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How to meet 2014


Friendliness, openness and sincerity of the Horse are known to all, so it does not have to taste, if you are going to celebrate the New 2014 alone. A festive dinner in the circle of business partners, the right people or in an unfamiliar company of the Horse is also not to their liking.

To make her (and at the same time herself) enjoyable, gather at the New Year's table all the very closest ones, while the rule is one: do not prevaricate. So, if someone is annoying to you, you should not invite him to the New Year - the Horse will not tolerate strained smiles at the table and is quite capable of bucking. Only a truly sincere, heartfelt atmosphere on New Year's Eve will best prove the rest to the blue Horse that you are a person worthy of her respect.

Tip 2. Romance and romance again.

It is no secret that the Horse is very romantic - to understand this, it is enough to look into its moist, languishing, eyes. She knows what love is and will not mind at all if you prefer the company of a single person to a large feast on New Year's Eve. A man in love with. What could be more beautiful than a sincere feeling? The Blue Horse, the mistress of the year, will gladly present her generous patronage for the whole of 2014.

Tip 3. Travel!

There is one more wonderful scenario for celebrating the New Year for the Blue Horse: spend this day as far as possible from the usual four walls. After all, the Horse is an inquisitive creature. It doesn't matter if you meet the New Year under palm trees or at a ski resort - the Horse will be equally pleased. Even better, if you meet this exotic New Year with a person who is dear to you, the Blue Horse will make sure that in 2014 you have plenty of travel and love.

Tip 4. Walk with the Horse

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to travel to New 2014, and so does the desire. However, everyone is able to please the freedom-loving Horse, bringing it out for a walk on New Year's Eve. After the chiming clock, take the time to get up from the table and go out, and during your walk, do not forget to go to another symbol of 2014 - the tree. Stroke his trunk or even hug him so that the wooden Horse in the new year will give you with an excess of energy and strength.

Tip 5. Set a big goal

If the Horse did not strive to be the first, it would have no place on the hippodrome. After all, do not try to send in a race for a prize, for example, cats or donkeys. The horse is able to rush forward, overtaking rivals! She will be glad to see such a single-mindedness at your New Year's table.

In order to show the Horses (and at the same time to yourself) that in 2014 you are going to achieve a lot, write down your biggest, cherished goal on a piece of paper in advance. Well, then do with the paper what you want: you can burn it under the chiming clock, hang it on the wall or put it in your pocket. The main thing is to put the task before the Horse and show it the prize you want, and its care to help you achieve this prize in 2014.

Tip 6. Be active

Well, the last tip about meeting the Year of the Horse is not to sit back at the New Year's table. A horse is an active and sporting animal, it does not like idleness! In order to visually declare the Horse that you are of the same blood with her, try to spend less time on food and more on everything else.

You can do anything on New Year's Eve: communicate, sing, dance, participate in fun contests, play with children, run firecrackers, help the hostess set the table. Remember, the more positive, fun and inventive activity you show on New Year's Eve, the more energy you will have in 2014 - the Horse will take care of that.

Restore order

As before any holiday, you need to clean the apartment. Cleanliness and order will help drive out of the house the chaos, in whose place will come organization and a clear planned action. Cranes should not leak. It is believed that in the New Year's Eve together with the water from the leaking taps will leave well-being. The horse is a very cheerful and optimistic animal that loves freedom. It is recommended to go to a movie or a gallery before a holiday meeting. At the same time, the New Year should be spent at home with the family.

What's up with the outfit?

The sign of the Wooden Blue or Green Horse should be reflected in the festive attire. Most suitable clothes in the style of "Ethno". Wide wooden decorations are peculiar to this trendy direction. In the absence of blue or green clothing, you can dress in a purple, gray or blue dress. It is worth refraining from dresses of orange, lilac or yellow colors.

Wooden decorations should not be rough and massive. No wooden bracelets or pendants? No problem. You can do with gold.

We decorate the house

The main material of 2014 is wood. For a successful and effective celebration, you should stock up on wooden figurines, vases, souvenirs. The originality and originality of the New Year's table will be given by wooden dishes, and paintings and photographs with images of horses will perfectly complement the interior of the room. Horseshoe - a symbol of happiness and good luck - this year will acquire even more meaning. Hanged over the front door, it will not let trouble and trouble into the house. Bell bells are also an integral part of the image of a horse, so you should decorate a house or a Christmas tree with decorative bells that will bring peace and prosperity.

Table setting and New Year's treat

Probably few people know that the most favorite horse treat is fish. Therefore, a variety of fish dishes and snacks should be a major part of the New Year's menu. In addition, you can decorate the table with decorative or pre-hidden sprigs of rye or wheat. They will complement the original wooden dishes on the New Year's table.

Among alcoholic beverages, preference should be given to dairy-based liqueurs and cocktails. Dairy products should also be abundant. Beautiful cakes with smetanny creams will be decoration and an excellent treat. From fruit should give preference to apples. Citrus fruits (although mandarins are considered to be one of the symbols of the New Year) should beware.

For a successful meeting of the New Year, you need to stock up on some woolen thing. If New Year's Eve is spent outside the walls of the house, then wool socks or mittens will become not only a symbol, but also help to keep and keep warm.

Stuffed toys will be a great accent. Plush horses will comfortably sit under the tree and will delight children and adults. You can consider the option of flavored toys for your baby or heating toys. In addition to its main function - to be a friend to a baby - such a gift will help you calmly fall asleep and warm you in cold winter evenings. Various wood pieces will be a great gift for adults. Girls can give jewelry, a variety of chests for jewelry or statues. Pictures and photos with horses will elegantly complement the interior of any home and will be a welcome gift to true connoisseurs of real art.

Do not forget about the main decoration and the symbol of the New Year holiday - the Christmas tree. Triangular dress of green beauty perfectly complement wooden toys and bright blue and green balls. All elements of the decor must be selected in one key, so that they constitute a single complete composition, although many prefer to decorate the New Year tree with everything that came handy.

So we reviewed the main points of how to properly meet 2014 - the year of the Blue or Green Wooden Horse.

How to celebrate the new year 2014

Preparations for the new year 2014 need to begin in advance, since you will have to really work on organizing such a holiday, because old scripts, outfits and jokes will definitely not roll here. The coming year of the Horse is, first of all, a year of decisive changes, which means that you should in no case seem boring and monotonous at the celebration.

Try to organize a New Year's holiday so that for all your relatives, relatives and friends, it will be remembered for all the remaining 12 months: active games, gambling contests and loud music - this is what New 2014 wants from you!

Anyone who is born in the year of the Horse will be sure to succeed (since luck will always be with you), he will have friendliness, ease of communication, which will surely bribe his opponents. Crowds can follow him, since a person born this year will be an excellent speaker. However, concentration is not his hobby; frequent changes of occupation will make it difficult to focus on one important goal.

Astrologers consider 2014 karmic. This year will begin to occur strange, unusual events that can hardly be logically explained. Therefore, it is necessary to meet him in a special way:

“When the chimes begin the countdown of the outgoing year, try to remember in those seconds as many positive and happy moments that occurred in your life for this year as possible, thank the outgoing year for all that he brought this year. And when the clock shows the first seconds of the new year 2014, the year of the Dragon, be sure to start thinking positively and appeal to the supreme forces for help. ”

All events of 2014, will return like a boomerang, the more you do good deeds, the more good and happiness you will receive in return. Do not turn away from helping the family and friends, their gratitude will return to you twice. If everyone follows these tips, according to astrologers, our world will become stronger, richer and happier.

The rhythm of the year of the Black Dragon will be really mad, so to meet the new 2014, you need to dance to the noisy modern music. And the movements can be various: from fast, to slowed down - representing robots. Outsiders will remain only those who meet the year passively and in a bad mood.

The ideal meeting places will be open areas: the central squares of the city, summer cottages, yards and even forest thicket, since the Dragon is a strong-willed and freedom-loving creature.

The organizers of New Year's meetings will not be sweet, since they will have to do their best for 100% - old, broken scripts, songs and repertoires will have to be thrown out and write new ones (the original script of the New Year of the Dragon), even if you doubt their quality - good the mood of the artist and the emotional charge of the viewer will hide any shortcomings in the organization of the holiday and scenarios.

So let's summarize a small summary. Meet the new year 2014 (Year of the Dragon) should:

  • actively,
  • noisy
  • in the circle of loved ones and loved ones
  • new ideas cajole the Black Dragon,
  • during the battle of the chimes to think positively
  • throughout the year to give people good and love, as it will twice return to you.

What is the new 2014 year to meet

Despite the fact that the Dragon is black, you need to dress on the contrary bright, colorful, use rich colors, and it is enough to have black color as an addition. Black elements in the festive decoration can be: shoes, hairpin, belt, belt, tie, handbag, eyeglasses, headgear, etc. Clothes should be festive and even a little fantastic.

Bright outfit perfectly complement the jewelry and a variety of jewelry, it's not for nothing that in all legends the Dragon guarded the treasury. Moreover, this jewel does not necessarily have to touch something tangible, the essence of the jewel lies in the sparkling: it can be sparkling humor, and maybe a diamond ring, it can be awesome zest for life, and it can be a necklace of precious stones. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is to sparkle and catch luck by the tail, not letting go of it throughout 2014!

For the mods and fashionistas, astrologers, depending on the sign of the zodiac, determined their color talisman, which is most suitable for the 2014 meeting, they proceeded from the energy power of the signs, their location in relation to the Black Dragon and naturally the position of the stars in the sky.

The signs of the zodiac and the colors that best suit them in the new 2014:

  • Aries: orange color is his element. This color improves mood, which means that from Aries this year expect a lot of joy and summer sunny mood.
  • Taurus: New Year's outfit should contain a maximum of blue and black. Red is absolutely contraindicated.
  • Twin: bright and juicy shades of green and yellow will help to meet the New Year even better. The main thing about the blue color forget!
  • Crayfish: The dragon will appreciate the rational Cancers that will wear clothes of a deep purple hue (blue inserts are possible).
  • A lion: for people of this zodiac sign is suitable gold color. King of beasts, he is very to face.
  • Virgo: Astrologers for this sign picked up several colors at once, the main ones highlight red, however purple, blue and green will not be superfluous in the wardrobe either. The main thing is to give up yellow!
  • Libra: As the most unstable sign of the zodiac, astrologers suggest choosing their own color, since on New Year's Eve everything will be in your face.
  • Scorpio: scorpions know that they only face dark shades, but not this time. It is better to celebrate the new year in light colors, white clothes are the best option, and generally white in 2013 is the color of good luck!
  • Sagittarius: Blue shades are the color of your element. You will find harmony with the outside world, dressed in blue.
  • Capricorn: Try to surround yourself with green color, not only in the wardrobe, but also in decorating the house.
  • Aquarius: Astrologers advise you to dress in yellow - as a symbol of the sun, energy and vital warmth. This year will bring you a lot of sunny and joyful days!
  • Fish: Pisces will achieve a lot this year if they meet it in red and yellow shades, and spend a year in white and black colors.

Girls for the meeting of the new 2014 fit the most outspoken outfits, but leave at least a shred of black fabric. A deep cleavage will be a great addition to your style. In addition, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can not forget about the bright make-up and the original manicure. In general, modesty in clothes for meeting a holiday is by no means suitable.

Men are advised in their outfit to focus on black fabric and gold jewelry, so that the Black Dragon will convey to them the maximum of the power that has been saving for the last 12 years.

Try this New Year's Eve (and throughout the year) to lose nothing, I now speak not only about jewels and things, but also about a good, cheerful, festive mood. You make jokes often, laugh more and give warmth to your near and dear ones.

So let's summarize, in than to meet the new 2014:

  1. in bright colors
  2. with inserts of something shiny,
  3. women's outfit should be as frank as possible
  4. each of us should have on ourselves at least a thread of black color, since 2014 is the year of the Horse,
  5. exact shades, you will learn from the list above.

What to cook on New Year's Eve and how to decorate the table

Horses are not picky about food, which means you can cook anything that only your heart desires and doesn’t beat much in finance. It is advisable to season the dishes well with spicy powder and directly from the oven (with heat, heat) to serve. Those who wish to surprise guests, we can advise you to cook meat right in front of everyone, as they do in modern Chinese restaurants. In addition, meat can be poured with alcohol and set on fire, depicting a fire-breathing dragon. Also, do not forget to read our article on what can be cooked on a festive table.

If you want to properly decorate the table for the new 2013, then place candles on it, as a symbol of the dragon's flame, scatter decorative Chinese coins of happiness (such as a square hole in the middle) and silver confetti on the table. Flapper and Bengal lights will not be superfluous either. However, exercise due security, namely: be careful with candles, sparklers, firecrackers, firecrackers, and even champagne plugs that hit very hard.

Dragon doesn’t really like semi-finished products, but it respects fish (it’s a watery Black Dragon), especially such varieties as trout, bester and sterlet.

Do not forget decorate the apartment (or house) for the New Year

  • Dragon 2014 water, and therefore the decoration will be sea: shells, starfish and fish. Drap a blue tablecloth like waves.
  • Dragon figurines are also required, only the material must be ceramic, wood or crystal. The metal dragon is a bad sign.

What to give for the New Year (in the year of the Horse)

If you want to know, not only how to properly meet the new 2014 Year of the Horse, but what gifts to give, then you must remember that according to many beliefs, the Dragon is a symbol of good luck and happiness, so all gifts must contain an image of this sign :

  • T-shirts
  • mugs,
  • key chains,
  • usb flash drives
  • magnets,
  • pictures,
  • linens,
  • figurines,
  • wallets
  • bracelets
  • rings,
  • chains with a medallion.

Дракон олицетворяет мудрость, храбрость, победу, целеустремленность, волю и безграничную энергию, поэтому подарок с данным символом будет идеален для бизнесмена и руководителя.

Женщине можно подарить красивый женственный золотой кулон дракона, мужчине – кошелек с логотипом дракона, а для детей отличным подарком будет игрушечный дракончик (мягкая игрушка).

Особо жаждущие удачи, могут даже завести родственника Дракона у себя дома: домашняя ящерица в террариуме – станет отличным воплощением домашнего животного. However, we strongly advise to discuss this item with the household, perhaps not everyone will be happy about such a new apartment dweller.

How to meet the New 2014 Year of the Horse

New Year's Horse 2014 is just around the corner. In accordance with the Eastern calendar 2014, the year of the blue wooden horse, although some astrologers are inclined to designate it as the Green Horse. This year will bring good luck, a combination of diligence and passionate passion. The suitable colors of the year are green, blue or turquoise. An element is a tree characterized by such properties as practicality, lack of restraint, hot temper.

To meet the new year 2014, one should carefully prepare: to carry out a thorough cleaning on December 31, and, in particular, to pay attention to the plumbing: there is a belief that well-being flows from home through leaking pipes.

By nature, the horse is cheerful, energetic, loves space, breadth in everything, the crowd and fun. Therefore, to celebrate a good year, it makes sense to go to the theater, festivals, concerts or exhibitions more often during the holidays.

But remember that a horse is very attached to his home and family. Therefore, it is better to celebrate the new 2014 with the family, close relatives and do not forget to congratulate as many people as possible.

It would be most appropriate to meet this year with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere and by no means be left alone. In advance, you can prepare decorations and talismans for the apartment, they will fill the room with appropriate energy and will attract success.

Get wooden figurines and the 2014 mascot himself a wooden blue horse, if you do not find it in the form of a soft toy. Garlands, rain, toys on the tree to buy in blue. Acquired new blue or green curtains will perfectly complement the New Year's interior. Try to arrange the room to the maximum in blue shades and this change will change both you and your mood, and the image of the room.

Dishes on the festive table should match the New Year's talisman and be enjoyed by the horse. Since the horse is a herbivore, various green salad must be on the table. From vegetables, prefer eggplants that can be stuffed, and blue cabbage salad will only decorate the table with its color.

Do not forget that the horse loves sugar very much, it is a special delicacy for her, because desserts on the New Year's table must be present and do not forget about fruits. The horse likes to crunch crackers, so it will be nice to cook croutons with cheese and a salad with crackers.

Juices and fruit drinks are welcome, and bright glasses, decorated with iridescent foil, in their own way betray the originality of the festive table. Napkins and tablecloth in blue will be very appropriate. And remember, all food must be freshly prepared and no canned food, then the festive table will surely be to the taste of the New Year and its talisman.

For a successful year, you must select the appropriate outfit and accessories. For women bracelets, hairpins made of wood or with its elements are welcome. Men should look for cufflinks in the form of a horse or a belt, where the horse is shown on the buckle.

Now clothes, colors range from blue to dark green colors. You can choose coffee, beige or chocolate colors, they will also be successful, and if three colors vary in clothes, then it will surely bring you good luck, because they say that a tricolor horse brings happiness.

Give preference to velvet and velor fabrics, and the final piece will be a hairstyle. Any kind of knotted tails will do, or a lush mane made with hairpins.

The best option for the celebration will be a wide, spacious room, but also the psychological mood for the holiday is important. Try, mentally clear of the problems and sadness that was in the old year and with new desires and pure thoughts go into the New Year.

The year of the horse promises to bring 365 days of peace and good luck. In this year, the undertakings of many people will come true, this is both career growth and business success. Only hardworking people will achieve great success and bring their affairs to the end. Depending on how you meet the horse, its help throughout the year will depend.

And a little advice that you need to use, celebrating every New Year. As is well known, thought can materialize, therefore desires that were made at midnight must be specific. For example, I do not want a lot of money, but let me have a certain amount, or do not just want to find a job, but I want to get a position of general manager, etc.

All cooking efforts will be pleasant, but dreams will come true, and do not forget about the gifts to each other, because giving positive emotions and receiving them in return has a very beneficial effect on the person.