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How to choose a hat for the beach


Summer will come very soon, which means that everyone will rush to the beach. And to protect yourself from sunstroke, be sure to purchase a hat in advance. And if you want him not only to protect from scorching rays, but also to complement the image, then take the choice responsibly.

What are they like?

First, we list the main types of beach hats:

  • Wide-brimmed maxi hat. Its wide fields cover not only the head from the sun, but also the face and even the shoulders, so the chances of being burned are reduced significantly. This model looks incredibly elegant and feminine. It fits almost everything, but is not always convenient. First, it can be quite hot. Secondly, in such a hat it is impossible to swim and play outdoor games on the beach. But then you can at any time close your face and immerse yourself in your thoughts.
  • The gaucho hat has a flat top and straight fields of medium length. Previously, they were worn by aristocrats for tournaments and horse races, but today this headgear has moved into everyday life and even to the beaches. It is worth noting that such a model is not for everyone, but only slender girls with a rather long neck. As for clothes, the best option is free.
  • Panama. This option is appreciated by many. This headpiece perfectly protects from the sun and does not allow to sweat. Panamas are made of textiles, so the color options can be very diverse. This model will give the image of lightness and a certain mischief. It will be perfectly combined with simple swimsuits.
  • Hat "Fedor". The crown (upper part) of such a model has a triangular notch in the middle and two hillocks on the sides. Fields are flexible and differ in medium length. This model can be called youth and stylish. But it would be best to combine with a simple or even sports split swimsuit without unnecessary details.
  • A trilby hat is a variation of the Fedora described above that has wider margins. This model is not for everyone and is not very comfortable, since it does not cover the face at all.
  • The turban looks extravagant and elegant, gives the image a special chic. Such a model will harmoniously look with dragonfly-shaped glasses and with a one-piece laconic swimsuit. Turban is more restraint than sexuality, therefore, having chosen it, you will have to forget about the bikini.
  • The cowboy hat has a notch on the crown and rather wide fields, bent on the sides upwards. This headpiece will go well with a split bikini swimsuit. And if the bodice or panties will be decorated with fringe, the image will be bright, harmonious and stylish.
  • Bandana - youth and bold option, suitable owners of a slim figure and regular face shapes. The face is completely open, and this can be considered a minus. But such a headdress sits tight and will not fly away even with strong gusts of wind.
  • Caps with short peaks, made from both textiles and straw, are becoming increasingly popular. This is a more sporty option, so it will not be combined with sexy bikinis or elegant one-piece swimsuits.
  • A baseball cap is ideal for an active and athletic girl. The visor covers the face, but the ears will be open.
  • Hat "cloche" is similar to the bell, as it has a round crown and short pubescent down the field. This model is very feminine and elegant, but it is most suitable for owners of an elongated face, narrow chin and rather high cheekbones.
  • Hat "kanote" - a straw hard hat with a cylindrical low crown and straight short fields. Such a model would be best to look at a slim girl with an oval or slightly elongated face.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a summer hat?

When buying you need to consider the following important points:

  • Style. The style of the hat must certainly be combined with beachwear, shoes and accessories.
  • The size. The hat must fit snugly to the head, otherwise it will fly off even with a weak gust of wind. But it should not crush the headdress, otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable.
  • Material. It should be light, breathable and rapidly evaporating moisture.
  • Colour. It is worth picking it up taking into account personal preferences and basic tones of beachwear. But remember that the dark hat will heat up very much, which can lead to heat stroke. It is better to give preference to light shades.
  • Features of the shape and shape of the face. If the face is narrow and elongated, then you should choose a headdress that will cover the forehead. Also relevant models with low and rounded aces. Chubby girls go high beach hats. Slender and low representatives of the fair sex are narrow-brimmed hats, and wide hats are contraindicated. But full ladies, on the contrary, should pay attention to wide-brimmed models. But they should not wear small caps, tight-fitting head.

What will be fashionable in the summer of 2015?

The main fashion trends of the coming summer season:

  • Floral or animal prints. In the summer, they look especially fresh and harmonious.
  • Bright and interesting colors, such as yellow, mint, orange, lime, pink, fuchsia, indigo, blue. The classic white still remains relevant. Also pay attention to the pastel colors, such as milk, beige, sand, peach.
  • Femininity. It can be traced in everything: in styles and soft forms, delicate colors and elegant elements of decor.
  • Bright details. It can be wide ribbons, embroidery, applications, large flowers, stones. In general, do not be afraid to be bright and original.

Choose a suitable headdress and become the queen of the beach!

Wide Brimmed Maxi Hat

Such a hat as a maxi hat is ideal for the beach, its main advantage is wide fields that protect the skin of the face from the sun and cast a shadow on the shoulders, which means that the chances of getting burn are reduced. In addition, this model looks very feminine and adds a peculiar elegance to the image. A “maxi” hat is suitable for people of different build and skin color, but, despite the above advantages, many girls, while on a beach holiday, consider it uncomfortable. Due to the wide brim of the hat, it is almost impossible to actively rest or go to the sea. On the other hand, supporters of passive recreation will be satisfied, because with such a hat you can always cover up your face and abstract from the outside world.

The wide-brimmed Maxi hat is perfect for the beach.

Panama - an unforgettable beach hat

Panama is worn by everyone, both adults and children, it is equally well protected from the sun and reduces sweating. As a rule, Panamanians of bright colors give an image of playfulness, so if you want to create an interesting and bright beach image, Panama is the most irreplaceable headpiece for the beach. In addition, pana women look good in combination with simple bikinis or swimsuits.

Panama - an unforgettable beach hat

Turban - a rare, but attracting attention

The turban adds to the image of exoticism and elegance, the combination of a turban and dragonfly glasses is especially well manifested. It should be remembered that it is impossible to combine it with a bikini. The best option when choosing this hat for the beach would be a simple one-piece swimsuit.

Often, as a beach hat, choose a bandana, because this accessory is suitable for slender girls with regular features. However, this accessory has a drawback - complete openness of the face, a bandana does not protect the eyes and skin of the face from the sun, on the other hand, no gust of wind can disrupt the bandana from the head.

How to determine the choice of a hat to choose for a beach holiday

When choosing a hat for the beach, adhere to 5 criteria:

The size of the accessory. The hat should sit well on the head, so that it will not be broken by gusts of wind, but you should not go to extremes, the beach headgear should not press on the scalp, otherwise the blood circulation will be disturbed.
Style - it does not matter if you choose a bandanna, or panama - the style of the headdress should be a harmonious whole, a single image.
Headwear color is selected taking into account the basic color scale of the beach attire. The basic rule - dark fabric is prone to rapid overheating, which means that there is a great risk of getting heat stroke. For a beach holiday it is better to buy a light hat or bandanna.
Material. The best beach hat is made from lightweight fabric that is capable of letting in air and evaporating excessive moisture, preventing the scalp from overheating.
Face features. Holders of a narrow face is better to choose a hat or bandanna, which will cover a high forehead, and the face will become visually shorter.

Types of models for the beach and recreation

Summer is, first of all, bright colors, and beachwear should be in harmony with them. Summer holidays and strict suits of dark shades are incompatible things.

Marine outfits for vacation are bright tunics and clothes of neutral shades, which can be combined with one another. A thing can be considered universal if you could come up with three versions of images with it. Such a thing can be safely sent to the suitcase.

It should be light natural materials in which the skin will breathe easily. Do not take clothes with you that are easily creased, during rest you don’t really want to iron them every day, but do not forget about beach volleyball clothes.

Give preference to open cut so that you can show off your beautiful tan. About the fitting clothes. It can be useful on summer holidays only in the evening, if you will be waiting for a romantic meeting. And in the afternoon, the clothes should be free and comfortable with an air gap in the skin.

If the climate in the place of your holiday is cool, grab some closed warm things. They may not be useful, but it will be worse if there is nothing to go out of. A windbreaker or a sweatshirt will surely protect you.


With such a figure, beachwear is needed, which will visually align the difference between the width of the shoulders and the width of the hips. It may be:

  • one-piece swimsuit, which has a special insert at the chest level,
  • the difference in width can be hidden due to the uniform shades of the bottom and large prints of the top of the swimsuit,
  • a large bodice plus decorative details or draping in the chest or “halter” bodice will do (by the way, this shape of the bodice will suit 63-year-old and older ladies).


In this case, one-piece swimsuits that can emphasize the shape of an hourglass look great, for example:

  • swimsuit panties are decorated with a beautiful decorative belt,
  • fit a wide bra and melting skirt,
  • swimsuit with thin straps.


For women with such a sporty figure, it is necessary to choose a swimsuit that would visually be able to make the hips wider, for example, these styles:

  • monophonic nondescript top and bright, catchy bottom,
  • all sorts of bright prints on swimming trunks - even the stripes, even the cage, even the peas, even the flowers,
  • if you have a large bust, then the bodice is needed on large straps and with a large V-shaped neckline.


Such a female figure will be beautifully emphasized by a bikini swimsuit, which has a deep V-neck and triangular cups. And some more tips for the owner of such a figure:

  • if you cannot boast with the length and slimness of the legs, then give up the swimsuit, in which the panties are made in the form of shorts. Better choose a high neckline on both sides,
  • if there are any flaws in the shape of the buttocks, it is best to help them visually adjust the skirt-shaped melting,
  • a small tummy will not be visible in a one-piece swimsuit that has rigid cups, and he can emphasize the benefits of such a figure,
  • with a swimsuit coloring and any prints on it there are no restrictions, they will not damage your figure.

What color will suit brunette?

A dark-haired woman with pale skin will never look good in a dark blue swimsuit, rich purple or in plain white. Your native colors are delicate: the colors of caramel, peach, pink and violet, that is, everything that gives warmth to the shade.

If the skin is dark or well tanned, then the most beneficial will be other shades: rich emerald green, deep blue, burgundy, chocolate, rich red.

What is better for brown-haired?

Brown-haired brown-haired should prefer soft-pink, warm, yellow and delicate shades of purple.

Brown-eyed brown-haired with fair skin should abandon faded and too bright tones. Choose brown and lilac shades. For all the brown-haired women, white and black swimsuits are not suitable, except that white with black stripes or vice versa.

For blonde

White-skinned blondes look great in bright swimsuits with rich, catchy shades. The more colorful the colors resembling the style of India or the East will be, the more advantageous will be emphasized the tenderness of the image of a beautiful woman with white hair.

In no case do not pick up a swimsuit to match your hair or skin - you can’t think of anything worse, because your pallor will only be underlined and you will practically become invisible.

All of these are generalized advice, in fact, no one except yourself knows what color you want to face, what your skin becomes after tanning and how its shade changes with the onset of the new season. So it's up to you.

Not recommended

In her youth, any woman is attractive: with her freshness, with her resilient body, and it’s not so important what type of body she has — she’s still beautiful with her youth! But time passes and only memories remain from youth, and the figure loses all its femininity and attractiveness. But not only young people want to soak up the beach, this kind of recreation for the elderly is just as desirable and attractive.

Who does not want to splash in the warm sea waves and lie down on the golden sand? But how to hide this senile fullness, ugly stretch marks and all sorts of folds? Which swimsuit would be the most appropriate in this case?

Screaming shades - this is probably not your age, the swimsuit of such a lady should be approximately shades like:

  • deep blue
  • emerald,
  • cobalt,
  • deep pink,
  • coral
  • sea ​​green.

These are universal shades in this case, capable of giving the image both notes of restraint and special charm. But from the black and white, although it seems to be a classic, it is better to refuse - they will give out unhealthy pallor of fading skin. Well, the transparent structure of the fabric is also, unfortunately, not yours anymore. Yours is a quality fabric that fits well and hides all ugly folds.

It is categorically not recommended swimsuits, sewn from fabric with glitter - all your flaws will only become even more noticeable. It is important that the swimsuit of an elderly lady reliably supported her breasts, because the law of gravity has not been canceled by anyone, and therefore over the years, the chest drops dramatically. But a properly chosen swimsuit bodice will help to forget about such an annoying trifle, and an elderly woman will once again feel like a Woman.

Fabric requirements

What is a beach swimsuit? It is also outerwear, but on the other hand, is it underwear? Yeah, not so simple in this case, when the underwear is not just a cover for the naked body, but also its aesthetic decoration.

It is clear that swimsuit for swimming should have elastic qualities, but what exactly should this be for the fabric? What sew swimsuits? The question is not simple. Perhaps it is knitted or linen, or maybe cotton?

Varieties of hats

To determine the necessary and appropriate model of headwear for the beach, you need to know what they are in general.

1. Wide brimmed maxi hat. From the name it is already becoming clear that she will have wide fields that will perfectly protect from the scorching sun besides the head, other parts of the body, such as the face and shoulders. It will be much more difficult to get burned with it. A hat with wide brim looks feminine and will suit many girls. One significant disadvantage is that it may not be comfortable and very hot when worn. It does not swim, do not play active games.

2. Gaucho hat. It is characterized by a flat top and an average field length. Once upon a time, they were worn by people of aristocratic origin when visiting horse races or horse races. But then this hat migrated to the common people, and later completely to the beaches. Suitable gaucho representative of the weaker sex with a thin line of the neck and a slim physique. The best combination with her clothes will be free style.

3. Panama - This is a headdress that fits almost everything, because it is appreciated by many girls. Он хорошо оберегает голову от солнечных лучей, при этом не вызывает потливость головы. Делают их обычно из простого текстиля, а значит - выбор рисунков и цветов не ограничен. Панама придает образу легкость и воздушность.

4. Шляпа «Федора» - отличается треугольной выемкой в верхней части + есть две возвышенности сбоку. У нее средние и очень гибкие поля. Такую шляпку носят в большинстве стильные и молодые люди. But to wear it is best with a simple or sports swimwear. Fedor has a sister in the form of a trilby hat. It differs only in that the last field is wider.

5. There is a kind of hat that gives the image a certain chic - this is turban. He looks very extravagant. If you still add his glasses in the dragonfly screen and a joint bathing suit, then you will look as harmonious as possible. This style is more restrained, which means no frank swimsuit.

6. Cowboy hat. It has grooves in the upper part and along the perimeter of the fields, which are widely folded upwards. Ideal for separate safari style swimwear.

7. When creating a daring image, you will certainly fit bandana. It fits slim girls with regular features. The bandana will not cover your face from the sun's rays, but it will sit very tightly and will not fly off even with strong gusts of wind.

8. Caps with a short visor. This headpiece can be made from textiles or straw. More go to the sporty style.

9. Baseball cap. She is very comfortable for a girl who prefers a very active lifestyle and likes to actively spend time on the beach.

10.Cloche - a hat similar to a bell, because it has a round top, and the fields are short and steeped downwards. For the fair sex with a long face and thin chin, this will be the best option. Ideal for women who wear closed plain swimwear.

11. And the last kind of hats for the beach - "boater". It is made of straw and has a rigid shape, the top is made in the shape of a cylinder. It is low, but the fields, on the contrary, are very short. This hat will fit a slim girl with an oval face.

How to make a choice?

If you are going to choose a summer hat and purchase it before the beach season, then you need to consider a few points:

• Decide on style. The model you choose should fit and be in harmony with bathing suit, clothes and beach shoes.

• Determine your size correctly, as a summer hat should fit tightly on your head. Otherwise, it will simply fly away in windy weather.
• Selection of product material. The summer hat is lightness and airiness. It should pass air well and evaporate moisture.
• Color spectrum. It should correspond to the preferred tones of the chosen summer clothes and shoes or be in harmony with them. It should also be remembered that the hat for the beach should not be dark tones, because it can provoke a heat stroke.

• Type of shape and face shape. If a girl has an oblong and narrow face, then a hat that covers her forehead will do. Hats with small and rounded tops will be relevant. Round-faced girls will wear high-top beach hats. Narrow hollow hats will look best on short and thin girls. But if a girl has magnificent forms, then she should look at hats with wide brim.


Each must be placed in a suitcase for 2-3 options. Crop tops are popular for young girls, but they can be worn only if they have a perfectly flat belly, and double-layer or fishnet non-fitting tops are also in demand.

For girls with the perfect figure fit the fitting version with a decor on the belt or plain with a V or U-shaped neckline.

Women with problematic tummies should dwell on elongated versions with a loose cut and deep cleavage, young ladies with lush hips can choose models with a large neckline, bright prints, flounces, ruffles or sleeves-lanterns.

The informal atmosphere of the resorts welcomes the unusual in prints and colors of T-shirts and T-shirts. Maritime, comic, Hawaiian and so on are acceptable.

It is advisable to purchase a piecework model and a split swimsuit model.

Owners of ideal forms can afford a gang style (swimsuit without straps) and bikini suits such girls.

Swimsuit with a V-neck is suitable for women with lush breasts and broad shoulders, and light top and dark bottom should be chosen if the shoulders are too narrow in relation to the hips.

For visual breast augmentation, choose a bodice with ruffles, pleats or drapes.

To adjust the abdomen area, swimsuits of tankini consisting of a T-shirt and shorts or swimming trunks are ideal. Also fit and piecework options tankini or tankini dress.

To hide the fullness, you should prefer a swimsuit with a pattern of large peas or with contrasting side panels.

You can choose the color of the swimsuit, based on the color of your eyes or hair (blue, chocolate, green).

White, blue, soft pink colors well over the dark-skinned girls or already well-tanned. Light-skinned ladies fit pale colors, pastel colors. Blue, red or Beaujolais are considered classic and win-win options for all types.

The most comfortable shoes for hiking on the beach are rubber slates, pantoletes or slippers, which can be matched to the color of a swimsuit or take just bright options.

Comfortable sandals on a flat sole made of genuine leather are suitable for a walk; elegant models with a T-shaped fastening and eye-catching décor are popular.

Under evening dresses, it is desirable to have sandals on a small heel, these can be models with cork heels and painting in an abstract style or restrained models on a stiletto or sandals. An alternative to the heel will be sandals on the wedge. Also appropriate are ballet shoes.

Stylists do not recommend to buy shoes at a high rate for a spa wardrobe.


Among the accessories that will be able to complement your images, there should be beach voluminous and woven or fabric bags with ethnic or marine motifs.

To go to the beach you need a beach tunic or pareo.

A small handbag with a long strap or a simple clutch is useful for an evening walk, you can choose the color of the dress or buy white, beige, black, which will suit any image.

Among the sunglasses fashionable this season are chanterelles, tishaydy (round), browliners (only with the upper rim) and retro models of wyfarera, you can also buy a universal option - these are aviators.

As for a headdress, a straw hat with wide or medium-sized fields or fields in small stands is suitable for women of any age, depending on the type of person you need to choose the style and length of the fields. Any model will suit girls with an oval face; if a square face shape is to choose a model with undulating fields, you can extend a wide face by wearing a crown-shaped product. Chubby women need to pay attention to hats with a high crown and wide brim.

If you are wearing a sporty style, you can choose a baseball cap or cap as a headdress. Also, girls and women of middle age will wear a headscarf, tied in the form of a turban or panama.