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Camphor alcohol - instructions for use


The article will consider the instructions for use for camphor alcohol.

It is an affordable drug that is available without a prescription from a doctor in almost any pharmacy. The solution has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and is widely used in medical practice for the treatment of various pathological processes.

Composition and properties

According to the instructions for camphor alcohol, camphor acts as the active component of the solution. This is a substance of natural origin, which is obtained by distillation of camphor laurel wood. Auxiliary components of the drug are ethyl alcohol and purified water. Camphor alcohol is produced in glass bottles of 25 and 40 ml. The solution has a pronounced aroma of camphor and alcohol.

What is used for?

Camphor alcohol has an antiseptic, analeptic, topical irritant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the drug enhances metabolic processes and blood circulation in the tissues.

When used externally, camphor alcohol adversely affects harmful bacteria, preventing purulent complications and relieving inflammation in the tissues.

In addition, when used locally, camphor oil and alcohol stimulate nerve endings, provoking a warming effect, which reduces the intensity of pain in diseases such as arthralgia and myalgia.

An alcohol solution of camphor can in some sense be considered a universal remedy for local use. It effectively fights pathogens, reduces the severity of pain and inflammation, and normalizes the process of metabolism and blood circulation in the tissues.

What else does the instruction to camphor alcohol tell us?

Indications and Contraindications

The use of camphor alcohol is outwardly prescribed to eliminate the following conditions and diseases:

1. Inflammatory processes in the ear, external otitis.

2. Detection of sulfur plugs.

3. The inflammatory process in the sciatic nerve, sciatica.

4. Joint pain in the form of arthralgia.

5. Pain along the nerves, neuralgia.

6. The inflammatory process in the nerve roots of the spinal cord, sciatica.

7. Preventing the onset of bedsores.

As the instructions for camphor alcohol indicate, its use is not allowed against the background of the following contraindications:

1. Allergic reaction to the components included in the product.

2. Dermatitis, eczema, open wounds in areas where the solution needs to be applied.

3. Epileptic seizures.

4. Age of child under one year.

In addition, the drug is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The restriction is due to the property of camphor to penetrate into breast milk and through the placental barrier.

The specialist may prescribe treatment with camphor alcohol against the background of pregnancy in the case when the benefits of the drug are higher than the possible risks to the mother and the unborn child. Today, in such a situation, preference is given to safer drugs.

Despite the natural origin of the components of camphor alcohol, adverse reactions such as dermatitis, urticaria, swelling, hyperemia, itching, etc. may occur on the background of external use of the solution. Since the drug is allowed for subcutaneous administration, such negative reactions as dizziness, pain in the head, fat embolism in the injection area are more often observed.

Instructions for otitis

Most often, camphor alcohol is prescribed in combination with other drugs to remove sulfur plugs and treat otitis. Due to its properties, the drug relieves inflammation and pain in the ears during otitis, and also eliminates congestion.

In accordance with the instructions for camphor alcohol, to prepare the ear drops, the solution is mixed in equal proportions with pure water. Before treating the ear, even with a diluted product, you should consult a specialist. This will prevent perforation of the eardrum, which is considered a contraindication for the application of the solution.

After mixing with water, the resulting solution warms to body temperature and drops 1-3 drops to the affected ear up to three times a day. The excess is removed with a swab or turunda.

How else can camphor alcohol be used in the ear according to the instructions?

In some cases it is recommended to make compresses with camphor spirit. To do this, the drug is diluted with water and warms up. Then a gauze bandage with a hole for the ear is moistened in the resulting mixture. Compress covered with waxed paper, which also has a special hole for the ear. Further, the construction is warmed with cotton and fixed with a plaster or bandage. Keep a compress can be no more than four hours.

A tampon with camphor alcohol will also help relieve pain and eliminate the inflammatory process. Turunda is formed from cotton wool, which is moistened in camphor spirit, pressed and inserted into the ear for 15-20 minutes.

We reviewed the detailed instructions for application to camphor alcohol in the ear.

Bedsores and joint diseases

Pressure ulcers are called ulcers that occur in areas of the skin with impaired blood circulation, resulting from compression. Most often, bedsores are formed on the buttocks, the sacrum, the thighs, on the back of the head and along the spine. In this case, camphor alcohol can be used as a prophylactic agent.

To prevent the formation of pressure sores on areas of the skin that are subject to the greatest pressure, before applying camphor, a hygienic procedure is performed using soap. After washing, the skin is dried with a soft towel. Next, dry and clean skin is rubbed with a cotton swab soaked in camphor alcohol. This should be done carefully, avoiding excessive friction and pressure. It is also allowed to apply camphor oil on the skin in combination with alcohol.

Regular implementation of such procedures will significantly reduce the likelihood of the formation of pressure sores in bedridden patients. Treatment of bedsores with camphor is not carried out, as this will increase pain in the affected area of ​​the skin and slow down the recovery process.

How to apply?

For the treatment of joints, camphor alcohol is used as follows:

1. Compress. Gauze, folded several times, should be soaked with camphor spirit and applied to the affected joint. On top of it should put wax paper or polyethylene, a layer of cotton wool and fix the resulting compress with a bandage. It is necessary to carry a bandage no more than three hours. The effect will be noticeable after the first compress.

2. Rubbing the joints. To prepare a mixture for grinding, you should mix camphor alcohol, “Analgin”, iodine and ethyl alcohol. All components are mixed until a homogeneous state. Next, the solution should be rubbed the affected places before going to bed. After the procedure, the affected areas are wrapped with a warm cloth. Rubbing helps relieve inflammation and speeds up the regeneration of damaged joints.

Camphor oil

Camphor oil is used in medical practice no less than camphor alcohol. It is used for a massage session, as well as in the pathologies of muscles and joints. For arthritis, doctors prescribe rubbing the back with camphor. In many medical institutions, camphor oil is used as a prophylactic agent to prevent bedsores in bedridden patients.

With a cold

Even more popular camphor oil in the treatment of rhinitis, ear and cold. As in the case of camphor alcohol, the oil is used to eliminate inflammation and pain in case of external otitis, eustachitis, as well as in otitis media. In addition, the oil can be instilled into the nose for the treatment of rhinitis. It can be used as ear drops, as well as put on tampons, make compresses, lotions, etc.

In the field of cosmetology

Among other things, camphor oil is also used in the field of cosmetology. So, some experts confirm the effectiveness of the tool in the treatment of acne and acne. Some women are advised to make masks using camphor. Apply the product can also be hair and eyelashes. It is believed that this will prevent hair loss and make the hair stronger by activating their intensive growth.

Camphor alcohol is considered an agent proven over the years. Many adults already mum as a child rubbed with a preparation for a cold and wrapped in a warm blanket. It was believed that in this way it is possible to get rid of the manifestations of the disease and warm up the body.

Today, camphor alcohol is also widely used in medical practice. Otolaryngologists often prescribe it for the treatment of otitis externa. A few days of compresses or laying turunda with camphor spirit can relieve otitis symptoms by eliminating inflammation and pain.

Some people use the solution to treat acne. The resulting pustules on the face are smeared with camphor spirit, which dries the skin and reduces inflammation.


Despite decades of successful use and seeming security, doctors warn against self-administration of camphor alcohol. It is best to consult a doctor, perhaps more suitable modern and safe drug. Such measures will help prevent the development of adverse reactions.

What is camphor alcohol

To study the beneficial properties of a drug, it is worth knowing in detail that camphor alcohol is a remedy with a herbal composition. The basis is camphor, which is an organic compound. The medicine itself is a colorless transparent liquid with a specific odor. This medical tool has instructions for use, which must be strictly followed so as not to harm the health of yourself or the child.

Camphor alcohol - composition

The composition of camphor alcohol includes: racemic camphor, 70% ethyl alcohol and water, for 1 ml of liquid there are 20 mg of camphor. The solution has:

  • antiseptic action
  • antimicrobial,
  • locally annoying
  • pain reliever
  • anesthetic,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • wound healing
  • antiseptic,
  • has a warming effect.

Ethyl alcohol in combination with camphor irritates the nerve receptors of the skin when applied, which improves the movement of blood through the vessels and enhances the metabolic process in all tissues of the body. Apply the tool only externally, by compresses or by mixing with other medicinal substances. The externally applied camphor is partially absorbed by the blood, oxidized and excreted without change by the respiratory and biliary organs.

Camphor alcohol - use

According to the instructions, the use of camphor alcohol is indicated for:

  • myalgia, sciatica, neuralgia,
  • otitis in a child,
  • rheumatic pains
  • arthritis, joint pain,
  • bedsores and preventing their development.

Compress from camphor alcohol is used to treat colds, bedsores, joints. At home, you can treat the ears with camphor oil, used to relieve acne and acne. Camphor is actively used for cosmetic purposes - to adjust the sebaceous glands of the scalp, to enhance hair growth.

Contraindications for the use of funds is:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug,
  • allergy,
  • wounds and scratches on the skin,
  • eczema and dermatitis,
  • inflammatory processes at the site of application,
  • pregnancy or lactation,
  • frequent cramps.

Side effects of medication:

  • allergy,
  • hives,
  • skin irritation,
  • headaches,
  • dizziness.

Apply alcohol with camphor additives topically for grinding, lubrication, instillation in the ears. In case of overdose, excitation of the nervous system, tachycardia and convulsions are possible, which are treated with symptomatic therapy. You can not combine camphor with other drugs, alcohol. The medicine is stored in a dark place without access of sunlight, it is impossible to heat a bottle over 25 degrees Celsius.

Camphor alcohol for acne

In cosmetology, camphor alcohol from acne on the face is used. They wipe the skin to dry the inflammation. You can use a 2% solution overnight. With regular use, acne dries out, spots disappear, and new acne does not appear. A side effect can be dry skin, so every day it is not recommended to use alcohol for the face.

Camphor alcohol for colds

Mild heat effect has camphor alcohol for colds, perfectly eliminates inflammatory processes and cough. Heat the product to the temperature of a person's body, dip gauze or a wide bandage into it, squeeze it and put it on your chest. Put compress paper or a piece of polyethylene on top, wrap it with a handkerchief.

Camphor alcohol for joints

Camphor alcohol is used as a rubbing joint, eliminating pain in the elderly in the legs or arms. It is necessary to mix the alcohol with analginum, iodine and ethyl alcohol, rub the sore spot with the mixture and wrap it with a woolen cloth. Another treatment option by rubbing is the first mixture supplemented with a golden mustache, sabelnik and menovazin.

Camphor alcohol for hair

In addition to the treatment of acne, camphor alcohol for hair is used in cosmetology. Here are some application examples:

  1. From excessive oily hair helps shampoo from two yolks, camphor oil, pounded to foam.
  2. Stimulates hair growth, cleans the scalp a couple of drops of oil added to the balm or conditioner, which is applied to the strands, wrapped with a cap. After 15 minutes, the mixture is washed off.
  3. Mask for hair growth - a mixture of two egg yolks, lemon juice, sesame, camphor and castor oil.
  4. Dandruff will relieve the mixture of camphor with coconut oil, which must be heated, mixed with aloe juice, tea tree essential oil and honey. Apply the mass to the root zone, washed off with water.
  5. Massage of the scalp eliminates dry hair, reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands.

The composition and release form of the drug

The active ingredient of the drug is camphor, which has a natural origin, since it is obtained by distilling camphor laurel wood.

Of the additional ingredients in this tool are only ethyl alcohol and distilled water.

The drug is available in the form of an alcohol solution with a pronounced aroma of camphor in glass vials of 25 and 40 ml.

Pharmacological properties

Camphor alcohol has antiseptic, irritant, analeptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the drug activates blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues.

When applied externally, the drug destroys pathogenic microorganisms, which prevents the development of purulent complications, reduces inflammation in the tissues.

Also, when applied externally, camphor irritates the nerve endings, causing the effect of "warming up", thereby reducing the severity of pain, for example, myalgia or arthralgia.

Thus, it can be said that camphor alcohol solution is a universal remedy that fights pathogenic bacteria, reduces pain and inflammation, activates metabolic processes and microcirculation in tissues.

External use of the drug is shown in the following pathological conditions:

  • ear inflammation,
  • sulfur plug,
  • inflammation of the sciatic nerve (sciatica),
  • joint pains (arthralgia),
  • pain along the nerves (neuralgia),
  • inflammation of the nerve roots of the spinal cord (sciatica),
  • bedsore prevention.


It is strictly forbidden to use an alcohol solution of camphor for the following diseases:

  • allergic to the ingredients of the drug,
  • open wound, dermatitis or eczema at the site of application,
  • epilepsy,
  • age under 12 months.

In addition, it is not recommended to use this drug for self-treatment of nursing mothers and pregnant women, since camphor passes through the placenta and into breast milk.

The attending doctor may prescribe an alcohol solution of camphor only when the expected result is above all risks. But today there are safer means that are not inferior in efficiency to camphor alcohol.

Side effects

Despite the naturalness of the ingredients of the drug, when applied externally, patients may experience side effects such as irritation at the site of use and allergies such as urticaria, dermatitis, hyperemia, edema, and itching.

Side effects are more often observed in patients with subcutaneous administration of the drug, namely, dizziness, headache, fat embolism and infiltrates in the injection area.

How to treat the ear with camphor alcohol: instructions for use

Camphor alcohol is mainly used for otitis and sulfur plugs.

Эффективность камфорного спирта при применении для ушей заключается в том, что он устраняет местные проявления воспалительного процесса, такие как боль и заложенность. Но нужно отметить, что данный препарат рекомендуется использовать в качестве дополнительного средства, а основы лечения.

Отитом называют воспалительный процесс, который может локализоваться как во внешнем, так и среднем или внутреннем слуховом ходе. In this disease, patients complain of earaches, which have the nature of lumbago, discharge from the ear canal, hearing loss, tinnitus, which may be accompanied by symptoms of general intoxication.

When otitis camphor alcohol in the ear, you can bury or make compresses with him.

If we talk about whether it is possible to drip camphor alcohol in the ear, then there are some nuances, since alcohol can cause burns to the mucous membrane of the ear canal. Therefore, experts recommend to dilute the drug to a weaker concentration before instillation.

Otitis media

  • To prepare ear drops from camphor alcohol solution, it is necessary to dilute it with cooled boiled water in a 1: 1 ratio. Before using even a diluted drug, you should consult with your doctor to exclude perforation of the eardrum, as this is an absolute contraindication. The resulting solution is heated about body temperature and instilled into the diseased ear 2-3 times a day, 1-3 drops, after which the excess medication is removed with a cotton swab or turunda.
  • To make wrap with camphor spirit It will also be necessary to dilute the medium with water and heat to body temperature. After that, a piece of gauze is folded in 5-6 layers, a hole is cut out for the ear, impregnated with a solution and placed on the ear so that the auricle is in the hole prepared for it. On top of the gauze is put wax paper, which also has a hole for the ear. The last layer of compress will be cotton wool, which can be applied a bandage or patch. Compress on the ear with camphor alcohol is applied for 3-4 hours.
  • Camphor Alcohol Swab effectively eliminates the inflammatory process and is an excellent alternative to ear instillation. To do this, a small tampon is formed from a piece of a fleece, which is soaked with camphor spirit and slightly squeezed out, after which it is placed in the ear canal for 15-20 minutes.

Is it possible to bury your ears with camphor alcohol for children? This question is very often interested in moms who are faced with otitis in children. So, we will understand this.

Since the child’s skin is more delicate and prone to irritation or allergic reactions than in adults, it is recommended to replace the ears with camphor spirit over the compress. Moreover, even a compress on the ears can cause an allergic reaction or irritation, so you need to periodically check the condition of the skin under the bandage.

The use of camphor alcohol from bedsores

Pressure ulcers are ulcers that form on areas of skin with impaired circulation due to compression. Most often, pressure sores are observed in the area of ​​the buttocks, the sacrum, the back of the thighs, along the spinal column and on the back of the head.

For bedsores, this drug can be used for prophylaxis.

For the prevention of pressure sores, the skin areas that are under the greatest pressure should be washed with laundry soap and wiped with a soft towel. Clean and dry skin should be wiped gently with a cotton swab soaked in camphor alcohol. It is also allowed to apply to the skin with the bedsores of a mixture of camphor oil with camphor alcohol.

Regular implementation of such measures will reduce the risk of pressure sores.

Camphor is not used for the treatment of bedsores, since it will increase the pain in the area of ​​skin lesions and slow down healing.

The use of camphor alcohol from acne on the face

Camphor alcohol for acne is an effective and simple remedy that is widely recommended not only by traditional medicine, but also by dermatologists.

Camphor alcohol is practically not used in its pure form for the face, but is included in the composition of various combined means. To your attention the most simple and effective recipes for acne with camphor spirit.

Combined Acne Treatment

Boric, salicylic and camphor alcohols are mixed to a uniform consistency in the ratio 2: 1: 2. This tool should be wiped face in the morning and evening for two weeks. The course of treatment can be repeated in 10-14 days.

Reviews of patients indicate that the resulting composition not only effectively eliminates acne, but also prevents their appearance.

Use of camphor alcohol for joints

  • Compress with camphor alcohol. A piece of gauze, folded in 5-6 layers, is impregnated with this tool and applied with pain in the joint. Polyethylene or wax paper, as well as a layer of cotton wool, are applied over the gauze and fixed with a bandage. Compress leave for 2-3 hours. The effect of such treatment will be noticeable literally after the first procedure.
  • Joint rub. To prepare such a medicine, the following ingredients will be needed: camphor alcohol (10 ml), Analgin (10 tablets), iodine (10 ml) and 70% ethyl alcohol (250 ml). These ingredients are mixed so as to form a homogeneous mass. Rubbing the joints is carried out mainly at bedtime, after which they are wrapped with warm, natural fabric. This procedure will help eliminate inflammation and repair joints.

Alcohol camphor against ingrown hair

Hair growths are a common problem for all girls and women who use any type of epilation.

You can get rid of this problem by contacting a cosmetologist, but what to do if there is no such possibility. In this case, you can use camphor alcohol, more precisely, use it as an antiseptic before and after hair removal with a thin needle.

Also, the drug is suitable for wiping the skin during the recovery period after removal of ingrown hair.

Alcohol camphor when coughing

Camphor alcohol can also be treated for colds, as it warms up the throat and chest very well, reducing the cough.

To relieve cough with pharyngitis, tracheitis or bronchitis, a compress is shown on the throat or chest with warm camphor alcohol, which is applied for 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Natural Healer

Camphor can be obtained by natural and synthetic means. In the first case, it is mined from any part of the laurel tree, in the second, it is synthesized in the laboratory.

But both options are not toxic, and do not contain any chemical additives. That is why, at observance of rules of use, means is absolutely safe for health.

Let's understand what action camphor alcohol has, and why is it so valuable?

  1. It has powerful antiseptic and bactericidal properties.
  2. Promotes active tissue renewal and eliminates inflammatory processes.
  3. It has a warming effect (this item is especially noted by those who suffer from pain in the joints).
  4. Due to the strong smell it helps to “start” the activity of the nervous system and bring the person out of his unconscious state.
  5. It can be used as an antispasmodic (in particular, with bronchospasm).
  6. Expands the walls of blood vessels, thereby improving the blood circulation process.
  7. Helps to get rid of various types of intoxication, as well as various viruses, bacteria and parasites.

But it is always necessary to remember that the use of any folk remedy requires the consultation of a specialist. After all, even such a natural and generally safe product like camphor alcohol can cause undesirable consequences. In particular, overdose can cause burns and muscle spasms.

Cold and SARS

With a sore throat, coughing and even bronchitis camphor can be a great help. It can be used for steam inhalation. Due to its moisturizing properties, coughing attacks are facilitated, and nasal breathing is improved.

You can also prepare the composition for grinding. It will require mutton or goat fat and 1 tsp. camphor alcohol. Rub this tool at bedtime in the chest, back, feet and neck.

Compresses are effective for treating middle ear inflammation. But it is worth remembering that pure camphor with alcohol is not used, as this can cause burns. It is recommended to use diluted water tincture in a ratio of 1: 1.

The gauze cut is moistened in the prepared liquid, put around a sore ear, covered with cellophane and fixed with any fabric cut. The maximum duration of such a procedure is 2 hours.

Dermatological diseases

Many of them are accompanied by itching and irritation. The easiest way to eliminate these unpleasant symptoms is to smear affected areas with camphor. Especially effective tool in the case of eczema.

They are familiar not only to teenagers, but also to many adults due to the peculiarities of their skin. To reduce the number of acne on the face will help "talker", which is prepared from 5 tab. streptotsida, 2 tab. chloramphenicol, 10 ml of salicylic and 50 ml of camphor alcohol.

You can also add a few drops of the remedy to a regular lotion that you use daily.

Alcohol is also used to eliminate pigmentation, narrow pores, eliminate oily sheen. Also, the soap, which includes, in addition to the camphor base, chamomile, citric acid and peroxide, has also proved itself well.

Can I drink an alcohol solution of camphor?

Camphor alcohol can only be treated externally. If you drink the drug, you can cause poisoning, which is manifested by an accelerated pulse and heartbeat, nervous irritability and convulsions.

As a result, it can be said that camphor alcohol is an effective and affordable remedy that will help reduce pain in the ear, joints, back and muscles, as well as get rid of acne on the face and prevent the appearance of pressure sores. But it must be remembered that the drug has a number of contraindications and side effects, so you should always consult a doctor before treatment.

Rubbing do 2-3 times a day.

But it is important to remember that any remedy for treatment, including folk remedies, may have contraindications. In this case, these include:

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • seizures and epilepsy,
  • not recommended for use in children.

Neglect of these items and self-administration without first consulting a doctor can cause tachycardia, dizziness and even convulsions.

Camphor essential oil does not dissolve in water, but in combination with alcohol it retains and even somewhat enhances its beneficial properties. A wide range of actions makes it possible to use this tool to get rid of many problems. Be healthy!

Medicinal properties of camphor alcohol

The composition of the drug, known as camphor spirit (Camphor spiritus), includes essential oils of camphor leaf and bark, ethyl alcohol (70%). There are no chemical ingredients in the composition, it is a completely herbal preparation. It acts as an antiseptic, relieving inflammation and pain. Therefore, the use of camphor alcohol for the ears as compresses is an effective and safe treatment option for some ear diseases.

Apply it externally using the properties:

  • the ability to disinfect the skin,
  • removal of inflammation,
  • relieving spasms and warming up muscle tissue
  • increasing the tone of blood vessels and capillaries to improve blood circulation,
  • reduction of pain,
  • removal of itching and swelling.

In order not to harm health, a test is carried out on the tolerance of the components of the drug. On the elbow bend or on the wrist a little tincture is applied in half with water. If after 3 hours on the skin there are no signs of irritation, then its use will not cause harm.

Camphor alcohol in otitis

Many people faced the problem of inflammation in the ear cavity, or rather, one of its departments. Therefore, the term "otitis" is familiar to the majority. The development of this disease depends on many factors: the presence of colds, sinusitis, caries, tonsillitis. Proper diagnosis and understanding of the cause of the disease guarantee its effective treatment.

When pain in the ear prescribed lotions, compresses, baths. All these methods relieve swelling and slow down the inflammatory response, but more often as a most effective means apply a compress. We must not forget that such procedures are not basic, but auxiliary. They facilitate the patient's condition, and recovery will come with simultaneous medical therapy.

Before use, the product is diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio, since camphor and alcohol are contained in the preparation in significant concentrations and can lead to irritation or itching, and in rare cases - to burn the skin epidermis.

The use of a compress in the treatment

Compress from camphor alcohol helps to relieve earache, edema and has a warming effect. The procedure is as follows:

  1. We dilute Camphor spiritus with water to a warm state (+ 36C).
  2. In a square piece of gauze make a cut for the auricle.
  3. Apply baby cream or petroleum jelly to the parotid area so that there are no burns during warming up.
  4. We moisten the cloth (gauze) in the heated composition, squeeze and place around the auricle.
  5. We put a dry layer of oilcloth, polyethylene, paper on top and wrap with cotton wool.
  6. A woolen scarf or scarf will help fix the compress.
  7. For a child, the procedure lasts 1-2 hours, an adult is recommended a warming compress for 3-4 hours.
  8. After completion, carefully wipe the parotid area and again close with a warm cloth.

Compress on the ear with camphor spirit should keep warm for a long time. If this does not happen, the compress is applied incorrectly. It must be removed and try to do it again. The purpose and result of the procedure is a well warmed ear area.

Compress is desirable to set before bedtime. Vaporization of alcohol vapors in the air is unacceptable: in sensitive people and children, they cause manifestations in the form of nervous agitation, dizziness and bouts of nausea.

The instructions for the drug says that it is used in the treatment of the following diseases: myalgia, rheumatism, arthritis and pressure sores. About the use as a means of otitis does not say at all. Therefore, in the treatment of ears, the dosage of camphor alcohol and the number of procedures prescribed by the doctor.

Bath with camphor spirit

Special baths help to treat the ear with camphor spirit. For the procedure of the patient laid on one side. In this case, the auricle should be on top. Heated up to body temperature and diluted with water Camphor spiritus we dig in 6 drops in the ear.

In this position, the patient is 20 minutes. Before lifting, a turunda (tightly rolled cotton wool) is inserted into the ear canal to keep the solution in the ear. The procedure is repeated, turning on the other side. There should be a soft, warming heat. When the warming effect has passed, the turunda should be removed.

Use lotions

With a strong ear pain, you can use the turunda soaked in camphor alcohol. This procedure will also warm up the ear, but act more gently than an alcoholic instillation. Turunda we enter into the ear to a small depth and leave for 15-20 minutes.

The tampon will cause the expansion of the capillaries, the flow of blood to the sore spot. There will be a swelling and pain reduction. Action lotions is no less effective than a compress. For children of the younger age group, this procedure is not provided.

Camphor spiritus is most often used for external otitis. When the eardrum is inflamed and alcohol gets on its surface, perforation and deeper penetration of the drug are possible, which can cause burns on the inner walls of the ear canal.

Camphor alcohol in the treatment of children

Drip camphoric alcohol in the ear when otitis, children should be careful. In some cases, it is strictly prohibited to do this:

  • babies under 2 years old, as vapors of oil and alcohol can be absorbed into the skin and cause poisoning,
  • in epilepsy, as camphor oil causes convulsions and other manifestations of this disease,
  • with an allergic reaction, which often manifests itself on delicate baby skin.

The child is more suitable warming oil compresses. They are safe and do not cause side effects. If camphor compress is used, after applying it you should carefully examine the skin. For redness, it should be lubricated with baby cream or butter. If a rash or itching occurs, you should contact your dermatologist.

In children, the skin is tender and sensitive, so the concentration of camphor alcohol in the solution should be lower than in adults. Use of a compress is inadmissible without medical consultation of the otolaryngologist. When applied to a child, it is applied twice: before dinner and evening sleep.