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How to detoxify the body correctly?


Detoxifying the body at home is something that you can help yourself right now. And you need help, believe me.

Do not agree? Do you eat and exercise properly?

Do you regularly undergo medical examinations? Well, all this, of course, is necessary and beautiful.

But what about those health effects that we can’t control? Ecology, for example.

Every day we consume a huge amount of toxins, without even thinking about it.

Residents of large cities and metropolitan areas need only to inhale and exhale so that many foreign, hostile substances get into the body.

How to start getting rid of them today - read the new material from Life Reactor.

About garbage in your body

In confirmation of the words written above, we give dry figures of statistics.

Scientists estimate that annually 2 kg of solid substances contained in the air, 3.75 liters of pesticides, which are sprinkled with vegetables and fruits, 5 kg of food toxic preservatives, get into the human body.

Note that this is not about some grams, but about full, tangible kilograms. Know yourself, live and grass.

But if you read our blog, then the role of the observer is not for you, so today we will tell you how to get rid of all these “charms” at home.

Let's start to understand consistently and in order.

So, toxins are substances of animal, plant or bacterial origin, which are based on protein.

The first rule of detoxification at home: the abandonment of fast food and fatty foods

It seems to be not so scary. However, their excess in the body can cause significant, sometimes even irreparable harm to all systems of human life.

These foreign substances, constantly penetrating our bio-energy protection and easily penetrating into the body, reduce the strength of immunity.

They worsen the composition of the blood and its circulation, negatively affect the general state of health and often become the cause of extremely serious diseases.

Gloomy picture, right? You can even hang your nose and lower your hands, but you should not.

Nature provided our carelessness and endowed the human body with the ability to self-clean.

However, we still cannot do without our help - the degree of environmental pollution is too great, too much around low-quality products.

So how to help your body? A home detoxification course is the simplest remedy, but before you use it, you need to go through the preparatory stage and abandon for the time being:

  1. Fast food
  2. Semifinished
  3. Sparkling water
  4. Smoked
  5. Fried

The easiest way to detoxify with drinks

The list includes only basic pollutants of the body, the use of which should be abandoned at least for a week.

Harmful food is better to replace with fruits, vegetables, natural juices and mineral water.

Advice: drink as much beet and carrot juice as possible - this is the key to a healthy life.

Anchor success

So you did it! A grateful organism gives you good health, high spirits, activity and increased efficiency.

Colleagues are jealous of your healthy look, glitter in the eyes and natural skin tone.

On the questions of how to achieve the same success, you are telling a story about the inhuman feat of life on water, vegetables and fruits. But what next? How to secure success?

First of all - proper and balanced nutrition.

You can choose a diet at your discretion, but in general, to protect the body from harmful substances, it is enough to exclude food of animal origin, as well as food that has undergone heat treatment.

Bath is another miraculous way to help the body cope with toxins.

In one case, it will be simply dead and empty, that is, not containing useful nutrients, in the other - obviously harmful.

This is especially true of frying in oil, and no matter what, the difference will not be significant.

Sport. Regular exercise is a guarantee of health along with proper nutrition.

In addition, sports start up internal cleaning processes. Many toxins are excellent through sweat.

Drink. Water should be constantly at hand, and preferably non-carbonated and mineral.

Melt water is even better, since there are no harmful compounds in it, and its benefits are substantial.

Drink as often as possible, and not only when the throat is dry from thirst, as the vast majority do.

Do not forget about sports

And, of course, the best way to fix the detoxification of the body is another cleaning.

Spend it in two or three weeks after the previous course.

Before this, try to comply with the regime, do not be nervous and carefully monitor your diet.

If you have coped well with the ten-day fruit and vegetable race, then you can try a two-week diet.

However, if you feel that you are physically lacking strength, it means that the body is not yet ready for such serious changes.

After all, any changes, including for the better, are made with difficulty and require a well-considered approach.

Start small, listen to yourself and keep improving.

Believe me, the feeling of health and happiness, which brings the cleaning of toxins, you will never trade for anything else.

Tip: if with strict diets does not work in any, try detoxing the body with the help of activated charcoal. An effective and simple method, especially for beginners. You will not need a lot of effort, but the result will not leave you indifferent, that's for sure.

"Cleaning" in the body. Where to begin?

The first and most important thing that you need to clarify for yourself is that detoxification is not a panacea for all diseases, it is only a way to help your body deal with the accumulated negative elements that aggravate or even cause most diseases of the body.

Therefore, if you have something sick, you feel the acute symptoms of a disease, the first thing you need to go to a specialist who will give you the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

If you decide to help yourself with the help of the cleansing technique, then it is better to consult a specialist immediately on the spot, because some of the procedures of this technique have a number of contraindications and consequences.

For example, self-cleansing of the liver or stomach can lead to the movement of stones that were in the gallbladder. You might not even know about the existence of such, and the movement of stones can cause quite severe pains or, worse, blockage of the bile duct lumen, which will require emergency surgical intervention.

That is why it is so important, before deciding on detoxification using various methods, methods or preparations, to consult with an experienced specialist, who will warn and warn against the many consequences and difficulties that may arise in the process. When you have studied all the necessary information and are convinced of the safety of your actions, then you can proceed.

Stomach cleansing

Experts recommend starting the entire process of cleansing the body from the intestines, because it is in the cavity of the large intestine that such a huge amount of toxins and other “dirt” that causes most diseases accumulate.

The most common means for such purposes is an enema that does an excellent job with the task. You just need to remember that there are a number of cases where it can not only be beneficial, but also harm - it is contraindicated in acute inflammatory and ulcerative lesions of the mucous membrane of the colon.

If you do not have such problems, you can use an enema with boiled water and lemon juice, as well as an infusion of herbs. It should be remembered that more often than 1 time in 7-10 days cleansing enemas are not carried out at home.

If the enema is still not to your liking, then you can use a more gentle way - apple diet. Every day on an empty stomach it is necessary to eat three grated apples, the procedure is carried out within a month, and in the second month - apples must be eaten every other day.

The first meal during such therapy is possible only three hours after eating apples. This method perfectly cleans the intestines, significantly improves the appearance of a person - changes the complexion and elasticity of the skin.

A diet of apples can be replaced by vitaminized mixtures, which include dried apricots, honey, glycerin, figs, all in equal proportions. It is necessary to take it one dessert spoon on an empty stomach, remember that such a tool has a mild laxative effect.

Liver cleansing

And you know that the liver, by right, can be considered one of the most important organs of a person, because it works without working its hands, saving our body from poisons, toxins and other harmful substances!

The first place among the elements that have a detrimental effect on the liver, can be attributed to bad habits in the form of alcoholic beverages. Many clinics provide services to detoxify the effects of alcohol and drugs, because it may not be possible to cope with particularly neglected cases on our own.

The thing is that the body of a low-drinking person after a large dose of alcohol cannot think about it the next morning, which cannot be said about dependent individuals (alcoholics). Alcohol and drug detoxification helps to cope with such problems, which allows to remove toxins from the body, while reducing the effect of addiction.

In less advanced cases, detoxification can be carried out at home, using folk methods. If you have already worked on cleansing the body, then turn on the liver. In the process it is necessary to abandon alcohol, dairy products and learn to separate food.

Immediately a few days before the procedure, it is necessary to eat exclusively vegetable food, and only then proceed to the detoxification of the liver - lemon juice and sunflower oil.

Usually the procedure is carried out at night, because after it you need to go to bed and rest. Heat the juice of 5 lemons and 200 g of oil to approximately 36 °. Then you need to drink two sips of oil and drink them with the same amount of juice. After 20 minutes - repeat. Watch your well-being, if you do not feel sick, then repeat the procedure until all is drunk.

How to detoxify the body at home - secrets and tips

Detoxifying the body at home is something that you can help yourself right now. And you need help, believe me. Do not agree? Do you eat and exercise properly? Do you regularly undergo medical examinations? Well, all this, of course, is necessary and beautiful. But what about those health effects that we can’t control? Ecology, for example. Every day we consume a huge amount of toxins, without even thinking about it. Residents of large cities and metropolitan areas need only to inhale and exhale so that many foreign, hostile substances get into the body. How to start getting rid of them today - read the new material.

Detoxification of the body at home for 10 days

So, you took yourself in hand and went on a diet. The first thing you need to pay attention to is intestinal cleansing. It takes many important processes, the results of which affect the health of the whole organism. Keeping the intestines clean and tidy is a responsible and difficult task, but several time-tested and experienced tools come to help, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by clinical studies.

So, they will help you:

  1. Activated carbon. The most powerful adsorbent on a natural basis, available in any pharmacy for ridiculous money. Take it at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight.
  2. Raw or steamed vegetables. They contain a large amount of fiber, necessary for the normal course of digestive processes.
  3. Nuts Saturate the body with nutrients, give strength and launch internal filters in the human body
  4. Dairy products, especially kefir. Create and maintain a beneficial microflora in the intestine, pathogenic - destroy. Remove toxins and slags
Kefir and nuts help cleanse the body

Stocked up all of the list, but do not know where to start? Just follow our ten-day body cleaning program and everything will work out.

  • Day one and two: in the early morning, immediately after waking up, drink a glass of clean water on an empty stomach at room temperature. If there is melt water - even better. You can add a teaspoon of honey and juice of half a lemon to it. Diet is kept to a minimum: only freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. In between, you can drink herbal teas.
  • Day three-eighth: we start every morning also, as described in the previous paragraph. For breakfast, lunch and dinner - steamed vegetables, germinated cereals, seeds of plants, especially flax. Do not forget about juices and teas
  • Day nine and ten: in the morning a glass of water with honey and lemon juice, throughout the day - fresh or steamed vegetables. Introducing baked potatoes, boiled fish, low-fat cottage cheese and kefir, as well as seafood
Steamed vegetables - tasty and healthy food

During these 10 days the body will have time to clear, the internal filtration processes will restart, the metabolism will accelerate. Thanks to the elimination of toxins and slags, the composition of the blood will improve, followed by the general state of health. This program is an excellent tool for detoxifying the body at home after a binge. It is often used in specialized clinics, and quite successfully.

Bath - here is another powerful weapon for combating intoxication of the body. On steamed skin, many pores are opened, through which harmful substances are excreted in gigantic quantities. Bath show both before the start of the course of the ten-day cleaning, and after. In both cases, its effectiveness is difficult to exaggerate, but caution should be exercised: heart problems and a bath are incompatible things. Before going to steam rooms, it is better to consult a doctor.

Bath is another miraculous way to help the body cope with toxins.

Signs that the body needs cleansing

How do I know that the problem has not passed you? It's time to think about detoxification, if you find yourself having these symptoms:

  1. Reduced immunity. None of the “cold-wet season” is complete without a cold and ARVI - the mechanisms of body resistance obviously cannot cope with the tasks assigned to them.
  2. General malaise. Constant fatigue, fatigue, depression. Any work seems overwhelming and overwhelming, and your favorite things no longer bring joy and satisfaction. Irritability increases. Get out of bed in the morning - how to climb the scaffold. All this is accompanied by headache, aching joints, muscle cramps.
  3. Changes in hormonal background. Every woman who has gone through a wonderful state of pregnancy knows how it is when they “play hormones”, and easily recognize the symptoms - a change in body odor, sweating, weight fluctuations, regardless of the change in diet.
  4. Problems with appearance. Hair loses shine, splits, nails exfoliate, skin condition worsens - it peels off, acne formations appear.
  5. Problems with metabolism and digestion. The feeling of heaviness in a stomach becomes habitual, there is an excess weight.

Having found such signs and (surely!) Having excluded serious diseases as a cause, we proceed to detoxification.

5 principles of detoxification

Work on the problem will have to be combined, otherwise all efforts will go down the drain.

  1. Minimize the risks. Reduce the impact of negative environmental factors. If you use tap water for drinking and cooking, use filters even before boiling. Try to be more in nature to compensate a little for life in the megalopolis. If possible, give preference to products produced in environmentally friendly conditions.
  2. We observe hygiene. Toxins, abundantly contained in urban dust, can be absorbed through the skin. It will help the timely cleansing of the skin and the use of protective creams.
  3. Eat right. There is nothing to discuss here, nutrition - the main way inside our body for a variety of substances, both useful and not so. Without quality control of products and the improvement of the diet, any detoxification measures are simply useless. Forget the words "fast food" and "soda."
  4. We derive too much. This, in fact, is detoxification in the narrow sense - the direct elimination of poisons from the body. We will talk more about this below.
  5. Avoid problems in the future. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of toxins once and for all. But you can protect your body for the future with the help of means of prevention. Vitamin complexes and metabolism stimulating food supplements help in this.

How to reduce the negative effects of intoxication

Detoxification has a downside: along with toxins, our body also leaves many useful substances. Что поделать — не изобретено еще такого совершенного метода детоксикации, который убирал бы только то, что нам не нужно.

Поэтому при любом комплексе детокса следует помочь организму восполнить утраченные полезности. Этой цели служат витаминные комплексы и БАДы.

Of course, it is better to reimburse the vitamins with fresh fruits and berries, in the winter, pickled (not pickled!) Vegetables will come to the rescue. But if you decide to turn to pills, then in principle any multivitamin complexes, preparations with probiotics (for restoring the intestinal microflora) will do. The main thing - consult with your doctor.

Detoxification is not only and not so much specific and new-fangled procedures, the effectiveness and safety of which is rather doubtful, but first and foremost simple and accessible principles, the observance of which will not be difficult, but it will bring undoubted benefit.

How to competently make a detox program

Competent detoxification is always a comprehensive program of measures affecting all aspects of life. The detox program necessarily includes the normalization of nutrition, daily regimen, metabolism, as well as measures taken directly to "expel" toxins from your body. Some of these measures may require the help of a doctor, and some - under the power of yourself.

How to help the body in getting rid of poisons entering the body? With this question we turned to a representative of a pharmaceutical company. OTISIFARM. And what answer was received by us:

“In any case, your body will need support. We offer you a complete solution in the form of the Laktofiltrum drug. The combined composition of the drug, produced by OTISIFARM, includes two important components:

  • Lignin - natural sorbent, “sucking” allergens from the body, biological poisons of microbes, alcohol decomposition products, “extra” carbohydrates.
  • Lactulose - prebiotic component that stimulates the development of beneficial microflora (lactobacilli), which can be suppressed by various detoxification procedures.

The composition of the drug contributes, on the one hand, to the purification of the body from "all that is superfluous", and on the other - to the "growth of the useful". It also improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Of course, Laktofiltrum will not replace the whole complex of detoxification, but will become an important part of this process. ”

Body detoxification methods

To obtain a positive result, it is recommended to adhere to one of the following methods throughout the day, once a week (suitable for beginners) or for 3-5 days once a month (suitable for experienced people on the issue of cleansing, as well as for adherents of a healthy diet).

Important. Whatever method you choose, it is not necessary to exclude water on fasting days!

Duration from 1 to 5 days.

The fasting day (days) on the water is perhaps one of the most difficult methods, primarily on an emotional level. Not everyone will be able to go through this process of purification to the end, since it will be necessary to completely abandon food at this time, it is only allowed to drink large amounts of water (at least 3-4 liters).

Detoxification will require good quality water: melted, structured or distilled. From the tap is not suitable, as it contains toxins, heavy salts, minerals, etc.

Get ready that throughout the day you will often run to the toilet. Therefore, cleansing is best done on weekends or holidays. In addition, you may experience various unpleasant symptoms, such as weakness, headache. This is a sure indicator of your body's high slagging.

Because of this, this method of detoxification should be approached with extreme caution. If you clean the body for the first time, then start from day 1. Gradually, when you notice that the purification began to proceed well and painlessly, you can increase the duration to 2-3 days and then bring it to 5.

Juice Detox

Duration from 1 to 5 days.

In contrast to the first method, this one is transferred much easier. Firstly, due to the presence of different tastes, secondly, the body perceives juices as food - the feeling of hunger does not bother at all, or much less.

On top of that, they are easily digested, normalize the work of many systems and enrich the body with valuable substances.

For detoxification, of course, only freshly squeezed juices, packaged not even considered, are suitable.

It is also important to note that these days it is necessary to drink plain water - 1.5-2 l.

To cleanse the body is best to prepare the juice from: cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, beets, celery, citrus fruits, spinach, apples.

Diuretic diet

Duration from 1 to 3 days.

This method of cleansing the body implies taking diuretic plant products, herbs, herbs and decoctions of them.

The method is especially suitable for people suffering from severe swelling of the body. For example, at the end of the day legs swell. This diet will remove excess fluid, thereby normalizing the functioning of the body.

Diuretic products: artichoke, cantaloupe, cowberry leaves, viburnum, cranberry, nettle, mint, cucumber, dandelion, asparagus, parsley, celery seeds, yarrow, dill, juniper berries.

Peeling on a fruit monodiet

Duration from 1 to 2 days.

"Mono" means "one." Throughout the course of purification, it is allowed to include only one type of fruit in your diet. As a rule, it is allowed to eat up to 1 kg during the day.

How it works? If a person eats only one type of fruit, then the pH balance and sugar production is normalized. Thanks to these processes, the cells of the body begin to quickly cleanse themselves.

Cleansing the body syroedeniem

Duration from 1 day.

By raw food is meant eating raw plant foods, that is, not heat treated. About this power system is described in detail in the section "Nutrition".

Eat should be fresh fruits, vegetables and always greens. Herbal products are rich in fiber and digestive enzymes that restore a healthy metabolism and the digestive system. Due to this, the body begins a timely cleansing process.

Today, raw food diet is gaining great popularity among the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Someone perceives this system of food as a diet, and there are those who remain on it forever.

The process of detoxifying the body takes time and patience, so do not expect quick results.

As mentioned above, cleansing can lead to unpleasant symptoms. Take it easy - the recovery process is underway. The more often you resort to methods of purification, the easier they will flow. Over time, you will begin to notice significant changes in your body and mindset.

Under what circumstances may need to detoxify at home

The decision on how to clean the body at home, and how to detoxify the body, each person can choose for himself. However, you must first consult with your doctor so that he would recommend the most optimal method, knowing the patient's individual characteristics, and set a time frame for how long the cleaning process can last.

Rules of detoxification or how to clean the body at home

[box type = "success"] The detoxification of the body at home should be subject to such rules:

  1. Home detoxification not can last more than five days .
  2. Be sure to use at least two liters of water per day .
  3. Follow clear mode of the day, a lot of fresh air, eliminate active physical exertion, stress, be sure to get enough sleep .
  4. Clearly follow the emotional state. [/ box]

Usually a whole program is developed, according to which the body is detoxified. How to clean the body at home correctly. prompt nutritionist. But the first stage of purification is fasting, when only water is consumed, and the second is a balanced nutrition system, which includes a high intake of vitamins, some types of protein foods, extremely low amounts of fat. Perhaps the use of infusions of herbs for greater intensity of the detoxification process.

Tasks of cleaning the body

There are many ways detoxification of the body can be carried out. How to clean the body at home, you can choose depending on the tasks that this process should solve. What is it for:

  • Conduct liver cleaning. Remove accumulated slags, due to this, get rid of the consequences of hard drinking or solve other health problems.
  • Simply rest the digestive system after a long period of malnutrition.
  • Get a significant dose of beneficial micronutrients in the period of getting rid of stress or chronic fatigue, or even simple avitaminosis.
  • Improve the work of the circulatory system and solve problems with pressure surges.

Depending on the tasks, a detoxification and body program is selected. It is important for the patient to decide how to cleanse the body at home: using fasting or simply easing the daily diet.

Stages of cleaning the body

The process of cleaning the body takes several days and sometimes weeks. If we are talking about detoxification in order to reduce weight, then after the main stage of the minimum amount of food intake should be applied more gentle method - diet. Meals on a particular system can last up to 21 days.

Having established the main task of the detoxification of the body, are selected Stages on how to clean the body at home:

  • Starvation. This process lasts no more than 2 days. There are strict methods of fasting, when you can use only warm water, or you can choose a method of fasting, when you are still allowed to eat some kind of food during the day. Many women, having decided to quickly get rid of a couple of extra kilos, use only kefir or apples for a day. Popular diet on buckwheat porridge. The cereal is boiled in water and eaten in small portions throughout the day. The same method can be chosen during the period of quitting hard drinking. But for a long time to leave the body without food is not recommended.
  • Drinking juices and other liquids. This method of cleansing the body at home involves gentle detoxification. It is assumed frequent meals during the day, but the diet includes only juices, fruit and vegetable puree, smoothies, where there may be fermented milk products. Teas are also permitted, preferably herbal or green.

[box type = "info"]This method is chosen for cleaning the body after serious diseases and long-term antibiotics. Also fortified food can be a step in the program of complete cleaning of the body after fasting. [/ Box]

  • Vegetarianism. Refusal from the use of meat products, fish, milk and eggs can be part of the body's detoxification program. This is not a way to cleanse the body at home, but the ability to temporarily not replenish it with slags and toxins that are contained in the meat product. Because more often vegetarianism is used in conjunction with other stages of cleaning.
  • Reception of medicinal and folk remedies. This is a gentle method, it can follow after fasting and be used in parallel with performing one of the diets. Herbal infusions or teas accelerate the excretion of slag and toxins from faeces or urine. So the easiest way to clean can be receiving infusion of lingonberry leaf. Many women, wanting to lose weight, reduce the volume by getting rid of fluids that stagnate in the body, take a lingonberry leaf in sachets, adding it directly to the cup when brewing regular tea twice a day. This tool gently removes slags and does not have a pronounced diuretic effect.
Herbal infusions and teas will help not only to restore the normal activity of the body, but also to clean it from toxins and slags
  • Removal from the diet of foods that can provoke allergies. This cleaning step is important even for those who have not previously experienced the effects of allergens. Cleansing the body greatly weakens, especially after the first days of the course. Because unpleasant reactions can cause unexpected attacks. Those patients who suffer from allergies are well aware of the composition of products that can cause an adverse reaction. But there is a whole list of things that are catalysts of allergies. For example, honey, chocolate, red berries, sometimes seafood and some other protein foods, herbs and vegetables. In the final stages of detoxification of the body, when the diet is already becoming more common, it is better to refrain from dangerous products.
  • Active lifestyle, physical activity. At the end of the detoxification program of the body, knowing how to cleanse the body at home, you can not greatly reduce your usual diet, remove toxins and slags by increasing the loads. Many women, wanting to lose those extra pounds, begin to actively engage in fitness or go to the gym. Any increase in the load leads to increased perspiration, which means that toxins and slags during classes will leave the body. Instead of fitness, you can choose the most common morning runs and gymnastics. This cleaning method is also good for those who decide to get back to normal after serious illnesses or long-term antibiotics. At this stage, the weakening of the body does not occur, on the contrary, an active lifestyle will strengthen the immune system.
  • Rejection of bad habits. This stage begins on the first day of the program and lasts the entire period. When the detoxification of the body is carried out, it is very important to completely give up bad habits. After all, how to clean the body, if it constantly receives new toxins? There is the whole process takes place with the aim of withdrawal from the binge, in no case can not drink alcohol, even in the smallest quantities, no matter how bad a person feels without a "new dose".

When cleaning takes place with the aim of giving the body rest or nourishing it with useful trace elements, it is also better to forget about coffee, strong tea, chocolate and smoking. At the very least, try to keep the habit to a minimum. It is also better to do without alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks and cigarettes, if you decide to achieve weight loss. A return to bad habits will cause an imbalance in a weakened body, which can cause disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the early stages of cleaning.

Feelings of a person in the process of detoxification program

When the decision to detoxify at home is made, you need to be prepared for the fact that the process does not immediately begin to bring positive emotions. In the first week we should expect a deterioration in both physical and emotional state. What awaits people who decide to undergo a body cleansing:

  • To force yourself to voluntarily starve is extremely difficult. On the first day, the feeling of hunger will constantly torment; there may be unpleasant sensations of hungry stomach cramps, dizziness, slight uncoordination of movements, headaches, loss of strength.
  • With limited food intake, there is weakness, loss of appetite, drowsiness.
  • Unpleasant sensations are caused by the frequent need to go to the toilet. Since toxins and slags will come out naturally, they have to be emptied much more often than usual.
  • The emotional state will be very unstable. Attacks of despair and tearfulness can be replaced by irritability and even sudden outbursts of anger. The patient will constantly experience a feeling of physical discomfort that psychologically depresses. Refusal from the usual food and some habits also has a strong negative impact.

In the second half of the program, sensations will begin to change. A person begins to eat up, lead an active lifestyle, visit the fresh air more often, the day regimen becomes clearer, insomnia disappears, which tormented her at the beginning. There is a positive attitude, a feeling of satisfaction with the result, a kind of pride in the work done. The mood rises, the person feels better physically.

[box type = "warning"] It is necessary to carefully monitor your health and the effect on the body of the detoxification program. [/ box]
[box type = "shadow"] You might be interested to know aboutanti-parasite products in the human body [/ box]

In a mild form, you can cleanse the body with a simple homemade diet. You should choose a diet that does not use the initial fasting and is not critically limited to the diet, it is important to monitor the timing of its passage. In the last week of this diet may begin dizziness, fatigue, marked jumps in blood pressure. It is necessary to immediately stop the restrictions and return to the normal diet. The body is sufficiently cleansed, and then there is already a dangerous phase, when the body, instead of toxins and toxins, began to leave nutrients.

Contraindications to home detoxification

Like other methods of exposure to the body, detoxification at home can have serious consequences for human health. In some, the process of detoxification of the body causes a lot of negative emotions and deterioration of the physical condition. And because such programs are not allowed to everyone to clean up. Self detoxification is contraindicated:

  • For children and adolescents, their bodies are not yet fully developed, and experiencing such stress can negatively affect the functioning of the internal organs.
  • Pregnant women. During detoxification, not only toxins and slags are removed, but also partially beneficial substances that may be necessary for the fetus. Experienced stress can generally lead to miscarriage.
  • Elderly people. Обычно эта категория имеет ряд хронических заболеваний, и детоксикация может привести к резкому ухудшению состояния и рецидивам заболеваний.
  • При недостатке веса . Стресс и ограничение в питании, входящие в программу очистки, приводят к дополнительной потере нескольких килограммов массы тела. Так можно заработать гормональный сбой и анемию.
Exercise plays a huge role in detoxifying the body.

In the case of a number of serious diseases, detoxification of the body at home is also not safe. It is not necessary to independently engage in cleaning the body in the presence of:

  • Diseases of the digestive system. When such diseases prescribed a strict diet, deviations from it lead to exacerbations and a sharp deterioration in health.
  • Problems with pressure and heart disease. Even knowing well how to clean the body at home, remember that the detoxification of the body in the early stages leads to a deterioration of health. Dizziness and pressure jumps in the presence of chronic diseases can lead to cardiac examinations with a heart attack or simply to fainting.
  • Diseases of the kidneys and liver. As long as the natural course of the work of these organs is disturbed, cleaning will not give the desired result, and the state of health will deteriorate.
  • Hormonal disruptions. The immune system is weakened, the work of all organ systems is impaired, cleaning can result in a serious illness.

In the presence of any chronic disease about detoxification of the body at home, you should consult with your doctor. If the specialist decides that the use of cleaning is possible, then it will be an easy and gentle program. Also, the doctor will write out a suitable diet, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Home detoxification of the body when leaving the binge

Cleaning the body is recommended when combating alcohol dependence. When, when the diagnosis of "alcoholism" has already been made, detoxification in the case of withdrawal from binge drinking is carried out in the hospital with the use of droppers. But if the addiction is not so strong, then cleaning can take place at home. Here the rules are simple:

  • There is no long period of fasting. A maximum of 12 hours can be consumed without food.
  • Drinking plenty of water. Drink a day at least 3 liters of water, not counting other liquids.
  • On the second day: frequent meals. Eat in small portions every 3 hours. Drink a lot of juice, vegetables, fruits.
  • Diet from the third day. Included in the diet oils rich in fats. Sunflower, olive, coconut or linseed oil. Food should contain foods containing light proteins: legumes, chicken, cottage cheese. Be sure to eat vegetables with green skin: cucumbers, zucchini, pepper.
  • Refuse coffee, strong tea, chocolate.
  • Do not eat sugar.
  • In no case do not return to the reception of alcohol, even in the smallest doses.

In the early days of the body cleansing programquiet lifestyle, sleep a lottry hard refrain from stress . From the fifth day, on the contrary, gradually increase the pace of life, visit more fresh air, start playing sports and increase daily workloads. Everything these measures must be agreed with the specialist.