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Berry Pudding


Time for preparing: 3 hours 35 minutes + time for aging

You will need 10–12 servings:

150 g butter (soften) + 1 tbsp. l for lubrication

350 g of light and dark seedless raisins

on 100 g dried apricots, prunes and dates without stones

1 lemon (zest and juice)

175 g of fine brown sugar

150 ml brandy and about 50–70 ml brandy to serve

1.5 Art. l liquid honey

1 tsp mixtures of different spices

Wash all dried fruits, finely chop, put in a ceramic bowl. Grate lemon peel, squeeze juice out of pulp. Add lemon juice, zest, brandy to the dried fruit, mix. Microwave, heat for 2–3 minutes so that the fruit is quickly soaked. Or leave them to soak for 20 minutes.

Spread the butter with sugar with a wooden spoon or mixer until smooth, add eggs, molasses or honey, mix thoroughly. Pour flour, spices, continuing to knead. Then add the prepared dried fruit, mix again.

Form for pudding grease 1 tbsp. l oils. Cover the bottom and sides of the mold with baking paper so that the paper protrudes 5 cm from the mold. Then wrap the outside of the mold with another sheet of paper, tying it with a thread. This will not allow pudding to burn.

Put the dough in the form, level. In the center of the dough, make a spoon hole to make the pudding better baked.

Put the form in an oven preheated to 150 ° C, bake for 3–3.5 hours. So that the top does not burn, in an hour cover the form with foil. Check the readiness with a wooden stick - if the dough does not stick to it, the pudding is ready. Allow it to cool in the form for 10 minutes, then remove it along with the paper and place it on the oven grate. Let it cool completely without removing the paper.

Let the cooled pudding free of paper, wrap in plastic wrap, then in foil. Store in the refrigerator for at least 2 weeks.

After a week, unfold the pudding, make a few punctures on top with a wooden skewer, pour 1-2 tablespoons. l brandy, brandy or other flavored strong alcohol. Wrap again and put in the fridge. Pudding can be soaked every week, enhancing its taste.

For a richer taste, pudding is stored in the cold for 1 to 2 months, periodically soaking with strong alcohol.


  • • semolina from "Mistral" 150 g.
  • • milk 200 ml. (+ 150 water)
  • • eggs 3 pieces (s-o)
  • • unrefined cane sugar 140 g
  • • vanilla sugar 10 g.
  • • crystalline brown sugar
  • • butter 30-40 g
  • • frozen forest berries 300 g
  • (raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, black currant)

Step-by-step recipe

Mix the milk with water, pour the semolina into the saucepan, pour in the milk with water. Slowly boil the porridge ("steep") on a slow heat, add the cane and vanilla sugar to the hot porridge, stir. Place the porridge saucepan in the bowl with cold water, stir until cool.

Divide the eggs into whites and yolks. Beat the whites, stir the yolks into the porridge, combine with the whites.

Lubricate the baking mold (26 * 11 * 6 = 1.5 liters), lay a lot of pudding and wild berries in layers, scatter the remaining pieces of butter on top, sprinkle with brown crystal sugar.

Place the pudding form into a larger form, pour in a large form of hot water.

Bake pudding at a temperature of 190-200 degrees,

If the top sugar caramel is strongly baked, cover with a sheet of foil.

Remove the finished pudding from the larger form, let it cool completely, without taking it out of the form.

Serve for breakfast or snack with berry sauce.

Cheesecake Pudding with Oranges Recipe

As the history of England says, in the old days pudding was cooked a few weeks before the Catholic Christmas, so he managed to brew and “ripen” in a new room, thereby gaining special flavors. Now such requirements, of course, are not met, and delicious curd pudding can be served on the table immediately after cooking, both in cold and hot form. So, we will need:

  • low-fat cottage cheese - 250 g,
  • sugar - 100 g,
  • orange - 1 pc.,
  • eggs - 3 pcs.

Add sugar to the eggs, mix all with a mixer for 5 minutes until air foam is formed. The orange must be peeled, then the juice of the fruit should be squeezed out, cut into small strips and mixed with cottage cheese.

In the mixture, add the pressed juice, mix and pour the egg mass, mix gently again. Next, prepare the baking mold: we fill it with parchment, pour the egg-cottage cheese mixture and send it to the oven, which must be preheated to a temperature of 180 °.

It is necessary to bake the dessert for 30 minutes, at this time it will rise a little and then drop slightly.

Rice pudding recipe

Rice pudding is a great dish that is easy and quick to prepare, has a delicate texture and a pleasant taste, leaving behind a pleasant feeling of satiety. The main secret of obtaining a delicate creamy texture of the pudding is the use of round grain rice.

  • milk - 600 ml,
  • rice - 65 g,
  • sugar - 50 g,
  • vanilla - 5 g,
  • raisins - 300 g,
  • Cinnamon - 5 g.

Pour milk and rice into a saucepan with a fat day, bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce the heat and boil the rice until it is completely cooked.

Do not forget to constantly stir it so that the rice does not stick to the bottom and does not burn, otherwise the dish will get an unpleasant specific taste.

When the rice becomes soft, remove it from the oven, add sugar, ground cinnamon and vanilla. Now send the pot back to the fire, boil until complete thickening for about 10 minutes. After the time expires, remove the pan, add raisins to it. Now we shift the almost ready pudding into a clean bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let it brew for 2 hours.

Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Chocolate pudding is a wonderful light dessert that kids definitely enjoy. To make it you will need:

  • dark chocolate - 120 g,
  • eggs - 4 pcs.,
  • cream - 250 ml,
  • flour - 150 g,
  • butter - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • vanilla - 5 g.

Melt the butter in a water bath, then combine it with flour, add cream. The resulting mass is transferred to the pan, put on the tile and wait until it boils. Then add chopped chocolate, sugar and vanilla, bring it to a boil over low heat again, stir constantly.

When the mass boils, it must be removed from the heat and cool. Separate the yolks from the proteins, whisk separately, then add to the common pan, mix gently.

The baking dish must be greased with vegetable oil, and then the prepared future pudding is put into it, sent to the oven, which must be preheated to a temperature of 180 °. Baked for half an hour, served cold.

By the way, instead of the oven it is very convenient to use the slow cooker, the cooking process remains the same, the prepared mass is poured into the container, closed with a lid and baked in the Baking mode for an hour. At this time, the lid cannot be opened, otherwise the pudding may settle.

French Pudding Recipe

  • sugar - 300 g,
  • milk - 350 ml,
  • eggs - 5 pcs.,
  • vanilla.

Separate 3 yolks, beat them with the remaining eggs, then add 100 g of sugar, whisk again, then add milk and vanilla, mix everything thoroughly.

We still have some sugar left - we make caramel from it - send it to a dry hot frying pan and melt it completely. To make sugar melt better, you can add a little water to it. Pudding molds are greased with butter, then we pour some of the caramel into them, not everything, leave the rest for later.

Pour dough into molds, close them with foil, put them into a deep baking sheet, pour water into it and send it to an oven heated to 180 °, you need to bake about 40-60 minutes. After the expiration of time, remove the baking sheet from the oven, take the molds out of the water and let it cool. When served, the pudding is poured on with caramel residues.


Melt the vegetable or ghee in the pan (I use the baked), put the onion, cut into thin half-rings and garlic, cut into plates. Fry until soft and light golden.

Add mushrooms (I have mushrooms cut into quarters, from freezing), fry until the evaporating liquid evaporates. Toward the end of salt and generously pepper.

Beat eggs with salt.

Add cottage cheese and sour cream.

Beat a little more, because the curd is granular, the mass is not homogeneous, but it should not be homogeneous.

Grease the form with butter, my form is 20 cm.
Put the mushrooms on the bottom.

Gently pour the whipped mass, trying not to move the mushrooms.

Sprinkle with grated cheese. If the cheese in your oven may fry too early, sprinkle with cheese in the middle of the roast, but I sprinkle it immediately.

Put in the oven preheated to 180 degrees, bake for 40-50 minutes, until the cheese starts golden.
Done! Serve immediately hot.

Fragrant cottage cheese pudding with mushrooms is very tasty, tender, unusual and healthy! Since it does not contain any flour, no semolina, no starch, no sugar, but it contains useful curd!