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Useful properties of acacia honey


Honey is a sweetness that everyone has known since childhood. As they grow older, their preferences change: someone prefers to avoid the use of honey, someone chooses for himself a certain grade. Flower honey is rich in variety of species. The beneficial properties and contraindications of acacia honey depend on the qualities of the shrub flowers.

What does acacia honey look like?

The appearance of honey is associated with nectar. It is absolutely transparent, has a liquid consistency. Color depends on the shade of shrub buds. Collection from white acacia will be light. If the flowers are yellow, the shade becomes golden. The peculiarity of acacia honey is a very slow crystal formation. This variety remains liquid and transparent for 20 months from the date of collection.

Chemical composition and calorie acacia honey

The use of acacia honey is completely dependent on the chemical properties of the elements it contains.

Acacia honey is considered one of the best monofloric species. The division into monoflora and polyflora types means that honey is collected exclusively from the surface of one plant or from several plants located in a similar area. There are from 300 to 450 compounds of chemical elements in copper. These are useful biologically active substances that make honey a product unique in its properties.

The peculiarity of the acacia product lies in its high carbohydrate content. Sugar can be more than 85% of the specific weight. Carbohydrate content may vary depending on the degree of maturity of honey.

Oligozy higher type

Turanose, laminaria and others

These are average carbohydrate content. The fact is that from the moment of collecting acacia honey to the time of sedimentation, there are several stages during which carbohydrates stabilize naturally.

For those who are not accustomed to evaluating the properties of honey from the point of view of chemical formulas, the answer to the question is whether it is sweet or not. The presence of fructose is responsible for this process: the more it is contained, the slower the sugar settles in the honey and the longer it retains its beneficial properties. Acacia honey is especially valuable because it remains liquid for a long time, it is transparent, uncompressed. In addition to carbohydrates, honey contains up to 14% water. The most significant trace elements that are present in it: potassium, boron, magnesium, iron, manganese, silicon.

The protein content is on the border - from 0, 5 to 1, 5%. Compounds of proteins have a colloidal type, this explains the quality of honey - foaming when pouring. Amino acids are represented by a list of useful types:

  • lysine,
  • glutamic acid
  • aspartic acid,
  • alanine.

A tandem of amino acids and certain enzymes is responsible for the special aroma and taste of the variety.

Traces of alkaloids are found in the product, which benefit the body if their content is minimal.

Ph of acacia honey - 4, 0: this property indicates the high presence of organic acids. Acids give unique tastes, one of them is going to the bouquet, which becomes recognizable. Researchers say that acacia honey smells of acacia flowers, this is explained by the properties of its constituent acids:

In the acacia honey, citric acid is higher in content than the rest.

The vitamins that are found in the composition vary depending on the stage of honey ripening. Vitamin B12, folic acid, ribaflavin, ascorbic acid, retinol are present in the acacia variety. Vitamins have the property of filtering as they are stored.

In addition, it contains unique combinations of pollen, nectar, propolis. Many of the compounds are poorly studied, therefore, to assert that the composition is fully disclosed, it is impossible. Researchers say that with the help of acacia honey you can slow down the reproduction of gram-positive bacteria in the body.

Determining the chemical composition goes through several stages, the annual collection of honey revealed that over time the presence of useful elements varies. These figures depend on the place of collection, the conditions of savings and processing requirements.

Benefits of Acacia Honey

The benefits and harms of acacia honey are determined by analyzing the qualities of the substances with which it is rich. Each group has special beneficial properties that affect the human body in different ways.

The peculiarity of acacia honey is the increased fructose concentration. This is the simplest form of sugar, its atomic composition has a relative similarity to the composition of glucose. Fructose is sweeter than sugar, but has fewer calories. This quality underlies the addition of honey to drinks.

Acacia nectar is often used as an external agent that is added to creams, ointments or masks. This is due to its beneficial antiseptic effect due to the high content of trace elements and traces of alkaloids.

For the systems of the body, acacia honey benefits in several ways.

It helps in colds season, improves the protective properties of the body, relieves inflammation of the larynx, so it is often used for colds of the upper respiratory tract.

In relation to the activity of the heart and blood vessels, it has a useful ability to increase the elasticity of the vessel walls, normalize the heart rhythm, regulate blood pressure. The benefit to the cardiovascular system lies in reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, in preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

The activity of the nervous system under the influence of acacia honey is normalized, as it tends to manifest itself as a natural antidepressant.

The researchers claim that it has a bactericidal effect on intestinal inflammation, helps to normalize the work of digestion, and has a positive effect on the secretion of pancreatic juice.

Women speak positively of the benefits of acacia honey in connection with its ability to reduce pain during menstruation, as well as to smooth out the manifestations of age menopause.

These properties are revealed after careful research of the effect of acacia nectar on the human body.

Is it possible to honey acacia diabetes mellitus

The peculiarity of the product from acacia is that it benefits people who suffer from diabetes. This disease creates a lot of inconvenience. Meals that can be eaten without harm to health can be counted on the fingers. With moderate use of honey from the flowers of acacia can replace sugar. The glycemic index of this variety is one of the lowest among the other varieties and is 32. This is an indicator of the effect of carbohydrates on blood glucose levels.

Harm to patients with diabetes bring varieties of monofloric type: the glycemic index of such species exceeds 50 units.

Honey for diabetics is useful for such reasons:

  • it reduces the need for insulin,
  • normalizes blood supply, which reduces the damage from the development of plaques.

Recipes of traditional medicine with acacia honey

Many since childhood are familiar with the firm belief that flower honey can help with any diseases. Over time, these ideas are corrected, but the main thing that remains the same is the universal benefit of honey. It is used in a variety of recipes of folk therapy, for a variety of diseases, and recipes of useful tools are passed down from generation to generation.

From cold

The easiest way to take honey during a cold is to drink it with tea.

To eliminate cough, relieve inflammations of the throat, as well as an immunomodulating and febrifuge, they use a drink based on honey, soda and milk. The components are taken at the rate of 1 tsp per cup of warm milk. All mixed, drunk at night.

Such a drink can relieve a painful night cough by relieving spasm of the laryngeal muscles.

From depression and stress

The drink for the nervous system is especially useful during exacerbations of nervous disorders. With proper preparation and use, it has a slight sedative effect.

1 part of honey and 1 part of beet juice are mixed until a homogeneous consistency is formed, they insist 2 - 3 hours, drink half a glass 3 times a day.

From pressure

For the normalization of the activity of the hematopoietic system and the prevention of complications with the heart and vessels, a tasty general tonic is prepared. Equal parts of dried apricots, prunes, raisins are added to the product. The use of dried fruits provides additional benefits for the digestive system.

This useful mixture is scrolled in a meat grinder or smashed blender. Store in a glass container in the refrigerator, take 2 tbsp. l 3 times a day, drinking plenty of water.

To lower blood cholesterol

The mechanism of action on cholesterol levels in the blood is concluded in the vigorous activity of beneficial antioxidants. Due to their action, toxins are eliminated from the body. This has a preventive effect on the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

A useful tool is considered a mixture of cinnamon and honey.

To 1 tbsp. l add 1 tsp. Cinnamon, consumed 30 minutes before breakfast.

Researchers say that after 2 hours, the concentration of harmful cholesterol in the blood is significantly reduced.

To improve vision

The flowers of acacia have anti-inflammatory effect, this technique is used for redness, swelling of the eyes. A decoction of chamomile is mixed with a small amount of honey, make lotions in the morning and evening.

The peculiarity of the preparation of instillation mixtures is that they require only a high-quality and fresh product, otherwise you can damage the organs of vision.

For ointments, which lay in the eyelid, take equal parts of honey from acacia and fish oil.

Such a mixture can be harmful for those who have complications associated with concomitant symptoms of eye disease, therefore, consultation with an ophthalmologist is required.

To improve the digestive tract

Due to the low acidity index, the acacia product is used for intestinal problems. Antioxidant properties positively affect the functioning of all digestive systems.

Researchers claim that 1 tbsp. l of acacia honey before the first breakfast can have a healing effect on gastritis, an uncomplicated ulcer. The mechanism of work lies in its ability to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and reduce inflammation.

For the treatment of skin diseases

The benefits of the product for the skin lies in its property - relieve irritation, soothe, promote cell regeneration. It is added to the composition of ointments and creams: a feature of the application is that after applying such funds must be rinsed with warm water.

Ulcers, erosion, small inflammations with suppuration are treated with the product as needed, washed off after drying.

Face masks

Facial skin needs nourishment and hydration daily. Looking good for a woman is not always a requirement for large financial investments. Competent care is possible at home. Honey is effective as a component of face masks. It is added to scrubs and creams. These compounds are not harmful even with daily use.

  • acacia honey - 20 g,
  • oatmeal - 20 g,
  • lemon juice - 1 tsp.

The parts are mixed, applied to the face, incubated for 15 minutes, washed off. After peeling, it is necessary to protect the skin with an additional nourishing cream.

The benefits of such a procedure will be noticeable on the first day.

  • acacia variety - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • olive oil - 0, 5 tbsp. l

The mixture is rubbed into the skin by massaging circular movements. This procedure moisturizes, activates the production of elastin. The added benefit of using a mask is a lifting effect.

Hair masks

A nourishing mask helps strengthen hair roots and gives shine. For cooking use:

  • acacia variety - 4 tbsp. l.,
  • vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l.,
  • 1 egg yolk.

The components are mixed, rubbed into the scalp, leave for 40 minutes. Wash off with shampoo, this procedure is useful to perform once a week for a month.

Body Scrub

Cleopatra loved to take honey-milk baths. Modern beauties often use the product to peel the skin of the whole body. To prepare you need:

  • acacia honey - 2 tbsp. lt
  • coffee grounds.

Mix the components to form a thick slurry, put on the whole body, pound, wash off with warm water. The benefits to the skin after such a procedure is obvious, it becomes soft and elastic.

Possible harm of honey and contraindications

A high carbohydrate product can harm the human body.

Its caloric content per 100 g of the product is 300 kcal. This means that the daily rate of collection of acacia for an adult is not more than 2 - 3 tbsp. l

It is harmful to use it to those people who have a tendency to display allergies.

It can also harm tooth enamel, like all high-sugar foods.

It is harmful to use it and those who are prone to the accumulation of excess weight. Fructose promotes the active deposition of fat under certain circumstances.

Honey can cause harm to children who are under 2 years old. At this age, food allergies are often manifested.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should refrain from using it so as not to harm the baby.

How to identify real acacia honey

Use in traditional medicine recipes or in the preparation of desserts implies the presence of this useful collection. Selling it and its derivatives is an entire industry, many manufacturers go to the trick to save money, and offer consumers low-quality goods. To determine the authenticity of the product, in order not to harm yourself, you can by several properties:

  • Colour. Fresh honey is clear, light with a yellowish tinge, without precipitation and impurities.
  • Smell. Weak unsharp flower aroma.
  • Structure. When rubbed does not form lumps, stretches for a spoon.
  • Add iodine. With artificial thickeners, the product will turn blue.

A product with a pungent smell of vinegar is evidence of improper storage, which means that it begins to emit harmful substances that are of no use when used.

How to store acacia honey

Proper storage is a guarantee that honey will retain its beneficial properties. It is stored in a dark place in a glass container with the lid closed.

Honey is able to absorb odors, so it is harmful to keep it next to the spices. Its shelf life is about 1 year, after that its useful properties are lost. Storage for more than 2 - 3 years entails the consequences of harm to digestion.


The beneficial properties and contraindications of acacia honey depend on many factors. Collecting and storing determines how useful the product will be. Proper use is useful for adults and children, helps to improve the performance of body systems and uplifting.

What does acacia honey contain?

The composition of acacia honey includes such useful substances as calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, organic acids, vitamins C, groups B, A and PP. The caloric content of one hundred grams of this product is about 330-335 kilocalories. The sugar content is very high: fructose is more than 40% here, and glucose is more than 35-36.

What is different from other species?

Natural acacia honey has some differences from other species. The first is the predominance of glucose in the composition. Since this natural sugar is more than sucrose, acacia honey is healthier than other varieties.

The second difference is pure translucent color. There are acacia honey of two shades. Light and close to white bees are made from white acacia robinia, and amber-yellow with greenish notes - from yellow karagana. This honey without impurities is pure and almost transparent, it does not have impregnations and turbidity.

The third difference is a unique floral scent. It is light, pleasant and completely unobtrusive, so it does not interfere with enjoying the product, but, on the contrary, transforms it, enhances the appetite and gives real pleasure.

The fourth difference is taste. It is very soft, devoid of closeness and bitterness, which are characteristic of some other species. Acacia honey is pleasant to the taste and gives a great aftertaste, which is enhanced after swallowing, is soft and remains for a long time.

And another feature of acacia honey is the process of its crystallization. First, it proceeds very slowly: the product retains the original liquid consistency for a whole year. Secondly, even after crystallization, it remains pleasant and tender: its structure includes small particles resembling snow.

What is useful acacia honey? Consider its basic properties:

The product helps to normalize blood pressure and maintain it at a normal level.

  • Honey has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help repel attacks of pathogenic microorganisms and destroy bacteria that have already penetrated the body. Due to this effect, the product can be used in the treatment of infectious diseases of various organs.
  • Acacia honey has a fortifying effect, enhances the natural protective barrier of the human body, increases the tone and speeds up the recovery process after serious diseases or intense stress.
  • Продукт имеет ранозаживляющие свойства и восстанавливает повреждённые мягкие ткани и слизистые оболочки.
  • Если употреблять мёд регулярно и в умеренных количествах, то можно наладить метаболизм и ускорить некоторые протекающие в организме обменные процессы и реакции.
  • The nutrients contained in such a product have a rejuvenating effect on the body, therefore, it is especially useful for women.
  • Honey strengthens the vascular walls and heart muscle of the myocardium, improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system and ensuring the prevention of certain diseases such as heart failure, atherosclerosis, and heart attack.
  • The product is useful to use for anemia, it improves the blood.
  • Acacia honey strengthens the nervous system, increases stress resistance, has a calming effect and improves sleep.

How to choose and store the product?

When choosing acacia honey, pay attention to its hue and texture. The color should be light and almost transparent, a cloudy precipitate and blotches should be alerted. Acacia honey is liquid and volatile, not candied (if it has not been stored for more than a year). It is better to purchase the product from proven beekeepers or in large stores.

Honey is stored in a hermetically sealed glass container with darkened walls in a cool place protected from direct rays, away from any heat sources.

In what cases can harm?

Harm of acacia honey is possible in case of abuse of such a product. Its optimal daily rate for an adult is about two or three tablespoons, and for children - no more than two teaspoons. It is also worth remembering that the product can cause allergic reactions and is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus. Another reason to refuse acacia honey is individual hypersensitivity to it. Do not forget that the enamel of the teeth may suffer from sucrose, so after use it is recommended to rinse the mouth or brush your teeth.

It is useful to know: when heated, honey not only loses some of its beneficial properties, but can also change the composition and acquire carcinogens. Therefore, it is not necessary to put it in hot tea, when consumed inside, only dissolution in warm liquids (not more than 30-35 degrees) is permissible.

Application Methods

Medicinal acacia honey can be applied in different ways. It is actively used in cooking: it can be added to pastries (already prepared, as heat treatment is harmful), dairy products and cocktails, various desserts. Honey goes well with cheese.

Ways to use honey in traditional medicine:

  • When tracheitis, laryngitis and bronchitis effective inhalation. Dissolve a small amount of honey in hot water and inhale the steam. But such procedures are permitted only at normal body temperature.
  • For diseases of the eyes and nasal cavity, honey-based drops are effective, which can be prepared with the addition of water or aloe juice. They are buried with rhinitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis.
  • For wounds and dermatological diseases, honey can be used in the form of compresses, applications, lotions.
  • In order to improve your health or to recover faster after an illness, you can eat two tablespoons of the product on an empty stomach. You can also add honey to warm herbal teas, cereals, milk.

The fair sex will appreciate the effect of honey used for cosmetic purposes. It can be added to various face and hand masks, used as part of scrubs, it can be added to ready-made creams or lotions. But it is advisable to conduct an allergic test in order to evaluate the reaction of the body: apply a small amount to the skin and watch the reaction. In the absence of changes, you can begin full use.

Be sure to buy delicious acacia honey to fully appreciate its beneficial properties and improve your health.

How useful acacia honey - healing properties and use

The smell of blooming acacia intoxicates and attracts not only people, but also hardworking bees.

To get nectar for its production is quite difficult, because this tree blooms only 1-2 weeks, but the result is worth it.

What is useful acacia honey, with what health problems it is best to use, and when to do it is strictly prohibited, how to identify a fake and how to store a precious delicacy, so that it does not lose its healing abilities, consider next.

Terrain matters or how honey is obtained from acacia

Acacia - a tree quite common. Unpretentious to environmental conditions, it is found in clean forests, and near busy roads, and in densely populated areas.

It is clear that all these conditions affect the quality of the honey produced, which is why it is so rare (if you look for a natural product, of course).

Those who understand the quality of the product try to buy it, albeit more expensive, but from proven beekeepers who guarantee the ecological purity of acacia honey.

No beekeeper is able to predict in advance what quality of honey the bees will produce from acacia and it depends not only on where they will collect it.

Despite the aroma that the tree boasts in any weather, the amount of nectar depends on environmental conditions. The ideal is moderately humid and warm weather, without rain and strong dry wind.

Distinctive features of acacia honey

Yellow acacia honey bees allow the bees to make a product of a slightly yellow color with a barely noticeable greenish hue, and if the tree is white, then the honey is white, with little or no shade or transparent.

It is noteworthy that the beneficial properties are completely independent of how honey looks and of the type of tree.

The undeniable benefits of acacia honey

To challenge the usefulness of acacia honey is unlikely for anyone to succeed and this is primarily due to its rich composition.

Vitamins C, P, E and B, a huge amount of fruit acids, fructose and glucose, carotene necessary for normal life, biologically active substances, and most importantly the complete absence of fats make it indispensable for use in cooking, applications in cosmetics and medicine.

Useful properties of acacia honey

Real acacia honey:

  • easily absorbed by the body
  • normalizes metabolism
  • cleanses the body of toxins and impurities
  • restores the digestive tract,
  • normalizes arterial and intracranial pressure,
  • cleans the vessels and strengthens their walls,
  • different sedative effect
  • cleans and restores liver cells,
  • cleans the blood
  • strengthens the immune system
  • positive effect on vision and memory
  • different hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Where is acacia honey used?

Due to its healing properties, acacia honey is used by man much more often than other bee products.

On its basis, ointments and creams are produced from inflammations and diaper rash for babies, and not only in pharmacology, but also at home, used as one of the main components of the diet for losing weight and for restoring strength of the body after prolonged illnesses.

And also used to fight:

  • with hypo - and hypertension,
  • diseases of the genitourinary system (this is especially true for men),
  • violations of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • disruptions in the cardiovascular system,
  • eye inflammation,
  • external skin lesions, etc.

  1. Acacia honey is the only one that can safely be eaten in diabetes because it differs for such patients with the most optimal combination of fructose and glucose.
  2. Very often it is used to restore vision, and this procedure is distinguished not only by its efficiency, but also by its simplicity and provides only regular instillation of honey solution in both eyes.
  3. Also worth noting is the large number of positive reviews about the treatment of enuresis in children with its help.

For women, acacia honey is a real wand, not only in terms of preserving beauty and youth, but also in cooking culinary masterpieces.

Pleasant taste and a long soft aftertaste make this product indispensable for baking, making creams and desserts, a variety of sweet fillings, etc.

However, in order to preserve the benefit as much as possible, it is not necessary to subject it to excessive heat treatment.

It is worth noting the widespread use of acacia honey in cosmetology.

Due to its positive effect on the skin, hair and nails, based on it, they prepare cleansing masks, scrubs, make wraps, baths, etc.

Who is contraindicated acacia honey?

Overdose leads to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, arrhythmias and tachycardia, and about the caloric content of the product, and it is 288 kcal per 100 g, it is also impossible to forget.

The use of acacia honey to lactating women and children under 2 years is strictly prohibited.

You can not heat the honey over 45 degrees. At this temperature, it begins to emit toxic substances that are dangerous not only for health, but also for human life.

Rules of storage and how to choose honey from acacia

In order for the precious acacia honey to retain its beneficial properties for a longer time, it must be kept in darkness and relative humidity in a hermetically sealed container.

Glass jar or wooden kegs are best suited for this. Do not refrigerate or freeze this product.

Acacia honey is one of the most precious bee products.

Knowing how to identify a fake, how to store and use it, you can preserve beauty, youth and health for a long time.

To determine the quality of acacia honey can taste, smell and color, but to cope with this task sometimes only by professionals.

Ordinary consumers should own at least the basic rules for choosing this product.

Natural honey has a very liquid consistency, and retains it even after crystallization.

A distinctive feature is the taste and aroma, very similar to the familiar ascorbic from childhood.

Use acacia honey properly and stay healthy.

Acacia Honey

Useful properties of honey have been studied for a long time. This variety is especially appreciated, because the bees can collect it only 1-2 weeks a year, when the acacia blooms.
The flowers of this plant are very fragrant, and their properties are transmitted to honey. Although acacia is a good melliferous plant, its honey is rather rare. These trees are everywhere: they can be found not only in the forest, but also in the park, along the roads. In our country, there are white and yellow acacia. Especially a lot of them in the southern regions of our country and in the Caucasus. It is there that the highest quality acacia honey is obtained - without impurities. If it is harvested from yellow acacia, it has a pale yellow color with a greenish tint. And almost colorless - it is white acacia honey. Useful properties of them are no different.

Peculiarities of this variety

- The lightest in color, often almost white, with a pearl shimmer.

- The most liquid of all varieties of honey, and this state persists for a long time - up to two years.

- Even after crystallization, it retains its uniform and delicate texture.

- It is the most fragrant and delicious honey, and due to its high content of fructose, it is also the sweetest.

- Very effectively acacia honey keeps the skin young and is used in cosmetology.

What substances are contained in acacia honey

- It has a lot of fruit acids that are actively involved in metabolic processes.

“There is no fat in the acacia honey.”

- It contains vitamins C, E, PP and almost all the vitamins of group B. And they are stored for a very long time.

- This honey is rich in biologically active substances. This explains its anti-aging and restorative properties.

- A lot in acacia honey of potassium, magnesium, iron, fluorine, copper and phosphorus.

- There is no sugar, but a lot of glucose and fructose.

- Acacia honey contains a lot of carotene and digestive enzymes.

Acacia Honey: Useful Properties

- It is very easily digested due to the high content of fructose.

- Improves metabolism.

- Calming effect on the nervous system, helps with insomnia and stress.

- Normalizes blood pressure, dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation and blood composition.

- Cleans the liver, improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

- Improves vision and memory.

- Increases immunity and helps to recover from long-term diseases.

- It invigorates and improves performance.

- It has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

- The only bee product with hypoallergenic properties is acacia honey. Useful properties it can be used even in the preparation of creams and ointments for newborns.

- Acacia honey helps to lose weight, so it can be used in dietary nutrition.

What diseases are used for?

This type of honey can be applied:

- with hypertension and atherosclerosis,

- in inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system, especially in cystitis,

- cleans the liver well and treats many of its diseases,

- an effective medicine can be prepared on the basis of acacia honey for the treatment of gallstone disease,

- the only sweet product that can be safely used by diabetics is acacia honey, its beneficial properties in this disease are explained by the optimal content of glucose and fructose,

- effective in infectious and inflammatory eye diseases, for example, in conjunctivitis, in addition, instillation of acacia honey in the eyes helps to restore visual acuity,

- helps in healing wounds, burns and cuts, for dermatitis, pustular rash and eczema,

- acacia honey is effective in the regeneration of mucous membranes, which allows its use in periodontitis, gingivitis or stomatitis,

- inhalation with acacia honey helps to cure bronchitis, laryngitis and rhinitis,

- effective acacia honey, dissolved in water, with enuresis,

- With regular use of only 50 grams of this honey, the body tone improves, the efficiency, memory and mood improve.

Use in cooking

Connoisseurs consider the most delicious acacia honey. It does not contain bitterness at all, and its taste is sweet and soft. Therefore, this variety of honey is widely used in cooking. It is added to desserts, pastries and used just like that. It improves the taste of products and has a pleasant aftertaste. Especially often acacia honey is added to creams for confectionery, used as a filling and additive for pies and rolls. They then acquire an unforgettable taste. And such dishes can be used even for children and people with diabetes. But often do not recommend the use of acacia honey in products subjected to heat treatment. It is most useful in its original form or dissolved in warm water or tea. Therefore, it is best to use it for making desserts and drinks. And oatmeal with honey and nuts is a healthy and tasty breakfast that will energize you for the whole day.

Application in cosmetology

Very effective for the preservation of youth and beauty of acacia honey. Its beneficial properties for the skin have long been studied and are actively used in cosmetology. Honey is added to masks, scrubs and creams. It is useful to use it also inside with tea or dissolved in water. After using acacia honey, the skin becomes fresh and tender, improves the complexion, peeling and acne.

Useful acacia honey and hair. The active substances contained in it prevent their loss and improve growth. And baths with dissolved acacia honey help with the separation and brittle nails. In addition, women suffering from excess weight, are also interested in the use of acacia honey. The beneficial properties and possibilities of its use in obesity and cellulite have been recently studied. Baths and wraps with this beekeeping product have a stunning effect. After a week of use, the skin becomes smooth, and the subcutaneous fat is much reduced.

Can everybody use this product

It is believed that the most hypoallergenic is acacia honey. Useful properties and its contraindications have long been studied. This product can even be used by pregnant women, people suffering from food allergies, and children over 2 years old. But do not exceed the recommended dose: adults no more than 2 tablespoons, and children - 2 teaspoons. After all, overdose acacia honey can cause tachycardia and indigestion. You can not use honey only to small children and women during lactation. In addition, in some cases, acacia honey can be dangerous. For example, it is not necessary to heat it more than 45 degrees, since in such a state it can release a toxic substance. And in some cases in the honey may be carcinogens, got into it with the wrong care of the bees.

How to choose high-quality honey

To purchase high-quality honey, you need to follow simple rules:

- it is worth buying only from manufacturers, best of all directly at the apiary,

- real honey when scrolling a spoon does not drain from it,

- high-quality acacia honey is very light, almost transparent, does not contain lumps and dark spots,

- do not buy honey, packaged in a factory way,

- high-quality monoflora acacia honey does not crystallize for a long time.

History of origin

Interestingly, according to the Christian tradition, the acacia is a symbol of immortality. But in ancient Egypt it was believed that this tree personifies spiritual growth, victory over oneself. It begins to bloom at the end of spring; it is at this time that the industrious bees begin their work. Объемы настолько велики, что с одного гектара собирается около тонны нектара.

Однако это не единственный медонос. Часто сырье добывается из белой акации (робинии), а также из желтой (караганы), хоть это уже совершенно другой род семейства бобовых. Чтобы собрать нектар, нужно поторопиться, так как деревья цветут всего несколько недель, в мае. No impurities can be obtained by mining it in the highlands.

Main characteristics

Seeing acacia honey on store shelves, it will be difficult to confuse it with other varieties and species. The main differences are:

  1. Refined fragrance.
  2. Transparent and liquid.
  3. Late crystallization.

It should be said that acacia honey refers to light varieties. However, the color will depend on the tree from which the bees collected most of the nectar. If from white acacia, then such a delicacy will be almost transparent, and later it begins to light, becomes white. But if most of it was collected from Caragana, the color will not differ in brightness. It is a yellow dessert, often with a green tinge.

A distinctive feature is the very liquid consistency of the product (provided that it was only put up for sale). It will be a little thicker than water.

Acacia honey has a rich and rich taste. With a moderate sweetness, it gently envelops the palate, giving a pronounced floral aftertaste.

The fragrance can not be called multifaceted. It is harmonious and harmonious, does not lose its expressiveness and floral refinement.

The main advantage of this product is not only the abundance of useful properties and inimitable taste, but also a long crystallization process. Experienced beekeepers say that the stage of sugaring lasts up to 2 years, the consistency remains liquid for a long time, after which it thickens and is distinguished by a small graininess.

The beneficial properties of white acacia honey are determined by the composition:

  1. 42% fructose, 35% glucose.
  2. More than 430 microelements.
  3. Vitamins A, B, C, PP.

The predominance of fructose over glucose equates the product with elite varieties. It is also great for people with type 2 diabetes.

Virtually any beekeeping product contains vitamins A, C, and group B, but not everyone is rich in vitamin PP. It is especially useful for the female body. Moreover, it prevents the occurrence of pellagra. This disease is fatal, characterized by dermatitis, confusion and hallucinations.

It is necessary to highlight the main trace elements:

In addition to them, acacia honey contains manganese (improves mood and strengthens the nervous system), tin (contributes to the normal development of bone tissue), boron (prevents arthritis and arthrosis) and other trace elements. The product is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus and iodine.

A remarkable feature is the low content of organic acids, which provides an opportunity to use the product in large quantities for those who have problems with the acidity of the stomach.

Caloric value of the product (100 g) - 315 kcal. One teaspoon contains 38 kcal, and a table - 111 kcal.

It is worth noting the nutritional value:

Diastatic number (average value) - 6.3 ± 0.8 units. Gota.


Recently, in the markets you can meet an increasing number of unscrupulous sellers. Especially often fake lime, acacia honey, so you need to know how to distinguish from a fake useful product.

Of course, it is best to take it from a proven beekeeper. If this is not, you should definitely ask the seller about the beginning of the collection, other details of the production. A true professional will readily share this information.

When buying should alert the following signs:

  1. The presence of foam.
  2. Caramel flavor instead of floral. This means that the manufacturer added burnt sugar.
  3. In a liter cans exactly 1 kg of product. (instead of the prescribed 1.4-1.5 kg).
  4. The sediment is clearly visible on the bottom of the jar, the texture is heterogeneous. Natural delicacy even after crystallization retains its homogeneity.
  5. Too obsessive or weak smell. If the aroma is sour, it should also alert.

Be sure to pay attention to the density. Sellers often use semolina, soy flour, starch, or milk powder to thicken the product. But the white acacia honey must be liquid.

After the purchase, you can conduct an experiment at home. To do this, you will need a sheet of paper on which you should put a small drop of the purchased dessert. Real acacia honey will not spread or soak the paper through.

average cost

When buying, do not opt ​​for a cheap product. White acacia honey will be worth around 700 rubles. It should be understood that the maintenance of the apiary is quite troublesome, which requires the presence of proper skills and investment.

This variety is not so different in price from other species, as the honey collection is distinguished by large volumes. Stored for a year and a half, the product begins to thicken, acquiring a milky hue. He will not lose his characteristics and useful properties, but the seller must reduce the price.


The healing properties of acacia honey do not end only on this list. He gained recognition in traditional medicine. Here are 3 effective recipes:

  1. For eye diseases. Acacia honey is diluted in boiled water (1 to 2 ratio). To drip into the eyes 3-4 times a day. It helps with conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis.
  2. With chronic insomnia. Acacia honey (1 tbsp) is drunk at night with warm milk. You can also cook a decoction of lemon balm, limes or mint. It will relieve nervous tension, normalizes sleep.
  3. With respiratory diseases. 30% solution of honey (preferably white acacia) must be diluted in boiled water. Slowly inhale the vapors (no more than 20 minutes). Helps with laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma.

If there are wounds, you can lubricate problem areas with this dessert. The process of skin regeneration will be much faster.

In cosmetology

Having learned ways of determining the quality of honey and healing properties, one should pay attention to its amazing abilities in the field of cosmetology. It is effective:

  • fights skin aging,
  • nourishes and moisturizes
  • whitens pigmentation,
  • softens rough skin,
  • stimulates hair growth.

Very often, acacia manifests its beneficial properties when adding flowers to the water while taking a bath (you can add a few spoons of honey). This will improve your mood, have a relaxing effect, and make your skin soft and velvety.

To improve hair growth, make them shiny and silky, you should follow the following recipe: flower dessert should be mixed with burdock, olive or almond oil, then apply the mixture to the head. Wash off after 40 minutes.

When applied to the face, irregularities of the skin, various inflammations disappear, and the skin color improves. This is a very effective tool in the fight against acne. For greater effect, you can add 1-2 drops of tea tree oil. Wash off after 20 minutes.


Acacia honey can be both beneficial and harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to eat it wisely, given the contraindications. Their list is quite small:

  • susceptibility to food allergies
  • individual intolerance,
  • feeding period
  • Children up to 3 years old.

About the last two points, doctors argue today. This dessert also has the name "baby honey". Many parents safely give it to their children, as it contains the minimum amount of pollen, the occurrence of an allergic reaction is minimized.

Allergy sufferers also note the absence of itching, rashes and other unpleasant symptoms after consuming this delicacy.

Useful properties and contraindications of acacia honey suggest that such a dessert can be given with confidence to both children and to feast on oneself. This tasty product not only shows its effectiveness in combating diseases, but is also very useful in the field of cosmetology.

It is worth the attention of the video, which is available tells how to identify last year's product.


White acacia honey has a different look.: it is lighter in color. It remains in a liquid state longer, not sugared for two years. Many people value it for slow crystallization, as it promotes rapid absorption by the body.

Photos of acacia honey:

How to choose?

Acacia honey is a valuable and useful product. Beekeepers fake it more often in order to increase sales revenue. In order not to buy a useless product, consider the following:

  1. A quality product does not stick, flows evenly and quickly, if you drop it in it, and then remove the spoon.
  2. There are no additives in high-quality white acacia honey. It is easy to check. A conscientious beekeeper will allow you to test, which will require a teaspoon of honey. Translating it into a transparent dish, you need to add 1 tsp. ethyl alcohol, and after shaking to analyze the precipitate. If it is, then starch, flour or chalk are added to the product, which is unacceptable, and if it is absent, then it is high quality.

How to store?

The shelf life of ordinary honey - up to 1 year, and acacia - two years. It depends on how responsibly we approached the creation of storage conditions. It retains its beneficial properties if the temperature in the storage place where direct sunlight does not fall is from -5 to +20 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the crystallization process is uneven.

White acacia honey is stored in a tightly closed glass container or in a willow barrel. No one shifts it into untreated clay (due to moisture absorption) or plastic (due to instability to the aggressive composition of the product) dishes to prevent fermentation and spoilage.

Composition and elements

Acacia Honey is a high glucose and fructose product. - 36% and 41% respectively. In other honey, fructose does not prevail over glucose. People with type 2 diabetes can eat it in moderation.

In addition to fructose and glucose, there are vitamins A, C, PP, group B. It consists of 435 trace elements that are beneficial to human health. Along with potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and manganese, it contains organic acids (malic, citric, aldonic). Therefore, it is an ideal dessert for lovers of sweets with high acidity of the stomach, which other types of honey are contraindicated.

Another name - "baby honey." It is a hypoallergenic treat, as the pollen content is minimal. This honey rarely causes an allergic reaction in children..

In 100 grams - 288 kcal.

In folk medicine

  • Gastrointestinal tract.

  1. For complaints of frequent abdominal pain, warm water is poured into a glass and 1 tbsp added. l acacia honey. The resulting drink is drunk twice a day: in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime.
  2. With gastritis and ulcers, the medicine prepared from 100 grams of aloe and the same amount of acacia honey helps (it is taken one hour before meals in a tablespoon).
  • Visual apparatus.

    1. To improve vision, dilute a tablespoon of the product in a glass of warm water. Frequency and method of application: a few drops in each eye twice a day, in the morning and at night.
    2. When a cataract is dissolved in 100 ml of water one teaspoon of honey, and the resulting solution is instilled eyes.
  • The cardiovascular system.

    1. To improve the functioning of the heart, 200 grams of dried apricots, raisins, and prunes are minced in a meat grinder. After grinding add 200 gr. honey The medicine is taken in 1 tbsp. l three times a day.
    2. To increase the elasticity of blood vessels, grind 2-3 cloves of garlic and a pound of lemons in a meat grinder. After that add 250 grams of bee nectar. The tool is taken orally on a tablespoon twice a day.
  • Liver. To normalize the liver, mix honey with olive oil in a ratio of 1: 1, and then add 2 tsp. lemon juice. Dosage: 1 tsp. three times a day thirty minutes before meals.
  • When can harm?

    White acacia honey is preferably dissolved in warm water before use. They eat it in three doses (at lunchtime - 40, and before breakfast and at night - 30% each). So that the product does not lose its benefit, do not dilute it with water heated above 45⁰.

    • Do not give the product to newborns and children up to three years.
    • It is contraindicated for people who are completely intolerant of honey or are prone to allergies.
    • You can not eat it for patients with type I diabetes.
    • In no case do not eat it without measure (more than 100 grams per day) pregnant women, nursing mothers, type II diabetics. Otherwise, allergies may develop. Other unpleasant consequences: palpitations, diarrhea, the destruction of tooth enamel.

    Taste and color

    Acacia honey is the lightest of all species. With a similar composition, it differs in color depending on the honey-bearing plant - white or yellow acacia. In the first case, it is transparent, after crystallization acquires a white color, has a fine-grained structure. In the second - it gets a light yellow, lemon color with a slightly green tinge. In fresh pumping, it is very liquid. In this respect, it is a little thicker for water.

    Taste and aroma gentle, aggravated after swallowing. The floral sweetness of this species cannot be confused with anything.

    Homemade Acacia Honey

    Ingredients: vitamins and minerals

    A distinctive feature of acacia honey is its high fructose content, which is the sweetest natural substance. Its composition is as follows:

    Acacia honey contains the following trace elements:

    Minerals are represented by salts:

    From organic acids you will find malic, lactic, citric, oxalic, tartaric.

    The richness of vitamins makes the product just a pantry of health due to the presence of vitamin C (up to 2 mg), A (carotene), folic acid, PP (0.2 g), H (Biotin), B2 (0.5 g), E and K, other vitamins.

    100 g contains up to 3% of proteins, more than 77% of carbohydrates. And now let's talk about the benefits of acacia honey.

    Useful properties and contraindications of white acacia honey

    Allergy sufferers use it freely, since there is no negative reaction after taking it. For its use there are practically no contraindications. Acacia honey has an antimicrobial effect. Due to the presence in its composition of enzymes, it has a positive effect on digestion. It is very nutritious (336 kilocalories per 100 g of product). It is used in medicine, cosmetology, cooking. And there are at least a hundred recipes for its proper preparation.

    Medical acacia honey poured into banks

    Benefit and harm

    Due to the fact that acacia is high-calorie, its use should be moderate. A day for an adult to eat 80-90 grams. The child consumes three times less. These norms should not be exceeded, since the benefit turns into harm, especially for a young organism.

    Neglect of these warnings is fraught with impaired metabolism and adverse effects on the autonomic nervous system. For each person, the dosage of daily consumption is selected individually.

    About honey plant

    Acacia honey is harvested early in the southern regions of the country due to the fact that acacia is a honey plant that blooms in May. It is in these areas that it is distributed, so the product is obtained without impurities. This honey plant blooms for two weeks, and the collection of pollen and nectar takes about ten days.

    Despite such a short time, the bees have time to produce honey in large volumes. For example, 700-800 kg of product are obtained from one hectare of acacia plantations. It is important not to miss such a short flowering period and to hope for good weather during this period.

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    Storage conditions

    Store in any room: ground, semi-basement, basement. It is stored in a hermetically sealed container in storage rooms, on balconies, summer kitchens. This product does not require a special place. The temperature should not exceed +39 and -35 degrees, since above this temperature its quality is lost, and at lower temperatures this bee product freezes.

    To maintain the liquid state, honey is stored at a temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius. But in this case, the risk of activation of specific bacteria increases, which will lead to its fermentation.

    After the onset of crystallization, it is preferable to select a storage temperature in the range from +5 to +10 degrees.
    If honey is not closed hermetically, then the humidity also plays a big role. With increased humidity, it sours. The optimum moisture content is 60%.

    Avoid prolonged exposure to honey in direct sunlight, otherwise its structure is disturbed. For long-term storage, use hermetically sealed glass dishes. Plastic and metal are not suitable for this. It can remain liquid for a long time and practically does not sugar.

    Proper storage of store acacia honey

    Medicinal properties of acacia honey

    The healing properties of honey are surprising. It is used in children with enuresis. For this product spoon is used before bedtime. No need to wash down. Honey during sleep absorbs excess moisture. With ulcers and gastritis, it also helps - heals the affected areas of the mucous membrane.

    It will also help with hypertension and improve the work of the heart, blood vessels. It helps to heal the eyes. Vision improves even with simple gadgets. It helps the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

    May honey is valued for its healing and taste properties. And its distinguishing feature is its ability to stay in a liquid state for a long time. and amazingly beautiful color attracts consumers even more.

    И напоследок видео, в котором показывают, как собирать мед из белой акации.