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How to keep a tan after the sea for a long time


Before proceeding to the secrets of tanning, you need to understand why our skin changes its shade.

Many people do not think that UV rays are useful for our body only the first minutes of exposure to the sun. Abuse of sunbathing is fraught with burns.

Under the influence of sunlight the skin loses a lot of moisture, its elasticity deteriorates, and wrinkles appear. At the same time, the body begins to produce melanin, due to which the skin changes its shade to a darker one.

For all people, the sun's rays act differently. Tan skin “sticks” easier and lasts longer for dark skinned people, and light-skinned people suffer from excessive redness with minimal exposure to the sun.

Many women, getting to the coast of the sea, treat solar procedures with fanaticism. They sunbathe until they get burned. After their skin turns red, it eventually darkens, flakes and peels. Thus, the skin is restored, rejecting the damaged cells.

At the moment when the skin is covered, the acquired tan disappears, and the integuments acquire their natural color.

Therefore, in order for the tan to last longer, it is important not to get burned and constantly moisturize the skin.

Body preparation for sunburn

Basically, all women think about keeping their chocolate skin tones when the tan is already received. But this is not entirely correct. In order for the tan to last longer, you need to prepare your skin before you go to the beach.

These are simple daily procedures that are familiar to each of you. So, before you go to the sea you need:

  • Cleanse the skin using acid-free scrubbing agents.. Thanks to this, you will get rid of dead skin cells, the tan will lie down and last longer. Just remember that this procedure must be done a few days before the first exit to the beach. During this time, the skin will recover after the cleansing procedure.
  • Visit the bath or sauna. In the bath, your skin is steamed and cleansed. At this point, you can perform the procedure of peeling the whole body.
  • Take a hot bath. If you do not have the opportunity to visit the sauna, then a hot bath with the addition of sea salt can be an excellent alternative.
  • Be in the sun often. In order to quickly get the desired tan, try to travel to the sea to start sunbathing. Dark people do not burn so quickly, and they can stay longer in the sun. And this leads to a more intense tan.
  • Sing 1 glass of carrot juice. A week before the trip, start drinking carrot juice. This vegetable stimulates the production of melanin, thanks to which our skin acquires the desired shade.

Preparation of skin for sunburn

Our face is most affected by the sun. Probably every woman is familiar with the situation when her nose and cheeks are scorched, and after tanning, they have a more pronounced brown tint.

In order for the tan on the face to lie flat and hold on for a long time, it is necessary to make an easy peeling with an oatmeal-based cosmetic.

Sun exposure and tanning rules

In order for the tan to stay with you for long months, you need to get it right. Many women know, but do not adhere to the simple advice of being in the sun.

But because of how seriously you will approach this issue, depends not only the quality of tanning, but also your health in general.

We have compiled basic rules that will help minimize the negative effects of aggressive sunlight.

  1. Sunbathing is better not to take in the period from 11.00 to 16.00.
  2. Be sure to use sunscreen with an SPF filter.
  3. In the first few days of your stay on the beach, it is recommended to sunbathe in the shade. This way you will sunbathe longer, but let your skin adapt and you will definitely not get burned.
  4. The first 3 days should not be in the open sun more than 30 minutes.
  5. After you return from the beach and take a shower, apply special products on the skin after tanning.

Tanning products

Surely you know that it is not recommended to be on the beach without a headdress. So we protect ourselves from sunstroke. But the skin also needs protection. Some people wear clothes and hide under umbrellas for this purpose.

But those who want to tan these methods are unlikely to fit. A great alternative to T-shirts and an umbrella is sunscreen. Such creams and lotions in their composition should contain SPF-factor. It is he who blocks or reflects the rays.

Different sunscreens have different degrees of protection. When buying such a product, pay attention to the numbers next to the word "SPF". They can be between 2 and 50+. The higher the number, the higher the degree of protection.

We recommend purchasing 2 sunscreens. One more powerful, and the second is weaker. For example, cream with SPF 50 and SPF15. In the first few days of exposure to the sun, use a tool with a high degree of protection, and when the skin gets a bronze tan, less strong.

To choose products for tanning you need on the basis of your skin phototype. If you are naturally dark-skinned, then the probability of burning you is not so high, so you can choose a cream with SPF30 as a means of high protection.

Funds after tanning

In addition to creams, lotions and sprays for tanning, in your cosmetic bag should be a means and after tanning. They are also called prolongators.

They well moisturize and nourish the skin, making it supple and elastic. In addition, fix tan.

Prefer cosmetics containing aloe. Not bad if the composition will contain an extract of arnica, witch hazel or horsetail, as well as citrus essential oils.

How to keep a tan after the sea

After you return from vacation, you will have to make an effort so that the acquired tan does not disappear in a few weeks.

It is worth noting that the sea tan is washed off faster than the tan obtained on the bank of a river body of water or at the summer cottage. All because of the fact that going to the sea, we find ourselves in an unusual climate for you. The body is under stress and rebuilt. After returning home, the body starts an active recovery process. As a result, the acquired tan disappears, and the skin gets its natural shade.

This process cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed down. To do this, follow these tips.

  1. Every day, after taking a shower, apply a moisturizing lotion on your skin.
  2. Take a bath with the addition of sea salt or flax oil.
  3. At the time, refuse to visit the baths and saunas.
  4. With daily hygiene procedures do not use hard washcloths.
  5. Discard scrubs.
  6. Do not use cosmetics that contain ingredients that bleach the skin (cucumber, lemon, etc.).

How to keep a tan after tanning

To a spectacular bronze tan after a solarium does not disappear for a long time, you must adhere to the following rules. Namely:

  • To prepare the skin for sunburn, making a gentle peeling,
  • Use sunscreens that are suitable for tanning in tanning beds,
  • After acquiring the desired skin tone, do not use whitening cosmetics.

How to maintain an intense tan without sunlight

In order to maintain the acquired tan until next summer, you will have to regularly visit the solarium. This is the only way that 100% will save the bronze skin tone you received. These procedures are contraindicated for many people, so we recommend consulting with a doctor before visiting a tanning salon.

If there are no contraindications, then a month after returning from the sea coast you can go to the solarium. To maintain your tan, you will only need to spend 1 session per week, lasting 5-6 minutes.

Some women are actively using cosmetics for tanning. These are creams, lotions or sprays that, after contact with the skin, change the color of the skin.

Hot tubs

  • Make a strong decoction of chamomile, strain it and pour it into a water bath. After taking such a bath, the tan lasts longer, and the skin becomes velvety.
  • Brew strong black tea and pour all the tea leaves in the bath. After a few procedures, you will notice how the skin softened and became more taut.
  • Melt a chocolate bar and mix with 100 g of water, then pour the mixture into a bath of water. Thanks to this procedure, the skin is rejuvenated.
  • Excellent moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the bath with olive oil. Simply pour 0.5 cups of olive oil into the water bath.
  • Wipe the skin daily with a swab dipped in black tea, cocoa or coffee.
  • You can wipe your face with infusions, for example, from a series or chamomile. To do this, take 10 tbsp. grass or inflorescences and pour 1l of very hot water. All insist for 2 hours.
  • You can wash with green tea or milk.
  • Wipe the skin with cream.
  • Take the thick of freshly brewed coffee and apply it on your face. Wait until the mask is dry. After that, lightly wash the coffee. Massaging the skin at that moment while the mask on the face is not needed.
  • Take some carrot juice and olive oil. Mix these 2 ingredients. Apply the mask to your face and after 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.
  • 2 ripe tomato mash before the formation of gruel and mix with 1 tbsp. olive oil and 4 tbsp. fat cottage cheese. Apply this mixture on your face and rinse with water after 1/3 hour.

Most of the components of folk remedies have every hostess. The main thing is not to be lazy and use them regularly.

Why tanning resistance depends on diet

Under the influence of sunlight, the skin is dehydrated and needs to be nourished not only with cosmetics, but also with vitamins, amino acids and fats from the inside. Do not forget about a balanced diet. Summer is the time when you can and should eat the maximum amount of fruits and vegetables. Some of the gifts of nature contribute to fixing the tan on our skin.

Pay attention to the products:

  • Containing vitamin a - milk, apricots, cheeses, egg yolk, beef liver, etc. These products should be used in combination with fats (fatty fish, nuts, etc.). That is how vitamin A is best absorbed.
  • Containing vitamin c - mainly fresh berries, fruits and vegetables (strawberries, black currants, tomatoes, peppers, etc.).
  • Containing vitamin E - vegetable oil (corn or sunflower), almonds.
  • Containing beta carotene - spinach, peach, watermelon, carrot, melon, mango, etc.

The nutrients in these products are powerful antioxidants. They contribute to the rapid absorption of selenium and eliminate the effects of the negative effects of sunlight on the human body.

Tips for resistant tanning

To keep a bronze tan for a long time, you need to follow these tips.

  1. Every day, before you go to the beach, drink 1 glass of apricot or carrot juice.
  2. Constantly moisturize the skin.
  3. Do not use folk remedies, the ingredients of which can whiten the skin (cucumber, lemon juice, etc.).
  4. Forget about aggressive scrubs.
  5. Periodically visit the solarium.
  6. Drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day.

Excellent folk tips to extend the tan for a long time.


All the fair sex dreaming of dark skin. But a tan cannot last forever. The main condition for its preservation for a longer time is intensive moisturizing of the skin and proper care.

Regular cosmetic procedures, proper nutrition and a tanning bed - this is what will help you to always be a “chocolate”!

Preparing your face for tanning

Since the face, unlike the body, is subjected to a much larger number of different cleansing procedures every day, the tan comes off rather quickly. Therefore, before you leave, you should take the time to prepare your face to the effects of the caressing rays of the sun, since you can save a tan for a long time, after taking care of it. Before tanning, it is not worthwhile to subject the delicate skin to serious traumatic procedures, soft peeling using finely ground oatmeal will remove surface impurities and at the same time will not deprive the skin of natural protection. Such an easy cleansing procedure will be quite enough to get an even and steady tan.

How to sunbathe

The biggest mistake of many people who have reached the sun is the thoughtless lying on the beach for hours under the scorching rays. Of course, tanning this way will be faster, but the probability of getting a serious burn is very high. In addition, the tan obtained in this way will surely quickly leave its holder when the injured skin begins to peel off and peel.

It is important to be able to sunbathe, as long as you can keep a tan after the sea for a long time only if it is received correctly. In the first days of vacation, it is better to reduce the time spent in the sun to 30 minutes, and only after the skin acquires a light chocolate hue can this time be increased. However, you should be especially careful not only to watch the time spent in the sun, but also what time of day is chosen for tanning. Ideal for sunbathing are the hours until noon and afternoon. This is necessary in order to protect the skin from the effects of too strong ultraviolet radiation and not get burned.

Sunbathing food

Everyone knows that tan is nothing but a protective reaction of the body to exposure to ultraviolet rays. In order to avoid damage to the skin, the body begins to produce melanin, under the action of which this seductive chocolate shade appears. Scientists have long proved that there are a number of products that have a significant impact on the production of this hormone due to the content in them of certain substances. Thus, one of the possible solutions to the urgent question of how to keep a tan after the sea will be proper nutrition.

Vitamin A is the first in the list of substances providing an even bronze color of the skin. It significantly accelerates the production of melanin and helps the regeneration of skin cells. Then, according to the list, among the agents that have a beneficial effect on the skin during and after tanning, one can mention protein, vitamins of group B, and also omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

In order to fill the body with these important substances, it is necessary to include in the diet more vegetables of red and orange color, as well as products containing healthy fats (nuts, avocados, fish, etc.).

Sunless tanning support

How long to keep a sea tan away from the beach and the sun? Thanks to such inventions as tanning beds and tanning products, the answer to this question becomes obvious. A small amount of dihydroxyacetone cream will help to return the body to a beautiful chocolate color. Reacting with skin keratin proteins, this substance triggers the production of melonoidin, which gives the skin a beautiful shade of natural tan. Such tools when used correctly do not bring any harm and give a fairly quick result.

Tanning sessions in a tanning salon cannot be called an absolutely harmless procedure, however, the skin tone obtained in this way will be as close as possible to the natural one. And since keeping a tan after the sea will help just a few minutes under the lamps a couple of times a month, there will not be much harm from visiting a tanning salon.

Folk remedies

How to keep a southern tan and do not harm the skin, but, on the contrary, bring it extra care and care? The best way is to take baths with various additives. So, the bath with the addition of chamomile decoction will not only help to keep the skin a nice golden color, but also give it a silky texture. And if you add to the water a certain amount of strong brewed black tea, then, in addition to supporting tanning, you can get the toning and softening of the skin.

A nice bonus to the beautiful color of the skin can be and rejuvenating effect, which will give a bath with chocolate. To do this, melt the chocolate bar and dilute the resulting mass with water (1: 1). It is necessary to pour the mixture into the bath.

Additional intensive moisturizing of the skin will prevent its peeling, and thus contribute to a longer lasting preservation of a beautiful tan. If while taking a bath, pour 1/2 cup of olive oil into the water, the skin will get an incredible amount of nutrients and intensive moisturizing that no lotion can provide.

Since you can keep a tan for a long time only by taking care of your skin, do not forget about daily care. However, you should give up products that have a whitening, brightening effect, and then a beautiful bronze skin color will delight you more than one month after the holidays!

1. Prepare the skin

In order for sunbathing to bring the expected fruits, you need to undergo a skin cleansing ritual. You need to update it, getting rid of dead horny scales. The tan goes on a flat surface and lasts longer.

Чтобы привести кожу в порядок, достаточно пройти процедуру химического пилинга в салоне или в домашних условиях воспользоваться специальными эксфолиантами. При нормальном типе кожи для очищения подойдут скрабы и пилинги с мелким абразивом.

Если вы - обладательница чувствительной кожи, то применяйте безабразивные пилинги. They simply apply to dry clean skin and rinse with water in a few minutes. They remove dead cells due to the impact of fruit acids, and various emollients and nourishing ingredients may be included in these products, which will make the skin smooth and moisturized. It is best to do peeling for 3-4 days before visiting the beach - that is, the peeling procedure should be carried out a few days before the trip to the sea.

In the event that you forget to add this item to the list, the dead skin particles remaining on the surface, dried in the sun, will begin to peel off, the tan will lie unevenly and quickly wash off.

Your beauty helpers:

How to keep a tan - 5 golden rules

1. Peeling mask Affirming Scrub Masque Sparitual,
2. Body Scrub from the collection Vitamin E Jo Malone,
3. Gel peeling Body shop.

2. Moisturize the skin

Under the influence of the sun, our skin dries quickly, so it is better to water it well in advance. You can undergo special non-invasive procedures for moisturizing the skin in the salon or, if indicated, a course of injections of mesotherapy or biorevitalization.

At home, one week before the holidays, start using moisturizers, milk or lotion (which you like best in texture). It is best to apply creams in the morning and in the evening.

3. Stimulate melanin production

Prepare your body for sunbathing, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Being fully armed, the skin will better attract the tan, and it will last longer. We want to offer you a special SPF diet that not only stimulates the production of melanin, but also improves the skin’s own protective shield.

Tanning diet: breakfast

Option 1: scrambled eggs

How to keep a tan - 5 golden rules / shutterstock.com

Would need: 2 eggs, 100 g of Bulgarian pepper, 1/4 onion, 100 g of tomatoes, 100 g of mushrooms, 100 g of low-fat cheese, 1 tbsp. spoon olive oil, salsa sauce to taste.
Cooking: in a medium bowl, whisk or fork whisk the eggs. Pour the mixture into the mold (for the oven). Finely chop the tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onions and lightly fry them in olive oil. Put the ingredients in the form, chop the grated cheese, sprinkle it on top. Put the dish in the oven and bake until done. Pour omelet at the end the sauce.

Option 2: parfait
Would need: 100 g peaches, 200 g apricots, 100 g watermelon, 200 g oranges, 2 tbsp. spoon cereal, 3 tbsp. spoons of low-fat classic yogurt.
Cooking: slice the fruit, mix it with muesli and yogurt. Serve chilled.

Option 3: Smoothies
The most simple and refreshing summer cocktail dish!
Would need: 200 g of watermelon (peeled), low-fat yogurt, 200 g of strawberries, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp. spoon of honey, 1/2 cup of crushed ice.
Cooking: Mix all the ingredients in a blender, pour into glasses. Can be served at the table.

What will help these products:
These products contain antioxidants (vitamins E, A) and lycopene. Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals, reducing the risk of sunburn. Lycopene (a coloring pigment in vegetables and fruits) stimulates the production of melanin.

Getting ready for vacation

Before traveling to Egypt or another hot country, you need to choose the right makeup for your skin:

  • cream with UV protection,
  • special tanning prolongator or regular moisturizer.

Special cosmetics protect the skin from excess UV, prevent the development of a burn. Accordingly, the less the skin is damaged, the less it will peel off, and the longer its deep and rich color will remain.

The sense of prolongator in deep moisturizing, which rarely can give ordinary body care cream. A prolongator is applied immediately after a shower and is left overnight.

Right tan

So that the skin does not start to peel off even during the holidays, it is necessary to reasonably approach the question of the time and duration of sunbathing. The optimal time for sunburn, especially in the first days, is the morning hours, approximately until 10 am, and the evening hours are from 17-18. In the first days it is better to be in the shade: ultraviolet is also there, but it is not so much compared to the places where direct sunlight hits the skin.

The skin on the face requires special protection with the help of sunscreens with a maximum level of protection against ultraviolet radiation, since if we can cover the rest of the body with clothes, the face will still be exposed to the sun's rays.

Lip Remedy must also be selected with a maximum SPF. And at night, deep moisture is required. Gradual preparation of the skin for sunlight will be an excellent prevention of rapid exfoliation of the surface layer containing melanin.

Nutrition as a way to keep a tan for long

A varied diet is important for healthy skin, regardless of whether you prefer sea or ski resorts. If we talk about ways to improve the condition of the skin and its ability to recover from being in the active sun, then it is first and foremost to give preference to fatty fish. Good sea resorts - this is the best place to pamper yourself with fresh fish and other seafood.

Fatty fish varieties contain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on the skin, help to improve its appearance and elasticity. Vitamins are also important. Especially those of them that have a pronounced antioxidant effect. This is vitamin C, A and E. Under the influence of sunlight in the skin a large number of free radicals are formed, which damage the cell walls.

Damaged cells do not live long. They die off and exfoliate from the skin.

To compensate for the lack of these vitamins, you must either take a vitamin-mineral complex, or do not limit yourself to ripe fruits, vegetables, juices and other tasty and healthy things.

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Skin care after the sea

To the question of how much a tan can last after a holiday, it is worth considering taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin. If the skin sunburns badly and gets burned quickly, then you should not expect that after a holiday, which was in July, the tan, provided it is properly cared for, will last until mid-autumn.

Already in August, the owners of Celtic-type skin will be white as before. But those who have sunburn immediately and without problems, can walk very dark for a very long time. The less skin is prone to ultraviolet damage, the longer it will be possible to show off the sea tan.

The easiest way to maintain color saturation and not to overdry the skin in a tanning bed. As a product with bronzers, you can choose any tanning cream, which contains cane sugar - dihydroxyacetone.

Photo: bronzer for tanning in a solarium

This natural component is absorbed into the surface layers of the epidermis and darkens in contact with air, giving the skin a chocolate hue. It is used to obtain the desired skin color during the procedure of instant tan.

Cream with bronzer over natural tan will go smoothly and will not let the skin color fade.

Another advantage of tanning products with bronzers in addition to their ability to maintain the desired intensity of tanning is their ability to deeply moisturize the skin. Because the benefits of their use will be double.

  • Tanning creams.

Creams for tanning are also suitable in order to maintain the rich color of natural tan. But they will not give the same level of moisture as a means for tanning beds.

  • A visit to the solarium.

The most effective way to constantly be "chocolate". In order to maintain the desired shade of the skin, it will not take much time to spend in a tanning salon. Most will be enough a couple of sessions per week for 5-7-10 minutes.

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What will contribute to the "wash sunburn"

Anything that will help exfoliate the skin will make the tan more and more light.

  • Heat treatments.

Hot bath, hot shower contribute to the fact that the top layer of the skin swells and peels off from it much easier. Therefore, it is desirable to limit yourself to a cool shower, and to temporarily refuse to take a bath.

Do not contribute to the long-term preservation of tanning sauna and sauna.

  • Mechanical impact.

You should not use hard washcloths or body scrubs, since the stronger the exfoliation, the paler the tan.

  • Chemical exposure.

Reduce the intensity of tanning any funds that have a brightening and whitening effect. Therefore, all your funds for daily use will have to check for the presence in their composition of vitamin C, lemon extract, cucumber, and other components, the purpose of which is to make the skin lighter and remove pigmentation.

Who is harmful to sunbathe?

In order to answer the question "how to keep a tan for a long time?", You need to find out whether you can sunbathe at all.

People with blond hair and skin tanning is absolutely contraindicated. A long stay in the sun will not bring anything except sunburn on the body.

Tips for getting a tan

In case your skin type is prone to getting tan, do not forget to follow the rules that will help you get an even shade:

  1. Start small:
  • in the first three trips to the beach, do not stay in the sun for more than 15-20 minutes. This time to start is enough for the body to become accustomed to exposure to sunlight. In subsequent times, the time spent in the sun can be increased, but you should not sunbathe for more than 1 hour,
  1. Observe the mode:
  • There are certain hours in which the activity of the sun's rays is low, medium and high. Safe time for sunburn - low and medium activity,

6-10 hours - low sunshine activity

10-12 hours - the average activity of the sun's rays

12-16 hours - high activity of sunlight (at this time the probability of getting burns is maximal)

16-17 hours - the average activity of the sun's rays

17-19 hours - low sunshine activity

  1. Use special means:
  • To get a beautiful tan as soon as possible, it is necessary to lubricate the skin with cosmetics: oils or sunblock. If there is no such hand, there is an easier way to moisturize the skin: take a dip in the pond. Ensure that your skin does not become dry,
  1. Do not forget about the hat:
  • To prevent the possibility of sunstroke, wear a Panama head scarf or head scarf when you are under the influence of active rays for a long time. It should be remembered that ultraviolet hair dries strongly,
  1. Pay particular attention to the face:
  • eyelids and the area around the eyes should also be smeared with a special cream in three layers and not wearing glasses, let your eyes tan a few minutes. It is recommended to lubricate lips with hygienic lipstick or balm, preventing them from drying out.

    Tanning secrets

    How long your tan will last depends on various factors - this is the predisposition of the skin to be under the UV rays, and the method of tanning.

    Melanin is responsible for obtaining and maintaining tanning. If it is sufficient in the body, tanning is fast and persists for a long time.

    For example, it has long been noticed that a tan obtained at sea disappears faster than the tan that you received on a local pond or cottage. But still there are several ways to keep a tan for a long time:

    How well prepared your body is for sunbathing depends on how long it stays tanned. Before going to the beach, use scrubs, body peels and visit the bath - you need to maximally free the skin from dirt and dead cells. But after you soak up the sun, on the contrary, use only emollient and moisturizing cosmetics. And do not save on high-quality cosmetics. The use of various essential oils after a shower or bath also moisturizes the skin and gives tan to shine.

    1. Proper nutrition to save tan.

    In order to remain “chocolate” as long as possible, replenish your body with vitamins A, C and E. To do this, include as many vegetables and fruits as possible in your daily diet.

    • A large amount of vitamin E can be found in carrots. Drink a glass of carrot juice every day.
    • Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and currants,
    • The consumption of legumes, maize and vegetable oils will replenish the supply of vitamin A.
    1. Tanning and tanning beds

    There are also radical ways of maintaining a golden hue - it is a tanning bed and tanning. As soon as you notice that the skin begins to fade, you can apply this product on the body, or visit a tanning salon to restore its former beauty. But still you should not hope that artificial methods will be just as effective.

    1. The most effective assistant for the preservation of the "chocolate" skin tone is coffee. Make him scrubs, body masks, mixing with nourishing creams and aromatic oils.

    Coffee face mask:


    Taking sunbathing, remember about elementary security measures. If suddenly you get sunburn, take a cooling shower or bath, soften the skin with chamomile lotion (it has anti-inflammatory effect) and drink as much liquid as possible.

    Tanning is an important step in skin renewal.

    The ritual of cleansing the epidermis from dead horny scales helps to get the expected even tan and make it as resistant as possible.

    If you ignore this procedure, then there is a risk of burning and peeling of the skin, which significantly spoils its appearance and does not allow to get an even sea tan or summer tan.

    The following will help save it longer:

    • Cleansing for all skin types. Peeling is ideally performed for several days (3 or 4) before appearing on the beach. To prepare the skin for sunbathing, you can use the procedure of chemical peeling by a beautician or using exfoliants, soft exfoliating means with fruit and lactic acids, allowing you to cleanse at home. Such manipulations are good for owners of oily or combination dermis. For normal skin type, fine abrasive peels and scrubs are selected. For girls with thin, sensitive skin it is better to use a hommage that does not contain abrasive (solid) particles. If you buy such a tool in the store, then you should give preference to a cosmetic product marked Sensitive. Such products, in addition to fruit acids, often contain caring ingredients that soften, moisturize and nourish the skin, making it smooth and elastic.
    • Moisturizing.Cosmetologists advise admirers of salon procedures for non-invasive procedures to saturate the skin with moisture, and may also recommend biorevitalization or mesotherapy if there are indications for the use of these techniques. For self-moisturizing the skin at home fit: creams, lotions, cosmetic milk, corresponding to the type of dermis. It is necessary to begin their active use a week before the trip to the resort, saturating the skin with moisture in the morning and evening.
    • Stimulation of melanin synthesis. The use of large amounts of antioxidants - "beauty vitamins" E and A - will protect the skin from the negative effects of free radicals. The coloring pigment lycopene contained in bright fruits and vegetables, activates the production of melanin by the body, which is responsible for a particular skin tone. A beautiful southern tan can be obtained and maintained for a long time using any variation of the Mediterranean diet. It nourishes the omega-3 fatty acids with fish and seafood with polyphenols, due to the abundance of herbs and vegetables, and also prevents the onset and development of oncological diseases.
    • Special cosmetics.When choosing moisturizers to prepare the skin for the effects of ultraviolet rays, dermatologists advise you to pay attention to cosmetics. The tanner, which is part of the majority of the world's manufacturers of cosmetics, helps to deeply moisturize the tissues, which cannot be achieved with conventional care products. With it, the skin will receive protection from damage, less will peel off, retain a deep and rich tone. Put a prolongator after a shower, leaving it on the skin until the morning.

    In addition, to obtain and maintain a tan for a long period allow preliminary visits to the solarium with the gradual adaptation of the skin to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Experts advise to start with a two-minute session and then the future sea tan will become more stable, it will be possible to keep it for a long time.

    Tanning Rules

    To avoid the negative effects of exposure to sunbathing helps compliance with certain recommendations:

    • You need to sunbathe gradually. In the first days you should not abuse solar procedures, limiting yourself to 15-20 minutes of being on the beach. After getting used to the skin, when it gets a light golden hue, you can increase your stay in the sun to 45-60 minutes. Using this method, the tan is even and lasts longer.
    • Нельзя находиться под прямыми лучами дневного светила с 11 до 16 часов, так как в этом интервале его действие является самым агрессивным, поэтому велик риск получения ожога.
    • Необходимо учитывать свой тип кожи и уровень чувствительности к солнцу. White-skinned beauties need to use sunscreen with a high SPF-index and reduce the time spent under the scorching rays. Dark-skinned people have a higher concentration of melanin, so their skin is more adapted to the effects of the sun. It’s much easier to keep a tan for a long time, but you need to make sure that it is even and beautiful.
    • You should not go to the beach on an empty stomach or immediately after a meal. Sunbathing takes 1-1.5 hours after meals.
    • You can not sleep on the beach and lie down for a long time without moving, it is better to sunbathe actively.
    • Having received a burn, even with a slight reddening, it is necessary to stop visiting the beach for a few days, using Panthenol and other means to restore the health of the skin.

    Skin care at rest

    Long-term preservation of tan helps a gradual decrease in the level of SPF-protection in the means used. Thus, a deep and uniform skin color is achieved due to the sun rays.

    The mistake would be to use sunscreen with the lowest index in order to get a faster tan. Such an instant tan can not be maintained for long, and the risk of burning in this case is great.

    In the short vacation, consisting of 1-2 weeks, you can use the cream with SPF 50 for the first 2 days, the next couple of days - the product with the level of SPF 30. You should stop on the SPF index 15 and not lower further by using this cream.

    After solar procedures, the skin requires recovery, even if it was prepared for them in advance. The sun and sea water are intensively drawing moisture out of it. After each visit to the beach, you need to take a shower, washing off the salt, and then restore the water balance of the skin with a moisturizer. It can be cosmetic products with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E, other antioxidants.

    On the face to maintain a bronze or chocolate hue helps to apply a cream with a high SPF index not only before visiting the beach, but also before the usual exit to the street. Treat this tool should also be cleavage.

    If the tan has already reached the desired shade, you still need to use sunscreens to protect the skin from penetrating rays deep into the dermis, which provoke negative processes in the cells, and the production of free radicals that enhance the photoaging of the skin.

    How long to keep a tan

    The persistence of summer pigmentation depends on the place and conditions in which it was obtained. A large role is also played by the individual characteristics of the skin. For example, a Turkish tan can be maintained by someone for three or four months, while for blond-haired blondes it lasts no more than two months.

    From Egypt, a bronze skin tone makes its owners happy for about the same amount of time, judging by the reviews, it is possible to keep it longer only with the help of a tanning bed. Sea tan, unlike summer cottage or acquired on the river bank, is washed off much faster.

    How to keep a tan after the sea for a long time? Restoration of the natural skin tone can be slowed down using several methods.

    Need to eat foods:

    • with vitamin A (milk, cheese, beef liver, egg yolks, apricots and others),
    • with vitamin C (fresh gifts of nature - berries, fruits, vegetables),
    • with vitamin E (vegetable oils - sunflower, olive, corn, almond),
    • with beta carotene in the composition (peaches, watermelons, carrots, melons, spinach and mango).

    Such a diet helps to keep the tan after a holiday for several months and at the same time improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

    How does tan appear on the skin?

    Sunburn is a gradual darkening of the skin color due to the influence of ultraviolet rays. These rays, falling on the skin, stimulate the production of pigment in the upper layer of the epidermis, which is called melanin.

    The production of melanin by the body occurs gradually. After a short stay in the sun, the pigment begins to actively reproduce and after about a week it accumulates enough to obtain a dark skin tone. First of all, melanin performs a protective function, absorbing thermal radiation and thereby protecting cells that are in the deep layers of the epidermis from cell death. When this protection does not work, you can get a sunstroke or burn.

    There are also cases of uneven distribution of melanin on the skin surface, while, as a result of sunburn, freckles or age spots can appear. In addition, the different content of this pigment in the human body causes an increased sensitivity of some people to the sun's rays (as a rule, the skin is pale, difficult to tan, with prolonged exposure to the sun quickly burns and the skin peels off) and their excellent tolerance by people who have content melanin is higher (the skin initially has a darker shade, it tans well, there are practically no burns).

    So, in order to further save the sea tan for a long time, you must follow the following recommendations:

    1. Prepare carefully for sun exposure
    2. Observe important tanning rules
    3. Use cosmetics
    4. Skin care after sunbathing

    Cleansing the face and body

    Before you begin to sunbathe should be easy to peel or scrub the body. Such training will get rid of dead skin cells, and the tan will be smoother. You can carry out such a cleansing procedure using ready-made cosmetics, or by preparing a scrub yourself. The most popular recipes are based on sugar, sea salt and coffee:

    • mix half a tablespoon of sea salt with drinking water to a mushy state, apply on the skin and massage for five to seven minutes, then rinse with warm water,
    • dilute four tablespoons of ground coffee with boiled water, apply on the body in a circular motion, rinse with warm water,
    • dilute five tablespoons of sugar with drinking water, massage the skin and rinse with warm water.

    In addition to the skin of the body, you should perform the same procedure for the face, but in this case it is preferable to use peeling or gommage, since their texture is smaller, and they will delicately cope with cleansing delicate skin. As a home remedy for facial peeling, the following recipes work well:

    • Mix two tablespoons of ground oatmeal with half a tablespoon of natural yogurt and one tablespoon of strong green tea. Allow the mixture to infuse for half an hour, then apply on the face and neck with massage movements and rinse with warm water in fifteen minutes.
    • squeeze the juice of half an orange and half a lemon, add one teaspoon of sea salt and one tablespoon of milk to the juice mix. Rub lotion into skin and rinse with warm water after ten minutes. If a person is subject to pigmentation, then fruit peels based on fruit acids should not be used.
    • Combine one teaspoon of sugar with one tablespoon of cream, apply on face and rinse with warm water in ten minutes.

    After the procedure of exfoliating the skin of the body, it must be moisturized. To do this, use a lotion or mist for the body with a moisturizing effect. It should not be used as a moisturizer very fatty creams or essential oils, as this will adversely affect the tanning process. To moisturize the skin should also use moisturizers with a light texture.

    Solarium visit

    If you plan to get a tan in the resort area with a very intense sun, it is better to visit the solarium two weeks before the trip. This is necessary to raise the level of melanin in the body and enhance the protection of the skin against burns. To visit the solarium should be on more than once every three days, starting with a two-minute session and gradually increasing the residence time, but not exceeding the maximum permissible mark of ten minutes.

    Adjustment of the diet

    Already at the stage of preparation for tanning, you should enrich your diet with products that contain beta keratin, which helps the skin to absorb the sun's rays. Such products are distinguished by orange color. You also need to drink a course of capsular vitamins A, E, C and B-12, helping to preserve procollagen - a protein that protects against burns. And to prevent the appearance of dry skin, you need to monitor the amount of water you drink per day, preferably at least one and a half liters.

    Cosmetic and home tanning products

    To date, there is a wide range of sunscreens, which are the main allies for getting even beautiful shade, without pigmentation and burns. Sunscreens have approximately the same composition, therefore, when choosing the right product, you should be guided by the SPF level indicated on the tube. It is this indicator that reflects the protective capabilities of a particular agent, and it should be in the range of thirty to fifty.

    The lighter the skin and the older the person, the hotter the climate of the chosen holiday destination, the higher the SPF level should be. Also, when choosing a sunscreen, one should pay attention to well-established brands: Garnier, Vichy, Clinics, Librederm, Babchen, Nivea, etc.

    After choosing a suitable protective cream, you should be familiar with the rules for its use:

    • Apply the cream should be at least twenty minutes before going to the beach, so that the defense has time to activate and begin to act in full force in the sun,
    • after bathing sunscreen should be re-applied. If bathing is not planned, then it is better to apply the cream every couple of hours,
    • the tool itself should be kept in a beach bag, otherwise under the influence of direct sunlight it will lose its protective properties.

    For those who do not trust industrial cosmetics, an excellent alternative may be self-made products.

    Such means bribe their naturalness, low cost, harmlessness and the ability to change the recipe on your own. The main disadvantage of using home tanning products is that they are not able to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, they are used to give the skin a golden dark tone not while in the sun. That is, homemade recipes can be used in the case when a trip to the sea is not planned, but you want to make your skin tanned or use them as an additional measure to enhance tanning and the acquisition of a uniform shade.

    Apply the selected product should be no more than twenty minutes on all exposed skin, not forgetting the area behind the ears, neck and feet. At the same time it is necessary to stand in order to avoid smearing and the appearance of bald spots. After rinsing the composition of the skin must be moistened. Repeat the procedure should be three times a week to obtain the desired tone.

    If the result is not satisfactory, you can get rid of such a tan by mixing one part of the alcohol with two parts of water, and wiping the treated parts of the body and face with the resulting composition. The most popular homemade recipes for tanning are:

    • A mixture of fifty grams of cocoa powder and one hundred and fifty milliliters of water.
    • A mixture of three hundred grams of turmeric and one hundred milliliters of water.
    • Mix from juice of two-three fruits of carrots and fifty grams of glycerin.
    • A mixture of one hundred milliliters of olive oil and six drops of iodine (do not rinse).
    • A mixture of thirty to forty grams of dried chamomile and succession. Pour the mixture with one liter of boiling water, insist for two hours, then strain and wipe the skin with the resulting decoction in the morning and evening (do not rinse). Store the broth should be in a glass container in a dark, cool place.
    • A decoction of three or four tablespoons of onion peel. Rinse the husks and pour five hundred milliliters of cold water and cook over low heat until the color of water is brown. Broth strain pour into a glass container and wipe the skin once a day, not rinsing.

    Skin care after tanning

    The most important point in long-term tanning is daily moisturizing the skin.

    After obtaining the desired chocolate color should avoid taking hot baths. It is better to give preference to a slightly warm soul and non-sulfate cleansers for the body.

    After a shower, a moisturizing agent is necessarily applied to the skin of the body and face, which can be based on oils, or you can purchase a special skin care product after tanning. There are many variations of this tool - cream, gel, milk, spray. After tanning skin care products are selected individually, the main selection criteria are light texture of the product, quick absorption, powerful moisturizing effect. The following remedies are considered the most effective: after-spray spray with cactus extract Ambre Solaire (Garnier), refreshing gel for face and body “Protection and Moisturizing” of Sublime Sun series (L'Oral Paris), moisturizing Sun Kissed Skin lotion (Nivea).

    To care for your skin after sunburn, it is imperative to continue applying sunscreen with a high level of SPF before going outside, which should also be applied to the decollete area.

    You should also use moisturizers based on hyaluronic acid, thermal water, glycerin, avocado and grape seed oils, rice extract and the addition of vitamin E and peptides twice a day. Means with such components in the composition contribute to the regeneration of the epidermis, making it elastic and elastic, which will save the tan for a long time.

    In addition, for the skin of the face and neck once or twice a week it is recommended to apply moisturizing masks with collagen and vitamin E.

    Tanning Recipes

    In addition to cosmetics for skin after sunbathing, you can recommend a few recipes at home, which will help soothe and moisturize the skin of the face and body, as well as make tanning firmness:

    • Recipe 1. Thirty grams of dried linden flowers pour two cups of boiling water and leave for an hour, then strain and add to the infusion fifty grams of honey. Rub the skin with the composition and rinse off after fifteen minutes.
    • Recipe 2. Grind two egg yolks with one tablespoon of olive oil and add one tablespoon of warmed honey. Apply the composition to the skin and rinse off after fifteen minutes.
    • Recipe 3. Mix the pulp of two avocados with the juice of three or four carrot fruits, then add one teaspoonful of wheat germ oil. Apply the composition to the skin and rinse off after fifteen minutes.

    After two or three weeks after returning from vacation, the tan can become gray. In this case, you should hold a light peeling of the skin, which will help to remove the dead layer and return tan to freshness. In addition to the purchase, you can use home peels (sugar, salt or coffee).

    Also, after a couple of weeks after the tanned skin, you can start using tanning products that will help support the resulting dark skin tone.


    All nutritional recommendations for preserving sunburn are aimed at maintaining the water balance in the body, which will help protect the epidermis from drying out, as well as the accumulation of essential nutrients involved in the formation of dark pigment. These recommendations are quite simple:

    • use at least one and a half liters of water per day,
    • Include in the diet of sea fish, vegetable oils and nuts to get the body the "correct" fat to maintain the elasticity of the skin and some amino acids that support the dark pigment. In addition, oils and nuts contain vitamin E, necessary for the body both before and after sunbathing,
    • Continue to use products with beta keratin to enhance the production of melanin. Such products are easily identified by the characteristic orange color: carrots, pumpkin, mango, peach, apricot, cantaloupe. Also a lot of beta keratin is found in watermelon and spinach,
    • Provide for the menu use of products containing vitamin A, which helps the golden shade to remain on the skin for a long time. A lot of this vitamin is present in milk, eggs, butter, cheese, beef liver and tomatoes,
    • provide in the menu the use of products containing vitamin C, which is a direct participant in the protection of the epidermis. It is found in all citrus fruits, strawberries, black currants, tomatoes.

    Factors contributing to the disappearance of sunburn

    After the skin has acquired a beautiful dark uniform shade, special attention should be paid to factors that can damage the tan, or accelerate its disappearance from the skin surface:

    1. Reception of hot baths, visiting baths and saunas. The fact is that when exposed to high temperatures, the upper layer of the epidermis softens and comes off with a tan.
    2. Using scrubs, hard scourers, aggressive shower gels.
    3. Rubbing the skin with a towel after a shower. To maintain tanning, gently blot the skin of the body and face with a towel.
    4. The use of cosmetic or home remedies with a brightening effect or aimed at combating pigment spots. You should carefully read the composition of the used means for the body and face during and after tanning, as well as be careful when using folk recipes. Если в составе имеется лимон, огурец, алоэ вера, их использование может привести к появлению светлых пятен на коже и испортить внешний вид загара.

    Compliance with the correct mode of exposure to the sun, all the necessary recommendations for preparing for sunburn and after it, careful selection of suitable cosmetic or home remedies and their systematic use will help not only to get even beautiful chocolate skin color, but also to keep it for a long period of time.