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Autumn nail design: 190 photos of the best ideas of manicure


Real women of fashion know that the actual image is not only clothes. To be in trend, you need to choose the appropriate hairstyle, makeup, and, of course, a manicure. Pay attention not only to the fashionable shades of lacquers, but also to the shape of the nails, the designs offered by the designers and other nuances of the nail art. What the coming autumn is preparing for us, in what spirit to make another manicure and how to replenish the makeup bag - we read further.

Manicure Trends 2015

If we talk about manicure autumn 2015, fashion trends hint at the fact that women's marigolds should be short this season. This is great news for those girls who could not afford long nails because of their profession or hobbies. Now every beauty will feel fashionable and modern.

French jacket and its opposite - lunar manicure does not go out of fashion. If you love these nails, do not change your tastes. In addition to the traditional jacket in the trend of the french millennium with shiny tips, as well as a jacket in which the smile line is distorted. The border between the main and additional colors can be made in the form of an oblique line, a triangle, a wave.

Lunar manicure is present on fashionable catwalks in two forms - convex and concave. If you have a short nail bed, you'd better choose a concave lunar design, and with a rather long bed, a convex one will do. Convex lunar manicure repeats the natural shape of the nail hole and visually shortens it.

In fashion manicure "frame"when the varnish of a contrasting color is applied with a thin brush along the contour of the entire nail as a continuous line. It is rather difficult to perform such a manicure on your own, but if you wish, by arming yourself with a few stencils or experimenting with clerical scotch tape, you can achieve the appearance of smooth lines on the nails.

Fashionable manicure in the fall of 2015 allows for plain marigolds, and both bright and neutral colors can be used. In the trend manicure on Feng Shui, when one or two nails are highlighted in a different color. Each finger according to the teachings of Feng Shui personifies a certain energy. Most often distinguished ring finger, it symbolizes new relationships and sexual dating.

Trend Colors

It's time to choose the trendy color of nail polish for fall 2015. For bold and purposeful natures, deep solid colors are suitable - burgundy, dark gray, plum and brown shades are no less relevant. And those who prefer tenderness and romance can choose from a wide range of pastel shades - soft lilac, light blue, pale pink, mint, pale yellow. For lovers of the classics in fashion, all shades of nude - beige color on the nails is always appropriate and as versatile as possible.

Fashionable manicure this fall - ombre manicure. Dark maroon shade, smoothly turning into a rich orange - an absolute hit. Designers called such combinations - sunset manicure. Using the various tones characteristic of the sunset, you can create incredible compositions for any occasion.

Do not go out of fashion matte nail polishes, as well as metallic shades. Designers are actively using golden color in the form of the main coating, as well as in the form of sparkles. For an evening out pick up burgundy lacquer and decorate your nails with golden drawings. An unimaginably stylish look in metallic shades in a matte finish.

Nail shape

Beautiful form of nails - a pledge of a spectacular manicure, regardless of the color of varnish and the complexity of nail art. This fall in the trend the most convenient and practical form - rounded. Round and oval marigolds look very gentle, suitable for both solid-colored manicure, and for applying ornaments, and French and moon manicure on round nails look great.

You can start creating a fashionable manicure right now - you can make short round nails on the basis of nails of any shape and length. The shape of nails 2015 is a hint of naturalness. Following the nude make-up, similar trends were transferred to the nail art, touching the shape and length of the nails. Even if you wear extended nails, make sure they are as neat and natural as possible.

Drawings - what goes on peak fashion

New nail design in the fall - space manicure, or as it is also called "negative space manicure". The idea is that the nail plate is divided into several zones of different sizes and shapes, some of which are made in color, and some are emphasized only by a transparent coating. Colors for such a manicure can be chosen as bright (color-block technique), and pastel or achromatic (black and white classics). This idea was proposed by several fashion brands at once: KISS, Rebecca Minkoff, Marissa Webb, Suno, Alexis Mabille.

Floral and floral motifs are replaced by this autumn with unspiritual ornaments; among the favorites are zigzag and abstract divorces. On a neutral background, colorful patterns look very impressive and bold. Creating an abstraction on your nails is easy, just splash varnishes of different colors on your nails in a random order, shaking drops off the brush. Do not forget to put on a peignoir, to lay the table and surrounding surfaces before starting the experiment.

Nail design in the fall of 2015 is rich in original ideas. Among them are marigolds, decorated like a Mary Mary jane style shoe. Transparent or colored lacquer covers the entire nail, then the edge of the nail is highlighted with a contrasting lacquer - like a toe of a shoe, after which a thin strip is held perpendicular to the growth direction of the nail approximately in the middle of the nail plate, imitating a strap.

“Mary Jane” Manicure

Viewed at fashion shows and minimalism, both in clothing and in manicure. If you love this timeless style, cover your nails with clear lacquer or one of the nuances of nude and make a small pattern on one nail or on each. This may be a colored dot at the base of the nail or a thin line a little to the side. For manicure in the style of minimalism suitable color narrow adhesive tape for nail art, rhinestones, simple stencils.

Despite the fact that in the trends of fashionable manicure this fall can be traced several specific directions, every girl can be in the trend. Designers left a place for classics, creative self-expression, brightness and audacity, coquetry, romance and sensuality, rigor and conciseness. Does your manicure match fashion trends?

Autumn nail design: 190 photos of the best ideas of manicure

You will see how beautiful a stone manicure, a matte manicure look, and we offer ethnic lovers of nail art and nail art to connoisseurs of ornamentation. In addition, you can appreciate the autumn nail design according to color trends: rose gold in manicure, blue manicure, brown manicure, beige manicure, dark red nail art, etc.

1. Rose Gold in Autumn Manicure (Rose Gold Chrome Nail Art)

The transition from summer to autumn gives us a gentle autumn nail design in pink. It is the combination of pink and gold, up to the chromium effect that creates an extraordinary style that emphasizes the lightness and unobtrusiveness of the autumn manicure. Each such pink manicure, the photo of which you see below, looks interesting, fashionable and relevant.

Ideas autumn manicure. What colors to choose?

Autumn is the time of year, rich in warm hues, and they should prevail when creating an autumn manicure. Do not forget about the autumn rains, which can also be a great idea to create a manicure for the autumn theme. The most relevant colors at this time of the year are:

Autumn nail design limited only by fantasy. As for the technology in which it can be performed, absolutely everything is permissible here. French or moon manicure, made using the aforementioned colors, will look great and unusual. In this case, the coating for nails can be completely different - suitable as a regular nail polish, and gel polish. Matte coatings in autumn manicure look very harmonious. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment.