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How to make friends a cat with a dog?


How to make a dog friend with a cat? It has long been believed that these two animals are the worst enemies. We have repeatedly seen dogs chasing the tail purrs.

Zoologists believe that there is practically no true friendship between these animals. Peaceful existence is rather a truce or mutual tolerance. But whatever it is, we still need to figure out how to make a dog friend with a cat.

Adult purr and little puppy

Of course, it is better that the animals live together since childhood, but if this did not work out, then you should not be upset.

If a cat already lives in your house, then take a puppy at the age of three to twelve weeks. So they can get along easily enough, especially if you first do not let them go on close contact. Just a little puppy is always friendly, and if he wants to lose with a cat, he can meet with resistance. It is better to first acquaint them at a distance. It is necessary to pay attention to the purr, so that she does not think that she is now an unloved animal.

Cats are very smart creatures, they immediately understand who is to blame for the fact that they have lost their primacy in masterly love. As a result, the tail of the pet will have a desire to avenge. As you understand, this can not be allowed. Otherwise, affectionate kitty will be aggressive to the "stranger." Make sure the puppy does not bother the purr, do not bite her by the tail or ears. Remember that dogs do not understand the signs of irritation inherent in the cat, so do not expect that she can teach the lesson "good manners." Warning methods include hissing and twitching tail. Little dog will not understand such "hints."

As a rule, puppies do not show aggression to the cat, because of their friendliness and age. Very often adult purrs take custody of the doggie. Sometimes they remain indifferent. In any case, the existence must be peaceful.

Watch the cat while dating. If she bites a puppy's tail, lies on top or in its place, then it treats the baby friendly. If the little dog wags its tail and takes the characteristic poses for the game, then it also expresses sympathy for the purr.

In the period when the puppy behaves in a friendly way, stroke the cat, since it can hardly understand what this little wretch wants.

Adult animals: how to make a dog friend with a cat?

If both animals are already in adulthood, the situation becomes much more complicated. The first meeting should be carried out very carefully. Seat the dog, command: “Sit!”, Then praise for the execution of the command and show the cat. If she runs, stop any attempts by the dog to follow her. He must understand that you treat the cat peacefully. During the first acquaintance, you can put a collar with a leash and a muzzle on the dog.

How to make a dog friend with a cat? It will take a lot of time until they get used to the presence of another pet. Perhaps the habituation period will take a couple of months. A cat should always have a place where she can feel completely safe. Therefore, take care of this in advance. For example, a desk. The best option is another room. There you need to put a bowl for water and food, as well as a house for purrs. Periodically, you need to arrange meetings for animals in one room, start small - one or two minutes. In this case, always follow the dog, any aggression must be stopped.

Dog and kitten

You need to be especially careful when you take a kitten to the house with a dog. After all, by virtue of natural instincts, the dog always treated cats with hostility and caution, so even in a young creature he can see the problem.

If the dog treats cats tolerantly, then their acquaintance should go smoothly, and further cohabitation will not be a burden to anyone.

The first meeting must take place under vigilant control, you need to very carefully monitor the reactions of animals.

Give each of them to get used to the new neighbor, no need to immediately acquaint them closer.

Before the first meeting, be sure to walk and feed the dog. Thus, you will reduce the aggressiveness of the dog and save him from additional concerns.

For a couple of days, isolate the animals so that they can get used to the new smells, feel the neighborhood, but are not too close. After settling, immediately feed both pets, so you can create pleasant associations for them - a strange smell and delicious food. Due to this, the dog will quickly accept a new neighbor.

Then feed the pets in the same room, but at a distance. So both animals will associate a new neighbor with a pleasant one - eating. But still, be alert at first. After a while the animals will get used to each other, they may even sleep together.

Cats and dogs are animals with different behaviors, worldviews, so their acquaintance should be approached deliberately. In each house it happens differently: somewhere they get along fine, there are cases that are not very good. We hope that you understand how to make friends a cat with a dog. As a result, our advice will help you to introduce two different, but such beautiful creatures of nature.

Causes of feud between dogs and cats

If you recall the work of the English writer Rudyard Kipling “A cat that walks by itself”, then dogs and cats are eternal enemies and there can be no talk of friendship between them. But in reality, these animals have no specific reasons for hostility, they simply perceive the world around them in different ways.

Dogs, like their closest relatives, wolves prefer to lead pack lives, because it is easier for them to survive and protect their territory from strangers. Cats, on the contrary, are by their nature loners and avoid communicating not only with other animal species, but also with representatives of their own kind.

These peculiarities of the behavior of cats and dogs determine their mutual hostility, since the dog is considering all households and animals living in the house to be members of his flock and will persistently look for their society. Naturally, the cat does not like such an intrusiveness of the neighbor, so the fluffy pet begins to defend itself by taking a fighting stance and hissing at the dog, which ultimately ends with a fierce fight between two pets.

And often the owners, observing the daily conflicts of their pets, take a radical decision to give one of them to another family, although it is quite possible to make a friend of a cat with a dog if you show some patience and follow certain rules.

Who is the head in this house?

When a kitten and a puppy get into the house at the same time, the question of how to reconcile them does not even arise, because the kids see each other not as an opponent or an enemy, but as a companion with whom you can play and frolic.

In adult animals, the process of adaptation to a new neighbor is much more difficult, so before you introduce a dog to a cat or a dog with a dog, it is advisable to prepare for this in advance.

If a dog lives in the house:

  • Before you get a kitten, you should watch how the dog on a walk reacts to the cats running past. If he breaks off the leash, trying to rush after the cat after him, the pet must be taught the commands "no" or "fu",
  • It would not be amiss to take a dog to visit friends with whom the cat lives and observe the behavior of the four-pointed pet. In the case when the dog does not show aggression towards the cat, but shows interest, you can safely start a fluffy pet,
  • It is advisable to wear a muzzle or at least a leash on a large dog or a representative of a hunting breed before meeting a cat, so that it cannot harm the new pet,
  • The dog must know and carry out basic commands, such as "sit" and "lie", so that the owner can control it in the process of acquaintance with the kitten.

If the cat lives in the house:

  • In order for the cat to get used to the new neighbor more quickly, you can first introduce it to the neighbor's dog and allow the animals to communicate, of course, under the supervision of the owners,
  • Before bringing the puppy into the house, it is advisable for the cat to cut the claws so that in case of an attack on the dog the pet does not inflict serious wounds on it,
  • The sounds of dog barking unnerve and frighten the cat. Therefore, before starting a four-pointed pet, some owners record a dog barking on a cassette or disk and turn it on for a few minutes every day so that the cat becomes accustomed to the source of irritation and subsequently ceases to perceive it as a threat.

First acquaintance pets

It is very important to correctly and correctly organize the first acquaintance of animals, in fact it depends on how their relations will develop in the future. If a dog loudly scares a fluffy pet or tries to attack him, then one can hardly expect that friendship and mutual understanding will arise between the pets.

If the cat is a full owner in the house for more than one year, then before you move a new neighbor to it you should make sure that it is in a calm and relaxed state. You can run the dog into the room and watch the cat react to it. If she took a threatening look and began to hiss, but is at a safe distance and does not try to attack the puppy, then you should not interfere, it is better to give the animals a few minutes to get to know each other.

But when, when meeting a dog, without warning, the cat rushed at it and clung to it with claws, it is necessary to immediately separate the animals into different rooms and prevent contact between them for the next two or three days. Perhaps in a few days, the cat will get used to the smell of the new pet and will subsequently react to it more friendly.

In the event that the dog first appeared in the house, before meeting the cat, they put a leash on it and only then launch a new pet into the room. When the dog does not show aggression and does not enter in a violent barking, the cat is allowed to inspect the room, but at the same time it monitors the behavior of the dog. If he quietly observes the movements of the newly-born neighbor, we can assume that the first acquaintance was successful and in the future the cat and dog will make friends and not become irreconcilable enemies.

If the dog is hostile towards the cat and the owner fears for the life of the fluffy pet, in the next few days the dog is muzzled and allowed to watch the cat from afar.

You can also apply this method: the room is divided by a reticular partition so that the pets can see each other, and arrange short meetings every day for 15-20 minutes. After a while, the animals will get used to the fact that they will now have to divide one territory and will probably be more comfortable with the presence of another pet in the house.

Advice to the owners: in no case of coma can you force the animals together or lock them in the same room, this will only lead to aggression and hatred between them.

Rules of keeping a cat and dog in the same house

Sometimes a dog and a cat coexist peacefully in the same apartment, but their relationship cannot be called friendly. Pets do not show any interest in each other and try to avoid communication and meetings. Most often, the owners are satisfied with this situation, when a fragile truce prevails between the animals, and they do not plot fights for the territory and the attention of the owner.

But if the owner’s goal is to make friends with the pets, then he should help them with this, and not remain an outside observer..

  • When the owner takes the dog for a walk, he forgets that cats can also be walked on a leash. Therefore, the next time you should take a fluffy pet with you, perhaps a common walk will bring the animals together and contribute to their friendship.
  • When the cat comfortably settled on the owner's lap, it is advisable to call a little dog to yourself so that he is not jealous of the opponent and does not feel deprived of attention and affection,
  • Play love and cats and dogs. Therefore, we can come up with a game in which both pets would take part, for example, throwing a ball at a time,
  • If the dog during the game unintentionally bit the cat, corporal punishment cannot be used. The owner should express his displeasure with the command “no” and lock the dog in another room for a few minutes. So the pet will understand that he has done something unwarranted and the next time he will be careful,
  • Equally important is the feeding of animals. A cat, when it is full, will quietly leave food in a bowl and will come to the plate when it gets hungry again. This is the main problem, because the dog eats up every last crumb and will not miss the chance to finish eating cat food, which, of course, does not please the cat. To avoid this, a fluffy pet's plate is placed in a place where the dog will not get, for example, on the windowsill,
  • Must equally care and care for animals. Then they will not have a feeling of jealousy and rivalry and the pets will not start a fight for the attention of the owner.

Despite the deeply rooted stereotype that peace between cats and dogs is impossible, these so different and dissimilar animals often set an example of strong and unselfish friendship. Therefore, reconciling pets is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance, one should only be patient and surround them with affection and care, then a calm and peaceful atmosphere will always reign in the house, and this is the most important thing.

Cat or dog: who is first?

First you need to decide on who should start in the first place: a cat or a dog. Many pet owners claim that it is best to start a kitten and a puppy at the same time.

This state of affairs is considered ideal. In this case, a strong and long-lasting friendship is most often established between animals, therefore problems in the future are simply excluded.

However, you should not be upset if the situation is different. If you decide to pick up a kitten on the street, you do not need to abandon this idea only because of the presence of an adult dog in the house. In this case, you need to be patient, understanding and use the recommendations of experienced professionals.

Perfect age for dating

As already noted, it is better to start a puppy and a kitten at the same time, but different situations need more detailed study. For example, if you own a cat, but decided to have a puppy, it is better to give preference to an animal from 3 to 12 weeks old.

If we are talking about the need to make friends with an adult dog with a kitten, it is important to consider the attitude of the first animal to the representatives of the cat family. Most likely, replenishment in the house in the form of a kitten will not be the best idea if the dog on the street behaves extremely aggressively at the sight of cats.

If the four-legged friend does not show interest in the cat, there is a chance to establish a relationship between pets.

As practice shows, it is more difficult to make friends with an adult cat with a small puppy. The fact is that the cat living in the house at the sight of a new inhabitant begins to feel that it is losing its place, so it can behave extremely aggressively, releasing claws and hissing. As a rule, dogs concede superiority and do not respond with aggression.

Size matters

When you first meet a cat with a dog, it is important to take into account the size, because an aggressive-minded animal can not only scare, but also hurt a new family member.

In addition, if we are talking about the first meeting of an adult dog with a kitten, it must be remembered that an adult animal does not know that it is more delicate to behave with smaller brothers. Awareness of this simple fact will come to the dog over time, so in the early stages it is recommended to monitor the pet's behavior and pull it up in dangerous situations.

Building relationships between animals: practical recommendations

In order for the cohabitation of cats and dogs in the house did not give the owners excessive inconvenience, it is necessary to think through all the nuances. You can also use the following practical recommendations:

  • The first meeting between animals should take place at a distance so that the animals have the opportunity to get acquainted with the smells of each other. Experts recommend giving preference to the separate keeping of animals in the first two or three days. This will avoid conflicts and at the same time get comfortable with the presence of each other.
  • It is important to exclude the excitement on the part of the owners, because it can be transmitted to animals and not in the best way affect their first meeting.
  • For feeding, it is also better to choose different rooms, so that smells cause only positive associations in animals, which will contribute to quick taming. If this is not possible, you can feed the animals in the same room, but the feed should be placed in its different sides.
  • When feeding animals, you must first put a bowl with food to an animal that is older. It is noted that this approach has a positive effect on the subsequent relationship between animals.
  • Первые четыре дня обязательно нужно контролировать совместное пребывание животных. Как правило, этого периода в большинстве случаев достаточно для того, чтобы кот и пес привыкли друг к другу и была возможность в дальнейшем оставлять их без присмотра.
  • Кошки и собаки являются достаточно ревнивыми животными. Обязательно нужно стараться одинаково уделять внимание каждому питомцу, ведь в ином случае конфликтов между ними не избежать.

Experts claim that the relationship between a dog and a cat depends not only on the above factors, but also on the attitude and behavior of the owners.

Before you start so different animals in the house, you need to thoroughly think that this step is quite responsible. From the owners need more attention, because his lack of can cause serious hostility.

Start dating a cat with a dog

  1. The first reaction. It is necessary to be careful during the first acquaintance of an adult dog (more precisely, a pet of large breeds) and a small kitten. If you do not hold one of them in your hand, stay on the check throughout the contact. The dog will most likely want to make friends with a funny little ball, as a result of which he will begin to wave his huge tail and jump from interest. The cat will not understand such a reaction, instinct will push her to cling to the arrogant doglike face. It will be worse if the fluffy pet gives it to the dog, the dog will have a hunting response, and it will go after it.

No need to be upset if the first time a dog with a cat can not get along. Like any other creature, they have established habits and wayward character. Do not be angry at the presence of pets, so as not to escalate the situation. Do not put them under each other if animals prefer to keep their distance. Let them get used as fast as their instincts allow.

Signs of location

  1. Dog. Very often, young dogs wag their tails in the hope of drawing the cat into the game. At this very moment you can be sure that the odds have risen incredibly. The cat, in turn, will be confused for a long time. Stroke her, saying sweet words. Over time, the animal learns to understand the dog’s body language and will gladly accept an invitation to frolic.
  2. Cat. To understand that the cat is favorably disposed towards the dog, its behavior will help you. In most cases, the animal uses a dog tail as a sharpener for claws or teeth, played with wool tassels, or pulls paws. Also, cats love heat, they realize that the dog can give it to them. For this reason, lie on top or "under the flank" to a new friend. After a week after the manifestation of such signs, pets begin to lick their fur together, they play together and clean their ears as a sign of loyalty.

Is it necessary to start a second pet

  1. If your current pet has a complex and aggressive nature, do not rush to start a second animal. Your actions can provoke jealousy in a cat or dog towards a new tenant. It is impossible to fix in 1 or even 2 months.
  2. Revise your daily routine. If you come home from work and immediately fall asleep, you should not start a second pet. Both animals need your participation, kindness, caress and play. In cases where the owner can not give all this to the household equally, the pets will suffer and be hostile. In short, your attention should be enough for both the cat and the dog, so that they do not feel hatred towards each other because of jealousy.
  3. Remember, after you lead the second pet, there will be no going back. The animal may not get used to its four-legged buddy, but it will reach for you. This is especially true of boys, they quickly find contact with people.
  4. Well study your life over the past year. How often have you not had the opportunity to return home in time to cook? How many times a year do you go on vacation, and to whom will you leave animals now? If it is enough for a cat to put food in a bowl and clean the tray, then the situation is much more serious with the dog.

Practical recommendations

  1. You made a decision, weighed all the pros and cons, and now the newly-made friends live side by side with each other. Watch the cat's reaction to the dog and vice versa. Learn the psychology of animals, pay attention to what they like or dislike. Subsequently, you must find a way out of this situation. You can not delay the enmity.
  2. The dog that was bailed first can be jealous of you for the cat. Dissatisfaction with the dog will be a constant growl, whining, barking. In such cases, it is recommended not to show excessive love for the new inhabitant in the presence of a dog.
  3. Cats are not as sociable as dogs, for this reason they love being alone. Create your favorite cozy nest in which she can hide from the annoying dog. You can place the house on the top shelf of the cabinet or purchase a special scraper with stands at the top. If the dog continues to pester, try to lure her with a new rubber toy or treat.

Before starting a second pet think a few times. You must have enough time for feeding, walking, swimming and socializing. At the same time, an important criterion is the presence of a person who can be trusted with animals in case of departure. When the cat or dog arrives in a new home, begin to introduce them from afar. Do not put the bowls too close, give each pet its place so that they do not violate the borders.

Little pets

The truth is that they say that children find a common language much faster when they are very young. The same happens with animals. They have not had time to understand whether they can have enemies, therefore they perceive everyone around as potential friends. Perhaps at first the pets will be a little afraid of each other, but over time they will get used.

Big dog and little cat

It is quite another thing when the faithful dog lives with you the first day. If you decide to have a kitten, it is worthwhile to start to take care of his safe stay in the apartment. It is best to buy for him a small house, which must be located in an inaccessible place for the dog. For the first week, always stay close to the animals to prevent possible aggression from the adult.

Adult cat and little puppy

Cats that have already managed to settle their territory, usually not very willing to let someone else on it. In order not to push them right away, bring the dog to the common territory in the house, and let the “mistress” meet the new resident. She should sniff the puppy.

After that, do not rush to leave animals alone. It is better to keep them in different rooms for several days, letting them get used to the idea that they will now have to cohabit.

Remember that dogs of large breeds quickly grow, and even if friendly relations are established between pets, it is worthwhile to arrange a place for a cat to retire.

All adults

It also happens that in the house where the adult dog lives, the same cat appears. These are two animals with already established characters, each of which wants to be a leader. They should meet and be in the same territory only in your presence.

Another important piece of advice is to make sure that the one who appeared first doesn’t “swing his rights” too much. But you yourself try to avoid excessive reproaches or punishments, because the “old-timers” can very painfully perceive the leadership of a stranger, holding a grudge against both you and him.

Do not forget to give the same amount of attention to both, and also feed at the same time.

General recommendations

Being responsible for our smaller friends is a very hard job. Therefore, before finally making a decision to have two pets, carefully weigh the pros and cons, answering yourself a few simple questions:

  1. Are you sure that you will be able to give the same amount of attention and love without choosing a pet?
  2. Are you ready to adapt to the day regimen of your pets? And can your family help you with this? (in time to feed, walk, play, take to the vet).
  3. Is there a responsible person who can look after the animals in case of your departure?

If you are ready to take on double responsibility, then it makes sense to read specialized literature to create the most comfortable conditions for your pets. And be consistent if you want to make friends with them.