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Ice cream cone New day Black Prince


Good day to all and good weekend!

I want to write to you today about a very unusual ice cream that I tried the other day. It will be about the Talosto ice cream brand "La Fam. Black night. Vamp". The name is long, slightly even intriguing, so I bought it. Vampire theme is not close to me, but I wanted to try this ice cream because I am an ice cream fan. I can eat it in kilograms in winter and summer.

The design of the wrapper is very interesting and original. Vampire theme: red lips, blood, moon and black wrapper, which stands out well against the others

Producer is LLC Talosto 3000. Produced, by the way, in the Leningrad region

On the reverse side information about the composition, nutritional value and shelf life. I don’t even want to touch upon the topic of the composition. It is very far from natural. Shelf life is standard, like most ice cream - 12 months.

We unfold the wrapper, in front of us a coal-black ice cream: from the top of the head to the tip of the waffle cone. Top covered with chocolate icing. The icing tastes pleasant, fragile, hard and sweet.

The size of the horn is not large. It is good to go to a hand. Weight is small - 70 grams. In the middle is not a big red spot - cranberry jam. But he put very little.

Waffle cone is also black. From above strongly sodden, a tip of a horn - crackling. But he is not sweet and somehow tasteless, not impressed at all

Ice cream of coal color, moderately sweet. It melts very quickly. The taste is not normal. If you want to know, due to which the ice cream has such an interesting color, the answer is simple: activated charcoal!

Having tried this horn, I can tell you with certainty that I didn’t like it and wouldn’t definitely buy it again.

Firstly, I am not happy with its taste.
Secondly, the waffle cone made no impression on me.
Thirdly, the dye (activated carbon) is very dirty hands

For the sake of curiosity, you can try, but hardly enjoy the pleasure of ice cream. Although, suddenly you like it? =))

Black Prince? And what do you taste?

Hello to all! And welcome)

This time I want to tell you about another new tasty treat that has recently started to take place, at least in our region there hasn’t been one like this yet. Of course, as usual, on Wednesday, when I have free time at 2 and a half hours, I go to the hypermarket Theorem, but what can I do so much time until the next couple? It is in this hypermarket full of various new products that appear constantly, and some types of products, only for our region, are new. That is, in the Theorem you can find such products that you will not find in other stores, and even more so in ordinary chain supermarkets, for example, in Magnit, Pyaterochka, Dixie, Coin and so on.

And, of course, I chose a new instance of ice cream again. This ice cream from the company "New Day". To be honest, I did not know this product before, although I saw some small private grocery stores with dairy products of this company, but I never met ice cream.

In this case, I was interested in this particular option - Ice cream cone New day Black Prince. Taste - Forest berries.

What attracted me is that this ice cream with the taste of wild berries, and by itself, by the way, is black, which has become such a frequent occurrence. Although black ice cream itself is far from being a novelty for me, I wanted to know if it would be true with berry flavor? Or is it a hoax. In any case, it’s worth trying, especially since I’ve already tried quite a few “black” variations of ice cream cones with different flavors - both with a simple vanilla flavor, and with blueberry, and even with caramel.

Weight - 100 grams.

Price - 40 rubles.

Place of purchase - hypermarket Theorem.


So, the packaging of this ice cream is poured from light red to dark burgundy. From above, the color is brighter, red, and towards the bottom it becomes darker. The patterns on the red-burgundy background are also distinct. And here the main, eye-catching, rebuy here is, of course, the image of the horn itself, large and appetizing in appearance. Next to him were the wild berries - lingonberries, blueberries and black currants.

No one has come to our senses yet.

The authorities in New York have decided to ban the now fashionable black ice cream and latte, which contain activated charcoal, reports the Daily Mail.

There is evidence that this active substance can cause constipation and reduce the effectiveness of certain drugs.

The fashion for black products appeared last year, after which manufacturers began to saturate their products with activated carbon. This cleanser is usually used for poisoning.

In New York, this fashion has especially spread: people are queuing up to buy black pineapple ice cream and black latte.

But the city’s Department of Health issued a ban on the use of activated carbon. Now, shops will have to throw away products worth thousands of dollars.

The ban is due to the fact that activated carbon reduces the effect of certain drugs, including female hormonal contraceptives.

This ingredient has long been used to detoxify patients with overdose and other poisoning. Coal is absorbent, that is, it sucks toxins from the stomach and removes them.

But thanks to the same effect, activated charcoal can absorb drugs, including female oral contraceptives.

According to gynecologists, a similar risk does exist, but only when taking activated carbon in high doses. If a person eats one black ice cream a month, then there is nothing to worry about.

In addition, for the absorption of drugs need medical activated carbon, and in ice cream it simply does not exist.

Nevertheless, the authorities decided to play it safe ... or did they just blow on the water?

Have you tried black ice cream?

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Nikita Skorobogatov

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Similarly, black pasta (which is pasta) seems to be painted, but their mouth does not get dirty like that :)
In short, ice cream - purely for the sake of interest, did not even want to try.

An acquaintance in LJ advised to try "coal ice cream" in Siberia. On basketball there was an advertising campaign, as it were, black ice cream in a black waffle cone. I went to lick, eventually bought as much as 150 rubles, so nothing around me was colored (although the napkin was also given black) :-)) But for me it was too sweet:

And in St. Petersburg, we went into an ordinary Pyaterochka and bought black ice cream for only 20 rubles. I didn’t feel any currants inside, but it was cool, it’s a pity that we haven’t seen anything like this yet ((

You have avatars for all cases))
Coal? from activated carbon? What I tried was not cloyingly sweet. So, they are different in taste.
And in the package, too, was it black straight, La femme?

What is this dessert?

How to make such an unusual black ice cream? For the first time this dessert appeared in Japan, and black sesame is used for its preparation, or rather paste made from it - Urbech. This component not only paints ice cream in almost black color, but also gives it a pleasant taste.

The idea was picked up by pastry chefs from America, but they used a different ingredient for coloring - ash, obtained from the remnants of coconut shells, that is, almost coal. He has almost no taste, and the use of this product was not the main argument in favor of adding. But, one way or another, the result turned out to be a delicacy, which thousands of Americans managed to photograph and put on Instagram. Today, black ice cream, which is usually sold in the horns, can be purchased in different parts of Europe.

First recipe

To get an unusual black ice cream, you need to prepare:

  • a glass of milk,
  • a glass of the fattest cream
  • three or four yolks of chicken eggs,
  • half a cup of sugar (brown is best),
  • vanilla bag
  • five art. l black sesame seed paste
  • tablespoon of black sesame seeds for decoration.

  1. The entire volume of milk and half of the cream should be mixed in a saucepan with a thick bottom and put on the fire. After boiling, simmer the mixture for about a minute.
  2. In a separate container, you need to combine the yolks with sugar and using a blender to beat them almost completely white.
  3. Now the whipped yolks need to be gradually poured into the milky-creamy mixture that had not yet cooled down, constantly stirring everything with a whisk. Put this mass on the slowest fire and boil, stirring constantly and actively until thick.
  4. Now add sesame black paste to the still hot composition, stir it and send the container to the refrigerator.
  5. Begin whipping the cream to a dense foam. Add vanillin.
  6. Combine the cooled milk-yolk mixture with whipped cream, mix everything thoroughly and immediately send to the freezer.
  7. Arrange the ready ice cream in portion containers and decorate with black sesame seeds.

Second recipe

If you are unable to find black sesame paste, you can make black ice cream with your own hands in another way. Here is what you need for this:

  • a glass of cane sugar
  • 2/3 cup poppy seeds,
  • about 70 grams of powdered sugar,
  • vanilla bag
  • 300 ml of cream (not less than 30% fat),
  • half tsp rum or brandy for flavoring,
  • Art. l chocolate liqueur
  • a teaspoon of starch,
  • half a bar of dark chocolate (for serving).

  1. Poppy seeds should be filled with boiling water and left to swell and absorb moisture.
  2. Next, grind them using a coffee grinder. If you do not have such a device, take a blender and chop the poppy seeds immediately with sugar.
  3. Cream should be thoroughly whipped to form stable strong peaks. Now enter in them vanilla, chocolate liqueur and rum, as well as starch for thickening.
  4. Next, combine the sugar and poppy paste with whipped flavored cream. But whisk everything carefully so that the creamy foam is preserved and does not fall off.
  5. Send the mass to the freezer and wait a few hours.
  6. Finished ice cream can be decorated with grated chocolate. If desired, place a piece of fresh mint in each portion container.

Third recipe

Give the dainty rich black color can ordinary activated charcoal. It has no taste, therefore will not spoil ice cream, but will color it.

  • 1.5 cups heavy cream,
  • half a cup of natural yogurt without additives
  • 1.5 cups of blueberries,
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar,
  • five tablets of activated carbon.

  1. First you need to whip the cream to form a dense non-settling foam.
  2. Rinse blueberries thoroughly and grind them in any way, for example, skip through a meat grinder or immerse in a blender. Combine berry puree with yogurt and immediately add sugar. All together, beat until smooth.
  3. Take care of the preparation of black dye. Coal must be crushed to a powder. This powder enter into whipped cream. Next add the blueberry-yogurt mass.
  4. Stir everything and quickly send to cool in the freezer.
  5. After a few hours or a night, get your ready-made dark ice cream, if desired, decorate it with blueberries and serve to guests.

Be sure to try the black ice cream! Better yet, cook it yourself to surprise the household and guests.

Everyone who loves frozen, you here! Let's feast on black! BLACK ICE CREAM - this is what you are looking for! And we will determine the character of your favorite ice cream.


I am a lover of all gastronomic experiments. Now my fetish is black food. My list already has black hamburgers, black cheese and black macaroni. Here came the turn to the black ice cream.

Us, ice creams, you will not be surprised with an enthusiastically iridescent or extremely monotonous ice cream with different flavors. But when black appeared in our city, I, of course, rushed after him to the store with an insidious pike.

My choice fell on Cold Coal Ice Cream with Toffee Caramel Flavor from Chelny Cold.

By the way, the name translates as "cold coal". And it is not just like that.


On the reverse side information about the composition, nutritional value and shelf life. I don’t even want to touch upon the topic of the composition. It is very far from natural.

Ice cream is really black, and both it and the waffle cone!

So it makes one ingredient - vegetable charcoal, he is - a natural black dye without taste. He was added to the dough for the horn.

There is nothing repulsive in this ice cream, it's just a bit unusual, but people who are holy in believing that "ice cream should only be white, and everything else is from evil," it can be a little confusing)

But who does not risk, he does not eat black ice cream!)

If on the package it looks like a beautiful curlicue, then in reality it’s just rumpled waves.

And so it looks in a section)

Is it harmful?

I do not think it is harmful, because activated carbon cleans the body from toxins and harmful substances. Activated charcoal has no taste, putting it in food is absolutely safe.

However, how much of it there, this coal, a scant amount, most likely? Nowhere could not find how much coal is contained in one portion. So, in my opinion, all this is just for the sake of PR and fashion.

And I also came across information on the Internet that black ice cream can lead to pregnancy. And this conclusion is made on the basis of only one study showing that women who drink oral contraceptives and consume coal ice cream, at least twice a day, increase the risk of pregnancy, since the effectiveness of contraceptives decreases due to the absorbing properties of coal.

Main characteristics

Weight: 80 g

Price: 37 rub.

Brand: "Chelny Cold"

Shelf life: 12 months

The energy value: 300 kcal

Place of purchase: Pyaterochka, Samara

Manufacturer country: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny


Whole milk, sugar sugar cone (premium wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, emulsifier (Е322, Е 153 dye, food flavor "Vanillin", salt), sugar, frosting with vegetable fat (coconut oil, sugar, cocoa powder , E322 emulsifier, Chocolate, Vanillin flavors, skimmed milk powder, milk fat replacer (vegetable deodorized vegetable oils in natural and modified form (palm and its fractions, sunflower, soybean), emulsifier mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, antioxidant E306 colors l E160a), butter, whey, colorant E153, complex food additive "Kremodan" (emulsifier is mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, stabilizers: guar gum, locust bean gum, carrageenan), flavor "Caramel" toffee "

Do you think it is easy to paint white ice cream black? No matter how wrong! This is not a watercolor mix. But the dexterity of producers' hands plus vegetable coal - and black ice cream in a black waffle cone is ready.

What does it taste like

I liked this ice cream. It does not taste much different from any ice cream. Ice cream is sweet, but not cloying. The activated carbon on the teeth does not creak, that's for sure) It is soft, the horn is crisp, as I like. And at the end of the cone a little chocolate. I didn’t catch the aroma of Toffee caramel, I should know how it should smell)

And the answer to the question that tormented you for a long time

Yes, black ice cream stains the teeth and tongue, the skin on the hands, face and, of course, clothes. But the teeth and tongue quickly clean themselves, and everything else is easily washed with soap and water. But now you can make funny photos and shoot hilarious videos.

And now a moment of predictions.

Have you ever thought that you like ice cream? You can define some features of your character. or nice guy in a cafe? But the "British" scientists are very concerned about this issue.

They interviewed thousands of lovers of cold snacks and came to the conclusion that if you have a passion for chocolate chip mint ice cream, then you like to argue, you are sure of yourself and you can always put any opponent behind the belt with a convincing argument.

But loverschocolate ice cream attributed to creative individuals who love to be the center of attention.

But prefer ordinary creamdistinguished by reasonable generosity, they are lucky in their affairs.

Preferring vanilla ice cream, according to the observations of psychologists, are very impulsive, the expression in them beats through.

Fans strawberry ice cream able to get along in any team, they are tolerant of others' shortcomings, readily forgive the mistakes of others, good friends.

Praline cream sundae indicates people are reliable, modest, do not like to attract excessive attention.

BUT black ice creamprobably very tolerant people are chosen)

Гадать по мороженому это, конечно, то еще захватывающие приключение) Я же считаю, что главное в мороженом, то удовольствие которое ты получаешь, когда уплетаешь его за обе щеки и не важно какое оно клубничное или черное, главное чтоб вкусное.

В общем, черное мороженое я рекомендую попробовать, хотя бы ради интереса)