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The best tonic for the face


Tonics appeared long before cream and other cosmetic products for face care.

We all know: the application of concentrated components will, at best, provoke irritation, at worst - skin burns. The problem is that the substances that are useful for our dermis retain their properties longer, being in an oil or alcohol solution. But even with the advent of creams, tonics did not give up their positions, remaining a salvation for owners of the combined and fat type of dermis.

However, the regular use of alcohol-containing products in the daily care played a cruel joke. The aggressive effect of a component called alcohol on the protective layer causes the skin to increase fat production. As a result, we observe the effect of the drug: the better the product copes with the task, the more it is needed.

Fortunately, tonics for the face without alcohol, which are not only safe, but also judging by the reviews, are very effective, have replaced the products with an aggressive composition.

In the daily care of this product plays a significant role:

  • gently peels off make-up, dirt and dust particles,
  • tones up
  • intensely moisturizes, especially after peeling, as it fills the epidermis with essential substances
  • actively nourishes (as a part of tonic a large number of useful components that restore the reserves of vitamins and minerals in the skin cells),
  • soothes irritations
  • equalizes tone, relieves greasy shine and brightens age spots.

Going in search of quality products, you need to know what tonics exist on the modern cosmetic market.

So, by function, they are divided into:

  • matting and narrowing pores,
  • moisturizing,
  • antibacterial,
  • soothing
  • toning,
  • nutritious,
  • cleansing,
  • bleaching,
  • rejuvenating
  • for oily skin - without alcohol.

Tonics are usually a colorless liquid. But if you search, you can find funds with a different consistency, the main purpose of which is to adapt to the features of the epidermis.

What we need to know about them:

  1. The cream is ideal for those who are constantly on the street and whose face is exposed to the negative influence of the environment.
  2. The gel is a little harder to use, as it is not always completely absorbed by the skin. It is necessary to remove residues.
  3. Serum is a unique agent that differs from the previous ones by a high concentration of active ingredients.
  4. Peeling, or exfoliant - its formula contains abrasive particles. They are so small that they dissolve when interacting with sebum.
  5. The spray is very convenient, as the jet is dosed. However, often when using the spray fall on the eyes and clothing.

Perfect composition

Do you know what to look for when choosing a tonic? We should be interested in what the product is made of, the degree of its usefulness and safety for the skin.

As for smells: products of companies that support the trend of naturalness, do not contain artificial flavors, but they smell not harshly, but barely perceptible. This is achieved due to the presence in the composition of extracts and plant essences. Agree, the pronounced smells of berries or flowers will in most cases scare away customers, causing an association with an air freshener for the toilet room, and not with a facial treatment. But the product, gently smelling fresh grass, fruit or field, will be perceived easily and naturally.

So, no matter what system of naturalness and safety the tonic for your face is certified without alcohol, it is:

  • 90-100% consists of natural ingredients
  • has a short shelf life due to the absence of preservatives,
  • has a pale color (in the composition there are no dyes),
  • does not contain fragrances, radioactive substances, refined products,
  • has a sign of standard, quality and certification authority.

Proper cleansing and use of tonic

In the daily care of the face there is a dogma: cleansing - toning - moisturizing - food - protection.

The sequence of actions is very simple:

  1. In the morning you wash with foam / gel.
  2. Wipe your face with a tonic, as it contains the necessary acids that neutralize the alkali present in the water.
  3. At the final stage, ensure that the skin is moisturized. Apply cream with SPF from 15 to 17. For a fat type of dermis, an emulsion with a light texture is recommended.

What beauty bloggers advise

Admit it, you don’t always rub your face with toner after cleansing your skin or before applying a cream? Correct urgently! Products with the correct composition based on plant extracts should take pride of place in the daily beauty ritual. For example, the effect of tonic without alcohol for combination skin from the Swiss brand L. Raphael is aimed at maintaining the natural hydrobalance of the dermis, and the product from Methode Cholley will provide freshness with extracts of cucumber and mint - a great way to awaken the skin!

Another non-alcohol based product is the remedy from the Santa Maria Novella perfume and pharmaceutical house. A bottle of frosted glass hides the active ingredients that nourish the epidermis with moisture and soften the skin. And what a magical aroma he has!

A practical option is a tonic for the face without alcohol from the brand Lush in the form of a spray with a pleasant floral notes. You can take it with you on trips and spray it throughout the day. The tool is perfect for dealing with teenage rashes, as well as owners of oily skin.

If your main goal is narrowing of the pores, then the toner from Egia with several types of acids and plant extracts will perfectly cope with the task. The only condition: regular use.

8 best products for problem skin

Below are the products that will help to complete the cleansing step, preparing the face for the subsequent moisturizing:

1. With the onset of autumn, ginger and citrus are beneficial not only for the body, but also for our skin. The true confirmation of this is the floral water Ginger Cleansing Water from KenzoKi. The active ingredients have a powerful antioxidant effect on the epidermis, softening, moisturizing and giving a natural glow.

2. Refreshing Alcohol-Free Face Cleansing Toner by Kanebo removes make-up in two accounts, leaving no feeling of tightness and stickiness. The formula is based on rosehip oil, complemented by floral accents, thanks to which the tool perfectly smoothes and moisturizes the dermis.

3. Blanc Pur Couture Lotion from YSL on the basis of glycolic acid, in addition to the lightening effect, has a peeling effect.

4. Instant matting guarantees Marine Toner tonic from Anne Seonin. The active ingredients are algae, which not only remove the oily sheen from the skin, but also have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

5. Toning Lotion Toning Lotion for alcohol-free face tonic from Clarins on the basis of iris extract perfectly prepares the epidermis for subsequent care. Aloe moisturizes, witch hazel gives freshness, and guava and sage - tone up and regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands.

6. The lotion from La Roche-Posay Effaclar, judging by the reviews, will solve the problem of black spots and enlarged pores due to the presence in the composition of a high concentration of several types of acids.

7. Nu Skin Care PH Balance Mattifying Toner is a real salvation for those who want to eliminate shine. The formula is based on extracts of calendula, chamomile, witch hazel, fennel, and St. John's wort, which have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

8. The composition of Japonica Roland miracle remedies is based on three active ingredients - arbutin, placenta and vitamin C. Working together, they easily solve the problem of enlarged pores and oily sheen. As a result - even tone without visible imperfections.

Prohibition: the best tonics for the face without alcohol for sensitive skin

Appearance of our face depends on competently selected means for 90%. The La Mer Lotion The Moisturizing Lotion does not contain oils, but it delicately moisturizes the skin. The product is not quite similar to the usual tonic for us - the consistency of milk. Reviews of girls confirmed that in the winter the tool is ideal as a base for makeup, and in summer - for the final stage of care. To activate the beneficial components, it is enough to heat a small amount of lotion between the palms. However, it is so soft that it can be used for the delicate skin around the eyes.

La Praire has a delicate tonic for the face without alcohol, which refreshes and softens. The formula is based on a unique cocktail made from natural ingredients and a cellular complex. Ivy, chamomile, horsetail, seaweed, cucumber and apple extracts are all that is necessary for moisturizing, nourishing and stimulating the natural process of self-regulation in the dermis.

Non-alcoholic Asian

Naturalth Goat Milk Moisture Toner reviews from the Korean brand Toni Moly are extremely enthusiastic. And all because it is 30% composed of an extract of New Zealand goat milk. Due to the abundance of beneficial minerals and substances in this ingredient, the product provides the skin with everything needed to keep it in good shape, and the result lasts for a long time. The tool lightens age spots, deeply cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes, soothes irritations and improves collagen production.

In addition, milk proteins stimulate the process of cell renewal and eliminate small wrinkles.

Portion of freshness for the skin of the face: do the tonic yourself

For deep cleansing, we offer 2 proven recipes that are truly effective.

1. Pour a teaspoon of green tea with 100 ml of boiling water. When the liquid has cooled, strain it through a sieve and add 1 tbsp. l fresh lemon juice.

2. Dilute 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar 200 ml distilled water. Wipe your face daily with this home remedy - and in a week the first result will appear in the form of soft and very velvety skin.

Alcohol-Free Face Tonics: Customer Rating

At the end of the topic it would be worth reminding that there is no such cosmetic product that contains ingredients useful for the skin and at the same time there are no substances that destroy cells. However, after conducting a study of compositions, customers recommend to pay attention to another 5 alcohol-free face tonics:

  1. Purete Thermale from VICHY - suitable for any type of dermis. The active ingredients are glycerin, thermal water and vitamin E. An excellent product for daily use and completion of the cleansing procedure. The tool gently cares for the skin, does not leave a sticky film on the surface and also does not contain parabens.
  2. Lotion Apaisante Physiologique by La Roche-Posay. The quality of this tonic speaks of its composition, in which there is no alcohol, soap, parabens and dyes. Due to the presence of thermal water, it has a calming effect on the skin. Instantly removes redness and does not leave a film on the face.
  3. Moisturizing tonic from the Ecolab brand won the customers with an amazing composition. Among the active ingredients are declared: organic rosehip and almond oils, hyaluronic acid, sea water, Rhodiola rosea extract, and not a single silicone! Is not it a miracle?
  4. Chamomile 90% Toner - flawless in every sense of the toner for the face without alcohol and parabens from the Korean brand Mizon, which are 90% composed of chamomile hydrolate, witch hazel and Bulgarian rose. This speaks not only of the naturalness of the product, but also of its super-efficiency, because the organic ingredients very quickly come into contact with the epidermis and show an amazing result.
  5. Many cosmetic products for oily skin contain alcohol, but not Alga Lux gel tonic. Its composition is literally overflowing with natural ingredients: these are extracts of aloe vera, chamomile, ivy, seaweed, celandine and ficus. The tool copes with its task - narrows the pores, cleans the face, but in no case does not dry out.


Now you know the names of at least twenty expensive and budget tonics for the face without alcohol and understand how important they are in the daily beauty ritual. Take care of your skin properly, do not forget about the toning stage - and the reflection in the mirror will delight you for many years.

Necessity or fashion?

For a start, it’s worth deciding what a tonic is and what it is for. According to the functions performed, it is a means of purifying the second level. It relieves the skin of the face from the soap film. At the same time, it removes dead skin cells of the epidermis, which are stuck in the pores, removes excess greasiness and heals the microraniums.

After use, the face shines, "breathes" and is ready for maximum absorption of creams and the use of masks. At the same time, he “watches” so that the cream does not clog pores.

3 Natura Siberica Natural & Organic Purifying

Natura Siberica cleansing facial toner is designed to prepare the skin for the subsequent stages of care. It contains extracts of sage, green tea and chamomile, which together have a good calming effect. The tool actively tightens pores, mattes the tone and even has antioxidant properties that slow down cell aging. It is suitable for oily and combination skin. The manufacturer recommends using a tonic for daily use before applying a moisturizer. Another feature of the product - instant elimination of oily sheen.

Available in 200 ml tubes, has a clear color and a light herbal aroma. The composition contains mostly natural ingredients, such as extract of yarrow, ash, lemon, etc. Girls note in the reviews that after applying the skin looks toned and smooth. Advantages: high efficiency, suitable for oily skin, good cleansing properties, low cost, beneficial effect on the epidermis, positive feedback.

2 Weleda Revitalizing Tonic

Weleda tonic has an excellent composition without harmful sulfates and parabens. It consists of 100% natural ingredients. Witch hazel has a strong soothing effect, wild rose leaves tighten pores, and essential oils moisturize the skin. Tonic cleans the face of the remnants of cosmetics, while intensively caring for her. It is recommended to apply in the morning and evening on the area of ​​the face, neck and decollete. The product is suitable for all skin types. Efficacy proven by laboratory tests.

One pack contains 100 ml of the product. Weleda truly revives the skin, improves its relief and structure. The tool has a large number of positive feedback after the application. It has a light fresh aroma of essential oils. Belongs to the category of organic cosmetics. Advantages: a completely natural composition, useful components, recommendations of cosmetologists, revitalizes the skin, removes cosmetic residues, high quality and effectiveness. Disadvantages: high cost.

1 La Roche-Posay Physiological Soothing

The leading line in the rating of cleaning products is occupied by a French-made tonic, which is of the highest quality and efficiency. It is based on the brand’s thermal water and does not contain alcohol. This means that the tonic does not dry the skin and has only a mild effect on it. La Roche-Posay cosmetologists have developed a unique formula that quickly soothes and restores the natural pH balance. Tonic also deeply cleanses the pores, removes remnants of cosmetics. It can be used as a complete cleansing agent and replace the first two stages of care. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

La Roche-Posay cleansing tonic has a pleasant aroma and optimal consistency that does not tighten the skin. It is quickly absorbed and does not require rinsing. Available in 200 ml bottles with a convenient dispenser. The girls in the reviews say that immediately after applying the skin becomes soft and radiant. Means noticeably refreshing and tones. The main advantages: the highest quality, deep cleansing, recommendations of cosmetologists, pleasant sensations after application, the best reviews. The disadvantages are the high price.

3 Secretkey "Rose"

A popular Korean manufacturer is a moisturizing tonic with anti-aging effect. A safe composition combined with a mild skin effect gives an amazing result. The tool actively softens, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. The effect is noticeable after a few applications. Excellent tonic effect is achieved due to the content of the extract of Damascus rose, water of rose petals. An important distinction of tonic is low molecular weight, which promotes product penetration into the deepest layers of the epidermis.

The extract of white lily in the composition relieves stress and soothes the epidermis, witch hazel fights irritations, and lemon intensively nourishes. A good feature of tonic - it can be applied to sensitive skin. Recommended for use in rosacea, peeling and fat. After application, it does not tighten the skin, but on the contrary, it smoothes it. It can be applied after scrub and other rough effects, because perfectly soothing. The volume of packaging is 250 ml. Pros: noticeable soothing effect, excellent result, a lot of positive reviews, good quality.

2 Librederm Hyaluronic

Следующую позицию рейтинга лучших занимает еще одно средство отечественного производства от Librederm, которое оказывает на кожу глубокий увлажняющий эффект. Он заметен уже после первого нанесения. Создан тоник для всех типов кожи, в том числе и чувствительной. Recommended for use at the final stage of purification and as a preparation for basic care. Helps normalize acidity and pH balance. Thanks to its water-holding capacity, it intensively moisturizes the skin. It has an unobtrusive light smell.

The active ingredient here is hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen. Means does not contain parabens, dyes, fragrances and other harmful substances. Helps to cope with skin fatigue during the day. It is recommended to apply twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. One bottle has a volume of 200 ml, which lasts for several months. Advantages: intensively moisturizes, contains hyaluronic acid, economically consumed, stylish packaging, excellent reviews.

1 Aravia AHA Glycolic

Tonic Aravia AHA Glycolic differs from the rest of the high content of various acids. Milk strengthens the immune system, exfoliates and increases the production of collagen, citric acid is responsible for brightening the tone, glycolic is ideal for problem skin, actively moisturizes and refreshes the cells. Tonic copes with black spots, inflammation and peeling. It actively tightens the pores, makes the skin taut and gives it freshness.

It is made in bottles with an increased volume (250 ml) and has a convenient dispenser dispenser. Pleasant fruity aroma, briefly remains on the skin. Contains intensely moisturizing grape seed oil. Judging by the reviews, the tool slightly brightens the tone and increases the elasticity of the skin. Main advantages: active effect of acids, high efficiency, suitable for problem skin, improves tone, actively moisturizes, is equipped with a convenient dispenser, recommended by cosmetologists. Disadvantages: high cost.

4 Recipes grandmother Agafi

The next line of the rating is occupied by the budget tonic “Grandmother Agafya’s Recipes”, which belongs to the category of refreshing ones. Thermal water is used as a base, and the composition is enriched with such beneficial plant components as extract of Baikal spritzia, Kuril tea, white lily, hyaluronic acid, etc. It is intended for deep pore cleansing and instant moistening. After the negative impact of environmental factors throughout the day, the application of such a tool will help the skin to quickly return to its usual state. It also removes the feeling of tightness after using cleansers. The main difference of the product is the optimal ratio of price and quality.

Tonic is designed for all skin types. It is made in bottles of 200 ml. One pack is enough for several months of daily use. Judging by the reviews, after some time, narrowing of the pores and improving the complexion are noticeable. Advantages: great price, high quality, useful natural ingredients, slow consumption, good customer reviews.

3 Hundred recipes of beauty "Moisturizing and freshness"

Refreshing tonic for the face of the Russian production "Hundred recipes of beauty" - an excellent representative of the budget segment. The high content of aloe vera juice allows you to intensively tone up the skin. Rose water refreshes and combats peeling and dryness. An important feature - the product does not contain alcohol. This allows it to be used even for sensitive skin. Tonic removes excess fat, so that temporarily mattes and evens tone. Judging by the reviews, application of the product causes only pleasant sensations.

Presented in a 250 ml bottle with an opening lid and a narrow neck. Consumed quite economically. Unobtrusive light smell like every girl. Despite the low price, the product really copes with its task. Advantages: the most favorable price, good quality, noticeable result, pleasant aroma, slow consumption. Cons: there are chemical elements in the composition.

2 Natura Siberica Natura Kamchatka "Instant freshness and shine"

One of the best budget funds - Natura Siberica tonic has good performance and has many positive reviews. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, which makes the skin glow and energizes it. Daurskaya Kapchatka is responsible for the recovery of cells and has a powerful sedative effect. Another component - Asian plantain - is a source of important vitamins and elements. It also protects the skin from the negative effects of environmental factors.

Tonic is designed for any skin type and is suitable for daily use. A small amount of funds must be applied in the morning and evening. The main components are high quality thermal water. Tonic does not dry the skin, but on the contrary, it has a slight moisturizing effect. Main advantages: excellent efficiency, low price, natural useful components, does not contain parabens, slow consumption, good customer reviews.

1 GARNIER "Rose Water"

The leading position in the ranking of budget funds is a soothing tonic for the face from GARNIER. It refreshes, tones and cleanses the skin. The composition is enriched with rose water, castor oil and does not contain alcohol. Can be used on dry and sensitive skin. After drawing the film is not formed, there is no feeling of tightness. Due to the cumulative effect, inflammation disappears from the face over time. Perfectly removes impurities from the skin, including residues of cosmetics. "Rose water" has a strong moisturizing effect, which sometimes does not require further use of the cream.

Available tonic from GARNIER in a bottle with a standard volume (200 ml) and dispenser-neck. It has a pleasant aroma of rose flowers. Enriched with beneficial vitamins (including pro-vitamin B5). Judging by the reviews, it absorbs quickly enough. The main advantages: it soothes and moisturizes well, optimal price-quality ratio, suitable for sensitive skin, pleasant sensations after use, accessibility.

With alcohol content

You must have a very good reason to use an alcohol-based tonic. In rare cases, dermatologists recommend their owners too oily skin, but recently the majority is inclined to ensure that, in this case, not to injure the skin, because alcohol is a very aggressive ingredient. So if you see alchohol in the first place in the product, refrain from acquiring!


These tonics contain extracts of plants, flowers and usually have a very rich aroma due to the content of essential oils. The temptation is great, but we still recommend you not to use products with glycerin: it dehydrates the skin, breaks its lipid layer and can cause flaking.

The best, soft and gentle, effective and extremely useful for the skin tonics are made on a water basis. They will easily remove the remnants of makeup, support the epidermis cells with antioxidants, and the cream after the use of tonic will be better absorbed and more effective to act.

Equalizing Toner, SkinCeuticals

What face tonic to choose? This tonic does not contain fragrances and alcohol, ideal for all skin types, maintains a protective pH level of the skin, eliminating impurities and cleansing the pores. Contains natural extracts of witch hazel, thyme, cucumber, kiwi, aloe and chamomile, very delicate and effective.

"Careful care", Garnier

Does not contain fragrances and dyes, but is rich in vitamins, hypoallergenic and does an excellent job with cleansing the skin from makeup residues. Refreshes, soothes and does not dry the skin, serves as an excellent preparation for the subsequent application of makeup.

Clarifying Exfoliating Toner, Lancome

White lotus and anise extracts are powerful antioxidants that can help your skin cope with the effects of free radicals on the cells. And this tonic has an exfoliating effect and helps the skin to be updated faster.

Vitex Aqua Active

Who said that the best tonic must be expensive? The Belarusian trademark Vitex refuted this opinion, having released an excellent moisturizer of the mass market category. Tonic is part of a new series of freshness products “Freshness Generator” with enhanced tonic and refreshing properties. It can be used not only to refresh the skin of the face. The product will perfectly cope with toning neck and décolleté.

Nutritional components that make up a cosmetic product allow you to:

  • achieve deep multi-level moisturizing,
  • level the surface of the skin,
  • tighten the skin and increase its elasticity,
  • get rid of dryness and tightness.

Tonic is able to store moisture inside the skin cells, thereby ensuring optimal water balance even in adverse conditions - hot summer and freezing winter. Customers appreciate the means for super-moisturizing, great oceanic smell, lack of stickiness and maximum comfort after application.

Vichy Purete Thermale Perfecting Toner

To this tonic, the famous brand Vichy has appropriated the name “advanced”. Thus, the manufacturer is trying to focus on the ability of the tool to improve the condition of the skin and radically transform it. The product is made in the best traditions of Vichy. It does not contain parabens and alcohol, does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for very sensitive skin.

Particular attention should be paid to such components of the composition:

  • thermal water - provides effective hydration and saturation with minerals,
  • Vitamin E - prevents aging and smoothes wrinkles,
  • B vitamins - support the intensity of metabolic processes, stimulate cell renewal and repair,
  • amino acids - form the cortex of the skin of the face, increase elasticity and elasticity.

Tonic leaves behind a comfortable feeling of velvety, moisture, smoothness and dullness. It relieves oily shine and helps create a beautiful makeup. It can be used in the morning and evening, as well as maintain the freshness of the face during the day.

Gli Elementi Geothermal Equilibrating Tonic

Geothermal balancing tonic - under this name the Italian brand Gli Elementi decided to release this product. It can be the perfect end to a busy day when you want to feel indescribable freshness and purity.

The composition of the tonic is saturated with healthy fruit components, including:

  • apple extract - vitamin component of care,
  • peach extract - smoothes the skin, nourishes and moisturizes it,
  • Kiwi juice - gives moisture and starts the regenerative processes in the cells,
  • rosehip extract - eliminates increased greasiness and shine.

The wheat germ extract, which also found a place in this unique product, is designed to keep the skin young and prevent it from fading. Lack of alcohol makes the tonic hypoallergenic. It does not cause redness and irritation, suitable for everyday care.

Dr. Sante cucumber balance control

Inexpensive tonic from the Ukrainian brand Dr. Sante breaks sales records and increases the number of its fans every day. The tool has antibacterial properties, so it is recommended primarily for oily skin prone to inflammation and rash. Owners of normal skin type can also look at this tonic. It will help control the production of sebaceous secrets and make the face more matte.

The basis of the formula of cosmetics in this series was cucumber extract, which allows to maintain the hydrobalance of the epidermis. Mint extract is an excellent component for imparting tone and vitality. It works well with a pair of cucumber, filling the skin with a feeling of absolute purity. Special attention is given to the fragrance means. Unobtrusive, fresh and transparent, it enhances the comfortable feeling of using cosmetics and gives peace.

Home Doctor “Chamomile and Thyme”

Despite the low price, this face tonic receives good reviews from cosmetologists and ordinary buyers. It copes well with the leading problems of particularly sensitive skin - dryness, irritation, redness and inflammation.

With the help of a tonic, you can effectively remove the remnants of cosmetics, cleanse the skin from impurities and at the same time saturate it with useful substances. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of the tonic is obliged to the extract of the medicinal chamomile. This is a natural compound that effectively fights inflammation, irritation, soothes and heals the skin. The tool is capable of leveling even the effects of stressful situations, due to which the epidermis loses its attractive appearance. Velvety, toned, supple and matte skin - this is the result of the use of vegetable tonic.

Ziaja Manuka Tree Purifying Astringent Face Toner

Buyers are familiar with the products of the Polish manufacturer not so long ago, but many tools have already become popular. For example, a cleansing tonic with the mysterious name “Manuka Leaves” appealed to everyone who is forced to struggle with occasional rashes on the face. Many are captivated by the idea of ​​a spray bottle that is equipped with. Now there is no need to apply the composition on a cotton swab, but you can immediately handle problem areas.

What is the effect of the notorious manuka leaves? The unique New Zealand tree is rich in tannins, flavonoids and triterpenic acid derivatives. These compounds provide excellent astringent and antibacterial effects - the plant is able to destroy even Staphylococcus aureus. In general, the tonic acts very gently, cleans gently, providing a slight exfoliating effect. It can be used as a final tool during evening hygiene procedures or used as a basis for make-up.

L’Oreal Paris Trio Active Cleansing Toner

L’Oreal continues to delight its admirers with high-quality budget skin care products. Tonic for normal and mixed skin does not create a wow effect, but copes well with the main tasks - deep moisturizing and toning.

The structure includes:

  • oligoproteins - increase the protective capabilities of the skin, level the relief,
  • alcohol - is a powerful disinfectant, struggling with rash,
  • moisturizing ingredients - eliminate the feeling of tightness and dryness, maintain the elasticity of the dermis.

Tonic not only cleans the skin from the accumulated pollution of the day, but also neutralizes toxins, removing them from the deep structures of the epidermis. After using the product, the face breathes with health and freshness, the skin becomes soft and velvety.

Garnier Skin Naturals “Basic Care”

If you have normal or mixed skin that needs regular hydration and toning, then this tonic is the best. Grape extract gives antioxidant properties. It eliminates the skin from free radicals, toxins and dangerous products of metabolism. Provitamin B5 - the basis of healthy skin and hair. It normalizes metabolic processes, increases the barrier properties of the epidermis and starts the processes of rejuvenation.

Benefits of all Garnier products:

  • the use of natural ingredients that preserve the pristine quality and purity thanks to the extraction method,
  • constant dermatological control of products to achieve a hypoallergenic effect,
  • proven effectiveness of cosmetics

Tonic helps to effectively cleanse the skin from makeup. The active ingredients remove dead skin cells, improve the processes of respiration and metabolism, and also prepare the face for applying a nourishing cream.

Bielita MEZO complex

We have included in the TOP another Belarusian tool that certainly deserves your attention. In mesotonics for the face, the latest MEZOcomplex mature skin no-injection biorevitalization technology is implemented. Therefore, the tool can be safely recommended to three age groups of customers - 30, 40 and 50 years.

The content of the active substances of the tonic is balanced in such a way as to effectively cope with the problems of mature skin:

  • dehydration,
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • loss of plasticity and elasticity,
  • age wilt.

MEZOcomplex creates the same effect that is typical for mesotherapy - “beauty shots”. It tones the skin, deeply moisturizes and smoothes. The reduction of fine wrinkles is observed by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for the long-term preservation of skin elasticity and youth.

Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner

This tool came to us from the mysterious East - leading South Korean specialists worked on the creation of tonic. All products of the Benton brand are distinguished by a rich natural composition and high efficiency.

The tonic contains:

  • Rooibos Tea Leaf Extract,
  • snail mucin extract,
  • water extract from the leaves of the Barbados aloe,
  • hyaluronic acid
  • active substances derived from guava and purslane,
  • extracts of pink Althea, fruits of Japanese pepper and Korean lumbago.

Promising composition will help make daily care more effective. Tonic for dry skin shows anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing properties. It exfoliates the skin well, contributing to the rapid renewal of the upper layers and stimulating the regenerative processes. Due to its thick texture, the product can be called a toner. Это инновационное решение позволяет компонентам формулы более глубоко проникать в толщу кожи и воздействовать изнутри.

Тоник для лица какой фирмы купить

Для многих покупательниц имя данного французского бренда – это синоним качества и положительного эффекта, оказываемого на кожу лица. Специалисты из Франции тщательно отслеживают качество производимой продукции для того, чтобы она подошла как женщинам с нормальной, так и с слишком чувствительной кожей.

Белита Витэкс

Yes, manufacturers from the post-Soviet space also receive considerable recognition from customers. The Belarusian company has proven itself with its inexpensive, but high-quality products, passing many stages of testing and verification.

German manufacturer, which has earned deserved popularity among customers. The company's products are especially valued by women for their gentle care, natural supplements, and the ability to use for various skin types.

Green mama

In the name of the company one can hear the naturalness of the ingredients that are part of its products. For this, as well as for the quality and for the large volume of packaging for cosmetics of this manufacturer, customers value it.

1st place: “Basic care” from Garnier

The volume of this tool is quite standard - 200 milliliters. The price for one bottle of such a volume is quite acceptable - in stores you will not find options more expensive than 150 rubles. The manufacturer claims that this tool relieves the skin from the effects of toxins, cleans it well, reduces irritation and disgusting itching, and also soothes at the end of the working day.

This tool is designed for several skin types: normal, dry and sensitive. It should be noted that Garnier managed to create a good product with a unique formula that does not cause allergies and harmful effects on the skin. The composition of the tonic successfully included natural ingredients.


  • Cheapness
  • Proven Quality
  • Versatility of use.


  • The tool does well only with short-term tasks of maintaining the overall skin tone, but in no way fights age-related problems.

It should be noted that this tool has more good than bad reviews. Even in critical sentences there is a place for positive things.

3rd place: Aqua Effect tonic from Nivea

This manufacturer pours tonics into standard bottles of 200 milliliters. The cost of one reaches 180 p. The company's products not only bring the skin “to life”, but also relieves it of dryness, and also cleanses of harmful elements. German is practical. Tonic has an innovative formula that intensively supplies the skin with moisture


  • Gentle skin throughout the application
  • The total absence of alcohol - a very annoying component
  • Pleasant and enveloping texture.


  • This tool is not suitable for different types of skin, the so-called effect of “duration of action” is absolutely absent.

Customers are generally satisfied with this tool: many prefer tonic for a long time. However, some ask themselves quite understandable question: "Why is there so much chemistry in its composition?"

4th place: tonic with matting effect from Natura Siberica

The bottle is standard: its volume is classic 200 milliliters. The price is very reasonable - 140 rubles for one tonic.
The manufacturer guarantees that his product not only mattes, but also relieves the skin of various types from all kinds of harmful substances. Of course, today not a single cosmetic product can be called completely natural. However, Natura Siberica is trying to get as close as possible to the ideal of naturalness. So, as part of the tonic no aggressive salts, harmful fragrances and parabens.


  • The smell of herbs fascinated many customers
  • Very soft and pleasant to the touch texture of the substance
  • Excellent and prompt solution to oily skin problems.


  • The effect does not last long: in order for it to last a whole day, you must apply the tool at least 3 times.

The customers note that this remedy perfectly fights various skin problems: removes points, tightens pores, and also gives a matte effect. However, some rightly note that before applying it is necessary to arrange a little testing, because the herbs contained in the tonic can cause an allergic effect.

What face tonic to choose

As mentioned at the beginning of the review, you need to find a kind of middle ground between price and quality. We thought that the ideal tonic could be considered a product from Garnier “Basic care”. It has a pleasant price, good effect, and also contains a lot of natural substances. Tonic is really universal, which allows women to use it with skin of various types. It cannot be said that our choice is subjective: it is confirmed by a whole mass of positive feedback from numerous customers.