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Live beauty: microcurrent therapy


The life of a modern woman is very rich, full of troubles and worries, which negatively affects the condition of her skin. But modern hardware cosmetology does not stand still, but adopts the best achievements of related fields of medicine. This is how the procedure appeared. microcurrent facial therapy, allowing the fair sex to look younger not to the detriment of their own health.

What is microcurrent therapy and what is its essence?

Microcurrent therapy (MTT, microcurrents) is a physiotherapeutic procedure that involves exposing the skin of the face, body, muscle mass and blood circulation using low-frequency electric current. They are able to penetrate into the cells without damaging their membranes, to activate various biochemical processes there.

This happens due to the impact on the membrane with electric energy supplied by short pulses. As a result, the intracellular metabolism improves (amino acid transport, AIP production), blood circulation in the tissues, the walls of blood vessels become stronger, the functioning of fibroblasts that promote the production of their own collagen, elastin is normalized.

Microcurrents start the process of deep self-healing of the skin at the level of the epidermis and dermis, resume the functioning of various tissues. This contributes to the rejuvenation of the cover from the inside, the regeneration of its structure, increase in tone, improve color.

Due to low-frequency impulses, the active components of therapeutic / cosmetic products penetrate deep into the skin structure, and the effect of their impact is enhanced and retained for a long time. Therefore, neuromuscular stimulation with microcurrents is a component of programs for the correction of age-related changes, therapeutic and rehabilitation complexes for covering the face, body, and scalp.

What problems can microcurrent therapy cope with?

This procedure is recommended with the following indications:

  • unhealthy complexion (pallor, yellowness, cyanosis, lack of blush),
  • swelling (bags under the eyes),
  • wrinkles
  • wilting (atonicity) of the breast,
  • the omission (ptosis) of the soft tissues of the cheeks, chin, the appearance of “bulldog cheeks”,
  • stretch marks, fresh scars,
  • rosacea (initial stage of rosacea),
  • abundant secretion of sebum (seborrhea),
  • the appearance of age spots
  • cellulite
  • excessive hair loss, alopecia.

Also, microcurrents are used to prevent aging of the skin, early appearance of wrinkles, as a general tonic after cosmetic procedures, to eliminate puffiness, prevent lymph stagnation, quickly heal scars after plastic surgery.

Safety and pain of the procedure

Microcurrent therapy is a way to rejuvenate without harm to health, because the effects on the human body by natural factors. The procedure does not involve the use of high temperatures, injury to the skin. She is comfortable and even causes pleasant sensations, which helps to relax the client and improve the result.

Sometimes during exposure to microcurrents, a slight tingling may occur on the skin or there may be redness at the points of contact with the electrodes. The reason for this is most often the low pain threshold and sensitivity of the client's cover. The problem is solved by consulting a dermatologist, the selection of a suitable mode of exposure.


Although MTT is a safe procedure, it has a number of absolute contraindications for use, these are:

  • epilepsy,
  • cardio and vascular diseases
  • history of heart attack / stroke,
  • oncology,
  • acute viral infection, inflammation or chronic disease during the exacerbation,
  • rheumatic diseases,
  • pregnancy, lactation,
  • the presence in the client's body of electrical devices (for example, a pacemaker), metal rods, plates, gold threads, which are used to tighten the skin,
  • postoperative condition (if less than 6 months have passed after surgical treatment),
  • trauma to the skin in violation of its integrity in the impact zone,
  • individual intolerance to electric current.

A relative contraindication to the conduct of MTT is the presence of metal or metal-ceramic fillings, braces, the tendency to the formation of herpes. In this case, the beautician must act carefully, choose the right mode, bypass the "problem" zone. Also, it is impossible to generate impulses near the carotid artery, moles, eyeball.

Microcurrents should be carried out on the appointment of a cosmetologist! During the procedure, there should be no complications, provided that the health care provider has correctly inspected the client in order to be completely convinced that he has no contraindications.

Microcurrent therapy device

On the modern market of medical and cosmetic equipment there are devices for microcurrent therapy of the face of different manufacturers. Among them are distinguished:

  1. Massage devices.
  2. Universal installations that allow, in addition to exposure to electric currents, to do myostimulation, vibratory massage.

Apparatus for MTT are professional and home use. For independent use, compact devices are suitable, which easily fit even into a cosmetic bag.

Procedure technique

The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. The specialist relieves the skin of the client from impurities. If facial skin treatment is performed, make-up removal, washing with a special agent, scrubbing is done.
  2. A gel is applied to the impact zone, which acts as a current conductor, contributing to deeper and more accurate penetration of pulses.
  3. The impact of the device, generating electric current pulses. For this purpose, 3 types of electrodes are used:
  • stationary - having a cone shape and occupying a fixed position,
  • mobile - equipped with disposable cotton swabs, used to treat sensitive areas (around the eyes, mouth),
  • in the form of gloves, comfortable and functional, they can be used to perform facial massage with microcurrents.

Upon completion, the beautician applies a special cream.

The duration of cover treatment depends on its area. For a face, a décolleté is enough for 20 minutes, if the area is large or the problems are strongly pronounced - it will take about 40 minutes.

The type of electrodes, the intensity of their exposure to the cover are selected by an expert individually, taking into account the physiological data of the client, the skin reaction.

Advantages and disadvantages

The procedure of microcurrent therapy of the face and body has the following advantages:

  • is painless, safe,
  • does not damage the skin,
  • gives a lasting effect
  • does not require recovery.

Among its shortcomings can be noted only a fairly large list of contraindications, the need for repetition, but this is typical of most cosmetic procedures.

Before and after the full course

What results to expect and when?

The use of microcurrents allows:

  • remove excess fluid from the body, toxic accumulations,
  • renew the skin by stimulating the basal layer of the epidermis,
  • increase elasticity, skin tone by stimulating fibroblasts producing collagen and elastin,
  • activate metabolic processes in cells, improve blood supply to tissues,
  • level fine wrinkles, smooth deep ones,
  • eliminate edematous phenomena, bags and dark circles under the eyes.

The effect of MTT is noticeable after the first exposure. After each subsequent session, it increases. Visible changes are observed after 5-6 procedures. Upon completion of the course, the result is saved up to 1 year, but in order to make it more noticeable, experts recommend conducting intermediate support procedures 1 p./ 2-3 months.

The duration of the effect is influenced by a number of factors:

  1. Lifestyle. Constant smoking, stress, overeating, excessive consumption of sweets, lack of sleep, lack of water in the body affects the skin negatively.
  2. Diseases occurring in acute and chronic form.
  3. Daily care, taking vitaminizing complexes, minerals.

Before and after the full course

How many procedures do I need to go through?

The number of sessions of microcurrent therapy is prescribed by the doctor individually, focusing on the client's skin condition. The primary course consists of 8-12 procedures carried out at intervals of 1-2 days. In difficult cases, their number may increase to 15. After that, take a break for 4-6 months. If the client does not do supporting procedures during this time, it is recommended to repeat the course.

In the absence of serious indications for microcurrents and the desire to improve the condition of the skin (increase the tone, refresh the complexion), a single procedure can be done.

The price of MTT depends on the zone of impact, the mode chosen, the duration of exposure, consumables, and the venue. So, in Moscow, the cost of processing one area is from 1000 rubles, in the regions - from 500-700. In Kiev, the cost of the procedure is about 250 UAH. for 20 minutes., 450 UAH. 40 min.

How do microcurrents work?

Microcurrent therapy uses a weak pulse of electric current with a range from 10 to 600 μA. Such a weak impulse can not harm the body, and the effect it has is so delicate that the patient does not feel any discomfort. The main distinguishing feature of microcurrent therapy from other “electrical” methods is based on a common feature of the current — use the path of least resistance. It can be said that the current of great strength avoids the old and defective cells of the body, which have squandered their vital resources, and microcurrents easily penetrate into these cells, pass through them, healing and renewing their potential.

Microcurrent therapy has a variety of positive effects on muscles and tissues, restoring and tightening them. Microcurrents quickly and completely painlessly returns the muscles to the tone without direct influence on them and without their stimulation, as, for example, this happens during the procedure of myostimulation. Microcurrent therapy has an effect due to the improvement and restoration of metabolic processes in the muscles and skin cells.

How to carry out the procedure

Before a session of microcurrent therapy, the skin of the face is cleansed. Then a conductive gel is applied to the area to be corrected, and the procedure is carried out directly. There are three ways to perform a microcurrent procedure:

  • using stationary electrodes,
  • using movable sticks-electrodes,
  • using conductive gloves.

In the first method, stationary electrodes are well fixed on the skin, since they must remain motionless throughout the session. Due to this, with the help of a weak electric impulse it is possible to process a large area of ​​skin.

The second method allows to carry out the procedure on sensitive skin. To do this, use disposable sticks that conduct current.

The third method is considered the most effective and favorable: the specialist puts on special gloves that the massage carries.

The procedure lasts about an hour, although in general it depends on the condition of the skin and the area being treated.

The procedure does not cause pain, but only a slight pleasant tingling.

Types of microcurrent effects on the skin

Microcurrent therapy provides several types of effects on the skin, which can be combined into a single procedure or used alone:

  • disincrustation
  • lymphatic drainage
  • reprogramming of mimic muscles,
  • lifting (lifting) of face and body,
  • microiontophoresis or ionic non-injection mesotherapy.

When de-crusting with the help of galvanophoresis and a special solution, the pores are cleaned and narrowed.

During lymphatic drainage, decomposition products and excess fluid stagnated in the extracellular matrix are introduced from the body. This procedure eliminates swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

For the renewal of muscle tone and potential, as well as for relaxation of tense muscles, reprogramming of the mimic muscles is used.

With the help of microcurrent therapy, soft tissue lifting is carried out, skin sagging and shallow wrinkles are eliminated.

Microiontophoresis helps the penetration into the tissues of active substances from mezokokteyley, and also contributes to their deposition in the skin.

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will conduct microcurrent therapy sessions. The specialist will draw up an individual program for each patient, taking into account the type of skin, age and the patient's health. To obtain a prolonged effect, it is necessary to undergo a course of 10-15 sessions with an interval of two to three days, after which a maintenance therapy is carried out in the form of one session per month.

Recommendations for the procedure

Microcurrent therapy is performed for:

  • lifting (lifting) of soft tissues of the face,
  • reduce the number and depth of wrinkles,
  • prevention of age-related skin changes,
  • restoration of skin turgor and facial oval,
  • production of collagen and elastin synthesis due to stimulation of fibroblasts,
  • improve the complexion and remove skin pigmentation due to the effect of electric current on melanocytes,
  • improve skin hydration, especially at the first signs of aging,
  • eliminate puffiness of the skin, swelling and bruises under the eyes,
  • relieving various dermatological diseases: rosacea, rosacea, acne, atopic dermatitis,
  • for integrated joint procedures: mesotherapy, biorevitalization,
  • after aggressive procedures of mechanical or chemical nature: dermabrasion, peeling.

Advantages of the method

Microcurrent therapy procedure has several advantages over other hardware methods:

  1. The main and main advantage of this therapy is the non-invasive method. During the procedure there is no violation of the integrity of the skin.
  2. Relative safety of the procedure (if contraindications are taken into account and the procedure is followed).
  3. The absence of painful and unpleasant sensations.
  4. Prolonged action.
  5. The universality of the method (the possibility of carrying out with other cosmetological procedures).

What microcurrent therapy does not do

Above, we have described the advantages of microcurrent therapy, but any cosmetic procedure, even if it does not have disadvantages, cannot be completely universal. This hardware technique can improve microcirculation of blood, supply oxygen to tissues, restore muscle tone, carry out the procedure of lymphatic drainage, but this is not all that our skin needs.

Therefore, do not overestimate the possibilities of this method. Microcurrent therapy can slightly smooth out wrinkles due to the activation and stimulation of tissues, however, it is not able to replace the procedures based on Botox. Botox is a full-scale procedure that completely neutralizes wrinkles for a while.

Also, microcurrent therapy is not able to deeply moisturize the skin, that is, it cannot be a worthy alternative to hyaluronic acid-based injection procedures.

Microcurrent therapy can slightly stimulate fibroblasts - this will undoubtedly improve the external indicators of the skin, but not to the extent that there is a complete synthesis of collagen and elastin.

The versatility of microcurrent therapy consists in its combinatoriality with the aforementioned cosmetological methods. That is, after the injection based on Botox, hyaluronic acid and other procedures, you can fix the result using this hardware method. In this case, the effect will exceed all expectations.

Indications for microcurrent therapy:

Microcurrent therapy is used for the following indications:

  • weak muscle tone
  • skin sagging
  • bags and circles under the eyes,
  • "Double chin" and fuzzy facial contours,
  • flabbiness and cellulitis,
  • skin pigmentation,
  • acne of non-infectious and fungal nature,
  • lifting and preventing wrinkles,
  • restoration after face plasty and preoperative preparation,
  • scars and skin bumps,
  • couperose,
  • baldness,
  • oily and dry skin care.

The effect of microcurrent therapy:

  • cell regeneration and repair,
  • improvement in muscle tone or relaxation of tense muscles,
  • activation of biochemical processes in cells
  • improved blood and lymph flow,
  • lifting,
  • nutrition and hydration of the skin,
  • correction of irregularities, flabbiness, cellulite,
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands,
  • removal of toxins and radicals from cells
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels
  • stabilization of melanocytes,
  • alignment of skin color.

Microcurrent face therapy: photo before and after

How is the procedure performed?

Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to consult with a specialist for the presence of contraindications and identification of the zone of exposure by microcurrents.

It is better to conduct sessions of microcurrent therapy in a special clinic or cosmetology salon.

Then make-up remover is performed, a special conductive gel is applied to the skin.

Microcurrent therapy is carried out in several ways:

  1. Electrodes are attached to the area of ​​application of microcurrents. As a rule, this method is convenient for large areas of skin.
  2. Воздействие микротоков проводится с помощью подвижных электродов. Движения электродами осуществляются по заданным направлениям. Сами подвижные электроды представляют собой специальные одноразовые палочки.
  3. Massage conductive gloves. This method is considered the most effective.

After the procedure, a conductive agent is removed, a cream or mask is applied.

Microcurrent therapy is conducted by the course. A session lasts from about 20 minutes to 1 hour. The result is visible immediately after the first procedure and accumulates with each session. The duration of the course and the frequency of the sessions will depend on the condition of the skin and the results achieved.

For maximum effect, a complex of procedures is being developed, including microcurrent therapy in combination with other hardware, caring procedures and home care products.

Varieties of Microcurrent Therapy

Depending on the problematic face and body skin, one of the types of microcurrent therapy can be applied or in combination:

  • microcurrent lymphatic drainage - aims to get rid of excess fluid in the tissues, its uniform distribution. It is applied on the face and body. It helps to get rid of edema, smoothing skin, leveling.
  • microcurrent face and neck lift - for toned and smooth skin.
  • disincrustation or galvanic cleaning - the procedure is carried out for deep cleansing of pores from the sebaceous secretions, toxins and impurities using alkaline solutions and galvanic current. Suitable for very sensitive skin and fine skin porosity.
  • non-injection mesotherapy or electroporation - a method using electric current instead of a needle, acting on the ionic bonds of the epidermis. Thanks to this method, the skin is tightened, protein metabolism is activated in the cells, eliminated facial wrinkles , evens out skin tone, eliminates enlarged pores, scars, blackheads and pigmentation.
  • reprogramming of the facial muscles of the face and neck or myostimulation - allows you to work on the muscles, relaxing them or straining. Thereby helps eliminate or minimize facial wrinkles.

Microcurrent Treatment Recommendations

Microcurrent therapy is suitable for any age and gender, subject to contraindications. During the course of microcurrent therapy, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids, refrain from caffeine and nicotine, and alcohol.

Constructive procedures (1-2 times) provide sessions in a month and a half after passing the course.

Benefits of Microcurrent Therapy

This method of hardware cosmetology has the following advantages:

  • painless procedure,
  • fast result
  • seamless rejuvenation
  • complex impact
  • a wide range of indications
  • enhancing the effect of other cosmetic procedures and compatibility with them,
  • security.

Age categories of microcurrent therapy

  1. Up to 30 years old - microcurrents are used as prophylaxis, a short course of procedures.
  2. From 30 to 40 years old - the beginning of age changes and the course consists on average of 5-6 procedures 1 time per week.
  3. 40-50 years old - age category for active recovery of age-related changes - the course is 8-12 procedures every 3 days.
  4. After 50 years - from 10-12 procedures with a weekly course in 1-2 days.

The combination of microcurrents with injections

Beauty shots are able to activate positive skin changes in combination with microcurrents. Along with this, microcurrent therapy requires caution when using various injection methods of rejuvenation. The use of microcurrents is recommended approximately two weeks after the injection.

Possible side effects and complications

Side effects include a slight tingling during the procedure, which is considered to be within the normal range. Also here can be attributed the taste of metal in the mouth, bright flashes when exposed to the area around the eyes. Such manifestations are considered minor side effects and are within the normal range.

Possible complications occur when individual intolerance to electric current or non-observance of contraindications. This also includes improper procedures, lack of specialist qualifications.

Analogs of the procedure

Similar microcurrent therapy procedures are biostimulation and electrostimulation. These procedures are carried out only in specialized clinics by highly qualified specialists.

  • Biostimulation is directed to the impact of electric current on tissues, muscles and blood vessels. Used current of different frequencies and at different depths of exposure.
  • Electrical stimulation uses bipolar and pulsed currents, affecting certain mimic areas.

Microcurrent therapy at home

Microcurrents can be used for rejuvenation and at home. To do this, you need to purchase special portable equipment and familiarize yourself with the features of the procedure, contraindications. The effect of the procedures at home will be less pronounced or take a longer course due to the nature of the equipment.

Experts recommend still prefer microcurrent therapy in a clinic or salon under the supervision of a cosmetologist. At the same time, the market of modern equipment offers many new products in hardware cosmetology at home. Such equipment does not require complicated maintenance, is completely safe and variable in use.

Types of microcurrent therapy

Time goes forward, progress does not stand still, naturally, the proposed therapy develops and acquires its new sub-species, which differ in the area of ​​application and effect. Let's talk about the most common varieties.

  • Microcurrent lymphatic drainage. It turns out that the “bad” skin color, as well as hateful bruises under the eyes, is the result of stagnant fluid in the tissues, which after 25 years of age begins to be poorly eliminated from the body. It is a product of vital activity of cells, which accumulates in the tissues of the skin, damaging it and forming a visible detrimental effect. Microcurrent lymphatic drainage procedure provides partial removal of this fluid from the body, as well as its even distribution, which ultimately leads to improved complexion and getting rid of bruises.
  • Microcurrent for lifting facial muscles and neck. This procedure is best suited for those women who are desperately fighting age and facial wrinkles. The only drawback of such a subspecies is the increased intensity of stimulation, which can cause some cosmetic problems.
  • Reprogramming of mimic muscles. If you are tired of fighting mimic wrinkles, and all kinds of injections like Botox do not inspire you, then this method is just the same for you. The impact of microcurrents on the skin of the face leads to a deep relaxation of the muscles, which, as a result, leads to the elimination of most of the existing wrinkles, and is also a good prevention of the appearance of new ones.

Of course, the listed species are far from the only species that can cope with various cosmetic problems.

By the way, to conduct microcurrent therapy is real and at home, it is only necessary to purchase a special device, the scope and possibilities of which must be described in its technical characteristics.

It is important to take the choice of a special device with all seriousness, because if a poor-quality specimen falls into the hands of an inexperienced person, you can not only see no improvement, but also get complications on your skin.

Carrying out such procedures at home is a very useful task, the only drawback is the rather high price of the device for creating microcurrent pulses.

It can vary from 6500 UAH. up to 20,000 UAH., so that the toy is quite expensive, but, anyway, very useful and effective.

By the way, do not forget, if you want to conduct a session at home, then you cannot do without a special cosmetic gel, which not only moisturizes and tones the skin, but also contributes to an increased lifting of the upper layer of the epidermis.

Positive aspects of microcurrent therapy

It is very difficult to find another such procedure, which boasts such a minimal number of side effects and negative consequences of its use.

The first thing to remember when you go for such a procedure is that it is absolutely safe, because the current that is used in specialized devices is very low, unable to harm the human body.

On the contrary, low-frequency currents affect the cell membrane, stimulate the increased production of elastin and collagen, which, as is well known, primarily leads to rejuvenation and improvement of the appearance of the skin.

In addition, microcurrent therapy, has earned a huge amount of positive feedback, which is based on the minimum number of contraindications, the average price level, and effective results of use.

On top of that, the procedures are perfectly tolerated by the human body, without all sorts of problems and pain, on the contrary, there is a slight sedative effect during the procedure.

But it must be remembered that a large number of advantages have their drawbacks: microcurrent therapy cannot be performed if the client suffers from acute forms of chronic disease, epilepsy, herpes in the acute stage, and also has implanted electrical appliances.

How does microcurrent therapy

Starting at a certain age, the facial muscles are in imbalance. The fact is that with age, the muscles of the lower and upper third of the face spasm. As a result, we observe the phenomenon of gravitational ptosis and the appearance of horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. And the muscles of the middle third of the face, on the contrary, are in the hypotonia. As a result, the face loses its shape. Microcurrent therapy is successfully used to stimulate and relax the muscles of the face.

This procedure has the following effects:

  1. Normalized metabolic processes. Cells are saturated with nutrients and oxygen. The production of elastin and collagen is enhanced, so the skin becomes elastic and wrinkles are smoothed.
  2. Due to lymphatic drainage, dark circles and bags under the eyes are reduced.
  3. Microcurrents have analgesic and regenerating effects, normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.
  4. Muscle tone is restored, and this in turn provides an excellent lifting effect.

Some people think micro-current therapy or myostimulation - which is better. Myostimulation also uses electric current. But there is another current strength and no impact at the cellular level. This is a perfect different procedure. As a matter of fact, disincrustation, lymphatic drainage or mesotherapy.

Microcurrent therapy is the effect on human soft tissue of a current with low frequency and amplitude. This method combines the advantages of electromyostimulation and the effect of galvanic current on tissues. During the procedure, a very soft, gentle contraction of the muscle tissue occurs.

Ultra-low-amplitude electric currents and frequencies act directly on the cell membrane. The ion channels of the cell membrane normalize. This action improves all biochemical processes.

Indications for the procedure

Microcurrent therapy has a wide range of applications. It is indicated for skin pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes, swelling of the face. In addition, it is recommended to do with age-related changes (wrinkles or skin sagging). And it is shown for too dry and sensitive skin.

The most important thing that microcurrents give is the improvement of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) synthesis in cells and the normalization of facial muscle tone

Also, this procedure can be used as a rehabilitation therapy after laser polishing and peeling. It also helps reduce aesthetic defects - scars, post acne, etc.

By the way, microcurrent therapy is done not only on the face. It is performed on other parts of the body. So, on the thighs and abdomen remove fat deposits. And also reduce hair loss with alopecia. In this case, affect the scalp.

What are the advantages of microcurrent therapy?

This cosmetic procedure has many advantages:

  • the cell membrane is directly affected (due to this action all biochemical processes are improved),
  • no pain,
  • not addictive,
  • A positive result is maintained for a long time,
  • after the procedure, the production of collagen and elastin is enhanced,
  • no age limit

In addition, this procedure has been tested by time and, judging by the reviews, it is highly efficient. After it, the skin does not need special restorative care. She herself feels so wonderful - and this is reflected in her appearance.

While I was studying the material, I myself wanted to try this procedure. As I pass the plasma-lifting course from post-acne, I will talk with my cosmetician about the course of microcurrents. I am already 34 and I observe that the cheeks are not so elastic, but the muscles seem to be clamped on the chin.

There is another significant advantage in microcurrents. You can perform at any time of the year - in spring, summer, autumn or winter. No time limit. It's great, right?

Protocol of the salon procedure

Inside the microcurrent therapy lasts about 45 minutes. It consists in the impact on the skin and deep tissues with two special electrodes - stationary and labile. One electrode moves slowly to the other from the bottom up through the muscle (for example, in the neck). Or they can move towards each other, providing a stimulating effect. Also, electrodes can diverge, providing a relaxing effect.

How does the microcurrent therapy procedure work?

  1. The procedure begins with a thorough make-up remover. Follow the usual cleanser that you have available.
  2. The next step is the application of a special conductive gel. It is applied locally, on the site with which they work. Otherwise it dries out and its effectiveness decreases.
  3. Further, the procedure of microcurrent therapy, which affects only the epidermis and the dermis. But also on the subcutaneous fat and muscle layer. During the procedure, the movement of the electrodes must be consistent with the location of the muscles.
  4. At the end it is necessary to wash off the gels and apply a mask according to the type of skin. If you have age changes, then put a tightening mask.

The intensity of the electrode used in each case may vary somewhat. When conducting such procedures, the microcurrent pulse can range from 10 to 600 μA. The frequency is 0.1-300 Hz.

Watch a video in which the beautician shows in detail the protocol of the microcurrent procedure.

The frequency of the procedure and its cost

How often do the procedure and the repetition period is chosen by a cosmetologist, based on your skin type. Here I will give only the recommended number of procedures for the first course and the frequency of repetitions for prevention.

The number of sessions depends on the age of the client and the condition of the skin. The effects of microcurrent therapy are slow. That is, they have a cumulative effect. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo a course of procedures, and then regularly maintain - periodically, 1 procedure for prevention is done periodically. Usually, most women notice that they are five years younger.

The following are general and approximate guidelines for frequency:

What is microcurrent therapy and how it works

The essence of microcurrent face therapy is the slight effect of electricity on the epidermis from the inside, causing an increase in the number of chemicals at the cell level. Clinical analysis data show that after completing a full course of procedures, collagen production increases by 16%, blood circulation increases by 41%, the elastin substance index increases by 52%. European experts say that when using microcurrents to lift the face, the body begins to produce additional amino acids, and they, in turn, affect the acceleration of the process of cellular recovery.

Simply put, you can now make your face younger without resorting to plastic surgery. Another pleasant fact is that the effect of microcurrent facial therapy appears immediately after the first procedure.

Microcurrents affect the epidermis from several sides. With the help of cell activation, the division of the latter occurs much faster. The result is an accelerated skin renewal. To make it clearer, the old skin layer is replaced by a new one. There is a stimulation of capillaries and blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, accelerating lymphatic movement. As a result, the face is saturated with oxygen. In addition, the treatment leads to the resorption of many stagnant processes of the epidermis. Efficiency of use of cream increases, procedure promotes the best mastering of its components. Microcurrent therapy serves as an energetic charging of the face.

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Is it possible to organize microcurrent facial therapy at home?

Today, you have the opportunity to deal with skin ailments with the help of microcurrent facial therapy at home. At the heart of the formation of demand for this type of service are three components: convenience, safety and benefits. Но существует несколько моментов, которые требуют вашего внимания для выполнения лечения с помощью микротоковой терапии лица дома.

исключить ограничения для микротоковой терапии лица,

выбрать правильное, отвечающее всем требованиям безопасности оборудование для использования дома,

подобрать необходимые сопутствующие товары для прохождения сеанса. В данном случае речь идет о проводящем геле. In his choice, be guided by the problem, the solution of which you are pursuing,

strictly follow the instructions attached to the device when performing the procedure.

use additional tools that will help you achieve the best effect. In this case we are talking about moisturizing or nourishing masks, scrubs, facial massage.

There is a possibility that a course of treatment done at home will not bring you the expected result. After all, a lot here depends on the technical indicators of the apparatus that you use.

Devices for microcurrent face therapy

The modern market of equipment for microcurrent facial therapy is very saturated. To make the right choice and make an independent decision, you need to understand how to use the device at home. Remember which characteristics you should look at: the impulse strength indicator should vary 20-800 μA, the frequency should be 1-300 Hz.

Devices are divided into two groups:

Devices that allow to do massage microcurrents.

Devices of the combined type, allowing the use of galvanic current, vibratory massage, myostimulation and others.

Reliable and comprehensive equipment is the following brands: Galvanic Spa (USA), Skin Expert (China), Gezatone.

Do not neglect the rules of treatment, while at home. Remember: microcurrents can not be used on dried skin! To protect yourself and organize the home procedure most comfortable, do not forget to buy special gel. Specially developed means Beauty style (the main element of which is water) is made directly for these procedures. Pay attention to the composition of the means used.

Dry skin type, with increased sensitivity and a tendency to redness - a remedy with horse chestnut, cornflower-blue extract, and red grape polyphenol will suit you.

Face after insolation is dehydrated - take a remedy with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Similar products are recommended for the care of the epidermis in winter.

The skin is aging, the first wrinkles appeared, elasticity disappeared - try a gel with collagen and elastin. When using such tools in conjunction with facial microcurrent therapy, the effect of tightness will be obvious and long-lasting.

There are deep wrinkles - you should use a gel with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

What are the stages of the procedure of microcurrent therapy for the face in a beauty salon?

Microcurrent face therapy can be done in two ways: electrodes with a galvanic or other tip, or by the hands of a specialist. The electrode is connected directly to them.

The process of performing the procedure in the first embodiment is as follows: at the beginning of the session, a person is applied to the face to conduct the current, then the specialist selects the force of the electrode. It depends on the patient's well-being. The time of the procedure is 40 minutes. In the process of its implementation, the beautician electrodes performs the necessary movements in selected areas. In the end, in order to calm and protect the skin, a special substance is selected and applied.

The process of carrying out the procedure in the second variant looks like this: a warming mask is applied on the face, a special film is placed on top in order to increase the impact. Then a manual face massage is performed. It is carried out in special gloves, with an electrode connected to them. The second electrode is held by the patient.

The procedure takes into account the type of microcurrent face therapy, the specifics, skills of a particular cosmetologist and the parameters of the model of the device used in the work.

The number of sessions required is influenced by the condition of the skin of the face and the age group of the patient. Microcurrent has an immediate effect, but the result is cumulative. That is, you immediately see the result of the influence of current on the skin, but after completing the full course, it persists for a long time. And with each next course of therapy, the effect will be better and longer.

Side Effects of Microcurrent Face Therapy

If the patient has no restrictions on the procedure, there is no risk of complications. If you experience pain during a session, ask a specialist to reduce the power of action.

It is important to remember: In no case should the electrode be placed in the projection of the heart, eyes and neck vessels.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of microcurrent facial therapy?

Positive aspects of microcurrent therapy:

It has a wide range of indications.

Improvements are shown after 1 session.

Sessions are well tolerated.

Fabrics receive an impact on them in the complex.

Possible combination with other cosmetic events.

It has a good profitability for salons.

Negative aspects of microcurrent therapy:

To save the result, the course must be repeated.

But if your goal is to keep the skin of youth and maintain it in excellent condition, microcurrent facial therapy is the best solution.

Frequently asked questions about microcurrent face therapy

  • What is the durability of the effect?

For a stable result, the therapy needs to be completed. Duration is influenced by habits and lifestyle (the amount of fluid and food consumed, bad habits, sleep quality, etc.), the presence of any disease, adherence to the maintenance of the epidermis, the consumption of vitamins, dietary supplements, etc.

  • Can microcurrent face therapy help with acne?

Microcurrent therapy solves acne problems if they have a mild / moderate form. It is effective in combating post-acne and scars that occur after acne. Effective for the prevention of subsequent rash.

The result can be supported by cosmetic treatment according to the type of skin, for prolongation follow the diet (without flour, fatty, spicy, spicy, sweet food). To identify and eliminate the cause of rash, we recommend to be examined by a dermatologist.

  • Is it possible to conduct therapy with rosacea?

Microcurrent facial therapy is recommended for the treatment of rosacea. It helps to normalize vascular blood flow, reduce the sensitivity of the skin, moisturize, relieve you from redness in the area of ​​rosacea, slow down the disease.

Microcurrents do not cause pain. There may be a weak reaction when the electrodes come into contact with the skin. If you have pain, ask to reduce the current in the device.

  • Can I do if I wear braces?

Not recommended when metal elements are in the current range. But with the possibility of changing the settings of the device, the conduct of therapy is permissible. For pain, ask a beautician to bypass the places where braces are located.

  • Can it be used to treat rosacea?

Can. At the first stage of the disease, the result will be noticeable. When dilated vessels appear, the treatment will help improve the appearance of the skin of the face, slow the progression of the disease. But this treatment does not save you from vascular stars and nets.

  • Will the situation with the skin get worse due to habituation if you stop repeating the procedures of microcurrent face therapy?

The skin does not “deteriorate” when you stop repeating the courses of microcurrent face therapy; it cannot get used to the currents. But pay attention: when caring for the face, we perceive its good condition (even tone, clean narrowed pores, toned state, etc.). As soon as we cease to pay due attention to it, the changes are not long in coming.

  • How many sessions should I do?

The number of treatments depends on the condition of the skin before starting therapy. Usually spend 8-12 sessions. With strong problems - 15. Sometimes there is enough 6, but there is no guarantee of sustainability of the result.

  • Does microcurrent facial therapy help eliminate bags under the eyes?

It helps. When the procedure is carried out appropriately, the effect in eliminating this problem may be excellent. Puffiness under the eyes occurs due to spasm of the muscles located under the eyes. Microcurrents will help them to relax, to establish lymphatic drainage and to remove bags.

  • Is it possible to do microcurrent face therapy with a dental implant or pin?

Not recommended if metal elements are located directly in the area of ​​the procedure (exposure to current). Some experts do the procedure, avoiding contact of the electrode with the area of ​​placement of these elements.

  • Are moles a limitation to microcurrent therapy?

Depends on their quantity. If it is possible to avoid electrodes getting on the birthmarks, the procedure is acceptable. In the case where there are many moles, specialist advice is necessary.

  • Is there a need to prepare for the procedure?

Not. No special action preparation for the sessions does not require. The face is cleansed and toned immediately before the procedure.

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