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The most anticipated foreign series of 2016


The devil is tired of ruling hell and moved to Earth. This is the plot of the Lucifer comic, created by Vertigo, a division of DC Comics. This is a branch of the famous graphic novel “The Sandman”, which has long been tried to film, but it still does not work out. Lucifer was more fortunate: it’s already filmed on the Fox series.

Script writers decided to add features of a detective story to mysticism. Lucifer will, oddly enough, help the police catch criminals. The team of the series is famous: the producer is the creator of Pirates of the Caribbean, Jerry Bruckheimer, and the pilot episode was shot by the director of The Other World Len Wiseman.

9 place Wizards Fantasy, channel SyFy. Premiere January 25

There are no TV shows on Harry Potter yet, but Wizards is a potentially good substitute for such a TV show. The Syfy channel is filming Lev Grossman’s book about a college where magic is taught, not only children, but older boys and girls who have already grown up in the Muggle world. The main character Quentin Coldwater, for example, is a role-playing player and a fan of all kinds of fantasy.

However, the college does not at all become the embodiment of its dreams: magic turns out to be a complex science, requiring not weak intelligence, classmates are jealous rivals, and the magic world is a rather dangerous place.

8 place World of the Wild West Fantastic, HBO channel. Premiere in the fall of 2016

Remakes of old fiction everywhere, in movies and on television, and among them there are curious. HBO channel (“Game of Thrones”, do not forget!) Re-shoot the debut film of Michael Crichton, the author of “Jurassic Park”. “The World of the Wild West” is in some way similar to it - it is an amusement park where customers are immersed in the atmosphere of westerns, and the extras are depicted by androids. Mocking the resigned robots, the rich bring them to insurrection.

The project is headed by Jonathan Nolan, the executive producer is JJ Abrams, and the role of the park director is played by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

7th place Legends of tomorrow Fantastic, channel CW. Premiere January 21

With the release of "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones", the Marvel universe began to crowd the DC universe on television screens. The creators of DC decided not to surrender, and in addition to the TV series "Flash", "Arrow" and "Gotham" launched another "Legends of Tomorrow." This series will unite DC superheroes like Atom, Captain Cold and White Canary into one team. Most of these names are known only to comic book fans. But the scope of history promises to be unprecedented. Until now, the heroes of the DC series only saved their cities, and the Legends of Tomorrow will be the whole universe and time itself. It sounds very loud, let's see if it will be interesting.

6th place Mystic Preacher, AMC channel. Premiere in the summer of 2016

Drawn stories of Vertigo publishers are in great demand. The otvyazny comedian Seth Rogen is producing for the AMC channel an adaptation of a politically incorrect mystical comic strip about the search for God. In a literal, not spiritual sense - the Lord disappeared from the workplace. The preacher Jesse Custer, obsessed with half-angel half-demon, hunts him down, and at the same time knocks the brains out to everyone who gets in the way. All this is accompanied by obscenities, greasy jokes and blasphemy.

If the series is the same, it clearly will not show on Russian TV - get ready to watch on the Internet. True, the first trailer was disappointing because it was not much like the original source.

5 place 11/22/63 Chronophistic, channel Hulu. Premiere February 15

Every nation has a chapter in history that it wants to rewrite. For Americans, this is, among other things, the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Well, what kind of US patriot will refuse to fly into the past and prevent a fatal shot? So Jake Epping, the hero of Stephen King's novel, did not refuse. Only changing the story was not so easy. Tracking down the killer is difficult, and to predict how your fleeting actions will affect the future is even harder.

Like many of King's work, this one, which MirF called the best fiction of 2013, literally begs for a film version. Now it is embodied on the screen in the form of a miniseries, which is produced by JJ Abrams, and the main role went to James Franco ("Oz", "Spiderman").

4th place Luke Cage Fantastic, Netflix channel. Premiere Spring 2016

This superhero Marvel first appeared as a minor character in “Jessica Jones”, and now will receive its own series on the same Netflix channel. Harlem's black man, Luke Cage, will perfectly fit into the new Marvelian fashion on the stories about the dark heroes who bring justice to the dark courtyards. In this regard, Cage will be the company of Jessica and Daredevil, with whom he will then have to unite in the Defenders crossover. True, Luke's superpowers are more impressive than those of his colleagues: bullet-proof skin and superhuman strength.

3 place Chronicles Shannara Fantasy, MTV channel. Premiere January 5

The losing channel MTV decided to break into the world of big TV series. And immediately with the road and a beautiful version of the epic fantasy Terry Brooks, which makes a powerful impression already with its trailer. The plot is old-fashioned naive: demons attacked the kingdom of elves. To close the gates to hell, the young man Wil and the elf princess must go to the quest. The world gives unusualness: elves and other gnomes live on Earth, which survived a catastrophe.

The main producers were the creators of "Mystery Smallville", and in the cast there are familiar names. Ivana Baquero (Ophelia from the Labyrinth of the Faun) plays the young woman Eretria, Manu Bennett (Azog from the Hobbit) plays the druid Alannon, and John Rhys-Davies, known for his role as Gimli in The Lord of the Rings, is the elf king Eventin. True say: Legolas will lead, from him and pick up.

2 place X-Files Thriller, Fox Channel. Premiere January 24

Our favorite agents are returning again to search for the truth that is somewhere nearby. No replacements and restarts: the new mini-season of 6 episodes is produced by the same Chris Carter, in the roles of Mulder and Scully all the same David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Old, but still our idols.

If you believe the trailer, the heroes will clear up the conspiracy of terrorists using alien technology to embroil America and Russia. The trailer shows the meeting of two agents after many years of separation, and hints at the return of another important character in the series - The Smoker. Like any “revival” of the classics, we are waiting for the new “X-Files” with fears, but also with hope.

1 place Black mirror Fantastic, Netflix channel. Premiere in the fall of 2016

Yes, most of all in 2016 we are not waiting for new series, but the return of old, and yes, “X-Files” is not in the first place. Who watched "Black Mirror" - knows why. This is a unique project, a series of anthology in the genre of social fiction, which was published in 2011-2012. Each series told a new story about a new world, where a society intoxicated by technology and the media reached the point of absurdity.

To revive the "Black Mirror" took Netflix web feed, which we already adore for many great TV shows. And, importantly, they retained the same main screenwriter and producer: Charlie Bruker, who created The Black Mirror. If so, we are not nervous, but calmly looking forward to a new portion of drama, thriller, satire and fiction.

25 main premieres of the year and all that we now know about them.

About many so far little is known, but this does not prevent us from waiting for them. Details are in our review.

The Magicians

Premiere:January 8, 2016.

This is a screen version of the eponymous fantastic trilogy by an American writer, journalist, literary critic and lead author of Time magazine. Lev Grossman. In 2011, he was voted the best new science fiction writer. Grossman sold the rights to film his book The Magicians to Syfy, but said he did not believe this project. According to the writer, his work can not be transferred to the screen. The channel’s management obviously does not agree with this. Actually, to figure out who is right, you can, just by watching the series. He is about a very intelligent young man who attends a college of magic in New York.

“Second Chance” (Second Chance)

Premiere:13th of January2016


This is a new drama from the scriptwriter of the TV series "Life as a sentence" and "Capture" Rand Ravitch and producers "Motherland" Howard Gordonand Michael Quasta with the star of "True Blood" Robert Kazinski. In the Second Chance, the protagonist, the corrupt LA sheriff, is killed in the first episode. And yes, this is the complication. Two eccentric billionaires are killing him to resurrect younger and much stronger. What will he do with a second chance at life? Probably nothing too interesting, since the FOX channel has already announced that the project will be limited to one season of 11 episodes. On the other hand, this may mean that we are waiting for a solid finished story, which they did not greedily pull, like rubber, but were generously given off to the top.


Premiere:January 14, 2016.

Producer Carlton Cuse the star Josh Holloway, who managed to die out on the Hollywood horizon, was reviving, with whom they worked together on the serial hit of all times and peoples - the Lost project. In the “Colony” the actor has the main role. His partner - the star of the TV series “The Walking Dead” Sarah Wayne Callies. In the "Colony" they will play a married couple, which in a colonized advanced alien race in Los Angeles is trying to recover a lost son.

"Billions" (billions)

Premiere:January 17, 2016.


Brody finally resurrected in the series! True, in the new. A British actor starred in a drama about the world of big money in New York. In Billions, Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Damien Lewis plays the ambitious hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod for his role in Motherland. His hero has to endure a long and difficult confrontation with federal prosecutor Chuck Rhodes. This role is played by Paul Giamatti, who, by the way, we will soon see in another very curious project - in the American television film “Khrushchev is losing his temper”. Actor plays - right! - Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev.

“Angie Tribeca”

Premiere:January 17, 2016.

This police comedy was removed by a husband and wife. Steve and Nancy Carell. Rashida Jones, Hayes MacArthur and Jeri Burns played the special forces of the Los Angeles police, specializing in especially serious crimes. Bill Murray, Lisa Kudrow, Adam Scott, David Cochner, Amy Smart and James Franco will be filmed as invited guests on the show. "Angie Tribeek" - the greatest drama generation. This is a smart series that breaks stereotypes and changes the modern television landscape. Already shot two seasons. The second will follow after the first - January 25, 2016.

Premiere:January 21, 2016.

Channel:The CW.

These are the spin-off television series Flash (The Flash) and Strela (arrow), which tells the adventures of the Defenders team in the same fictional universe. Time traveller Rip hunter (Arthur Darvill) goes to the past to prevent events that in the future will lead to a global catastrophe. Learning that Vandal Savage conceived to destroy the universe and time itself Hunter collects a squad of superheroes and supervillains. Together with his team, he intends to prevent the villain from carrying out his disastrous plan and save not only our planet, but the whole universe from mortal danger.


Premiere:January 25, 2016.

This series is an alternative look at the devil. The American Association of Family Values ​​demanded a freeze on the project, since it shows the devil on the good side, which offends the Christian faith. But nobody paid any attention to this petition. According to the creators of the series, the character they turned out to be somewhat different than the hero of the comic. In addition, the investigation itself is at the forefront: each episode is devoted to another detective puzzle, but Lucifer is not an exclusively detective series with a supernatural component. The main role is played by actor Tom Ellis, known for the TV series "Once Upon a Time" and "Detective Rush."

"Outsiders" (outsiders)

Premiere:January 26, 2016.

This is the story of the struggle for power and control of the territory of remote and mysterious mountains of Appalachia. The focus of the family clan is Farrell, whose representatives, in fact, are considered outsiders. They have always been strangers in these parts. Farrells live in a manor on top of a mountain and are forced into their own world and way of life, using any means necessary for this.

"American crime history" (American Crime Story)

Premiere:February 2, 2016.

The stars of "Friends" David Schwimmer fared, perhaps, worse than all his colleagues on the series. The last time the performer of the role of Ross Geller appeared in the lists of nominees for the Actors Guild Award in 2004 in the category “The best cast of a comedy series”, in fact, for “Friends”. After the filming of this series, David Schwimmer failed to flash anywhere else, except for the fact that he voiced all parts of the animation franchise "Madagascar"And flashed in the episodes of the series, in which the main roles were played by his more successful colleagues at Friends: Episodes with Matt LeBlanc and Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow. In The Episodes, David Schwimmer played himself. Finally, the actor has a chance to triumphantly return. New series of channel FX will tell about the most famous criminals in history. David Schwimmer plays the father of Courtney's sisters, Chloe and Kim Kardashian - now deceased attorney Robert Kardashian. Shot based on real events "American crime history" directed by "American horror story" Ryan Murphy.

"Vinyl" (vinyl)

Premiere:February 14, 2016.

The unnamed HBO project with Olivia Wilde and Bobby Kannavale (Untitled HBO / Rock "N" Roll Project), which was shot this summer, gained a name. In addition, it became known what the new series is about, the executive producers of which are Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese and the director of Clan Soprano. Terence winter. Vinyl serial drama tells the story of the formation of rock music in New York in the 1970s.

Bobby Cannavale in the series "Vinyl"

Premiere:February 2016

The marine returns home after the Vietnam War of 1972 and realizes that nobody needs him: neither to people who used to love him, nor to society, because people simply do not see him as a hero. Out of desperation, he enters the ranks of an extensive network of hired killers and corrupt officials operating throughout the entire length of Mississippi.

Shot from the TV series "Mercenary Quarry"

Criminal Minds: Abroad (Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders)

Premiere:March 2, 2016.

A crime drama about how a special unit of the FBI helps US citizens who are implicated in international scandals.

Premiere:March 2, 2016.

A new comedy series about a model American family, in which life changes dramatically when the youngest son announces to parents that he is gay.

Shot from the series “Real O’Neals”

"Family"(The Family)

Premiere:March 3, 2016.

The society is agitated when it learns that Claire Warren’s son, the mayor of the California city of Red Pines, who was considered dead for 12 years, is returning home. He returns just at the moment when the mother puts forward his candidacy for the post of governor and begins to participate in the election race. The unexpected "resurrection" puts at risk not only the Warren family, but also the sergeant, who made a career in this high-profile murder case.

Premiere: April 2016

By mistake, a convicted man, having obtained superpower as a result of an unsuccessful experiment, escapes from prison to become a superhero for hire. The character of the Marvel universe Luke Cage first appeared in the TV series "Jessica Jones" (2015).

Poster for the TV series "Luke Cage"

"Anonymous project by Woody Allen"

The director himself comments on the news that he will be filming the series, reluctantly and does not share the details. He claims that he has no ideas, and he doesn’t know where to start. Moreover, he suspects that producers will greatly regret. But the vice-president of Amazon Studios Roy Price claims that he is very pleased to have the opportunity to work with a director like Woody Allen. The working title of the series is "Woody Allen's Untitled Project." According to the Variety publication, each episode will last 30 minutes. They will be shown on Prime Instant Video streaming service in the USA, the UK and Germany.

“Hurt someone” (HitSomebody)

Sports drama from the director Kevin Smith, holder of special prizes at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival for the comedy "Clerks". He also wrote the script for the series and is responsible for the installation. This is the story of hockey player Buddy McCracken, who was too fond of fighting on the ice, but he managed to fulfill his childhood dream of getting into the NHL.

The series is based on the 2009 Stephen Soderberg film “Call Girl” with Sasha Gray in the lead role. The director was the executive producer of a multi-part project. Actually, nothing new: this is a story about the life of a call girl in New York. The main role in the series played Riley Kiowhich we last saw on the big screens in the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

Постер к сериалу «Девушка по вызову»

Сериал, пожалуй, самого скандально известного современного режиссера Ларса фон Триера по его же собственному сценарию невозможно не ждать.

«Железный fist» (Iron Fist)

Возвращаясь в Нью-Йорк после своего многолетнего отсутствия, Даниэль Рэнд борется с преступностью в Нью-Йорке благодаря своему невероятному мастерству владения кунг-фу. По слухам, сыграть главную роль в сериале будет играть Luke Bracey, which viewers know from the films "On the crest of a wave"And"Best in me».

Poster to the TV series "Iron Fist"

A brilliant young couple inherit the farm and are determined to start a new life together. But their presence in this isolated corner of England provokes strange, disturbing and dangerous supernatural phenomena that are beginning to threaten their marriage.

"Western World" (westworld)

The series is inspired by the movie director of the same name. Michael Crichton 1973 about a futuristic theme park that is inhabited by artificial creatures created to be slaves of people and to perform routine tasks. But once a program crash turns the androids into dangerous killers. The project is also remarkable stellar cast. Leading roles are played by Ben Barnes, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood other.

James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood in the Western World TV series

"Emerald City" (Emerald City)

A modern rethinking of the stories that lead to events unfolding in the "Wizard of Oz". In general, in essence, this series is a kind of prequel.

Poster to the TV series "Emerald City"

"Incredible Hulk"(The Incredible Hulk)

The director of the series is Guillermo del Toro, who also took part in the work on the script and was one of the producers of the project.

"Underground" (Underground)

This is a new project from the director of the TV series "Shameless", "News services», «The empire», «Real blood". Heroes of the "Underground" - a group who plan to make a bold escape from a plantation in Georgia, covering a distance of 600 miles under the ground. On their way, they will not only find faithful friends and comrades - a couple of secret abolitionists who founded the Underground Railroad Station, but also face dangerous enemies - those who make a living hunting for fugitives.

"Secret materials"

  • Restart
  • You can already watch

One of the first vivid examples of how corrosive a musical theme may turn out to be comes back from an almost 15-year dusty rest. For art, the market has long since been decided, which means that everything that has at least some voluminous fanbase is ready to reanimate. Restarting "X's" suggested itself a long time ago, but the unsuccessful full-length attempt only added skepticism.

And the first (of the promised six), in general, confirmed this skepticism. Everything that happened was reminiscent of a caricature ommazh on the original, with all the necessary “self-securing”, repeated and convincing “I want to believe” and “comeback” of almost all more or less significant characters. In the future, SPOILER ... No, really, it’s time for serial spoilers to introduce criminal liability, so it would be better to remain silent. I can only say that the series went into fairly good political colors, and the potential (huge, whatever one may say) nevertheless began to be realized. But the main intrigue is the restart factor itself - which it will eventually be: a brief renaissance flash or a full-fledged start for the upcoming seasons.

"Western world"

  • Premiere
  • Hope that in 2016

Hello from last year's list. Grand long-term construction (you can already call it that) HBO, which is still not very much known. Over the past year, the project has not acquired a full-fledged trailer (only a 30-second teaser), but it provoked a lot of rumors: it seems like HBO asked Jonathan Nolan (the director of the project) to reconsider some overly “frank” aspects ( There is an item on “genital-to-genital touching” and “posing for all fours while others who are fully ride ride on your back”), but in the end, everything led to the suspension of filming until March with the official reason for processing the last 4 episodes.

The basis of the picture is still the same: a futuristic amusement park with slaves-androids that predictably failed.

"Mr. Robot"

  • Season II
  • Summer 2016

The main project of the past year (two Golden Globes) is actively preparing for new shootings that will begin in March in New York. While the details are not very much: we know for sure that Christian Slater will return, we will learn something about the creation of “fsociety” and, it seems, will show us even more White Rose.

For those who missed the first season (fill the gap urgently!), A brief synopsis of the project: in the center of the plot, programmer Elliott (Rami Malek), who suffers from social phobia, is embroiled in a grandiose technological conspiracy. "Mr. Robot" strikes with a solid and atmospheric fusion of a fashionable technotriller and a really powerful, slightly melancholic drama.

"Game of Thrones"

  • Season VI
  • April 24, 2016

No, seriously, someone thought otherwise? Although after one of the last episodes of the last season, the author of these lines in one of the social networks published quite a capacious post about what is happening, which, unfortunately, 90% would not have passed here for reasons of censorship.

In general, season 5 will bring, let's say, confusion into the ranks of those who bothered to get acquainted with the original source. Shooting season 6 are held under the darkness of secrets, and violating the "silent embargo," the actors shot the crime at the scene. Just kidding, of course, but not so much: really, nothing really is known about the new season, and the project itself has now officially gone free-floating, finally ahead of Martin’s original series. Everything is based on the drafts of the “Winds of Winter”, which, of course, no one has seen (it is rumored that Martin himself did not see them, and everything that happens is global trolling). Yes, of course, something will be based on the unused chapters of Pir and Dances, so some lines (Greyjoev, for example, and events in Staromeste) can be predicted, but the rest is dark darkness. Dark as the cloaks of the Night Watch.

  • Premiere
  • February 14, 2016

One of the main HBO bets for this season, which even slightly pushed the previous show from the list. Joint brainchild of Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger about the head of the American Century record company Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale), who tries not to lose his own business in the 70s of the last century. Rich, together with his partner, is trying to find something fresh, simultaneously experiencing a personal crisis and the problems of family life. Mick Jagger himself was able to shove his son James into the series, and with it Olivia Wilde and Ray Romano.

"House of cards"

  • Season IV
  • March 04, 2016

The main brainchild of Netflix about the White House underworld destroyed all expectations and lasted for another 2 seasons at least. Apparently, the entire season 4 will be devoted to the primaries period (hello, relevance). Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is still in the center of attention, even with a few depleted ranks of comrades, and the main “newcomer” of the project will be Yuel Kinnaman (the star of “Murder”), whose role is absolutely incomprehensible so far.

“Domik” stably stamps high-quality “viral” teasers, but there is still no full-fledged trailer, as well as any details of the plot. I want to believe that the local adaptation of Putin (in the brilliant performance of Lars Mikkelsen) will appear in the new season.

  • Premiere
  • February 15, 2016

Adaptation of the cult novel of Stephen King. How many times have we heard this? But for some reason I want to believe in this project. Perhaps because of James Franco, that will play the main role, perhaps because of Jay Abrams, and, perhaps, because of the really standing trailers. Anyway, everything will be decided very soon.

The series tells the story of an English teacher who went back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but as a result he becomes attached to life in a bygone era. Already along the trailers, one can see a careful and loving attitude to those times, one can only hope for the same subtle and warm treatment with the plot component of the original source.


  • Season II
  • March 18, 2016

Comics serials are catching up with their brethren from the big screen, so it’s impossible to ignore this phenomenon. There are so many television adaptations of the universes of Marvell and DC that you have to spend dozens and tens of hours in order to sort out all the plot intrigues, an infinite number of Easter eggs, references and miniature cameo. On all this glossy holiday, one of the most important last year’s new Netflix Daredevils stands out.

It stands out in many ways for its grim cruelty, whose uncompromising nature is not limited to greasy jokes on the “lower belt” theme. This is a series with a really strong actor component (Charlie Cox's benefit performance), a well-developed plot part and a good technical work. The series about blind lawyer Matt Murdoch, struggling with all kinds of rabble, received an excellent press and a warm audience reception. The second season will be released very soon, the creators promise not to “soften” the tone, but to introduce some very cool characters into the plot.

"Emerald City"

  • Premiere
  • 2016

Another problematic project, this time from NBC, which seems to be coming to the finish line. This is a grim reinterpretation of the classic fairy tale by Lyman Frank Baum, which suggested itself a long time ago (well, in my mind for sure). Dorothy Gale (Adria Arhona) is twenty years old, in search of her mother, who disappeared somewhere in the Midwest. As a result of the mission, Dorothy comes into conflict with some security service, from which she escapes, stealing a police dog along the way. However, escaping, she gets into a tornado, well, and then you know.

The project will put Tarsem Singh, the cast has already been formed and, judging by the records in instagram and twitter, the shooting began around December. Unfortunately, there was no more news about the project, so it only remains to wait and believe.

"The house that Jack built"

  • Premiere
  • Perhaps in 2016

If the previous series in the list has sufficient chances to be released this year, then practically nothing is known about this project. But how can you get past the TV series Lars von Trier in his own script? “The house that Jack built” - no, this is not a film adaptation of Samuel Marshak, but “only” the life story of a certain maniac, shot from his face. The producer of the project Peter Olbek Jensen was delighted with the preliminary screenplay (the work on which, it seems, is not yet completed), calling the future series “unprecedented”.

The series has no sensible synopsis, a poster, no casting details (still no actor is tied to the project), and the latest news is dated last August. But Lars von Trier is famous for his ability to complete work in a short time (the “Dogville” script was written in 12 days), so there are chances that the series will be released as scheduled. In any case, Lars, in his words, “began to drink again,” and this is already encouraging.


The TV channel “AMC” (AMC), on which the TV series “The Walking Dead” is aired, in 2016 will present the audience with the fantastic comic-fighter “The Preacher”. The script was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. In the center of the story of this novelty is the priest Jesse Custer, in whom a creature named Genesis, the child of an angel and a demon, who is able to stand on a par with God, has invaded. This creature endowed Caster with the power of the voice of God. Now that the preacher knows that the Master has decided to retire, he and his girlfriend Tulip and the vampire Cassady go to meet him. The first attempts at adaptation of this comic came down to the idea of ​​singling out one episode for one issue of a graphic novel. How exactly the authors of the new version of the series transferred the events of the comic to the screens, while it remains unknown.

Trailer for the series "Preacher"


One of the most anticipated novelties of the channel Showtime (Showtime), which presented to the world Justice Dexter, Scary Tales and Homeland, the series Billions. This is the story of the confrontation between two bigwigs - financial genius from Wall Street Bobby Aksa Axelrod, who heads several hedge funds, and federal prosecutor Chuck Rhodes, who intends to plant Bobby. This is "The Wolf of Wall Street", and "Risk Limit" in one bottle. One of the authors of the script, as well as the director of the pilot episode, was Jonathan Nolan - brother of Christopher Nolan, his constant companion on almost all projects. The main roles in “Billions” were performed by Damien Lewis (“Motherland” star), Paul Giamatti (winner of the “Emmy” award), and also Malin Akerman. The premiere of the series will be held January 17, 2016. Announced that in the first season of new items will be 12 episodes.

Billions trailer

"The Shannara Chronicles"

A large-scale fantasy series from the MTV channel (MTV) will be released on January 5, 2016. The producer of the novelty, which is based on the cycle of novels of the writer Terry Brooks, was made by John Favreau. The first season of The Chronicles of Shannara tells the story of the magical tree Elkris, designed to protect the wall, for which, at the end of the war between Good and Evil, demons were made. The tree Elkris, carrying in itself energy of the earth, gradually fades away. Now the descendant of King Jerl Shannara - Wil - will have to find a way to resurrect Elkris. For the film adaptation was chosen the novel "Elven stones Shannara" - the second in the original trilogy. If the project is successful, for the next few years, MTV will have at its disposal a large-scale fantasy story that can be stretched for at least 10-12 seasons.

Trailer series "The Chronicles of Shannara"

"Vinyl" (Vinyl)

“Vinyl” for HRH has become one of the most anticipated new products of 2016. Because of him, it was decided to postpone the start of a new season of another hit on the network - the continuation of the fantasy series “Game of Thrones” will be released not at the beginning, but at the end of April. The producers of Vinyl were Martin Scorsese and the lead singer of the Rolling Stones group Mick Jagger. The action of the series will unfold in the 70s of the XX century. In the center of his story will be the head of the record company "American Century" Richie Finestra, who is trying not to lose his own business at the dawn of punk, hip-hop and disco. Finestra, together with his partner in the company is looking for a new sound that can attract the attention of modern listeners. The leading roles in “Vinyl” were performed by Bobby Cannavale, Olivia Wilde, Ray Romano, and also Mick Jagger’s son James. Start of the series is scheduled for February 14.

Vinyl Series Trailer

"Legends of Tomorrow" (Legends of Tomorrow)

This series of C-Double-U (The CW), based on the comics of the DC universe, was a response from MARVEL, which was firmly established on television. “Legends of Tomorrow” is a spin-off of two other well-known TV shows - Strela and Flash, some of the minor heroes of which are now united in one team in order to resist the almost immortal incarnation of evil. Time Lord Rip Hunter - a superhero from the future - moves into the past, where he gathers a squad consisting of heroes and villains. Together they will have to fight against Wendel Savage - the immortal supervillain who received his unique power several tens of thousands of years ago. The Legends from the Future team included: Firestorm, Atom, White Canary, Orlitza, Heatwave, Captain Cold, Hawkman himself, Rip Hunter himself and Professor Martin Stein. Hunter knows the time intervals when Savage was the weakest. Using his strength, he will move the heroes from one time to another in order to gradually increase the chances of victory over the evil incarnation. The premiere will be held on January 21.

Legend of Tomorrow's trailer


When the Demon King bored in his kingdom, he decided to leave him and go to New York. There he opened his own nightclub "Lux", in which he was pleased to meet celebrities and played the piano. On the threshold of "Lux" is murder - the bandits are cracking down on a young, promising singer. Together with a charming police officer, the Devil is trying to find the perpetrators of this tragedy. Gradually, Lucifer Morningstar - as he seems to everyone - becomes a permanent police consultant in investigating various crimes. The novelty is based on the eponymous comic of Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey of DC, published under the brand Vertigo. The director of the pilot series was Len Wiseman, who staged two parts of the “Other World” movie series. The premiere of the series is scheduled for January 25th.

Trailer for the series "Lucifer"

«11/22/63» («11/22/63»)

This story is based on the science fiction novel by the writer Stephen King, centered on the assassination of President Kennedy. The main character is a simple English teacher, Jacob Eppig, who got the opportunity to travel in time. He will have to go through the portal, which always leads to the same date - 11 hours and 58 minutes on September 9, 1958. Epping will have to leave his usual life in 2011, and go to live in 1958 to try to prevent the assassination of the 35th US President John F. Kennedy. The events of the novel will be told in nine episodes. The premiere of the series "11/22/63" will be held on the service Hulu on February 15.

Teaser Trailer for the series "11/22/63"

"Quarantine" (Containment)

The premiere of this series was announced by the CW channel for the season 2015/2016. Most likely, it will be aired in the offseason - that is, closer to spring. In the center of the plot of the thriller "Quarantine" will be residents of the city of Atlanta, part of which will be closed due to the outbreak of a deadly and mysterious virus. While the government will desperately try to find a cure for an unknown disease, people who remain in the zone of infection will have to find a way to survive. На телевидении тема вирусов нечасто используется в качестве основы для сериалов. За последние годы был лишь один проект, полностью посвящённый вирусологии – «Регенезис». При этом в различных полицейских процедуралах периодически проявляются сюжетные линии, связанные с бактериологической угрозой.

4. «Миллиарды»

Не так давно состоялась премьера сериала «Миллиарды», который молниеносно завоевал сердца, ну… если не миллиардов, так миллионов точно. В центре сюжета противостояние прокурора и гениального финансиста. Good and evil were mixed to such an extent that they became inseparable. A fighter with financial fraud loves perverted sex and ruthlessly destroys people's lives. A shrewd owner of a hedge fund is a shark of a business that will easily spend a considerable amount just to help an ordinary old man. Fascinating series about the life of the powerful. About how a boy from the people, without the support of wealthy parents or a diploma of an elite university, can be at the helm of a large corporation. And all thanks to his genius, hard work and ... perfidy.

5. “Second Chance”

The former policeman lives on retirement days. Many years ago, in disgrace, he was kicked out of law enforcement agencies for not very diligent behavior. He is rarely seen with children. Friends left. All the joys - alcohol, cigarettes and the company of a call girl, whose services have not been allowed to use for a year. But one day the life of the hero changes abruptly. He dies and becomes part of an experiment of an unsociable genius. Returned to life, he will be able to punish his murderer and correct the mistakes of past years. Now Jimmy has a second chance. Detective series mixed with fiction. Imagine Robocop, whose inflated torso does not cover the protective sheath.

Rest is needed by all. And the Prince of Darkness is no exception. Tired of performing duties in the fiery hyena, Lucifer decides to arrange a vacation for himself among ordinary mortals in Los Angeles. And where else would the fallen angel go, if not to the City of Angels? Lucy enjoys sex, music and fun for the sake of the weak spirit to publicly tell all their most secret and sinful desires. But such an innocent vacation for Satan was interrupted by an acquaintance with a girl-detective. In an effort to punish the criminals, Lauren will not yield even to Lucifer. Unable to find the sinful essence of her new acquaintance, the devilishly charming Devil decides to help her in the investigation of crimes.

7. “Wizards”

Quentin Coldwater is a typical loser. Awkward lad is read out by children's fairy tales about a magical country, his favorite hobby is tricks with which you can’t conquer modern girls. Yes, yes, David Copperfield, your time has passed. Unable to adapt to the real world, Quentin is on the verge of madness. He is undergoing psychiatric treatment, trying to grow up and go to college. And the last he succeeds. But the college turns out to be ... a school of sorcerers. However, to enjoy this turn of events will not be long. After all, the world of magic is not only telekinesis and sex a couple of meters above the bed. Quentin will have to face the dark side of magic and the terrible Beast, capable of destroying all living things.

8. “Angel from Hell”

The main character of the series seems quite successful girl. Blue-eyed blonde, practices medicine with her father. There is a girlfriend and lover. It seems to be all great. Like. One day, Allison collides with the eccentric magician Amy. Mad Madame declares that she is a guardian angel of a girl. No, Amy can't fly. But he knows how to catch everything he throws into it. Even the soup! Shamelessly rushing into the life of Allison, the angel relieves her ward from her boyfriend and best friend (who had a love affair). And at the same time helps in work and personal life not only Allison, but also her father and brother. Though the help sometimes reminds disservice. But the paths of the angels are inscrutable.

9. “Horror on the cheap”

The release of the third season of “Horrors on the cheap” is scheduled for May 2016. This series has already received many awards since its appearance in 2014. It is worth noting the good acting of the actors, the decent work of the costume designers and the unobtrusive (but perfectly complementary scenes) off-screen music. “Horror on the cheap” will appeal to lovers of stories about the undead. Only not those romantic tales in which vampires sparkle in the sun, like rhinestones. As in the “League of Outstanding Gentlemen,” various characters intersect here: vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein, Helsing, Dorian Gray, and even Dr. Jekyll. How did the screenwriters manage to generate such public interest? Just two words: sex and violence. A lot of sex and a lot of violence. So we do not recommend watching “Horror on the cheap” during dinner. This movie is not for family viewing. But do not rush to condemn the series for its dubious moral value. Against the background of blood flowing down the walls and overt scenes, philosophical dialogues about the meaning of life and death, the price of sin and responsibility for those whom you tamed, spawned, revived, etc.

10. "Angie Tribeck"

Comedy series about a young and courageous servant of the law Angie. The heroine is a successful battle woman, from those who are both a galloping horse and a burning hut. And she is all so cool in and of itself, until the chief decides to appoint Angie partner. "Angie Tribeck" - a parody of countless detective films. The screenwriters had a lot of fun, making fun of the templates of similar TV series. Cool medical examiners are not able to distinguish a living person from a dead person, and a severe fight is limited to unscrewing nipples. Do not wait for highbrow jokes. Simple simple humor in the spirit of the unforgettable "Police Academy" or "Hotheads." Either nonsense, or absurd ...

Want to recommend interesting TV series to others? Leave their names in the comments and we will gladly dedicate an article to them. In the meantime, enjoy!

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7. Legends of tomorrow

Superhero, channel CW. Premiere January 21

With the release of "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones", the Marvel universe began to crowd the DC universe on television screens. The creators of DC decided not to surrender, and in addition to the TV series "Flash", "Arrow" and "Gotham" launched another "Legends of Tomorrow." This series will unite DC superheroes like Atom, Captain Cold and White Canary into one team. Most of these names are known only to comic book fans. But the scope of history promises to be unprecedented. Until now, the heroes of the DC series only saved their cities, and the Legends of Tomorrow will be the whole universe and time itself. It sounds very loud, let's see if it will be interesting.

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Chrono-fiction, Hulu channel. Premiere February 15

Every nation has a chapter in history that it wants to rewrite. For Americans, this is, among other things, the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Well, what kind of US patriot will refuse to fly into the past and prevent a fatal shot? So Jake Epping, the hero of Stephen King's novel, did not refuse. Only changing the story was not so easy. Tracking down the killer is difficult, and to predict how your fleeting actions will affect the future is even harder.

Like many of King's work, this one, which MirF called the best fiction of 2013, literally begs for a film version. Now it is embodied on the screen in the form of a miniseries, which is produced by JJ Abrams, and the main role went to James Franco ("Oz", "Spiderman").