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Mumiyo as a means to fight stretch marks


The discomfort from the stretch marks, unfortunately, is known to many women and even young girls. There are several reasons that have affected the occurrence of such skin sprain, or, as they are also called, stretch marks: during pregnancy, when the skin on the abdomen is excessively stretched, during fast weight loss, the skin sags, forming ugly, and sometimes even creepy folds and stretch marks.

It even happens that not at all the stretching of the skin became the cause of such problems, but the lack of collagen. The appearance of stretch marks - the phenomenon is really unpleasant, most often, they occur on the chest, in the hips, lower back and abdomen. In such places it is quite difficult to hide them, especially during the beach season, when you want to flaunt in a beautiful bikini, and not hide under the skirts and pareos.

What are the only means and methods of deliverance that modern medicine does not offer, but almost every woman who has been struggling with such unpleasant furrows for quite a long time will confirm that there are very few really effective procedures. Cream and ointment, cosmetic procedures and surgical methods, which is not, everything costs a lot of money and effort, but the result, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired.

And all this happens until a woman discovers the wealth of a miracle cure - a mummy. This unusual name is mountainous resin, which consists of a mixture of natural organic and inorganic elements, such as, particles of plants, animal excrement, and thousands more of biologically active elements.

In order for such a “natural pantry” to have a real effect, it is necessary to know how to use the mummy in tablets or capsules for stretch marks, which can help in general where such a miracle cure came from.

In our region, the mummy is supplied from the mountains of Asia, and the most common of them, the golden mummy, is of Altai origin. The consistency of it resembles a black or dark brown thick mass, which has a bitter taste and a rather unpleasant specific smell.

It turns out that the healing properties of this substance have long been used in medicine, and the range of its beneficial effects is so wide that it even becomes incomprehensible how such an “elixir of health and beauty” could not be known. Only in our area the mummy is little known, but in the lands of Asia, India and Tibet, it is actively used in Eastern medicine.

How to cure stretch marks using mumie?

Due to the fact that the substance under consideration has an incredibly wide range of useful trace elements, minerals and other components, it is used in various fields of medicine and cosmetology: strengthening the immune system, healing wounds, and mummy has become especially common in traumatology, speeding up the tissue regeneration process.

Mumiye is almost invaluable in the treatment of inflammatory processes of superficial tissues, promotes the resorption of scars or improves the body's metabolism.

Actually, the last two properties are particularly relevant, which so actively promote the healing and discoloration of hated stretch marks. And, even if you do not succeed in completely getting rid of them, you significantly underestimate the size, brightness and intensity of your furrows, there are cases when using a mummy a woman got rid of stretch marks 1-1.5 cm wide!

Now that you understand what a mummy is, it is important to figure out which is better to acquire and how to use it correctly. Most often, the present Altai mummy can be found in the form of small plates, capsules or tablets.

Of course, there is a wide range of cosmetics on offer, such as creams or gels, which describe their main active ingredient as a mummy. Of course, it is more convenient to use such forms of packing, but the problem is that you are unlikely to achieve any positive results from them.

The thing is that really high-quality ointments and cream for stretch marks will have a very short shelf life, and if the tool itself is often in contact with air, then it will be suitable for no more than a week! Stores are teeming with tubes, on which the shelf life can be for 6 or even 12 months.

Only products prepared at home with the addition of this mummy can really save you from stretch marks, and the recipe is quite simple: the mummy needs to be mixed with regular baby cream.

For the manufacture of such homemade creams, it is better to use the mummy in capsules, since it is already pre-dosed and it is much easier to dissolve it. If this type was not found, then you can use the usual mummy tablets, which must be crushed, and then dissolved in water and mixed with cream. Instead of a child, you can use any moisturizing or nourishing body cream that you usually use.

How to make a cream for stretch marks?

A detailed recipe for making cream using mumie next. You will need:

  • 2-3 g of pure mummy,
  • 1 teaspoon warm water
  • baby cream.

For the preparation of the cream is better to use a non-metallic container, in which you will mix the prepared ingredients. Pure mummy mix with 1 teaspoon of warm water and wait until it is completely dissolved and turn into a homogeneous mass.

By the way, if a mummy is really present, then it should dissolve completely, without residue.

Now you need to add to the resulting light brown mass portion of the cream that you need for 1 application to the body. Mix everything thoroughly and send the mixture to a cool place to infuse for 10-15 minutes. The finished cream should be applied with massage movements to those parts of the body where there are stretch marks. The best effect can be achieved if you apply the cream on steamed and clean skin, ideally after taking a hot shower and scrub.

Surely many will be interested in how to remove the smell of a mummy, because it is quite unpleasant and can stay for some time after the procedure. For these purposes, natural essential oils are best suited, which can be added 2-3 drops to the prepared cream.

Best of all for such purposes is suitable mint, rose oil, as well as all kinds of citrus oils, which also contribute to the fight against cellulite.

It is also important to know that there are some oils that only increase the unpleasant smell of the mummy, these include lavender and coffee oils.

How long it takes to permanently get rid of stretch marks is hard to say. However, most often, the first visible results can be achieved in 1.5-2 weeks of daily use of such creams, the complete disappearance can occur in 3-4 months. In order for the effect to occur more quickly, it is better to perform such procedures 2 times a day, and do not wash off the applied cream for 3-4 hours.

Mumiyo and its beneficial properties

Mumiyo is a puzzle for scientists. It consists of a large number of substances, about 80 elements, which together provide a high efficiency indicator. The drug is often used for cosmetic purposes, as it improves the condition and health of the skin. It is best to take a natural mummy, that is, not in the form of tablets, as pharmaceutical manufacturers evaporate it to purify from various impurities, which makes it lose some of its beneficial properties.

A simple test will help you to make sure that the real drug is in front of you, and not its similarity: knead it in your hands. Natural mummy softens, and poor quality will remain solid.

Mumiyo has regenerative and regenerating properties. It improves metabolism, accelerates wound healing, helps to solve the problem of oily scalp and hair, contributes to the disappearance of acne on the face and stretch marks on different parts of the body. The drug nourishes the dermis, enriching it with natural vitamins and minerals, restores lipid metabolism, stimulates the production of collagen - a protein responsible for skin elasticity, as a result of which the cells are renewed. It also strengthens the immune system and soothes the central nervous system.

Forms of release mumiyo

There are several forms of release mummy:

Tablets, like lozenges, are dissolved in water and an ointment is made on their basis using several more components. Cream for stretch marks "Golden Altai" is a finished product, that is, it does not need to be diluted or interfered with anything else. It can simply be applied to the body as it is. Natural pasta is a purified mumiyo. Depending on the disease, it is used externally or internally, but in the case of stretches, an ointment is made from this agent for the treatment of stretch marks at home.

Stretching and use mumiyo in the fight against them

Stretch marks are micro-breaks of the surface tissue, leading to the formation of scar tissue of the skin. They can form on the abdomen, thighs, breasts, buttocks, and, of course, many women worry about their appearance. Mumiyo improves the appearance of damaged areas, making them more invisible, or even contributes to their complete disappearance. However, this is only possible if they appeared not very long ago. Stretch marks are slightly visible, whitish, and dark, red-purple. The easiest way to deal with the pink streaks that formed immediately after the breakdown of skin fibers, or purple, which they become a little later, when not so fresh, but still have a chance to get rid of them. Later, in 1-2 years, the striae become light in color, the skin in these places loses pigment, and the more time passes from the beginning of their formation, the more difficult they are to correct. But in most cases, including the old stretch marks, if you show patience, the mumiyo shows a good result in dealing with this defect of the skin, and it is therefore not surprising that it has become so popular over the past few years.

Treatment should be carried out by courses, between which you should take breaks - from 10 days to 1 month, otherwise the body gets used to this natural remedy. The duration of one course is 2-3 months. Ointment is applied 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. And, by the way, with the help of mummy you can not only cure striae, but also prevent their appearance by strengthening skin fibers.

Cream with mumiyo at home

Mumiyo cream can be prepared at home. There are several variations of cooking, similar to each other. The simplest recipe includes only water and mumiyo. However, there are options and more difficult, for example, with the addition of baby cream, scrub from coffee beans and essential oil, you can even mix mummy with massage oil.

So, to prepare the ointment, you will need:

  • 2 grams of natural mummy,
  • 2 teaspoons hot or warm water (but not boiling water),
  • 80–100 grams of baby cream.

Put the mummy in the container, add 2 spoons of hot water, stir to a monotonous mass without lumps. Mumiyo is a thick substance, so the process of stirring will be long, and you should be patient. Then we add a baby cream, cover with a lid and let it brew for 30 minutes. After this tool can be used. To store it, you need to put it in a glass jar and put it in the fridge.

Baby cream can be replaced with milk or body lotion. It is put in the same proportional ratio: 80-100 grams of lotion per 2 grams of mumiyo and 2 teaspoons of hot water.

If desired, add 3-5 drops of essential oil to this mixture. It helps to soften the sharp and unpleasant smell of mumiyo. To do this, the best fit any citrus, mint, pink or lavender oil.

To improve the therapeutic effect of the ointment, you can take a shower before rubbing it in and use a coffee bean scrub. Scrub should be applied with soft massaging movements on the damaged areas of the body after a shower, and then rub the ointment. But during the period of pregnancy and feeding the baby to use a scrub on the abdomen and chest is strictly contraindicated.

Wrap with mumiyo at home

Another option for mummy treatments is wraps (masks). You need to prepare a food film, take a warm shower or bath, massage areas with stretch marks with a scrub, apply the finished composition of mummy, wrap it all with food film and relax for 15-20 minutes. For a better effect, you should cover up with something warm or get dressed. After this time, you need to carefully remove everything and rinse with warm water, and finally apply milk or body cream. The course consists of 15-20 wraps with a frequency of 2-3 days.

Also, with the help of mummy, you can enhance the effect of massage oil. On 1 tablespoon of oil you need to add 2 grams of mumiyo. The resulting tool can massage the problem areas. To maintain the elasticity of the skin, the procedure should be done regularly.

Wraps also have an anti-cellulite effect: they correct and eliminate the manifestations of the so-called orange peel on the thighs.

Consumer reviews on the use of mumiyo

Stretch marks after childbirth - a very unpleasant sight. I did not think that I would have, but they still appeared at the end of pregnancy. I want to note that they were formed not so much, but they were quite deep and bright. If you hold your hand, then straight felt such strong hollows. I stumbled upon laudatory reviews about mumiyo and decided to act. First, the stretch marks are visibly pale, this happened after a month of using a cream with mountain pitch. Secondly, the depth of striae has noticeably decreased. The skin as a whole has become more taut and elastic, especially in the navel, as it and the skin around also suffered during pregnancy. The result I was very pleased! Of course, there is still something to work on, so I will soon repeat the course with mumiyo.



Basically, all women who give birth have stretch marks. I also have them. What kind of methods I didn’t try to remove them: I rubbed expensive creams in myself, scrubbed my skin, went to a vacuum massage. All to no avail! So I read about the miraculous properties of the Altai mummy. Bought it at the pharmacy. Made one of the many recipes. I have done this to this day for 7 months. On the stomach, stretch marks are completely gone, but on the pope are almost invisible. In addition, the skin tightened and became elastic. The only negative is a terrible smell, but for the sake of such an effect it is worth suffering! This did not give me any cream.



I heard about the properties of the Altai mummy by chance when a friend bought it at a pharmacy. At first I thought it was all nonsense. But on the Internet, after all, I read a bunch of reviews on various sites. And the strangest thing that rarely met negative. I used mummy only for stretch marks, since there are no other problems. Smell - I will not say that it is pleasant, but not smelly. I rubbed it into problem areas 1 time a day before bedtime. Two months later, some became less noticeable, plus the skin became smooth, velvety and elastic. I advise everyone to purchase this tool, since you will not find anything more efficiently!



Mumiye against stretch marks on the skin

What is this substance, to this day has not been established. Some scientists claim that it has a geological origin. Others relate it to biological components. But those and others agreed on one thing.

Mumiyo is the only and unique tool of its kind. Doctors use its healing properties to combat many diseases. Beauticians also appreciated the substance of dignity and often use it from stretch marks.

The effectiveness of the means is confirmed by specialists and women who have taken the course of fighting striae.

Mummy from stretch marks allows you to solve several important tasks:

  • accelerate the regeneration of skin cells,
  • make striae pale and reduce their size,
  • reduce the depth and relief of stretch marks,
  • increase the elasticity of the epidermis,
  • nourish integuments with vitamins and minerals.

The use of mummy against stretch marks

The substance is of organic origin and contains a number of useful trace elements: iron, nickel, calcium, aluminum, magnesium. The tool is rich in various amino acids. Thanks to such components, it is a real elixir of health and is capable of comprehensively healing the body.

Beauticians recommend using it to prevent striae. The substance is able to eliminate the already formed scars.

In the shops you can pick up a variety of creams, gels, lotions containing healing mummy. Excellent remedy for stretch marks you can easily cook yourself at home.

Altai mummy against stretch marks

This tool has been created by nature for thousands of years. It has been used for medicinal purposes since the time of the Arab healers. Substance is in great demand today.

Алтайское мумие представляет собой кусок черной блестящей массы, обладающей вязкой структурой. Кроме того его отличает специфический запах и горьковатый вкус. Именно эти свойства подтверждают натуральность Алтайского мумие.

Его часто применяют в косметологии. Особенно эффективно используется такое мумие от растяжек. The substance easily penetrates the extracellular barrier and has an effect on subcutaneous tissue. In addition, the mummy and for weight loss - one of the first assistants.

"Golden Mummy" from stretch marks

This is a special preparation containing purified, 100% Altai mummy. It is made according to original technologies, thanks to which all active substances are preserved in the product: amino acids, vitamins, macro-, microelements.

The drug is available in tablet form. This greatly simplifies the use of the substance.

Capsules "Mumie" from stretch marks

Easy to use drug produced in capsules. After all, the contents do not need to be crushed or crushed.

How to remove stretch marks using Mumie capsules? Initially pick the one that suits you. With the most effective means we will see below.

To use this tool, you must take the capsule and pull it in different directions above the container. Powdered content will be poured into the desired container.

Mummy pills for stretch marks

The basis of the tablets and capsules is a hygroscopic dry extract of mummy, combined with lactose.

What kind of mummy for stretch marks is more effective: a pill or a briquette? Such a dilemma torments many women. Most of them are confident that only raw has healing properties.

Mumie briquette, like a sponge, absorbs many different components: rocks, microorganisms, plants, soil. These components are useless to the human body.

During the manufacture of the extract, similar components, by repeated extraction of raw, is removed. Insoluble salts are especially ruthlessly eliminated from it. We are talking about quartzite, dolomite, calcite, which in the human body is a fairly dangerous ballast.

It is best to apply purified mummy for stretch marks: in the form of tablets or capsules.

Mummy tips

Positive dynamics is noticeable after 1 month of using mummy from stretch marks. And the first favorable changes, according to reviews, are observed after 2 weeks of using miracle remedies.

To increase the effectiveness of the cream containing mummy, cosmetologists recommend following these tips:

  1. Accelerate the restoration of damaged skin allows only regular use of the substance.
  2. The made means needs to be applied twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.
  3. During the mixing of the components, you can get a modified cream consistency. This should not alarm you. If the product is too liquid, use less water or change the brand of cream.
  4. Mummy from stretch marks will allow you to achieve a better effect, if applied, after application of the product, a massage roller. This procedure stimulates blood microcirculation and accelerates the process of striae healing. Pregnant women to massage the belly is prohibited!
  5. It is easy to get rid of traces of mummy on clothes or a towel. The substance is not a dye. It is easily washed in warm water.
  6. Eliminating brown marks on the skin allows the milk to remove makeup or lemon juice.
  7. Having put means on skin, it is not necessary to wash off it within 2-3 hours.

How to cook a mummy for stretch marks

A lot of time and effort does not need to prepare an excellent tool at home.

The easiest way to use the drug, packaged in capsules. This tool is already dosed and perfectly soluble in water.

If you use tablets, then pills need to be crushed. Plates dip in a small amount of water. After 15 minutes they will dissolve.

Beauticians recommend a simple, but very effective recipe, containing mummy and children's cream, for stretch marks.

For its preparation will need:

  • non-metallic dishes
  • Mummy - 2-3 g,
  • boiled water - 1 tsp. (use warm, not hot liquid)
  • Children's cream - 50-70 g.

We now turn to the manufacture of effective tools, including mummy and children's cream, from stretch marks:

  1. Pour mummy into the container (do not forget to crush the tablets) and combine the component with warm water.
  2. Wait until the product is completely dissolved. The liquid acquires a rich brown color and becomes homogeneous (without lumps).
  3. Add a baby cream to the mixture and mix the product diligently.
  4. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then mix the cream again.

As you can see, to make a tool, based on mummy and children's cream, is easy to stretch.

To store means it is necessary in a glass container, in the refrigerator. In other conditions, the main component will deteriorate very quickly and lose its useful properties.

JuliaAndRoman video recipe

How to apply a cream based on mummy

Cooked means is used very easily. But still there are some secrets that will provide the most effective result in the fight against stryyami.

  1. Apply the cream should be only on a clean, steamed body. Initially, you will need to take a hot shower and walk around the body with a washcloth. You can use a scrub. Such procedures will remove the top dead layer.
  2. Then gently apply the cream to the areas of the body that are damaged by the stria. Circular massage movements (clockwise), rub the tool into the epidermis.
  3. The procedure should be repeated daily, morning and evening.

The recipe for stretch marks with mummy

Specialists have developed many tools based on mountain resin. Above was given the recipe for the most common cream made at home.

However, there are other, no less effective means to achieve excellent results.

The cream is great for fresh striae. But what about those young ladies whose stretch marks are far from red?

In the fight against the old striya needed more tough funds. The perfect solution would be to use a mask based on coffee and mummy from stretching. Read more about coffee in the fight against stretch marks read on my blog.

For the manufacture of tools will need:

  • mummy (crushed) - 1 tsp,
  • ground coffee - 1 tsp,
  • ethereal little (eucalyptus or orange) - 5 drops,
  • warm water (boiled) - 1 tsp,
  • anti-cellulite cream (possible for children) - a little (it should “bind” the components).

Preparation of masks containing coffee and mummy for stretch marks:

  1. Connect the mountain tar and water. Wait until complete dissolution.
  2. Add ground coffee to the mix. It will provide abrasive particles. They are aimed at activating the blood supply in problem areas and cleansing the integument from dead cells.
  3. Add the selected ester and combine the mixture with the cream.

Applying a mask on the body, apply a rubbing heavy movements for 5 minutes. Then leave the product on the skin for another 10 minutes. After the procedure, rinse the mask with cool water.

Beauticians advise to resort to a tool containing coffee and mummy, from stretching twice a week. It is not recommended to use a mask more often.

Just a stunning effect will mummy and sea buckthorn from stretch marks. Cooked oil has healing power. After all, the useful properties of mountain resin strengthened sea buckthorn oil.

The latter component is distinguished by the following properties:

  • improves metabolism
  • provides healing of the skin
  • accelerates tissue regeneration.

How to prepare a tool, which included mummy and sea buckthorn, from stretch marks? The recipe is simple. Mix mountain tar and sea buckthorn oil in a 1: 2 ratio.

This tool is effective in the fight against stretch marks. But it can be used not only to get rid of striae. It is suitable for any integuments of the body. After all, the tool effectively heals wounds and cracks, softens the integument, eliminates excessive sweating and even eliminates corns.

A tool that combines honey and mummy from stretch marks is very popular in cosmetology. It cares for the skin and provides effective elimination of stretch marks.

Mix all the ingredients. Apply the product to the problem area. To honey and mummy from stretch marks have the best effect, it is recommended to keep the ointment on the body for about 30 minutes. Then you can take a shower.

Effectively relieves honey and mummy from stretch marks, fights cellulite. In addition, this ointment is an excellent remedy, eliminating acne.

Cream for stretch marks at home

The basis is recommended to take the above remedy containing mummy and children's cream for stretch marks.

Enhance its effectiveness allow recognized and anti-cellulite essential oils:

  • orange,
  • rosemary,
  • lemon,
  • tangerine,
  • lavender
  • pink
  • neroli oil.

Using a mountain resin, remember, this substance is not able to dissolve in the oil.

Therefore, prepare the cream using the usual recipe, and only upon completion enter into it 7-10 drops of ether.

Questions from readers

Women who first resort to the use of mountain resin in the fight against striae, often face many nuances.

In order to dispel fears and doubts of beautiful ladies, beauticians answered the most common questions.

There are no analogues to this tool. It does not just mask striae, the substance acts on the subcutaneous layers, restoring damaged cells and fibers.

Creating the effect of tissue regeneration, mountain resin heals without a trace any scars, even a decade ago.

More useful is the use of purified products manufactured by manufacturers in tablets or capsules. Much more convenient to use capsules. After all, tablets must be pre-crushed.

Use essential essential little. 2-3 drops are enough to start smelling your product with a wonderful smell.

For these purposes, excellent oil:

  • citrus - able to effectively eliminate cellulite,
  • mint - provides relaxation of the skin,
  • grape seed oil - takes care of hydration of the epidermis,
  • pink - disinfects and eliminates irritations,
  • ylang-ylang ether - since ancient times it is considered a natural aphrodisiac and an excellent antiseptic.

Application Reviews

Mumiye really universal remedy. I began to use it to get rid of cellulite. Applied it in combination with baby cream. What was my surprise when a friend asked me a question: what tool did you use to remove stretch marks? And really, after only 1 month of using the cream, small stretch marks have completely disappeared. Now I continue the struggle, but not only with cellulite, but also with deep stretch marks.

Angelina, 26 years old

I used honey and mummy for stretch marks during pregnancy. The result made me very happy. On the abdomen after childbirth there was not a single stretch, which can not be said about the chest. About her, I completely forgot. And now there are small striae. But I know how to deal with them, using honey and mummy from stretch marks!

A woman with a well-groomed appearance and a beautiful figure is happier and more successful. It is this desire - to have a slim, beautiful body - pushes the young ladies to the real feats of improvement: grueling workouts, strict diets, surgical procedures.

But in order to catch an enthusiastic masculine look on oneself it is absolutely not necessary to exhaust oneself. It is enough to pay attention to an effective and affordable remedy - a mummy for stretch marks.

About the tool

At the moment, the exact answer to the question of what constitutes a mummy, no. Some scientists refer to its geological origin, others point to biological aspects. But at the moment, only one thing is clearly known: mummy is the only means of its kind recommended by modern doctors as an effective compound for various diseases. Today and cosmetologists appreciated its unique properties.

If you decide to use the mummy from stretch marks, reviews will be a great help for you. They confirm the effectiveness of funds based on it.

Mummy from stretch marks allows you to solve a number of the following tasks:

  • acceleration of cell regeneration,
  • the ability to reduce the manifestations of stretch marks and reduce their size, making it almost imperceptible,
  • increase the elasticity of the epidermis,
  • saturation of the skin with essential vitamins and minerals.

Mumiye is rich in beneficial trace elements: iron, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, nickel, as well as various amino acids. In specialized stores today you can find enough products that contain this tar-like substance: creams, body lotions, gels. But few people know that the miracle remedy can be prepared at home.

Altai mummy

If you are looking for the most effective mummy for stretch marks, give your preference to Altai. This tool was created by nature itself for thousands of years. You see in the photo mummy from stretch marks, it is a piece of dense black mass with a viscous structure. A distinctive feature is the peculiar smell and bitter taste. It is on these properties and you need to rely when looking for a real Altai means.

"Golden Mummy"

Such a tool can be found in modern pharmacies - it is not necessary to go to Altai at all. This is a mummy tablet form made using modern technology. They allow you to save all substances and amino acids. But the reviews of those who managed to compare the original natural substance and its tablet form, emphasize that the tablets give an average of 40% less obvious result.

Features of use

There are a lot of recipes for a mummy from stretch marks, exactly, as well as secrets of its correct use. We will focus on the most interesting of them, affordable and effective. Modern women claim that the positive dynamics with proper use is noticeable after a month. Moreover, after two weeks you will notice a certain result. Cosmetologists recommend adding mummy to your cream or body lotion, and to increase its effectiveness, follow a number of recommendations:

  • Regularity. Only regular use of the product allows you to speed up the process of regeneration of the skin. Experts recommend treating damaged areas twice a day: morning and evening.
  • Consistency. When mixing components, you can get a different consistency each time. If the product turns out to be too liquid, use less liquid or replace the cream with a more dense one.
  • Massage. With it, you will achieve the best result, if immediately after applying the product to the skin, treat it with a massage roller. This procedure improves blood circulation and speeds up the process of healing and skin renewal.
  • Duration of exposure. Deposing the product on damaged skin, it is important to sustain it for 2-3 hours.


If you still doubt the effectiveness of the tool, look at the photo of stretch marks before and after the mummy. Surely you will be impressed by the result - many women in various parts of the world have already seen their effectiveness in personal experience, and it is your turn.

We have already said that the mummy can be prepared at home, but for this you need to be patient. The easiest way to use the drug, packaged in capsules. It is metered and perfectly soluble in water. If you use tablets, you must first grind them to a powder. It is necessary to dissolve the powder in a small amount of water, the process takes only 10-15 minutes.

And here is another great recipe recommended by cosmetologists. To implement it, you will need non-metallic dishes, 2-3 grams of mummy, 1 teaspoon of warm boiled water, 50 grams of fat baby cream. When cooking miracle remedies, it is important to adhere to the instructions:

  • in the tank it is necessary to pour the mummy and dissolve it in water,
  • wait until the powder is completely dissolved in water, and turns it into a rich brown color,
  • enter the resulting solution in baby cream and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency,
  • leave the agent to infuse for 15 minutes, then mix thoroughly again.

As you can see, the mummy can be prepared from stretch marks on its own, this process does not cause any particular difficulties.

What mummy is better from stretch marks?

Curative substance formed with the participation of rocks, microorganisms, soil, animals and plants, is found in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Australia. On the territory of Russia, deposits of mountain oil are found in Transbaikalia, Southern Siberia, the Far East and the North Caucasus.

The composition of the natural mixture does not have a specific formula, as it varies depending on the place where it is collected. Indian mountain oil will have a different chemical composition and a ratio of components than Altai mummy from stretch marks.

In any case, wherever the raw materials are collected, the mummy against the stretch marks (photo before and after) will give a positive cosmetic result. This statement will be true provided that the mountain oil used for cosmetic procedures, properly processed.

Raw mummy from stretch marks (photo of a heterogeneous mass with foreign particles of mineral and animal origin) will not be able to help. On the contrary, impurities that are unsafe for health (salts insoluble in human liquid medium, minerals, active biological substances) can aggravate the situation, causing an allergy or other negative reaction of the organism.

The drug is best purchased at the pharmacy. Ведь в России сухой экстракт горного масла признан Фармакологическим Государственным комитетом официальным лекарственным средством. Через аптечную сеть реализуется не сырец, а технически обработанное сырье, которое представляет глянцевую пластичную однородную массу, легко разминаемую в руках, черного или темного коричневого цвета.

Purified mummy has a peculiar smell, stains hands and clothes, but is easily washed and laundered.

In what form is the mummy produced from stretch marks?

Pharmaceutical industry produces healing resin of mountains in capsules, plates and tablets. The first dosage form appeared relatively recently.

1. Capsules on pharmacy shelves most often represented

  • Indian drug "Shiladzhit" from the famous concern Dabur,
  • capsules with mountain oil extract from Altai Farm or Fitok,

Cosmetician dermatologists speak positively of the quality of imported and domestic capsules produced by modern companies in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

Experts consider Shiladzit capsules to be one of the most effective remedial remedies available that can be used at home. In the absence of dysfunction in the endocrine system, doctors do not exclude the possibility of making a cosmetic defect on the body completely invisible.

Treatment of stretch marks mumie in capsules from the Russian manufacturer Altai Farm and Fitok is not inferior to the imported analogue. Altai mummy has proven itself in reducing the scar pattern and the prevention of its appearance. Therefore, it can help to get rid of stretch marks mummy as collected in the Russian mountains of southern Siberia, and brought from distant countries. Moreover, the cost of drugs is equivalent.

While I was pregnant, excess weight, cellulite, and the possible appearance of stretch marks were the last thing that bothered me. But after giving birth.

Indian and Altai mummy, according to the instructions for its use, allows mixing the dry extract with cream preparations for making local lotions and compresses at home.

Reviews on the topic of mummy from stretch marks before and after the use of capsules are different: many say that a miracle cure in a short time has rid the skin of scars. But not a smaller number of people, more reserved in their statements, noted only a visible cosmetic effect and a decrease in the manifestations of striae.

2. Pills mummy against stretch marks

Mummy tablets as well as capsules are contained in the form of a dry hygroscopic extract mixed with lactose. The domestic manufacturer is widely represented in the drug market. Mummy tablets (prescription from the doctor when you purchase is not required) are produced by the following major pharmacological concerns:

  • Evalar: "Golden", "Altai",
  • Narine: "Altai", "Balm of the Mountains",
  • Remak: "Panacea"
  • Ecoplus

Which form is better: mountain resin in capsules or tablets? The use of healing mountain oil is effective in any form of release. But this applies only to local cosmetic procedures. When used orally, the capsule form has the advantage, since it saves the balm more reliably from premature cleavage.

How to get rid of stretch marks using mummy?

You can remove stretch marks with the help of a mummy at home in various ways, but the result will always be the same:

1. The size of the scars, their depth, relief will decrease,

2 . Tie at the beginning of the course brighten and then equal to the color of skin,

The drug enriches the dermis with natural vitamins and minerals. Stimulates the production of collagen - a protein responsible for skin elasticity. On elastic skin, the defect becomes almost unnoticeable, unlike a flabby body with flaccid turgor.

Taking inside a capsule or a pill of a mineral-organic complex, is it possible to get rid of stretch marks? Therapeutic resin in any case will bring the body (skin, including) benefit.

A four-week treatment-and-prophylactic course (two capsules in the morning and before bedtime) is not able to remove stretch marks on its own with the help of a mummy. But as a component of correctional therapy, the drug is very effective.

It is not recommended to take orally (through the mouth) mummy from stretch marks during pregnancy. Although there are no contraindications to local skin care procedures using mountain oil (if there is no individual intolerance to the healing substance).

Liquid means for oral administration as well contraindicated :

  • Children under the age of twelve
  • Cancer patient
  • People suffering from hemorrhagic diathesis, increased blood pressure, blood clotting disorders, drinking alcohol,

Local cosmetic procedures (scrub, masks, wraps, rubbing, compresses) will respond to how to remove stretch marks with the help of a mummy at home quickly and efficiently with minimal costs.

Mumiyo from stretch marks during pregnancy, weight fluctuations, weightlifting (including bodybuilding) can reduce the likelihood of strip-like defects on the body. Therefore, mountain oil is recognized as the best preventive home remedy against strii.

Mummy from stretch marks: instruction

How to use mummy against stretch marks in capsules and tablets for the preparation of masks, scrubs and wraps? Mountain balm has an individual feature - it is perfectly soluble in water and not soluble in alcohol. Therefore, the answer to how to dilute the tablets mummy, is clean water, not hotter 30-40 degrees. Because, preparation does not allow high temperatures, destroying trace elements and vitamins.

And if it is a capsule? Capsules before dissolution must be opened by pouring their contents into the water.

After preparation of the therapeutic mixture, how to apply it on the body so that the procedures are effective?

1. Striae treatment should begin as soon as possible. Mummies in the application of stretch marks, which in color did not become lighter skin tone, much more effective.

2. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to test for allergies by applying a substance to a small area of ​​skin for a couple of hours.

Mumiye from stretch marks, the recipe of application:

  • Use the sponge to not stain the skin of the fingers.
  • Rub the healing mass into the surface of the damaged skin. A five-minute massage will increase blood flow, thereby increasing the cosmetic effect of the procedure.
  • Keep the mountain balm on the body for at least three hours.
  • Darkened skin from the procedures can be lightened with lemon juice.
  • Stains from clothes can be easily washed with soap.

Scrub with mummy for stretch marks

The recipe for stretch marks mumie with natural ground coffee - this is exactly the means that with regular use will help forever forget about the flaws on the skin. Scrub not only removes dead skin cells, cleansing and leveling the surface of the epidermis, but also improves its color, increases elasticity and firmness.

How to make mummy for stretch marks with coffee?

  • Medium grain black coffee (50 gr),
  • Mumiye (3 powdered tablets)
  • Honey (1 bol / l),
  • Red orange oil (a couple of drops)

All components mix. Scrub massage circular motions gently rub into clean wet skin with a soft brush or palms until only coffee is left on the body. Rinse with warm water without detergent. Treatment sessions are repeated every three days for at least a month.

Cream against stretch marks with mummy

Cream for stretch marks with mummy at home - this is the most affordable and time-consuming restorative treatment for the body. Ointment-mummy for stretch marks can be prepared by yourself or buy a tool in the store. Cosmetic companies present a limited range of medical cosmetics with a content of mountain oil from stretch marks:

  • Nourishing cream from the factory Kalina,
  • Massage remedy for Biolit,
  • Balsam "Sage",

How to prepare a cream for stretch marks with mummy pills on their own?

First they need to be dissolved. Then mix with lotion, milk or body cream. Carrying out these manipulations, follow simple rules in order to preserve all useful components as much as possible.

How to breed a mummy from stretch marks, proportions?

The tablets are ground to powder, the capsules are opened by adding the healing powder to warm, clean water, not hotter than 30 ° C. For the complete dissolution of the substance is enough one small spoonful of liquid. Most often, a baby cream is taken to form the basis of a healing ointment - a hypoallergenic, moisturizing agent, without dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Cream with mummy for stretch marks, homemade recipe

Mumiyo with baby cream for stretch marks - the recipe is the most popular and affordable in execution. Would need:

  • Capsules (tablets) - 4 gr. (20 pieces),
  • Clear water - 1 b / l,
  • Children's cream - 80 gr,

If you prefer to use natural balm for the treatment of stretch marks with mummy at home, the recipe will look like this:

  • Mountain oil - 40 grams
  • Clear water - 1 b / l,
  • Baby cream - tube,

The substance dissolved in water to mix with cream to homogeneous mass. Place in a glass jar with a tight lid. Keep refrigerated. Apply daily to warmed moist skin (after shower and scrub), rubbing into the scars. The course is 6 months.

However, it should not be harvested for future use. The healing properties of mountain oil are destroyed by contact with oxygen. Therefore, it is better to mix therapeutic ointment in small portions.

Can I use cream with mummy for stretch marks for pregnant and lactating women? Medical ointment can not harm the health, if a woman does not have an individual intolerance to the components.

Cream for stretch marks with mummy and oils

This classic recipe best tells how to remove stretch marks on the body. Mountain pitch and essential oils are the best allies in the fight against fresh cords and old band-shaped scars. Before using the product, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction.

In the prepared composition according to the recipe printed above, you must add 2-3 drops of jojoba, mint, orange red, lavender, rosemary oils. Daily use during the month - treatment for fresh defects. 3 months - for old scars.

Mask for stretch marks with mummy pills

Take in equal parts:

  • Bitter chocolate or cocoa powder,
  • Tablets mumie,
  • Baby cream,

Dilute tablets to a liquid consistency, mix with cream and melted on water. chocolate bath. Massa rub into the skin a quarter of an hour. The mask is washed off the body only with water. Sessions are held twice a week, until the defect disappears.

Wrap with mummy from stretch marks

  • A pair of tablets of mountain oil + small. lie water,
  • A large spoon of one of the following oils: mint, orange, lemon,

Components mix and rub a few minutes into the scars. Wrap the skin with a wrap, take cover with a blanket and try to relax as much as possible for a quarter of an hour. Procedure time cannot be increased. Daily sessions are best performed in the evening for four months.

Before pregnancy, I didn’t know what stretch marks were, I only heard about them, but after the baby was born, they appeared as pretty ones.

MUMMY from STRETCHING! Is it possible to cure old stretch marks in half a year using mumie? As well as the use of MUMMY INSIDE as a general tonic. Is there any sense? We look photos of extensions TO a course with a cream and AFTER!

Hello dear readers!

Today I will talk about mummy and whether it is possible to get rid of stretch marks with the help of it.

The topic of stretch marks for me has long become relevant and has remained until today. Back in school, I had the first stretch marks, then the truth disappeared. And so it was often, appear and disappear themselves, probably, the skin somehow miraculously managed to be updated and they being shallow and fresh, just disappeared. But everything changed after giving birth. They appeared in fairly large numbers on the hips. And they were very noticeable. At first they were dark, like all fresh streamers. And then it was necessary to get rid of them, because it is likely to get rid of them when they are still fresh. But then I was not up to stretch marks and over time they turned white, and remained on my hips. Very noticeable, I did not complex about them, but still did not want to put up and began to look for ways to get rid of stretch marks, of course, on the Internet.

Laser, peelings, massage - everything that salons offer us is not for me. I am not so obsessed with these stretch marks to roll off thousands of rubles in a beauty salon. Therefore, I wanted something cheap and sold at home. Many articles were on the topic of mummy. They promised that it eliminates even the old stretch marks. The truth is to wait a long time - up to six months. I am not afraid of such regular procedures - just anoint stretch marks with cream every evening, so I chose a mummy.

What is a mummy?

Mumiyo - It is a rich organ-mineral complex of natural origin. It consists of more than 85 essential minerals and trace elements.

Mumiye is a plastic natural substance like resin. The origin of the mineral-biological. The color of the mummy varies from light brown to black, also found in color. A mummy can be smooth and with an irregular, crumbling structure; it can be stingy and similar to a frozen glass, transparent and opaque. In any case, all naturally occurring mummy has a specific balsamic smell and similar properties and composition.

Mumiyo is found in the mountains in various countries and regions, such as the Caucasus, Nepal, Australia, Iran, Central Asia, Altai, India, Mongolia, Russia, South America, North Africa and some others.

In the nearest pharmacy I bought Altai mummy. As the manufacturer promises - this is 100% natural mummy. It is in pills, it smells specifically, it seemed to me like resin, which resembles tar soap, but not exactly. Someone may not like the smell and it can be unpleasant to use it. For me, this smell is pleasant, I am dragged from such smells, for example, from the same tar soap, I absolutely love it.

In general, cleaned and soft mummy is a useful thing, it contains a lot of minerals. People treat mummy with various sores. Of course, cleaned and plastic mummy is very expensive. And in most cases, people will buy a mummy tablet, which is much cheaper.

Mumiye contains many important components.: phosphorus, calcium, succinic acid and many others.

If you are not sure about the authenticity of the selected product, you should pay attention to such a mummy property as plasticity. In the process of kneading in the fingers of high quality mummy after a short time will begin to crease, falsification will remain solid and nothing will change. In this case, it is possible that even before you a fake.

Quite interesting is the fact that mummy has practically no contraindications to use. But still you should not take it with the individual intolerance of the components of the mummy. You should also be careful during pregnancy, breastfeeding and when applied to children under the age of three years.

On the Internet, many sites offer a classic cream recipe with a mummy for stretch marks:

Classic recipe: in a small bowl, squeezed out 100 grams. baby cream. 2-4 gr. mummy, you need to dissolve in a small amount of purified water and add to the cream. Put the prepared remedy in a small jar and store in the refrigerator (3-4 months). The cream is applied daily, rubbing into the skin with massage movements for 15 minutes.

There is a recipe with the addition of essential oils:

Cream with the addition of essential oil: the recipe of preparation is similar to the first, only at the end it is necessary to add an essential oil that has anti-cellulite properties (orange, rosemary, lavender). In addition to its enhancing anti-cellulite effect, essential oils can neutralize the unpleasant odor of mummy.

And the recipe for butter cream:

Oil cream: since the tablets do not dissolve in the oil, they must be diluted in a small amount of pure water (mineral water can), then add mint or rose oil. For 1 pill means there is 1 tbsp. spoon of butter.

I chose the classic recipe for a cream based on mummy stretch marks and added a little vitamin E in the oil.

To do this, we will need mummy tablets, some water, oily vitamin E, baby cream and a jar where our cream will be stored.

To start dissolve mumie in water. In a small amount of water (1 tablespoon), 4 tablets mumie. It gradually dissolves and the water turns brown.

Add oil vitamin E in a jar, where the cream will be stored.

Then add baby cream. It is difficult to say exactly how much is needed. See for yourself, you need such an amount that in the end the mixture was not liquid, but a normal creamy consistency.

Add the dissolved mummy with water. Mix well and get such a creamy brown mass.

This cream should be stored in a closed form in the refrigerator and applied every evening with massaging movements in areas with stretch marks. They say that fresh stretch marks he tightens quickly. I have not very old stretch marks, they are only 2 years old, but not fresh either. That is, they are already white and it is almost impossible to get rid of such. But according to various sources, this cream will relieve even the oldest stretch marks. True need to use it for a long time. For a long time, patiently, regularly smear, daily. And then there will be a result.

What I did. I started using this cream in the summer, in August. And now, 7 months of using the cream has passed (daily), but the stretch marks have remained, as they were. See for yourself:

They have not even smoothed out, not even narrowed, have not changed at all AT ALL! In short, this mummy-based cream is ineffective against stretch marks. Я не знаю, может он смог бы мне убрать свежие растяжки, но много же обещаний в интернете по поводу застарелых. Но, увы, никак не помог.

А также многие пью мумие внутрь, как витамины, для общего укрепления организма, при авитаминозе, при усталостях и т.д. А также для улучшения состояния волосы и ногтей, кожи. Я тоже решила месяц пропить, сделать такой витаминный курс. Ногти у меня очень тонкие, думала, может мумие повлияет на них, хоть немного укрепит.

I drank two pills every day for a month.

But here, alas, did not notice any changes. I don’t know whether hair was growing or not, as I constantly do warming up masks for hair growth: mustard, with nicotinic acid, with pepper tincture. The nails are fragile and thin and remained. Immunity was also not noticed, as I picked up the virus several times, but I don’t believe that supplementation can strengthen the immune system.

On the general well-being, endurance, too, the effect is not noticed.

Inside I used a mummy not of this manufacturer, which is in the photo, but from Evalar.

The experience based on the publicly available mummy, which can be bought at any pharmacy, did not bring results. That is, I brought it, I realized that it was all nonsense; it did not help with stretch marks, for the organism as a whole I did not see any changes.

Maybe someday I will come across a purified mummy, which is sold in plates, then I will try again and (possibly) change my feedback in a positive way. But so far my experience is exactly like that.

Thank you for watching!