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How to fry sunflower seeds in a pan


Despite the fact that the birthplace of sunflower is America, the first began to eat its seeds in our country. The Indians used only the oil squeezed out of it solely to anoint their own bodies, and from the pollen they made paint for tattoos. Europeans also grew these beautiful flowers, starting from the XVI century, exclusively for decorative purposes. And only after the sunflower was introduced to Russia, our people realized how to fry sunflower seeds in a frying pan. And I realized that the seeds of this “sunny flower” are not only edible, but also very tasty both in roast and in fresh form. And the oil from the roasted seeds turned out to be simply irreplaceable. Especially now, when our squeeze of linseed and hemp oils has come to naught.

It is safe to say that for the inhabitants of our country, sunflower seeds, simply called "seeds" or "seeds", are a national delicacy, replacing the Russians with popcorn. Pumpkin seeds are also tasty, but they are far from sunflower in popularity. “Grannies” are still found on the streets of the cities, offering to purchase a glass of seeds from them at a reasonable price. But if earlier they were monopolists in this sphere, then today they are being squeezed out of the market, grains packed in sachets, sold in any stall or in a store. But true gourmets, who know very well how to fry sunflower seeds in a pan, prefer to use only their own cooked product. Try it and do it yourself.

How to fry seeds in a pan

Of course, you can fry them in the oven, and even in the microwave. But in spite of the fact that the latter method is the simplest, it nevertheless did not take root especially among connoisseurs and connoisseurs of seeds. But the cast iron skillet with a wide flat bottom is for them a cult kitchen equipment. Some housewives even allocate for the seeds of a separate vessel, which is strictly prohibited to use for other purposes.

Before frying seeds in a frying pan, they need to be washed, because it is unknown where and how they were stored as long as they came to you. Of course, if you grow sunflower yourself, you can skip this step of the instruction. The pan itself must be heated very high on a large fire. Dried sunflower seeds are poured on it with a layer of about one and a half centimeters. The pledge of their successful preparation is constant stirring. It is desirable to do this only with a wooden spatula. It is impossible to move away from the stove in any case! Since it is difficult to say how much to fry the seeds in the pan will have this time. It all depends on the thickness of their skin and size.

As soon as the seeds began to crackle, remove them from the heat. But do not extinguish the burner, but simply set them aside, without ceasing to stir. Then return to the fire before the next crackle. You will need to do this at least three times, from time to time taking a sample.

How much to fry seeds until ready? It all depends on what you like. Some prefer to fry them until the grains become brownish in color, but most are ready to be satisfied with a creamy tinge. These seeds have great taste and great aroma. Usually the whole process takes 10-12 minutes.

To improve the taste, you can slightly salt the sunflower seeds, and pour a little sunflower oil on the bottom of the dish. The choice of how to fry the seeds in the pan, for you. Try different options to see which ones you like best.

How to choose seeds on the market

Before you make a purchase, you need to pay attention to the conditions in which the seeds are stored.

Those that lie under the open sky (even under a canopy) are most often rotten due to excessive moisture and rancid due to the abundance of light and sun.

Sunflower seeds contain a large amount of oil, which decomposes in the light, thus making them unsuitable for consumption. Therefore, seeds should be stored in bags in a dry dark place.

If the sale of seeds is carried out indoors and with the method of storage everything is in order, proceed to a visual inspection.

Seeds must be clean. The abundance of husk suggests that these seeds are the remnants of a large batch, since all the garbage in the bag gradually settles to the bottom.

Their size must match the grade. They must be plump thanks to well-ripe nucleoli.

You need to take a few seeds in your hand and touch them. High-quality seeds will be dense, they will not show voids. You should not buy too small seeds, which may be unripe, and very long, as they are also often empty.

Need to try a few seeds to taste. Of course, raw sunflower seeds cannot be compared with fried ones, but if there is a bitterness, an unpleasant aftertaste, then they should be abandoned.

Preparation of seeds for roasting

Prepare a number of seeds so that they cover the bottom of the pan with a layer of no more than 1-1.5 cm. Then they will be easy to mix and they will be roasted evenly.

Before you put the seeds in the pan, they must be washed. By the way, many hostesses consciously skip this process, or do not even guess about it. But if you imagine the conditions in which the seeds were until the moment of their purchase, it becomes clear: the seeds are very dirty!

Therefore, they must be poured into a colander and put under a stream of warm water. Turning the seeds with your hands, you need to thoroughly wash them.

You should not wash them in a bowl, since dirt and dust dissolve in water and settle on the surface of the seeds.

Then you should put the seeds on a cloth or paper towel and dry a little.

While the seeds are dry, you need to cook a frying pan. This may be a cast iron or other metal pan, but with thick walls, as in other pans the seeds will burn and high-quality roasting may not be possible.

How to fry sunflower seeds

  • Put the seeds on a hot frying pan. While stirring, fry over medium heat for 2-3 minutes. While the seeds are wet inside, they will not burn.
  • When the hissing, due to the presence of moisture in the seeds, stops, reduce heat by half. From now on, they will begin to fry.
  • As soon as you hear a slight crackle, reduce the heat again. Try one or two seeds to taste, determining the degree of roasting. The shell should be easy to snap out. The nucleoli themselves will become slightly yellowish in color. The main thing - do not overdo the seeds.
  • Pour the finished seeds onto a tray covered with a towel, cover them with the edges of the same towel, leave for 10-20 minutes. During this time, the seeds finally dry out and reach a condition. You can not leave the seeds in the same pan, in which you fry them, because in a hot pot, they will continue to roast and can burn.

Mistress note

Determine the amount of salt to your liking.

In accordance with many recipes in sunflower seeds add sunflower oil. You do not need to pour it in large quantities, otherwise the seeds will be fat. It is enough just to sprinkle them with oil at the very end of frying. If you pour the oil at the beginning of frying, it will begin to burn and the seeds will get an unpleasant taste.

Seeds are roasted first over medium heat, then gradually reduce heat. Finish frying on low heat.

Sunflower seeds: the benefits and harm

Of course, I'll start with the good. This amazing food product has valuable features:

  • accelerates the healing process of wounds,
  • strengthens the immune system
  • slows the aging process
  • has a positive effect on men's health,
  • strengthens hair and nails.

Here are some useful properties! But I will note, friends, that this is far from everything. There is one more thing about which I simply cannot keep silent.

It is proved that the process of husking (or clicking) is a kind of meditation. Psychotherapists believe that at this moment a person falls into a trance.

However, it is difficult to disagree with this fact. Sometimes, so fond of luzzanie that I forget about everything. Even the fact that the kitchen is waiting for a mountain of dirty dishes ... Painfully effective anti-stress 🙂

In general, sunflower seeds are a unique product. Their biological value is higher than, say, the value of meat or eggs. And this product is absorbed much easier.

Vitamin D contains more of these wonder seeds in more than cod liver oil. In addition, this product has potassium, magnesium, zinc, silicon and other elements. It is also rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and D. To fill the body's daily need for vitamin E, it is enough to eat 50 g of sunflower seeds.

The calorie content of the product is very high: 100 g of roasted seeds contain up to 700 calories.

However, everything is not limited to benefit. There is a flip side to the coin. I note that the harm is most likely caused not by the seeds themselves, but by their excessive consumption. The list of contraindications is small:

  • This product has a bad effect on the vocal cords. If you are an announcer or singer, try to “communicate” with him less often.
  • Sunflower seeds are high in calories. It is believed that eating a glass of roasted seeds is the same as eating a large portion of a fat kebab. If you really, really want, you can pamper yourself. But overweight people are better not to get involved in this business.
  • Due to the splitting of the seeds by the teeth, tooth enamel is destroyed.

Selection of seeds for frying

Before buying, be sure to check the quality. Choosing sunflower seeds, look at their purity. Are there any additional inclusions - fragments of sticks, dried flowers, whether the seeds are not eaten by pests. Ask the seller to show you the package with the contents. Use your fingers to feel the seeds, how thick the shell is. Sometimes you look from the counter - good, big-bellied seeds. And you feel - emptiness.

Look at the purity of the seeds and their calibration. They should be about the same size. And yet, I noticed that it is better to buy sturdy, "pot-bellied" seeds. I try not to take too large seeds or very small ones.

Before frying the seeds, I rinse them with running water. Like any product before a meal, it is better to rinse and clean from dust and dirt. To do this, sprinkle them in a colander and place briefly under running water. Immediately explain why it is better to rinse under running water, and not in a bowl. In the tank they will get more water, so they will have to dry longer. Yes, and in a bowl to completely get rid of the dust will not work (on the seed may remain particles of dirt). You do not want, husked seeds, to absorb more and the elements of the periodic table that are present in the dust? 🙂 I think not.

For frying the seeds, I use a thick-bottomed frying pan. Fortunately, I got a sovdepovskaya cast iron pan from my grandmother. So, fry sunflower seeds only in it.

If you fry on Teflon, reduce the heat and stir more often. Thin walled pans heat up faster. It is best to remove them from the heat before the seeds redden. Put them on a plate, and they will reach the condition.

Traditional way of frying

I pour out wet seeds in a frying pan and cover it with a lid. Just want to clarify that I fry in several visits. I don’t sprinkle a lot of seeds: they are roasted evenly. So, put the dishes on medium heat for 1-2 minutes (during this time the moisture evaporates). Then I remove the lid from the pan and slow down the fire (making it slightly less than average).

My whole process of frying unshelled seeds takes 10 to 15 minutes. If I fry peeled kernels, the time is reduced to 5 minutes. To be honest, the question of how much to fry seeds in a pan, I did not bother. Focusing on the appearance of the product and its taste.

Let me tell you a secret: the secret of success is constant stirring. It is more convenient for me to make a wooden spoon. If you do not have one, you can use a spatula or a simple spoon. When the seeds start popping, I take a sample. If they are ready, remove the griddle from the stove. And the seeds evenly sprinkle on a plate and cover with a cotton towel on top. After 10 minutes you can eat them.

How to fry in a frying pan with salt

It will take: 0.5 kg of seeds, 3 tbsp. salt, 0.5 tbsp. vegetable oil, water.

Washed seeds shifted to the pan. I fill them with water (they must be completely covered) and fall asleep 2 tbsp. salt. I put the dishes on a strong fire and cook the product for 60-70 seconds. During this time, the salt should be completely dissolved and absorbed by the nucleoli. Then I throw them in a colander and drain the waste water. Then again I pour everything into the pan. Add the remaining salt and put the dishes on medium heat. Next, it is important to constantly stir, otherwise everything will burn.

When the product dries, I slow down the fire a little more and continue to fry. A couple of minutes before readiness add oil. Then remove the pan from the stove, pour the seeds on a flat plate and let them cool.

Seeds, fried in this recipe with salt and butter, turn out just awesome!

Sunflower seeds with soy sauce

Who has got soy sauce in the fridge? This recipe is for you. Take 150 grams of shelled seeds and 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of soy sauce. Look at the composition of the sauce. It should be soybeans, not wheat.

Oil in this recipe is not needed. Pour the peeled seeds into a dry frying pan and start frying. Heat at a moderate or strong level, constantly stirring the contents. As soon as they begin to turn brown, remove the pan from the heat. Add the soy sauce, mix and return the pan to the stove. Stir constantly with a spatula until the sauce evaporates from the surface. Pour the seed on a plate and let cool.

How to fry pumpkin seeds in a pan

Pumpkin seeds are very useful, so sometimes I fry them too. The cooking technology does not differ much from frying sunflower seeds. I use the same cast iron skillet. Before frying, wash the product.

I cook them on medium heat and stir constantly. But the cooking time depends on the size of the seeds. Small fry up to 10 minutes, large - about 20 minutes.

Option frying in the microwave

This method is new to me and therefore decided to share with you 🙂 This option will take you only 4 minutes. Take 100 grams of peeled seeds and place in a small cup. Put the cup in the microwave and turn on the timer for 1 minute. After the first minute, remove the cup and stir the dish. Continue to cook the dish at 1-minute intervals, taking and mixing it. This may take approximately 3-4 minutes. You will see for yourself how the sunflower seeds are browned.

But the video from which I learned about this simple recipe 🙂

I liked this option so much that I began to try different options and decided to paint it in a separate article - be sure to read

And how do you fry the seeds? Share your recipes in the comments. And subscribe to blog updates to be the first to learn about the most delicious and healthy. Enjoy your husk and meditation 😉

Sunflower seed benefits

  1. When used properly cooked seeds significantly increases immunity. The composition has a positive effect on the potency of men, the aging process slows down. Abrasions quickly heal, hair and nails become healthy.
  2. Seeds are famous for their high content of vitamin D. Even cod liver does not have such an abundance of microelements. Another sunflower product contains magnesium, potassium, silicon, zinc and other mineral components.
  3. Also in the seeds are fat-soluble vitamins of group E, A. To saturate the body with useful substances, you need to use 60 grams. sunflower raw materials. Do not forget that high-calorie sunflower seeds: 100 gr. The finished product accounts for about 700 Kcal.

The harm of sunflower seeds

  • Sunflower seeds do not bear much harm to the body. The negative side is manifested when excessive use of the product. Eating a large number of snacks, the product begins to adversely affect the vocal cords. This minus is more aimed at people involved in vocal or teaching.
  • It is not recommended to eat fried sunflower seeds in large quantities to people who are overweight. 300 gr. Eaten snacks are equal to a serving of a fat kebab.
  • Do not completely abandon the seeds, only limit the amount of product consumed. You should also pay attention to the fact that if you husk the seeds with your teeth, such manipulations lead to cracking and destruction of the enamel.
  • How to choose seeds

    1. Prefer the choice of raw materials in food markets. First of all, pay attention to the appearance.
    2. Take a closer look at how clean the product is. Assess whether the composition contains insect-damaged specimens, whether there are no dry sticks, sprouts and dirt (dust).
    3. Be sure to miss the composition between your fingers. Touch the shell, it should be dense, and the seeds - voluminous. Do not mess with the product, if in a small batch found empty copies.
    4. Do not strive to choose the largest seeds, the quality product in the general bag should be approximately the same size.

    How to prepare the seeds for roasting

    1. Before the direct frying of the product you need to carry out preparatory activities. Всыпьте небольшое количество семечек в дуршлаг, тщательно промойте проточной водой.
    2. Запрещается проводить подобную манипуляцию в чаше, так вы не сможете полностью избавиться от грязи и пыли. Затем разложите семечки тонким слоем хлопчатобумажную ткань. Дайте возможность продукту подсохнуть.
    3. Prepare a thick-bottomed frying pan, pour into it the necessary amount of sunflower raw material so that the layer of sunflower seeds is about 1.5 cm. Such a move will allow you to easily mix snacks, they will roast evenly.

    The classic way to fry sunflower seeds

    1. Pour the required amount of wet seeds into a thick-bottom heat-resistant container, cover with a lid. Spread the process into several steps. To achieve high quality and taste, prepare the product in small portions.
    2. Send the pan not medium heat, wait a couple of minutes. The manipulation will help the excess moisture out. Next, remove the cover to the side, slightly reduce the power plate. The total cooking time is about 12 minutes.
    3. To determine product availability, rely on appearance. Try a few copies, then decide whether to continue frying or not. When cooking seeds, do not forget to constantly stir them with a wooden spatula.
    4. You can also determine the readiness of sunflower raw materials for crackling. After frying, place the seeds on a flat dish, cover with a kitchen towel, wait 15 minutes, consume.

    Cooking Salted Seeds

    1. Place the washed sunflower product in a thick-bottomed frying pan. Pour the required amount of water so that it covers the raw material.
    2. Add 50 grams. rock salt, mix thoroughly the composition. Send the appliance to high heat. Wait 1.5 minutes.
    3. In the allotted time, the salt should dissolve and soak the seeds. Next, throw the mass into a colander, wait until the liquid has completely drained.
    4. After that, put the composition in the pan again, add 20 gr. salt. Turn on the burner to medium power. Do not stop stirring the seeds.
    5. As soon as the sunflower product has dried, slightly reduce power. Monitor the condition of the seeds, a few minutes before the end of the manipulation pour 20 ml. vegetable oil.
    6. As soon as the product is completely fried, remove the household appliance from the heat, pour the seeds into a plate. Wait for cooling, you can start drinking.

    Peeled seeds with soy sauce

    1. The main criterion is that the composition of soy sauce should not contain wheat. Peel about 170 grams. seeds, send to the pan. Start roasting the product on medium heat, do not forget to stir constantly.
    2. When the raw material acquires a brownish tint, remove the household appliance from the heat. Pour in 35 ml. soy sauce. Then send the pan back to the stove.
    3. Roast and stir until the liquid has completely evaporated. Place the seeds on a plate, let them cool.

    Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

    1. Rinse the pumpkin well, wipe dry with a towel. Cut the fruit in half. Gut loose pulp with seeds in a suitable container.
    2. Take the seeds in a separate bowl. Throw in a colander, rinse the raw material under warm running water. Remove excess fiber.
    3. Then spread the seeds on parchment paper, leave to dry for 3 days. If you need raw materials for other purposes, not only for frying, it is worthwhile to carry out the procedure carefully to avoid mold.
    4. If you want to get salted pumpkin seeds, first soak them in saline for 4-5 hours. Next, all the liquid is drained, the raw material is laid out evenly on the fabric and thoroughly dried. Fry snacks need in the usual way.
    5. Dried and washed seeds are sent to a hot frying pan. Pumpkin raw materials should be roasted in small portions. Take the required amount of the composition so that it covers the bottom of the thermal device with a thin layer.
    6. Expose the average power on the stove. Stir the composition. Watch the appearance of the product, as soon as the peel gets a bronze tint, slightly reduce the burner. Continue to roast the seeds for a while.
    7. When a crackling sound is heard, try the product, finish cooking if necessary. Pour the seeds into a flat container, cover with a cotton towel. Wait until the snack has completely cooled, proceed to tasting.

    Cooking method

    Wash the seeds under running water and transfer them to a deep frying pan. Fill with water so that it completely covers the seeds, and add 2 tablespoons of salt to the water.

    Bring to a boil over high heat and cook for 1 minute. The task is to dissolve the salt and soak the seeds. Drop them in a colander, put them back in the pan and add another spoonful of salt. From this point on, the seeds must be constantly mixed - otherwise some of them will burn. At the same time, a salt deposit will appear on the walls of the frying pan - this is as it should be.

    When the seeds begin to dry, we reduce the fire. If they have a thin skin, then it will begin to burst as it is frying.

    Seeds must be constantly tried. When they dry, add olive oil - it is completely absorbed. It is necessary to remove the pan from the fire one minute before readiness - this is a delicate moment and here we must adapt ourselves.

    Pour the seeds on a wide flat plate and let cool - this is a must! The seeds must, firstly, reach the readiness of their own heat, and secondly, harden - that is, their skin should become brittle and crunchy.

    If it turns out that the seeds are underdone, they can be poured into a dry frying pan again and kept on the fire for another two or three minutes, stirring constantly.

    As a result, you should have sunflower seeds with a salty golden kernel and shell that is easy to crush with your fingers.

    The classic recipe for frying seeds in a pan

    It is not a problem to fry sunflower seeds, if there is a simple recipe and a quality product on hand. For frying in a pan, it is better to use large (“pot-bellied”) seeds, although this is not necessary. You can use medium and even small grains, as you like, but the technology of their home processing is strictly the same for everyone.

    How to fry seeds in a skillet

    1. My grains in the husk in cool water to wash away from them the dust, debris, dirt, which often remain after transportation and processing.
    2. Heat up the pan, pour wet seeds into it, cover them with a lid. It is better to use a cast iron stove with a thick bottom.
    3. We evaporate the moisture from the seeds on a large fire under a closed lid for 1-2 minutes.
    1. After the liquid evaporates - open the lid, make the flame smaller and fry the seeds until ready, constantly stirring them.

    That's the whole secret of successful frying sunflower seeds. The taste they get amazing, it does not compare with the seeds, which are sold in the store in pre-packaged packages.

    Seed cooking in a frying pan with salt

    1. Seeds are washed in cold water, we put them in a colander to drain excess liquid.
    2. Heat the cast iron skillet over medium heat, pour wet seeds into it, spread them evenly (thinly) over the entire surface.
    3. Fry for 3-5 minutes, stirring constantly, so that excess moisture evaporates.
    4. After - pour vegetable oil into the pan, add salt, mix everything thoroughly. We fry grains on medium heat, stirring constantly with a spatula.
    1. After frying, cover the pan with a paper napkin, leave on the stove off for 10 minutes.

    On this cooking salty seeds over. According to a similar technology, you can fry the seeds in an oven, microwave or multi-cooker. But remember that salted, and even more so, fried in oil, seeds will be of little use. After frying, they form carcinogens that are harmful to human health.

    If you want to fry white (peeled) sunflower seeds, the recipe of cooking can be used the same as for frying the seeds in the husk. Pumpkin seeds are prepared using the same technology, however, as you know, they are more useful in their raw form.

    Here, perhaps, and all the secrets of how to fry sunflower seeds in a frying pan. If you click on sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds in the evening - your favorite activity, then you will find time for home frying, especially since it is not difficult and does not take much time.

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