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How to give a cat a pill?


Unfortunately, we would not like to accept this fact, but our pets, like any living creature, are also subject to all sorts of illnesses. And, if a person, being a rational being, falls ill, understands that he needs to follow a certain regimen and take medicine, but cute fluffies relate to this matter is extremely doubtful, which sometimes turns the healing process into a real battle.

In any case, every six months, each caring owner is faced with the need to feed his beloved pet with vitamins or to carry out prophylaxis against worms, which is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

Any owner who cares about the health and safety of his animal probably wonders how you can give the cat a pill so that the health of the cat does not worsen, and for yourself not to leave traumatic consequences?

It is very important to give medicines in such a way that the entire volume, which is prescribed in the recipe, gets into the animal's stomach, which again is not always possible the first time. But how to be?

Is it ever less easy to decide if the cat is calm and trusting, but what will you do if the animal is quite agile, capricious, and sometimes even aggressive? Do not worry, there are several real ways that allow you to cope even with the most temperamental pet, but you still have to suffer.

What you need to know before trying to "feed" the cat?

First you need to find out from the vet all the important issues that can help you in this difficult matter, because, it turns out, not all drugs have the same methods of application.

  • Be sure to clarify whether it is possible to grind a specific tablet into powder and mix it with water, because there are such drugs that must be taken into the body of a sick animal in a complete form. For example, if the medicine is in a special shell, then it cannot be ground to powder or mixed with water, because the whole principle of operation is that the tablet should begin to dissolve in the deep corners of the body only after the shell has dissolved. The fact is that there are drugs that, getting into the wrong environment (in the mouth, for example), lose their medicinal properties.
  • Find out whether it is possible to mix the medicine with products, such as meat, sour cream or milk. The same goes for any other goodies or cat food.
  • Perhaps there are analogues in the form of injections or liquid suspensions, because sometimes it is even easier for a cat to get an injection than to torture it with a bitter pill.

Classic way

If your animal trusts you completely and is a fairly balanced creature, then perhaps you will succeed the first time without much difficulty, everything will depend on the skill of the owner and the temperament of your fluffy.

So, it is very important to properly seat the cat so that it does not choke on the pill and feel comfortable during the procedure. The most common option is to take the animal in your arms, lay it on your knees with your back, face-to-face, so to speak.

There is another way that is more inconvenient for a pet, but less safe for the owner: set the animal on the floor, back up, sit on its knees and fix the cat in such a way that it has no options to escape and escape.

To begin with, the pet needs to be reassured; you can stroke it behind the ear and not show that you are nervous. If the cat still managed to relax, you can proceed to the procedure. It is necessary to act confidently and as quickly as possible: we put the cat's left hand on the head, with a thumb and forefinger gently press it on the sides of the jaw.

From such an impact, it will open the reflex mouth and try to escape. Carefully, holding the animal with the elbow and forearm, with the right hand we push the pill onto the very root of the tongue and close the jaws with the left hand, slightly pressing it with the palm so that the cat does not open them and try to spit out the pill.

Thus, we wait until she begins to swallow reflexively and, together with her saliva, swallow a pill. To make the swallowing process faster, you can continue to hold the jaw closed and use the other hand to stroke the cat's throat in the direction from the pharynx to the stomach.

After that, the jaws will have to be released again and see that the tablet has really been swallowed, because there are such cunning individuals who only pretend to have coped with the task, and then spit out the bitter pill.

And what if the animal resists?

If you find an extremely temperamental cat, which even the two of you can hardly hold, believe, and there are such, then some veterinarians give the following advice: to wrap up or swaddle the animal in thick fabric, sheets, unwanted jacket or blanket, leaving only one head.

After the cat becomes defenseless, carry out the entire procedure described above. But from personal experience, we can say: a strong and healthy cat literally in a few minutes will tear all your blankets to shreds, and to swaddle her will not be such a simple task, but you can still try.

But there is another option. If the veterinarian gave the go-ahead, the tablet can be crushed into a powder with a blunt flat object, then mixed with food or a small amount of water. Liquid needs so much so that it fits in a small syringe, for example, 2 ml.

Mix the powder thoroughly with water, take it into a syringe without a needle, take the cat and pour the medicine directly from the syringe. The main thing is to move the piston smoothly, so that the animal has time to drink and swallow, the cat may be frightened and run away from a sharp jet.

This method is not always effective if the medicine is bitter, since the cat may have excessive salivation, and you will not be able to understand whether the required dose of the drug has entered the animal's body.

You can try to mix the medicine with food or food, such as sour cream. Again, the tablet must be crushed into powder, mixed with a very small amount of fat sour cream, and then spread on the cat's nose.

Be careful, for example, some drugs for worms can not be mixed with fat-containing products, so read the instructions carefully.

The cat, having felt something foreign on the nose, will begin to lick and swallow a full portion of the medicine.

Remember that in such an important matter it is impossible to show irritation or anger towards the animal, only caress and attention will become the best helpers here.

What you need to know before giving the cat a pill?

Even a healthy animal at least every six months must be given a drug that destroys internal parasites - helminths. Most anthelmintic drugs are available in tablet form, and some owners prefer to go to a veterinary clinic so that an experienced specialist will examine the cat and independently give the animal a tablet in the right dosage.

But, if we are talking about the treatment of an animal, then it may take several days for a pet to give pills, and perhaps several times a day, so a trip to a zoo-hostel will become a problem. Therefore, the owner needs to get a hand in this business - feeding the pill to a cat.

A single practice is enough to confidently give the animal a pill if necessary.

Here are some tips from veterinarians to help you quickly and successfully manipulate:

  1. Prepare a tablet in advance: free from a blister or other packaging, if necessary, separate the necessary part according to the dosage.
  2. Determine where you are settling in to give a pill to an animal, prepare a large towel or blanket to fix the cat.
  3. It is best to carry out the manipulation together, so that one person can hold a pet, the second - to open the cat's mouth and feed the medicine.
  4. Check with your veterinarian in advance or read in the annotation to the drug, whether you can mix it with water or food to simplify the process.

To securely hold the cat, you can use a bag-lock

Give the cat a pill: step by step instructions

The most important thing is that the owner himself is not nervous, intending to carry out the manipulation. In no case can not scream at the cat, strongly compress it, shake or beat. The pet is already under stress from the fact that they are trying to shove something in his mouth and punish him severely. It is necessary to understand that some people find it difficult to drink pills, forcing themselves to swallow them, and to be angry with an animal that does not understand at all what it is necessary for is unacceptable. Therefore, you need to tune in calmly and benevolently, after which you can proceed.

Step one

The owner should understand that even the most affectionate cat can strongly oppose the fact that she is forced to swallow a drug, especially if the tablet has a repulsive taste or is large in size. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the active resistance of the animal, including the use of teeth and claws. In order for a pet not to injure a person who gives him medicine, you need to securely fix the cat.

While the cat is not aware of the upcoming procedure, it will not resist wrapping.

For this, a thick blanket, a towel, or even a warm jacket will do. The cat needs to be lifted and swaddled so that only the head remains outside. You do not need to squeeze the animal too much in the cocoon, but it is worth expecting that the pet will be actively released and pulled out. Therefore, you need to wrap the cat tightly, additionally holding it with your hands (if the second person helps) or between the knees (if the procedure is performed alone).

The tablet must be kept ready, because the cat will soon realize that she does not like everything that is happening, and will hasten to run away. Until the pet begins to violently resist, it is advisable to have time to feed him a pill.

Keep hands away from cat bites as they heal for a long time.

Step Two

Of course, the cat will not wish to open his mouth on his own, so the owner must do it on his own. No need to put your fingers between your teeth, just lightly press at the base of the cat's jaw to open the mouth. At this point, you need not hesitate, and immediately push the pill inside.

If the cat is excessively aggressive, at this stage thick gloves can be used, and then the fingers of the free hand can fix the jaws with the open. However, to avoid bites, it is better to use tweezers with soft lining or a special device for giving tablets to animals.

What to do if you are bitten by a cat or a cat?

Step Three

Simply putting a pill in the cat's mouth is not enough - the animal will not swallow the drug, except that it will have an attractive aroma and taste. Alas, most drugs, on the contrary, are extremely unpleasant for a pet, and the reaction of the cat will be predictable - as soon as possible to push the pill out of the mouth. Accordingly, it is necessary to push the medicine deeply, to the very root of the tongue.

Keep hands away from cat bites as they heal for a long time.

Table 1. Cat feeding options

Is it necessary to give a pill to a cat

First of all, ask the vet if it is necessary to give the cat a tablet in “pure” form. Here is a list of questions for which the cat will be grateful to you:

  1. Can I mix a pill with food
  2. Is it possible to dissolve the tablet in water
  3. Is it possible to wipe the tablet into powder

If the vet says yes, you're in luck. Otherwise, prepare for the difficult test, because some drugs can not be mixed with food or water. You have to force the cat to swallow the pill and not spit it out.

How to give a cat a pill

It is not enough just to put a pill in the cat's mouth. The pill must be pushed as far as possible. It is advisable to put it on the root of the tongue, a little to the side. In this position, the cat is likely to swallow the medicine. If you just put a pill in the mouth, the cat will immediately spit it out. If the cat does not swallow the pill, stroke its neck from top to bottom. This will cause a swallowing reflex.

Having taken a pill, the cat certainly will not drink it. Here you will help the usual syringe without a needle. Place it behind the cat's cheek at the base of the jaw, no need to push between the teeth. Inject some water and the cat will begin to swallow it. By the way, this is a good way to give the cat a soluble suspension.

Three ways to give a pill to a cat

We proceed to practice. There are few conscious cats in the world who will agree to take medicine. Cats have a wonderful sense of smell, so it’s likely to hide the medicine in food. But it's worth a try anyway. If it does not work out - go to the trick.

  1. Replace the tablet with drops or solution. Ask the vet about this. If it is impossible to replace the tablet with liquid analogues, proceed to the second method.
  2. Crush the tablet into a powder and mix it with a small amount of sour cream. Now, take the cat on your knees so that it does not run away, and spread the nose with the resulting mixture. Try to make small strokes so that the cat quickly licks them.
  3. Seat the cat on your lap or table. Using one hand, press down on the base of the jaw, and quickly push the tablet into the opened mouth with the other hand.

The secret is to act confidently, but not to put pressure on the cat. As soon as the pet understands that they are trying to force him to something, resistance will greatly increase. It is sometimes advised to wrap a cat in a blanket to give a pill, but this is a rather dangerous way for you and the cat itself. The cat will start to pull out and twitch in its diaper, and you can get claws.

How to save hands

The main difficulty is to push the pill deeper. It is necessary to linger, and the cat will easily bite through your finger, his teeth are quite suitable for this. An Introducer will help you here. This is a small “syringe” for tablets, which helps to quickly put a pill at the very base of the tongue. So the cat will be forced to swallow it.

It’s not so difficult to give a cat a pill once. Problems begin when treatment requires constant medication. In this case, you can entrust the care of the cat to veterinarians. Our clinic has a non-stop hospital where doctors constantly supervise the pet. The hospital helps the animal to recover from the operation and take all the prescribed medications in time.

What is important to consider when giving a pet medicine

There are different situations when cats have to give drugs in the form of tablets. The most common cause is the prevention of worms.

In addition, a veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics or preparations that regulate sex hunting to a fluffy patient.

Tablets - one of the means for the regulation of sexual hunting

It is important to remember that any pet can be given to your pet only after consulting at a veterinary clinic, and you must strictly follow the instructions for use!

Before you begin treating your pet with a particular drug, ask your veterinarian exactly how to give this medicine. Some tablets can be crushed and mixed with water or food, while others must be given exclusively as a whole, as they must be absorbed gradually in the body to achieve the effect. All details are described in the instructions for use, but it is useful to clarify this issue with the vet. In no case can not be mixed with food preparations in gelatinous shell or very bitter taste. The rest can be crushed and mixed with a small amount of feed, so that the cat has exactly eaten everything.

Also in some cases it is possible to replace the tablets with another form of the drug, for example, injections, suppositories or an emulsion. For example, there is a huge selection of anthelmintic drugs: tablets, suspensions, drops. Means for controlling sexual desire are also diverse, it is drops, suspensions, pills, hormonal injections. The veterinarian will tell you the best remedy for your situation.

If there is no alternative to pills, then the cat owner will have to be patient and give medicine to his cattery with cunning or force.

How to make a cat swallow a pill

There are several different ways to give a pill to a fluffy patient.

The easiest thing is with vitamins. Almost all of them come in the form of treats, so the cats themselves are happy to eat them.

Vitamins for cats created in the form of treats

It is also sufficient to simply mix the medicine in food or water. To do this, the tablet must be crushed to a powdery state, then mixed with water and poured into the cat's mouth with a syringe without a needle or mixed with food. Dry food is not suitable for such purposes. You can also mix the medicine with a small amount of sour cream and spread this gruel on the cat's face, thus causing it to lick.

When I had to give pills to my cat, I simply crushed the medicine into powder, mixed it with a small amount of water and smeared the animal's face in the mustache area. He licked and swallowed the medicine.

Бывают случаи, когда таблетку нельзя разламывать, но приём лекарства с пищей вполне допустим. Тогда её можно спрятать в еде. Для этого подойдёт фарш, творожный сыр или любой другой продукт, из которого возможно слепить шарик. Внутрь этого шарика надо спрятать таблетку. Размер угощения должен быть таким, чтобы кошка смогла съесть его за раз, не раскусывая на части. Внимательно смотрите, чтобы таблетка не выпала или не была выплюнута кошкой.

There are special treats with a cavity for tablets. A tasty outer shell masks the taste of the medicine and the cat eats such a present with pleasure.

In the same cases, when the medicine cannot be mixed with food or the cat could not be deceived, the owner of the animal will have to use force. Consider that such actions will not exactly please the cat and will desperately resist.

In order to force the cat to swallow the pill, put your pet between your knees with your back to yourself. With one hand, you should raise the cat's head and slightly press from the sides against the base of the jaw, so that the fluffy patient opens her mouth.

To the cat opened its mouth, you need to press on the base of the jaw

With your second hand, place the tablet on the root of the tongue, the farther the better. Let the cat close the mouth, but keep your head up until it swallows the medicine. Then let the pet drink water.

If the cat does not swallow the medicine for a long time, lightly blow it to the nose - this will cause a swallowing reflex.

Video: how to give a pill to a cat

If the cat actively resists and uses claws, you can immobilize it with the help of dense fabric. For these purposes, a blanket or a large towel is quite suitable, as long as the size of the diaper makes it possible to wrap a resisting animal in it. Fix the cat so that it can not pull the paws and put it on the crook of the arm, like a baby. Hold the “bundle” with one hand and open the cat's mouth with the other and drop the pill into it. Hold the cat in a raised position until the tablet is swallowed.

We use tablet caster

If for some reason you don’t want to put your hands in the cat’s mouth, you can use the Piller - tablet press. This device, in its structure resembles a syringe. In place of the needle, the piller has a tablet holder. Using the piston, the tablet is pushed out of the attachment directly into the cat's mouth.

A device resembling a syringe and having a tablet mount at the end will ease the process

Tablet pressors come in different sizes and with fasteners designed for different size tablets, so it will be easy for you to choose the right one.

In order to give medicine with a tablet press, the cat must be immobilized by any of the methods listed above and open its mouth. Then simply place the tablet press so that the medicine gets as far as possible at the root of the tongue, and press the plunger.

Immobilize the cat, open its mouth, slide the tablet press into the mouth and squeeze the tablet with the piston

Precautionary measures

If you give your pet any medications, you should take precautions.

Give exactly the medicine that was prescribed by the veterinarian, do not change the dosage and do not replace the drug with another without consulting a specialist.

Do not save on drugs. Of course, the temptation to buy a cheaper counterpart is always great, but in this way you risk to buy a low-quality drug that either does not give the desired effect, or it can harm your cat.

If you give the cat deworming pills, you should consider some factors:

  • at the time of taking the drug, the animal must be healthy, otherwise the risk of complications is likely,
  • a poor-quality drug can cause poisoning, if your pet has symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, refusal of food and water, immediately contact a veterinarian,
  • for pregnant and lactating cats, anthelmintic drugs are given with extreme caution,
  • you can not too often carry out the procedure of deworming, it will adversely affect the health of your pet.

How to make sure that the cat swallowed the pill

After you give your pet medicine, it is important to make sure that the pill is really swallowed. To do this, observe some time for the cat, look at the place where you gave her the drug. A pet can spit out a pill, in which case you will find its remains. If you gave the medicine with food or drink, make sure that the tablet does not remain in the uneaten food, and the liquid was completely drunk.

Some tricky cats spit out pills, so watch out for your pet.

If you suspect that the cat has not swallowed the pill, but keeps it in the mouth, it is necessary to examine the patient's mouth. To do this, gently squeeze the cat's jaw with your fingers on the sides. This will force the animal to open its mouth and, if the tablet is really there, you will see it.

My cat Marusya got sick, the doctor prescribed pills. It would seem that everything is simple: here is a pill, here is a cat, it remains to shove a pill into an animal. Yeah, schaaaz! The cat categorically refused to eat a pill, it doesn’t taste good, it is not clear why she eats, disguise in food also didn’t bring any result: Maroussia looked at me and her husband as idiots and didn’t eat a pill either. Well, do not eat voluntarily, try to stuff it in your mouth and make you swallow it. I had seen enough of the training videos in YouTube, everything was simple on people in the video: the cats obediently swallowed the pill and did not react at all to the manipulations with them. I was inspired by the educational materials, I started to perform this task, but Maroussia was not impressed with this video and spat out the tablet diligently, making me goat faces. (I didn’t know that my cat could spit a pill a meter forward). My husband and I tortured both myself and the cat, she resisted with all her might, even spitting out a tablet dissolved in water (besides, the tablet is bitter, I would have spit it out in the place of a cat too). Quite by chance, I stumbled upon a device that was sold at a pharmacy under the name "Tabletgiver". It cost 80 rubles, it looks like a syringe with a soft rubber tip that does not scratch the mouth of the animal. It is necessary to insert a tablet into the tip of the device (there are slots in it, so that the tablet is held well by it, of any caliber), open the mouth to the tablet-taker, introduce this device to it and push the tablet out with a piston. Maroussia, for the first time, didn’t even understand what had happened. Her mouth was opened and I deftly, through this device, put her pill on the root of the tongue. Another second, and the cat mechanically swallowed her, the muzzle was gone nuts. It seems they gave her something, but she didn’t notice what they did to her. So they fed her from this tablet press, an incredible thing. Simple, but great, it saves time, effort and nerves to both the owner and the animal. I recommend to all owners of animals!

Forest Fairy


I went to the Internet to read who was coping with this problem, and she herself found a way out of this situation. I tried to give my cat in a liquid form and shove a pill, but it didn’t work out that way! I remembered that I bought his favorite canned food (pate), so I decided to mix a 1/3 pill (as we are supposed to) with pate, I stand and watch when it comes to the pill, and a miracle happened, I swallowed it, but I swallowed a little! I think maybe this happened because the pate has a sharp smell and bright taste, so she swallowed ... The most important thing is that I will do it quickly and without problems, now I will do it!



From the means from the worms for such “bites” (I have one cat, I’ll have to order a pill to push a pill, keep the three together and it doesn’t always work, well, she hates pills and that's it) and so for such “plumes-nippers” I I use drops on withers “Profender” as anthelmintic. The only thing you need to clarify the age at which it is possible to apply this tool. Kittens usually open their mouths (sideways) and fix them with a finger, put the tablet as deep as possible with my other hand, try to push it with my finger (at this time they can bite off the finger), then close the mouth of the kitten and stroke the neck (you can also blow it gently in the spout so that it swallows) . If the kitten is strongly opposed, then the second person holds the paws - the front ones in one hand and the rear ones in the other. Then I open my mouth and look around, eat it or not. I am cunning, hiding behind the cheek, and then gently spitting it out.



Making the cat take the medicine is not easy. Whatever way you choose, the main thing is calm and self-confidence. The cat feels your mood and will resist less if you do not panic or behave as usual.

Apply a treat

Used for the prevention and treatment of various pathologies of drugs have different properties. The fact is that some pills should be absorbed only in the intestine, bypassing the acidic environment of the stomach. Only then will they be effective and provide the necessary therapeutic effect. Such tablets are usually produced in the form of capsules. The outer layer of this form of medication protects the main active ingredient from destruction in the stomach.

Before giving medicine to a cat, the owner should consult a veterinary specialist about the possibility of mixing the drug with food. Many drugs need to be given on an empty stomach. Learn about whether you can give a pill with food, you can also in the instructions.

The tablet should be divided into 4 - 6 small portions and disguised in pieces of sausage, cheese or other favorite cat food. If the drug does not lose its properties, then the pill can be crushed into powder and mixed with a favorite delicacy of the pet. Most often, this trick works in respect of picky in eating animals.

For information on how to give a cat a tablet with food, see this video:

With this method, it is important to ensure that the recommended dose of the medicine is eaten by the pet in one step. To this end, it is best to ask the shredded pill with a small portion of food. The most convenient way to mix the medicine with minced meat.

The powdered pill can be mixed with sour cream or a delicious sauce. Then the product with a pill should be applied to the nose of the pet. The cat will have to lick treats with medicine. You should not put a treat on your paw, as most often the cat shakes it off and the dose taken by mouth will be less than prescribed.

This method has one major drawback - most pills are bitter, especially antiparasitic drugs. And even the favorite delicacy does not interrupt the taste unpleasant for the cat. In addition, there are some individuals who are conservative in food, eat only dry food, for example. In this case, the trick with the disguise of a tablet in a sausage will not work.

Throughout the life of the animal, the owner will have to deal with the problem of preventing and treating diseases with the help of pills. Therefore, how to give the cat a pill, without resorting to the help of a veterinarian and taking into account her temperament, you will have to find out on your own and try several options.

Blanket-lock for the obstinate

Very rarely does a pet meekly agree to swallow a bitter pill. As a rule, the slightest action of the owner on the forcible issuance of a medicine meets with desperate resistance from the animal. In this case, a blanket comes to the rescue, which is used to fix especially obstinate individuals.

It is possible to fix a cat both in a blanket, and in a thick big towel. To securely swaddle the naughty animal, you should start with the neck. The head is left outside. Swaddle begin by placing a towel under the chin of a cat. Then the shoulders, the forelimbs, the whole body, and finally the hind legs are fixed. Swaddle should be tight, but not to squeeze the cat's body to avoid injury. In such a cocoon, the obstinate pet will not be able to provide adequate resistance, will not scratch the owner.

Cat Retainer Bag

Having fixed the animal in a blanket, the problem of how to feed the cat a pill disappears. Cocoon with a cat to lay on his knees. The fingers of one hand should be pressed on the border of the lower and upper jaw, this will lead to the fact that the animal opens its mouth. With the other hand, throw the pill on the root of the tongue. This should be done quickly and clearly. Then close the cat's mouth, holding her hand. The head of the pet should be raised face up, and stroke the cat's throat from top to bottom. As soon as the animal makes swallowing movements, the hand can be released.

In addition to the use of a blanket, when giving drugs to obstinate pets, you can use another method of fixation. For this, the helper must take the animal by the withers. In this position, cats do not resist and are easily manipulated.

You should not worry if after giving the medicine a cat is salivating from the mouth. Bitter pills, even when properly applied, have time to touch the taste buds on the tongue and salivate. After such a manipulation, the animal is released from captivity and must be encouraged by affection and delicacy.

For information on how to give the cat its own medicine in the form of a tablet with the help of the introducer and, if it is not available, see this video:

Powder tablet

There are many ways and tricks how to give medicine to a cat. One is the use for this purpose. syringe without needle. In this way, you can give almost any tablet that is soluble in water. To do this, the pill must be crushed with a spoon into the powder and thoroughly dissolved in a small amount of water, milk or thin sour cream.

Dissolved medication should be collected in a syringe. A syringe of 5 or 10 ml is best for this purpose. Contents, pressing evenly on the piston, are fed to the pet, placing the syringe along the toothless edge of the jaw. When asking for medicine, it is necessary to ensure that the cat swallows a portion, and only after that enter the next one. Using this method, the animal is better to immobilize with a blanket or towel.

Devices to make medicine easier

To facilitate the task, how to properly give a pill to a cat, specially designed pillers (pill presses), which can be purchased at a specialized pet store and vet pharmacy, help. These devices are similar in principle to a conventional syringe - the pill is pushed through with a piston. Piller has convenient rings on each side for threading fingers and securing the device in hand.

The advantage of using a tablet-reader is that it can be used to set tablets of different diameters. Such a device allows you to deliver a pill to the very root of the tongue, which is not always possible with the manual method.

You can quickly and easily set a pet with a piller using the following rules:

  • the prescribed pill is securely fixed in a special rubber tip of the device,
  • to fix the animal (it is best to take the cat by the withers, open the mouth with your finger),
  • in the open mouth place the tablet press on the root of the tongue,
  • push the pill out by pressing on the plunger
  • take out the piller, close the pet's mouth,
  • stroking movements to stimulate the cat's swallowing movement,
  • as soon as the pet licks its nose, you can let it go.

After the procedure, the cat must be cuddled, stroked, treated to delicious food.

The device, similar to the industrial piller, can be made independently. To do this, you need a suitable size pill syringe. If the pill is small, then insulin will do. The syringe needs to be cut off the lower part, to which the needle joins, and the device is ready for use.

How to give a pill to a baby

Small fluffy creatures often need to be given pills, for example, for parasites or medicines prescribed by a veterinary specialist. Knowing how to properly give a pill to a cat, similar techniques can be applied to small kittens.

In this case, the dosage should be especially strictly observed, as the kittens' weight is small. A large pill can get stuck in the throat, scratching the mucous membrane. If the tablet is large, then it must be divided into 2 - 3 parts and given in several stages.

It is important to develop a pleasant association with the actions of the owner. Every time after successfully swallowing the pill, the kitten must be praised, cuddled, be sure to treat it to the yummy. After several procedures, many young animals cease to show fierce resistance and calmly endure this kind of manipulation.

The owner of a domestic cat often has to give this or that medicine as a pill. These include antiparasitic agents, probiotics, vitamins, and numerous medications. Therefore, it is important to know the basic methods and techniques, how to quickly and easily give a pill to a cat. Skill and experience in this manipulation will greatly facilitate the care of a pet.

Simple and useful tips on how to give your cat a tablet for worms. Pet should regularly treat against worms.

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