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White spots on the skin


White spots on the skin are able to appear in any person, regardless of age and body condition. Most often they do not cause pain, redness and irritation, but such rashes are the main cause of neurosis and stress.

White spots on the body are the result of loss of pigmentation, as a result of which people appear discoloration of the skin, as well as nails and hair.

Light spots come in all sizes and shapes. Such rashes appear in any part of the body, on the neck and face.

It must be remembered that the white spots that appeared on the body, not only spoil the appearance of a person and reduce his self-esteem, but also give the body a kind of signal that speaks of serious diseases and pathologies.

It is believed that white spots on the body - this is the main symptom of diseases associated with internal organs and systems. Vitiligo, pityriasis and versicolor, leucoderma, and so on can be largely attributed to them.

Also, discoloration of the skin and the manifestation of lesions can be directly related to injuries of the upper layer of the skin, burns and some types of diseases - rubella and chicken pox.

It is not necessary to treat these spots, because after a while they will pass on their own.

Causes of clear and white spots

The reasons for the development of transparent or white spots are directly related to the state of health.

The main ones are:

  • constant stress
  • disorders of the kidneys,
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • pregnancy,
  • violation of the functionality of the liver,
  • physical injuries
  • infectious diseases,
  • abnormalities in the pituitary gland,
  • failures in immunity,
  • lack of nutrients and vitamins,
  • heredity,
  • sunburn,
  • regular skin contact with detergents and certain types of fabrics.

Diseases provoking stains

When white spots are found on the body or face, it is imperative that you see the doctor, because the earlier you start treating the disease, the sooner you will get rid of the rash.

Vitiligo is a serious pathology that appears on the skin of a person. Symptoms of vitiligo can be called white spots on the skin, with a smooth and distinct border. Over time, if untreated, the spots may increase several times in size, which leads them to merge with each other. In this case, peeling on the affected areas is absent, and the hair loses its natural color.

With the development of vitiligo spots appear on:

  • hands
  • face,
  • elbows
  • palms
  • neck,
  • on the crook of the limbs.

Why do rashes appear? The appearance of spots as a result of the development of vitiligo is associated with the destruction of melanocytes, however, the more precise causes of the onset of pathology are not yet clear. Doctors suggest that vitiligo appears as a result of heredity and disruption of immunity. Because of this, the production and development of melanocytes is disrupted, causing the appearance of transparent or white eruptions that are difficult to miss.

Also, the occurrence of pathology is influenced by infectious diseases, endocrine disruption, heredity, and constant stress. After the onset of vitiligo, periods of stability can occur, during which white spots on the body do not appear, but after a while the process begins again.

It is difficult and long to treat vitiligo. In this case, the patient must gain strength and patience - only in this case, it will be possible to get rid of the disease, and also to avoid re-rash.

Pityriasis versicolor

This disease is also responsible for the appearance of spots on the body. It is caused by yeast-like fungi, which are always in minimal quantities on the body of people. But favorable conditions can cause their rapid growth, as a result of which numerous white and reddish spots appear on the skin, which change color over time.

The favorable conditions for the occurrence of this type of lichen include:

  • pregnancy,
  • excessive sweating
  • lack of vitamins
  • warm dry climate
  • taking corticosteroid drugs
  • oily skin.

These reasons can stimulate the growth of fungus on the whole body. While the rash has an irregular shape, and on the surface of the spots can be seen peeling of the skin. The rash is most pronounced in the summer when, due to the bright rays of the sun, it becomes more pronounced and light.

As a result, the patient has a lack of melanin, due to which the skin remains bright when getting sunburn and does not darken at all.

To treat pityriasis versicolor is necessary in a complex - you can get rid of unpleasant rash only with the help of proper hygiene and compliance with the recommendations of the doctor.


The development of leucoderma is associated with a violation of skin pigmentation, which occurs as a result of the disappearance or reduction of melanin. Often there is syphilitic leucoderma, which occurs when syphilis. It has specific symptoms, so it is very easy to distinguish it from other diseases. Syphilitic leukoderma is characterized by small round spots of any shape and size. Hyperpigmentation may develop around them, in which white rashes become more noticeable.

Also nowadays, false leucoderma is often encountered, in which white patches on the skin are formed along with certain pathologies of the body:

  • psoriasis.
  • eczema.
  • pink versicolor

In these cases, light eruptions are formed due to the growth of crusts and scales, due to which the skin does not receive the right amount of ultraviolet radiation. The appearance of this pathology is mainly associated with the use of creams and ointments.

It is necessary to treat leucoderma with the treatment of the disease and the elimination of the cause of the development of pathology. With a false leucoderma, there is no need to take any methods of treatment, since after 2-3 months the lesions themselves will pass, leaving no trace on the skin.

Idiopathic hypomelanosis

This pathology manifests itself in small eruptions on the body, the length of which rarely reaches more than 5 mm. The spots are smooth and soft to the touch, however, if left untreated, the skin on the affected areas begins to peel off. Often, idiopathic hypomelanosis occurs in women, as well as people with a light skin tone.

These formations should be treated immediately after the spots that appear on:

  • face,
  • shins,
  • hands
  • forearm,
  • shoulders.

The causes of the appearance of pathology are unknown to modern medicine. Hence the name of the disease "idiopathic", which means "unknown".

In addition, it is often the cause of heredity, in which you can get rid of white spots only with the help of cosmetic procedures.

White lichen

Another disease that causes the appearance of white uneven circles on the skin. Often, they begin to pour out in young children and in adolescence. Initially, the spots have a reddish tint, which later becomes white as a result of flaking of the skin. Most of these rashes are noticeable in summer, when they become not white, but transparent. Why does white lichen appear?

The causes of these lesions include heredity, diseases of internal organs, pathologies of the nervous and endocrine systems, and disturbed skin pigmentation.

Spots appear mainly on the neck, forearms and face, while the body and limbs are almost unaffected.

Pigmented nevus

Nevus - the appearance of spots that are often confused with warts. It is important to note that such spots are dangerous, as they cause the development of melanoma. It is not always a nevus - these are brown or beige spots, quite often they are colorless, as a result of a violation of skin pigmentation. However, unlike other lesions, such as vitiligo, the former are stable.

It is important to treat a nevus in a short time in order to avoid unpleasant consequences and diseases. In addition, the rash grows pretty quickly, affecting all large areas of skin. Treatment of the disease is carried out by a course that includes certain procedures and medications. Also at this time it is important to follow a diet that includes only natural and healthy products.

Poor, unhealthy food

White spots often appear on the face and body as a result of improper nutrition. Lack of vitamins, the use of non-natural food, light snacks, dry and unbalanced food - all this causes white pigmentation.

These tumors on the body are harmless, but they indicate to the patient that you need to begin to eat properly, otherwise you can achieve complete skin discoloration. To supplement the treatment and make it faster, you can contact a dermatologist, who will prescribe taking biological supplements necessary for healthy skin.

Any manifestation of clear or white rashes indicates to the person that problems have occurred in the body that need to be urgently fixed in order to avoid the development of serious complications.

With proper, timely and complex treatment, it is possible to get rid of lesions in 1.5-2 months. However, at this time it is necessary to strictly follow all the recommendations of the doctor to quickly cure the disease.

Methods of exposure to the skin in the treatment of spots

In order to quickly cure the rash, you should timely contact a dermatologist, who, after finding out the cause of the disease, will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

In our time, the treatment of lesions is carried out by several methods:

  1. Medication, allowing you to restore the structure of the skin and its rich composition. Prescribe medication can only be a doctor who will take into account the condition of the body and choose the most effective means.
  2. Proper nutrition, which directly affects the quality and speed of treatment. The patient must follow a specially selected diet, which will include natural products, vitamins and the required amount of fluid.
  3. Passage of PUVA-therapy, in which the patient will receive UFO sessions, as well as take photosensitizing drug formulations.
  4. Physiotherapeutic procedures, thanks to which skin pigmentation can be quickly restored, as well as the top flaky layer can be cured.
  5. In more serious cases, the patient will need a skin graft when a certain area is completely dead and cannot recover on its own. This procedure is quick and effective, but quite expensive.
  6. Using ointments, shampoo, soap, creams, allowing to remove the peeling and give the skin a large amount of vitamins and nutrients.
  7. Popular methods also help in the fight against stains. For example, wiping the affected areas with vinegar, salicylic alcohol or vegetable juice will help to quickly eliminate the disease, as well as to restore the skin well-groomed and healthy look. You can also use compresses to saturate the affected area with nutrients. True, when using folk recipes, it is necessary to continue the treatment with drugs from the pharmacy, otherwise the benefit will be minimal.

Treat white spots immediately after detection. Only in this case it is possible to overcome the disease and rid the body of new diseases that often cause a rash. Comprehensive treatment will quickly restore the healthy appearance of the skin, as well as eliminate the reappearance of the problem.


In this case, the overall clinical picture cannot be distinguished, since everything depends on the underlying cause. So, if the cause of white spots on the skin of the hands or on the body has become a fungal disease, the clinical picture can manifest itself in the form of such specific signs:

  • the spots may have a flat oval shape
  • peeling, itching spots,
  • low-grade fever
  • over time, liquid bubbles can form at the site of precipitations, which subsequently burst and dry.

White pigmentation on the skin can be a manifestation of vitiligo. In this case, the symptoms may manifest as follows:

  • white dry spots on the face, arms, legs, underarms, in the area of ​​scars or scars,
  • the use of cosmetics does not affect the intensity of the symptom.

There are no irritants at the same time - the spots do not itch, peeling is not observed. It should be noted that at the moment there are no drugs that can completely eliminate this ailment.

The leukoderma has a clinical picture similar to vitiligo. This disease is a complication of syphilis. In this case, the white spots on the skin of the legs and hands do not have a clear geometric shape and size, they do not cause irritation and itching.

If tuberculosis sclerosis has caused the formation of white spots on the skin, the symptom may be supplemented by the following clinical manifestations:

  • spots are diffuse,
  • the main place of localization is the back, buttocks, arms and legs (except for the hands and feet), the stomach. There are no lesions in the genital area
  • fibrous plaques may form at the site of the rash,
  • sleep disturbance,
  • epileptic seizures,
  • possible deterioration of mental abilities.

In the presence of the above clinical manifestations, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist for advice. It should be understood that many diseases that are included in the list of etiological factors can be transmitted by household means, therefore, treatment should take place only according to the doctor's instructions and in a timely manner.


In the presence of such a symptom should consult a dermatologist. If necessary, he will redirect the patient to a specialized medical specialist.

First of all, a thorough physical examination is carried out with a clarification of the general history. For accurate diagnosis, a specific diagnostic program is assigned, which may include such laboratory-instrumental methods of investigation:

  • blood sampling for general and biochemical research,
  • general urine analysis,
  • allergen test,
  • STD studies
  • biopsy of the affected epidermis,
  • skin examination with Wood's lamp.

The diagnostic program can be adjusted, since everything depends on the current clinical picture and the patient's general history. According to the results of the examination, the doctor may prescribe the correct program of therapy.

How to treat white spots, can be said only after the root cause is established. If the manifestation of this symptom is due to vitiligo, the course of therapy will only be symptomatic, since it is impossible to completely eliminate the disease. Basic therapy may include the following:

  • the use of local means to reduce the intensity of the manifestation of lesions (ointments, lotions),
  • general drug treatment with systemic drugs,
  • physiotherapy.

In more complex clinical cases, surgical intervention is possible. Removal of stains in this way is carried out as a last resort.

In general, drug therapy may include taking such medications:

  • corticosteroids,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antibiotics
  • photosensitizers,
  • calcineurin inhibitors,
  • immunomodulatory,
  • vitamin and mineral complexes,
  • to stabilize the nervous system - antidepressants, sedatives.

The dosage and regimen of medication prescribed only by the attending physician.

If the cause of this symptom was a fungal infection, then antimucous local substances — ointments, sprays, and gels — are included in the treatment program.

As for treatment with traditional recipes, they can be used only as prescribed by a doctor and as a supplement to the main course of treatment. In addition, these tools can be used as a preventive measure.


There are no specific preventive measures, as this is a symptom, and not a specific disease. In general, the following rules should be followed:

  • with prolonged exposure to the sun, you need to use protective cosmetological agents,
  • timely treatment of all fungal and infectious diseases,
  • good nutrition,
  • regular medical examination.

At the first symptoms you need to seek medical help, and not to self-medicate.

"White spots on the skin" is observed in diseases:

Vitiligo is a disease that affects the skin, and is characterized by the complete disappearance of the pigment in certain parts of it, as well as discoloration of the hair covering located on them. In rare clinical situations, this disease may be accompanied by discoloration of the retina. The exact causes of the disease to date have not yet been established, but scientists have developed several theories about this. The pathogenesis of vitiligo is the rapid destruction of melanocytes - specific cells, the main function of which is the synthesis of pigments, which paint the skin in a certain color.

Red dermographism is a disorder characterized by the fact that on the skin under the influence of a change in the ambient temperature, pressure or even with nervous overstrain, red spots are noted that do not disappear for a long time.

Scleroatrophic lichen is a chronic disease that develops on the skin of a person. As the pathology progresses, the skin begins to die off, which is an irreversible process. Обнаруживают ее чаще всего на половых органах. Женщины страдают от нее в десять раз чаще, чем мужчины.

При помощи физических упражнений и воздержанности большая часть людей может обойтись без медицины.

Заболевания, которые провоцируют появление белых пятен

The appearance of white spots is always associated with a decrease in the amount of melanin pigment. Leucoderma appears as specks of various shapes and sizes.

This disease can be both congenital and acquired:

  1. The initial deficiency of melanocytes in the body at the time of birth, characterizes a congenital disease - Albinism. Such people are defenseless against sun exposure.
  2. The second disease that is not amenable to treatment and is hereditary is tuberose sclerosis. It is characterized by a multitude of bleached small specks. And they are present not only on the skin, but also on all internal organs.
  3. Vitiligo - a disease that occurs due to disorders of the immune system. As a result of this failure, a local “whitening” of certain skin areas occurs. The disease can affect people of any age. It damages the hands, knees, face, lips. In the case of the formation of spots on the scalp, the hair growing in this area also loses its color.
  4. Moles can also have a white color and look like small convex nodules.
    "Color disease" that affects only children - white lichen. It manifests itself in the form of small scaly spots, on the cheeks and shoulders, during tanning. White lichen is not a disease and does not need treatment, over time it disappears by itself.
  5. The versicolor versicolor, unlike the white one, appears due to the fungal pathogen. Most often, it affects the scalp. It differs from vitiligo in that the specks exude. Very good lesion sites are noticeable after sun exposure.

White spots on the skin

Causes of disease that provoke the appearance of white spots

The appearance of white spots on the skin can be caused by a variety of reasons, so before you begin the process of treatment, you must be examined. In order to understand a variety of factors, here are a few of them:

  • congenital pathology affecting the production of melanin,
  • endocrine system diseases
  • skin lesion fungus pathogen,
  • deprivation infection,
  • age-related changes in the child's body.

Causes of white spots in children

If we exclude cases of congenital pathologies, typical causes for the occurrence of white spots at a young age, there may be only three, well-known pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky described them in detail:

  1. Pitiriaz, not an infectious disease, a type of dermatitis. The specks that have appeared in a child are characterized only by external manifestations.
  2. The disappearance of pigmentation in certain areas of the skin is the so-called vitiligo. In this disease, the specks have a smooth structure and clear contours, affect hair color.
  3. White lichen, a non-infectious disease of unknown ichthyology.

White spots in children

How to treat white spots in children

Such disorders of pigmentation in childhood are caused by quite natural causes for the body and are not infectious. They do not require treatment as such. But there are several methods to accelerate the disappearance of the specks. In each case, the recommendations will be different.

  1. When white lichen appears, it is important to exclude the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, so be sure to do the analysis. Otherwise, treatment is reduced to mitigate the damaged areas. For this, the usual children's cream is great.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight and ensure that inflammation does not occur. In this case, consult a doctor immediately.
  3. Folk remedies for the treatment of white lichen is not used.
  4. Pitiriasis affects about 30% of children under 16 years of age. The disease is absolutely safe, can last from several months to several years. The specks, as a rule, appear on the legs and back, disappear spontaneously. Treatment consists of moisturizing baby cream and elimination of soap from use.
  5. Childhood vitiligo can appear in two versions. In the first case, specks appear symmetrically, most often on the arms and legs, less often affects the face and neck. In the second variant, the affected areas have a rare local character.

Treatment in both these cases can only be prescribed by a doctor, since the treatment of this disease is provided in the form of a set of measures.

White spots on the skin of a child

Sunny fungus

Such a beautiful name, unfortunately, has an infectious disease caused by a microbe of fungal origin. The fungus invades the upper layer of the skin and parasitizes there, eating melanin. Over time, the spots may change from white to dark brown.

The disease results from contact with a sick person. The appearance of white spots occurs in the chest, face, hair. With all the unpleasant moments, pityriasis versicolor can easily be removed. The main thing is to contact a dermatologist in time.

Royal disease

Such a poetic name has a disease of vitiligo already known to us. It was named this way because it often manifested itself in persons of royal blood. Ancient healers associated it with heredity.

However, modern doctors believe that the reason lies in the disruption of the endocrine system. Often the occurrence of royal disease, preceded by infectious diseases that affect the kidneys and the thyroid gland.

In this case, the disease is chronic, and white spots can change their shape, and even "move" through the body.


Drug treatment

The complex of measures aimed at combating white spots is made individually and appointed by a dermatologist. For proper diagnosis and optimal treatment, it is necessary to undergo an examination.

The complex may include:

  • external use of meladinin through specialized ointments,
  • UV irradiation procedure
  • Meladonin tablet administration,
  • treatment of the endocrine system
  • restoration of hormonal balance
  • laser therapy
  • extremely rare, skin grafts are used.

Special ointments will help in the treatment of

Diet when white spots appear

First of all, in the treatment of this disease, it is necessary to abandon the use of spices and hot spices in any form. The diet should include a large amount of vitamins and minerals:

  1. The work of the thyroid gland largely depends on the content of copper in the body, and this, in turn, affects the production of melanin. Most of this metal is found in cucumbers, brewer's yeast and rosehips. Rich in copper and pork liver. It is recommended to add to the diet a variety of cheeses and hazelnuts, and tea with coffee, replace with cocoa.
  2. Zinc promotes cell regeneration, it is indispensable in the treatment of this disease. A huge content of this substance is observed in oysters. But even without this delicacy, zinc deficiency can be filled with mushrooms, lentils and nuts. Black and white seeds are also useful, it is advisable to use them raw.
  3. Another trace element that can help cure is iron. To increase its content in the body, it is recommended to eat pork and beef liver, legumes, prunes, dried apricots and wheat bran.

Iron in foods

Treatment of vitiligo folk methods

The ancient healers knew how to get rid of this disease with the help of products based on ingredients found in nature.

Try one of these methods:

  1. Hypericum oil is considered to be the most effective drug for the treatment of white spots. However, in order for the treatment to be effective it is necessary to prepare the oil, strictly conforming to the recipe.
  2. Take the flowers of Hypericum, other parts of the plant are not suitable for cooking oil. Well tamp them in a small jar until about five centimeters are left to the top. Fill the contents with oil. For these purposes, sea buckthorn or almond oil is better suited, but you can also use sunflower oil.
  3. Jar insisted on the sun for about two weeks. During this time, the container is shaken daily.
  4. After this period, the oil is squeezed out, and again the flowers of Hypericum are added to it. The process is repeated several times. On the readiness of the drug, can be judged by sour cream and red-brown hue.
  5. White spots are smeared with a drug at bedtime.
  6. It has long been for the treatment of white spots, healers used the usual duckweed. From it was prepared tincture and honey paste. Honey paste is made from dried chopped duckweed mixed with buckwheat honey.
  7. Tincture is prepared in a dark dish at the rate of 50 grams of vodka per teaspoon of duckweed. Infused during the week in a dark place and consumed daily for 15 drops, three times a day.
  8. Perfectly restores pigment, consuming sesame seeds. It is better to grind them with a coffee grinder. If you eat a teaspoon daily twice a day, you can remove the spots for two weeks.
  9. Birch tar in the treatment of skin diseases has been used for a long time. Apply it in the case of vitiligo. Tar is sold at any pharmacy and is used to lubricate damaged areas.
  10. Pepper tincture is made on the basis of pods of red hot peppers. For its manufacture, you need six pods, medium size, pour 500 grams of vodka and insist for three and a half weeks. The tincture is rubbed into the skin in the damaged areas within ten minutes. After that, it is important to take a sunbath for at least half an hour. This treatment method requires planning and does not tolerate interruptions.

I hope the article was helpful. Heal and be healthy. Share this information with friends, subscribe to blog updates. All the best!

What skin diseases can be confused with vitiligo

When detecting white spots should see a doctor. The sooner this is done, the more successful the subsequent treatment will be:

  • Spots on the body appear when pityriasis. The fungus affects the surface of the body and the scalp, its enzymes prevent the production of melanin, causing the skin to become pink at first, then a characteristic whiteness appears. The disease is treated with antifungal drugs.
  • When ringworm itching appears, skin protrusion, scales. The disease is also characterized by a fungal nature, which is revealed by an appropriate study.
  • Variety non-contagious lichen often confused with vitiligo. In this case, prescribed medication.
  • Cosmetic defect leucodermaso-called venus necklace, caused by the manifestations of secondary syphilis. Sometimes it is found on the arms, underarms, on the back. Bright areas up to a centimeter in diameter do not cause physical discomfort and may not descend for several years. For this case, treatment with antibiotics should appoint a venereologist.
  • In some cases, suspicion of skin disease can cause long-lasting traces of abrasion, cuts, burns. Pigmentation in this case is restored for a long time, within a few months.
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What is Vitiligo Disease?

White spots are formed on the skin, their shape can be round or oval. Due to various reasons, pigment ceases to form in these areas. melanin. As a result, the skin is not protected from exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation and a burn may occur in this place.

Pink or milky-white areas can appear all over the body, but most often they form on the face, arms, groin, elbow bends. They are better noticeable on dark skin, especially in summer, when the skin around it becomes tanned. There is no discoloration on the soles and on the palms.

Vitiligo pigment spots can form on a specific area of ​​the body, then the disease is localized. Or it is generalized when they merge and the depigmented area captures a large area.

In the case of the most severe degree of the disease, the skin is completely discolored, like in an albino. Skin sensitivity remains the same, there is no pain. If a white spot appears on the scalp, the hair in the affected area also loses its color. In some cases, fat and sweating is disturbed in this place, the skin loses sensitivity, it happens solar dermatitis.

This disease affects 1–2% of people. As a rule, it develops in age from 10 to 30 years, it does not occur in the elderly. Men and women are equally sick. The disease can be inherited in one case out of ten.

In some cases, vitiligo is associated with various skin diseases: Red flat I deprive, focal baldness or psoriasis.

Causes of white spots on the skin

The exact cause of the disease is currently unknown. More or less confidently we can talk about factors that increase the likelihood of formation of spots on the body. It can be:

  • liver dysfunction,
  • the ill health of the endocrine system, the thyroid gland,
  • deviations of the pituitary gland,
  • diseases of the kidneys and adrenal glands,
  • diseases of the stomach or intestines,
  • immune failure when the body begins to destroy melanocytes, their own melanin producing cells,
  • past infectious diseases
  • constant stress
  • pregnancy,
  • physical injury
  • imbalance of vitamins and trace elements,
  • regular contact of the skin with certain types of synthetic fabrics, personal care products, detergents,
  • sunburn, when the skin turns bright red,
  • genetic predisposition.
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How dangerous are white spots in vitiligo

When assessing the risk of disease, one should proceed from the fact that lightening of skin areas is, on the one hand, a consequence of certain health disorders.

On the other hand, the danger is the cessation of the production of melanin, which protects the skin from sunburn. In addition, it is the absence of melanin that causes the appearance of a cosmetic defect.

Vitiligo is not contagious, it is not an infectious disease. But due to the autoimmune nature, it can be inherited.

How to prevent the appearance of white areas on the body

If the disease has happened to someone in the family, it is considered to prevent its occurrence and development, it is necessary to comply with certain preventive measures, especially in spring and summer, when more favorable factors appear.

  • sunbathing, if the body is sweaty, you must first wipe off the sweat,
  • be exposed to drafts for a long time, when the body is intensely blown by the wind,
  • for a long time to be at high humidity,
  • use fans or air conditioners, if the skin is sweaty, you first need to somehow remove excess moisture from the skin.

It is believed that excessive intake of vitamin C can prevent the formation of a sufficient amount of melanin. In fact, insufficient melanin production is a consequence of the disease, and not its cause. Therefore, you should not abandon products containing vitamin C, or the corresponding vitamin complexes that are offered in the pharmacy. Although artificially increase its flow is also necessary.

Diet for quick removal of skin stains

To prevent the appearance of a cosmetic defect, as well as for a speedy recovery, it is worth refusing to include in the diet of hot spices: raw onions, ginger, garlic, pepper.

For the production of sufficient quantities of melanin, you need a sufficient supply of trace elements such as copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) and iron (Fe).

When using pharmacy vitamin complexes, it should be remembered that these trace elements are antagonists, excessive intake of one trace element causes a shortage of others. Therefore, the intake of artificial vitamins should not be simultaneous, it is better to take each drug course, keeping between them at certain intervals.

Products containing copper

In the case of copper deficiency, fatigue occurs faster, the synthesis of thyroid hormone is disturbed thyroxinemore often there are dysfunctions of blood formation, diabetes, weakened bone and connective tissue.

A sufficient intake of trace elements has an anti-inflammatory effect, slows down the aging process. Copper helps the absorption of iron, makes hair and skin attractive, removes the white spots of vitiligo from the body, the body acquires mobility and flexibility.

Most copper in cucumbers, pork liver, hazelnut, cocoa, beer yeast, cheese, rosehips.

Products containing zinc

Zinc is required for optimal functioning of any cell in the body. In case of its deficiency, there is a decrease in appetite, weight loss, hyperactivity, dermatitis, hair loss. Frequent colds and infectious diseases increase the risk of diabetes. Slower wounds heal, recovery from injuries increases.

A lot of zinc in oysters, beer yeast, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, sunflower, blueberries, lentils, nuts.

Iron Products

A sufficient trace element is necessary to maintain cellular respiration at the proper level, the main participant of which are red blood cells. red blood cellsdelivering oxygen and removing carbon dioxide through hemoglobinwhich includes a ferrous ion. In addition, a trace element is needed lymphocytes, кровяным клеткам иммунной системы.

В случае дефицита железа развивается anemia (малокровие) - a symptom of a disease in which the level of hemoglobin in the blood decreases. In adults, this is manifested by fatigue, in children, growth retardation and mental development.

Particularly affected skin, as well as the mucous membranes of the mouth, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract. Eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases appear.

The composition of hemoglobin includes the so-called heme ironit is completely digested and found in meat, mainly in the kidneys and liver. So called non-heme iron found in plant foods, especially a lot of beans, legumes, buckwheat and other whole grains, greens - parsley and nettles.

The body absorbs only a bivalent trace element, for the conversion of ferric iron requires sufficient intake of vitamin C. If the iron from the green is absorbed well enough, because it has enough vitamin C, then it is better to use legumes with vegetables that are high in vitamin C.

Most iron in raspberry, pork and beef liver, eggs, beans, pea, spinach, buckwheat, wheat bran, oatmeal, prunes, rosehips, beer yeast, cocoa.

Ways to Treat Vitiligo

It should be understood that a complete cure is possible only if it was possible to eliminate the associated diseases. As a rule, a dermatologist chooses an individual treatment regimen in each case. The form of the disease is taken into account - localized, generalized or universal, the presence of melanocytes in the macula, other factors detected by the relevant study.

If it was possible to identify the cause, that is, certain health disorders of the body, the treatment of vitiligo begins in this way. It can be complex when this or that therapy is prescribed to restore the appearance of the skin as soon as possible.

There are many methods of treatment for vitiligo, and new ones constantly appear. In some cases, white spots are on the skin by themselves or in the treatment of associated diseases.

Melagenin Plus Treatment

In some cases, it is possible to achieve success when using this drug from alcoholic extract human placenta and calcium chloride. The action becomes noticeable after a week of treatment, after six months you can hope for significant progress.

The drug is applied externally to the depigmented spots, it is not necessary to rub it in, it is necessary to wait until it is absorbed. It can be used in conjunction with cosmetics.

Removal of white spots on the body photochemotherapy (PUVA-therapy)

This method of treatment is still used. The patient accepts this or that photosensitizerthat increases the sensitivity of the skin to light, and then its body in a special tanning bed is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. To increase the sensitivity used Psoralen, Puwalen, Metoxalen, Oksoralen, Melagenin, Psoberan.

Photochemotherapy is generally effective for patients with dark skin. Success in the treatment of white spots can be achieved in half the cases. He has to be treated every other day for two months. If improvements are noticeable, the therapy is repeated after three months. To achieve the result requires 3-4 courses.

Despite the fact that phototherapy is not addictive, that is, it can be used repeatedly, taking photosensitizing agents gives a number of side effects.

Therefore, ultraviolet radiation of a narrower spectrum is used for the treatment of vitiligo, in which the intake of drugs to increase the skin's sensitivity to light becomes optional. A prerequisite for using this method is to completely stop the formation of new white spots on the surface of the skin of the body. You also need to accurately select the dose of radiation.

Vitiligo Laser Treatment

Using helium neon laser significantly reduced the time of treatment of vitiligo. The principle used is similar to PUVA therapy, but the skin is exposed to stronger and more accurately dosed radiation. Manages to cope with old spots on the body that have existed for many years.

The disadvantage of this method is the risk of burns and the high cost of treatment.

Treatment of vitiligo with preservation of the melanocytic layer is indicated. excimer laser.

Skin graft

A method of treating a cosmetic defect is to transplant healthy skin to the sites of depigmented sites. This method is used to get rid of small white spots.

The method allows to achieve a quick result, if another treatment of vitiligo did not produce a result. Often, the transplanted tissue loses pigment, therefore donor tissue is specifically subjected to PUVA therapy, which improves the survival rate and stimulates the production of pigment.

A course of drugs of copper, zinc, vitamins C, B9, B12, E is prescribed, since, as a rule, their deficiency is detected in the patient's body. For better recovery of melanocytes are assigned immunostimulants.

Whitening healthy skin

If the treatment by other means does not work, and the skin becomes 70% light on the body, it is necessary to bleach the remaining skin, destroying healthy pigment cells. Used cittotoxic drugslaunching the melanocyte self-destruction program.

As a rule, this is done in order to restore a uniform skin tone, since it is very difficult to hide these disadvantages with cosmetics.

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I have 8 years already, as it appeared on my skin. Please tell me how it is treated and how to remove these spots?

Sick of vitiligo 35 years. The first spots appeared after severe stress at 20 years. Tried to heal, but all is useless. True, they have not progressed.
Over the course of their life, the spots have diminished slightly, and after a major operation at 48, new ones appeared. Now senile pigmentation again paints stains.
I want to give advice - the most important thing is not to think about the disease, not to be nervous and not to use milk and dairy products. I do not drink milk, and my friends who love milk stains grow by leaps and bounds. Do not sunbathe!

My daughter had white spots on her knees, she is 6 years old. What to do, tell me, please.

About 6 years ago I had two small specks, the doctor advised me to order a solution according to Demianovich 1 and 2 in a pharmacy. They specially prepare it.
Three days you smear spots at once with two solutions, and then only after six months to repeat and tan. It helped me.
But now there are spots again. But at least some time without stains lived and that is good. Try someone can help.

Guys! I heard that the white spots on the body is the first signal for the cancer swelled. It is necessary to treat not spots, but internal organs (I have friends who have gone through this, this is their version).
I also appeared, I do not know to which doctor to run earlier. Tell me, who has these spots for a long time, is it true?

Please tell me what to do to make these white spots pass. On my feet, on the chest, they grow?

I am 19 years old and I have a white large spot in the groin and a little on the knee. On the hand, too, there is one spot.
What to do, tell me, if you know, please any recipe.

Guys, 3 days ago I also started to have white spots on my face. Here I wanted to find a method of treatment, but unfortunately, judging by your reviews, it is not treated.
If this is not treated, then this is what I want to tell you, dear friends: in the world, how many people are disabled without arms and legs, how many people suffer from cancer, AIDS, and other serious diseases.
If my whole body is covered with this, then it’s no problem to be embarrassed and upset. I will be grateful to God for the fact that I am alive and nothing hurts anywhere.
Just be yourself. And forget all this ...

I have white spots on my back and chest and already on my hands

Guys, I advise you to go to Uzbekistan and treat white spots there, in Russia nobody treats this disease.
For example, I ate like this: I cooked the meat of a hedgehog and a snake, ate them like borsch and a lot of stains disappeared from me.

I have vitiligo for 30 years. I struggle, but without fanaticism. Lemna helps a lot. Emetic potion, but effective.

Rashid, I have vitiligo. I cured this disease. There is a recipe: finely chop two fig leaves and prepare a 10% acetic solution. Pour in a week and can be used for external use.

Hello. Good people help, who can, how to treat veteligo or that I have had white spots on my skin since March 2018. Where to go, what to do? On the arms and legs.
I am 31 years old, a lot of tears. I love the sun, I love the tan. I do not want to be spotted all the same still young. Are there doctors dermatologists or venereologists? Who will help, who will tell. Save, who saved himself from this problem.

Dermatologists and venereologists are located in polyclinics. You need to consult and be examined. Only after this treatment can be prescribed.

I have hands on my leg. I tried to get treated, but I didn’t succeed, but it stopped, as it was, so it was left .. But it was difficult .. Who is treating this disease, please write.

It is necessary to pour hot pepper with alcohol for 10 days, insist, wipe the spots.

As for dermatologists and venereologists, I was observed, but there was no point. All hope for alternative medicine!

I have this disease manifested when I studied in Ulyanovsk. With this question I went to the student hospital. And to my happiness the doctor helped me. As far as I remember, I was treated like this: I prescribed antifungal candles, Nizoral shampoo all over my body, throw out all washcloths and soap, bleach the bath and everything I washed, do not wear synthetics, change my underwear every day, sweat to change, gradual to change two times a week if losses. photochemotherapy (PUVA-therapy).
And now my son. This is transmitted to him at the genome level. And manifested in 3.5 years, and not as in the article from 10 years. In the direction we went to Ulyanovsk on Radishchev 97. Result: as I understand the error in the diagnosis, hence the wrong treatment. Unfortunately, due to age, not all treatment is suitable for the son. I will try to get to the student hospital at the second admission.

This is not only because of a malfunction in the body, it also happens because of fright, fear.

After pregnancy, I have some problems, dermatitis has now appeared, and now my whole body is blind, tell me what is it?

What is Vitiligo?

This disease is considered the most common cause of spots on the body, having a round or oval shape. At such sites, due to various reasons, the melanin pigment ceases to be produced, as a result of which the skin becomes defenseless against exposure to sunlight and there is often a burn in this place.

Causes of Vitiligo The following factors are:

  • severe viral diseases leading to decreased immunity,
  • heredity,
  • violation of the hypothalamus and pituitary, resulting in an imbalance of hormones in the body,
  • parasitic intoxication,
  • autoimmune diseases
  • work related to such harmful substances as phenol, formaldehyde, synthetic resins, heavy metals,
  • mental and physical exhaustion, as well as stress.

Milky-white or pink areas can appear anywhere, but most often their formation occurs on the hands, face, elbows, groin. They are especially noticeable in people with dark skin. On the palms and soles such discoloration is not observed. If pigment spots occur in a particular area of ​​the body, then in this case the disease is localized.

With the strongest degree of the disease, the skin becomes completely discolored, like an albino. The sensitivity of the skin remains the same, pain does not occur. If white spots are formed on the head, then the hair in this place loses its color. Sometimes in such areas fat and sweating is disturbed, the skin loses its sensitivity, and solar dermatitis occurs.

Such a disease Affected 1 - 2% of peoplemost often it develops in young people, the elderly do not suffer from it. Vitiligo is equally affected by both men and women. In some cases, it accompanies skin diseases such as focal alopecia, lichen planus or psoriasis.

Idiopathic teardrop hypomelanosis

This disease is characterized by the fact that skin begins to appear small white spotsthat occur most often on the arms, legs, shoulders, face. Mostly such points are smooth, but sometimes they start to peel off. Such a violation of the skin is inherent in women and people with light skin.

The exact causes of light points are unknown. However, many experts believe that idiopathic teardrop hypomelanosis occurs as a result of the natural aging process, since it is mainly diagnosed in people over 40 years old. In addition, the reason may lie in heredity, because the disease is often observed in blood relatives.

To cure this disease, use tretinoin and corticosteroid ointment, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, cryotherapy.

In this disease, white or pale pink spots on the skin of the face, neck and hands begin to appear. Especially noticeable violations of the skin in the summer, when normal skin tan. In winter, the spots start to peel off. What causes this disease is also unknown.

In order to cure Pitiriasis, ointments that contain the substance pimecrolimus, as well as toning agents and intensive moisturizers are used. In case of inflammation and itching, it is recommended to apply ointments having more low concentration of steroids.

Thus, if white spots suddenly appear on the skin, in no case should one make a diagnosis and self-medicate, and consult a doctor as soon as possible. In appearance it is not so easy to establish the etiology of this pathology. Only an experienced dermatologist will be able to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Why do white spots appear?

White spots on the body - a very common problem that appears when skin discoloration due to reduced melanin production. Among the predisposing factors emit:

If we talk about internal causes, they are represented by the following points:

  1. Hereditary factor.
  2. Diseases of the kidneys, liver, intestines and stomach.
  3. Hormonal disruptions and dysfunction of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.
  4. Skin diseases of fungal origin.
  5. Malfunctions in the functionality of the endocrine system and the thyroid gland.
  6. Severe viral infections.
  7. Lack of individual vitamins and microelements.
  8. Chronic stressful situations.

Among external factors:

  1. Physical damage that led to skin deformation.
  2. High sensitivity to various means of household chemicals, synthetic fabrics and other materials.
  3. Long work in hazardous industries and forced contact with toxins.
  4. Long stay under the influence of ultraviolet rays and passion for tanning.

In most cases, these pigment defects appear due to the progression of the pathological process in the body. To make a correct diagnosis, you must undergo a comprehensive examination and evaluate the results. If the cause has been found, begin to deal with it, and do not hide the external manifestations and symptoms. In addition, you should first consult with a dermatologist, who will offer to undergo a comprehensive diagnosis and will give valuable advice to combat the problem.

There are many diseasesthat provoke the appearance of spots in different parts of the body. In order to know how to deal with them, you should deal with each one in advance.

Diseases of fungal origin

Among the most common and dangerous causes of loss of natural color and pigmentation, distinguish chronic skin disease - pityriasis versicolor. The causative agent of this fungal infection is yeast fungi, which rapidly form colonies on the skin and produce azelaic acid, which affects melanocytes and blocks the production of melanin. As a result, the skin is covered with small round or oval white spots with clear boundaries. The deformation is especially noticeable on the background of tanned skin. In the future, the defect increases in size, or even merges, capturing large areas. Sometimes the spots spread to the chest, shoulders, neck, back and even the groin.

Fungal mycelium continues to loosen the surface layer of the epidermis, therefore, over time, the spots begin to itch and flake. In this case, the inflammatory response is still absent. In the cold season, the defect becomes dark, but after visiting the solarium, everything returns to its former places. A similar situation is observed in the summer, when after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet spots become particularly pronounced. Because of these features, pityriasis versicolor is often called the "sun fungus", which is very common in people living in hot and humid climates.

The fungus is not able to be transmitted to other people, because it is formed only because of a weakened immune system, excessive sweating, endocrine disorders, or disruptions in the natural microflora, which can occur with intensive use of antibacterial cosmetics.

However, many experts argue that the risk of infection with a scaby fungus is also present when it comes into contact with a sick person.Therefore, if the disease is in the acute phase, take a series of precautions, highlighting the patient's dishes, bedding and hygiene items.

If a fungal infection has been detected, it is possible that a dermatologist will prepare a suitable treatment regimen based on the use of local antifungal agents in the form of ointments and creams. In advanced cases, complex therapeutic treatment is not excluded, when it comes to take these popular drugs:

Pink lichen

The disease is not transmitted by airborne droplets or in any other way, and unpleasant round spots appear due to the effects of viral diseases with reduced immunity. Experts believe that the problem is caused by the herpes virus, and at the initial stage of development a maternal plaque is formed, from which screenings soon appear, represented as pink spots with clear boundaries.

Spots are not able to cause pain, so their localization falls in place of the natural folds. After the disappearance of the folds of the defects on the body remain. With pink lichen, the treatment methods are not as serious as in the previous case. And if you approach the therapeutic course correctly, all the symptoms will disappear in 6-8 weeks. The therapeutic regimen may include the following agents:

  • Glucorticosteroid ointments.
  • Chatterboxes
  • Antibiotics.
  • Antihistamines.
  • Vitamin complexes.
  • Calcium-based preparations.

White spots on the body - how to treat children

If the question “How to get rid of white spots on the skin” began to bother you, be ready to take radical measures and work hard. Treatment should be especially thorough when there are spots in children. The fact is that children's skin is very delicate and sensitive, therefore aggressive methods are ineffective here, and maybe even harmful.

Among the most common diseases that cause the formation of pigment spots in children, hypomelanosis occupies a leading position. The problem is dyschromia of the surface (horny) layer of the epidermis, which progresses in the early stages of the development of the baby, or after serious diseases of infectious origin. In the treatment of hypomelanosis, highly effective drugs should be used - retinoids, which can slow down the process of depigmentation. And it is also important to perform a number of cosmetic procedures.

In addition, children often suffer from tuberculous sclerosis. With this disease, the face is covered with large white spots, the diameter of which reaches three centimeters. The main location is concentrated on the face, skin of the hands and feet. In this case, the spots may indicate a more serious pathology, causing additional complications, including:

  • The defeat of the internal organs.
  • Mental retardation.
  • Epilepsy.

Like adults, children are exposed to scaly, white or pink lichen, as well as many other diseases that are more serious.

If you have identified anxiety symptoms and pigmentation changes, as soon as possible, show the child to a specialist so that he can diagnose and select a quality treatment. Only with this approach can the problem be solved in a short time and without surgery.

As a prevention of white spots from sunburn, limit the time spent under the influence of sunlight. Sunbathe in the morning or in the evening, when the activity of the sun is small. The best time for sunbathing is period from 8 to 11 am, or after 16 o'clock in the afternoon. It is important to moisturize the skin with the help of special creams and lotions that will prevent overdrying.

Follow the rules of skin care, and you will not have to suffer from various problems and diseases.

What do white spots mean

The appearance of white spots on the body is observed in any person. Both men and women are equally affected by this phenomenon. Such pigmentation applies to people living on all continents, regardless of race. White specks can be observed even on the skin of young children.

Such a violation of the monotony of the color of the epithelium does not hurt, does not itch, without giving its owner any discomfort. Especially bright skin pigmentation is noticeable when tanning. As a result, the aesthetic perception of the beauty of the skin is reduced. It is especially problematic if the pigmentation of white color is on the face or open areas of the body. This greatly affects the appearance of the person, makes him complete, self-esteem is lost.

White spots on the skin is a zone in which there is a sharp decrease in the concentration of melanin or melanocytes - epithelium cells containing staining substances. This phenomenon has received the name of depigmentation in medicine.

The main causes of depigmentation

If a person began to notice the first symptoms of discoloration of the skin, it is better to seek the advice of a specialist. This is recommended, even if the white dots do not cause any discomfort. Only a dermatologist can figure out the real cause of the abnormalities with a comprehensive examination.

Experts believe that the loss of pigment by the cells is caused by both internal and external causes.

Internal causes include:

  • autoimmune processes, when for unknown reasons, the body gets rid of melonocytes,
  • hereditary predisposition
  • failure of the pituitary and hypothalamus, changes in hormonal levels,
  • severe viral infections
  • malfunction of the thyroid gland, disruption of the endocrine system of the body,
  • state of constant stress and nervous tension,
  • avitaminosis.

External factors are highlighted in a separate list. These include:

  • increased sensitivity of the skin to the effects of cleaning products and detergents, artificial fabrics and other irritants,
  • skin injury
  • regular interaction with toxic substances
  • abuse of tanning, SPA - procedures.

Chopped off versicolor as a cause of pigmentation

Fungal diseases of the skin are widespread. Chopped off or color lichen is a form of fungal infection of the skin. Most often, the disease manifests itself in men living in warm climates. In rare cases, zoster can be found in children or older men.

Doctors identify several main causes of the disease:

  1. vegetative vascular dystonia,
  2. antibiotic abuse
  3. fondness of sunbathing and spa procedures
  4. endocrine system malfunction
  5. hormonal changes.

Symptoms of the disease do not give the patient any unpleasant sensations in places of skin lightening. Sometimes there is a slight itch.

Treatment can only be prescribed by a dermatologist, after examining a skin scraping to identify the pathogen.

Easy versicolor as a cause of pigmentation

This disease is also called white lichen. The causes and conditions of the disease are unknown. Most often, light spots appear on children's skin. Usually, the symptoms of ailment disappear on their own after the patient is growing up. The disease is not dangerous and does not require any serious treatment.

Nevertheless, you should not neglect the visit to the doctor. Doctors often argue about the etiology of the origin of the disease, but did not reach a common opinion.

  • The main, most likely cause of the manifestation of the common lichen are fungi permanently residing on the skin of a person. The emergence of some associated diseases provokes the growth of fungi.
  • Atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, hay fever, hereditary predisposition - the main reasons for the development of common lichen.
  • The disease brings only aesthetic discomfort and is observed at the age of 1 to 17 years. Localization spots are the side of the arms and legs. Sites may flake off and become slightly inflamed. In some cases, there is a slight itch.
  • In order to exclude other more serious diseases, it is necessary to show the child to the doctor.

The problem does not require medical intervention, To eliminate unpleasant sensations, you can lubricate the affected areas with baby cream or hydrocartisone ointment.

Pigmented areas should be protected from direct sunlight. If there is a proliferation of affected areas, you may need to use antifungal drugs.

What is leukoderma

Leucoderma - a violation of the pigmentation of the skin, leading to a decrease or complete disappearance of melanin. One of the varieties of this pathology is syphilitic leucoderma, which develops when a person is infected with a disease similar in name.

It has particular symptoms, so it is easily diagnosed. The skin appears characteristic rounded rash. Hyperpigmentation forms around the white spots, so that the rash becomes very noticeable.

There is the concept of "false leucoderma", when characteristic spots accompany accompanying diseases:

Localization of white pigment can be on almost any parts of the body: on the forearm, back, chest and neck. Pathological process develops as a result of the growth of scales. They cover the skin, interfering with the penetration of sunlight, resulting in light areas begin to appear.

Only the doctor can prescribe the correct therapy in this situation.

Improper diet is one of the causes of white pigmentation

The state of the human body depends largely on proper and balanced nutrition. White spots are a very common occurrence in violation of the normal diet.

  • An overabundance of synthetic products, adherence to fast foods, neglect of fruits and vegetables leads to a lack of vitamins, and then the appearance of bright areas of the skin.
  • Such rashes do not pose a danger to human health, but should make him think about the organization of a proper lifestyle.

If you do not organize a rational diet, the process can be delayed and lead to complete skin lightening. Rely only on self-healing is not worth it. A dermatologist will analyze the condition of the body and write out special biological additives, you may have to undergo some cosmetic procedures.

An integrated approach to the problem will help to solve it within one to two months.

We recommend:

The red spots on the back are the reasons

The main methods of treatment

The faster the patient see a doctor, and he will determine why white pigment spots occur, the more effective the treatment will be.

Depending on the causes of the manifestation of the pathology, various methods of treatment are used:

  1. Medication intake affecting the restoration of the structure of the epidermis. These drugs can be prescribed only by a doctor, self-administration can cause serious harm to health.
  2. Nutrition. From this point depends on the speed of solving the problem. The doctor can develop an individual diet enriched with vitamins using only natural products. It is necessary to consume a large amount of fluid per day. Also need the use of multivitamin complexes.
  3. Therapeutic (UFO sessions), physiotherapy procedures, combined with the reception of photosensitizing compounds.
  4. In severe cases, partial skin grafts are applied. This happens in cases where the melanocytes have completely disappeared and cannot be restored. The procedure brings a quick, noticeable, positive result. Its big drawback is its high cost.
  5. Use of cosmetics with high saturation with vitamins and nutrients.

If the disease has an infectious cause, then general therapies will not help. If the disease is caused by a fungal infection of the skin, then the dermatologist will prescribe antifungal drugs that affect a specific pathogen.

Lamisil, salicylic or sulfuric ointment and other preparations are usually used. It is also possible the appointment of antimycotic drugs: Canisole, Moufingar and others. Drugs are used until the complete disappearance of the disease.

If the disease is started, local therapy will not be enough. The doctor prescribes oral medication:

If the endocrine system, pituitary, hypothalamus, as well as hormonal changes are disturbed, other specialists will need to be examined and treated.

It should be noted that the appearance of any strange white pigmentation warns a person about the pathological processes occurring inside the body. The problems are of a different nature and the aggressiveness of the impact on human health. But their immediate solution will avoid serious complications.