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Plot for missing animal


The most important thing in the situation when your pet is gone is not to panic, but to act. If your pet has gone straight out of the house (slipped quietly and unnoticed through the door), then the first thing to do is to carefully check the entrance. There is a high probability that the beast has not gone anywhere, except that it has moved from the site and is still somewhere in the entrance. If the search of the entrance did not give a result, then you need to move the search to the nearby courtyards.

If the animal disappeared during a walk, fled somewhere on the street, frightened by something, then you need to search the area where your pet was last seen.

If this way the animal could not be found, you should immediately notify the most ardent gossip in the house that your beast is on the run. It is imperative to do this with the utmost goodwill towards this lady and at the same time by all means demonstrate your grief at the disappearance of your beloved pet. The best gossip girl in the house will spread the news about the loss not only throughout the house, but also in the nearby courtyards. Thus, the maximum number of people will know that you have lost your pet, as well as a general description of your missing.

Report the loss to all - neighbors, relatives, children in the yard. Most of the information - and reliable! - give children, mothers with children and grandmothers, resting on the benches.

Post ads. In the ad, specify the color, gender, size, where and when the pet was lost, outline what it looks like. Well, if there is a photo of the animal. If the pet has special signs - a stigma, scars, etc., write about them. If the pet needs treatment, then it is worth it to inform. Walk through the area where your pet is gone, hanging ads literally on every pillar.

Inform all veterinary clinics in the area. Often found the animal lead to the inspection to the doctor.

You should find a website on the Internet related to your city, where announcements of lost and found animals are published. Here you need to place your ad, accompanied by a description of the animal, its photo and its contact numbers.

Call the animal capture center. Find out if there was a catch in the area where your pet was missing. Convincingly ask them to help.

If you have lost a dog, you must notify the club and report the incident to the breeders. In clubs, as a rule, a file of lost and found dogs is kept.

Be persistent and patient. Do not give up ahead of time. In most cases, those who have found your pet are simply good people. They will be happy to return it, and you just need to help them find you.

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Scissors better cut if their blades are lightly smeared with wax or paraffin ...

Crack in the pane of glass can be covered with a thin layer of colorless varnish. This transparent film lasts for 2-3 years, does not spoil the appearance of the window and is not washed off. It is better to apply varnish on the outside of the window ...

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Search mode only for pets

For each animal a certain conspiracy

There is one universal search method that is used to search only for animals that live in an apartment or in a private house, and it doesn’t matter who the cat, dog, hamster or tortoise was lost. Early in the morning at dawn, stand in front of the open window, open the curtains and, imagining the image of your pet, thoughtfully read the following plot three times:

“Go home, come to me, run quickly, to my voice,” add a special sound “Oum” at the end.

The last word you said is not just a sound, it is the strongest Far Eastern mantra, which is used to return home not only animals, but also lost people. Repeat the reading of the plot as often as possible, until the first news of the animal appears, or better until the moment when you yourself can pat your beloved by the ears and pat his head.

To the cat returned

If your pet has gone, as usual, for a walk, but has not returned home, of course you need to take all measures for search activities - carefully look at the places where the cat loved to walk, look in the basements and other hidden places, for the reason that the cat could scare something and she instinctively hid as far as possible, also inspect the trees. If after searching there is no result, resort to magic. It is important not to delay using the search spell, since the conspiracy will not act so much on the second day after the loss.

As for the plot itself to search for a cat, it is recommended to read it, being as close as possible to the intended place of its disappearance. Standing in a pre-selected area, find the highest point (it can be a bench or a curb) and read the following words, all the while thinking about the missing animal:

“The cat went home, but did not reach. Wind blow in the direction of the house, bring it to me. Water, send your streams home, bring it to me. Fire, kindle the heat near the house, bring it to me. Earth, make a hill, bring it to me. ”

So you call on the four elements to help in the search for the missing cat. To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to read the plot at midnight, completely alone, so that no one sees you and knows what you are doing.

There is another version of the ritual, in which communication with a missing animal is created using personal objects. To implement the search rite, use the following items:

  • the capacity from which the cat ate
  • feeding of the animal
  • pet food
  • church candle

Do not delay the search

Initially, you need to inspect the places where the animal usually walks and where it could disappear from. If you went on a search with a company, it would be better for someone to stay where the pet ran away from - suddenly it will return.

During searches, call out loudly by name so that your pet has the opportunity to go to voice. Feel free to ask passers-by, perhaps someone saw where your family member was hiding. It is best to be interested in children - they often focus on animals than adults.

Ask for help from those who are currently walking their pets. You can even leave them your phone number so that you can contact you if they notice an animal similar to yours in the description.

Advertise on social networks, post them on the street

If your searches were not successful, then make an ad. Put a photo of a pet in it, describe any features. Do not forget to specify the nickname, area of ​​residence, contact numbers. Such ads can be glued everywhere: near shops, stops, parks, entrances. Also, your printouts can be distributed to neighbors. You can promise a reward.

Post ads on social networks. Use a photo of a pet - it increases the chances of success in the search.

Perhaps your pet is there. Personally check each cell to ensure its absence or presence.

Most importantly - do not give up and continue the search.

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Tip number 1.

NEVER leave a dog at shops, etc. (a lot of calls about dogs that disappeared under such circumstances). Even if it is a purebred dog, and you think it is not needed by anyone except you, it can: 1) just untie it for fun, 2) steal it to get a reward, 3) steal it for sale at one of the many medical vivariums, exotic restaurants, 4) steal on the skin or, excuse me, for meat.

NEVER let the dog off the leash during the New Year holidays: many dogs are terribly afraid of firecracker blasts. And, unfortunately, we know about cases when firecrackers were thrown specifically at the feet of people and dogs.

Be sure to write your phone on the collar.
However, since the collars are often removed, it is better to embroider a phone number with bright threads on the band and sew it straight on the dog. It is impossible to lose this braid, the number will not be washed away by rain, snow or bathing, and most importantly, it will not be removed by a bad person.
If you are traveling with a dog out of town, write also the city code - 812.

When traveling by car, be sure to keep the cat in the carrier, and put a collar (harness) on the leash on the dog and tie the leash to something fixed in the cabin.

Tip number 2.

1. Be sure to post more ads in your area, in stores, in pet stores, in the vet. clinics, ask dog lovers and janitors (it makes sense to print out and distribute papers with their phones, indicating "lost dog" on the back, etc.).

2. Be sure to call the "Loss": the main dispatcher (338-80-08, 988-99-55,
from 10 to 18 o'clock, Sat-Sun from 10 to 17) and the dispatcher for your breed, if there is one (list of dispatchers here: http://poteryashka.spb.ru/index/0-17).
After registration, you can post information on the forums.
http://forum.mau.ru/ (about cats)

Use the "contact" features - post information in local groups.
For example, if you are from Gatchina, then find the Gatchina communities: http://vk.com/search?c[q[=gatchina&c[section[=comm ..
By the way, if you write to the admin of the group, and he places an ad "on behalf of the group", it will appear in the news of everyone who subscribes to it.

3. Call the shelters:
shelter in the Old Village: 716-66-19
shelter on the Big Smolensk: 365-49-79
Shelter "Rzhevka": 527-38-20

6. Announcement on stands at transport stops, tel. 670-07-46


7. Everywhere, promise a reward (sometimes people only react to this).
A warning. A new type of fraud: call and say that the dog is found, but you need to put money on your mobile or activate the Internet card. Naturally, no one comes to the meeting. So promise to pay more, but only when a dog is presented to you.

Extra advice for losing a CAT.
Be sure to go through the basements and attics of your own and the nearest houses with a flashlight, and carefully look up at the pipes - cats and cats climb higher from fear and do not respond to any kit-and-kitty.
On the street, be sure to inspect all the trees and bushes near your and nearby houses.
Find out in the nearest stores if they have a cat (sometimes cats are left in stores to catch mice and rats). Even cats love to hide under the car - it is worth lightly kicking nearby cars - the cat gets scared and jumps out.
If a cat has climbed a tree, there is a simple and effective way to lure it: put a piece of hot (so that it smells strongly) boiled chicken at the bottom. The scoundrel will come down =)
Just in case, here is the site of the All-Russian Association of Cat Cats
their group is in contact

Tip number 3

1. Be sure to call the "Loss": the main dispatcher (338-80-08, 988-99-55,
from 10 to 18 o'clock, Sat-Sun from 10 to 17) and the dispatcher for your breed, if there is one (list of dispatchers here: http://poteryashka.spb.ru/index/0-17).

2. Place ads everywhere (see above, tip # 2)

3. Do not indicate in the advertisements the special signs of the animal, let the prospective owner call them (especially if the animal is pedigree - remember that dealers are VERY arrogant people). If the description does not match, answer simply "no, this is not your dog / cat", without specifying the signs.

4. Carefully examine the collar (if available) on the subject of phone or other coordinates of the owner.
Also look at the stigma (they are placed in the ear or groin - between the belly and the paw).
Here are the sites where you can find the base stamps:
St. Petersburg RKF telephones (if they found a stigma) 321-57-67, 321-32-50, 321-81-55

5. The animal may be microchipped. This can be checked in the vet clinic.
The base of chips is here: www.animal-id.ru

Tip number 4.

1. Be sure to call the "Loss": the main dispatcher (338-80-08, 988-99-55,
from 10 to 18 o'clock, Sat-Sun from 10 to 17) and the dispatcher for your breed, if there is one (list of dispatchers here: http://poteryashka.spb.ru/index/0-17).

2. Place ads on sites and message boards (you can attach photos to many):
- "Advertising-Chance" - site http://chance.ru/add, vkontakte http://vk.com/chanceru
"From hand to hand" - http://saint-petersburg.irr.ru/advertSubmission/step1 website.
- bulletin board (see above, tip number 2)

3. For each caller, be sure to ask for your home phone number and warn you that you will only give the animal under an agreement (this will partially eliminate dealers and inadequate people).
Here is a useful post about how to literally give the animal in good hands under the contract

4. It is VERY desirable to take the animal to a new home.

We start the search from the place where the missing was found

If you notice the loss at home, then search, first of all, you need it. Even in the apartment there are many places hidden from human eyes in which animals like to hide. Inspect the space under the furniture, all cabinets and cabinets, window sills, corners, and so on. If you have a private house, then the search zones are even larger, and their list may include technical premises, attic, basement, cellar. At the same time constantly call your pet nicknamed so that he will answer the call. And you can go to the trick and lure him with food, rustling bag of food or opening the fridge.

If you live in an apartment, then start searching the porch: perhaps you opened the door for someone and did not notice how a cat or a small dog slipped into it and ran away (the large one obviously would not have gone unnoticed). Go through all the floors, and then go down to the basement, if you have the keys to it from the senior porch. If it is impossible to open the door, then call your pet: he can respond and go to your voice. If the house has several entrances, then go around everything.

Owners of a private house after the search of housing should move to the local area. Carefully inspect the entire courtyard: bushes, beds, farm buildings, heaps of leaves or debris, inventory, and so on. Walk along the fence: some cats love to climb fences and sit on them.

If you walked in the park, in the forest plantation or another place, then start searching it for him. Go through several times, constantly call your pet, inspect all the bushes and trees, tall grass, heaps of leaves, shops, stumps, logs and other elements of the zone.

Scouring the neighborhood

What to do if a dog or cat is missing, and he is definitely not at home? Start combing the neighborhood. The action plan is as follows:

  1. If you live in an apartment building, then go around nearby houses, perhaps your pet ran into them to hide or shelter from the weather. Go around all the entrances.
  2. If you live in a private house, then walk along your street and on the next.
  3. Interrogate all neighbors, especially active ones, who have a lot of free time, are often on the street and are aware of all the events. These may be grandmothers sitting on a bench, young mummies with strollers, and children playing in the courtyard. You can also ask for information to the janitor.
  4. Walk along the nearby roads. Of course, you do not want to think about it, but the pet could be knocked down by a car. If this happened recently, and compassionate people did not pass by, then an animal that was knocked down and injured may lie near the road, so you have a chance to find and save it by taking it to the vet.
  5. You can go shopping, especially grocery. In them, animals often run in search of food. You can also interview the guards of the stores: perhaps they saw your pet and took him outside.
  6. Going around the neighborhood, it is worth looking under the cars: animals (especially cats and dogs of small breeds) often hide under them from larger brethren or cold, rain.

We act on a large scale

If all the above steps have failed, start to act on a large scale and connect all possible resources. First, you can post ads, and it is important to make them correctly. Provide a detailed and accurate description of the animal, attach a high-quality photo. Укажите, где именно мог потеряться четвероногий друг, напишите его кличку, сделайте пометки об особых приметах или повадках. Расклеивайте листовки на домах, магазинах, разных общественных учреждениях.

Можно дать объявления в местные газеты. Also connect social networks: place reliable information with a photo on your page, write to thematic and frequently visited communities and groups. Ask reposta your friends and acquaintances. The data will quickly spread across the network and, perhaps, someone who knows something about a lost pet will see it. There are also animal-related forums, and they can be useful too.

Contact organizations that deal with animals. Call or visit in person all city nurseries and shelters, contact the services for capturing stray animals, go around veterinary clinics and offices, find volunteers and talk to them.

Tip: if the animal is a rare breed, and you suspect that it was stolen for mercenary purposes, then you can write a statement to the police. By law, law enforcement officers are obliged to accept and consider it.

Useful advice to owners who are faced with the loss of a pet or want to be fully armed and in case of trouble to prevent the sad consequences:

  • The sooner you start the search, the greater the chance of finding a pet, because in a short period of time he probably will not have time to escape too far or get into trouble. Begin to act as soon as you notice the loss.
  • If you decide to start an independent search, during the day, the animal may simply not hear you, because it will be distracted by extraneous sounds made by people, cars, and public transport.
  • When searching, consider the nature, habits and habits of the pet. So, if he is shy, he could hide in a secluded place and hide in it. In this case, pay attention to such areas. If the pet is sociable and fearless, then he will surely show interest in people or other animals, and it should be looked for in public places or in the crowded areas of homeless stray cats or dogs.
  • First of all, you should look out from the balcony and look down. Unfortunately, the cat could fall, jumping for a bird or slipping from a thin and especially wet slippery railing.
  • If you know the habitat or the frequent occurrence of homeless animals, then go around them: lost pets are often “nailed” to street packs.
  • How to find a lost pet, if the search has been lasting for several days and does not give results? Continue to act! You probably have not reached the place where your friend is hiding. In addition, it could shelter, and information about the loss, perhaps simply did not reach the new or temporary host.

How to prevent missing?

Prevention measures will help to avoid the loss of your four-legged friend:

  1. On the collar you can hang a tag with the address. But be sure to laminate it to avoid wetting in the rain and damage due to mechanical stress. You can also hide a note with contact information in a special capsule.
  2. If the pet is walking on its own, provide it with a GPS beacon that can be hidden in the collar. Such a device will allow you to track the movement, narrow the range of searches or find the lost.
  3. Do not let your pet walk without supervision, it can be dangerous.
  4. Go for a walk, wearing a pet collar with a leash.
  5. If you let go of a pet, keep an eye on him.
  6. Close all doors, protect windows with reliable nets.
  7. You should not go out with a female during heat.
  8. Chipping will help to identify pets.
  9. Pet escaping can push the natural instincts, so if you do not plan to engage in breeding, you should decide on sterilization or castration.

It remains only to wish all pet owners not to lose their friends.