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How to make a real make-up in Indian style?


Indian makeup, like many oriental arts, has followed established traditions over the centuries. Of course, now more experiments with color gamut are allowed, and new cosmetic products open an unprecedented scope for the make-up artist's creativity. But ruddy cheeks, expressive arrows, black fluffy eyelashes and bright lips are the necessary attributes of Indian beauty's makeup.

More information about its traditions, as well as the secrets of creating a unique image, you will find further in the article.

Important nuance

To make-up look beautiful and harmonious, it must be combined with the skin tone of its owner. In India, for centuries, there was a caste system of social division, in which noble women did not do physical work and retained a pale, unburnt complexion. Commoners, on the contrary, had very dark skin. Therefore, to this day pallor remains one of the standards of beauty. Previously, beauties resorted to different tricks - from bleaching masks to powder made from dried herbs. Today, cosmetics pursue the same goal, but many girls reject old prejudices and do not feel at all about their skin color.

Therefore, well-made makeup in Indian style will suit not only dark-skinned women. Women with a light skin tone can also wear it with success.

Natural beauty

The daily makeup of Indian girls is not much different from the makeup of girls of any other country: it is discreet, not defiant, without excessive accents. Sometimes it is allowed to use more saturated colors, which is associated with a darker skin tone.

Let's take a look at how to do unobtrusive everyday makeup. A photo of a girl with makeup and without a clear demonstration of its purpose - to hide flaws, to refresh the look and highlight the natural beauty:

Makeup for every day

Here's how to repeat it:

  1. To refresh the skin and save time, which is so expensive in everyday haste, mix a small amount of moisturizing and foundation cream or primer on the palm of your hand, if you need special makeup resistance. With a wide flat brush, blend the resulting substance on the face.
  2. Then apply concealer on the area around the eyes, the wings of the nose, mouth, as well as any redness and imperfections of the skin. Powder face.
  3. Highlight highlight cheekbones. Blend it carefully so that it remains in the form of clear shiny stripes on the face.
  4. Smile, and on apples of cheeks, apply a soft blush that is well suited to your skin tone.
  5. The same applies to lipstick. Let it be moderately bright and look quite natural.
  6. Use a brown pencil to thin your eyes very thinly, and then apply matte brown shadows on the upper eyelid.
  7. Add some highlighter to the area near the bridge of the nose and under the eyebrow. Curl the eyelashes with forceps and color them. This work is over.

Glitter and luxury

Of particular interest is the festive and Indian wedding makeup. It looks very impressive and allows you to roam the imagination of a make-up artist.

If in the European tradition the bride wears a white dress and should look fresh and innocent, then in the Indian tradition rich colors in clothes, rich jewelry and appropriate makeup are welcomed. Photos of the bride, dressed in national style, will prove this statement:

And it is true both for the bride and for the guests of the celebration.

Therefore, Indian makeup should be expressive enough to match the woman’s décor and emphasize her beauty. Golden shades are found everywhere - from sewing on clothes and numerous decorations to brilliant shades and lipstick.

How to make Indian makeup?

Let's take a detailed look at how to make a bright, expressive make-up, which will be appropriate in special cases:

  • Let's start with the eyes. Apply liquid bronze shadows to the mobile eyelid, which will serve as a base, but not only to keep other shades on the skin longer, but also to have a brighter color.
  • Then, gently paint over the same area with an applicator or brush with shades of a muted bronze color with sparkles, and apply a burgundy shade over the bronze color.
  • Let us proceed to the alignment of complexion. With the help of a beauty blender, apply foundation to the skin. If necessary, use the corrector.
  • Then apply loose powder with a big fluffy brush - so the coating will be as thin and natural as possible, but the powder can “fix” the makeup.
  • When skin imperfections (including circles under the eyes) are masked, you can proceed to the final touches, which will make the makeup unique. Mix the bronze and burgundy color and give them the lower eyelid. Apply golden shadows to the corner of the eye.

Expressive look

  • It's time to make one of the most impressive elements of makeup - the arrow. Black, glossy and necessarily clear - they instantly give the eyes a special expressiveness.
  • Curl your eyelashes with tweezers and paint them with mascara. It is advisable to apply 2-3 coats of the product. Do not forget about the eyelashes on the lower eyelid. Since this eyeliner does not use eyeliner on the "water line" of the eye, you must use mascara to give expressiveness to the lower border of the eyes.
  • If desired, use artificial eyelashes and correct eyebrows with a dark pencil.
  • Then, using a bronzer, highlight the area under the cheekbones, and blush highlight the “apples” of the cheeks. Carefully blend both products. Then apply a highlighter to the cheekbones, leaving no clear boundaries after it is applied.
  • It remains only to make up your lips. In this make-up used a beautiful complex color, which echoes the color of the shadows - warm red-pink. It is better to use a brush to apply it gently, then blot with a napkin and again make up the lips. So lipstick will last much longer.

Indian women often combine bright lip color and expressive eye makeup. But if you think that this way the image turns out to be overloaded, then you can use lipstick in beige tones.

Fatal beauty

No less attractive and looks like this makeup. Glittering eyes and bright juicy lips - this is not an option for every day, but for a holiday or a celebration.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Shadow beige pencil shadows paint over the entire moving eyelid. Spread the cover evenly with your finger.
  2. Then paint over the pencil with brilliant shades of light color with a golden hue, and dark gray shadows highlight a corner of the eye in the shape of an inverted “V”. Carefully blend the border between shades.
  3. Place the upper and lower lash line and the inside of the eye mucosa. Pencil on the lower eyelid can be a little shade.

  1. Apply 2 layers of bulk mascara to the eyelashes.
  2. Align the skin tone and apply a rouge and highlighter. Try to achieve a gentle, barely noticeable effect, because this is a very expressive make-up.
  3. And on the lips, apply bright red lipstick with a wet finish.

This image will look good on light and dark-skinned girls.

Perfect tone

Any make-up begins with the creation of a foundation, that is, an ideal tone. Residents of sunny and warm India are famous for their stunning tan, so a dark complexion will be more than appropriate. To get it, sunbathe or visit the solarium.

But if you are naturally light-skinned, then you can fix it with the help of tanning or bronzer. To avoid the effect of the mask, apply a tonal tool should not only be on the face, but also on the chin and neck. In addition, you need to choose a suitable color, not too different from your natural one.

Important: be sure to mask all the flaws, such as pimples, redness, black spots. And to avoid the appearance of ugly greasy, powder face.

Focus on the eyes

How to make Indian makeup with your own hands? First of all, you should emphasize the eyes, which should become the main focus of the face and acquire expressiveness, which will make the look deep and somewhat mysterious. To create a traditional make-up in the best traditions of India, you should use the shadow, and best of all pearl and having a dense structure. Liquid remedy will do, although you can use crumbly, but persistent.

Indian beauties prefer warm and rich shades of shadows, such as chocolate, peach, golden. But with bright colors it is worth being careful, as they can create the effect of soreness or tired eyes.

And if the warm gamma does not suit you, then use cold, but preferably deep and rich tones, combined with your eyes and emphasizing their natural beauty. To look like a real resident of India, use two shades: dark and lighter.

Shadows are applied as follows:

  1. First, draw a horizontal line over almost the entire upper eyelid with light shadows.
  2. Next on the mobile eyelid, apply a dark shade.
  3. The same saturated color needs to draw the fold, bringing the contour to the inner corner, which should be emphasized with light shadows.
  4. Also, light color is applied almost under the eyebrows.
  5. Next, gently blend all the borders so that they remain invisible.

Eyes will not be expressive without luxurious eyelashes. To dye them, use mascara, which will give length and volume, but will not create a bonding effect. Cilia should be fluffy, but remain natural.

You can also use eyeliner or pencil to highlight the eyes. This tool emphasize the line of growth of eyelashes. In the central part of the circuit may expand somewhat. You can finish it with a thin slightly raised tail, a little beyond the outer corner. You can also emphasize the lower eyelid with a thin line.

The eyebrows are a peculiar frame of the eyes, which are also given special attention. They should be wide enough, expressive and dark. But do not overdo it so as not to look ridiculous. It is enough to select this part of the face with pencil or shadows, slightly expanding the contour, if it is thin. If the form is far from ideal, then make corrections before using cosmetics.

Sensual lips

Beautiful Indian makeup can not do without sensual lips. And to make them expressive and seductive, choose juicy and rich colors, such as red, burgundy, wine, cherry or coral.

Also relevant are golden and peach tones. To highlight the lips, it is best to use persistent pearl lipstick, the shimmer of which will add extra volume and draw attention to this part of the face. And so that your lips do not look too vulgar, you can apply the tool not in the usual way, but with a brush or finger. You can also blot the surface with a cloth once, so that the layer is not too dense.

If you wish, you can mark the contour of the lips with a pencil. Apply it gently, without going beyond the edges. Such a cosmetic product may be the same color as lipstick, or it may differ from it by one or two tones. In any case, it is not necessary to highlight the contour: it may look ridiculous and vulgar.

Tip: if you have a lipstick with a matte texture, then apply a transparent or shimmer-complemented gloss over it.

Finishing touch

You can complete a bright and interesting make-up in Indian style with a traditional touch like a bindi, that is, a dot on the forehead. Previously, it was applied exclusively by married women, but today it has lost its original meaning and performs only decorative functions.

Bindi can be painted with any persistent cosmetic. The color can also be almost anything, but it is better to combine it with the range in which the makeup is made. Another way to make a bindi is to glue a decorative element. And it can be not only a point, but also an oval. Jewelry looks unusual in the form of flowers, crescents. You can also try to collect a drawing from rhinestones.

Make a stunning Indian-style makeup and discover yourself from the new side!

Indian makeup rules

Indian make-up has many special features, but its use is made very bright colors.

  • It is important in this case that the colors were natural, without neon brightness.
  • In the make-up of Indian girls the accents to the eyes and lips are harmoniously combined, moreover - special attention is paid to drawing the eyebrows with highlighting their contour.
  • And Indian makeup can not be imagined without such an expressive element as a bindi - this is a bright point, which is most often "put" between the eyebrows. Now Bindi is more of a decorative element that does not have a special semantic load, but initially in India, unmarried girls added such detail to their image.

Techniques of indian eye makeup

If you own the main make-up technicians, then make makeup in Indian style for you will not be difficult. In the eye make-up, it is important to take into account two points: it must be really very bright and visually enlarge the eyes (not a bit, but grotesquely).

Indian eye makeup includes, as a rule, the following elements:

  • Arrows. Usually you want to draw a classic graphic black arrows with a pointed tip. Therefore, it is better to use not the shadows, but the liquid eyeliner or, for example, the liner-marker like the SuperLiner Perfect Slim from L'OréalParis.

To draw the perfect black arrows, watch our step by step video!

  • Internal contour liner. Only shooters in Indian makeup is not enough. In order to accentuate the eyes even more, Indian girls also bring down the mucous with Cayal - and they use either the same black tint or a brighter one, for example, emerald green. The eyeliner needs to be executed on all contour, and not just from below.

  • Smokey IceSmokey effect will complement the arrows and contour selection. It is also important to provide for the sharpening of the haze area at the outer corner, so that as a result eye makeup will take the form of a drop. For this, it is convenient to use liquid shadows like EyeTint from Giorgio Armani.
  • Light shimmering shadows (for example, champagne colors) should be applied to the inner side, and the outer part of the eyelids, on the contrary, should be darkened. The dark shade of the shadows will need to be “put” in the fold - this technique always increases the eyes visually. Pay attention to shading so that the color transitions are soft and smooth.

  • Eyelashes. If you are not a fan of false eyelashes, use mascara with a drama effect, which simultaneously lengthens the eyelashes, adds volume and gives them an elegant curve. Note, for example, on Monsieur Big from Lancôme.

Indian style lip makeup

In lip makeup, if you perform it like Indian girls, there are different options. The first is to leave them neutral by using lipstick from the nude palette or a transparent balm. However, it would not be a mistake to make up your lips no less bright than your eyes - in red, for example. The main thing - to choose a shade that will be in harmony with eye makeup and the color scheme of clothing.


Make-up in Indian style is suitable for everyday wear, and for some special occasions. It all depends on what stylistic accents and tones you take as a basis. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of Indian-style makeup is that it focuses on both lips and eye-catching eyes simultaneously. So that everything does not look vulgar and ugly, you need to carefully consider the color palette, in which all shades will be combined with each other and play with new tones.

Another important point is that the skin should be carefully prepared for such makeup.. Indian women have almost always perfect skin. So, to make your makeup look like a real oriental, carefully prepare your face, putting a foundation and tone on it. Against the face of a swarthy face, saturated colors look much better. If by nature you are very light-skinned, then you can pick up the tone a few shades darker or use a bronzer.

Bright Indian makeup is more suitable for girls with fairly tanned skin.

How to do?

If you want to get makeup like a real Indian woman, just follow the instructions, performing step by step all the items.

  • First of all, cleanse the skin with tonic or milk. Then, to make the foundation fit on the skin better, moisturize the skin with a simple cream. Correct all deficiencies and reddening on the face using concealer and foundation. If you prefer, you can make the skin more dark, or contour the face with a bronzer and highlighter.
  • Next, you need to make eyebrows. У индианок они, как правило, достаточно густые и темные, поэтому их нужно подвести при помощи теней или карандаша. Прорисуйте волоски, растушуйте штришки и закрепите все, чтобы брови смотрелись более естественно. Так вы сделаете брови натуральными, но, в то же время, приближенными к идеалу восточной красоты.
  • Акцент на глазах вы сможете сделать при помощи теней. To make the eyes big and beautiful, emphasize them with the help of light shadows. You can take light brown, beige or other delicate shade. Blend them all over the century.
  • Then, using a more saturated tone, trace the fold of the eyelid and display a neat arrow. It should not be too clear, because in the future you will still work on it. Indian women always emphasize their eyes with antimony or a simple black liner. Draw the eyelash growth line and output a neat graphical arrow beyond the outer corner of the eye. The tail should not be particularly long - the main thing is that it visually opens its eyes and makes it look more sexy. Next, emphasize the eyes with a layer of black teshi. This will help make the eyes more expressive.
  • Adjust face shape and you can emphasize your positive aspects with the help of a highlighter and light blush. It will make your appearance more healthy and well-groomed.
  • The final stage of Indian makeup - lips. In Indian women, they are slightly swollen and very beautiful. To make them so, use a contour pencil and bright lipstick. The contour helps to make the lips visually more voluminous, and bright lipstick will give sexuality.

Makeup in Indian style: photo gradually

1. Carefully cleanse the skin using milk and tonic, apply a moisturizer.

2. Correcting the agent, gloss over the flaws and defects, apply the foundation. If the skin is dark-skinned by nature, choose a foundation that fits its shade as precisely as possible. Light-skinned girls need to apply to the skin tanning cream or tonal tool a darker shade. In the latter case, the cosmetic base is also applied to the neck, so that there is no sudden transition of shades.

3. The next stage - thick, dark and long eyebrows. The shape of the eyebrows can be corrected with shadows or a dark eyebrow pencil, drawing the missing hairs.

4. Indian eye makeup involves the use of horizontal shading technique. Light shadows (for example, peach) are applied to the entire surface of the upper eyelid. With shadows of a darker shade, draw the fold and connect it with the outer corner of the eye.

5. Use black eyeliner or a soft black pencil to draw arrows along the eyelash growth line in the upper and lower eyelids, connecting them at the outer corner and slightly raising the tail.

6. Apply a black extension mascara in 3-4 layers to make the eyes as expressive as possible.

7. Blush neutral tint applied to the cheekbones.

8. With a contour, carefully trace the borders of the lips and apply lipstick of a rich, bright color.

9. Draw or paste bindi.

How to choose eye shadow and lipstick for making Indian makeup

Pay attention to the friable pearly shades of light shades. Dark-skinned girls are advised to use terracotta, olive, peach, sandy, silver, gold, pale pink, light blue or violet shades of shadows. White skin is more suitable range of green, yellow or purple shades.

Lipstick choose red, purple or coral color. In this case, pearl texture is preferable. If the lips are not sufficiently voluminous, you can put a little gloss on their central part.

How to apply bindi to complete Indian makeup

A special point on the forehead - bindi red or black, used to wear only married women. Today, the ritual significance of this element has lost its relevance and bindi is considered, rather, an ornament and part of makeup. You can draw a point or use overhead elements that come in the shape of a circle, oval, crescent, or triangle. Bindi can be decorated with stones and have different colors, which facilitates her choice for different clothes.

Different point shapes can visually change the shape of a face and correct minor imperfections. Large round dots will suit girls with big eyes, small bindies look better with small eyes.

If the forehead is wide - choose a round point. The small, narrow forehead can be visually “expanded” by using an oblong or oval shaped bindi. For girls with dark skin, sandalwood, pink or orange dots are more suitable, but it is better to refuse metallic color, chocolate or red. Fat women are perfect bindi bright red.

If there is no experience of applying bindi with a special paint, the best option is to use ready-made stickers.

Performance technique

As with any makeup, Indian style also has its own characteristics in the technique of execution.

The order of execution of Indian make-up in stages:

  • To begin with, we clean the skin of the face. Milk or tonic will be suitable for these purposes; our task is to do this carefully but carefully. After cleansing, apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream and begin to perform Indian express makeup.
  • Further work for the proofreader, with its help you need to get rid of small imperfections, so that the skin looked perfect. Then you can safely apply the foundation. If the skin is tanned by nature, then tonalnik pick up the tone to the skin. If you want to achieve the effect of dark skin, then it is better to use the cream on a darker tone, in this case do not forget to put a foundation on the neck. Ideally, use tanning.
  • No oriental make-up will not look complete without thick broad eyebrows. A pencil or shadows that you need to draw a shape and draw the missing hairs are suitable for this purpose.
  • We turn to eye makeup. Here the horizontal application technique is used. We start with light shades, peach tastes perfectly, they are applied to the whole eyelid. Then you should take the shades of brown, draw the crease of the eyelid and connect it to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Next, we need a liquid black eyeliner and a pencil of the same color, which should be applied with arrows along the lash line, both in the upper and the lower eyelids. Do not forget, connecting the lines, slightly raise the tail of the arrow.
  • To complete eye makeup should be mascara with the effect of elongation, which is applied in three to four layers. You can also use false eyelashes, as the eyes should not be too bright, but the most expressive.
  • Blush is best suited faint, neutral shades that are applied to the cheekbones.
  • This makeup will suit any bright lipstick, but in order for it to lie flat, you should draw a contour with a pencil, and then fill the space with a bright saturated color.

How to choose the right makeup for Indian-style makeup?

In order to make make-up as appropriate as possible, you should pay attention to the following rules:

  • First of all, you can use friable pearly shadows, here you will definitely not lose. Olive, peach, silver, pale pink, blue and purple shades are also excellent for tanned skin. When choosing, pay attention to your eye and hair color to get the most out of it. If you have fair skin, then pay attention to the green, yellow, purple color scheme.
  • As for the lips, lipstick should be chosen bright. The classic version is red. Also suitable purple or coral lipstick. Look great products with pearl texture. In make-up artists there is such a trick to make the lips more plump, for this you need to put a little shine in the center.
  • Indian makeup will not look complete without bindi. This particular point on the forehead is usually performed in red or black. Initially, only married women drew bindi on their foreheads. Today it no longer has any relevance, and draw a dot on the forehead as decorations and as a bright element of Indian culture. And it is chosen completely individually. Bindi can be drawn, you can buy special rhinestones, which are available in various forms, and paste. And if before the choice was limited to two colors, now you can use absolutely any color, combine decoration with a dress and so on. With the help of this simple element, you can even adjust the face, for example, owners of large eyes will fit big and round bindi, but small dots are combined with small eyes. For a wide forehead fit bindi round, for small and narrow - oblong and oval. Tanned ladies fit elements in pink and orange colors. Lush women better to opt for bright red flowers.

Indian makeup is a real decoration for any dark-skinned girl, as well as a great opportunity to experiment with colors and create a truly unique image.