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Designer, ultra wide trousers, night blue colors. Trousers are made of pure high-quality linen. Model with a high waistline. A pair of deep tucks in the front, a hidden zipper at the back. Pants are fixed at the waist with stitches and drawstring, can be replaced with a thin belt or belt. Convenient welt pockets in the frame. The length of the trousers is designed for height 170 and low-heeled or non-heel shoes, for example, loafers, slip-ons, slippers, and pants that end in wide cuffs. The model in the photo size 34 height 175 cm. The party is limited. Packed in a cardboard box.

*Numeric parameters correspond to size 34


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Who is this going to?

Who will fit the unusual trousers palazzo? First of all, the slim and tall of the fair sex. Low girls and women with this style should be more careful, as it is able to visually reduce the growth and shorten the silhouette.

The rest of the palazzo model can be called universal, because it suits young girls, ladies of balzac age and mature women of any body size. Palazzo will add the missing volume of the lower body with unexpressed buttocks and excessively thin legs. But at the same time, the thing is able to hide those extra pounds, localized on the hips. The model is also appropriate for the legs of an imperfect form.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose palazzo trousers that will not only look fashionable, but also hide defects and emphasize all advantages? When buying, you should pay attention to:

  1. Length The legs should completely cover the shoes. The heel should open at most half. Open feet create the impression of shortened legs and a cropped silhouette.
  2. Landing. High emphasize the waist and hide the extra volume of this zone. Low landing can afford only girls with perfect forms and a flat belly.
  3. The cloth. The material plays an important role as it affects the comfort and characteristics of the image. Dense materials will hide the defects of the figure, but will not work for a hot summer. Complex and relief fabrics visually increase the volume, therefore they are not suitable for owners of magnificent forms. Elastic materials are insidious, as they can stretch and expose disadvantages in an unfavorable light. Flowing, weightless and lightweight material is ideal for summer, elegantly veils small defects and adds femininity and lightness to the image. But it should not be transparent, although light transmission is still allowed.
  4. Features cut: cuts on the sides of the leg, the folds of the hips, the assembly on the belt. Remember that the more complex parts, the more volumetric the silhouette looks.
  5. Colour. Classic black is still in fashion, which can be strict or elegant. Fresh white is what you need for your summer walks. Restrained pastel colors are popular, giving the image romance and not overloading it. And sometimes you can afford the brightness and riot of colors: yellow, mint, red, mustard. The trend is also noble and deep colors, such as wine, terracotta, cherry, brown, dark blue. Gray is considered universal: with it you can create both discreet sets and interesting ones, complementing this range with contrasting bright tones.
  6. Prints. Patterns are not for everyone, as they can increase the volume and weight the lower part of the silhouette. But if the figure you are all right, pay attention to the romantic peas, all kinds of stripes and lines, geometric shapes, floral motifs and ethnic.

Combination Rules

How to wear pants palazzo? First of all, pick the right top. And a lot of options:

  • Tops. Slender lucky women can afford tight-fitting knit models that do not look vulgar with a spacious bottom. And ladies with appetizing forms should pay attention to more free variations that do not open the body and do not show flaws.
  • Blouse of light flowing fabric. A short one can fall on the pants, and the long one should be tucked into the belt, thus emphasizing the waistline and making the silhouette proportional and feminine.
  • A slim-fit shirt or a loose fit tucked into pants will look elegant.
  • Dense palazzo combine with pullovers or sweaters, and in recent seasons free styles and shortened in fashion.
  • A turtleneck is perfect for a discreet look.
  • To get the look in casual style, complement the pants with a long sleeve or sweatshirt. This is a good option for everyday wear and young active girls.

As for outerwear, coats, cropped leather jackets (including brutal leather jackets), cardigans are combined with palazzo trousers.

Shoes and accessories

Shoes can be almost any, depending on the characteristics of the pants and your image. But especially feminine palazzo look with models in heels: shoes, sandals, ankle boots. Appropriate wedge and platform. But it is quite acceptable, and sometimes shoes are preferred on flat shoes, for example, loafers, oxfords, moccasins. Or take a chance and play on contrasts, shoes sneakers or shoes.

Underline the fashionable palazzo with accessories: a thin strap at the waist, an elegant hat, a scarf, a stole, a lady's handbag, beads and unwieldy pendants.

If you do not have a palazzo yet, by all means purchase such trousers and create bright and stylish looks!

How to choose and what styles are

Palazzo models differ from ordinary trousers by the following features:

  • almost floor length
  • high waist,
  • wide leg,
  • folds starting from the belt line,
  • side pockets.

C what to wear and who go to the palazzo? They have different types of fit, leg widths, are made of many fabrics and therefore suitable for women with any type of figure. Combining this element of the wardrobe can be bizarre: blouses, shirts, sweaters and even coats will look interesting.

The main selection criterion is length. The leg should completely cover the legs and shoes, or half hide the heel if it is high enough. Marlene Dietrich-style trousers are usually sewn from lightweight cloth that drapes down. Most often, designers choose silk, chiffon or knitwear.

Summer knitwear

Palazzo pants are perfect for slim and tall women - length slightly reduces the height, and wide leg adds volume to the narrow hips. Thus, the female figure looks proportional. Knitted models are comfortable for everyday wear: a nice non-tear-resistant fabric, for practicality pockets are added:

For full

However, with the help of these models, designers create an excellent bow for the full ones. Fabric women of this physique should choose flowing and light, so as not to create a dense fabric effect even more full hips. Black color visually slims and pulls the figure, riveting attention on the upper part of the body, dressed in a monophonic or flirty-colorful blouse:

Vertical stripes add slimness to the models; open sandals and light blouses add lightness to the image:

REMEMBER! For women seeking to hide figure flaws with the help of a palazzo, monophonic models or colors with a discreet stripe are more suitable.

High waist

Wide trousers in the floor with a high waist - a spectacular part of the wardrobe, becoming the center of the image. Therefore, it does not need any special decorations and is best combined with plain simple things. The blouse tucked into the pants emphasizes the thin waist of the fashionable woman and creates an elegant image without the frills:

Trendy colors and prints

The color palette of the Palazzo is limited only by the imagination of designers. Discreet in the choice of colors for women choose a classic black pants, fashionable women prefer ultrapopular floral print or vertical stripes.

Ethnic style looks original in the metropolis. With the help of these models, you can create not only an eternal festive image, but also an option for exits that require rigor and elegance. Black bottom, white top - what could be more restrained? Black palazzo diluted too strict outfit spectacular cut. Colored - a convenient option for meeting with friends or loved ones.

Black with elegant blouse

The original cut of the black palazzo in combination with the classic black or bright monophonic color will make any bow elegant:

Holders of Marlene pants with a trendy striped print everywhere become the center of attention - especially if they combine trousers with a bright blouse and an original headdress:

What shoes to combine

Usually finish the image with wide trousers shoes with high heels. Some prefer stiletto sandals, but shoes with a more stable heel or no at all are fine.

ATTENTION! If you don’t know how to wear a palazzo and what shoes to combine them with, stop choosing classic stilettos.

Option 1: High platform
Comfortable shoes on the platform add to the image of practicality and enhance the ethnic effect:

Option 2: Stud

High thin hairpin and flowing fabric - the lightness and romance of the image you are guaranteed.

Option 3: shoes without a heel

It is possible to combine a palazzo with shoes without a heel - for example, with ballet shoes or sports shoes with a flat sole. Recently, the connection of two different styles in one image is extremely fashionable:

IMPORTANT! Remember that pants are a thing that originally belonged to men's wardrobe, so accessories for completeness should be exclusively feminine: a small handbag on a belt, a thin belt, a long chain with a large pendant, etc.

An elegant handbag on a long belt in the form of a chain creates a beautiful contrast with pointedly simple and laconic trousers:

The lady's handbag on a bent arm, a silk blouse, a dark blue palazzo and a military style cap are a great combination for a woman who is not afraid of fashionable experiments:

Where and when to wear them?

According to the palazzo, they are close to classic models, so they are used not only for romantic walks and for every day, but also for evening outings.

Office option

Excellent options for the office: a slim-fitting silhouette will add rigor, and a classic white or black top will fit into any dress code:

To the exit

Wide white pants in combination with a graceful blouse - a great bow for a party, including the official:

Completely white image - for special occasions:

On every day

This discreet and balanced bow with a brown palazzo and a blue top will take its deserved place among the everyday images of the fashionista. This is an image for business meetings, work or study:

Palazzo will help create dozens of images using a universal style. Only one detail of the wardrobe in combination with different top - and you are always in trend!

How to sew wide pants palazzo, look in this video:

Palazzo trousers - what is it?

In the early 60s of the last century, fashion designers from Italy, Emilio Pucci, suggested that girls put on an unusual thing of the middle of the last century - spacious pants. The fashion for this clothing was in its infancy, the pants were worn by men and the bravest women. Emilio Pucci reckoned that the trousers of the palazzo, which looked like a skirt, would quickly come into use thanks to their loose style.

Daring fashionistas from the fifties liked the idea of ​​Pucci, they with great pleasure put on a skirt-pants. Not only simple girls but celebrities flaunted it. Skirt-pants - so called this piece of clothing for a long time not by accident. Palazzo trousers, the length of which was ankle-length and lower, had highly flared leg from the base of the hip - it seemed that the woman was wearing a long skirt.

Women's trousers palazzo

The well-deserved popularity of such a novelty was due to several factors:

  • did not cause questions to society, the pants looked feminine,
  • hid figure flaws - full or not very straight legs successfully hidden behind the folds,
  • allowed to feel free - both morally and physically.

Palazzo trousers in the wardrobe of modern young ladies have appeared recently. But the trend of the season managed to try on the most advanced.

The model looks decent, stylish, elegant. She is perfect for stately slender women with long legs, her ladies are of medium height with a heel - a sweeping cut eats several centimeters of height, the heel helps to compensate for them. Palazzo trousers for the full also exist - they are made in the same manner. Pyshechki can not be afraid to look larger in them, the palazzo perfectly conceal the excess.

Wide trousers palazzo

This style is carried out in light, dark, motley color scale. Depending on the color, the purpose of the pants may vary:

  • black is appropriate in all situations - the dark palazzo can be both everyday and office,
  • blue looks spectacular - such trousers are palazzo for short ladies,
  • white trousers are able to become a stylish element of festive attire,
  • gray shades are ideal for making all kinds of images in different directions,
  • Color wide trousers look great and make the bow original.

The palazzo can be worn both in winter and in summer. For the warm season, it is worth choosing trousers from light fabrics - silk, flax, cotton, for the cold - from thick - tweed, wool. Synthetic component that is part of the material should not confuse you. Synthetics helps a free model to sit perfectly on the figure, not to crease, easy to iron. Fashion houses are experimenting with print - you can find not only strict styles, but also extravagant, with a floral, geometric, abstract print.

Cropped trousers palazzo

The trend thing is not as simple as it seems. Wide trousers are presented in all variety, and distinguishes them from each other not only color scale, but also details, character of a cut. One of the varieties is culottes. They are characterized by a short length that does not reach the ankle. Culottes look outrageous - they have an overestimated waistline and the same wide leg trousers, as in the prototype.

As an interesting part of the image, culottes require compliance with the rules of socks. They are capricious in terms of the choice of the top - it should be short, shoes should be selected depending on preference, but it looks better on the heel, platform. The owner of these trousers is important to have slim legs and a toned body. Palazzo trousers for the office - not prohibited, but not the best option. Culottes fit perfectly in casual ensembles, you can take them with you on vacation, put on a meeting with friends. If you skillfully combine them with a beautiful top, then in this form you can go to the evening event.

High Waist Palazzo Trousers

Low-rise girls who want to visually make their legs longer, the designers offered a good solution. High waist on the trousers palazzo works wonders. She so reveals the features of the silhouette that simultaneously emphasizes the waist, makes the legs "from the ears." Palazzo trousers - a trend that can not ignore the fair sex of different height and weight. They are spacious, the curves of the body are clearly visible in them, only small flaws are hidden. Palazzo copes with its function - to emphasize only what needs to be presented.

What can I wear with palazzo trousers?

The actual style is not combined with any thing. Сочетать штаны палаццо необходимо, учитывая несложные рекомендации:

  1. Обладательницам стройного силуэта разрешается надеть с ними короткую объемную или обтягивающую одежду. Ей может стать блузка, топ, водолазка.
  2. Tasty young ladies will have enough volume in the lower part, everything else should be fitted - a shirt will give proportionality, long-sleeves with an emphasis on this part of the body.
  3. The color range of the ensemble is made according to the usual pattern - if the bottom is bright, give preference to a calm top.

Shoes to this piece of clothing is chosen elementary. Perfectly trousers are in harmony with a stiletto heel. You can wear boats, ballet flats or sandals for a long walk - just make sure that the trousers are not dragged along the ground and asphalt, creating a sloppy look. Add accessories to the ensemble with palazzo pants modest, they themselves are a bright, eye-catching spot. Supplement them with a belt, a neat bag, inconspicuous decorations - they will not spoil the elegant bow.

Summer trousers palazzo

For the summer model, waving from the breath of breeze is wonderful, suitable. Palazzo trousers flow, allowing the air to circulate inside the wide leg - you will not be hot in this model. This piece of clothing can be included in urban images, they are put with them in a suitcase girls who are going on a trip. And on excursions, and on a walk along the coast, fashionable trousers palazzo will be useful.

Winter trousers palazzo

These pants look good in warm cozy bows. Made of dense materials, they are combined with sweaters, short cardigans. As outerwear suitable for them coats, elegant down jackets, quilted jackets. Trousers palazzo in winter can be combined with ankle boots or half boots, it is necessary that the pants cover most of the heel, otherwise they will sit ridiculous.