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How can I use the storage room in the apartment?


Today, many apartment owners do not like to force their living space with extra storage cabinets. Storeroom in the apartment is a unique room. Even if you have a small-sized odnushka at your disposal, it is better not to refuse additional space. There is always a place for storing ironing boards, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning devices, as well as for winter preparations. It is convenient to store sports equipment in the pantry (skates, skis, roller skates, etc.). You can place construction tools or work clothes in it.

Not every standard project provides for a utility room. Therefore, many today are interested in how to make a closet in the apartment with their own hands. In this review, we consider the main options for the arrangement of utility room.

What is a pantry?

Let's dwell on this in more detail. Architects of the past generation often provided an element such as a closet in their apartments. In Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnevka still occurs such a phenomenon as a closet. The entrance to it was usually located in a room or a corridor. Today, many apartment owners prefer to demolish partitions, combining the pantry space with the living area.

Today the fashion for closets is gradually returning. Even a small space, similar to a cabinet, will be able to significantly facilitate the storage of dimensional objects. Having a pantry at home, maintaining order and frequency will be much easier. I was lucky for those who have a room for a dressing room. However, if you do not have such a space, this is not a reason to be upset. It is quite possible to equip the pantry in the apartment independently.

As a rule, in an apartment building for a closet, a place is allocated near the kitchen, bedroom or hallway. In a private house to allocate space for such a room is much easier. Convenient to use for storage of products, household goods and other things space under the stairs. Here you can place a variety of items that could not find another place.

Another purpose of the pantry - a warehouse for unnecessary things. You can hide anything in it, starting from winter jackets and ending with a bicycle. Many people use this room to store canned food and other food.


Despite the fact that the pantry in the apartment is a small room behind a closed door, you should not overload it with unnecessary items. You can save the aesthetic appearance of the room, if you divide it into zones and arrange things. You should not try to fill every free corner. Try to organize the pantry space so that every thing has its place. In the pantry, as in the whole apartment, there is no place for trash and rubbish. Try to get rid of unnecessary things. Otherwise, the mess you can not avoid. If the thing is not needed, it is better to give it away or throw it away.

In a large country house to organize a place for a spacious pantry is much easier. The main thing - even at the construction stage to think about how to use the internal space. In the pantry, every centimeter is important.

How to store things?

To a small storage room in the apartment does not become a place for storing rubbish, you must follow a number of rules.

Here are some of them:

  1. To keep shoes better preserved, each pair should be kept in a separate box. They can be signed so that when the season changes, not to see everything in a row. Ideally, print photos of shoes and stick pictures on the end of the box. Installing corner shelves will save space.
  2. Often used items should be placed on the middle shelves. These can be sports bags, laundry baskets, construction tools. Special drawers for things should be placed at arm's length.
  3. Vacuum cleaner, suitcases and large appliances should be placed under the shelves in the lower part of the storeroom.
  4. If you need to store off-season clothes in the closet, you will need to place a barbell along one of the walls. This is best done at a height of 1.7-2 meters. Also provide a separate shelf for hats.
  5. The top shelves are best used for storing Christmas decorations and an artificial Christmas tree.

Partitions are the most practical and rational way of organizing space. The optimum depth is 40 cm. The width of the shelf may vary depending on the layout of the room. It is not necessary to use all the shelves of the same size. Also consider what will be the load on each section. If you install the shelves on special guides, they can be moved, swapped, thereby reducing and increasing the size of the sections.

Storeroom dimensions

So what does this need to know? What dimensions can have a pantry in the apartment? Photos of outbuildings in typical "stalinka" confirm that they can be very roomy. In addition, in such houses there are often two storerooms. True, often apartment owners prefer to dismantle partitions in order to expand living space.

Storeroom in the apartment in the panel house is usually much smaller. In the standard "Khrushchev" the area of ​​this room is only one square meter. It is usually used to store ironing boards, household appliances and cleaning products.

The dimensions of the storage room in the “brezhnevka” allow to equip it with a full-fledged dressing room. According to the project, such premises are most often located near the bedroom or in the corridor. In the latter case, you can use the space for storing outerwear.

In modern high-rise buildings, storage rooms on the floors are often provided. Such a separate utility room next to the apartment is very convenient. If necessary, you can bring a baby carriage or bicycle there without having dirty the floors of the house.


Let's dwell on this in more detail. Most often in the projects of apartment buildings the storage room is located in the hallway. There are also options with storerooms on the staircase. However, if you do not have a dedicated storage area at your disposal, you can organize it yourself. To do this, you will need to use any free corner of the apartment.

It will be easiest to equip your pantry in the following areas:

  1. Dead end in the corridor: in apartments with a long hallway, you can cut free space and allocate a couple of square meters for the storage room. Separate the room with the help of false walls with a doorway. In this case, you can rationally use even such a small space. Here you will easily store household items and various accessories.
  2. Part of the living room, if the floor space allows: you can separate it using a design similar to a closet compartment. The space inside can be used to store household appliances and personal items.
  3. A free niche in the kitchen: a great option for placing a pantry. Bulky kitchen appliances, rags, buckets, dishes, preservation, ironing boards, and so on can be stored in such a room. For sponges and cleaning products can be made special holders on the door.
  4. Shelves above the doorway: usually this technique is used in a panel house with no free space. The doors of such a small pantry can be made of the same material as the kitchen set. Additional storage space for blanks and dishes in this case will not be evident. It is not always convenient to use the space under the ceiling, but if there are no other options, then this method is quite acceptable. Even a small shelf will be able to free the kitchen from unnecessary items.
  5. Balcony: if you do not plan to use the space of the loggia as a study or recreation area, then the free space on it can be used to organize the storeroom. It is enough to put a small closet here, or install shelves and close them with doors.


This aspect is worth emphasizing. How to make a pantry in the apartment? Here we are talking more about the functional, rather than the aesthetic component. The purpose of the storage room also plays an important role. Before proceeding to design, you must decide what you will post here. You can use the free space as a place to store household appliances, dressing room or a small grocery warehouse. Depending on the task, it will be possible to decide on the necessary finishing.

When making a pantry, it is important to adhere to the principle of practicality. It is better to choose simple and durable materials, when working with which it will be easier to maintain cleanliness and order.

Consider the most popular finishes:

  1. Painted plaster: a simple and effective way. It will look good if the walls of the next room are also covered with decorative plaster.
  2. Wallpapers: the easiest and most economical option. It is better to give preference to washable materials. Then in case of contamination, it will be enough for you to wipe them with a damp cloth.
  3. Plastic panels: practical and convenient option. Such material is easy to clean.
  4. Drywall: a good, but not practical option. Scars, chips and scratches quickly appear on the surface.
  5. Floor covering: usually the same kind of flooring is chosen for finishing the floor in the pantry as in the next room. The most practical options are tile, laminate and linoleum.

Usually the storage room in the apartment in the panel house has small dimensions, so for the decoration it is better to use materials of light shades. This will visually expand the space. If you plan to use the pantry as a laundry, it is better to choose moisture-resistant materials. The door on the stylistic design should fit the entire interior of the apartment. On the inside, additional shelves and hooks can be placed on it. From the point of view of practicality, it is better to use folding or sliding structures.

Planning repair of the storeroom in the apartment, think over in advance all the nuances associated with lighting. Then it will be rather difficult to alter the lamps or swap lamps. And to search for the desired item in the twilight is extremely unpleasant. If there is no possibility to conduct wiring to the closet, you can use spotlights or LED strip on batteries for lighting. A built-in lights on the shelves and the ceiling will make the room more comfortable and cozy.


Many are interested in what should be the pantry in the apartment in the Khrushchev so that it can store fresh vegetables. Here, first of all, you should take care of ventilation. Even if there is only clothes and shoes in the room, he still needs airing. Competently thought-out ventilation system will allow to get rid of high humidity and unpleasant odors in the room. To prevent pests and insects from getting inside, the ventilation holes must be closed with a mosquito net.

Space saving

How to properly organize storage space, if you have a small storage room in the apartment? Photos of ready-made options will help you solve this problem. High racks can double the living space. It is best to use embedded designs. They do not take up much space and make the interior more comfortable and spacious.

How to make a pantry in the apartment with your own hands? You can install the shelves yourself, nothing complicated about it. To do this you will need the shelves and corners. Corner and U-shaped designs will help to place several times more things. In order to make the pantry roomy and functional, you can try to make a system based on a rotating corner unit.

Non-standard application

What is the storage room in the apartment for? In addition to the most common options, there are quite unusual solutions. Non-standard original ideas will help to use even such a small space as efficiently as possible.

If you work at home and you need a working area, then you can convert a pantry for this purpose. Behind the door is easy to place a table and chair, and on the walls - convenient shelves. On the door itself you can place several mounted structures. However, this method of arranging a pantry is suitable only for very tidy people who can afford to refuse additional storage space.

If the closet with your own hands in the apartment was made close to the bathroom, it can be used as a laundry. The main thing is to allocate here a place for a washing machine, shelves with household chemicals, a small dryer and baskets of clothes. This accommodation option will significantly save space in the bathroom or in the kitchen. To make the room more functional, you can place a folding ironing board on the closet door.

How else can a storage room be used in an apartment? We have considered not all options for non-standard use of this room. In the small utility room, if desired, you can arrange a library or workshop. It all depends on your preferences.

What can make a closet with your own hands in the apartment? Photos of ready-made solutions will allow you to choose an interesting and functional version. You only need to decide for what purposes you are going to use the room, and what things you will keep in it. If the pantry is intended for a study or workshop, then in the far corner it will be rational to place a tabletop. Small shelves and drawers can be installed on the sides of the walls. The design of the pantry in this case should coincide in style with the interior of the next room.

If you are going to use the storage room exclusively for storing food, then you will need a large number of convenient containers. It is better to give preference to transparent products. The lids should be tightly closed so that insect pests cannot get to the food. Vented drawers are best for storing fruits and vegetables. They prevent the accumulation of moisture, which can lead to rotting products. At the bottom of the box you can lay a plywood or cardboard. Household chemicals next to the products should not be stored.

For the organization of pantry space in an apartment in a panel house, you can use designs with drawers. So it will be more convenient for you to look for the right products.

Ordering storage system in the kitchen can and using special swivel structures and shelves on the doors. Drawers can be provided for storing small items. It is convenient and practical. To facilitate access to the upper shelves, install a mobile ladder. With it, you can easily get any things. To store a mop or broom it is convenient to use special fastenings on the door. The pantry of a semicircular form will look unusual and spectacular.


In this review, we discussed in detail what could be the pantry in the apartment. Photos of ready-made solutions and recommendations on the organization of the space are also available in the article. With the right approach, you can maximize the use of even a very small room. Do not be afraid to experiment with the design of your apartment! Create all conditions for a comfortable stay!

How to equip a pantry?

If the apartment is planned to be repaired, the pantry can be converted. Although this room is small, yet it is quite possible to turn it into a full-fledged and very useful room, which will fit into the design of housing and will allow a little unload the interior.

So how can you use the pantry? We propose to consider several interesting options:

  • Storage area In this case, the pantry will be used almost for its intended purpose, but its space should be organized rationally, to store things was convenient, and everything you need was always at hand. Compact racks or shelves will help to realize the idea, you can also equip a closed cabinet, arrange holders or hooks on the wall or even doors. It is better to refuse bulky pedestals, dressers and other similar pieces of furniture, as they will occupy almost all the space and make the room very cramped and uncomfortable. And if you arrange the pantry wisely, then you can store anything in it: household and hygiene products and items, kitchen utensils or foodstuffs, towels and bed linen, children's toys or seasonal accessories and much more.
  • Expansion of the room by adding a storeroom. If it is located next to some room and has a wall in common with it, then it is possible to significantly increase the area by demolishing the partition (if, of course, it is not a carrier).
  • Niche. Убрав двери и часть стены, можно оборудовать углубление, которое может использоваться в самых разных целях. Так, его можно превратить в небольшую телефонную или телевизионную зону. Также вы можете в этой нише расположить встраиваемый шкаф-купе или же стеллаж.
  • Гардеробная. Такую идею наверняка по достоинству оценит женская половина населения квартиры. In the pantry, you can place a roomy and comfortable, but compact wardrobe, best built in, which will fully occupy one of the walls. Here you can store clothes, and shoes can be placed on the shelves. And do not forget about the big mirror in order to be able to try on things comfortably and to assess yourself in full growth and from all sides. And for hanging clothes on the hangers can be equipped with a rod.
  • Pantry can be converted into a laundry room. If the bathroom in your apartment is so small that the washing machine does not fit in it, and there is no other place, then such a device can be put here. Moreover, this solution will provide several advantages. Firstly, the machine will remain invisible, secondly, it will not occupy the usable floor space, thirdly, the quality door will prevent the spread of noise that occurs during washing.
  • A small home library. If you like to read in your family, then you can store books in the pantry, placing them on shelves or racks. And if the dimensions of the room allow, arrange a convenient reading place in it by placing a chair and placing a lighting device next to it.
  • If you are forced to take work at home and do not have a personal working area, then organize a mini-office in the storeroom. Place here a compact table with shelves and compartments for documents and computer equipment, a mobile chair on wheels, and a rack or several shelves if necessary. Also take care of high-grade lighting.
  • Workshop. And its orientation can be absolutely any, so if you want you can equip a sewing area, carpentry, repair.
  • Place for a hobby. If you have a favorite business, but there is no place for the realization of your creative ideas, then organize a small but cozy corner in the closet. Equip a work surface, the role of which can play a table top or a compact table. Put a chair or chair, as well as think over the lighting in order not to spoil your eyesight during your favorite activity.
  • Small children's area. In it, a child can play games that do not require a large amount of free space, read, assemble puzzles, draw or sculpt.
  • With a large number of tenants in an apartment or house, the question of recreation is acute. Silence and solitude have only to dream, and the pantry can become an isolated, quiet and cozy corner of relaxation. You can organize it using a large chair or a compact sofa, complete with a coffee table. And for a pleasant stay, you can add an aquarium, electric fire or a miniature decorative pond.
  • If you have a pet, then the pantry room may belong to him. This will solve the issue of searching and reconquering the territory, as well as toys scattered throughout the house.

How to make the right decision?

How to determine among the variety of options available? To make the right decision, consider several factors. The first is the pantry area. If it is small, then a full-fledged dressing room does not exactly fit here, but the washing machine fits perfectly into the space, because it does not take up much space. If the room is spacious, then you can do your favorite things in it or do the work you take at home.

The second factor is needs. Find out what is missing in the apartment, which zone is the most necessary. So, if you have nowhere to store things, then it is obvious that the most correct solution will be the equipment of the wardrobe. And if you need a place in which you could work quietly, then make a choice in favor of the cabinet.

The third factor is your ability, both physical and financial. Assess your strengths and determine if you can make global changes with your own hands, as well as how much money you will spend on them. If the budget is limited, you will have to save. And if you have extra funds, then you can not only carry out a smart overhaul, but also entrust this process to experienced specialists.

And finally, the fourth factor - the location of the pantry. For example, if it is bordered by a bedroom, then the laundry equipment in it will not be entirely correct and will cause inconvenience. But the dressing room in such a room will come in handy.

If you still do not know how to use the storeroom, now you can definitely make the right decision and organize the space rationally and comfortably.

Where in the apartment to place the pantry

Sometimes the pantry is already provided in the layout - most often it is made in the hallway. But if you do not have this functional space in your room, then it is worth allocating an unused angle to it. You can place a pantry in such places:

    Niche free - no redevelopment, just add shelves to the niches and hang the door.

Dead end of the corridor - it often happens if the corridor is long and elongated. The impasse is fenced off with drywall and is closed by a door. It turns out the space area of ​​a couple of square meters, which can be used as a pantry.

Over the door - The option is good only if others do not. After all, using such a space under the ceiling is not very convenient. Most often, such a pantry is taken out to the kitchen and fitted for storage of household preparations.

In the closet - if in one of your rooms there is a wardrobe, then part of it and all of it can be completely put under the closet.

In one of the free rooms - it is clear that for this you will have to donate a few square meters of space.

How to repair the pantry

Before you begin repairs in the pantry, you need to decide what you will be storing there. After all, there may be located a dressing room, a place for storage of household chemicals or food stocks, a cabinet for tools and even a cabinet. Without a plan to start repairs should not be. In addition, thanks to the plan, you can provide the necessary engineering networks - electricity and ventilation.

Council Storeroom decoration should be budget, durable, and also correspond to the design of the adjacent rooms.

Ideal finishing materials for the pantry:

  • painted plaster
  • wallpaper,
  • laminate and linoleum for the floor,
  • plastic panels.

And do not forget about the doors - it is not necessary to focus attention on the pantry, so that the door leaf is chosen in the same way as the interior designs that are already installed in your apartment. Sometimes the doors of the pantry make mirror - if they are located in the hallway. As for ergonomics, from this point of view it is better to provide for sliding structures that do not take up space when opening.

How to divide the pantry into sections

The internal filling of the pantry must be functional. Large areas are not here, which means that every square centimeter should be used with benefit. If we talk about the universal pantry, then it will be located:

  • shelves for seasonal shoes at the bottom - better not straight, but half a corner,
  • section under the vacuum cleaner at the bottom,
  • On the middle shelves are placed those items that you will use most often: tools, things, laundry baskets, drawers. Important! As a rule, the shelves are arranged with a depth of no more than 40 cm,
  • a segment for storing a wardrobe with a barbell, so that it would be convenient to hang outerwear,
  • upper shelves for items that are used very rarely - small children's things from which you grew up, old children's toys, boxes with Christmas-tree decorations.

Interesting ways to arrange storage

Much depends on the room in which the pantry is located. So, if it is brought into the kitchen and doesn’t exceed even a refrigerator in size, you can still use it efficiently - place buckets, vacuum cleaner, household chemicals here. For mops and kitchen towels you can make special holders on the door, which will save internal space. Do not do without shelves for preservation - just do not forget to distinguish between internal segments for products, things and household chemicals.

Council Shelves for storing food and home preparations should be as deep as possible. It is better to place them with the letter P so that you can immediately see what state your supplies are in, where and what are located. And do not forget that in the pantry, where food is stored, ventilation is necessary.

If this additional room has been moved into one of the rooms, then a folding ironing board can be provided on the door. A pantry in the hallway will be an excellent mini-garage to accommodate a children's scooter or an adult bike. As a rule, personal vehicles are placed on the floor, and shelves are hung over it. You can perform the design on a metal base - it is easily mounted, disassembled or built up if necessary.

In the pantry, you can also arrange a modestly-sized workshop - if you take out a worktop with various devices, there is hardly a place for bulky roomy shelving. But drawers with fasteners, small cabinets or hooks for hanging hand tools can be mounted on the door.

But the standard and very roomy storage will be obtained only if you can place strong racks inside from the ceiling to the floor. Most often, such racks are assembled on a frame of metal pipes, which will allow to load the structure with almost no restrictions. But you can use both ready-made modular and rack constructions, selecting high-quality furniture in accordance with your requirements.

A few recommendations on the design of the pantry

Without a doubt, the storage room is just a small square behind a closed door. But do not leave a pile of objects here - a properly organized space looks much more aesthetic. Use the same containers for storage, jars or boxes - even the cardboard can be painted in one color or wallpaper with the wall, so that the result is a stylish and nice storage system, so that the space becomes orderly.

By the way, in the closet you need to use absolutely all the space - from the floor to the ceiling. The presence of upper shelves will increase the storage space up to 30%. But it is better to refuse hanging ceiling structures, because the storage room is used throughout the whole volume, which means that even 15 cm under the ceiling will not be superfluous. And the backlight can be brought to the center line - it is there, and not in the corners, there are several spotlights.

Storeroom design is your way to create a functional space, a very roomy storage system. It is necessary to refine this room once and provide convenient shelves and cabinets in it, as in your other rooms there will be much less trash. Just do not forget about the feasibility - you should not look in the storeroom for all that has accumulated in your house. Evaluate all the "bins" carefully and carefully think about whether you need old newspapers - maybe, instead of them in the closet it is better to put a vacuum cleaner and empty the hallway?

Where to place the storeroom: planning ideas

Finding a suitable place to store various household items and things in small apartments is rather difficult. However, the organization of the pantry is the best way to hide from prying eyes and keep in order rarely used accessories. If you carefully look around and attach a share of fantasy, then even in a small Khrushchev can cut out a couple of square meters.

The presence of a niche in a residential area greatly simplifies the solution of the question of the equipment of the pantry. Such recesses in the walls can often be found in old buildings - they are in the hallways or living rooms, have a different square, but in any case with success will serve to create a repository. Depending on the shape of the mini-room, it is possible to arrange U-shaped or L-shaped shelves in it, to install a bar for clothes hangers, or to place household appliances. A tiny niche will be a good place to put a washing machine or a refrigerator, and a large space can be arranged for a dressing room.

Dead end of the corridor

If there are no niches in the apartment, do not despair - the pantry can be equipped using the empty space. Such an opportunity exists, for example, for owners of long corridors ending in a dead end. In this case, it is enough to install a plasterboard partition or simply sliding sliding doors that will limit the storage space. Inside, as well as in a niche, the space is arranged depending on the destination.

Balcony butt

No less popular place to create a storage system is the end of the balcony. Here, too, often the owners of small apartments equip storerooms. However, it is necessary to take into account the specific microclimate, which even on the glazed balcony is very different - this is both high humidity and sharper temperature drops. From this it follows that the pantry, equipped on the balcony, should not be used to store food or clothing - it is best to place household supplies.

It is convenient for any housewife to have a food storage system directly in the kitchen, where you can arrange various canned goods, vegetables, cereals and other products. It is not necessary to allocate a large area - the pantry room can be arranged along one of the walls and have a depth of no more than 20 cm. To save space, you can leave the vault open or install a sliding door design. In this pantry, in addition to products, there is a place to store rarely used kitchen utensils.

In the bathroom, it is also possible to equip a small niche-pantry, where hygienic, cosmetic, and washing accessories will be stored in an orderly manner. For this purpose, the empty corner space, which is protected by walls of moisture-resistant drywall and curtain, is quite suitable. Sometimes a small laundry room is installed here by installing a washing machine, or an ironing board is placed.

Types of storage rooms, depending on the destination

Before you take on the arrangement of the pantry, it is necessary to determine exactly what will be stored in it, since the interior decoration and equipment depend on it. Depending on the purpose, the following main types of closets can be distinguished:

- Storerooms for clothes. This store is also called a dressing room and placed in the hallways, bedrooms, children. For storage of different types of clothes, the pantry is equipped with shelves, drawers, racks or shoe boxes, crossbars with hangers. If the room is quite spacious, you can install a wall mirror and a small padded stool for easy changing.

- Storage rooms. As a rule, such storerooms do not require a large area, so it is easy for them to find a place in a small car. Here, on the shelves, various cleaning products, detergents, cleaning equipment or tools are stored. It is important to maintain order in the utility room, putting the accessories in place for them, otherwise it will become non-functional.

- Storage rooms for household appliances. Often, the owners of small apartments have to puzzle over where to find a place for a washing machine, vacuum cleaner and other dimensional equipment. The problem can be solved by a niche equipped as a pantry, for example, on the territory of a corridor or a kitchen. To arrange a mini-laundry, you must first take care of the electrical wiring and the water supply and drainage system, and for the remaining accessories it is enough to equip spacious cells.

- Food storage. These storerooms are located mainly in the kitchens. Here it is important to arrange everything in such a way that the space between the products is clearly demarcated. It is not recommended to store products with a pungent smell (onions, garlic) next to cereals or herbs, as the latter will be fed with undesirable aroma. It is best to equip for each type of product a separate container (you can pick up containers of different colors).

- Home library. Books, magazines, photographs, memorable newspaper clippings also need special storage conditions in order to preserve their original freshness for as long as possible. In the storeroom library, it is important to take care of high-quality ventilation and lighting. If the room is quite spacious, you can install a chair or a small sofa, thus equipping a small reading room, where you can spend time reading a favorite novel or watching a family photo album.

In addition to the above types of pantries, there are also combined storage systems, where shelving with clothes, kitchen utensils and other household items are adjacent. However, as practice shows, this is not the most convenient organization of storage, as it is often difficult to search for the necessary thing, and there is a chance of mixing different odors.

Design of a pantry in the apartment

Despite the fact that the pantry is a room, the inner space of which is in most cases closed from prying eyes, its interior decoration plays an important role. First of all it concerns the layout, which should allow to accommodate as many things as possible. Немаловажно выбрать подходящие материалы для отделки и обустройства стеллажей. И не нужно забывать, что в кладовой должен царить порядок – только тогда она будет полноценной системой хранения, где каждая деталь имеет свое место.

Отделка кладовой

Выбирая материалы для оформления стеновых, напольных и потолочных покрытий, не стоит останавливать выбор на дорогостоящих вариантах. The walls can simply be painted with silicone paint (not exposed to mold and mildew), wallpaper or decorated with wall panels. The floor is decorated with linoleum, laminate or tile, and the ceiling is whitened, painted or equipped with a plasterboard canvas with an integrated lighting system.

For a small room, where there is no source of daylight, it is necessary to provide a bright lighting system. Often, spotlights or spots cope with this role, although in a spacious room you can install a non-bulky chandelier. The LED tapes located along the racks help to effectively highlight the depths of the storehouse.

The choice of the door to the pantry is one of the important points, as it serves as the front of the vault. In the hallways, sliding compartment doors with mirrored surfaces often equip, although the design of sashes with 3D paintings with perspective is no less interesting. Also convenient is the option of folding doors - they significantly save free space.

When installing swing doors, you can disguise the canvas with the same finishing material as the facade of the hallway - then the pantry will not attract attention at all. Although the hinged structures and require the availability of space for free opening, but their inner side will also serve to fix the storage. On the doors you can place small racks or cloth envelopes for tools and other small things.


Insufficient living space pushes us to bold decisions. Demolition of partitions, redevelopment, combining the living room with a loggia, and the kitchen from the living room became as common as the destruction of the storage rooms, which were provided by the project of many houses. It is good if practical owners thought over the storage places beforehand, but often after the storage room was destroyed and became an extension of the adjacent premises, an improvised storage room began to form in the rooms and on the balconies, creating a feeling of chaos and confusion. Owners of apartments where the storage room was not originally provided are faced with a similar problem. The abundance of things that we need, but are not used every day, can and should be stored in a special room. We will understand how to equip a pantry in the apartment, what needs to be taken into account and how to design the pantry.

Sledges, skates, conservation, vacuum cleaner, ironing board, umbrellas, vegetable and cereal stocks, construction tools, kitchen appliances, household chemicals, off-season clothes and shoes can all be placed in a small storage room, if properly organized its space and storage system. Even in the smallest apartment it is better to equip a pantry, otherwise the house can be littered very quickly. True, the same can happen with the pantry, if you do not think about its arrangement in advance.

№1. Where to find a place for storage?

Well, if you already have a pantry in the apartment - you just have to plan its design. If she was once, but was later attached to another room, you can consider getting everything back to your places. The hardest thing is if the pantry was not provided for by the project, but in this case, the place for it can be found even in a small apartment, if you look carefully and you can search in such directions:

  • dead end of the corridor in the apartment. It is in such places that the pantries are located in some houses of Soviet construction. The deadlock can easily be fenced off, put the door and get the coveted storage space, especially since the area of ​​the corridor often remains useless,
  • niche - The easiest and easiest way to organize a pantry in the apartment. If there is a niche in the kitchen or living room, then it will be enough to complete the construction of a small partition or even get along with installing the door. In the thick walls you can make a niche yourself
  • separate part of a room or kitchen - the most cardinal way. In this case, the area and shape of the pantry can be absolutely any, and you can disguise the entrance to the utility room very cleverly. Doors, mirrors and furniture sets come to the rescue with a secret
  • space above the door can be used to organize a mini-pantry, which will look more like a mezzanine. Storage space will be minimal, access to it is complicated, and the height of part of the room will have to be sacrificed, but if there is no other way out, then this option will fit. It will be possible to beat a slightly reduced ceiling level with built-in spot lighting or LED strip,
  • space under the stairs
  • option without alteration - to give the storage of the vacuum cleaner, cans and other household utensils part of the wardrobeif it is large and takes up room to wall space in a room.

Please note that we are considering only options for placing a pantry in an apartment, as organizing it on the interfloor overflights of apartment buildings (which is a common practice) is associated with great difficulties.

№2. Planning

A storeroom is a small room, but there is a huge amount of things to be stored here, and these things often differ in their requirements for storage conditions. There can not do without a careful plan. It is advisable to imagine in advance what exactly will be stored in the closet - it will be so much easier to create a well-thought-out system of shelves, drawers and hooks, which will be as functional and convenient as possible.

It is better to depict on paper or in a special program the design of the pantry with shelves and an approximate set of things that will be located on it. Do not forget to think over the lighting and ventilation system, as well as to provide sockets, if they are necessary here.

Number 3. Selection of finishing materials

The choice of finishing materials to some extent depends on what kind of things will be stored in the back room (clothes, equipment, preparations for the winter or fresh vegetables), but in general, the arrangement of the storeroom in the apartment is valid rule of practicality and functionality. This does not mean that it is necessary to abandon aesthetics altogether, but the design excess here will be inappropriate.

When choosing finishing materials for the pantry should take into account the advice of experts:

  • natural breathing will be optimal wear resistant materials. With their selection, sometimes there are difficulties, so natural materials are combined with artificial, while providing conditions for maintaining a normal microclimate and maximum durability of the finish,
  • walls can be covered with plaster, liquid wallpaper or plastic panels,
  • for finishing sex often use the same coating as in adjacent rooms. The ceramic tile shows itself well (it is better to choose the one that has a rough relief surface and will not slide) and linoleum,
  • finish colors they do not play a special role, since the pantry is a purely functional room, they are not here for a long time, but usually they use light shades for its design, which is logical, given the small dimensions.

Separately worth mentioning the doors. Ideally, they should be the same as all the other interior doors in the apartment so that the storage room does not attract too much attention. An excellent solution would be to decorate the surface of the door with a mirror cloth - you can kill two birds with one stone.

Show themselves well sliding doors - they will not take place in a narrow corridor or hallway. Have swing doors own plus - on their internal surface facing the storage room several shelves, baskets or hooks for storage of all kinds of not very heavy trifles.

№4. Lighting and ventilation

As a rule, the storage room is a deaf room with no windows, so there is no need to talk about natural light and ventilation. It will be difficult to find something in the twilight, so it is better to approach the organization of artificial lighting with full responsibility. Excellent in the pantry space fit turning spots, tablet fixtures and Spotlights - in general, everything that gives good illumination, but does not take up much space. To highlight individual shelves you can use LED strip, and on the walls hang sconces. Do not be afraid to use high power lamps in the closet - bright light is needed hereit’s like air, but you’ll still keep it on for a short time, so you won’t be bankrupted for electricity bills. In extreme cases, you can install energy-saving lamps.

A deaf storage room needs quality airingespecially if food is stored there. In order not to have problems with dampness, the appearance of mold, rotting vegetables and unpleasant smell, it is better to arrange forced exhaust ventilation in the storeroom or connect the room to the common supply and exhaust ventilation of the apartment. It can be difficult to organize, so in most cases you have to be content with regular airing.

№5. Choosing shelves

The heart of the pantry is a rack with a large number of spacious shelves. It can be purchased ready-made or assembled independently with certain skills. Depending on the area of ​​the room and features of the stored items the rack can be located:

  • full width of the pantry in its butt - This is an option for the smallest closets, equipped in a fairly narrow niche. When you open the door in front of you immediately appear the shelves with their contents. The depth of the shelves can be almost the same as the width of the pantry,
  • L-shaped location shelves suitable for owners of more spacious pantry. This layout suggests the ability to go to the back room. The width of the shelves is selected depending on the parameters of the pantry,
  • U-shaped racks and racks in two lines along parallel walls is an option for even more spacious storage rooms that allow you to move freely within them.

Shelving shelves can be made of such materials:

  • wood is an eco-friendly and durable material, but expensive and not resistant to high humidity,
  • MDF is a cheaper substitute for wood, which is most appropriate for arranging shelves. The budget will cost only chipboard, but such plates are less resistant to moisture,
  • Metal is a strong, durable material that shows itself well in the storage room conditions. Maintains decent loadings, from it it is possible to create both the continuous shelf, and trellised. It is best to use galvanized steel shelving,
  • Plastic is not afraid of water, is easy to clean, but withstands small loads and may turn yellow with time.

By type of shelf design in the racks can be:

  • solid - the most common and familiar option, suitable for storing not very heavy objects,
  • shelves with ribs - suitable for storing the most heavy objects
  • perforated shelves and drawers provide adequate ventilation, suitable for storing food, clothes,
  • shelves with sides are designed to store small items that can easily fall (jars, for example).

A small storage space needs to be used to the maximum, therefore racks better to have to the ceiling. If storage of heavy things is planned at the bottom (vacuum cleaner, bags of sugar, flour, etc.), then they should be placed on the floor, and the first shelf made at the level of 70-100 cm.

If there are a couple of rows of shelves in the closet, there should be space between them for normal movement and transportation of things. The minimum distance between the shelves is 70 cm.

In addition to the shelves in the closet, it is worth using hooks, baskets and boxes.

№6. How to equip the pantry?

Which sections to provide in the pantry? How best to organize a storage system? What things on what shelves to fold? To accommodate everything you need to 1-2 m 2, you need to very carefully think over literally every centimeter and determine what exactly you will store in the back room. The following guidelines will help to organize the space:

  • on the lower tiers Rack store the most dimensional and heavy items. Here they place a vacuum cleaner, boxes with winter boots, stocks of vegetables and cereals, containers with water,
  • middle shelves are used to store what you use most often. Here they often fold dishes, kitchen appliances, laundry baskets, preservation,
  • top shelves suitable for the location of those things that weigh a little and are used least of all. It’s better to use a ladder to access them.
  • shelves can be of different heights, they can be divided into sections of different widths, thus obtaining an ideal space for the orderly storage of many completely different objects,
  • show themselves well corner shelves and rotating corner blocks, which allow you to maximize the use of the corner space and easily get the necessary object,
  • wicker baskets Perfect for storing vegetables, because they are well ventilated and will not contribute to the development of putrefactive processes. For these purposes also use metal mesh boxeswhich are also suitable for storing groceries. For convenience, the bottom can be covered with organic glass, plywood or cardboard,
  • main the secret of impeccable order in the pantry - this is the fact that each category of things has its own place, then it will be easier to find what you are looking for, and there will be no problems with forgotten rotten cabbage and overdue debts,
  • Do not forget about the hooks on which it will be convenient to store the rollers and sleds,
  • if the pantry is more or less spacious, you can place a piece of clothing in it, for which you use a barbell, several drawers or shelves. The latter can be covered with your own door.

Note that the storage room usually plays a role. universal storage: everything is put here, from iron to skis, but if there is a need, then pantry space can be arranged completely different:

  • laundry room located close to the bathroom, it is used to house a washing machine, a clothes dryer, an ironing board and to store household chemicals,
  • pantry-closet It will be a great solution in the bedroom or living room. It must be supplied not only with shelves of different heights, but also with a mass of drawers, bars and hooks,
  • storage room equipped with a desk, hooks for hanging tools, shelves and drawers. Here economical and bright lighting comes to the fore,
  • pantry-office - option, of course, not for everyone, but also has a place to be. The area of ​​the room should be sufficient to accommodate a small table and chair, the space under the ceiling is used for storage. A magnetic board is appropriate here. In a workroom without windows, the organization of lighting requires special attention.

A storeroom requires organization not only during its arrangement, but also during operation, so do not forget to put everything in its place and from time to time restore order, ruthlessly getting rid of those objects and things that are clearly not needed.

Functional design of a small pantry in the apartment

Very often, when buying an apartment with a storeroom in it, the owners, in order to maximize the space, decide to eliminate the utility room. But if you think well, this is not a reasonable solution, because you can make a convenient design of a small closet in the apartment. Every year, as a result of the arrangement or increase in the number of tenants, things will become more and more. And in any case, the question arises: where to put extra or seasonal outfits? Or where to store household items? Of course, the presence of a pantry, it is an excellent option for storing and storing things and without it in an apartment can not do.

How to choose a place to organize a pantry

If you are not lucky with the pantry, then you should not be upset, because if you wish, you can build a small room using a small corner in the apartment.

For example, the pantry can be organized in a niche and then you do not even have to do redevelopment. It’s just that the required number of shelves is being constructed in the recess and this space needs to be hidden from prying eyes by an inconspicuous door that harmoniously fits into the overall design of the room. Thus, the pantry will be made very quickly and at no extra cost.

The use of the dead-end space in the corridor is also a very good option for the pantry, but only if there is a hallway and is long enough.

If the free space in the apartment could not be found, then it is possible, in an extreme case, to use the space above the entrance door.

Adaptation of the wardrobe “compartment”, especially if it is built in, under the pantry is a good solution for organizing the storage of items. There is enough space for storing seasonal and household items.

There is another option - in one of the existing remote rooms you can put a pantry, but it must be understood that the square meters of living space will decrease.

How to arrange a pantry

Before proceeding to the equipment of the pantry, you need to carefully consider all the elements and determine its purpose. That is, what will be needed pantry? Perhaps the storeroom will play the role of a dressing room or household items will be stored there, or maybe there will be tools.

Очень часто бывает так, что кладовая многофункциональна: выполняет одновременно несколько функций. И очень хорошо будет, если вы нарисуете план будущей кладовки, где сможете визуально рассмотреть месторасположение каждого сегмента.

Once you have decided what and where will be located, you can proceed directly to the design of this room. It is desirable to finish the walls, ceiling with such material that would be very durable, for example, plastic panels, in which case the durability of the storeroom will be guaranteed. The flooring can be made of laminate or linoleum.

The door of the same style with the whole living room will look harmonious. It is advisable to choose a door that will save extra square meters and will be very practical, that is, sliding. Very interesting interior design can be created through the use of doors with a mirror surface that will help to visually expand the space.

Further, the most interesting point will be the division of the storage room into segments that should be as functional as possible.

  • The lower part is usually used for placing shoes (seasonal), household items, for example, a vacuum cleaner.
  • The middle part of the storage room is allocated for storing items that are used quite often. Therefore, it is best to equip this segment with drawers to store clothes, underwear, perhaps even tools, that is, items you need at any time.
  • The upper part of the pantry is organized for storing things that are used much less often - it can be boxes with children's clothes, unnecessary toys, suitcases, and other items.

It is desirable that the depth of the shelves was approximately 40 cm, this solution will help you place as many objects as possible. And then each thing will have its specific place.

Another segment in the pantry can be left for the organization of the wardrobe, while installing special strips (as in a wardrobe) in order to hang hangers with clothes, and hooks. Then everything will be streamlined and you will agree, it is more pleasant to take ready and ironed clothes from the hanger, rather than ironed from the shelf, because it will save a lot of time.

In order to get one or another object, it is enough to stand on the high chair and you can remove anything you need.

Beautiful pantry design

Sometimes they even try to use a small space for organizing storerooms, for example, in the kitchen area, such small cabins are used for storing detergents, cleaning products, lazy buckets. At the same time, they try to save every centimeter as much as possible: brooms are stored upright towards the door, and a roll with dry towels, etc., is hung on a special holder (which is located on the door itself).

It is very good when square meters allow you to place in the pantry and ironing board, which reclines. You can also use a small place to store preservation products.

Some particularly original people even try to build a work area - their personal space, which will allow them to fully concentrate on their work. Another interesting option - this assignment in the pantry space for organizing a home library.

Thus, to create a unique, original design of a small pantry in the apartment is quite possible, the most important thing is to clearly understand what will be located and where.

The inner part can be made of chipboard, chipboard or MDF. With the help of such materials you can easily arrange the space with your own hands. It is enough to order panels by the necessary sizes.

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To decorate the design of a small pantry in the apartment, you can use the front part. This may be hinged doors or mechanism "coupe". The standard option is the facade of chipboard. You can decorate the door wallpaper, mirrors or any other elements.

If you use the same materials for the design of the facade of the pantry and hallway, then you can easily disguise a small room.

Such a small room as a pantry stores a lot of objects, ranging from a bicycle and ending with banks of jam. But it is very important not to turn it into a mess source. To do this, you need the correct design. Thus, each item will have its own orderly place.

How to equip a pantry in the apartment: original solutions, interesting ideas and recommendations of designers

Many apartments have storage rooms and unnecessary things are stored in them. But with a serious approach, you can equip a functional room from such a room for certain purposes. Arrangement of a pantry in the apartment depends on the size of the room and personal needs.

Creating the design of this room, you can realize interesting ideas for storing things.

Features of the pantry design

The finishing work in the pantry room is different from the work in other rooms. This is due to the specifics of the room.

The design of the pantry room involves the use of special materials. Ceramic tiles are used as floor coverings. This floor is convenient to clean and wash. It is recommended to paint the walls with silicone paint, which is not exposed to mold and mildew. Shelving covered with paint.

The vent must be covered with a mosquito net from insects.

If a large area is reserved for the storage room, then the following functional options can be created in it:

  1. Equipped with a full-fledged office for work. To do this, you need a computer desk, chair and shelves.
  2. You can arrange a home library. You will need to make shelves in the pantry and put a table, floor lamp and chair.
  3. Making a workshop. This may be a carpentry, sewing workshop or a place for children's creative work.
  4. An interesting and practical idea is the creation of a dressing room.

With a small space it is necessary to rationally place shelves and shelves. If the room is used for storing clothes, then a pipe is installed on which additional hangers are hung.

To save space, it is recommended to replace the usual door with a sliding one. At the same time from the pantry get a modern wardrobe.

In a room without windows, it is recommended to use the built-in lights using LED strips.

Shelves in the closet are placed in three versions:

  1. Placement of shelves in the shape of a letter P. Shelves are made narrow so that a comfortable passage remains in the middle.
  2. L-shaped location. It uses wide shelves.
  3. Installation of shelves in the front part of the room.

The width of the shelves is selected depending on the area of ​​the pantry.

The construction of a functional area consists of the following steps:

  1. The room is freed from old things and order is established.
  2. Make cosmetic repairs. Antifungal and antibacterial treatment is performed. The best option is considered facing ceramic tiles.
  3. Installation of the ventilation system
  4. Conducting lighting. The space is equipped with luminescent modules.

The interior of the pantry depends on the functional load and location in the house.

If the utility room is located next to the kitchen, you can adapt it for storing food. At the same time racks are used for the pantry in the apartment with built-in baskets and drawers.

If the pantry adjoins the bedroom from it you can make a dressing room. For this purpose, multi-compartment wardrobes. The dressing room is equipped with an ironing board.

The room next to the nursery settles down under the place of storage of toys. The room next to the living room is used as a personal account or a small library.

In a private house it is convenient to build a pantry under the stairs. The utility room next to the hallway is used for storing clothes and household appliances.

If the pantry is located next to the bathroom, then it can be equipped with a laundry room. The room is a washing machine, dryer and ironing board.

Cabinets, cupboards and wall shelves are designed in accordance with the dimensions of the room. The chosen type of structures depends on the reliability of vertical overlaps - mounted or floor mounted mechanisms.

If space permits, a double row design is made. In this case, the rear wall is equipped with shelves, and hangers are located on the facade.

The inside of the door to the pantry can be equipped with small drawers for storing small items.

The arrangement of the dressing room is subject to the following rules:

  1. For ease of use of the wardrobe, the height of the bar should not exceed the height of a person who uses shelves.
  2. Demanded items are arranged so that they are convenient to take and fold back.
  3. On the upper shelves are placed things that require careful treatment. Also upstairs are bags, umbrellas and blankets.
  4. At the bottom is shoes.

For the equipment of the storeroom, you may need boards laminated by chipboard, drywall, metal bars and fasteners.

In some cases, to create a closet in the pantry, an old furniture wall is used.

Shelving installation

To racks and shelves fit into the interior, you should not buy ready-made furniture. It is more profitable to make the necessary pieces of furniture by yourself.

There are many options for the manufacture of shelving. Plywood, wood and metal grates are used. The best option for the shelves is drywall.

When deciding how to make racks in the pantry, you need to consider the following parameters:

  1. Dimensions of items that will be on the shelves.
  2. Space for easy access between the racks.
  3. Gaps between sections. A short distance will not allow shelves to sag.

To equip the pantry in several ways. By installing stationary structures: pedestals, dressers or cabinets. Or mounted rod racks, when the guide panels are attached to the wall and they are installed wooden cloth.

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When the frame is attached to the wall, the bars are first mounted, which are fastened in pairs. Each pair is set tier of the rack. After mounting the boards are sanded and painted.

The shelves are made of wood. Chipboards are considered not resistant to moisture.

Shelves with high heights are mounted at the bottom, as there it is better to install dimensional things. Shelf thickness varies from 10 mm to 30 mm.

Creating a unique and original pantry design is simple. The main thing to think about the functionality of the room and choose the appropriate material. The pantry is a practical and useful room, which should not be sacrificed for the sake of extra meters of living space.

How in time I stumbled upon your article. I do repairs in the apartment and took the place under the dressing room. Everything thought how best to equip it. Now, thanks to you, I found a plan for placing shelves. Thank you, very helpful and timely.

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How to find a place for a pantry?

So what if your apartment was not equipped with a storage room during construction? This is not a reason to abandon the desire to have it. Take a look around your apartment: where can it be arranged? Pay attention to such places:

  • Niche. Perfect option. If there is a niche in your apartment, then a grand redevelopment is not required, you just need to build the missing wall and install a decent-looking door. It is not difficult to build shelves at all, and the storage space for “emergency reserves” is ready.
  • Dead end of a long and narrow corridor. If there are no doors in the opposite end of the corridor from the entrance, that is, the dead end is deaf, then why not “steal” part of the corridor there? The option is not difficult to implement, it is enough to isolate the future storeroom from the corridor with a wall and organize the entrance. With the help of sheets of drywall, this work is done quickly and cleanly.
  • Over the door. The option is far from ideal, but in a small apartment it may be the only one. It is rather an improvised mezzanine than a full-fledged storage room, but still, storage space. Most often this place can be a door to the kitchen.
  • In the closet. So to say, “matryoshka” is a small storage room in a large one. Also an option for small apartments. If the wardrobe extends from wall to wall, then it is possible to select part of it for storing not clothes, but tools and clogs. We must get out of the situation ...
  • Separate the room . If you are a happy owner of a large apartment (but without a storage room!) Or at least a room, and are willing to donate it to create a small storage room, then you can determine its size, shape and other parameters. By the way, with the right approach, you can kill many birds with one stone: get a closet, and with its help divide the room into zones, or even change the geometry of the “donated” living space.

The apartment with the storeroom is more organized and tidy. Therefore, if you have the slightest opportunity to equip it on your meters, use it.

Storeroom under repair

The fact that this is not about the bedroom or the kitchen should not discourage. The thoughtful design of the pantry room will help to make this small space as “working” as possible. What do you plan to store here? Screw drill or stock of products? Or maybe seasonal clothes? Whatever you want to "settle" in this little room, plan its space in advance. This will help determine the place for the lamp, as well as provide good and competent ventilation.

Repairing a storeroom should be practical rather than beautiful (although aesthetics should never be ignored). For finishing the walls here are more durable materials than wallpaper or painted drywall. The material most justified by its properties and price is plastic. It is inexpensive, durable and does not require special care. But cleanliness and smooth walls are guaranteed.

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The same material is usually placed on the floor as in the room adjacent to the storage room. The main thing is that the floor does not slide, otherwise getting something from the upper shelves can be injured. Linoleum - a great option for the pantry.

The doors to the storage room should be comfortable and as close as possible to the eyes. The door of the storage room, which is “not in the theme” of the general interior, will look like an inscription: “And here we have trash.” In cases where it is impossible to pick up a door that is related to others, a good solution would be a sliding door, or a door with a large mirror.

How to equip a pantry in the apartment?

After the repair is completed, the most interesting part of the work begins - the division of the storage room into sectors and sections. Each owner will do it according to his needs and will himself approve the final design of the pantry in the apartment. However, a few tips will help make the pantry more optional.

Storeroom with sliding doors

  • Leave the lower tiers for dimensional items and boxes. Here shoes can be kept waiting for their season. If you do not store shoes in its native boxes, then for greater compactness you can equip the corresponding "section" of the shelf with cells in which the shoe is angled. At the bottom of the place and puncher with a vacuum cleaner.
  • On the middle racks, place what you use though not constantly, but regularly. Here, laundry baskets or kitchenware will be appropriate. The depth of the middle shelves is convenient within 50 cm, but this value varies depending on the size of the pantry and the requests of its owners.
  • It is wise to put items on the uppermost shelves, which are extremely rare. But they must be stable and not exceed the carrying capacity of your shelves, otherwise walking near such shelves may be unsafe.
  • Part of the wall can function as a dressing room: make shelves and a cane for trempels. Keeping clothes on this principle will save both space and time spent on taking care of them.

Storeroom in a separate apartment

More ideas for storage room equipment

It makes sense to convert even a tiny little room into a closet. Household chemicals, items for cleaning (mop, broom, scoops), a stack of kitchen towels and paper napkins quite easily can be stored in such a closet. Vertical storage of oblong objects significantly saves its space (up to the “standing” position of a roll of paper towels). Significantly add the capacity of a small pantry can, if the interior of the door, too, equip shelves.

Small storage room

Kitchen design with storage

It is convenient to fix the ironing board in a larger storage room so that it has a permanent place in tandem with an iron.

If you have to store clothes and any brand-name items in the same closet, you can make a kind of “safe” with doors for the latter so that the “spot-dangerous” items are isolated.

Storeroom for food

There is an idea that someone may seem too original, but decides to do something in the closet, a mini-office. Those who have small children or frequent spontaneous guests - a part of life, and they work at home - will understand what this idea is dictated by. Even such a small, but isolated cabinet can be a valuable acquisition. In this case, the design of the pantry in the apartment requires more careful reflection and balanced decisions.

A photo. Cabinet from the pantry

Rules of arrangement of the pantry room

Не спешите расставаться с кладовкой, даже если есть необходимость расширения жилплощади. Практика показывает, что со временем импровизированная «кладовка» образуется по углам, за мебелью, или в гардеробе, который теперь занимает место бывшей кладовки. Всегда есть то, что нужно, но не очень красиво, поэтому кладовая комната в квартире нужна, даже если она малогабаритная!

Bright dressing room from the pantry

A wiser decision would be to thoughtfully organize the pantry space so that some of the unnecessary things from the apartment would be moved to the pantry, and not vice versa. What not to miss?

  • Lighting. Usually the storage room is a “deaf” room without natural light, so all hope is for electricity. Do not save on lighting! Looking for something in the twilight or with a flashlight in your mouth is a dubious joy. And considering that you are unlikely to read or sort out buckwheat here, the storeroom will not take away a lot of kilowatts even under the most generous lighting.
  • Ventilation. Air circulation in the closet should be given special attention. There is probably no window for airing here, and there is no second exit either, so it will not be possible to make forced drafts. This task must cope with proper ventilation. Otherwise, you may soon find an unpleasant smell of damp or fungus on the walls of the closet. Pledged to the top of the wall does not "breathe", therefore, vulnerable to such troubles.
  • Shelving. Without them, the pantry will not be roomy and orderly. Shelves must be strong and static. You can arrange them along one, two or three walls (the letters "G" or "P"), it all depends on the size of the closet.

The design of a pantry in an apartment can be anything, but it is dictated by the desire to make it "rubber" for an infinite number of things that you want to hide than the desire for beauty and aesthetics. And this is correct, because the pantry in the apartment is an organizer for things and objects, and the organizer cannot be spontaneous and ill-conceived. Keep things beautiful and comfortable!

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Accommodation features

One small storage room can play a big role in maintaining order in the whole apartment. If not, then it is better to organize. At the time of the construction of prefabricated houses, the so-called "Khrushchev", similar premises were immediately laid into the projects. Some storerooms were given about 3 square meters of usable space.

This building was located between the hallway and the hall, equipped with doors from both rooms. This layout can be rebuilt by combining two rooms into one. The entrance must be made from the comfortable side, using sliding doors as a wardrobe. Any storage room provided for by the builders can be modernized up to parsing the walls and changing the configuration of an existing room.

The next option for the placement of storage spaces may be a dead end of the corridor. His lay drywall. It is better to equip the door to the storeroom with the same model that other rooms are equipped with.

The niche option is extremely simple; you should arrange the sliding doors and equip the resulting space with shelves and shelves.

Sometimes a small, insignificant room is given for storage. This option allows you to embody a lot of ideas. For example, to combine it with a workplace or to make a different-themed bunk, up to the storage of bicycles and skateboards. In a similar room, in addition to shelves, you can install a simulator.

In a very small apartment the mezzanine, organized above the door, can become a way out. Using them is not as convenient as a high-grade storage room, but they perform their function of storage in good faith.

In some cases, under the pantry give part of the room. If it is narrow and long, block off the dead end. The metric area will depend on the capacity of the room, It is important that the design was not to the detriment of the interior.

In a large square room with a drywall partition off the corner. Such a structure may be in the form of a triangle or look like a rectangular box. The oval wall of the pantry looks more pleasant.

If there is a place in the apartment for the wardrobe, it should be deepened or expanded, depending on the capabilities of the room. Storeroom can be arranged directly in the closet. Sometimes under the pantry equip balconies or loggias.

In private houses under the stairs there is an empty precious area, which can be arranged for storing things. As the steps rise, in this place you can arrange from small boxes to a mop, step-ladders, a heater and a vacuum cleaner. In any apartment, if you search, you can find a useful area for storage.


Storage rooms for their purpose are different and before you equip, you need to decide for what purpose they are used. It would be wrong to keep in one place products and household chemicals or clothing and work tools:

  • Wardrobe. Storeroom, which is equipped in a living room or hallway, can be altered under the storage of clothes. Even a small dressing room will be more spacious than a wardrobe. It stores all-season things for the whole family, providing each member with certain shelves and hangers. At the bottom of the pantry are equipped with drawers for shoes.

In addition to clothing, bedding, towels, pillows, blankets and an ironing board can be in the dressing room. Such a room will unload the interior of a bedroom or hall from several bulky closets.

  • Organization of children's things. If the children's room is large, there will be a storage room in it. This can be an open storage system or a large built-in wardrobe. A tiny room next to the nursery will also be a good option for system storage. In the access zone place clothes or toys that are often used by the child. Things out of season can be placed on the top shelves. With the help of the pantry, the children's room will be freed from excess furniture, and there will be free space for games and studies.

  • Pantry in the kitchen. Any kitchen is saturated with things. In addition to all sorts of dishes, you need somewhere to store cereals, canned food, vegetables, spices, and just empty jars. In the kitchen a lot of small appliances that helps in everyday life and needs special shelves for storage. The storage room can be built into a niche or be an open-type construction, every thing in it is easily accessible, but you have to maintain an ideal order, because everything is in sight. To accommodate thousands of kitchen trifles and not to forget where any item is located, it is necessary to furnish the room with many drawers, shelves, baskets for vegetables.

For comfortable storage of vegetables in the pantry must be ventilation. Cereals must be kept in tightly closed cans to prevent the entry of pests. Preservation is best kept on the lower shelves, it’s cooler there.

  • Laundry. In the "Khrushchev" in the bathroom it is impossible to put a washing machine. To find her place, combine the room with a bathroom or get a smaller bathroom and deploy to another wall. Who has a closet near the sink, removes it for laundry. A small room can be planned to accommodate another dishwasher and cleaning products (bucket, mop, vacuum cleaner). Doors make out narrow shelves for household chemicals. The mop is fixed on the wall or door. On the free space hang cloth pockets for brushes, gloves and other trifles.

  • Workshop. In small apartments it is difficult to find an angle for working tools. If there is a pantry, then it can be equipped not only with shelves, shelves and drawers, but also to place a desk with different devices there. Women install a sewing machine, and the shelves are occupied by threads and fabrics.

  • Office. If the apartment is not a place to work, it can be arranged in the pantry. The room for this purpose should be arranged at home: laminate, wallpaper and so on. And also need ventilation and good lighting.

A small workplace with a chair and a tabletop can be surrounded by shelves for folders and computer equipment, and office drawers for boxes. In such a room, you can safely work, even if there are children in the house.