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11 things from my mother's wardrobe that are relevant now


Although the maxi dress is a trend of the season, this does not mean that you should definitely buy it.

Firstly, it will not fit into any style. For example, if you prefer a strict office, then such a length would obviously be inappropriate, as in the sports direction.

Secondly, long dresses in a floor especially go to tall tall girls. But even if nature has provided you with magnificent forms, you will be able to choose the right model. And owners of miniature growth will solve the problem with the help of footwear on heels.

Finally, the maxi dress is not always comfortable and appropriate. So, in cloudy weather and slush, you risk constantly smudging his long hem, which will cause a lot of problems. And if you often or constantly drive a private car, then you have to pull up the dress so that it does not interfere. As a result, the hem can be very wrinkled.

The advantages of such a stylish and trendy things a lot. She is able to bring femininity, charm, charm and elegance to any image. If you choose the right model and shoes, you can lengthen the silhouette, increase growth and hide some figure flaws. And the maxi dress is perfect for social and other events, meetings with friends, dates, shopping, and walking along the beach or around the city.

How to choose?

To look stunning, you need to responsibly approach the choice of maxi-dress. We list the most important points:

  • Length. It would seem that everything is clear, but in fact the wrong length can "cut" your silhouette and reduce growth. If you decide to wear a maxi dress, then it should almost completely cover your legs or reach your ankles. And if you combine such a thing with shoes in heels, then the hem should cover them.
  • Style. Fitted dresses in the floor can only afford the owners of an ideal figure: this cut instantly exposes all the disadvantages in an unfavorable light. A free cut model, on the contrary, will hide some defects. Girls with a small tummy should pay attention to dresses with a high waist. And almost all fit feminine models with a pronounced belt line and flared flowing hem.
  • Sleeves. Short ones are suitable for early autumn and late spring, for summer it is better to choose a model on straps or with fully open shoulders. Dress with long sleeves is ideal for a cold winter or a cool and unpredictable off-season.
  • Color can be almost anything, depending on the case and features of the figure. Light and bright colors add volume, so be careful with them. Dark and muted tones look more strictly and hide figure flaws. For everyday wear, it is better to choose a not very catchy color: pale pink, sand, chocolate, blue, light yellow. Evening luxury outfit can be sustained in such colors as emerald, dark blue, burgundy, black, red. And for parties, dates and meetings with friends coral, lime, mint, yellow, green shades will do.
  • Print The most relevant are floral, floral and geometric patterns. You can choose a striped dress, a flower or small polka dots. And remember that large or colorful designs can increase the volume and overload the image.

Choosing outerwear

How to wear a maxi dress with what? Start creating a stylish image is to select outerwear. There are many options: jeans or leather jackets, light knitted or voluminous knitted cardigans, youth bombers and blazers, jackets, fur or textile vests, coats. With an evening dress you can wear a bolero or a fur cape.

But, despite the huge choice, there are still some restrictions and rules. First of all, long dresses are completely incompatible and look ridiculous with long outerwear.

Therefore, make sure that most of the hemline remains open: choose either short models up to the waist or buttocks, or things of medium length to mid-thigh or slightly higher. Secondly, the harder the dress, the simpler the outerwear should be, otherwise the image will appear overloaded.

Shoes and accessories

Evening maxi dresses wear only with high heels, and the best option would be elegant pumps with stiletto heels or a more stable heel. Beautiful barefoot sandals are allowed to wear on bare feet. With casual dresses, you can also wear flat shoes: ballet flats, sandals. Some models combine shoes or even slip-on sneakers.

If the dress is concise and has no extra details, accessories will turn it into a bright and interesting. Try to complement such a thing with thin contrast straps, light scarves or scarves, hats.

Jewelry is better to choose not very massive and catchy, because the maxi-dress itself can be an accent and sometimes does not require framing. Bulk bags will not work either: it is better to choose miniature clutches or other small and feminine models.

Maxi dress will be one of your favorite things if you learn to wear it properly.

Suede miniskirt

From the same place, from the 70s, short skirts made of suede or its imitation, often made using patchwork technique, finally reached us. Previously, they were worn with shoes on heavy wedges. Now ordinary sandals are not forbidden.


Long or short, from jeans, thick or light fabric, plain or printed - they are back again. Different versions of overalls were popular until the early 90s, so that someone probably was lying around in an old dresser.

Knitted tunic

Missoni dresses and tunics or like two peas in a pod similar to them, but crocheted with their own hands, in the 60s were in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman respecting herself. Thanks to the fad of fashion - in such a not ashamed to appear on the beach and now.

High waisted jeans

Jeans have never gone out of fashion. But ideas about how they should look change all the time. One of the most relevant options today is high-waisted jeans, or mom jeans, we remember by the 80th.

Color contrast

Bright midi dresses are always popular with fashionistas of all ages. Choose light flying dresses with wide skirts. They will highlight your beauty and make the image romantic. In order for the outfit to look organic, pick up bright accessories - shoes, bag, jewelry. Contrast colors are a great way to stand out.

Unusual print

Absolutely ordinary long dress can be a great outfit thanks to an unusual print. For women 40+, we advise you to pay attention to warm restrained tones and patterns a la “Arabian orutca”, geometric or floral ornament. But the "animal" patterns should be avoided. With so much cloth, they can look defiant.

Dresses with a smell

Such dresses are very stylish and original. They perfectly emphasize the waist, making your silhouette slim and fit, while emphasizing the shape. But choose models that fully cover their legs to look decent and attractive.

Silk midi dresses - an indicator of status and wealth. This noble fabric overlaps the silhouette, emphasizes strengths and hides weaknesses. When choosing a dress pay special attention to color. We like deep saturated colors and floral prints. But you can be guided by your taste, because a silk long dress in any design will be a real decoration for every woman. You can wear it every day, and as an evening outfit, if you choose the appropriate accessories.


If you want to wear a long dress as casual wear, then we recommend that you look at light sporty dresses. Simple straight cut, motley colors and cute details in the form of strings, buttons, and inscriptions fit perfectly into the surroundings of the city. This dress can be worn with sneakers, ballet shoes, platform sandals or ankle boots. You will look stylish, harmonious and age appropriate. The main thing is not to overdo the fabric diversity!

To work, as on a holiday

If you want to wear a maxi dress to work, then you need to be careful in choosing the style. Silk long dress-reptile is unlikely to be appropriate to look at the office of the organization. We advise you to choose models of pastel or dark colors, straight cut and without unnecessary details. But original elements can be present. For example, an interesting sleeve or collar.

Emphasizing merit

Every woman should know and be able to emphasize the strengths of their appearance. If you are the owner of an elegant bust, then it’s just a sin not to designate it. Choose a maxi model with a V-neck. Just make sure that the neckline is not too deep and only slightly emphasizes the neckline. The fabric and style of the dress should be restrained in order to avoid excesses in the image.

If you keep a slim fit, then knitted or knitted maxi dresses are a great way to diversify your everyday wardrobe. It will be convenient and comfortable for you on a walk, during a shopping trip, and at a business meeting.

Maxi dress is an indispensable thing for a woman of any age who wants to look stylish and modern. Use our tips and feel free to add this item to your wardrobe.

6 of the most original images of Sandra Bullock on the Red Carpet, which surprised us all

Sandra Bullock - an American actress, the owner of "Oscar" and just mom - has repeatedly admitted that she does not follow the fashion and even puts on the red carpet what she feels comfortable. However, in the absence of a desire to shock the audience, the actress has the ability to surprise, appearing in her usual "comfortable" way. She does not tolerate cardinal changes, but reserves the right to a riddle while maintaining loyalty to her taste.

At luxury events she defiles in clothes that can hardly be called bright. Among her preferences is the “office style” with its laconic silhouettes, stinginess of colors, minimalism in jewelry and a complete lack of pomp. But even in this form, the actress is hard not to find out against the background of the dull-type modern film stars. And Sandra is not afraid to be “modest”, appearing before the public and photographers in robes, boldly emphasizing the cat's grace of the actress and her own, nobody subservient, style.

So, in 2013, for the premiere of the film “The Heat” (Sandwich), Sandra donned a deep black tandem: a blouse by Michael Kors and a leather skirt “pencil” by ASOS. Nothing superfluous, but everything is so expressive and textured. And most importantly, unexpectedly! Hollywood actress and minimalism made up an excellent duet.

And again 2013, the Toronto International Film Festival. Sandra remained faithful to her brevity: Narciso Rodriguez color-block bustier dress, supplemented with Christian Louboutin “pumps” from the “Geo” collection with spikes decor. As always elegant and simple.

2015, the world premiere of the cartoon "Minions", where Sandra got the role of the main villain named Scarlet Overkill. The actress in London, where the show was held, appeared before the public in a Stella McCartney dress, printed with “cucumbers” (“paisley”). And no bright decor or outrageous details, but only an asymmetrical and long Basque and not a catchy combination of black and silver. But at the same time, the whole face of Sandra is elegant office minimalism.

By the way, in the same 2015, the actress at the next premiere of the cartoon in Los Angeles walked along the red carpet in “boats” from the Minion Bello Yellow Collection capsule collection from Rupert Sanderson with the image of minions. Later, these shoes were sold at a charity auction. As for the dress, the actress opted for an elegant black model from Roksanda with a fitted silhouette, yellow inset and a fluffy skirt in the style of the 50s. Sandra tried to adhere to the cartoon dress code, as close as possible to the signature "villainous" style of Scarlet Overkill, who gave her voice.

In May 2018, a photo call took place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dedicated to the main characters of the new Gary Ross film “8 Ocean's Friends”. One of the roles belongs to Sandra Bullock. At the time of the photo call, the actress “changed” the skirts and dresses by choosing a sleek green and asymmetrical jumpsuit from Elie Saab - modest, but feminine.

At the end of October 2018, Sandra recalled at the presentation of the film “Bird Box” that the 54-year-old woman is allowed everything, and made a bet on a colorful red and pink combination of a strict office suit and a simple silhouette shirt. But the intervention of the seductive, velvety texture of Christian Louboutin sandals painted the whole look in a predatory predatory shade.

However, the real “calling card” of Sandra Bullock is not the office style of the premiere outfits, but her commitment to brown hair and nude shades in makeup. She categorically does not change this image, only sometimes giving her curls a different shade from the chocolate palette or shading her eyes with smoky colors.

9 images with a coat that emphasize femininity and impeccable sense of style

The women's coat is clothing beyond age, time and trend. It was, is and will be appropriate in the wardrobe of every girl or woman. Nothing will emphasize your femininity and sense of style. And in the cold winter, a coat made of thick fabrics and with a fur collar will also warm you up perfectly. We picked up 9 elegant and elegant images. Take note of them!

In a red long dress and golden jewelry you will be a real goddess. Agree, you will not wear a down jacket to such a dress. But a beautiful light coat will look harmonious.

Bright pastel shades in the winter distract from sad thoughts. A short cocoon coat is perfect for youth street style casual wear. This style is appropriate for any growth. Even if you are low, heels shoes will not necessarily.

Oversize coat looks very stylish. Picking up to him the same volumetric sweater and skirt-sun, you can go on a pair to the university, and in the cafe. Additional fashionable nuance - checkered pattern on gloves.

In a simple office style, a straight cut coat feels completely at ease. To replace the black and white range come shades of blue, turquoise, sky-blue, light gray. Well, when the fur rim stands out against the background of the main fabric.

The light beige coat on a smell with a belt looks elegantly and gracefully. Nude and milky gamma brings to the image of tenderness, fabulousness. Do not forget about the warm scarf and gloves. High boots with heels perfectly harmonize with the length of the coat below the knee.

An elongated coat that extends to the bottom is one of the most feminine models. Sneakers and sportswear do not go well with him. But the dress-tunic and high boots - what the doctor ordered.

The fitted coat below the knee looks good on tall girls. For those who are lower, high heels can come to the rescue.

The blue-gray scale perfectly emphasizes the figure as well as the elegance of the dress. Designers are advised to choose a coat with fur contrasting in color. In the case of a dark base, a pale pink collar will add freshness and elegance.

With elongated trapezoid and straight cut coat, you can wear pants or jeans. But the best looks dress, emphasizing all the advantages of the figure. A watch, a chain and a neat bag are the perfect complement to the image.

Buying a coat, do not be afraid that in a few seasons it will go out of fashion. This is the kind of outerwear that always remains in trend. So a stylish and feminine image you will always be guaranteed.

The women's coat is clothing beyond age, time and trend. It was, is and will be appropriate in the wardrobe of every girl or woman. Nothing will emphasize your femininity and sense of style. And in the cold winter, a coat made of thick fabrics and with a fur collar will also warm you up perfectly. We picked up 9 elegant and elegant images. Take note of them!

Beautiful knitted things: fashionable knitted things for every taste, styles, trends 2018-2019

Today, beautiful knitwear, especially women's knitwear for winter 2018-2019, is one of the current fashion trends of the autumn-winter season.

And for good reason, because fashionable knitted winter clothes can help create a lot of fashionable bows for the cold months of 2018-2019.

Knitted fashion interested not only ordinary women, who quite often choose beautiful knitted items, whose styles amaze with diversity, but also well-known representatives of the fashion industry who introduced stylish knitted items for women, in particular, knitted dresses, knitted cardigans, knitted sweaters, bolero, poncho and etc. in their new collections autumn-winter 2018-2019.

Winter knitwear, fashionable knitwear of factory production, beautiful knitwear, crochet - all these elements of the wardrobe can look very stylish if combined correctly with other clothes.

Как мы уже упоминали, наиболее популярные фасоны вязаных вещей – это короткие и длинные вязаные платья, красивые вязаные кардиганы разной длины и формы, традиционные и модные вязаные свитера, которые являются не только очень комфортной деталью гардероба, но и выглядят очень женственно и интересно.

Также стоит назвать вязаные жилеты и вязаные жакеты, которые также могут порадовать модниц в 2018-2019 году новыми фасонами.

Нельзя забыть о вязаных пальто и вязаных аксессуарах, в изобилии представленные дизайнерами на последних модных показах.

Fashionable knitted items 2018-2019, in particular, knitted sweaters and cardigans, will be decorated not only with traditional patterns, popular knitting will be popular, interesting floral patterns, ethnic motifs, geometric prints.

Stylish and fashionable knitted things fall-winter 2018-2019 will help create a fashionable effect of multi-layer, which clothing designers are talking about so much today.

Such fashionable knitwear as knitted dresses and knitted tunics amaze with the wealth of patterns and knitting techniques, creating stunningly stylish images for beautiful and self-confident women who want to always seem different.

Fashionable crocheted dress crochet short length will suit young girls. According to its texture, short crocheted knitted dresses are very light, delicate, airy.

But stylish knitted maxi dresses of different types of knitting will be a terrific choice for women of any age.

Such universal knitwear 2018-2019, such as knitted cardigans and knitted jackets, this season will create competition for the usual jackets and jackets.

They will amaze not only with styles and different types of knitting, but also will delight you with a beautiful decor made of feathers, additional knitted elements, beads, stones, leather, appliqués and fur inserts that can create an effective image for a stylish beauty.

Fashionable knitted items from 2018-2019 are tightly connected with the oversized style, which has already maintained its leading position among women's clothing styles for several seasons.

Baggy knitted items, namely knitted sweaters, vests and knitted coats can be worn, as with sports things, and with things of other styles of clothing.

But the knitted items indispensable for winter 2018-2019 are winter knitted hats and knitted scarves that will become a highlight in any winter set.

Let's see what beautiful knitted things (styles) 2018-2019 will be relevant in this and subsequent season. We presented photos of knitted things, among which you will undoubtedly find interesting ideas for your wardrobe.

Maxi dress

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Maxi dress is a win-win choice, if you want to make an easy, but at the same time fashionable ensemble. If you prefer bold decisions in your bows, complete this black and gold leather heeled sandals. This combination looks very stylish and summer-like.

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Become the queen of style in a maxi dress. Showy and feminine ensemble will add a pair of blue suede shoes. Such an image will certainly help to survive the unbearable summer heat.

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Be a sample of style in a maxi dress. Play on the contrast by choosing black suede heeled sandals as your shoe. In such clothes you will feel very comfortable on a hot sunny day.

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If you prefer convenience and practicality, you will like the combination of a maxi-dress and a black leather bomber jacket. Do you like experiments? Complete the look with black suede booties. So that spring was not only outside the window, but also in the shower, be sure to take a similar image on the note.

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We advise you to note this functional combination of a maxi-dress and a beige knitted loose sweater. If you like to experiment, you can wear gray suede cowboy boots to your feet. An excellent choice for the off season!

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A practical combination of a maxi dress and black leather leather jacket will help to emphasize your unique personal style and stand out from the crowd. Complementing the look with brown leopard suede ankle boots we get an amazing result. Good idea for a spring and autumn look!

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The stylish combination of a maxi dress and a yellow loose sweater is suitable for those events where convenience is paramount. Brave women of fashion will complete the ensemble with red sneakers. We confidently declare such an ensemble - just the fire for that season when the thermometer column is steadily falling.

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A stylish combination of a maxi dress and a blue denim jacket is suitable for those events where convenience is valued above all else. White low top sneakers with stars come in handy as shoes. To meet the spring in full readiness, undoubtedly take such an image on the note.

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Dress-maxi - look at this image, if you are not afraid to feel in the center of attention. Needless to say, such an ensemble would be an excellent choice for hot summer weather.

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In a maxi dress you can go on a date or spend a weekend when the program is a cultural event. If you like more practical shoes, opt for brown leather flip-flops. Such a combination of things will give you comfort in this heat.

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Having made an outfit from a maxi dress, you can safely go on a date with a boyfriend or get-together with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. This image will get a fresh read in combination with black leather heeled sandals. We like such bows on the warm summer weather.

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A maxi dress is a wonderful look if you are looking for a relaxed, but at the same time stylish bow. Play in contrast by choosing red suede ankle boots as your shoe. Choosing such an ensemble for the fall, be sure you will look luxurious.

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Having created a bow from a maxi dress, you can calmly go on a date with a guy or a meeting with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Refine and femininity add to a pair of tan leather heeled sandals. We boldly say such a combination is just a fire on a hot sunny day.

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Creating an outfit from a maxi dress, you can safely go on a date with a boyfriend or an event with girlfriends in a relaxed atmosphere. Beige leather sandals with heels will add a classic element to your ensemble. In this combination, you will be as comfortable as possible if there is 25 degrees of heat outside, or even more.

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A maxi dress will be an excellent option for a simple casual look. It turned out a good summer option for everyday look.

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Creating an ensemble of maxi-dress, you can safely go on a date with a guy or meet with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Such a combination will be your salvation when the thermometers begin to show a warmer temperature.

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Maxi dress is a wonderful option if you want to create a relaxed, but at the same time fashionable ensemble. And why not diversify the bow with a white low sneaker? In such clothes you will feel very comfortable on a hot summer day.

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Dress in a maxi dress and a yellow sleeveless coat to highlight your personality. Play in contrast by choosing dark brown leather leopard heeled sandals as your shoe. Chic selection for the spring season!