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Top 10 watch brands and their famous fans


Watches have long been not only a device for determining the time of day, but also an accessory that focuses on the social status of the owner, as well as on his personality. Expensive watch brands are characterized by incomparable precision of mechanisms consisting of a large number of components. In the process of their manufacture, only the most high-strength materials are used, thanks to which the products have a long service life. Some models look like real works of art, attracting the attention of amazing beauty and functionality. Further presented to your attention most expensive watch brands in the world.

1. Patek Philippe

Original Swiss brand watches Patek philippe occupy high positions among famous brands. They are characterized by a perfect design, a unique mechanical design and impeccable reliability. The quality of watches is fully consistent with international standards, and their production technologies are constantly being improved, delighting their owners with a variety of stylish models. For the manufacture of each instance are different non-standard materials. That is why all watches of this brand are elegant and stylish movements. The most expensive model Patek Philippe was sold for $ 11,136,642.

Breguet - one of the most expensive watch brands, which ranks first in popularity all over the world. The watches of the Swiss company Breguet are equipped with a high-precision mechanism and rich functionality. Each model is made in the aristocratic style and is packaged in a beautiful case of Moroccan leather. All items in them are made of gold and silver. The watches harmoniously combine technical complexity and simplicity, and the uniqueness and luxury of the products confirms their solid value. For example, one of the most expensive models was sold for 5 million US dollars. Many high-ranking officials and the ruling elite prefer wrist watches of this brand.

3. Lange & Sohne

German company Lange & sohne known as one of the most expensive serial watch manufacturers. Wristwatches from Lange & Sohne are designed for true connoisseurs of high quality. Each model has a perfect appearance and durable mechanism. Many owners consider this accessory a profitable investment and a competent addition to their impeccable style. All copies are made using gold, platinum and precious stones. Engraving makes the watch especially attractive. And manual grinding and polishing makes the look even more neat and noble. Such watches are a kind of sign that a person has a high status and reputation. The most expensive copy from Lange & Sohne was estimated at $ 2.5 million.

4. Vacheron Constantin

Luxury watches are very expensive brands Vacheron constantin managed to earn an impeccable reputation, thanks to excellent quality and elegant external data. Refined high-end accessories have perfect precision mechanisms, as the best masters of the world work on their creation. Modern technologies allow them to produce the best of the best examples of watches, among which there are rare mechanical exhibits that are in museums. The symbol of the original clock is considered to be the Maltese cross. The high cost of these products is due to the fact that in the process of their production high-quality materials, precious stones and artistic painting are used. The products are very high quality and characterized by the reliability of the mechanical system. The largest fixed price is $ 1.5 million.

5. Blancpain

Top 10 most expensive watch brands include Blancpain, with a maximum cost of $ 800,000. During its existence, the hours of this Swiss company managed to become iconic, and some specimens even occupy places of honor in various world museums. Each model harmoniously combines technical innovations, as well as the skill of artists and the masters themselves. The sophisticated and elegant design of the mechanisms is perfectly combined with the noble classic style. The brand has managed to win many significant awards and has earned worldwide recognition in all corners of the planet, which speaks of the unsurpassed quality of its products.

6. Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet - Swiss manufacturer of expensive wristwatches, which harmoniously combined strength and elegance, which are an integral part of strict style. Such models have long been to the taste of strong and business people. This brand is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, which speaks of the worldwide recognition of the brand as one of the best and unique. All mechanisms are assembled exclusively by hand, and each model is assigned an individual serial number, as well as the author's autograph. In the manufacturing process, materials such as gold, stainless steel, diamonds, emeralds and diamonds are used. The dial is decorated with hand-painted decor. Such a solid accessory is equipped with an exact mechanism and is very popular in elite circles.

7. Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse nardin - high-quality and not cheap luxury Swiss watches. Characterized by excellent quality and extravagant appearance. Products of this brand are very popular among wealthy bidders. Masterpieces with the company logo are listed in the Guinness Book of Records. All models of watches have durability and elegant appearance, so they are an indispensable complement to the image of the most affluent representatives of the highest elite.

8. Girard Perregaux

Status and luxury watches of the Swiss brand Girard perregaux have long been held in high esteem by many world collectors. The chronometers of these accessories are more than a symbol of prestige and a high position in society. Individual developments and scientific research allow the company to create truly worthy and very expensive watches for the most demanding customers. Each model fits perfectly on the wrist due to the anatomical shape of the bracelets. Manual assembly allows you to create truly reliable and accurate mechanisms that have already been appreciated by true connoisseurs of high quality.

9. Jaeger LeCoultre

The high cost of the original Swiss brand watches Jaeger lecoultre is its original calling card. Such a reliable and high-quality mechanism exceeded all expectations. Each unit of the product lies through a variety of processing steps, so that they are as resistant to shocks as possible. All copies are characterized by exceptional complexity due to the ingenious design. Professional assembly and carefully selected parts make the watch durable and functional.

Rolex With the original logo in the form of a crown is considered one of the most famous and expensive watch brands in the world. They are an indicator of luxury and prestige. These mechanisms are characterized by incomparable chronometric accuracy, the fact of which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. Modern design and professional assembly made this brand of watches in demand in all countries of the world. Quality indicators, accuracy of products and strength of materials are at a height. In addition to the aesthetic data, the watch is characterized by impeccable functionality, which is felt during operation.


Before us again the Swiss brand, which is famous for an incredible variety of mechanisms and variants of dials. Jaeger-LeCoultre also contributed to the development of the watch industry around the world. In 1845, the company invented a watch that did not need to be wound up with a key. Jaeger-LeCoultre models are often decorated with precious stones, which makes them simply transcendental.

The watch of this brand is preferred by Robert Downey Jr., James Jones, Matt Damon and Queen Elizabeth II.

A.Lange & Söhne

This is a German brand of high-quality and prestigious watches. Founded by Ferdinand Adolf Lange in 1845. The company was known for its high-quality pocket watches, which often wore royalties in Europe. Later, they also began to produce oversized wrist watches. In 1848, the company was requisitioned by the East German government. That was due to political circumstances and the defeat of the country in World War II.

However, in 1990, the great-grandson of the founder Walter Lange returned the company with the help of several other watch manufacturers, such as IWC and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Today, Richemont own Lange, and their watches are sold worldwide.

A.Lange & Söhne wears Carmelo Anthony, as well as Vladimir Putin.

This brand is known not only for the manufacture of watches, but also for jewelry. The company was founded by Louis-Ulisse Chopard and gained fame through the manufacture of women's and pocket watches. The models of this brand are distinguished by a thoughtful, unique and very complex design. In 1976, they made a watch with sapphire glass. Gradually, the brand began to focus more and more on the fair sex. And in the 80s Chopard began to produce sports watches for men and diamond jewelry for women.

This brand is preferred by Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon and Simon Cowell.

Iwc schaffhausen

If you are looking for a quality watch that combines durability, precision and elegance, then IWC Schaffhausen is what you need. The brand has a long history that began in 1868. IWC Schaffhausen is a first-class watch, characterized by unsurpassed German quality. Among the features of this brand are accuracy, the display of the phases of the moon and the perpetual calendar. One of the drawbacks of IWC Schaffhausen is that the design of their models is too similar to that offered by other manufacturers. In general, the company would not hurt a bit of uniqueness when making their watches.

No wonder celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Orlando Bloom and Channing Tatum, Mohammed Ali, Adriana Lima and football player Luis Figo choose IWC Schaffhausen.

Panerai is the epitome of sporting style combined with simplicity and comfort. The company was founded in 1860 in Florence. The brand gained fame when it became the main supplier of watches and precision instruments for the Royal Italian Navy. Later, the company focused on the production of highly protected military watches and waterproof models for diving.

Popular with such brutal celebrities as Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Tom Cruise, Hugh Grant, Bill Clinton, Russell Crowe, Pierce Brosnan, Jerry Ferrara. The fan of the brand is supermodel Heidi Klum.

Top 10 rating watch brands

Rolex. It is one of the most famous brands in the wristwatch industry. An indicator of dignity and luxury. In any country, Rolex means prosperity and security. Each model of this brand is made skillfully and with a special approach, as well as in compliance with all the highest quality standards. The style and design of the watch to the smallest detail is thought out and made in the best traditions of chic and luxury. Rolex releases more than 500,000 hours annually.

Patek philippe. This is a watch belonging to the Super Premium category, which speaks of the high quality and style of wrist decoration. Each model of this brand is something new and not mastered by anyone, having complete uniqueness. All Patek Philippe watches have distinctive features that make the style and image unique. The mechanism of watches Patek Philippe has the knowledge of the “most complex mechanism of watches”. This brand represents several collections. : from classics to sports, from casual style to informal models.

Cartier. This is a French company owned by Richemond concern. This brand has always represented only the most elegant, luxurious and memorable watches, soaked with undeniable taste and chic. Modern classics and impeccable, sophisticated design look charmingly in the symbiosis of the wrist watches of the Cartier brand. Cartier watches are a cult of fashion and a tribute to luxury life., they are known worldwide and are famous for their excellent quality. Cartier watches are worn by the most successful people who admire the classics and give their voice to quality.

Vacheron constantin. Vacheron Constantin watch house is at the peak of popularity due to the magnificent combination of different styles together. Vacheron Constantin watches are recognizable, their distinctive features immediately catch the eye of even those who do not understand high fashion among the brand watch brands. Rich selection of textures and models, many additional features and original performance are the components of Vacheron Constantin brand success. Watches of this brand is a pleasure and unique impression on others.

Jaeger-lecoultre. This brand keeps pace with new technologies and development. The introduction of high technology and the interest of this brand for European houses has made this brand incredibly popular. Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are valued for their unique style and performance, combining all the luxury and beauty. And in a symphony with high technologies and intricate movements, the wristwatches of the brand Jaeger-LeCoultre are made by all the art of watch making. All models are carefully designed, all the smallest details are taken into account. Wristwatches Jaeger-LeCoultre - is a classic fashion watches.

Frank muller. All watches of the brand Frank Muller have a clear line, reflecting the design approach. Seeing one of the models of Frank Muller, you can remember for a lifetime their chronometers, which are distinguished by unusual numbers on the dial. Given the fact that the brand today is a little more than 20 years old (founded in 1991), the brand in such a short period of time managed to become popular around the world, winning the hearts of millions of people. Brand Frank Muller is one of the most recognizable.

Audemars Piguet. This is a clock, paying tribute to past traditions and combining novelty and extravagance. The experience accumulated over so many years of its existence helps the company to master new heights and overcome difficult obstacles. Brand Audemars Piguet produces real masterpieces, soaked in luxury and chic. Recently Audemars Piguet hit the Guinness Book of Recordsby creating the thinnest watch in the world. Is this not an indicator of brand status?

Panerai. This brand exists and successfully developed since 1860. The combination of excellent quality and excellent design made this brand the ideal watch business. Panerai is famous for its extravagance and creative approach to the manufacture of watches. All models of Panerai watches are trendy, stylish and modern., meet all the highest quality standards. These watches will not get lost among the thousands in the crowd. They will be a bright spot in the gray of everyday life.

Tag heuer. Having existed for over 150 years, TAG Heuer is known worldwide for its quality and stylish design. The company owns such developments as a swinging gear and a mechanical caliber, which shows time with maximum precision. The TAG Heuer brand has been honored with prizes and awards at many exhibitions.. This is a brand you can trust. There is not a single moment where one or another watch model could be blamed for a bad idea or embodiment. TAG Heuer guarantees a presentable appearance.

Hublot. This is a relatively new brand, but in popularity it can even be compared with the “old men” in the global wristwatch market. A feature of Hublot is the dial, which is represented by the brand in the most unusual forms and variations. Hublot watch brand models can be attributed to fusion style.. This is a fusion of various, sometimes even the most incompatible styles. The brand does it so successfully that in a short period of time the brand has soared to the top of the ratings in popularity.

This rating is the best of the best.. Those who today pleases us with new models, framed by new functions, structure and overall appearance.

And what do you think should be the rating of brand watches?

How to choose the best watches

Not all models of watches can be attributed to the Swiss. As a rule, these are products in which there is a Swiss most sophisticated mechanism, and assembly and testing were carried out in Switzerland. You can distinguish a fake by the following features:

too low price

lack of company stamped passport,

Geneva or Geneve.

Choose a Swiss watch advised by the following criteria:

The status of a person. Among the people in a certain circle, executive class watches are in demand. Influential, rich and famous choose gold, platinum models with expensive jewelry.

Financial opportunities. The price of Swiss watches starts from 10 thousand rubles and sometimes reaches several million rubles.

Lifestyle. Models for sports and business people are very different.

Design preferences. Usually, men choose the classic black or white color. Women love gold and silver products with stones and decorative elements.

Needs for functionality. Among the popular functions of recent years are repeater, chronograph, dynamometer, calendar, heart rate monitor.

Anyone who is thinking about buying a watch, first of all, is to decide how much he is willing to spend on them. There are many models with different price tags that depend on brand awareness, complexity and accuracy of the mechanism, as well as the availability of precious metals and stones. Некоторые из них лишь периодически выпускают доступные коллекции, а другие ежегодно поставляют модели по разумной стоимости.

Лучшие швейцарские часы до 30 000 рублей

Некоторые бренды предлагают швейцарские часы по вполне доступным ценам (10-30 тысяч рублей). Стоимость изделия обычно снижена за счет использования минерального стекла вместо сапфирового, а также применения простых механизмов.

Швейцарская марка Tissot начала свое производство еще в 1853 году. Сегодня она поставляет высококачественные изделия в более чем 150 стран мира. Since its inception, the brand has received several awards at various exhibitions, including a gold medal in Geneva, a big prize in the watch industry in Paris.

The most popular Tissot collections include:

T-Sport - models that are dedicated to certain sports,

T-Classic - products with a classic design,

Touch Collection - the latest developments with many features.

Today, you can easily buy brand watches for as low as 20 thousand rubles. Such models have a steel case and strap, a quartz movement and a dial. Buyers mark the convenient lock of the bracelet, which does not unfasten itself, and the universal design allows you to wear them under any clothes.

Raymond model designs have national features and are very diverse. They are the result of the work of a true Swiss, who for many years gave to his work for the benefit of all who appreciate quality and aesthetics. Due to its strong character, Raymond Well “revived” the watch industry when she collapsed.

Each Raymond collection has individual merits and Swiss style, so the brand has already become part of the image of many successful and famous people. For 25-30 thousand you can buy a quartz watch with a gold-plated steel case and a leather strap.

The third place is occupied by the brand, founded in 1883. Its founder was Gottlieb Huazer, who heads the watchmakers corporation in Switzerland. For several decades, the brand has produced sports watches, and today it continues to produce similar models, but with the addition of classic elements.

Alpina Swiss watches combine 4 basic qualities:

stainless steel case

Specialists of the company took care of the originality of each model and incomparable accuracy. Among the presented models there are both high-tech smart products and classic versions. Women's watches are usually made in bright colors, and decorated with iridescent rhinestones and delicate patterns. Male models are equipped with a quartz movement, and are made in dark colors. Customers appreciate that the brand never deviates from its traditions, but it is constantly evolving and improving.

MIDO G. Schären & Co was founded by famous watchmaker George Scheren in 1918. Today, this brand is deservedly considered one of the leading brands in the watch industry. This is due to the creation of high quality models. MIDO is a partner of the International Union of Architects, and therefore devotes its models to various architectural structures. The introduction of electronic watches in 1970 was a real breakthrough. In the 90s, the brand launched products that act as a personal bodyguard and give an alarm if necessary.

Since 1985, MIDO belongs to the Swatch Group concern, which employs more than 20 thousand specialists. The brand uses ETA mechanisms, provides the best standards of accuracy and quality. After assembly, each product is thoroughly tested. Low prices have made the brand particularly popular. The brand has more than 2 thousand dealers in 70 countries.

Maurice lacroix

Opens this category rating Maurice Lacroix, received worldwide fame for its unsurpassed quality. Watches of this brand can be purchased only from the official distributor, their offices are located throughout the world. Product development is rigorously tested, and when using parts, the latest scientific achievements are applied. Experience and skill were passed by watchmakers from generation to generation.

Each year, the company produces more than 150 thousand watch masterpieces of high quality. She owns the project of the first watches with mechanical memory. Recently, the company has been actively cooperating with famous people, such as Justin Rose, Bob Geldof, and Jimmy Wales. In 2014, the brand signed a sponsorship contract with the football club Barcelona.

Every year the brand TAG Heuer shocks the imagination of customers all over the world. The company is part of a major concern for the production of luxury goods, and its name appeared due to the name of the founder Edward Hoyer. In the model number of the company constantly there are many new products. Especially popular:

inexpensive watches at affordable prices Formula-1,

reliable Link products,

Sport models Aquaracer and Professional Sport.

TAG is in the top four in sales, along with other members of our rating: Omega, Rolex and Cartier. Approximately 85 thousand rubles you can buy women's watches made of stainless steel, with sapphire glass, which is equipped with anti-reflective coating. Stylish models of the brand have a date indication, screw-down crown, ceramic bezel.

The company begins its history back in 1832, but the trademark was registered only half a century later. In 1905, Longines began mass production of watches, completely rebuilding the factory and changing the form of government. In 1960, the brand introduced to the world the thinnest watch with a quartz movement, only 1.98 mm thick. Today, brand products are the most accurate and reliable in the long history of Longines. Famous owners of this brand of watches were Albert Einstein, Mikhail Gorbachev, Koko Chanel.

It is profitable to buy the products of the brand through an authorized dealer. The price range allows you to purchase products up to 100 thousand rubles. Classic women's watch with mother-of-pearl dial, adorned with 12 diamonds weighing 0.048 carats, will cost 95 thousand rubles.

In 1957, the firm Schlup & Co released the first collection of watches called RADO. Five years later, scratch-resistant refined products went on sale. In 2009, the Rado True collection won an award in the field of design.

The principle of this Swiss brand is to differ from others. That is why the production of watches uses special materials and non-standard design, original functions are being introduced. For the manufacture of their collections, the company uses a rare-earth metal - lanthanum, which has found its application in the aviation industry. The latest models for women are decorated with diamonds and have a non-standard design. Fans of rectangular shapes choose the Integral series, barrel-shaped - the Sintra line.

Oris is a famous Swiss company that has been producing watches for more than a century. All brand products are divided into the following categories:

The crisis did not stop the production of the company, on the contrary, the company improved its products and reached the peak of popularity. Oris uses precious stones and metals to make products. Bracelets are usually made of leather or titanium. Some sports models are made of rubber or high quality plastic. Buyers celebrate the original Oris design and choose the brand for its exceptional precision. Despite the rather high prices, such a purchase will be justified by the quality.

Baume & Mercie

The history of this Swiss brand begins in the 16th century. The invariability of tradition, the support of impeccable reputation and the regular improvement of technology have made the company's products an exemplary product of the luxury category. On the trophy shelf of the company many awards.

In the collections of the brand there are models with world time, triple dial, chronographs. Especially popular are the Classima series. The body material is made of steel. The watch has a sapphire crystal. Depending on the color of the dial and the strap, you can choose your favorite model no more than 95 thousand rubles. The brand also offers other collections for women and men:

In 2015, the company released a new sports watch and became a partner of the American manufacturer of racing cars Carroll Shelby International.

The best Swiss watches - a budget of 150,000 rubles

Anyone who has a decent amount and is willing to spend it on the watches of the most popular Swiss brands, you should refer to the rating of manufacturers, including such famous companies as Omega and Rolex.

Wristwatches Swiss brand Omega are amazing products, perfectly made not only in design, but also in the technical field. The company was founded in 1848 and delivered in the early 20th century products for the British and American armies. For most buyers, this brand is associated with the world famous film hero James Bond.

At a price of 400-500 thousand rubles, you can purchase a men's watch of the Speedmaster line. They are made of stainless steel, equipped with automatic winding function, coaxial descent, tachometer scale. Such products withstand magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss. This product has been certified by the Swiss Federal Metrology Institute Metas.

Rolex is a world-renowned men's watch company, which is considered to be the benchmark for quality. The brand was registered in 1905 and offers models of classic and professional watches with high accuracy.

The price of branded products is quite high, not everyone can afford the legendary chronometers from Rolex. Some models of the brand are sold for fabulous money, because they were worn by celebrities. So, for the Cosmograph Daytona "Paul Newman" at the auction gave more than 17 million dollars. This is the highest cost of wristwatches, which fell into the Guinness Book of Records. This watch was worn by actor Paul Newman. You can buy original Rolex products through an official distributor. They guarantee the absolute authenticity of the product.

Breitling brand produces luxury watches in the canton of Jura. It got its name due to the name of the founder Leon Brightling. In 1884, he opened a small watch workshop and marked the beginning of the world-famous brand, which today is a leader in aviation. Modern Breitling products are realized in several fashionable series:

All series offer a huge selection of models with original designs. Constant features remain the appearance, which simulates the cockpit, contrasting trim, as well as a large body.