladder, but the vet will tell. It is possible just in case to transfer to a special medical feed - it will not be worse. As for the sofa, dilute the vinegar with water in half (try on a piece somewhere behind, so as not to fade upholstery). Repeat every time you feel like it smells again. I did that. Cats do not like vinegar. I even rub a comb, which they undertook to nibble from time to time with vinegar to wipe.

August 14, 2017 | 8:47 am

But my cat began to crap on the neighbor's bed, after walking with the cat! Before that I went to the toilet regularly, without any complaints ... I could not understand what the problem was, I thought that my neighbor had offended me or that something had happened in the apartment of the cat ...

August 16, 2017 | 11:42 pm

Hello. Our cat, neutered for almost 4 years, began to shit in the kitchen, and can defiantly sit down and bastard (before that everything went well into the tray without a filler! They brought the cat now 7 months, it can also be a mess somewhere, but In the long run, she goes to the tray, she has two of them alone in the second room in the closet next to the cat tray. They are friendly with each other. But of course they can make a fight. We don’t understand what’s wrong, how crazy we are ((of course we’re not going to give it away do not know ...

August 17, 2017 | 10:27 dp

Good day! The story is common, although this is not easier. If a cat does everything demonstratively, it means that he wants to show that he is dissatisfied with something. Here is option 2. If the cat is neutered late, when it has already shown interest in cats, then this may be due to the fact that the cat is growing up and he perceives it as a potential partner. On the other hand, there may be jealousy. especially I would think about jealousy if you feed them differently. And while feeding the cat, for example, remove the cat from the kitchen. It is not in vain that the kitchen is chosen as the place of “revenge”. What to try?
Regularly wipe the place where the cat shits, vinegar in half with water. This smell they really do not like.
Get a sprinkler. You can children's water gun or sprayer for plants. And keep it handy. As soon as the cat is going to spoil - get a small shower. Although this may provoke his shit somewhere in the corner, so that no one saw. But still, it seems, this is not your option. Here the cat is important is your reaction. So I would try. And since the cat has grown up, try feeding them together so that no jealousy arises. Good luck!

August 17, 2017 | 11:17 dp

Hello, in our house live 2 cats one 2 years, the second year. And at first one, then another diarrhea began. And they stopped going to the trays, with what they write in the tray. Shit both anywhere even on the carpets. Our hell has begun, we do not notice. There are heaps of variegated carpets and we smear home slippers all over the apartment. The husband in a rage wants to throw them out or give them away. I'm shocked, it turned out between two fires, the husband hints at the choice (I do not know what to do

August 17, 2017 | 11:29 dp

Oh, what a nightmare. What is there to advise? First of all - a hungry pause for both - no less than 12 hours, and better a day. And be sure to go to the vet. Water must be freely available. The fact is that since both have suffered, and even in turn, it is most likely an intestinal infection. And that means that you and your husband risk getting infected. But even if you do not suffer, you can lose the seals. So do not experiment with self-treatment. Pay attention to the condition of the animals. If there are signs of dehydration, emergency care is required.

August 26, 2017 | 3:01 pm

Good day. In our house lived a cat, 9 years old, went to the toilet in a bathtub. They took another kitty for about 3 months and taught to use the toilet in the tray too. We spread a rag (the older one was also taught about 2 weeks, they spread the rag, then they started to clean, and the older one just a long time without a rag just goes to the pan). The little kitten started to get used to it. A couple of times she went to the truth to pee on the sofa (most likely, she was knocked down by the smell of the older cat, who noted him during estrus). Couch processed. The kitty began to walk again where it was necessary, and even without our supervision ... I even cleaned the cloth, but then she rewarded the sofa and the carpet. Removed, processed. Again put a rag. The little cat again began to walk normally without supervision in the pallet on a rag. Everything was ok. But not long ago, I again saw the “heap” on the bedspread. The eldest always goes to the pallet. Contented with a little life, affectionate, it is given to play with her and into her hands. Why are these "failures." Normal is normal, and then bang ... again, normal and fail again. I noticed that the "wrong" little cat walks on the bedspread, carpet, bed, blanket. On the soft. But in the toilet there is a "soft" ... How to stop such "failures"? Thank.

August 30, 2017 | 12:11 pm

The easiest way is to remove the "soft" in the wrong place. Change the cover for something more rough or cover it when you are not, a sofa with a film, newspapers. Just restrict access to the room. To understand what exactly becomes the cause, not knowing the cat and your situation, is difficult. And vinegar tried to handle? Cats can't stand him. And I do not want to upset you, but if the cats got into the habit of a sofa, there will most likely be relapses when you lose your vigilance. My experience says that it is rarely possible to recult a cat, especially when it comes to upholstered furniture. In my memory, such incidents stopped completely only when changing furniture.

August 26, 2017 | 11:16 pm

Hello, they took the cat to her for 4 months, from the old owners she went to the tray, to the sand, then to the street. We do not let us out on the street, went to the tray on the first day, then wrote in the tray, and pooped anywhere. The second tray was put in, history repeats itself, in a small tray, mostly along the corridor. How to be? Tell me please.

August 30, 2017 | 12:04 pm

For a little cat a temporary space limit can help. Ideally - the exhibition cell. If the cat is already accustomed to the street, retraining can be difficult. Try putting a few temporary containers in her favorite places. At the first stage, the main thing is not to let the shit on the floor. Let there be 5 temporary trays (boxes, cans). And watch carefully, avoiding disruption. if you can not follow - limit the space, while you are not.

September 6, 2017 | 9:52 pm

Good evening, please tell me the cat for 4 years as we took it went to the tray everything was good for more than half a year he began to shit on the bed writing to the tray and poops where he pleases closed the room and removed the pot from there stopped shitting, now he is in another began to shit that closed the room was like a pot, now next to the pot shit, tried different spray wean shit does not help. Tell me what to do?

September 28, 2017 | 2:34 pm

Spray also did not help me, although it smells awful. Try vinegar.

September 7, 2017 | 7:04 pm

Good day. We have 2 cats Scottish thoroughbred mother 3 years old and daughter 1.9 years old. Always regularly went to the tray, with another friend, they have strange relationships. A mother roars at her daughter all the time when she passes by, but it happens that they both sleep next to each other, or play and run around the house one after another. We moved to a new apartment, it flew off like a reel. He goes pissing somewhere, but at the same time he goes to the tray. Daughter behaves approximately. Cats are not neutered. My husband and I are thinking to castrate both, and if it does not help to give up. Forces no longer wipe the puddles. (((

September 28, 2017 | 2:37 pm

Because of the move, cats are often very stressed. when we moved, we also had one of the cats literally "crazy", before it was affectionate, and began to literally throw at all. Let go of the street - and disappeared altogether. Uneven relationships in cats are related to their cycle. I have my cats before estrus, too, begin to lick each other, sleep in an embrace. Check with the older cat bladder. Often, the problem is connected with pain, the cat begins to look for a place where it does not hurt, and that’s where it hurts.

September 9, 2017 | 8:18 am

Good day. Our cat is 2 years old. Took his husband already half a year somewhere and the first time they lived together (because she studied in another city). When she moved in with her husband everything was not a good shit, they lived in harmony with him, caressed him. And the last 7 days as a chain broke. I put on all my shoes, and now I just walk on the floor. I do not know what to do. The smell is horrible. Maybe tell me.

September 28, 2017 | 2:46 pm

Well, the cat realized that you are here for a long time, and that you are the main one for his beloved master. He is jealous. And what to do is hard to say. Many in this situation had to part with the animals. Cat neutered? Try to castrate. Let her husband pay more attention to him. Serve light soothing droplets. If in a couple of months the situation does not improve (or after castration), you will have to make a decision.

September 9, 2017 | 7:59 pm

I have a kitty (sterilized) for 3 years. Recently took a kitten, boy, now he is half a year. When they took him was 1.5 months. Cat goes to the tray without any problems. The kitten went to the tray (we have 2 trays), then to the carpet in the room. The carpet was removed, he began to go to the house and on the carpet in the toilet. What to do? What is the reason?

September 28, 2017 | 2:44 pm

Do you have a tray with a filler? Some do not like categorically trays with a lattice. Взяли вы котенка совсем маленьким, он к лотку был, скорее всего, не приучен или запомнил не крепко. Так что придется поработать, чтобы объяснить. И проверьте на инфекции. Судя по тому, в каком возрасте вам его отдали, о хорошем уходе там речь не идет. Хороший заводчик раньше 4 месяцев котенка не отдаст. Могут быть и заболевания причиной.

Сентябрь 17, 2017 | 7:45 дп

Здравствуйте! Нашему коту больше года. Недавно мы переехали на новую квартиру, сначала он исправно ходил в лоток, а сейчас просто ужас… Он ходит везде, где только захочет. Thought marks, so no, he and the "handful" can leave anywhere. I do not know what to do anymore. Every day surprises us. Help me please.
P.S- after the move, I had to leave for 2 months, the whole time a girlfriend in our new apartment was watching the cat.

September 28, 2017 | 2:40 pm

Perhaps a friend did not always clean the tray on time. Or the cat simply did not like the new smells in the apartment. Try to limit his space. I already described to someone. Ideally - the cage (they are sold) so that the tray fits there, the bowl and there is a place to sleep. Release only as long as you are ready to look after him. If you see that it is sent “on business” not to the tray, you immediately return it to the cell. Usually 2-3 weeks of "conclusion" is enough for the cat to understand.

September 17, 2017 | 6:50 pm

Hello, a cat of 5 years (British lop-eared) always went to the tray, not so long ago began to stagger into room flowers steadily, flowers were removed from the floor started in shoes, used to be shit on the door mat, but very rarely. We think that the reason is that the child started the snails as new pets. Could it be like that? please tell me no longer know what to do

September 26, 2017 | 9:28 dp

Hello! I have this problem. 15 years ago, bought a Thai cat. The breeder warned that he would only recognize the owners. the cat turned out to be very aggressive. He doesn’t tolerate a husband, but he doesn’t have to talk about others, he pries up. for this reason I never took it out of the house, even to a country house. I did not castrate, because a friend has the same cat neutered, but shits anywhere. for all this time while the cat lives with us, we had to throw out all the upholstered furniture. nothing helped, neither vinegar, nor potassium permanganate, or heaped imported products. then he took a fancy to the kitchen-microwave, tables! / did not shit on the floor /, found a place in the closet. we have sliding doors and he opens them easily. in the kitchen, the shit began after a neighbor died behind the wall and lay there for a month. the smell was terrible. we thought it was because the cat was shitting. in general, he has breakdowns, then everything is normal, then he starts to spoil in the same place. in the summer we leave for the country for 2-3 days. he feels fine alone, not a shit. Now 2 months, as the kitty has come to us in a country house. she looks like she is 5-6 months old / someone threw it away /. maybe he feels its smell and began to shit with terrible force throughout the apartment while we are not at home. nothing helps, not a drop, no anti-baddies, not vinegar. Now bought a new apartment, we are going to move. I think with fear what will happen! the husband offers to put him to sleep. but I will not go on it! Is it possible to take a cat to a country house, can he get comfortable there? the house is large-3 floors. I'll have to leave him there in the winter alone for a week. I understand that for him it will be stress, because he never left the apartment. can he give soothing drops?

September 28, 2017 | 2:31 pm

Hello! You have endured “frills” for a very long time. Of course, a cat can smell someone else's cat when you return after a long absence, and avenge for treason. As an option, in old age, cats have problems with the bladder, kidneys, and tumors are possible. Before you take it to the house, show the cat to the vet.
And in a country house it is better if you decide to transport it there, it is better to limit the free space, otherwise you will then get tired of looking for where it smells. Give him one room, and there close, when you are not. if you are leaving for a long time, consider the option of an automatic feeder and drinker so that the cat does not remain without water. Or talk to your neighbors so that someone comes to check for food-water

September 27, 2017 | 6:45 pm

Good day. Our cat is 3.5 years old, about a month ago, he started shitting past the tray. He does it with a certain regularity - somewhere in a day. Rearranged the tray to another corner - so he began to foul where the tray stood before. I fill the tray, fill the filler, but the cat regularly ignores it. We also noticed that the cat's behavior changed somewhat, it became more aggressive and cocky, sometimes it starts to bite when it touches it, although earlier it constantly climbed into his hands. Tell me what it can be connected with.

September 28, 2017 | 2:27 pm

Such abrupt changes are associated with the disease. Go to the vet, take the tests. Probably, something bothers the cat, no wonder he starts to bite. Yes, still look good, maybe somewhere a tick, especially if the cat is walking on the street. But sometimes at home is. You can bring ticks on clothes or with mushrooms, for example.

September 28, 2017 | 12:15 am

Good time of day!
I have a strange problem. We have 4 tails living at home - 2 cats and 2 cats. They live well, together. But! The younger cat had a worldview at one year old. At first, he began to lay out his piles next to the tray, sometimes half a meter, then he surpassed himself and laid out a handful in the bedroom. I didn’t stop at what I’ve achieved and started pouring puddles there in the bedroom. Moreover, he does everything so that the veil of the secret of his accomplishments is kept to the last.
What is the reason for such feats and how to fix it? Help with advice, give it to no one and do not want

September 28, 2017 | 2:25 pm

Good day! Most likely, the "change of worldview" is associated with puberty. This is an attempt to become "number 1", to establish its own rules and rules in the pack. If the cat is not neutered, behavior problems are usually solved by castration. You can try mild sedatives (for example, "Cat Bayun").

March 7, 2018 | 12:53 pm

Good day! I have a small kitten for 2.5 months. I began to walk in a tray both in a big way and in a little way. But sometimes for some reason it goes a lot into a flower that I went to as soon as it appeared. I removed everything from the flower, I Cloth closed with a rag. And writing goes to the tray. That’s a corner in the kitchen. What could be the reason?

March 20, 2018 | 8:38 pm

Good time of day! The other day they took a kitten (Dev.) Scottish 1.5 months. The owner said that she goes to the tray, but at home she didn’t even go to the used filler brought from her where the kittens went. Wash the kitten in the corner, washed and cleaned the housetos, crocs I put an orange in it, drizzled it with red pepper and put the tray in there, not everything was like. What is wrong and whether it will be like that to go to this corner.
Before that, other tenants with a cat or a cat did not really know about this apartment. Help to understand.

March 22, 2018 | 1:13 pm

Hello. Tell me please. My cat started to spoil strictly under the sofa. Nowhere else goes. We live in a private house, a cat is about 8-9 years old (she was brought in before I got married). Always was obedient, good. But after the death of the owner went crazy !! Climbing around the tables, while the bowl of food can stand full, walks only under the sofa (she used to go outside). No longer going anywhere. Already tortured, and there is no strength. Tried to wash under the sofa with bleach, and sprinkle perfume with a strong smell, and wash with vinegar. 2-3 days, and again heaps / puddles. I tried to constantly expel her from under the sofa as soon as she climbed there. A few days everything is fine, but it is worth only a little weaken the attention, a disaster. All this is aggravated by the fact that they have brought another cat, and already it starts to ignore the pot. Learning is not good behavior from the first, and begins to climb on the table, and shit anywhere.

March 23, 2018 | 10:08 pm

Such an embarrassment, I live in a private house, picked up a kitten a couple of years ago, he came to me himself. Easily taught to ask on the street that in the winter that in the summer comes to me or to the door and meows, asks. Recently, he began silently shitting something under the table, then anywhere, completely insolent. I thought maybe meow forgot how to eat, so there is no eating requests so that you can go deaf. Poking his face, swearing and throwing out on the street. I do not know what to do, sorry for an asshole.

March 26, 2018 | 8:18 pm

Hello. There is a cat of 6 years old, they took the cat on their head. Everything seemed to be nothing. Now the cat is 7 months old, the cat is sterilized, calm. The cat periodically does not give her rest, jumps on her, bites her, in general a fight, until I disperse. And now it's still cleaner, the cat stopped walking in the tray on a large scale. Today I went to the room on the carpet. What to do. thank.

April 1, 2018 | 6:40 pm

Good day. I have 3 cats. The eldest is 5 years old (harakternaya), middle-2 years old (coward), a little 1 year old (queen). The fact is that until they took the 3 cat, the two elders lived in perfect harmony, and the coward was under the care of the first one; God forbid, she would squeak (the child would come on the tail), the eldest rushes at us, protects. She is now gnawing for her, but she has also begun to drive, and she is lifting up well and firmly. Once she witnessed the start of a fight, the middle one played with the younger one, the eldest was asleep, then she jumped up and jumped on the middle one, I think she was jealous. I scatter them in different rooms until they calm down, then again peace and love. So they lived for 8-9 months and the average began to spoil. In the middle of the bath on the mat, I am afraid that later and everywhere will start, as the protest shows. What is the way out of this situation? Give the animal, so that it does not suffer, it has already been overshadowed by the elder one (And can the older one come off so much on the middle one because the younger one started chasing her? After all, the first cat was always the queen and the mistress, she was not afraid of anyone, and she took her place, showed that now she is a queen, she is a coward, as the weakest link, because of the impudence of the younger one, because she is afraid of everything: strangers, loud sounds ...

April 8, 2018 | 4:20 pm

Hello, I have a cat, Scottish Fold, he is 6 months old. Everything was fine, he wrote and popped into the tray, then he began to leave piles behind the TV, occasionally went to the tray. Last time poops around the TV, I am glad that he pees in the tray. I don `t know what to do ... Sometimes it poops on the eyes. I get upset, my husband rebelled completely against him, help me with advice HOW TO BE. The cat is absolutely healthy, the fur shines, eats well, is active ...

May 12, 2018 | 10:06 dp

Good day! Cat 5-6 months, we took her from the street. At first, she was afraid of everything, hid in the corners, but she regularly went to the tray. (The tray is old from the last cat.) As soon as the cat grew bolder and stopped being afraid, she began to crap all over the apartment. What is the reason? Help, please advice.

May 27, 2018 | 9:26 pm

Hello! Kotu is 5 years old, Singapore, castrate. Toilet with a roof, 5 years went into it and everything is OK. And then it started recently - at first I poured into the bathroom a couple of times, then the children near the shower stall, and apotheosis- shat me a big pile under the cosmetic Table (((what to do?

June 4, 2018 | 4:38 pm

Good day! I have a Briton cat for him 4th month went to the tray from the first day, goes to the tray and then began to crap on the bed. I don’t let me on the bed, I close the room, it goes to a tray sometimes it can make a mess in the hallway. What to do?? Actually I want to teach to the toilet.

June 4, 2018 | 5:39 pm

Hello. We have a cat (2 years) and a cat (11 years). The cat regularly goes to its tray. Kota brought when the cat was 9 years old. At first, while the little one was going to the tray regularly, each time, both by “small” and by “large”. Then something happened (there was no repair, no children, no visiting relatives) and the cat began to leave its “heaps” only in the corridor. They did what they did (they changed the place of the tray, washed them with vinegar and lemon, sprinkled them with "Anti-Gadin"), nothing helps. Write only goes to the tray. They get along with each other "according to their mood" (they can lie together, they can fight). Help please advice.

July 2, 2018 | 1:39 pm

Hello! We already have an adult cat, she is 6 years old, sterilized. Before we took the dog, she regularly went to her tray, and then it started in the corridor in the shoe rack to write, then on the sofa, then on the bed, and the places are the same for 3 years already. We went on vacation, left her at her mother-in-law, everything was fine for about a month, and then she and she began to write not in the tray. I can not remove the dog, the cat also does not want to live with her mother-in-law. What to do?

July 21, 2018 | 3:57 pm

when the children PRESENTED THE CAT = immediately questions arose ... castration or ... CASTRATION NO .... a gift for a wife .. if she will live like a man .... AND THE SECOND ONLY APPEARED BY THE KITCHEN I HAD SHOWED WHO HERE IS MAIN ===== GAVE UNDERSTANDING UNDERSTANDING after work === understand that there is a smell AND ALL OF SOMETHING SMOKER THAT AND MAIN - LAW I’LL HIM. Yes, something happens that I don’t like ... maybe in the corner. but tag ==== no ...

July 23, 2018 | 8:05 pm

I have a cat of 6 years old, completely mad she survived devoured the kittens began to shit anywhere I don’t know what to do. She was completely insolent and the article didn’t get into everything at all before that was good, but for the last month it’s just hell with her, the second cat I just have no problems with

July 24, 2018 | 8:09 dp

Hello. We have a cat 4 years. After moving to a new apartment a year ago, I began to write anywhere, but mostly in the hallway, dressing room or in the middle of the toilet. Already they put her in the dressing room and another toilet, and there was a feeding trough there, for a while, it helped, then again she started right next to the feeding trough! Now they blocked the dressing room, so she began to write again in the middle of the toilet or in the corridor. Help what to do? Her parents constantly criticize her, they want to throw her out already ... I don't know what to do.

July 28, 2018 | 6:08 pm

Hello. I just don't know what to do. When the cat first began to spoil, they sent him to his mom for a few days, when they took him for a while to walk to the tray, generally he was just a good boy, and then he started to work on his own again!
P.S Cat not neutered. Kakraz think in the near future to castrate him, but they say that you will not disaccustom the castration. QUESTION: what to do?

August 10, 2018 | 2:21 pm

our cat was two years old when he was a little two, he shattered his father under the sofa, then he calmed down, then we had two cats, he listened to him and repeated everything after him, now he was left alone and began to mock his parents, mother twice shat on the chair while she slept, once for what she beat him, and the second time yesterday, so today he spoiled the father again under the sofa, which we cannot understand, although I suspect that he is angry with them and is jealous of another kitten, we were thrown a month ago, the kitten, they wanted to attribute it to him so they could not catch, in two weeks our charge osly cat came barely alive and died within a week, they say cats do not like competition, and parents love this cat and strongly demonstrate this second cat, he comes home and puts and puts a handful of labels and

August 20, 2018 | 11:02 dp

Good day. The older cat lives with us for 4 years, shit sometimes, but not consistently, a year ago they took a little cat and after a month the nightmare started somewhere, the older one started to shit on the bed, we began to close the room and I started paying a lot of attention to him, helped, stopped but then he started again, but no longer on the bed, but in the closet for shoes, almost all of the shoes were spoiled, the cabinet was ruined, the smell is no longer going, the chipboard is swollen, my husband is ready to kill him, I'm already tired, and pshikayu different fyushkami and ironing and snacks buy, nothing helps. PS: I love more than the older cat, I don’t grip the smaller one with the older one. What to do, help?

August 20, 2018 | 11:05 dp

Both cats are neutered.

August 28, 2018 | 5:48 am

Hello, we are in such a situation .. for 6.5 years, I started to mark at three specific places, this is our children's bedroom and a corridor a year ago they brought a cat with a heavy fate, but we give it a lot of affection and love .. a little tray regularly walks, but our pet apparently does not like something ... although it was taken for him for the most part. The problem may of course also be that I am a volunteer and I often have kittens on overexposure, when both live for a month or two, then 1 day until we are completely attached .. can he become jealous? Although for kittens he is always adequate and vice versa I process them from parasites and wormworms, he always morally helps the kittens after that .. and licks them and plays with them and sleeps in general in some moments he is the perfect cat. We love him very much, but it is already starting to get involved. How can we fight this?

August 30, 2018 | 7:38 pm

Cat (Scottish, although, probably, it does not matter) 4.5 years. They took the house in 5 months. Everything was ok. She began to spoil in half a year, as the baby appeared in the house, at 1.5-2 of her, cats, years. I understand that this is jealousy. But she doesn’t give a caress (since birth!). First, the sofa went down, then the shoes (first children’s, then mine, didn’t touch her husband), then she started ss-th and wed-in corners - always in different: balcony, bathroom, bedroom (any), dressing room, even where it’s not necessary in a secluded place. And now in bed for the baby. I tried almost all popular and Internet methods. Bryzgalki, vinegar, citrus peel, food in the place where I did it, I sat in a cage for 3 months - there I piss on a scraper, on a bench. Just near. At first, as advised, she talked, she was angry, and then she poked her face, it helps for 1-1.5 weeks. But there is no talk. The next day, heap pile or puddle. Well, if you can wash the mat in the bathroom. It is not always possible to caress - wild since childhood. I thought it would pass. .. Nah. The eldest daughter, 13 years old, has been lisking her - and her face says how unpleasant it is. More or less affectionate during estrus. By the way, yelling like an elephant; neighbors are ashamed. Impossible to sleep. No medications help at all! They tied up with a cat, still pissing, but at least it stopped yelling. It remains only to sterilize. But most veterinaries say it is 50/50. That is, it is possible and after sterilization will yell and sleep. My strength is gone. At least put to sleep.

August 30, 2018 | 7:50 pm

I will add that the trays are changed. Now closed house 45 × 65 approximately. With a door. Where more ukromnee? Walks from birth to Silikogel. When the kittens - in the sawdust pressed and silica gel too. Now I try empty. ... clean my regularly. One day with fresh filler came the next day. ( без запаха всегда покупаю мешок 20кг ) Горшок всегда , с 5 её месяцев, мыла доместосом или просто кипятком заливала несколько раз. Отдать её тоже никому не могу — не уверена что не будут бить. Что делать -не знаю. Да и усыпить рука не поднимается если честно. Но уже 3 года нюхаем и отмываем. А шотландские живут от 17 др 33 лет (если верить интернету ). 🆘🆘🆘🆘

Сентябрь 2, 2018 | 11:46 дп

Добрый день! У нас живёт не кастрированный русский голубой кот уже 8 лет. We decided to update the repair in the toilet, where there is a tray. I had to rearrange the tray at the time of repair in another corner of the toilet. Now for the fifth time, he walks not in the tray, but nearby, but in the toilet. It seems to be not ill, because already once was sick and we saw what was happening. And this is another case. Tell me, what is netak with a cat?

September 14, 2018 | 9:41 pm

Most likely, the cat does not like foreign odors after the repair. It is better not to scold, and try to create inconvenience. Try, for example, to spread a newspaper around the tray. Cats do not like change at all and can object to them that way. Or slide the tray to the place where it goes. Most likely, after some time, everything is normalized

September 29, 2018 | 7:51 am

Good day! I live with two cats, age 5 and 7 years, both mongrel kittens taken kittens, neutered. They live peacefully, sometimes they play and fight, but not much, the territory is not marked. They eat, drink from a common cup, dry food and tea bags. In the toilet for them are two trays, each going to any indiscriminately. There were no problems until one of them started shitting in the hall at the front door at night. With that and for large and small. In the afternoon I regularly see both in the toilet and sit on trays.
Today was a case: I got up early in the morning - in the hallway there was urine on the floor. All cleaned, washed floors. I cleaned both trays, replaced with fresh filler. Well, I think the problem is solved. After 2 hours in the same place found shit! Punishing the sneaker hand does not rise, all the same adults are cats, beloved. Conversation is useless - stupid like a cork, but good.
What to do?

October 29, 2018 | 5:49 pm

Already advised many - vinegar discourages cats from even wanting to approach the forbidden place. Try to wipe the area around the door with vinegar in the evening - and see the result.

October 6, 2018 | 9:16 pm

We taught the cat (we took him from the street, about two months) to the tray. Everything was fine. But, not long ago, he began to walk in the tray and under the door. (and no where else) Tray without filler with a mesh. What to do? And he also how we took him diarrhea (Tell me please.

October 29, 2018 | 5:48 pm

Street cat goes under the door, if he wants to go out. Or feels a strange smell. So it marks, scares “other applicants” to a warm place. And diarrhea treat necessarily. Try different foods. Give anthelmintic three times with a break of 10 days. If changing feed doesn’t help, go to the veterinarian, infections that may need to be treated with antibiotics are possible.

October 26, 2018 | 5:58 am

Hello. I have a cat Scotsman 2 years. The first year before lambing was no problem. After lambing the cat has changed. To urinate in the tray, and to shit has become anywhere. I don `t know what to do.

October 29, 2018 | 5:45 pm

Good day! I would go to the vet, get tested, maybe an infection after giving birth. In addition, cleaning the kittens, the cat smells everywhere, well, here's the result. Try all the places where she or the kittens crap, wipe with vinegar, it helps me if the cats start to “forget”.

November 2, 2018 | 9:35 pm

Hello. My cat is 10 months old (not neutered). He always started to shit in the same place ((most importantly, in a small way he goes to the tray, and in a big place in that place (at the entrance to the bathroom). I put the tray in that place, but he shat at it , the tray itself is clean, big, I didn’t find fault with the filler, I don’t know what to do. Help

November 9, 2018 | 11:00 am

The cat was sterilized, went to its tray regularly and never did a hooligan in this regard. Now he periodically urinates in different parts of the apartment, then on the palace, then on the sofa, then somewhere else ... In general, we do not understand what is happening. It became unexpected and not permanent. All is well, it goes regularly to the latok, then as soon as it closes it, it starts pissing everywhere. What to do?

November 27, 2018 | 6:54 am

I took the cat when he was three years old, he regularly went to the tray, and then in honor of not what began to spoil all over the apartment, he first shit on my bed and then pissed her into my room the door was closed for him, but he didn’t calm down now shit near the entrance the door to the mat, and sleep goes to the tray what I do not know with him.

December 3, 2018 | 11:17 dp

Good day. 3 months ago, Kotas picked up the streets (about a year old). First, as it should be Karnitin1 months, vaccinations castration. Because there is a cat and a cat in the house (both sterilized). Street cat lived with his daughter in the room sometimes let out everywhere to walk. A sedative was given to all to avoid stress. While he lived alone, he went to the tray, but only a few days, as he specially saves and pisses his daughter on the bed. I thought because of the hormones. When quartered nothing has changed. Started more and crap in the corners. And if you go after them, you sit in the tray, then in a pointed manner will do things in the tray. And every few days like a hunch. The veterinarian was checked repeatedly, tests passed, the cat is healthy, appetite is excellent, plays for half a day, and plays with our cats. Kotav stress does not pull. But as soon as we exhaled and decided that everything was fine, again heaps in flowers then on the carpet, changing the place of the tray does not give anything, the filler was changed, the earth was sprinkled, different trays were used, it goes in them but through time. I was asking for it on the street. Yesterday, while the furniture loaders dragged away all the same. I didn’t find a bit. I think that in general it was worth it to drag him again.

The reasons why the cat goes to the toilet, anywhere

Before you scold the cat must be understand the reasons for his action. After all, not just a pet began to spoil in the wrong place. By themselves, the representatives of the cat family are very clean and defecate only in strictly designated areas.

The main reasons why a cat or a kitten shits in an inappropriate place:

  • Any of the diseases of the genitourinary and digestive system. Due to the painful sensations during a bowel movement in a cat, the tray may be associated with pain, so it tries to avoid it by any means.
  • Worms This reason is similar to the previous one. The cat can be relieved with great effort or feeling pain, which is also associated with the tray.
  • Wrong diet With improper nutrition, your pet often has constipation and diarrhea. This is due to the lack of vitamins or essential nutrients cat. To avoid this problem, you should seek help from a veterinarian who will adjust the diet to your pet.
  • Unsuitable tray. Many owners of cats and cats do not even suspect that their pet can simply not like their toilet. Many long-haired cats hair cling to the jewelry, the cracks in the trays, thereby pulling out the hair and delivering pain and inconvenience.
  • Smell from the tray. The strong smell of cat litter in a pet causes disgust, due to cleanliness. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave it dirty or, on the contrary, to clean the tray with fragrant means. The optimal solution is to clean the toilet for the cat with the usual brown soap. Also, vinegar and soap solutions are suitable for cleaning the cat's toilet.
  • Tray location. It would seem that does not matter where the tray is, however, the cats have their own Feng Shui. Many cat owners have a tray in the bathroom, which rarely comes. But in some cases, you have to put the cat's toilet in the hallway, the hallway - in short, in a room where people often walk. The lack of privacy annoys the cat, which is a consequence of unwillingness to go to the toilet in the right place. In the case when the tray is nowhere to put, except in the hallway, try to create an illusion of security and loneliness.
  • Filler. Color, smell, texture - factors to which attention should be paid. The harsh smells of feline necks irritate, fine filler can stick to wool and paws, and if it is not timely replaced with particles, chemicals appear that irritate the skin of cats.
  • Cat's age. A small kitten does not immediately get used to the tray, for this the owner will need time and patience. After all, if forced to force and punish, then the pet with the toilet will be associated with negative associations.
  • Street cat in the house. Having decided to take a homeless cat or a cat to your house, be prepared for the fact that they will mark the territory for the first time. They do this because they are accustomed to defend their area among many other homeless animals. At the same time, a cat can quietly visit the toilet, but nevertheless from time to time mark a wall, carpet or other furniture. Problems may also arise if a homeless little kitten is taken home. He is still not accustomed to going to the toilet in the same place, because there is sand everywhere on the street and everywhere you can crap.

List of the most important rules

How to wean to write a kitten or an adult cat in the wrong places?

  • Put in a tray in a room in which the smallest permeability, so that the cat felt calm and lonely.
  • Change as the filler in the tray is contaminated.
  • If necessary, change the brand of filler, do it gradually, mixing old and new. First, gradually adding a new variety, then in equal proportions, and then reducing the portion of the old filler and increasing the new one.
  • Sufficient food and drink. It is advisable to leave the vessel with water always in an accessible area for the cat.
  • Give your pet worms medications regularly.
  • Rinse and dry the tray thoroughly after changing the filler. Use products without strong flavors.
  • Select the right tray. Pay attention to what it is made of. Cheap plastic trays have a persistent unpleasant smell. The sense of smell to cats is much stronger than that of a person, so we may not even feel it.

The help of specialists and folk remedies

Suddenly, you still did not follow or forgot to change the filler in the tray, and your pet spoiled. What to do if the cat has already spoiled in the wrong place? How to disaccustom to write where it pleases? First of all, you should calm down. In no case do not shout, do not hit, do not poke your nose in the "created". Having done any of this, you only scare the cat, and what will be the behavior of the pet in the future is unknown.

Recommendations for action after the cat has spoiled in the wrong place:

  • For a week to move the cat in a small room. Transfer all her belongings there, except the bowls of food. When you eat, let her out of the room, after she eats, take her back and lock her. Gradually, after a week, release the cat to other rooms.
  • In order for the cat to feel comfortable and protected in your apartment and not try to mark anything, you need to perform several simple steps. Allow the cat to be on the couch, chair, bed in which you sit or sleep. Make available space on the closet, shelves and other furniture that is well above floor level. In such places, cats feel more protected. All members of the cat family love boxes. Bring a cardboard box and place it under a table or chair. This place will be her favorite. Wipe the cat with a soft cloth. Then wipe all surfaces in the house with the same cloth. So, the cat will not mark those things that have already got its smell.
  • Wet the napkin in cat urine and place in a tray. This will help the kitten in the future to navigate.
  • In case you caught the cat right on the spot, drop water on it. Cats do not like any water procedures and even a drop of water will be stressful for her.
  • Praise the little kitten after each visit to the tray. In some cases, you can even play with him while he is in the tray. Remember that it is easier to teach right to the right place than to wean.
  • If the cat has chosen certain places for its toilet, then the installation of bowls with drink and food in these places will be a win-win option. Cats are clean creatures and will not crap where they eat.
  • To disaccustom a cat anywhere, it is possible to paste over a site which it has taken for a toilet with a double-sided adhesive tape. Having seated she will slightly stick wool to her, she will not be hurt, and discomfort is guaranteed to her. Now this place will be associated with discomfort for her, and the cat will not go there.
  • Wash dirty seats with strong-smelling agents. You can also use mustard, butter or lemon peel, or something else your pet doesn’t like.
  • From modern tools offered by shops for animals, you can use the "Antisex", "Antigadin". These tools are designed to calm the cats and cats during the spring spree, but they will also help in correcting the behavior of the pet.
  • Temporarily put the tray in the place where the cat has spoiled. And then move to a convenient place for both the owner and the cat.
  • It is very difficult to wean the cat to spoil flowers. The process will take a long time, because, in the opinion of cats, the ground is the best place to go to the toilet. Cats like the process of dripping in the soil, they are pleased when the earth touches the feet. First, you need to remove all the flowers in the zone of inaccessibility of the pet. In large tubs, the ground is covered with something, because large pot sizes are difficult to transfer without damaging the plant. For a while replace the filler in the tray on the sand. And then daily pour in a tray to the sand little by little filler. In the future, it is recommended to replace the old filler with a new one, which will resemble sand in consistency.
  • In the case of a stressful state of the cat, the owner is recommended to pay more attention to the pet, more often to stroke it, to play. In some particularly severe cases, you will need to seek help from a veterinarian who will prescribe sedatives. And in no case should not get angry and scold the cat if she shat in the wrong place. With screams, you only aggravate the already difficult situation.
  • If there are no obvious reasons for your pet’s rebellion, it’s worth take the cat to the vet. The specialist will conduct a survey and take tests. And already on the basis of the data obtained, he will report on the diseases that caused the refusal to visit the toilet in the right place. Will prescribe the necessary treatment.
  • As soon as you see that the cat is crouched and is going to do things, immediately grab it and carry it to the tray. It requires perseverance and attention, but in the end you will achieve your goal. You can also put coins in a can and shake every time the cat starts to sit down. She will be frightened by a loud sound and will forget that she planned to crap where she is not supposed to.

How to remove the smell of urine?

In veterinary stores today on sale there is a huge range of tools that remove the smell of urine. Some tools combine several properties and remove unpleasant odors and persistent unwanted fragrance that cats will not like.

Household applianceswhich can eliminate the smell of cat urine:

  • lemon juice
  • potassium permanganate
  • vinegar
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • iodine
  • alcohol