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Therapeutic power of the three doshas: the beneficial properties and contraindications of cardamom


Long since cardamom was considered a rather expensive product. Doctors asserted the invaluable benefits of plants for the human body. Local healers helped people get up on their feet after suffering ailments. Currently, we have heard about the use of cardamom in the field of cooking. The product is often added as a spice for various dishes and drinks. However, only a few are able to evaluate the benefits of plants for the body.


  1. The naked eye can see that cardamom is very similar to the pods of the usual beans for us. Together with various products, a spicy plant is added in the form of leaves and seeds.
  2. Currently, quality cardamom is considered one of the most expensive seasonings. Also, the product has a high value worldwide. Useful and fragrant spice is collected in an unripe form.
  3. Further, the product is subject to mandatory drying. After that, the cardamom is moistened, the procedure is resumed. If you follow all the necessary rules for the preparation of the product, the output is fragrant and savory seasoning.
  4. The composition is widely used as a basic additive to various drinks. The plant is characterized by camphor aroma in a bright tangible form. To preserve the unique qualities of cardamom, it should be kept in appropriate conditions.
  5. The plant is recommended to be stored in containers made of natural materials. And cardamom should be in the form of pods or leaves. Cardboard packaging for storage is not suitable, in it the product quickly loses its inherent aroma.

Calorie and composition

  • Cardamom, like most plants, is famous for its rich chemical composition, which is of great benefit to the human body. In this case, the caloric content of the raw product is about 300-320 Kcal per 100 g.
  • Do not be afraid of such numbers. In the form of small additives to various dishes, cardamom is considered a dietary product. The chemical composition of the plant is quite diverse, it contains the entire group of vitamins B.
  • In addition, cardamom is rich in ascorbic acid, sodium, riboflavin, manganese, calcium, iron, thiamine, sodium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, pyridoxine.
  • Also, the product contains a considerable percentage of essential oils. In the aggregate, the enzymes have a pleasant aroma and a rather effective effect against most ailments.
  • Cardamom benefits

    1. For the circulatory system. With regular use of the product normal blood circulation. The rich chemical composition enriches the cells with oxygen, positively affects the joints and cartilage, making them strong. The spice is recommended to include in the diet of individuals who suffer from heart failure, rheumatism and circulatory problems. The systematic use of cardamom leads to stabilization of blood pressure and improve immunity.
    2. For the gastrointestinal tract. Cardamom is considered an excellent antioxidant, which is fully capable of removing toxic enzymes and slags from the digestive tract. In the process, the work of the latter is normalized. In ancient China, cardamom is actively used as an anti-aging agent. The product rejuvenates the body at the cellular level. The effectiveness of plants on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract is scientifically proven. It is recommended to use a few cardamom seeds if you are worried about nausea or vomiting. It is important to chew the product as long as possible.
    3. For the view. Cardamom in conjunction with natural honey has a positive effect on human vision. In addition, this composition favorably affects the work of the central nervous system.
    4. For body tone. If you want to cheer up all day, it is recommended to chew a couple of cardamom seeds early in the morning. Thus, optimism and positive mood are guaranteed. In addition, if you use the product on an empty stomach, cardamom eliminates the smell from the mouth. Passivity and lethargy of the body disappears.
    5. For the prevention of colds. It is strongly recommended to use cardamom during the off-season period. It is at this time that the height of viral infections is highest. The product actively cleans the respiratory tract from viruses and sputum. Cardamom tea prevents infectious colds and is considered an excellent means to strengthen the protective shell of a person.
    6. With oncology. Cardamom is actively used as a product that is opposed to oncological formations. It has been scientifically proven that the product helps patients relieve discomfort, improves overall health.
    7. For the genitourinary system. If you have ailments related to the genitourinary system, you need to combine the seeds of cardamom with a banana. The systematic use of funds will help get rid of cystitis and purulent inflammation of the genital organs. It is highly recommended to visit a specialist before this.
    8. For oral cavity. Cardamom seeds have antibacterial properties. If you systematically chew the product every morning, you will get rid of possible problems and inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Everything else breathing becomes fresh and pleasant.
    9. For sexual attraction. It is proved that the spice is actively used as an aphrodisiac. The product enhances sexual desire for the opposite sex. Cardamom saves the system from all sorts of pathologies. Also, the product is especially recommended for the stronger sex, the composition increases the potency.
    10. For the skin. The fair sex has found the use of seeds for cosmetic purposes. Various skin products with the addition of cardamom heals the skin and complexion. If you add the essential oil of this plant to the mixture, mimic wrinkles will soon disappear. Means based on cardamom and dairy products actively cope with dry skin and pigment spots.
    11. For hair. Means with the addition of seeds and cardamom oil are especially effective for luxurious hair. The product actively strengthens the hair structure, enriches hair follicles with beneficial enzymes. All metabolic processes in the scalp are activated.

    Harm cardamom

  • Like any product, cardamom can harm the body. It is forbidden to use the product in any form for individual intolerance and ulcerative disease.
  • During pregnancy and lactation, girls should also be more careful. Before eating spices, consult your doctor.
  • If you do not comply with the recommended portion of the product per day, cardamom abuse can cause severe diarrhea. Excess composition in the body leads to dehydration.
  • Cardamom seeds raise stamina and body tone. Therefore, the product is recommended to use both women and men. Strong sex especially recommended the use of cardamom, the plant will relieve from many ailments and will increase the potency, sexual desire by an order of magnitude.

    Composition and calorie

    The main component of cardamom is essential oil, which includes:

    • limonene (a hydrocarbon with a pronounced citrus odor) with anticancer activity,
    • terpineol (isomeric alcohol with a lilac smell) is a fragrant substance with antimicrobial properties,
    • borneol (alcohol with the smell of needles) reduces blood pressure,
    • Cineol (a hydrocarbon previously known as “equivalptol”) is an antiseptic, promotes expectoration,
    • amidone (opioid) with analgesic properties.

    Also, cardamom contains fatty oils, a set of vitamins and minerals:

    • B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin),
    • vitamin C,
    • zinc,
    • calcium,
    • iron,
    • copper,
    • sodium,
    • magnesium,
    • phosphorus,
    • manganese,
    • potassium.

    Cardamom seeds are high in calories and contain more than 311 kcal per 100 g. But among spices, this is far from the most "energetically charged" option.

    For the stomach

    Agni is a digestive fire. Indian doctors are sure: if agni is normal, then regular cardamom is enough to maintain balance. If the disturbances are serious, it is recommended to use heavenly grain in conjunction with other healing means.

    The property of cardamom, discovered even in antiquity, has a positive effect on the digestive system and is successfully used today.

    • Helps from bloating, flatulence and colic.
    • Prevents the development of hemorrhoids.
    • Clears the gastrointestinal tract.
    • Relieves from hiccups, heartburn and belching due to stabilization of acidity and neutralization of involuntary spasms of the walls of the stomach and intestines.
    • Copes with nausea and gagging.
    • Suitable for complex treatment of anorexia. Causes appetite and normalizes the secretion of gastric juice, strengthens the muscles of the stomach, stimulates digestion and metabolism.
    • Effective remedy for weight loss and obesity treatment: burns fat, eliminates the feeling of heaviness after eating. It does not irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and mouth.

    For constipation and diarrhea

    Cardamom is used to treat disorders of defecation. The mild effect of the spice allows you to take it to children and women during breastfeeding. Of course, after consulting with your doctor.

    For liquid stools, mix cardamom with calamus, dill and fennel in equal proportions and brew 1 tsp. the resulting mixture with 1 cup of boiling water.

    Young children are better to start this infusion with 1 tsp, gradually increasing the dosage, if no allergy is observed.

    When constipation, the spice is added to foods rich in fiber and oils. The maximum therapeutic effect is achieved by combining cardamom with fennel, ginger and asafotida.

    To improve nutrient absorption, it is recommended to combine cardamom with other seasonings, such as:


    Cardamom beats off cravings for sweets, normalizes gastrointestinal activity and metabolism, and contributes to healthy weight loss. Can be used in the form of diet tea, coffee supplements or honey. It is well combined with another spice, accelerating metabolism - cinnamon.

    • Fat burning tea. Brew 1 tsp. seeds in 250 ml of boiling water. Let steep under the lid for 20 minutes. Take half an hour before meals 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks.
    • Coffee in a thermos. Mix 1 dessert spoon of cardamom with 1 tbsp. l instant coffee, pour 300 ml of boiling water. Leave in a thermos overnight. Have a drink in the morning.
    • Coffee with cinnamon in the Turk. Pour into the Turk 1 tsp. cardamom, 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 tbsp. l ground coffee, add water. Bring to a boil, but do not let continue to boil: removed for a minute from the fire, put back, and so 2-3 times.
    • Cardamom honey. Mix 1 tsp. natural honey with 5 pre-milled grains of cardamom. Take daily.

    • With bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, colds and cough, it removes accumulated mucus from the body.
    • Reduces pain and hoarseness in sore throat, laryngitis and other diseases of the throat.
    • Restores the vocal cords.
    • In respiratory diseases, cardamom oil is rubbed into the chest area to facilitate breathing.
    • For pharyngitis, the throat is rinsed with an infusion of 1/2 tsp boiled in 200 ml of boiling water. cardamom seeds.

    For the genitourinary system

    Medieval healers used cardamom to solve urinary problems.

    In the modern world, the range of properties useful for the urogenital system has expanded.

    • Minimizes burning sensation.
    • Eliminates the delay in the excretion of urine.
    • Improves erectile function.
    • It prevents the accumulation of excess water in the body and reduces swelling.
    • Used as a diuretic in special collections for the treatment of nephritis, cystitis and gonorrhea.
    • Useful for kidney stones and gall bladder. But with cholelithiasis (ICD), caution is required: pain may increase.
    • Aphrodisiac: increases the potency and increases the duration of sexual intercourse. Overdose has the opposite effect.
    • It is recommended for prostate and prostate adenoma.
    • Positive effect on the health of candidiasis in combination with red pepper, garlic and asafotida, air, bay leaf and taboo bui (Tabebuia).

    It is from the taboo bark (second name: the ant tree) that Lapacho or Taheebo tea is produced.
    The recipe for a healing male drink:

    1. Take 0.5 liters of vodka.
    2. In vodka, add 1 tsp. shredded grains of cardamom, mix and send to a dark place at room temperature for two weeks.
    3. In the resulting tincture add 2 tsp. Sahara.
    4. Use at bedtime 50 ml.

    Nonalcoholic recipe: boil some cardamom seeds in milk, add honey to taste and take it every evening.

    Painkillers and antiseptic properties

    The Chinese, in turn, were addicted to chewing ground seeds to eliminate bad breath. And local medicine recommends cardamom as a sure remedy for headaches.

    • It is indicated for viral diseases and fever with high fever.
    • Weakens a toothache and freshens breath, as it kills pathogenic microorganisms in the oral cavity, prevents the development of caries.

    For the heart and blood vessels

    • A pair of cardamom kernels chewed in the mouth will help to overcome heart arrhythmia.
    • It improves cerebral circulation, is indicated for vasospasms, neutralizes headache.
    • Positive effect on the work of the heart muscle.
    • It is recommended for the treatment of hypotension. To combat low blood pressure 3-4 times a day, drink tea with ground spices.

    Ideal for cores: a mixture of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger.

    To cleanse the body

    Prepare an infusion of 1 tsp. crushed seeds and a glass of boiling water. Take hot.

    Phytonutrients, vitamins and essential oils contained in cardamom fight against free radicals, thereby realizing the antioxidant effect.

    • neutralizes the effect of caffeine when added to coffee,
    • serves as an antidote for snake bites, scorpions and poisonous insects,
    • used in food poisoning.

    Antidepressant and stimulant

    Residents of India and the Middle East regularly add cardamom to tea or coffee to maintain vitality and good mood.

    As Ayurveda says, seasoning gives a keen mind to thinking and balances the energy of movement - cotton (air).

    For these purposes, it is best to add ground spice to food cooked in ghee (gi) oil.

    Hindus note the following beneficial properties of cardamom:

    • tones, useful for active physical activity,
    • helps to cope with depression, apathy and lethargy, relieves anxiety and fatigue,
    • increases mental alertness
    • relieves insomnia.

    Recipe for sound sleep: 1 tsp. cardamom seeds pour 260 ml of water and boil for 10 minutes. After the broth cools down, strain it and take 40–50 ml warm 40–60 minutes before bedtime.

    For beauty and general health

    Malabsorption syndrome (a violation of the absorption of nutrients in the intestine) affects many important functions of the body. Cardamom helps get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of this disease.

    At home, you can prepare a refreshing drink that normalizes digestive processes, improves skin condition and promotes healthy weight loss.

    1. In the juice of 1 squeezed (or cut into slices) lemon, add 80 g chopped mint and 1 tsp. cardamom seeds.
    2. Pour 1.5 liters of boiling water.
    3. After complete cooling, place the honey (to taste).

    Reception of spices in combination with honey is good for the eyes.

    Also spice is popular with yoga fans.

    Benefits of Cardamom Oil

    Cardamom oil is used as an independent cosmetic product, the active component of masks and creams and perfume ingredient.

    • It helps to get rid of pigmentation, improves the complexion, makes the skin glow.
    • Fights acne, skin inflammation, including those caused by insect bites.
    • It slows down the aging process of the skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating the synthesis of collagen.
    • Reduces dry skin, therefore it is used to eliminate cracks in the tongue and in the anus area.
    • Allows you to cope with cellulite during therapeutic massage.

    Contraindications and possible harm

    1. It should refrain or, at a minimum, obtain permission from the doctor to pregnant women.
    2. Cardamom is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance.
    3. For people suffering from gastritis or gastric ulcer, it is better to exclude this ayurvedic product from the diet.
    4. Since the spice can increase blood pressure, it is dangerous for hypertensive patients.
    5. In chronic diseases of the stomach, pancreas and liver, cardamom can cause exacerbation of diseases. Therefore, medical advice is required.
    6. Ayurvedic healers (vaidya) do not give cardamom to children under 7 years old.

    Cooking Application

    Cardamom is suitable for adding to pastries, compotes and other drinks, sauces, rice, fruit and vegetable dishes, as well as fish and meat. Spice is combined with anise, cinnamon and cloves.

    Cardamom is also used as an additive to coffee in order to reveal the aroma of the drink, to enhance its tonic and warming properties.

    In exotic dishes often appear the green parts of the plant in fresh or dried form.

    Cardamom Types

    On sale you can find three types of queen of spices:

    • Green, or real. Growing in India. Thin, almost transparent green pods go to the preparation of desserts.
    • Black, or Bengali. It grows in Australia and Asia. Fruits resemble tiny coconuts with black seeds inside.
    • White is the fruit of green cardamom after special treatment with sulfur oxide to soften the taste and aroma and extend shelf life.

    Selection and storage

    • It is best to purchase the spice directly in the supplier countries.
    • When buying imported cardamom, give preference to whole fruits, as the aroma is richer and lasts longer.
    • For ground spices, specify whether it was milled: the whole pod or only the seeds. In the second case, the aroma and taste will be much brighter.
    • Store options are the least desirable, and here the only thing that is available to you is to check the packaging for integrity and date of production / shelf life.

    Store cardamom in a tightly closed glass jar in a dark and dry place.

    What is cardamom and how does it look

    Cardamom is a spice that is obtained after picking and drying the seeds twice in the boxes on the herb of the same name. The taste of useful spice is quite burning, so it is used in limited quantities so as not to cause harm to the body.

    The plant was first grown in India, where it has established itself as a spice, flavor, and antidote, effective against snake bites. In the future, by the merchants' efforts, the useful cardamom was distributed in other countries, where it very soon became quite popular due to the minimal harm in comparison with the benefits.

    Two plant species from the ginger family are grown:

    1. Green - small pods are used in cooking to create desserts.
    2. Black - large fruits with seeds of about 3-4 mm.

    The benefits and harms of cardamom for health largely depend on the variety, methods and duration of storage. If possible, it is recommended to purchase whole seeds, chop them immediately before use. To preserve the aroma and useful properties of the purchased ground spices, it is advisable to pour in hermetic packaging.

    Useful properties and composition

    What is so useful this spice, because its scope is really quite extensive, and cooking - only a small part of it. Cardamom is an amazing oriental plant that is a rich source of many important B and C vitamins, which affect the condition of the skin and hair, as well as support the body’s protective functions at the required level.

    The many-sided taste and aroma of the spice is explained by its complex and intricate composition, among the elements of which the cardamom essential oil stands out most clearly, which has an antiseptic, analgesic and healing properties.

    In addition, it contains a decent amount of minerals, micro-and macro-elements: phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, sodium.

    Due to its composition, cardamom is able to adjust the work of the digestive system, improve appetite and contribute to the release of a sufficient amount of gastric juice. Perhaps that is why in the times of ancient Rome it was with its help that they escaped the effects of overeating: the Romans drank tea based on cardamom, ginger and clove fruits.

    Such an unusual tea drink even nowadays can relieve pain and heaviness in the stomach, cope with indigestion, and also improve the overall tone of the body. Also, experts noted the ability of cardamom to positively affect the psycho-emotional state of a person: a calming effect, stimulation of brain activity, as well as good prevention of headaches.

    Cardamom is able to increase the overall tone and endurance of the body, which is very useful for people who often face increased mental or physical stress, with its help to really get rid of constant fatigue and increased body fatigue.

    In some medicinal herbal preparations, it is used to treat diseases of the genitourinary system, in addition, cardamom is considered a natural aphrodisiac, which is able to cope with male impotence.

    Also, this spice can be used to rinse a sore throat for colds and flu, as a natural antiseptic, and if cardamom is mixed with honey and consumed every day in the right amounts, it is also able to increase eyesight.

    It is also known that cardamom can be used even for weight loss and, although it is difficult to call it a low-calorie product, it is able to remove toxins and slags from the body in small quantities, which is very important for the process of dropping extra pounds.

    Nutritionists recommend using it along with coffee, not only does it reduce the harmful effects of caffeine on the human body, but also in this combination is able to protect it from high blood pressure.

    Use in cooking

    As we already said, it is a spice with a world name, it is added to almost all traditional Indian blends (masaly), in addition, it is actively used in cooking in other countries.

    For example, in Scandinavia, cardamom is added to meat and fish dishes, they are flavored with sausages, cheeses and pies, and they are also added to marinades for herring, herring, and sprat, they are actively used to enrich the flavor and taste of many liqueurs, punches and hot mulled wine. The Arabs from the most ancient times add it to coffee, and the Chinese - to tea. In Oriental cuisine, cardamom in combination with saffron and almonds are surely added to all festive dishes.

    Cardamom, like most other spices, is most useful in its fresh state, the already crushed or half-aged grains will not be so valuable and important to the human body.

    In general, this spice is distinguished by a rather pronounced, piquant, slightly camphor, burning and sometimes even with light lemon notes, taste, so that it cannot be very involved, since an unused stomach can react rather sharply to such an unusual taste range.

    It is important to know that cardamom has a number of its contraindications: it is not recommended to use for pregnant and lactating women, as well as for those who have acute gastritis, a stomach ulcer or other serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Cardamom - what is it

    India and Sri Lanka are considered the homeland of the herbaceous plant, although today it is cultivated in the countries of the East. Cardamom is a perennial tropical shrub that belongs to the ginger family. The value is represented by fruits located in pods that look like boxes, as in the photo picture. They are collected and dried in a special way. Popular green varieties from India and black, having the name of Javanese, with a sharp burning taste. Grains differ in mix of pleasant, spicy aromas:

    Cardamom - useful properties

    It is known the use of plant seeds in cooking as a spice, which has nothing to replace, added during cooking, to dishes, pastries. Useful properties of cardamom allow the use of seasoning in cosmetology, traditional, traditional medicine, in perfumery. It is important to take into account contraindications. The healing property of the plant is due to its composition, which includes:

    • fats,
    • carbohydrates
    • cellulose,
    • squirrels,
    • vitamin C,
    • thiamine
    • riboflavin,
    • pyridoxine
    • essential oils,
    • phytosterols,
    • magnesium,
    • phosphorus,
    • sodium,
    • potassium,
    • zinc,
    • manganese,
    • calcium,
    • iron.

    Cardamom oil, which has carminative qualities, acts as an antiseptic. Without forgetting about contraindications, you can use the tool:

    • bath - as a soothing, relaxing procedure
    • in the form of inhalation as expectorant for pneumonia, bronchitis,
    • inside - against heartburn, to improve digestion,
    • outwardly - for the treatment of skin, fungal diseases,
    • to rinse with diseases of the throat, mouth,
    • in the form of aromatherapy to calm the nervous system.

    What is cardamom for women?

    The important role of the healthy properties of seasoning play not only in the culinary delights that women create in the kitchen. Spice contributes to gaining slenderness, reducing obesity, helps to reduce painful symptoms during premenstrual syndrome. Being a powerful aphrodisiac, cardamom for women contributes to increasing sexual attractiveness, enhancing sexual desire. To prepare the composition that affects men, it is recommended to brew healthy tea, in which equal parts are added:

    Seasoning through the use of the composition of cosmetics helps women look perfect. Seeds in the recipes of masks, creams, scrubs contribute to:

    • skin rejuvenation
    • smoothing fine wrinkles,
    • stimulate skin tone,
    • activation of collagen production,
    • for hair - revitalizing bulbs,
    • healing strands, roots,
    • increase growth.

    Slimming cardamom

    Since ancient times, the medicinal properties of cardamom as a fat-burning agent are known. It was used in the composition of teas and decoctions, additives to dishes in the form of spices. A great effect is the use of this seasoning in combination with diets, especially when they are still added red pepper and cinnamon. The effect of cardamom for weight loss is based on the beneficial properties:

    • stimulate the work of the intestines to eliminate toxins,
    • accelerating the body's metabolic processes,
    • active burning of calories
    • reducing cravings for sweets,
    • fat burning.

    Cardamom - application

    Eastern seasoning - cardamom - useful properties and contraindications of which are known for hundreds of years, is used in modern life. Due to its healing properties, spice:

    • having the qualities of an analgesic, helps for toothache,
    • treats oral infections
    • normalizes vision
    • boosts immunity
    • clears the airways from mucus in case of bronchitis, cold,
    • normalizes pressure
    • relieves asthma.

    Cardamom helps:

    • cope with depression
    • calm the nervous system
    • improve brain function
    • reduce fatigue
    • cheer up
    • normalize blood circulation
    • relieve nausea
    • stabilize the gastrointestinal tract,
    • counteract the formation of cancer
    • cure cystitis, purulent inflammations of the genitourinary system,
    • lower cholesterol
    • cope with insomnia
    • speed up the metabolism
    • eliminate the smell from the mouth.

    Coffee with cardamom

    For coffee gourmets, the addition of ground beans to the drink will give a new refined taste and aroma. Such a composition reduces the state of depression, calms the nervous system. A useful property of the plant is to reduce the effect of caffeine on the body when ground powder is added to the drink. For making coffee with cardamom, you can pre-fry the grain, use it in the form of bolls, or grind it first. During the preparation of the drink, in a glass of water 2 pods of spices are added to the Turk:

    • before cooking,
    • after the readiness of coffee.

    Cardamom Tea

    Since ancient times in China, in Ceylon, it is customary to brew green, black tea with cardamom. It was believed that this is a useful tool for imparting wisdom, health promotion. Used ground grain as an additive to the main brew, adding ginger, cloves, red pepper to the drink. The easiest and most accessible recipe:

    • make tea in your favorite way,
    • add 2 flattened seed boxes,
    • drink with honey or milk.

    Cardamom Milk

    The beneficial properties of seasoning are improved by combining the ground seeds of the plant with honey. Using milk with cardamom, you can achieve positive results in the treatment of adults and children, it is important - do not forget about contraindications. When cooled, the composition helps reduce mucus secretion. A warm remedy helps:

    • calm the nervous system
    • relieve fatigue
    • improve heart performance
    • relax,
    • increase potency.

    Cardamom - contraindications

    Not excluding all the beneficial medicinal properties of this plant, it should be applied very carefully, observing the dosage. Abuse of seasoning may cause a laxative effect. Diarrhea will be followed by dehydration. When applying cardamom to treat, contraindications must be carefully observed so as not to cause trouble. Its use is excluded in the case of:

    • gastritis,
    • stomach ulcers,
    • pregnancy
    • spice intolerance,
    • during breastfeeding.

    How is cardamom useful for men and women?

    And this is what cardamom flowers look like on a branch

    We collected 15 healing properties of this fragrant spice. If in the list you mark something useful for yourself or family members, do not postpone it - after all, cardamom can be used as a preventive measure now. Without waiting for the full activation of the disease. When treating serious diseases, be sure to consult with experts!

    1. Cardamom stimulates the secretion of gastric juice. If you feel heavy after a hearty meal, chew cardamom. It activates the salivary glands and improves the functioning of the stomach,
    2. Removes hiccups, cramps and bloating. Against flatulence, you can take a mixture consisting of a teaspoon of cardamom, a piece of fresh ginger and a pinch of coriander. All ingredients are well chopped and brew in a glass of water,
    3. Improves blood circulation in the lungs and is useful for those who suffer from colds, bronchitis and asthma. This “warm” spice heats the body from the inside and helps cough up sputum. A few drops of cardamom oil can be added to boiling water and used for inhalation,
    4. Reduces cravings for sweets,
    5. Treats urinary tract infections, removes toxins from the kidneys. This is the least known property of cardamom,
    6. Strengthens the gums, heals mouth ulcers and refreshes breath,
    7. Improves the tone of voice,
    8. Removes nausea,
    9. Increases energy,
    10. Volatile Cardamom oils have antiseptic, soothing and antioxidant properties.. They help with headaches and depression, inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus,
    11. Cardamom contains substances "indole-3-carbinol" and "diindole-methane"that help fight prostate, ovarian and breast cancer,
    12. Potassium, Calcium and Magnesiumpresent in cardamom regulate blood pressure and heart rate,
    13. In cardamom there is copper, iron, vitamins C, B2 and B3 - all that is needed to combat anemia. A pinch of cardamom in a glass of milk helps to remove weakness and other symptoms of the disease,
    14. Cardamom is an excellent source of manganese - a mineral that plays a key role in the production of enzymes that destroy free radicals,
    15. Improves sex life.

    Few people know that the beneficial properties of cardamom can work wonders in the treatment of sexual disorders, such as premature ejaculation and impotence. Boil the seeds in the milk, add honey and drink the brew every evening. Excellent results guaranteed.

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    If you have a choice, prefer the fresh fruits of black cardamom!

    In Ayurveda, cardamom is called the “three dosha” spice, as it restores the balance of “kapha”, “vata” and “pitta”, which is considered the key to good health.

    Useful and healing properties of cardamom

    Unsaturated fats, proteins and carbohydrates raise the benefits of green cardamom to a new level. Typical properties of the product added to food are:

    • increase physical stamina
    • leveling the risk of heart attack,
    • removal of sleepiness, feelings of constant fatigue,
    • strengthening the nervous system.

    The macronutrients in the product combined with vitamins, minerals normalize the body's physiological processes, strengthen the immune system, and the beneficial properties of unsaturated fats and carbohydrates improve metabolism.

    For women

    Even in ancient times recognized the benefits of spices for women. Whole or ground seeds, if there are no idiosyncrasies or contraindications to the doctor, in some cases help to cure infertility. Toxicosis is perfectly removed by the seeds of a useful spice, which should be chewed just a little at the very first symptoms. Portions should be small, and the use of rare, that does not harm the woman and baby harm.

    Morning tea or coffee with a pinch of spice in combination with exercise will gradually reduce weight, which is a useful feature for many women, especially those who have reached a certain age.

    Similarly, the useful properties of the powder are used to grow and improve the condition of the hair, adding it to special masks.

    For men

    The properties of cardamom are widely used to improve potency. The simplest way is to use a special tincture.

    1. Take 500 grams of vodka.
    2. Add 1 tbsp. l chopped spices.
    3. Insist 20 days.
    4. Add 100 grams of granulated sugar.
    5. After 1–2 days, filter the tincture and take it daily around 30–50 g.

    Cardamom is an aphrodisiac, it not only normalizes the potency without harm, but also increases sexual desire, which, of course, is a useful property.

    In addition, it will increase disease resistance, which also has a beneficial effect on the quality of intimate life.

    Useful properties of cardamom for weight loss

    Stimulating the work of the intestines, accelerating the metabolism of cardamom is indispensable for losing weight. Ridding a person of extra pounds, the spice cleanses the body of toxins and slags that are harmful to health.

    The desired result is achieved in several ways, creating means useful for losing weight on the basis of spices:

    1. Массажное масло борется с целлюлитом, смешивается оливковое масло с несколькими каплями эссенций кардамона и чайного дерева.
    2. Herbal tincture of chamomile, hypericum and linden flowers are mixed with cardamom grains and ginger root, poured with a glass of boiled water. Drink in small sips.
    3. Tea: brew 4-5 grains of spice with a portion of green tea. It is advisable to liter a liter of liquid over a low heat for about 5 minutes and drink throughout the day.
    4. It is recommended to carry the mixture with cinnamon with you, adding a pinch in food and drink, so that the beneficial properties of the drug act without interruption.

    The simplest recipe with cardamom for weight loss is to brew the grain as ordinary tea and use it before meals every morning for no more than 14–15 days before meals. Further, such frequent use may be harmful. It is allowed to simply chew on a few grains, but not everyone likes the taste of the spice in its raw form.

    Medical recipes with cardamom in medicine

    The benefits of cardamom health is the ability to get rid of the disease, as well as to prevent many diseases. The beneficial properties of seeds give an anthelmintic effect, help in the treatment of the sexual and cardiovascular systems, diseases of the brain, nervous system, hypertension, respiratory tract, improve eyesight.

    Infusion of cardamom for insomnia

    To get rid of insomnia will help infusion tea or milk. In the first case, chamomile flowers, green tea leaves, cardamom seeds and 300–500 g of water are used. The mixture with useful properties is brought to a boil and allowed to stand for 1-2 hours.

    Similarly, it is allowed to use a decoction of the fruit without any additives, using 1 tsp. funds for a glass of water. Milk with cardamom before bedtime, for the preparation of which 2–3 grains are used, brings undoubted benefits. Doctors advise this drink as a sedative for getting out of depression, which does not harm the body.

    Tincture on cardamom

    The beneficial effect of cardamom is well manifested during the use of tincture. Drinking relieves pain in the joints, stomach, cures intermittent sleep. Earlier alcohol was used for its preparation, now they buy vodka (500 g), which is diluted with the same amount of water, 300 g of sugar and 4 g of grains are put.

    1. 3-4 days infused vodka with grains.
    2. Cooked syrup from water and sugar, which after cooling is added to the total mixture.
    3. A few hours later brew need to filter.

    Use tincture with useful properties in a few days. Store in the refrigerator.

    Cardamom essential oil: properties and uses

    Among the unique properties of cardamom extract:

    • diuretic,
    • carminative,
    • disinfectant
    • antiseptic.

    Especially effective oil in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and psychosomatic diseases. Its beneficial properties are often used to neutralize heartburn, improve appetite. Cardamom oil helps burn and break down fats, improves liver function. The antiseptic properties of the agent are used with benefit in the treatment of laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and to relieve muscle and joint pain.

    Cardamom oil is widely used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. Being anti-aging, it increases collagen synthesis, restores skin structure and elasticity. Spice has anti-cellulite effect, has deodorizing properties, relaxes muscles during massage or after active sports.

    Where to add cardamom

    The use of cardamom in cooking is quite diverse. It is added to food independently or in combination with other spices. Being dried and milled, it perfectly complements the taste of meat and fish dishes, pastries, salads.

    Pleasant taste guarantees healthy spice in drinks, especially coffee, awakens appetite, serves as a sedative and tinting agent. But do not forget that with excessive use of cardamom increases the pressure. The crushed powder will not harm as a flavoring fruit mousses, jelly, compotes, as well as brines, pickles and tinctures, while the beneficial properties are fully preserved.

    How to grind cardamom

    For grinding cardamom seeds, use a coffee grinder, a small mortar or a spice mill, even a rolling pin with a plank. It all depends on how fine the grinding should be. However, if cardamom is needed for the heart, better health, or is simply often used in the kitchen, it is better to purchase a separate mill, a coffee grinder. Otherwise, the specific taste and aroma will be transferred to other products processed in the same apparatus.


    The benefits and harms of cardamom occur depending on which category of people use it. Spice with useful properties, mainly contraindicated for hypertensive patients, pregnant women, people with gastrointestinal problems. In reasonable quantities, the seeds will help preserve the shape, improve the immune system, strengthen the immune system.

    Fragrant greetings from the Ancient East

    According to some sources, the useful properties and contraindications of cardamom were discovered by the ancient Babylonians to the world.

    It is believed that the spice was grown in the famous hanging gardens and actively used:

    • in cooking,
    • for the treatment of various diseases
    • during cosmetic procedures,
    • in aromatherapy.

    According to another version, cardamom has found its use in ancient India, where it grows in large numbers. In addition, Sri Lanka, Burma, Guatemala and South China are considered his birthplace. There it is found on steep slopes that rise more than 1200 meters above sea level.

    The plant belongs to the "Ginger" family. It is characterized by a large and fleshy rhizome in the form of tubers. It produces dense shoots, which sometimes reach a height of about 3 m. At the base of the shoots grow large lanceolate leaves, painted in bright green color. On the front and back of the plate the main core is visible. From it, small streaks emanate in different directions, creating original patterns.

    During the flowering period, the paniculate or spica-shaped buds appear at the top of the stems. They resemble a curved tongue or curved hood. The petals are painted in pale lilac or white. Inside each of them are blue or dark purple streaks. And the edges are framed by a light green rim. After successful pollination, cardamom fruits are formed, whose beneficial properties and contraindications are appreciated by attentive herbalists. Often they are in the form of boxes, filled with seeds of a round or trihedral shape. The surface of the grain is wrinkled. Length approximately 4 mm. They produce a pleasant sweet flavor.

    Since the plant develops very slowly, the first crop is harvested in the 4th year after planting. But then spice brings an abundance of fruits.

    The unique exotic Oriental spices

    There are 2 types of seeds "paradise grain". Green cardamom is a low plant that is cultivated in tropical countries. Fruits are harvested before full maturity, then spread under a canopy and dried. Grains emit a resinous aroma, and the taste is reminiscent of lemon. The product is used to give desserts a savory taste and smell.

    The fruits of black cardamom differ in hairy surface. From the side they resemble miniature coconuts, consisting of three chambers. Each of them is filled with seeds, the size of which is about 3 mm. Compared to green cardamom, black grains are much sweeter. At the same time a sharp taste of smoked meat is felt. The fruits are actively used in cooking, as well as for the manufacture of cardamom oil - a valuable therapeutic drug.

    To get white cardamom, ripe grain boxes are treated with a special solution (sulfuric anhydride). Due to this it turns out the spice of sweetish taste, which is added to drinks, pastries and soups.

    Exotic cardamom: beneficial properties and contraindications

    The extensive use of tropical spice over the centuries has shown its indescribable value. The composition of the "paradise grain" includes:

    • essential oils,
    • vitamins of group B and C,
    • calcium,
    • phosphorus,
    • zinc,
    • magnesium,
    • squirrels,
    • manganese,
    • sodium,
    • copper,
    • potassium,
    • iron.

    In addition, the beneficial properties of cardamom are explained by the presence in the fruits of fatty acids, proteins and carbohydrates. The seeds of this culture are considered antioxidant. If you add them to coffee or tea, the level of caffeine decreases. This drink will appeal not only to adults, but also teenagers. Let's try to figure out how cardamom is useful for improving human health.

    "Eat, drink, have fun" no problem

    The use of "paradise grain" stimulates the digestive tract and cleans from slags. Most often, tea is prepared for this purpose, which includes:

    A similar drink is used for diarrhea, but fennel or a little dill and calamus are added to it. The healing properties of cardamom are manifested in the fight against flatulence and constipation. For this, the seeds of culture are put into dishes cooked for lunch or chewed after a meal. This approach helps to eliminate not only flatulence, but also relieves the urge to vomit, nausea, hiccups and even dizziness.

    For tincture take ½ teaspoon of ground grain. Pour a glass of boiling water and insist about 10 minutes. Strained liquid drink as problems arise.

    Healthy skin and "female happiness"

    In some cases, the use and contraindications of cardamom cause distrust of the product. However, practice shows that the spice has antiseptic properties.

    Therefore, it is used to prepare various tinctures used to treat skin diseases:

    • all kinds of fungi,
    • lichen,
    • scabies,
    • skin regeneration.

    In addition, the use of cardamom in cosmetology occupies a special place. Regular use of tinctures or decoctions helps to rejuvenate the skin of the face and its elasticity. Some of them are taken orally, others for external wiping. Due to this, the skin tone is increased, and mimic wrinkles are smoothed.

    Especially impressive is cardamom for women who have gynecological problems. Under the supervision of a doctor, with the help of spices, women treat candidiasis. For some, it helps eliminate menstrual failures due to stressful situations.

    To avoid unforeseen situations, it is better not to take the spice to pregnant women.

    The simple way to a slim figure

    To get rid of extra pounds, people with big forms often make great sacrifices. Some people go in for sports, others exhaust themselves with hunger or diets. However, the use of cardamom for weight loss has helped many to find a slim figure.

    To do this, prepare special teas:

    1. A teaspoon of grains is poured with a glass of boiling water. Insist 10 minutes. Take 14 days 30 minutes before the start of the meal, and then take a break for 2 weeks.
    2. In ordinary green tea add ½ teaspoon ground spices. Drink better insist in a thermos for 12 hours. Take before meals, diluted with clean water.
    3. Chopped ginger and cardamom pour hot water. Add mint, hibiscus or green tea. Insist in a thermos for about 14 hours. Accept as a brew for a slimming stimulating drink.

    As you can see, the instructions for use of cardamom for weight loss is quite simple. The main thing is to strictly follow the recommendations of the preparation of the product and consult with your doctor, so as not to harm health.

    Culinary masterpieces and "paradise grain"

    For hundreds of years, the spice has been used to prepare various dishes. Indian cooks put it in amazing sweet rice and soft drink "Lassi". Add to all sorts of oriental delicacies. Often combined with hazelnuts or fruit.

    In Europe, the active use of cardamom in cooking has revealed its amazing taste and aroma. Often the spice is used:

    • for decoration of fruit salads, ice cream, cottage cheese casserole,
    • when flavoring pies, cakes, pastries and cookies,
    • as a flavor enhancing ingredient in vegetable stews, soups, sauces,
    • as a piquant addition to drinks.

    There are various ways to use cardamom to get a great dish. It is interesting that not only whole fruits are used, but also ground seeds, buds, fresh leaves, rhizome. Particularly impressive is the amazing drink made from 2 ingredients. Fresh milk is brought to a boil and several spice grains are put into it. The finished drink is consumed after a slight cooling. Seeds can be removed from the drink and eaten separately, with a fine cocktail.

    The amazing beneficial properties of cardamom with milk are manifested in such relationships:

    • strengthening the body's defenses
    • mental stimulation,
    • help to cope with despondency and depression
    • normalize the menstrual cycle in women
    • eliminate chronic fatigue.

    No less useful product derived from the culture - cardamom honey. It is used as an independent delicacy or as an additive to drinks. During the cold season, it is especially useful in treating sore throat, flu, or the common cold. Regular consumption of honey helps to keep fit and successfully endure the epidemic.

    Deep studies of spices have shown that it has virtually no contraindications. However, you should listen to your body if you do not know what cardamom is and what it is eaten with. You should always remember the individuality of each person and take into account the advice of experts. Then good health will be an integral part of the personality.