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What door to put in the bathroom: choose the best option


Doors bathroom and toilet - a necessary detail of the interior.

One of the factors that significantly affect the visual perception of the interior are interior doors - the doors for the bathroom and toilet are particularly important, since, in addition to the beautiful appearance, they must be distinguished by high performance characteristics.

Below in the article we will talk about the doors that are used for sanitary facilities. I will tell you how to choose products so that they not only please the eye, but also serve you reliably for many years.

Varieties of products

I believe that the doors for the bathroom and toilet should differ from the designs for living rooms with one important feature — the possibility of operating in conditions of high humidity. However, this, of course, is not the only criterion by which they should be chosen.

For convenience, I divided all the structures existing in the domestic market into several groups according to certain criteria. And portrayed all this in a small diagram:

Types of doors for plumbing premises.

By material

The first thing to think about is the material from which interior doors are made. After all, all other operational properties directly depend on this. Here you can highlight several of the most common options.

Plastic doors for a toilet and a bathroom differ in the increased operational properties and perfectly feel in the conditions of the increased humidity and considerable temperature fluctuations. Used for their manufacture, plastic is susceptible to biocorrosion and shrinkage, does not change its size depending on air temperature, and tolerates the effects of aggressive detergents, water vapor and water jets.

Plastic door to the bathroom.

In addition, polymer products have some additional advantages:

  • low weight - the design does not require a powerful strapping for installation and closes from a small effort,
  • reliability - the plastic itself and the used hardware retains its performance characteristics for a decade,
  • practical - due to low porosity, plastic does not trap dirt, and small drops of water or dust can be easily erased with a sponge.

An important feature that I want to mention separately is the high sound absorption coefficient and good heat retaining properties. The door leaf limits the spread of noise from the running water and prevents unproductive heat loss from the bathroom.

The surface of the door can be painted in one color or imitate other materials (for example, wood). Additional finishing (varnishing, painting) surface does not require. Decorative properties of the coating are maintained throughout the life of the product.

The maximum budget option doors in the plumbing room.

However, despite all the tricks of the designers, the door of plastic is inferior in its aesthetic qualities to plastic alternatives. And this, in my opinion, is the only drawback of the product. But the low price pays off.

Glass doors to the bathroom and toilet look very impressive and beautiful. And the performance characteristics of this material at altitude. Glass is not afraid of direct contact with the liquid, significant temperature fluctuations and exposure to water vapor.

Glass door to the plumbing room.

Doors made of glass do not change their geometrical parameters during operation, do not become moldy and do not harm the human body (they have zero emission level of harmful substances).

For the manufacture of the described products using special tempered glass, which is able to withstand a significant mechanical load (including impact) without breaking. Even if you can break the canvas, it will crumble into small crumbs and will not cause injury.

Despite the very high specifications, glass doors are not often used for the equipment of sanitary premises. The fact is that they have a specific appearance and are not combined with all interior styles.

But I can tell you that the glass door is not just a transparent sheet. I met such models from different manufacturers:

  • with tinted surface
  • with canvas of different degrees of transparency,
  • frosted doors
  • products with texture, sputtering, relief pattern or carving,
  • with a mirror surface.

The doors in which glass is combined with other materials — wood, plastic, metal, and so on — look very nice.

Door production GlassStroy.

But the main property of the glass door, in my opinion, is the ability to visually increase the space, which is important for sanitary facilities in city apartments. And caring for them is simple - just wipe them dry with a rag.

But the price leaves much to be desired. Get ready to pay for a similar design a lot of money. Although there are models (for example, the production of GlassStroy), the cost of which starts from 12 thousand rubles.

Wood has always been an excellent material for the manufacture of interior doors. And such products are suitable for any style of interior. But the classic models of solid wood are not suitable for arranging doorways in bathrooms and toilets, as the material does not tolerate operation in humid air, it quickly rots, deforms and loses its original attractive appearance.

Wooden door to the bathroom.

In order to increase the service life of structures, manufacturers use dense wood species (for example, oak, beech), as well as various decorative compounds (varnishes, paints) that give surfaces hydrophobic properties. However, in this case, wooden products require special care, constant updating of protective coatings and so on.

In my opinion, buying and installing wooden doors is necessary only if this is required by the design project. In all other cases, their use is unjustified, especially considering the very high cost of the products being described.

As an alternative, by the way, there are products on the market from glued wooden plates, which look like wooden, but cost less. Yes, and their performance is better.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in my opinion, this is the most common option in our country. Such doors are made of chipboard or fiber plates, the surface of which is protected by a laminated layer that prevents them from getting wet.

Bathroom doors of chipboard.

The performance characteristics of MDF doors are quite high. They tolerate operation well in humid air, at high temperatures, and are not destroyed by direct contact with the liquid. And their price and wide range do not leave room for doubt.

The appearance and technical characteristics of the doors of glued wooden plates largely depends on the type of coating used. So it's time to talk about him.

By type of coverage

So, what are the coatings that protect wooden, and mostly - particleboard and MDF doors - from the destructive effects of the microclimate in the bathroom. In my daily activities I came across such options:

  1. Laminate, laminatin (CPL). Decorative protective coating, in essence representing a special paper, covered with waterproof varnish. Laminatin differs from laminate in improved performance properties - resistance to wear and appearance.

Laminated door to the bathroom.

Laminated doors are very cheap, but I personally cannot guarantee their operation for more than one year. Especially if they are exposed to constant exposure to steam and water. So buy models with CPL film.

The great advantage of such products is the same colors and shades. Therefore, if one of the doors becomes useless, you can easily replace it. At the same time, in appearance it will not differ from the neighbor (after all, doorways to the bathroom and toilet in apartments are usually located nearby).

  1. Ecomash and PVC. Both of these varieties are films of their polymers and are very popular as materials for decorating the surfaces of the doors to the bathroom. Differ in the increased moisture and wear resistance.

Doors with ekoshpon coating.

Polyvinyl chloride film is better than others to carry external mechanical effects, however, it has a low environmental friendliness, since it emits chlorides during operation (although the level of their emission is within the established norms).

As for the ekoshpon, it began to be used not so long ago, but is gaining increasing popularity. The latter is due to high environmental qualities (zero emission of harmful substances) and excellent appearance. Eco-sheeter imitates wood not only in color but also in touch. However, do not confuse it with natural veneer.

  1. Veneer. This natural coating is the most environmentally friendly, has an excellent appearance, but also a considerable cost (when compared with the analogues listed above). It is a very thin layer of valuable wood, which is glued to the chipboard.

Veneered door to the bathroom.

The veneered door is more like a wooden one, but, unlike solid wood products, it has improved moisture resistance, excellent heat resistance, lower weight and lower price.

Another point that needs to be mentioned is the impossibility of operating such a door in a place where water can fall on it. In extreme cases, the surface must be further treated with a water-repellent lacquer, which will not allow the liquid to penetrate into the thickness of the laminated plate.

  1. Varnish or enamel. This type of decorative coating is suitable for doors of any materials, but at the present time it is practically not used, since the appearance of such structures leaves much to be desired.

Enameled bathroom door.

Nevertheless, the enameled door is well protected from moisture and is easily repaired. In case of detection of damage to the decorative layer, you just need to paint or varnish the surface of the door (or part of it) again.

By design

Now we will be defined with design features. After all, not all products are made from a whole piece of wood or solid glued slab. And here there are such options:

  1. Shield doors. Structurally, they are a frame of wooden bars, upholstered on both sides with sheets of MDF. The empty interior space is filled with a porous material, which increases the sound and thermal insulation properties of the product. The advantage of this solution is a very low price, however, and the quality is up to standard. Such doors are not subject to deformation during the entire period of operation.

Shield doors in the bathroom.

  1. Panel doors. One of the most popular designs, which was invented several centuries ago and is still used today. The shackled door consists of a frame around the perimeter, stiffeners for its screed (middle ones) and panels inserted into the space between the frame elements. These doors are more expensive and weigh more, but retain their characteristics better in conditions of high humidity and constant temperature fluctuations.

Panel doors for sanitary facilities.

  1. Side doors. Structurally, they are two vertical bars, connected horizontally by several transverse tsars. Different from other types of interesting appearance. Usually used a different number of royal sides of different shapes and sizes. And between them are often inserted other decorative materials - glass, metal, and so on.

Tsargovy veneered doors.

  1. Molded doors. They consist of two elements - molded pillars along the perimeter of the door leaf and large area glass inserted in the middle. A transparent element is a safe multi-layer construction, which may have a different color, transparency and texture. Pogonazhny doors differ in low sound insulation, but perfectly fit into design of a bathroom or a toilet, than and their high popularity is caused.

Molded door to the bathroom.

  1. Solid doors. Made from a single sheet of any material. I met such doors from solid wood and glass. Usually in this category are very expensive exclusive products made to individual orders.

Glass door to the bathroom.

By way of opening

This is one of the most important selection criteria, because it greatly affects the convenience of daily use. I will highlight the most common types:

  1. Swing. The principle of functioning is clear from the title. The swinging shutter in the closed state fits snugly to the trim, so it is well insulated living spaces from moisture and noise in the bathroom. In addition, it eliminates the formation of drafts in the sanitary room.

Swing door to the bathroom.

The downside of this design, in my opinion, is the need for free space for the movement of the sash.

  1. Sliding (compartment doors). The door leaf in this case does not swing open in one direction or another, but moves to the right or left. This design allows you to significantly save space in the apartment, but it has several significant drawbacks.

Compartment doors in the bathroom.

First of all, it is a bad sound and heat insulation. The door is loosely attached to the strapping, so drafts may appear inside the bathroom, and steam and warm air will come out. In addition, your singing in the shower will disturb your loved ones.

Another unobvious disadvantage is the need for arranging a place for shearing the web. Although it is located along the wall, it can sometimes cause inconvenience. And the rollers hidden in the wall often fail due to high levels of moisture or debris.

  1. Folding. This design appeared not so long ago, but it is widely used for arranging doorways in bathrooms and toilets. Outwardly, it is a product whose door leaf consists of several folding segments. In more detail, the principle of its operation is visible in the photo.

The advantage of this product is some savings in space, the minus is the unreliability of fittings, as well as poor fit of the web to the harness. As a result - low sound and heat insulation properties.

  1. Rotary. A new kind of door, which, in my opinion, combines all the advantages of hinged and folding doors, but lacks their disadvantages. The point is to use a special hardware, thanks to which the door leaf swings open first and then compactly placed along one of the walls.

Rotary door to the bathroom.

As a result, you get a product that in the open state occupies a minimum of free space, but in the closed state, it fits snugly to the harness, preventing the penetration of cold air into the bath.

Well, the last criterion that I would like to talk about is the types of handles and latches for the doors.

By the look of the locking accessories

When choosing doors for bathrooms and toilets, special attention should be paid to the purchase of locking accessories. After all, it is unlikely that anyone would want his privacy while performing hygienic procedures to be violated. Yes, and sit a few hours in the closet because of a stuck latch, too unpleasant.

Here I can advise several options:

  1. Handle with integrated lock. The cheapest version of the locking accessories. It is a handle with a latch, the mechanism of which has a lock, which holds the tongue in a fixed position (in case you need to be alone).

The handle with the locking mechanism.

  1. Handle and latch separate. Such products will also not be too expensive, but the reliability will be higher. The bottom line is that the handle with the tongue cuts separately from the latch itself. And the latter may be mortise or invoice (something like a latch from the USSR). The mechanisms will be operated with different intensity, which will extend their service life.

Separate handle and locking mechanism on the door to the toilet or bathroom.

  1. Plumbing lock. The most common option, although it is more expensive than the previous two. In this case, the hardware has one locking tongue, but it is controlled by a handle at the top and a lock at the bottom.

Handle with lock on the door to the bathroom.

The essence of its operation is similar to the previous version, but the overall layout improves the reliability of the product. The price of such a device is about 3 times higher than the previous version.

Sizes of doors for sanitary premises

It is necessary to correctly determine the size of the door for the bathroom.

Geometrical parameters (height, width, thickness) of products are selected individually, based on the size of the door opening. There are certain standards that all manufacturers adhere to. Dimensions of classic designs are presented in the table. In the same place, I indicated which doors to install with certain dimensions of the existing doorway.

Увеличенные относительно дверного полотна размеры дверей в ванную и туалет обусловлены тем, что межкомнатные двери устанавливаются с коробкой, которая также имеет определенные размеры.

Порядок замера дверного проема для покупки двери.

Measure the doorway to determine the size of the door should be as follows:

  1. Height. It is measured from the floor to the ceiling of the doorway. If the decorative coating on the floor (linoleum, laminate, parquet) has not yet been installed, then it is necessary to lay a stock for this (take some centimeters from the height). It is worth noting that the height of all the doors sold is standard, so if the height of the opening is not enough, you will have to either order the door on an individual project or peg the wall.
  2. Width. Measured from one edge of the opening to the other. When buying a door, remember that the box (strapping) should fit into the opening with a margin of at least 1 cm, which is necessary to seal the structure with mounting foam. To determine the desired width of the door itself (without the box) you need to take away from the resulting value the gap to the foam (10-15 mm) and the thickness of the timber (usually 25 mm * 2 - the timber will be on both sides) from which the door block is made.
  3. Depth. To determine this value, you need to measure the thickness of the interior wall and add to this a certain number of centimeters, which will go to the decorative finish (tile, plaster). If the width of the door trim is not enough, you need to buy additional strips.

Based on my own experience, I want to say that for an old apartment built in the last century (Khrushchev) the standard door size is 60 cm, and for new dwellings it is 70 cm. Additionally, if you are going to install sliding structures, you need to take care of the space. where the canvas will be removed in the open state.

One more thing. When choosing doors, make sure that the sanitary equipment you have selected and purchased will pass through them. I encountered situations when it was impossible to bring a washing machine and a shower cabin through a too narrow door into the bathroom.

Manufacturers and collections

When deciding which door to put on the bathroom or toilet, you should also pay attention to the companies that produce these products. I will tell about some of them here.

  1. Hales. The Belarusian company, which produces the highest quality doors since the fall of 1999. Now this company exports its products to many neighboring countries and to Europe.

The door of the company Hales model Tokyo color Black Oak.

Currently, the company's range consists of 18 models, differing from each other in color, shape, the presence of additional decorative details and other features. All of them are divided into several collections - Renaissance, Modernity and Classics.

The average cost of the product is about 10 thousand rubles. There are cheaper and more expensive models.

  1. Art Deco. Factory for the production of interior doors, including for sanitary facilities, which is located in the Russian Ulyanovsk. She has been working in the domestic market since 2009, but has already managed to recommend herself only on the positive side.

The door of the company Art Deco Vatican Collection model Naples 1.

For the manufacture of doors using natural wood, dried to a certain level of humidity, as well as veneer valuable wood. Veneered products and doors from the array are covered with high-tech varnish based on polyurethane.

The company's product range includes a large number of models, divided into three collections - Art Deco, Vatikan and Futuro. The cost of the doors starts from 8 thousand rubles.

  1. Capel The company, which specializes exclusively in the manufacture of doors, characterized by high moisture resistance. They were originally intended for use in premises whose microclimate is characterized by a high level of humidity and significant temperature fluctuations.

Door production Capel collection Laminate model Walnut Milanese.

Products of this company are distinguished by durability, resistance to mechanical damage, uniformity of color and a huge range of design solutions.

The company produces pure white products, painted in a single color, laminated, gingham and so on. The price starts from 4500 rubles and above.

  1. Verda. A trademark belonging to the Russian production association Odintsovo, under which for more than 10 years high-quality interior doors of wood and glued slabs, including for the equipment of bathrooms and toilets, have been produced.

Door trademark Verda.

The assortment produced by the company includes a huge number of models of hinged, sliding and folding types, decorated with natural veneer, ekoshpon and polymer film.

Especially I want to highlight the doors for bathrooms, equipped with a ventilation grille. Thanks to it, the air enters the bathroom and is removed through the vent. This contributes to the regulation of the microclimate inside and reduces the level of humidity in the room.

The cost of products starts from 4 thousand rubles.

  1. Mariam. Russian company specializing in the production of interior doors and products for sanitary facilities. The products of this company are of high quality and exquisite appearance.

Door Mariam Duet.

The design of the doors is developed by the team of authors taking into account the accumulated experience and the most modern trends in this area. Production is organized on high-tech lines, which makes it possible to produce products that meet the highest Russian and European standards.

The starting price for Mariam's door is 6400 rubles.

Now you know how to choose the doors for the bathroom and toilet. Installing this product with your own hands should not cause you any problems. Detailed instructions on this issue are presented in the video in this article. You can leave your opinion on the information in the comments.

What should be the door to the bathroom

Not any door will be suitable for installation in a damp room, but an appropriate one in terms of its characteristics - resistance to damp and moist air, to temperature extremes, the formation of fungus and mold. An important quality is the moisture resistance of the material from which the door is made, because due to the influence of dampness it can be deformed by changing its dimensions. Therefore, when installing a cloth made of natural wood or MDF, it is necessary that a protective coating be applied to its surface against the effects of temperature and moisture. The appearance of the door plays a major role when there is a clear idea of ​​the future interior, and not only the bathroom, but also the corridor, including the rest of the rooms in the house.

If the bathroom is spacious and equipped with an efficient ventilation system, it can be equipped with a door of any material. [/ wpmfc_cab_si]
But in a tight room, only a metal or glass door can withstand the test of temperature and moist air. An important factor in the choice of a suitable door to the bathroom is its sound and heat insulating properties. If it is not possible to install an efficient supply and exhaust ventilation in the bathroom, in order to prevent the formation of mold, fungi, and condensation on the walls, you should choose a door leaf with a built-in ventilation grill. Its presence will reduce the difference between the temperature inside the bathroom and the fabric itself.

If the door to be installed in the bathroom has an external protective coating, it is necessary to consider the method of its application - usually a small joint forms between the edge and the canvas, which serves as a conductor for moisture and further damage to the door leaf at high humidity levels. Before you install such a door leaf, you need to check the joints for tightness. In addition, if you plan to install a wooden door, you need to treat the upper and lower end with a protective lacquer, because manufacturers do not process these places, however they can accumulate moisture from the room, gradually deforming the canvas. On which door is better to choose, the advantages and disadvantages of some materials will be discussed further.

What material to put the bathroom door: types and characteristics

Interior doors consist of an internal frame and an external covering. The frame may consist of wood, chipboard or MDF. These materials are unstable to the effects of air, the humidity of which exceeds 60%. High-quality external coating is able to protect the wooden door from moisture and temperature drops. Before you decide which doors to put in the bath are better, you should learn the details about the materials of the outer coating.

Laminated coating

Differ in good, attractive cost. Laminated sheeting is a resin-impregnated paper glued onto the door frame. If the manufacturer does not save on the quality of the material, such a coating becomes wear-resistant and durable. Laminatin is an analogue of the laminated coating, with the difference that it is made of thicker paper, which is covered with several layers of varnish. This door leaf coating is more expensive than ordinary laminate. In order for the fabric to serve for a long time, you need to choose a coating of laminate with a thickness of at least 0 mm or laminate thickness up to 0.8 mm. But before choosing which doors to put in the bathroom, you need to take into account that the laminated fabric will fit only into the budget interior, because there is no need to expect an exquisite design from the door leaf made of laminate.

PVC Coating

PVC film is applied to the frame of the wooden sheet during its manufacture, protecting it from moisture. It has high wear resistance, the coating can be cleaned by chemical means. A wide range of hues and textures of PVC film will easily help to solve the problem of what should be the door to the bathroom in accordance with the overall interior. The disadvantages of this protective coating can be the release of harmful chemicals with low quality manufacturing, as well as the possibility of detachment of the outer coating from the frame.

Veneer and ekoshpon coating

Veneer is an expensive natural coating of various wood species, obtained in a special way of cutting. The inner filling can be made of budget wood or chipboard. Shponirovanny door leaf has an attractive appearance, it can completely replace the canvas, completely made of natural wood of valuable breeds, but it is expensive, and fits more like an interior door, but not in the bathroom the room.

This environmentally friendly material does not emit harmful substances even when heated, it is completely impervious to moisture, and its texture and color imitates natural wood of various species. If there is no certainty what doors to put in the bathroom, you should pay attention to the door leaf coated with eco-sheeting.

Cloth from the massif

If, however, it is decided to put an uncoated door leaf made of solid wood, it is necessary to take into account that the surface should be protected as much as possible with varnish, wax or other special protective coatings for wood. Selected methods of protection will help preserve the shape, size, texture, color of the door in its original form, saving the canvas from various harmful effects. The advantages of solid wood linen are environmental friendliness of the material, visual appeal and solid appearance.

Plastic doors

Plastic doors have nothing to do with the profile from which the plastic windows, which are already familiar to everyone, are made. Their appearance is the same as in canvases made from other materials. These inexpensive doors are made of plastic, insensitive to water, mold or mildew. If you choose such a door to the bathroom, it is worth considering that the variety of shades of plastic is not at all great.

Glass doors

If you are wondering what material the ideal door leaf is made of for a wet room with temperature differences, the answer will be unequivocal - from glass. Such doors do not emit harmful substances, i.e. environmentally friendly. In addition, the choice of paintings is diverse: you can choose frosted glass or tinted, with a printed pattern or with a smooth surface, depending on the stylistic orientation of the interior. The only drawback can be called the heavy weight of such a canvas, which requires high-quality, reliable, and, accordingly, expensive fittings.

What door to install in the bathroom: types

For installation in the bathroom, you can choose as a door leaf of the classic swing type, i.e. opening outward or inward, but you can also opt for other types. Among them - sliding doors and folding. A sliding door is a mechanism of guide profiles with rollers along which the door leaf moves. The advantage of this system is to save space inside and outside the bathroom, but it is necessary that one of the walls remain free for the smooth movement of the canvas. A variation of the sliding system is a cassette door, when the canvas can be placed in the intra-wall construction. This is an ideal option for small premises.

In addition to sliding, there are folding doors. They are several parts of the sash, connected in such a way that the door is folded to one side like an accordion. However, this version of the door leaf is not very suitable for installation in the bathroom, because it requires free space, without providing a good level of sound insulation and reliability of locking.

Main criteria

How to choose the right door for the bathroom? Based on the characteristics of the bathroom and its purpose, the choice should be based on the following qualities of the door structure:

  • practicality, since it is this door that most often opens and closes, including high-quality manufacturing material,
  • ease of use, that is, the ability to easily close without additional effort and does not require much expensive care,
  • moisture resistance and resistance to evaporation, to preserve the integrity of the coating and aesthetic appearance,
  • good thermal insulation that allows you to feel comfortable in the room,
  • excellent sound insulation characteristics, hiding the sounds of the processes,
  • style matching the overall design of housing - the color and style of the door.

The symbiosis of these criteria allows you to purchase a reliable door for many years.

Options offered by manufacturers

Modern glass doors can enrich the design of any apartment. In addition, they have a number of positive qualities, including moisture resistance, resistance to deformation under the influence of external factors such as moisture and high temperature. The undoubted advantages are environmental friendliness and hygienic material with good sound insulation performance and the ability to perfectly retain heat in the bathroom. Structures are made of impact-resistant glass. They are beautiful and varied according to the technique of decoration and transparency.

Matte doors are comfortable. Products with a decor from plastic, metal, a mosaic and other materials elegantly look. For small rooms, the valuable feature of glass is to visually enlarge and brighten the space.

However, despite the listed advantages, there are also disadvantages of glass constructions. First of all, it is an expensive pleasure, not available to everyone. The second drawback is the formation of condensation on the surface due to the abundance of moisture, which complicates the maintenance of the doors and creates prerequisites for the accumulation of moisture on the floor. This beauty must be constantly maintained clean and dry, carefully wiping the bathroom after each use. For families with babies, this is a rather risky option in terms of safety, despite the manufacturers' assurances of the special strength of glass, which requires the application of a special shock-resistant film and constant control over children.

Wooden constructions - this is a forever sought-after classic. Of course, it is no secret to anyone that wooden surfaces do not like moisture. However, if they are treated with antiseptic and covered with good varnish, then it is an acceptable option for a bathroom, provided that it is as remote as possible from the source of moisture, and the choice of products made from high-quality wood sorts - beech or oak. Such doors look thoroughly and reliably, giving the apartment solidity. But there is one thing. At the slightest violation of the manufacturing technology of a wooden door, flaws in processing and lacquer coating, improper installation - the process of deformation of the structure is inevitable. In small bathrooms it is almost impossible to avoid water getting on the door, which leads to endless wetting and drying of the wood, contributing to the appearance of cracks and deterioration of the appearance. Restoration of wooden structures is not cheap, as is the price of a new product.

Budget option can be considered DSP or MDF laminated constructions. Despite the prevalence of just such doors, one cannot recognize them as the ideal solution to the issue, relying on manufacturers' assurances of exceptional quality and fitness. Основной материал изготовления изделий зачастую не способен выдерживать воздействия влаги, постепенно разбухая, сводя на нет зазор между полом и дверью, дверной коробкой и полотном, значительно ухудшая функциональность. Такие конструкции тяжело закрываются и, оседая, царапают напольное покрытие.Laminate in many cases is subjected to deformation and mechanical damage. DSP or MDF doors are short-lived, but accessible to the masses.

With the entry into our lives plastic constructions, changed and ideas about the trendy interior. They replaced the usual wooden window frames and doors. In general, plastic doors are found in common areas and office spaces, but for the bathroom this is a practical option. The advantages of plastic are its moisture resistance and ability to resist deformation, lightness and hygiene, durability, heat insulation and noise insulation. Special modern coatings can imitate any material, so for the design of an apartment, you can choose the appropriate color and structure, resembling, for example, wood. Plastic doors are affordable and easy to maintain. They should be cleaned occasionally and sometimes washed with detergent to remove contaminants. This option can be considered the best in price-quality-durability for bathrooms.

But veneered doors with a covering from a natural tree, are not desirable to use in bathrooms because of low resistance to moisture and high temperature. Although now there are new high-tech tools for impregnation of structures, guaranteeing their moisture and heat resistance, and eco-veneer - wear-resistant modern material, with excellent aesthetic properties and edgeless technology. If it is such door structures that are preferable, then it is better to get acquainted with a quality certificate, where these indicators will be guaranteed and the product life cycle are indicated, before purchasing.

Design features

Most often in apartments you can find swing doors, but other door designs in the form of sliding, folding or folding doors are gaining more and more popularity. All of them cope with the main function, but have their own nuances.

For swing models you need a space that is so lacking in small-sized housing. If there are several doors nearby, you can use a compartment door in the design that does not interfere with the opening and closing of neighboring structures.

It should be noted that the sliding version has insufficient sound insulation, with the exception of the cassette version. Folding models and folding doors also have this drawback. Based on common sense, the best option for the bathroom door is a swing construction, despite the availability of free space.

The door to the bathroom requires a ventilation hole or gap, a complete set of reliable handles and fixing mechanisms of quality material. Constant ventilation of the bathroom is also necessary. Then, no matter what design you choose, it will last a long time, delighting you with its appearance and functionality until the new repair.

Size selection

In accordance with the current provisions of the construction requirements and standards, the bathroom door should open outwards and have certain minimum dimensions:

  • width - not less than 80 cm,
  • height - 200 cm.

The door leaf must have ventilation holes that ensure proper air exchange:

  • the gap at the bottom of the canvas,
  • perforation in the canvas (holes).

If there is a window in the room, a model with a full wing is enough. Consider the requirements in more detail.

Opening method

It is important how the flaps open. Folds are:

  1. right - open clockwise,
  2. Left - open in the opposite direction.

Always open the door for security reasons.

Often complicates the process of choosing the small size of the room, corridor. It is important to ensure that the door opens freely, does not block the passage. In the bathroom, pay attention to how the doors of the lockers open so that they do not interfere with the interior door.


Bathroom - a room exposed to high levels of humidity. Proper ventilation is important for the safety of people, the preservation of the room, furniture, finishing materials. If ventilation is insufficient, mold and fungi may appear on the walls. Then you have to look for a tool, than to remove mold from the walls, than to wash the shower cabin.

The requirements of residential standards determine the efficiency of the ventilation system. In accordance with the requirements, the amount of air that needs to be updated fresh in the room per unit of time (air exchange) meets the following standards:

  • for a bathroom with or without toilet - 50 m³ / h,
  • for a separate toilet - 30 m³ / h.

The optimal solution is a ventilation grille installed in the lower part of the door leaf. The total cross-section of the air inlet to the bathroom should be at least 0.022 square meters.

Another option - the vents, covered with decorative covers. This method of ventilation gives insufficient surface area to ensure air circulation. Instead of ventilation holes, a ventilation hole is used - a cutout in the lower part of the door leaf, providing the necessary space between the canvas and the floor. The correct gap size must meet the requirements of the ventilation device.

Types of doors

In addition to functionality, appearance is the main selection criterion. Selected models should match the interior, in harmony with the corridor. Today you can find a certain choice of materials from which make the door leaf for the bathrooms:

  • wooden,
  • wooden with glass
  • completely glass.

Doors can open in various ways:

  • standard swing
  • sliding,
  • accordion
  • other designs.

The tree is always relevant

If you decide to use a wooden model, you should choose the right shade, wood species, not all models fit into any interior.

  • In the traditional interior of the door leaf is useful, having a classic look, a natural shade of wood, a simple form.
  • Modern interiors will decorate the door, decorated minimalist.
  • Door leaf for the Provence bathroom is painted with white paint, sometimes artificially aged.
  • Modern industrial interior looks rude, austere, the room will be decorated with a spectacular barn door. Easy installation, low cost, extreme atmospheric - the main advantages of this solution.

The color of the canvas should fit the whole interior, and not just one of its components - the floor, the windows.

Folding and sliding models

These models are used everywhere where there is little space, and the usual sash when opening creates interference with the movement, make it impossible to place furniture, plumbing. Sliding models are usually equipped with one door leaf moving to one side of the wall. Double-sided structures can be used, in which the canvases disperse in different directions.

Sliding doors on the rails are a great solution for a small room, where every inch counts. When opening and closing the canvas moves along the line of the wall.

Convenient folding doors are installed only in fairly large spaces, they reduce the width of the door opening when opened.

Bathroom - a room that requires unique intimacy. Therefore, in the bathrooms they install a lock that provides the ability to close the room from the inside.

Choosing a model for interior style

In addition to functionality, you need to think about the selection of style so that the chosen model matches the bathroom and corridor. Properly selected models improve the safety, comfort of using the bathroom. It is necessary to choose a model that blends harmoniously with the interior. The combination of useful and aesthetic functions is another advantage of properly selected wood products.

A sliding model is ideal when there are problems with opening traditional doors inside one of the rooms.

What does a tree go with?

Wooden models - timeless beauty, they are always fashionable, beautifully presented. The recent tendency to use woodgrain tiles favors this choice. The tree is perfectly combined with different styles:

  • Scandinavian
  • rustic,
  • classic,
  • industrial.

Unusual, raw, untreated wooden canvas, attracting attention - a real decoration of the gray industrial interior.

A white bathroom with warm wooden accessories, a light wooden door with a frame of the same color looks light and spacious.

The black or dark tile on the wall contrasts beautifully with the light-colored wooden floor, light-colored wooden linen.

A photo. The combination of white and wood in a modern, fashionable bathroom

Trendy white interior

White color is popular in small bathrooms, combined with different colors. White paint - a good solution for coating wood products. The white door leaf looks elegant.

A photo. Modern black and white interiors

A photo. Rooms decorated in white give a feeling of cleanliness, emphasizing the character of the interior.

In order to choose the right door for a bathroom, one should be guided by the following principles:

  1. the model must match the style of the interior,
  2. color must be coordinated with the whole interior.

White doors are suitable for light bathrooms, not very impressive in a dark room. Successfully you can combine white accents with wooden doors. Dark models are used in stylish interiors, they are perfect for modern avant-garde interiors. It is necessary to observe moderation, caution, so that the model does not dominate in the interior.

Choosing a door, you should consider the size of the room:

  • for spacious rooms, you can choose a solid model,
  • for small, glazed, transmissive light, visually enlarging the room.

The door should be an integral part of the design of the apartment, providing the necessary level of security, comfort, stylistic, color harmony.


Manufacturers, building stores, supermarkets offer a wide selection of door models for sanitary facilities, from which it is easy to choose an option to your own taste, choosing any color, material, handles, locks, decorations. The model with glazing adds room to the light, visually enlarges the room, ideal for modern interiors. Glass will give doors lightness, transparency, without taking away intimacy. Wooden models look great in a modern and classic interior, make the bathroom warm, cozy.

What requirements should meet the bathroom door?

No matter how stylish and expensive your chosen doors are, first of all, they must be moisture resistant, that is, protected from excessive humidity, hot air and contact with water.

Without a protective coating, natural wood or MDF plate is deformed: it swells, then shrinks, causing it to be covered with cracks and ceases to perform its main function.

The effect of moisture and high temperature can be mitigated by installing a bathroom or shower cubicle against the wall opposite to the door or erecting an additional partition.

In a spacious room with well-equipped ventilation, it is possible to install a door with any type of construction - from a machined framing to metal-plastic. Humidity in a large bathroom does not pose a danger, and direct water entering the door surface is excluded.

Metal plastic and glass sheets are recognized as the most successful for a close bathroom, for a spacious room - any products with a protective layer.

For example, products from a laminate are covered with a thick synthetic film that does not let moisture through. That appearance did not contradict the general interior decision, choose the laminate imitating natural wood.

Let's also look at the different types of doors and try to identify their advantages and disadvantages:

Types of paintings on the material of manufacture

Choosing the design of the product, its location, decoration, rely mainly on the material from which the fabric is made. Wood texture implies one type of finish, plastic another, glass the third, and the possibilities of each material are far from endless.

For example, it is difficult to place a PVC product in a palace interior, and glass sliding doors in a room designed in country style.

Budget option - MDF

If you are interested in attractive products of the middle price segment, no doubt purchase doors made of MDF, which are easy to describe in one word - universal.

Manufacturers offer quite interesting models in shades of walnut, wenge and cherry, decorated with glass inserts, for only 2000-2500 rubles. Design proposals, of course, will cost more, however, for a couple of bathrooms-toilets, they often pick up standard canvases that do not attract the eye, as tile, furniture and sanitary equipment play the main role.

The most common variant of MDF is a deaf canvas of the baguette or milled type, imitating popular types of wood (oak, ash, walnut, maple) and reinforced with a protective coating.

You will appreciate the relative ease and ease of use of products from MDF - they are not as fragile as glass. Due to the natural composition (pressed wood sawdust and bonding lignin) and environmental cleanliness, the doors are good in homes with lots of children and animals.

They are moisture resistant, however there is a risk of minimum size changes during the heating season. Primer and enamel covering their surface increases resistance to mechanical wear.

Eco-friendly wood

The fashion for natural materials has led to the fact that the doors from the array are becoming more and more popular among the owners of country cottages and the owners of city apartments.

Wood products do not need additional decorative finishing - wood texture is distinguished by natural beauty. Enough to saturate the surface with varnish or special wax, as a soft, porous and pliable tree turns into a durable, waterproof, protected from pests and mold web.

Doors from the massif, especially made of valuable or rare wood, can often be seen in luxury homes, the interior of which corresponds to the aristocratic style. The price range is great - from 20 to 200 thousand rubles

Many do not see much difference in different types of wood - and they are deeply mistaken. With nothing you can not confuse the color of whitened, with a milky hue of a hornbeam or almost black, with the noble shine of wax bog oak. Alder, like cherry, gives a slight redness, and the shades of pine represent a whole range - from brownish-pink to yellow.

Elegant Veneer

Veneer trim is an appropriate offer as an alternative for those who appreciate natural beauty and practicality. A veneer is a thin sheet of wood produced by a special cutting method. For the manufacture of interior doors used sawn material, the most resistant to mechanical damage.

The use of veneering facilitates the door structure, makes it more accessible, while the textural features and wood pattern are preserved in their original form.

Special processing of veneer - usually this coating with 2-3 layers of lacquer - increases the strength of a thin sheet of wood and allows the use of interior doors in kitchens, bathrooms and bathrooms, that is, in rooms with high humidity

Modern wood processing methods make it possible to produce veneer from various species - beech, apple, oak, poplar, and olive. Due to the affordable price, the walnut texture is the most popular, and oak veneer models are durable and wear-resistant, so their cost is higher.

The versatility of veneered products allows them to harmoniously fit into any design project - they are perfectly combined with sanitary ware and furniture for bathrooms.

Practical Laminatin

If you like laminated doors, be sure to ask what type of film was used in their production. The cheapest products are covered with a layer of cellulose impregnated with synthetic resins. Obviously, the paper "shirt" is absolutely not suitable for bathroom equipment.

You should choose models that are tightened into a polyvinyl chloride elastic film with a thickness of 0.5 mm, or an even more durable two-layer laminate with a thickness of up to 0.8 mm, which is more expensive and looks like veneer in appearance.

Caring for laminated door leafs is to wipe the film with a damp sponge or a piece of cloth (microfiber). You can use non-aggressive detergents, such as laundry soap or bath cleaning gel

For a bathroom with a low-cost interior, laminated doors are ideal: cheap, easy to install and easy to maintain. If desired, among the monotonous models you can find options with shaped figure or glass decoration.

However, it must be remembered that it is not worth waiting for the exquisite design of this type of door, as well as of special strength - products with a honeycomb are rarely reliable.

Plastic: a variety of choices

Plastic doors for the bathroom do not necessarily resemble standard balcony blocks in white. Производители предлагают разнообразные варианты распашных, раздвижных, складных конструкций, состоящих из пластика, металлопластика и стекла.

Если позволяет толщина и строение стены, можно остановиться на оригинальном современном решении – кассетных дверях. They do not require additional space for opening, and are placed in the wall or parallel to it.

White plastic is perfectly combined with sanitary equipment and furniture of similar shades and fits well into the interior in pastel, dairy, beige or pearl tones.

To save space and money, many choose the "accordion" - a folding door made of plastic slats. Immediately after installation, you will notice the disadvantages of a device that is convenient at first glance: structural instability, large gaps, and lack of reliability.

The compartment door on the rollers is much more convenient and functional, and with precisely chosen dimensions, it is not inferior in noise insulation to a regular swing construction.

Impact resistant glass

Glass systems are not yet as common as metal-plastic, but their popularity is growing every year. Beautiful, beautifully decorated, durable and absolutely unresponsive to the effects of water doors as if created for bathrooms. Glass is perfectly combined with faience, porcelain, chrome and gilded fittings.

Safety of glass doors is guaranteed using modern materials: polycarbonate, tempered glass, plexiglas, triplex. It is very difficult to break a product from the listed materials, and in case of damage, the fragments hang on the doors or scatter into pieces without sharp corners.

How to maintain privacy and deprive the glass of its inherent transparency? Recommend several successful ways:

  • gold, silver, color plating,
  • film coating on a sticky basis
  • drawings and ornaments stained
  • frosted or tinted glass
  • stained glass from stained glass.

Often glass doors are made to order, so there are no problems with the design, framing, choice of texture or image. A small minus of glass - the appearance of stains when condensate accumulates, but you can also get rid of this trouble by adjusting the ventilation and using airing.

Sliding and folding door systems

When it is necessary to save space adjacent to the doorway, or perform an original design project, choose not traditional swing doors, but folding and sliding type constructions.

The easiest way to install is to install the invoice system. It includes a door leaf that moves along a guide (metal profile or decorative suspension) along the wall.

Some designs in their functionality resemble the front of the wardrobe: to open the door leaf, you need to move the side with a slight movement

The design is so simple that many install it on their own, choosing cloths from various materials as doors: wood, MDF board, plastic.

Sliding unilateral or bilateral system consists of the following parts:

  • 1 or 2 door leaves,
  • guide profile (suspension) mounted above the doorway,
  • rollers fixed in the upper end part of the flaps,
  • a stop that does not allow the door to swing and located on the floor.

To make the latch, you need to install a rack on the opposite side and adjust the locking mechanism. A variant of sliding systems are cassette wall-to-wall structures, which are great for houses of new construction, but problems may arise in old Stalin, panel and block houses with their installation.

The design, choice of material and exterior design of sliding doors depends largely on the area of ​​the bathroom and corridor, as well as on design goals. Suppose glass doors visually increase the space of the premises

Despite the recommendations of experts, some tenants choose folding doors-books and doors-accordions. These are two similar options, united by the same principle of disclosure. "Accordions" consist of many identical elements, which when folded, are assembled like furs of the musical instrument of the same name.

Sash "books" consist of two large parts, folding in a certain direction. To use both solutions for the improvement of the bathroom is extremely impractical, as it is difficult to achieve good sound insulation and reliability. These designs are more suitable for the device of indoor partitions.

The weakest point of folding doors is the fittings connecting the plates and fixing them to the upper rail. If there are three or more people in the family, the fasteners will wear out very quickly.

Choice of doors and style solutions

One of the starting points when choosing a door model is the style of the bathroom. It is taken into account when facing walls, selection of sanitary equipment and furniture, and, of course, it is reflected in the design of door and window openings.

A favorite of homeowners is a classic - noble, elegant, calm, ideal for decorating a room designed for the adoption of water procedures. The use of wooden or veneered door leafs in a traditional framing is allowed.

The color of the doors in the classic interior should intersect with a hint of the surrounding walls, most often it is pastel colors - beige, gray, pearl, golden, pink or light blue.

Country style is simple and deliberate coarse performance. Doors from any material will approach: an array, MDF, an interline interval, a laminatin.

To give the doors a shade of rustic imperfections, they can be aged using special impregnations and paints, as well as choosing a simple, outdated design.

In a minimalist interior, the doors seem to merge with the wall, they do not stand out against the general background. The design is the simplest, for manufacturing use glass, plastic, moisture resistant veneer.

One of the principles of minimalism is the absence of unnecessary details, which is manifested in the design of the door leaf, but it can still be decorated with neat discreet details, such as frosted glass inserts

Luxurious art deco style emphasizes the richness and sophistication of the interior. This is reflected in the overall structure of the bathroom and in some details, including the doors: rare types of wood are chosen for their manufacture, hand-made stained-glass windows or skillful forged finishes are used.

Unlike minimalism or hi-tech, art deco style has pretentiousness, extravagance and eclecticism. Sample door design - curly carving on the background of Venetian plaster and designer tiles

Whatever your chosen doors, the main thing is that they match the interior design and your taste.

Specificity of the doors to the bathroom

Both in the bathroom and in the toilet, high humidity is common, good ventilation can only partially solve the problem.

  • it is preferable to choose a door leaf from such a material that will not be afraid of moisture, damp or fungi, do not deform or swell.

  • It is good if they keep warm inside the room and provide excellent sound insulation.

Materials for the doors to the bathroom and toilet

Consider options that are suitable for a bathroom and toilet. One of the best materials for construction is glass:

  • it is absolutely not afraid of the influence of moisture, does not lose its original shape and does not respond to changes in temperature,

  • models of this material are environmentally friendly, soundproof,
  • hygienic - they are very easy and quick to care for
  • Such constructions in the bathroom or toilet are made of a fairly reliable tempered glass, which is almost impossible to accidentally break. But if you manage to break it, the glass will not be pricked in large pieces, thereby increasing the likelihood of injury.

The range of design is almost limitless, individual orders are also possible for the declared size and any design. There are interesting models with a matte coating, more or less transparent, sometimes a relief or toning is applied, the insertion of mirror elements and decorative fusing is possible.

The most interesting options are made of glass, this design seems to be weightless, the room visually seems larger, and the interior is brighter. They will perfectly fit into the interior of any home, from classic to ultra-modern, but their price is quite high.

More budget option for designs in a bathroom - plastic. This material has such advantages:

  • practically does not react to conditions of high humidity, does not rot,
  • not deformed
  • does not swell with time
  • hygienic
  • has a low weight and good sound-heat insulation,
  • does not demand special leaving and provides long operation.

Plastic models perfectly retain heat, provide sound insulation. A very interesting option would be to cover the plastic with a laminated film, which will simulate different materials from wood to a mirror coating.

PVC structures are made of various shapes and colors, which are easy to pick from the photo. Although they are not as beautiful as the options of glass or wood, but they are cheap, everyone can afford them. A variety of shapes and colors can liven up any interior. The framework of such doors is assembled from wood, which guarantees resistance to deformation.

For lovers of the classical style, the doors to the bathroom or toilet made of wood will be an excellent choice. Of course, the tree cannot contact directly with water, otherwise it will swell and deform, conditions of high humidity, like in a bathroom, are unacceptable for it. In this case, the wood is covered with paint and on top of high-quality yacht varnish, which in turn perfectly protects the door from the harmful effects of the microclimate of the bathroom.

If elite raw materials are used (beech, oak, alder), which is harvested and dried appropriately, then there will be no problems with its operation:

  • It is better to soak such a construction with a special antiseptic paint and coat it with a moisture-protecting varnish.
  • A more successful option would be when you can put the door away from the tap with water.

But keep in mind that wooden structures are an expensive option for interior decoration.

Shponirovanny doors are suitable for installation in a bathroom in the event that the door is processed similarly to a tree. You also need to use high-quality antiseptic paint and yacht varnish. Use of a two-component varnish paint is possible. In this case, the varnish has already been pre-painted. It is enough to apply 2-3 coats of varnish, and the door is protected.

Installation of structures

When choosing doors, it is necessary to take into account the material possibilities of the buyer and the general style of the room;

When installing them, you should not forget that a small distance should be left between the door and the floor to ensure proper ventilation.

For such models you need good fittings, because they will regularly be subjected to significant loads - such rooms as the bathroom and toilet are used quite often.

When installing, it is imperative to leave a small threshold in case the bathtub is flooded, the water will not flow into other rooms, the height of the nut is usually no more than 5 centimeters.

More often, when repairing an apartment, they want to choose all the doors in the same style and get the same, but you need to remember that for the bathroom it is better to take a better and more expensive model that will be similar to the other apartment doors.

The walls of standard toilets and bathrooms in the photo are about 5-8 centimeters, so the box needs to be chosen a little wider than the wall, about one and a half centimeters, the facing tile will enter this space and will be closed by cash on board.

If the box is the same width as the wall, in this case, you can install an additional additional bar. Usually dobor matches the color of the door and cashing, there should be no problems with this. An example of additional strips can be seen in the photo.

Doors with a coating and filling should be installed in the bath and toilet

This question is equally dependent on the desire to install a door leaf of a certain material, and on the size of the bathroom itself.

If it is so big that it has the ability to position a closed shower cabin, bathroom, toilet, bidet, washstand and between it all, there is still space to take a few steps, then the door material is not limited by anything, since water splashes onto it rather just do not fall at all.

If in the bathroom it is impossible to take one step, as there is a bath next to one wall, another sink next to it, and a washing machine stands behind it, then it is clear that high humidity will constantly affect the door leaf and the appropriate material must be selected finishes.

Why interior doors can warp from moisture

All interior doors consist of an internal frame and exterior trim. The basis of the inner frame can be such materials as: an array of low-value wood, chipboard and MDF. All of these materials are afraid of moisture. Manufacturers guarantee the door resistance to humidity up to 60%. If the humidity is higher, then you need to look in the direction of glass and plastic doors, talk about them later.

Doors of chipboard covered with MDF panels.

Doors from the massif covered with MDF panels.

Doors from MDF.

The stability of the door to moisture will depend on how well their internal content is protected from moisture. The door made of solid wood responds most to moisture. More resistant doors of chipboard and MDF.

There are several weak points at the door regarding their moisture resistance:

1. On some doors, a protective coating is applied separately on the sheet itself, and then on its edge. Thus between the edge and the canvas is formed a little noticeable joint. A leaky joint may cause moisture to get inside the door leaf. What will gradually lead to damage to the canvas.

2. The upper and lower end of the door is never covered with protective material. A direct hit of moisture on these places of the door is unlikely, but through them the doors can accumulate moisture from the room. It is best to treat the upper and lower end of the door with a protective varnish. This is especially true for doors installed in the bath.

Next, we analyze how this or that coating is able to protect the door from moisture.

Laminated doors

One of the most attractive cost of coatings. It is a paper pasted on the base of the door and coated with resin. Manufacturers say that these doors can be freely in the room with humidity up to 60%.

High-quality laminated coating is a fairly wear-resistant material, but the problem is that many manufacturers of interior doors use low-grade coating. It is quite thin, easily damaged, and moisture getting on damage can lead to swelling of the door leaf.

Laminatin. The same laminate, but with improved performance. Thicker paper is used for its manufacture and varnishing is carried out in several layers. This is reflected in the quality of the final product and its cost, which is somewhat higher than that of a standard laminate.

PVC coated doors

In this case, the frame of the door is made of wood and MDF, and PVC is applied on its surface, which then is not afraid of moisture, can be cleaned with the use of chemically active substances and has good wear resistance. The film can be of different colors and textures, so the task of how to choose the doors to the bathroom and the toilet according to color is not as relevant here as in the case of fully plastic door leaves. The disadvantages of such a coating include the same presence of chloride in the composition (within the norm, according to the manufacturers) and the likelihood of the door leaf splitting - after which moisture will get inside the frame.

Eco-covered doors

The same plastic, but made by a different technology - it contains wood fibers, and as a binder material, a plastic compound that does not contain harmful substances is used. Externally, an ekoshpon mimics the structure of a tree, but is much stronger than its “prototype” in terms of durability, completely immune to moisture, and even when heated does not emit substances harmful to humans - such doors can be installed even for allergic people.

Doors covered with veneer

Internal filling can be made of budget wood or chipboard. Outside doors are covered with precious wood veneers. It is considered that the wooden door can not be installed in rooms with high humidity, but if it is covered with good varnish, enamel or paint, then the humidity will not have a big impact on its internal components. However, if in your bathroom there is an increased humidity, then it is better to give preference to veneered doors made of chipboard. Veneer is the most expensive coating, since it is a natural material, but in terms of moisture resistance, it is not the best coating for doors.

What is the best way to open the door

According to the methods of closing the most popular are - swing open, sliding and folding doors. У каждого из них есть свои преимущества и недостатки, которые надо учитывать перед тем, как принять решение о покупке.

Это классическое решение, применяемое чаще всего. Кроме привычной конструкции у них есть отдельное преимущество – возможность установки порогов, что улучшает звукоизоляцию. There is only one drawback to this solution - such a door always requires a certain amount of free space around it, but frankly, it is difficult to imagine what it can still be occupied with.

Yes, they save space, but deciding which doors to put in the bathroom and the toilet should not immediately stop their choice on them, especially if they are offered in a classic design. The fact is that there is always a gap between such a door leaf and the floor, which means that such doors have practically no sound and thermal insulation, which is a critical drawback for bathrooms.

If there is an urgent need to install just such a model (for example, the bathroom doors when opening overlap the room or the corridor is too narrow), then it is better to choose cassette doors that open when you move into the wall. In such models, the disadvantages of sliding doors are minimized, but when buying, you need to discuss the conditions of warranty service, because if they break, you will have to disassemble the wall.

They can be considered as a kind of sliding, but with one important caveat - they do not need additional space for opening - neither in the wall, nor near it. Structurally, they are made in two versions of a book and an accordion. In the first case, these are two halves, and in the second - three or more parts. In addition to poor sound insulation, the disadvantage is that such doors “eat up” part of the doorway, which they occupy when folded. As a result, 40-45 remains from 55-60 cm.

The transparency of the door leaf

Of course, this does not mean transparency in the direct sense, but the presence of frosted or tinted glass inserts in the door - nothing is visible through them, but at least they make it clear whether there is someone in the bathroom or not.

If we approach this issue from an aesthetic point of view, then there cannot be any recommendations - this is only a matter of taste - many doors with glass look just great.

If we consider such doors only from the practical side, then we must pay attention to such moments:

  • Soundproofing. Its good level is ensured only by a thick and dense door leaf. Glass inserts, if they are not made of several layers, will necessarily degrade sound insulation. If this moment is one of the key, then a blank door is needed.
  • Free-Busy. In the presence of glass inserts, this issue will be resolved without further ado, which will be especially appreciated in large families.
  • Light seems to be off everywhere. If the opinion is wrong, then you can verify this without opening all the doors in turn.

As a result, the ideal option is a high-quality door with small inserts of thick glass. Its kind as triplex is made of two or three layers.

In which case the ventilation grille for doors is necessary.

If there is poor ventilation in the bathroom, then signs of this phenomenon will appear after each bathing - this is condensation on the walls, a door and a foggy mirror that must be cleaned in order to see your reflection.

The formation of condensation occurs due to the temperature difference between the door leaf and the air that is heated in the bathroom. To reduce this difference, you must either purchase a door with ventilation grilles, or later install them separately. This question must be solved before choosing the doors for the bathroom and toilet. Separate installation will require drilling the door, which is not desirable.

If for any reason natural ventilation does not cope with its task, the only way to get a dry bathroom without fungi and mold is to install artificial (forced) ventilation. Her task is the same - to ensure the movement of air in the bathroom so that hot and cold layers constantly mix. Most often for this purpose, a fan is used, which is installed on the vent. It can be switched on manually, together with the bathroom lighting or at the appointed time, if the model is equipped with a timer. This method of ventilation is called exhaust when the warm air is drawn out of the room onto the street, and a new one comes in from the corridor.

If there is a problem with the air exhaust, then the forced ventilation is done - when air is pumped into the room outside, and then circulates in a natural way due to the difference in pressure.

In severe cases, when there is no possibility to adjust the natural movement of air masses, resort to the creation of mixed ventilation. In this case, fresh air is taken outside through one ventilation channel, and the exhaust air is discharged through another. If there is a need and an opportunity to install a mixed type of ventilation, then most likely it will not be necessary to install ventilation grids or hubs in the doors.

Built-in latch

This is the most economical option for picking and cost of installation. It is an ordinary handle with a latch inside, which in one of the positions prevents the mechanism from turning. To install it in the door, it is enough to drill two holes with a drill - one through the door leaf and the other from its end.

Separate latch

In this case, separately purchased door handle and latch, which can be mortise and invoice. In the second case, often instead of a lock, a bolt (bolt) is installed, which has a virtually unlimited service life. Such type of accessories is considered the most unpretentious and reliable.

Sanitary lock

In fact, this is a standard mortise lock, only a simplified design and with only one tongue - it simultaneously locks the door in the closed position and in turn locks the latch that is located inside the lock mechanism. The principle of operation is the same as that of a lock with a built-in lock, but the mechanism itself is more reliable and requires some great effort when installing into the door leaf - if you order this service separately, the price difference will be almost doubled.

The difference between the latches for interior doors, including those that are installed in the bathroom and the toilet - there is no need for high secrecy of the locking mechanism. The maximum that he must ensure is to prevent the door from accidentally opening if it seems that there is no one inside. Often in such locks there is a special hole that allows you to open it with a pin - this precaution can be useful if the child accidentally closes in the bathroom.