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Secretary's day


America is the ancestor of countless holidays. More than half a century ago, they included such a holiday as the secretary’s day, which is celebrated on the last full week of April on Wednesday.

The initiative of America was also picked up by business representatives in Europe and even brought up customs that allow secretaries to perform rather strange actions on this day. In Germany, for example, a secretary on the International Day of a secretary can cut off a tie to his boss, and in England only on this day can a chief invite his secretary to a holiday dinner. Why did the secretaries deserve this attitude? And the fact that it depends on them working schedule of the chief, the flow of documents in the organization, the protocol of receptions and business meetings. This holiday is celebrated not only by the secretaries, but also by other office workers whose activities are related to the organization of the working space. These are office managers, assistants, assistant managers, clerks.

Secretary - not an easy job.
Always know about a whole bunch of cases.
Happy International Day
All the brave business secretaries.

Let work bring joy
And success accompanies in affairs.
Let the calls do not annoy you
And let even lucky in the details.

Let your home be clothed with comfort
Sonorous laughter of relatives and relatives.
May luck shine brighter than the sun
And every moment will be happy.

I want to congratulate you
Today is Secretary's Day.
International holiday this
Flies today on the planet.

You are elegant and strict,
And the phone is always in hand.
And every boss and boss knows
That you will solve any question.

I want to wish you
Good luck, joy in fate,
Smile right, left
And be in the receiving queen.

Congratulations on the International Day of the Secretary and I would like to wish you not to miss a single detail in the work, to always know the answer to any question, to achieve brilliant results both in activities and in life. Let your morning begin with inspiration, let every day bring good luck and bright joy.

Let the chef be away somewhere more often,
From the visitors do not spin your head.
Calls are shorter, warmer and safer place.
Oh, by the way, the bonus is two times a month.
Less work so you have enough time
Actively and successfully manicure polish.
In all matters you have to be calm and unhurried,
However, they have time to redo everything.
Strong nerves to you, you need them!
Russian and generous with the head of the soul!
Good luck to you affairs, they are important!

Secretary - an important employee
Must know a lot
He will help the boss
Everything has time to do
Happy secretary congratulations
Valuable frames we are now
The day they are busy and painted
Minute every hour
We wish secretaries
Do not forget about everything
To important work
They only brought success!

Today is Secretary Day,
And this is an important person,
He eats his bread is not for nothing,
Responsible for your zone.

All calls will be answered by him,
All the documents he laid out,
Work without it is upside down,
Director without him - can not.

Congratulations to all the secretaries
And we wish them happiness,
More loyal friends
And we really respect you!

Never miss
Nice Secretary Day!
Who is this? We answer:
Meet and give tea.

Will warm and comfort
And give everyone hope.
Confidentially to us for free
Will tell whether the salary.

Chef can be calm:
Easily see through the bluff
Do not miss anyone
No pointer from him.

Stay us like this
The best and dear!
So let's announce it sooner:
Better there are no secretaries!

Who will remind the boss
About all his affairs?
Secretary - an important employee
Do not forget anything.
We congratulate today
In the world of all secretaries,
We wish them health
Forces and many ideas
Let them work on the conscience
Never get tired
And the bosses for that
Let them give bonuses!

Not only coffee, tea brew,
By phone talk
Can any secretary -
Their work is sometimes difficult.

They are like the right hand.
Supervised from afar
And they always know everything about everyone
(Find such - a great success).

Today is secretarial holiday
We wish you the royal additions
Both at work and in the family:
In health, money and mind,

Kinder chef, team,
To work was the motive.
And may your often difficult work
Evaluate the most stringent court.

We hurry to congratulate you
We are Secretary Day,
Reception submit
We can't be without you.

Always in great shape,
We are proud of you
Bosses for you as
Behind the stone wall.

Always let chocolate
Lies in your table,
Love, good luck, happiness
We wish you.

Keep your computer freezes.
Huge bricks do not mind you.
Your boss will be delayed by the beginning of the working day
Yes, only for dinner, look for about two hours.
Showdown let always pass by,
And you are highly appreciated by the authorities.
Always be calm and sweet
Salary do not be deprived.
To find a successful career way!

Works a little on the long road
Have a lot of good days ahead of you!

September 21st

The secretary is an employee, without whom no boss represents his activity. To cope with a large amount of documentation, establish a schedule of business meetings and many other important responsibilities fall on the shoulders of one person.

Secretary Day is not an official holiday, which was created in 2005, thanks to an active group of secretaries from major cities of the Russian Federation. In addition, all of their staff support them the magazine "[email protected]".

It is interesting to know:

  1. In ancient Rome, “secretaries” called proxies that kept secrets.
  2. Female secretaries appeared with the discovery of a typewriter in the 1880s, and before the end of the First World War, men in this profession were extremely rare.
  3. Despite the fact that it is difficult to designate the foundation of a profession, it is believed that in Russia this is February 27, 1720. But, in the meantime, back in the 15th century there were people whose duties were to monitor documents and keep records.
  4. With the education of the personal secretary’s profession itself, we owed to Peter I, who elevated it to a separate rank in 1840, and the secretaries began to work under the administration of the most large-scale factories of that time.

In 1868, professional classes were opened for secretaries, which took place in Kharkov, and since 1884, 8 various publications devoted to secretarial work were issued. Courses where specialists shared their experience and improved their skills were popular.

The popularity of the position of secretary began to gain in the XIX century, but it did not last long, and in 1925 the secretaries were equated to messengers. A new round of popularity of the profession received in the 70s of the 20th century. Today in the Russian Federation, the secretary is a promising and popular profession, which has about a million representatives.

This profession is in the top five popular professions around the world. Each state has its own Secretary Day, but there is also an international holiday.

Since the secretaries spend their professional holiday at the workplace, on this day the authorities try not to load them with work. Also, secretaries are given various awards and souvenirs, and in some companies the end of the working day is a festive banquet or buffet, dedicated to all the secretaries of the company.

What is this date?

Secretary Day is the Secretary's Day, and the Day of Administrative Workers (Administrative Professionals Day), and the International Day of this specialty.

Who celebrates the holiday? Of course, not only secretaries. This is the day of all on whom the livelihoods and efficiency of the office depends

  • assistants (incl. and specialists assisting the management of firms and enterprises, superiors),
  • assistant managers, directors,
  • speech writers
  • stenographers,
  • office managers
  • referents,
  • professionals engaged in office work.

What day is the secretary's day?

This professional celebration has no definite date of celebration. Traditionally celebrated within the boundaries of the week of administrative professional workers that takes place in the United States.

Sample holiday greetings: "May your responsibility be rewarded with success, attentiveness with career growth, hard work with good material reward, dedication to the common cause with full recognition, incomparable personal qualities with personal happiness. Happy Secretary Day!"

The holiday itself falls on Wednesday of the last full April week. If we turn not to the international, but the Russian version of it, the date in 2018 is September 21 (the third Friday of the month). A professional celebration is not an official day off either for the secretaries or for all workers as a whole.

National holidays

We covered the celebration of the International Day of Administrative Worker. In addition to it, in a number of countries there are own national variants:

  • Secretary Day in Russia is celebrated on the third September Friday.
  • Pakistan has the third of April.
  • Australia marks its professional secretarial holiday on the first of May Friday.
  • In Zimbabwe, this is the first Wednesday of September.

history of the holiday

Secretary Day - a fairly young holiday. It was first celebrated in 1952. It happened in the United States on the initiative of publicist G. Klemfuss (New York).

Then the Administrative Week took place in the first week of June and had a different name - National Week of Secretaries. Secretary's Day was celebrated on Wednesday. His past name is National Secretary Day. The holiday had several sponsors. The most serious of these is the National American Association of Secretaries.

Already in 1955, the National Week of Secretaries and Administrative Officers was moved to the traditional last week of April for today. Her name itself has also undergone a number of changes:

  • In 1981, the professional secretarial staff was renamed the Week.
  • In 2000, the modern name was approved. This is a week of administrative professional workers.

Today APW (Administrative Workers Week) is a registered trademark. It belongs to the International Association of Administrative Workers.

How is the holiday?

Congratulations on the Secretary Day may be different. Mostly administrative staff congratulate their direct leaders. This may be a verbal wish for labor success, as well as a letter, a gratitude, a memento or even a prize.

Many companies have a tradition of organizing receptions and banquets in honor of the celebration. And on a secretary’s working day, managers try to load their subordinates with as little responsibility as possible. Chances are good and the festive completion of labor hours.

Important about the profession

Let's get acquainted with the modern specialist:

  • To recruit as secretary-administrator, mainly people are recruited up to 30 years old, assistant guides - up to 40 years old.
  • Today, the secretary is not a particularly female profession. Most often, the employer does not disturb the floor of the employee. Moreover, assistant managers are most often men.
  • In large companies usually work two secretaries - the clerk and assistant manager. Depending on the activity, a translator is also needed.
  • The office manager and secretary today is the face of the company. He should show clients and partners that they are happy to evoke positive emotions.
  • The secretary is obliged not only to successfully cope with their work, but also to help the manager.
  • A successful specialist stress-resistant, sociable, has a good sense of humor and is fluent in business communication skills with people.

Interesting Facts

Having dealt with the number of the Secretary Day, we should learn a little more about this profession:

  • In ancient Rome, the trustee was traditionally called the secretary, the person who was charged with keeping secrets.
  • The first female secretaries began their work in 1880. It was connected with the invention of the typewriter. Before that, only men worked as secretaries. But in the 20th century, the profession became almost entirely female.
  • Today, the secretary is one of the five most sought-after jobs in the world.
  • The modern specialist does not only answer the phone and is the boss's “walking notepad”. This is a highly qualified employee with a decent experience, which actually holds the whole life of the office.
  • Today in the Russian Federation more than 1 million secretaries, assistant managers, office managers work. The duration of their working day is 8-12 hours.
  • The profession is far from modern. It is known for its existence in the XIX century. Employment such as the provincial and college secretary was introduced. In the Tables of civilian ranks, they occupied the 10th and 12th place out of fourteen possible. At that time, the requirements for the secretary were not the same as in the modern reality - all that was required of the employee was to write correctly.
  • According to some sources, the date of foundation of the profession in Russia is February 27, 1720. However, as early as the 15th century, the work of business people was popular.

  • The appearance of the profession in our country, we owe to Peter the Great. He even elevated it to a separate rank. The secretaries worked then for the benefit of the largest factories of their time.
  • The first professional courses for secretaries opened in imperial Russia in 1868 in Kharkov.
  • In 1884, in our country, as many as 8 editions devoted to the secretarial work were issued.
  • The profession was quite popular in the XIX century. But in 1925 the secretaries were razed to the messengers. A new round of the popularity of the profession in the USSR fell on the 70s of the last century.

American film actress Jay Fonda once noted:

An office can do without a director, but disappears without a secretary.

It really is. On Secretary Day, we congratulate those responsible, highly qualified and experienced workers.

Congratulations on Secretary's Day in Russia

Congratulations on the Day of the Secretary in verse form will be a pleasant surprise:

Who rake all papers,

Will learn exactly the calendar,

Will you find the answer to all the calls?

Of course, this is the secretary!

Wishing you secretaries

To always appreciate you boss

I want to wish you love,

And in the life of white stripes only!

Career up let it grow

And the salary rises,

May every moment bring you

All that you need for happiness!

Secretary, welcome loving

And only wish you the best!

Congratulations on your holiday.

Let success surround you.

Let the chief be good to you,

More often awards and vacations gives.

Let the dreams come true soon

And on the front of a personal luck.

I hurry to congratulate the secretaries

And in front of them I take off my hat.

I appreciate you for your hard work,

Work, frankly - not an easy one.

Be a buffer and know everything about the chef

Decide who to send, who to answer,

When orders are better to sign,

What to report that did not notice.

All blessings to you, happiness, creative victories,

So that in private life everything was okayno,

Patience, positive and good,

So that on occasion it would be enough for everyone.

Today is secretary day

So, this is your holiday!

You work here for a reason:

After all, you are an employee with a head!

I wish you happiness a lot,

Let success await you all around

Let the career road

Yours goes all the way up!

History and traditions of the Secretary Day in Russia

Traditionally, on the Day of the Secretary in Russia, numerous congratulations are addressed to the representatives of the profession. The idea of ​​celebration originated in 2005. Then the administrative workers proposed to set the date, which is now annually celebrated on the third Friday of September. Festive events on this day are informal.

Interestingly, the secretaries existed during the time of ancient Rome. Oddly enough, then this role was assigned exclusively to men. The secretary became an educated person who served as an unofficial adviser. Later the profession became widespread in Russia. This happened during the reign of Peter I.

The numerous duties of secretaries include the preparation and execution of important documents, the solution of issues of an organizational nature. A person is required to possess competent, both written and spoken business speech. In addition, one can not do without knowledge of several languages, experience in computer work. The employee must be sociable and resistant to stress.

About the secretary profession

The secretary profession was formed in ancient Rome. Initially, she was especially masculine. It was a special educated person who acted as a secret adviser. In Russia, the institution of secretaries arose in 1720, during the reign of Peter I.

Secretaries make and execute business papers, solve organizational issues. Position requires possession of competent oral and written speech, knowledge of foreign languages, computer skills, communication skills and stress tolerance.