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Getting rid of lop-eared ears with correctors


A child has 1. 6 years of expressed lop-earedness. I stumbled upon the Internet space on advertising silicone ear correctors. It says that a child under 9 years old, while cartilage is being formed, can completely correct this cosmetic defect with the help of these same correctors, if you don’t take them off for about six months. In this regard, the question arose whether the proofreaders really helped you? and how much time in your case did it take to eliminate the lop-eared baby?

Natalia Andrushko

Psychologist, Ecophacilitator, Supervisor Mediator. Specialist from the website b17.ru

- December 30, 2016 11:19

I do not believe. Where will these correctors denut the already grown cartilaginous tissue?
A friend of a child at the age of 5 (she used to never seem to have done it) had a surgery. He never regretted it, she went home immediately, took painkillers for the pills.

- December 30, 2016 11:22

specially polazila by reviews. supposedly everyone is excited. I don’t know. I still don’t believe)

- December 30, 2016 11:25

Complete nonsense. This is something like an ointment for breast augmentation). The operation costs a penny, under local anesthesia, after a couple of hours it will be at home. Make and forget.

- December 30, 2016 11:46

Complete nonsense. This is something like an ointment for breast augmentation). The operation costs a penny, under local anesthesia, after a couple of hours it will be at home. Make and forget.

a penny? I was looking for options to have an operation, from 30 thousand for one ear! and still need to spend some time at home, t. *****. not work in the provinces where I could go (although I really would not want to advertise it) is not much cheaper - from 25 thousand for one ear.

- December 30, 2016 12:18

- December 30, 2016 at 1:12 pm

a penny? I was looking for options to have an operation, from 30 thousand for one ear! and still need to spend some time at home, t. *****. not work in the provinces where I could go (although I really would not want to advertise it) is not much cheaper - from 25 thousand for one ear.

Well, when compared with mammoplasty and rino - pennies. I'm on the trail. The day has already gone to work (sit-down, at the computer), just wore a beautiful kerchief-bandage. A week later, the swelling came off after ten days the stitches resolved. And still it was impossible to wash my head for several days, probably the only inconvenience for me. And sleep the first days not on the side.

- December 30, 2016, 13:50

since my childhood, I can narrow my nose, so that my mother didn’t wear a clothespin on my nose

- December 30, 2016, 16:14

I bought a child, all this is nonsense, we were 5 years old when we bought. I think it will help if from the birth to wear while the cartilage is soft, and only money is wasted.

- December 30, 2016, 19:38

That's nonsense. For suckers.

- December 30, 2016 19:44

And why did you give birth to such a poor child, but you cannot find 50 thousand for an operation? And soon it will be necessary to place braces so that the teeth grow even, and not with a palisade. This is how people will be born, and then there is no money either for medicine, or for education, or for sports with hobbies. And the deprived child lives. And it is immediately clear that parents, except for how to give birth, can not do anything. Hipputsya and begging.

- January 1, 2017, 07:06

[quote = "Guest"]
And why did you give birth to such a poor child, but you cannot find 50 thousand for an operation? And soon it will be necessary to place braces so that the teeth grow even, and not with a palisade. This is how people will be born, and then there is no money either for medicine, or for education, or for sports with hobbies. And the deprived child lives. And it is immediately clear that parents, except for how to give birth, can not do anything. Hipputsya and begging.
Nefig nonsense to write. In which place I wrote that there is no money for the operation? Surgery is an intervention in the body. For a small child, this is not good, and therefore I am looking for other ways out of the situation. A nightmare, Well, evil are all here

- August 2, 2017 at 4:40 pm

I can advise the ear correctors for Mair’s lop-earedness: http://mairs.ru/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=68

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Options for getting rid of lop-eared

If a person has ears sticking out, this can be both a hereditary trait and a deviation during fetal development. In some countries, for example, in Japan, this phenomenon is considered positive. People with lop-ears are positioned as especially intelligent, successful. But in other places this attitude is absent, and lop-eared is considered more likely a motive for ridicule. You can get rid of it in several ways:

  1. Conservative treatment. Use ear correctors. The cartilage is about 6-12 months plastic in childhood, after which it becomes dense. During this period, you can change it, make the desired shape with long-term retention in the desired position.
  2. Endoprosthetics A special implant is installed under the skin, which gives the necessary shape to the auricle. Such procedures are complex, at the moment it is difficult to find a clinic in the country specializing in carrying out operations of this type.
  3. Otoplasty. Operational intervention, which is to change the angle of the auricle to the skull box. It is carried out after reaching 6 years old by a child. During the operation, the baby is given anesthesia. The operation has all the standard contraindications.

Principle of operation

There are a lot of product brands. But all of them have the same principle of operation, there are only minor differences that contribute to a more comfortable anchorage, wearing. The design of products, with the help of which the correction of auricles is performed, is simple. There are 2 pieces of silicone connected to each other, which is usually transparent and invisible to outsiders. Special hypoallergenic composition is attached to the skin of the ear with one hand and to the head, with the second. The meaning of the product lies in the constant clamping of the auricle to the temples, so that it becomes the desired shape, in terms of aesthetics.

Over time, the ear cartilage becomes accustomed to such an arrangement, its position changes, becoming desirable without the use of correctors for the ears. The effect has to wait for a long time, usually you have to wait about 6-12 months before the desired results. Some manufacturers claim that their products will give the desired shape to the ears after a month of wearing, but real data proves that this is not quite true. Correction of the shape of the ears is carried out at any age, but with different efficiency.

It is worth knowing that even a year later a person will not be guaranteed a 100 percent result of getting rid of lop-eared. Changes may not occur at all - it all depends on the device auricle, the ability of cartilage to succumb to change. Some people experience discomfort when using silicone, although it is hypoallergenic. Irritation of the skin makes you remove the product much faster than required. The result in such cases is difficult to achieve.


It is quite simple to use the product, but if you do not follow the simple rules of wearing, you can significantly reduce the period of wearing the product, making it unusable. It is important to comply with all requirements of the manufacturer:

  1. Before installing the skin should be wiped with a degreasing lotion, degrease. After required its complete drying.
  2. The protective shell is removed from the sticky side of the product, one half is attached to the upper part of the auricle, the other to the part of the head behind the ear. It is important to secure both parts in parallel.
  3. All actions are carried out in a normal, room temperature. After, for 2 hours on the street, if there the temperature is significantly different from the home, it is not recommended to go out. This is required to secure the product on the ear.
  4. No hair, any other foreign objects should fall between the skin of the ear and the plate. Do not touch the sticky surface with your fingers.
  5. If signs of irritation appear, you should consult a doctor. The dermatologist is engaged in similar questions.
  6. Worn product for 5-10 days. After use, it must be discarded, because it cannot be used a second time.
  7. To remove after the term of socks, you need to use a cotton swab moistened with a moisturizer or oil. One of the glued edges is lifted, a tampon is inserted between the plate and the skin so that they separate.
  8. After getting rid of the old product, you can attach a new product to the ears.

It does not always work to withstand the recommended period of wear. Manufacturers assure that it is not necessary to remove the design when washing the head, the bathroom, bathing in any places also do not interfere with the lining on the ears. But user reviews show that these events are the most common cause of peeling off before the deadline.

Sometimes the plate connecting the ear to the scalp is torn. If you attach the product to wet skin, violate other rules of attachment, the product may fall off after a few days. This will have no effect on the health of the person wearing the plates, but will bring additional material costs.

To choose the right brand for yourself, you should not be guided by customer reviews. You should test several models yourself to choose the most convenient one. It is important to understand that positive reviews about the product in the network are often custom-made, coiled. Plus, each person has an ear structure individually, and if one model fits perfectly, it may be completely unsuitable for use by another person.


Many people from among those who did not manage to get rid of lop-eared ear in the beginning of their life, try to solve the problem after growing up. A feature of human cartilage tissues is their hardening, 30-80 days after birth. Therefore, if it was not possible to immediately correct the shape of the ears, perhaps the ear corrector will not be able to help. The output is plastic surgery. The surgeon will correct all the flaws at any age.

Some have intolerance to certain types of anesthesia, surgical intervention is contraindicated. Therefore, the option with the intervention of the surgeon is not always suitable. Ear correctors can help, only in the case of their long-term use. Do everything you need, like children, because the devices used will be completely identical. The division by age category of products is another marketing step designed to increase the choice among products.

For adults, wearing correctors may take several years. But the results will not be as successful as in childhood. Despite fears, ear fixes are one of the most effective ways to deal with a problem. The plates can also be used for cosmetic purposes, since it is difficult to notice them from the side.

Contraindications when using

Lop-ear correction is performed at any age. In fact, there are no contraindications for the use of correctors, but there are cases when it is necessary to limit their wearing:

  • if the skin at the site of attachment of the lop-ear corrector is damaged, open wounds, cuts. It is required to completely cure the area of ​​gluing the product to use it,
  • the occurrence of allergies at the point of gluing the corrector to the ear. Silicone and glue, which is used for manufacturing, is not always normally perceived by human skin, although, theoretically, such problems should not arise. The main reason for such phenomena is individual intolerance, increased skin sensitivity. There is a negative reaction after touching any foreign object,
  • improper gluing of plates can lead to the formation of folds on the skin, which after a while can become inflamed, even sometimes bleed. If this happens, you should wait for the complete recovery of the problem area.

Effective Ear Loss Corrector

In 2-3 years I began to notice that my daughter has one eye sticking out more than the other. Tried to wear gum and somehow dub in a different way, but there was no constancy and result. With age, the difference in the ears became more noticeable.

Recently accidentally stumbled on the Internet on the ear correctors Otostick. On the Internet, the reviews were more like hidden advertising; there was no recall on Airek. I decided to buy one package for testing. Arrived surprisingly quickly in two weeks in Russia. Bought on ebay for $ 17.50 plus shipping $ 6.99.

The first corrector glued in a sparing mode closer to the base of the ear, so to speak tried. The pressing effect was, but not great. Look at the photo. Made on the second day, the edges are already starting to peel off. He stood the corrector for 4 days and broke on the connecting membrane. Although maybe the child helped him a little. The halves came off without any problems, but of course not a bit pleasant.

The second corrector has already glued almost to the edge of the ear and the pressing effect is completely different. Again, see the photo. Already lasted 4 days and while standing still. In the process of using the child every day or every other day goes to workouts in the pool, wears a hat constantly. Winter is still outside the window. So it keeps well.

Instructions for attaching the ear corrector Otostick, brief: process the skin at the site of gluing, stick it first on the ear, then on the head code, press well. After 4 hours you can already take a bathroom.

There is a version for small children, I already bought my daughter adults. Although the logo is like a girl.

I do not know what the long-term effect will be, let's see. But the result of the current content! It is recommended to wear at least 3 months to see the result. Review will update.

Addition 02.03.2015. We have a corrector since November 2014. Almost without a break. Once there was a break of 2 days, when the ear healed after the unsuccessful installation of the corrector. See photo below.

After removing the corrector, there was such a wound. After two days, a crust was formed and a new corrector was installed. the wound was formed more due to the fact that when gluing, a fold of skin was formed. In the future, a more accurate stuck proofreader and there were no such creases. On average, each corrector wears 2-3 weeks, and not a week as suggested by the manufacturer. Usually the corrector breaks the membrane or peels off one of the sides. For all the time, only twice removed the corrector themselves.

After each sticking and peeling, it is necessary to remove glue residues well, so that the new corrector holds on better and longer. We carry proofreader constantly. Compare the first and last photo, both from ball tournaments. On slicked hair, the difference in the ears is immediately noticeable.

Updated 07/23/2015!

I rented a review of one star, it remains four! I'll explain why. We sneaked ear corrector ottoyk almost without interruption 8 months! In early July, stopped wearing. In mid-May, problems began, the corrector stopped holding after he was drenched. And we have training in the pool several times a week, we had to change it often. Then in June, the trainings ended and just on dry ground, on the urine of the head, he was grabbed by him for 2-3 days and one of the parties was unstuck. I tried all the ways of preparing the ear, it did not last long. I checked the expiration date, another two years until May 2017. It happened that the corrector stayed only 4 hours. As a result, by the beginning of July I had about a pack of proofreaders and the child was tired of the constant need to glue the corrector. We decided to relax!

I can assume that the shelf life is much less than what is written on the package and the glue loses its properties faster. So it means there is no point in buying for many things and you need to buy fresh ones constantly to keep up. But this assumption is still worth checking out.

The remaining correctors will be used for speeches and photo sessions, two or three hours should be enough for them! In adult children, there is no accumulative effect, only while you wear it! For many, this is the solution! I instill in my daughter that this is her zest, so that there are no complexes, and we considered wearing correctors as an interesting experiment-experience! Good luck everyone!

How to eliminate lop-earedness

  1. The radical method is otoplasty. Many believe that the only way to get rid of lop-earedness is a surgical operation called otoplasty, which is allowed to be done from 5-6 years of age. Indeed, until recently it was so. Otoplasty allows you to change the angle of the ear shell to the skull. However, despite the high efficiency, this operation, like all the others, involves the introduction of anesthesia, and has contraindications that are standard for any surgical intervention.
  2. The conservative method is the use of aural correctors. Как известно, хрящевая ткань ушной раковины младенца более мягкая и податливая, чем у взрослого человека. Поэтому исправить деформацию в раннем возрасте гораздо проще. You can try to do this by holding the ear for a long time in the right position. And the “Arilis” corrector for the ears, which was specially developed by the manufacturers of Russia and Finland, will help in this.

What is a corrector and how it works

It is no secret that bulging ears can cause huge complexes. People with such a feature, as a rule, are not confident and very shy. Corrector for ears "Arilis", a photo of which is presented above, will help solve the problem. Practice has shown that the constant wearing of the corrector over time changes the angle of curvature of the auricle. As the cartilage grows wide throughout life, the situation with protruding ears can be corrected.

What is the corrector for ears "Arilis"? The design of the device is quite simple. These are two pieces of transparent, barely noticeable silicone, connected to each other. The silicone lens has a glue base, thanks to which the device is attached to the defatted skin of the ear and head. In order for the protruding ear to lock in the desired position, it is enough to fix the lenses behind the ears and press it.

The advantages of the corrector

The use of innovative technologies and materials made it possible to create a device that is very easy to use, which allows to get rid of lop-eared, which has several advantages:

  • "Arilis" (corrector for the ears), reviews of which are almost always positive, is made of hypoallergenic silicone, therefore, does not cause irritation while wearing,
  • due to transparency, it is completely invisible,
  • corrector has a soft structure, so it does not interfere with sleep,
  • not afraid of moisture
  • does not limit physical activity
  • special medical glue allows you to securely and securely fix the auricle,
  • corrector for ears "Arilis" can be worn up to 10 days, without removing,
  • provides to achieve sustainable results without resorting to surgery,
  • can be used from birth ("Arilis +").

Does the corrector help adults?

Since the ear correctors appeared relatively recently, and it was not possible to fix bulged ears in infancy with their help earlier, today many adults would like to solve the problem of lop-eared ears. Unfortunately, with age, cartilage becomes harder and more difficult to correct. Of course, you can fix the situation once and for all with the help of an operation. However, this option is not always suitable. In this case, you can use ear correctors for adults.

The essence of ear correction in adults is no different from the child. The adaptations are exactly the same. The fact that the manufacturer has provided 3 options for correctors (for adults, newborns and children from the first month of life), many regard only as a marketing ploy. The only difference is that adults have a longer wearing period.

As a rule, to achieve a visible result, Arilis (ear corrector) should be worn for at least two years. In any case, it is quite an effective way to deal with lop-eared ears. With proper perseverance, the use of a corrector should bear fruit. In addition, the corrector for ears "Arilis" (instructions for it is included) can be used as a temporary masking device.

"Arilis" for children

Of course, it is better if the problem of protruding ears is corrected as early as childhood, that is, when the cartilage is easily amenable to correction. The Arilis company provided a unique opportunity to correct the child’s ears and rid it of complexes in the future. For this purpose, 2 types of correctors were developed:

  • corrector for ears "Arilis children",
  • "Arilis +".

The first option is designed for children from 1 month to 9 years, the second - for newborns. The adhesive base and material of the corrector are absolutely safe, so you should not worry about the health of the baby in this case.

Scientific studies have shown that the use of the Arilis corrector since birth itself after 4 months allows to achieve a positive result. The sooner you start using the corrector, the better the result will be.

Contraindications and possible side effects

There are no special restrictions on wearing correctors for the ears. However, they are not recommended to be used if there are open wounds, abrasions or cuts in the area to which the corrector should be fixed. In this case, you will have to wait until the skin is completely healed, after which you can safely proceed to the correction.

There are cases when allergic reactions occur at attachment points. For the production of proofreaders "Arilis" the best and safest materials are used, therefore theoretically wearing lenses should not cause such troubles. Most likely, the cause of the allergy is associated with the individual sensitivity of the skin, which overreacts to contact with a foreign object. You can try to solve this problem by visiting a dermatologist.

In addition, if the lenses are carelessly glued under them, there is a risk of skin folds, which after a while can become inflamed and lead to the formation of bleeding wounds. In this situation, the device is recommended to be removed and wait until the wounds tighten.

Today, Arilis offers to buy ear correctors at the same price, regardless of age. So, for a set of 4 pieces you will have to pay 950 rubles, and a package with 10 proofreaders will cost you 1,690 rubles.

User Opinion

How convenient and effective is the Arilis ear corrector to use? Customer reviews indicate positive results after using this device. Consumers appreciated the ingenious development and express warm thanks to the manufacturer. For quite an affordable amount, the problem of lop-earedness can be solved without even resorting to an operation. Corrector for the ears helps to say goodbye to the complexes, to become more confident and improve the quality of life.

Popular brands of ear correctors

Immediately make a reservation that all such devices operate on the same principle, and they are all equally effective. Differences can be in the quality and strength of the material, the durability of the adhesive, the size and thickness of the lenses, ease of use, and, of course, in price.

The Finnish-Russian brand Arilis is the most popular in our country. In addition to ear correctors designed for different age categories, the manufacturer produces adhesives to correct the navel in newborns.

Ear correctors have recently been produced by the domestic trademark Mair, which is located in St. Petersburg. The products of this company is characterized by quite affordable price. Unfortunately, user reviews to date are not enough to objectively assess the quality of the goods.

The aural correctors of the Spanish company Otostick received a positive assessment. Numerous reviews confirm the high quality and efficiency of the products of this manufacturer, although the price is slightly higher compared to Arilis proofreaders. It is about 2000 rubles for a package consisting of 8 proofreaders.

Ottopyrennye ears can deliver many inconveniences, in particular psychological. Such people, as a rule, are not self-confident and rather shy. Corrector for ears "Arilis" will help you and your child to become more attractive, get rid of the complexes and gain faith in yourself!

What causes lop-ear?

Overly protruding ears are not considered pathological. With their presence, the hearing is not disturbed, there are no diseases.

Such a feature affects the psychological state of a lop-eared: it is aesthetic insufficiency, considering that others, seeing the defect, are ridiculed. Particularly concerned about this female gender.

It is possible to become the owner of strongly bent ears:

  • having inherited from ancestors,
  • “Earned” in infancy during sleep (sleeping babies have ear shells when turning over) or under a cap that is not properly worn,
  • providing a flaw due to injury.

Those who stick out their ears, it is interesting to know that in Japan lop-eared is a sign of intelligence and luck.

Ways of getting rid of bulging ears

Not everyone is given the opportunity to live in the Land of the Rising Sun. But they have a chance to get rid of the annoying imperfection in 3 ways.

  1. Use ear correctors, starting from infancy. Cartilage about six months or a year endowed with plasticity, then goes into a dense state. During this period it is possible to give the desired shape to the sinks. This accessory is required to wear for a long time.
  2. Use endoprosthetics. The procedure is to install the implant under the skin. The special device will give the necessary shape to the auricle. However, such a manipulation is complex execution.
  3. Refer for the implementation of otoplasty - an operation that can change the angle of junction of the auricle to the skull. It is permissible to apply for an appointment from the age of six.

Surgical intervention is performed on a patient under general anesthesia and not having contraindications to the procedure.

How do the ear correctors look and how do they work?

Products are available in many varieties. However, everyone has a simple and similar design.

A separate accessory consists of 2 transparent silicone fragments fastened together and invisible to a prying eye.

All product brands work the same. Minor differences are more convenient fastening, wearing comfort.

With a hypoallergenic special agent, a separate corrector is glued to the skin of the ear on one side and to the head on the other. Designed to give the ear aesthetics, the accessory permanently presses the ear to the temples, giving it the desired shape.

After a while, the cartilage of the auditory organ adapts to this position and acquires the desired appearance, as a result of which the wearing of the corrector is no longer required.

True, the expected result comes after 6-12 months. According to other manufacturers, with their products the effect is acquired in a month. However, there is no evidence of such advertising.

Specialists have a different opinion. A guarantee of 100% does not give any model corrector. It is all about the device of an auricle and predisposition of a cartilage to respond to changes.

Some representatives of lop-eared silicone, although it is hypoallergenic, do not like it because of the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the form of irritation of the skin.

And it makes those with protruding ears remove the accessory faster than the designated period. In this situation, the result is problematic to wait.

It is possible to start the correction of the shape of the ears at any age, but the effectiveness will be different.

How to apply? (3 important rules)

It is rather simple to use correctors for the ears, but you still need to adhere to a certain algorithm. Ignoring the rules will inevitably lead to damage to the product and reduce the period of wearing.

  1. The skin in the ear zone is required to degrease before installing the accessory, taking a lotion designed to remove fat. After that, it is worth waiting for the complete drying of the surface of the epidermis.
  2. The protective film is removed from the adhesive side of the corrector so that the accessory fingers do not come into contact with them.
  3. One piece of the product is fixed on the upper border of the auricle, the second - in the area of ​​the head behind the ear. It is necessary to make sure that the attachment of 2 fragments passed while observing their parallelism relative to each other and without falling hairs, any extraneous particles between the skin of the ear and the plate.

The product worn on the ear is constantly worn for 5-10 days. After this time, it is removed and discarded. The old accessory is not suitable for re-use, but it is not forbidden to fasten a new one (1 or 2 at the same time).

Sometimes the specified period of wearing the corrector is not maintained. This happens when using the pad washes the head, bathes in the bath and other bodies of water, goes to the bath / sauna. These reasons often provoke peeling of the product.

Sometimes the pad for the correction of protruding ears breaks. This indicates poor-quality manufacturing of the product. There is a peeling off before the specified time of wearing and in the case of attachment of the accessory to wet skin.

It happens that it became necessary to remove the accessory. To perform the manipulation you will need a cotton swab soaked with a moisturizer or oil.

One of the attached edges of the product is lifted, the disk of cotton is inserted into the gap between the plate and the skin until they are separated.

In case of irritating manifestations, it is better to consult with a dermatologist.

Contraindications for use

In fact, there is only one contraindication to the use of an accessory for treating lop-earedness - an allergic reaction to silicone and glue if you are hypersensitive to the material of manufacture and the means for sticking.

There is an allergy at the point of contact of the accessory with the skin in case of hypersensitivity of the epidermis of a person with bulged ears.

The dermatologist will help to understand the problem, otherwise the correction of the organs of hearing will harm such a patient.

Temporarily it is not allowed to use the corrector for those who have damages, open wounds, cuts in the place of attachment of the accessory. But after curing the area of ​​sticking, it is not forbidden to use the product.

With improper attachment of plates sometimes folds form on the skin. They are often inflamed, even bleeding.

We must wait for the problem area to recover and return to the possibility of correcting lop-eared with the help of correctors.

Features Arilis

In Russia, Arilis manufactures products with the following advantages:

  • making of resistant and vitreous silicone - a material that allows accessories to be invisible on the ears,
  • hypoallergenic materials used - they are marked with a medical certificate,
  • non-standard glue overlaying technique - a sticky substance allows a lagged ear corrector to be held if the accessory is simply pinned to the skin. It will remain on the glued place and in case of water penetration under it,
  • The resulting shape of the auricle remains up to 7–10 days and with an energetic rhythm of life. One box of ear correctors is planned for use for 1 month,
  • wearing overlays on the ears does not limit physical exertion in the continuation of the use of accessories.

Benefits of the otozik

No less popular with the ear correctors "Otostyk" from the Spanish company. The model range consists of “Baby Father” (for children from 3 months to 6 years) and “Father Normal” (for teenagers and adults).

The products of this brand are more durable than the Arilis records, fixing to the skin. Also, when compared with a competitor, the ear correction lining of the otostick is thicker.

These products help to get rid of lop-eared because:

  • firmly held on the glued place - with accessories having bulging ears sleep, exercise, stand in the shower,
  • made from glass hypoallergenic silicone,
  • in the box is provided for use the number of proofreaders for 30 days,
  • intended for both children and adults
  • ears with plates are maintained in the desired position,
  • Lop-earedness is eliminated during continuous wear of the lining.

And in England, the United States, Denmark, corrective ears lining are produced, but these systems are not in the Russian market. Some, however, are available for purchase through online ordering.

The price of the correctors for the ears

Products brand "Arilis" different budget cost. 4 plates will cost 450 rubles. For 10 overlays will have to pay 1,690 rubles. subject to purchase on the official website of the manufacturer.

The brand "Otostyk" is more expensive. For a box of 8 products for adults will have to pay 1970 rubles. For a box with the same number of children's options - 2100 rubles.

The product is purchased from the official sales agents of the company.

It is possible to buy ear correctors "Mair", manufactured in St. Petersburg by a Russian company. 8 overlays worth 1,400 rubles. It is easy to buy on the official portal.


“Somewhere in 2-3 years I noticed that my daughter’s left ear looks more distinct than the second. The daughter was growing up, and the dissimilarity of the ears was becoming more pronounced. I found out about the Otostick ear plugs on the Internet and bought 1 box for testing on ebay.

The first corrector was kept for 4 days: I glued it closer to the beginning of the ear. The new one stuck on the instructions, on the edge of the ear, he stayed in place, although the girl was training in the pool and walked in a hat - they started using the corrector in November.

Each corrector daughter wore constantly about 2-3 weeks. For 3 months of using the corrector, the eye noticeably pressed to the head. But I ordered 3 more packages of proofreaders to achieve the desired result. ”


“The one-year-old son had pronounced lop-earedness. My husband and I have heard about the Arilis ear aural correctors, which help to get out of the difficulty, and we should start from infancy.

Ordered records delivered very quickly. In the box of 8 products, they are enough for a month of continuous use. Накладки из прозрачного силикона легко приклеиваются к ушкам, сынуля даже не капризничал при надевании.

Первые 2 пары он носил 10 дней, ребенка они не беспокоят – режим из-за них не нарушается. Заказали следующую порцию, чтобы наверняка добиться результата.»


«Своему полуторагодовалому сыночку с ушками-лопушками покупала корректоры «Маирс mini».

They are designed for children from birth to 4 years. After 3 months, the ears are slightly pressed to the head and not so much bulging.

We chose the correctors of this brand, as they are the most favorable for the price. And they were convinced of their effectiveness on their own experience. ”

plastic surgeon

I think the idea of ​​wearing correctors is questionable. Rapid correction of the auricle gives a 100% result. The operation itself is performed under local anesthesia. Rehabilitation is quick and easy (it will take about 2 weeks).

practicing beautician

It is unlikely that adults will help such correctors. The fact is that the cartilage hardens and, at an older age, pressure practically does not affect it. You can wear ear correctors for years, but you won’t get results. The way out in this situation is otoplasty.

Proofreaders for the ears - not a panacea. But they help children, especially at an early age. And adults too, you just need patience.