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Summer T-shirts


Along with monochrome T-shirts and T-shirts, 2018 dictates fashion for models that combine several colors. Trendy are monochromatic T-shirts, white or black, the front side of which is occupied by a large image. By the way, since we are talking about images, we should mention prints that do not lose their popularity and are universally present in such detail of the wardrobe as a T-shirt.

Here you will get acquainted with school fashion for girls 2017-2018 photos of new items.

Those women of fashion who cannot find an option that suits them in the boutique, or want to show individuality, can order the application of images. It is enough to buy a monophonic product, contact the service dealing with printing images - the original and exclusive T-shirt is ready. What is important, you are so - alone. Prints with tropical patterns, birds of paradise and even national flags can become not just an element of the wardrobe, but a real art object.

Fashionable short tops 2018 photos with what to wear images

Women's short summer tops for some time left the wardrobe of fashionistas, remaining only on the covers of gloss. But now these compact things are relevant again - the designers started developing models in casual style, business style, and even for special occasions. Before you go shopping, you should consider one more thing - crop tops suggest the perfect state of the press and at least a minimal tan. Hide extra pounds in the lower abdomen can be wearing a suitable skirt or pants, but the fact that above the navel, should certainly be taut. The stretch of snow-white translucent skin between the two elements of the bow will look, to put it mildly, not harmoniously enough, especially in contrast with more tanned hands and face. Making sure that you can wear a short top, you can think in advance what you will combine with this stylish thing.

If you have a beautiful tummy, but you are slightly complexing about sloppy hips, wear a high-waisted skirt with a short top. Such a style will leave only a small part of the body visible - this way you will not lag behind fashion, and you will not expose anything superfluous. A skirt with a wide belt that can be embroidered with rhinestones, decorated with applique or embroidery looks very beautiful. The belt can match the color of the skirt or contrast with it. Remember that in no case should the skirt be short - a short top with a short high-waisted skirt looks extremely vulgar. Feel free to choose the length of the midi - high waist will not allow legs to appear shorter, because it is this midi-skirt that frightens fashionistas.

If you want the perfect combination, then know that the maxi skirt and the short top look equally gorgeous - the photo shows surprisingly harmonious combinations. A bright loose skirt, a sporty cropped top and flat sandals are a great outfit for walking around the city. A long skirt of organza and a cropped openwork top look very romantic, especially in light pastel colors. A black maxi skirt and a black Crop top with sequins are quite a classic combination, while being elegant and not vulgar, despite the open tummy.

Volumetric T-shirts for women 2018 photo stylish bows

Women's oversize t-shirts from the time they were born went the hard way from home linen to fashion shows. And naturally, at the beginning of this path, no one would have thought that they would become so popular. And it is all the more surprising that now it is almost impossible to find such a woman who would not have a single large T-shirt in her wardrobe.

Naturally, the first thing you need to choose the right size of women's t-shirts. In the process of fitting, you need to be careful that the shoulder seams are in place so that the T-shirt does not hinder movement. If, in accordance with the latest trends, you decided to purchase the product via the Internet, then when taking measurements, you shouldn’t delay yourself so much - and then the purchase will certainly be successful.

The trend of women's T-shirts 2018 - elongated and loose-fitting models. T-shirts of this cut without additional decorations in a restrained gamut have long belonged to the basic wardrobe items, which allows them to be combined with the brightest and most elaborate things of the bottom, expressive accessories and other interesting additions.

Stylish T-shirts for women spring-summer 2018 photo news

The classic and unchanging style, just fitting the figure - a real hit of this season. It most accurately reflects the design installation on simple, feminine and very sexy decisions. The rounded neckline and the armhole-trimmed armhole perfectly emphasize the neckline and shoulders.

In fashion today - just three lengths, and the choice of a particular depends only on the characteristics of your figure. Thanks to the trends of the early retro, the short models, which barely cover the waistline, returned to the trends. This is the perfect way to show off a beautiful taut figure. The short and flared models resembling mini-dresses have become an alternative to the short.

Here you will get acquainted with the fashionable design of the Christmas tree. 2018 photo examples of ideas.

Stylish images with white T-shirts T-shirts 2018 photo

Fashionable stylists year after year, they tell us about basic things. These are the things that are combined with most of the wardrobe. They can be complemented, decorated, and they will acquire new features. There are not so many basic things - on average no more than 20. White is the leader in the main wardrobe. Any version of outerwear, bottom, jewelry - and here in front of you again and again a fresh image. This item of clothing can afford any, it is absolutely accessible to everyone. Both in terms of price and variety in stores.

Classic white t-shirt. This detail will be useful in any image, in a variety of ideas. The material that fits everything is cotton, a fitted model, but not tight. This t-shirt is easiest to combine. It will suit hundreds of images, replacing many outfits. It can be both in a flower and on the example of a vest. The vest shirt, of course, is just as well suited to almost any outfit, as is the product without everything.

With a round or V-neck - very well emphasizes the volume of the breast, even if it is not very large, and the neckline is not open. Visually reduces the shoulders, makes the figure more slender. Looks more interesting, unlike the first. Round neckline is considered universal. It is easier to wear some accessory with it, for example - a necklace. It's easier to choose the top, especially classic clothes. And, as a rule, this neckline goes to more girls.

Actual colors T-shirts T-shirts 2018 photo trends

The main fashion trend of 2018 is a strip. It is present in almost every collection of women's clothing, which was presented at the recent Milan Fashion Week 2018. T-shirts, pants, dresses, blouses, suits, bags, shoes. Everything is lined in a multicolored strip, full of bright colors and attracts attention. Therefore, if you want to buy a truly fashionable thing, then buy anything, as long as this item of clothing was striped.

Along with the stripes and waves that will be popular this spring and summer, a trendy trend in clothing can be called a geometric print. Diamonds, squares, circles, triangles and all the patterns that can be made up of them are used to create fashionable clothes 2018. New trend in spring / summer 2018 clothing is the use of metallized fabric to create fashion tops. Just imagine how effectively a shirt of such fabric will look when summer sun rays fall on it.

If we talk about decor, then among the many fashion trends in 2018 you can select handmade embroidery. Tops, T-shirts, dresses in fashion collections decorated with embroidery with natural ornaments, flowers and gold patterns. Free cut - the trend will appeal to both tall and slender girls, and ladies with curvaceous shapes. Clothing free cut fits all. The main thing is to choose the right kits.

Lace T-shirts T-shirts tops 2018 photo stylish styles

Well, what could be more feminine than a thing of the thinnest, transparent, weightless lace? In 2018, translucent lace T-shirts and tops with an abundance of ruff, flounces and frills are still in fashion. Straps and straps on tops and lace T-shirts are commonplace. They can be very different lengths, colors, shapes and widths. In the new warm season, undoubted leaders were thin straps to match the main product.


Light summer T-shirts are best for hot summer. In them you will always look attractive, while feeling comfortable and fresh. Best for hot summer fit T-shirts made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, viscose or knitwear. They allow the skin to breathe and are very pleasant to the touch.

T-shirts made of chiffon, silk or fine lace look more elegant. Such a thin material looks very elegant and allows you to make a T-shirt, which until then was considered solely underwear, part of the evening dress.

Fashionable summer tops and T-shirts with sequins

This year, women should look brilliant, and in the truest sense of the word. Especially if you are going to a party and want to attract attention.

The new season brought at once two fashion trends:

  • matte sequins that are suitable not only for evening but also for everyday look,
  • the prevalence in the decoration of women's tops of small glitter, creating a surface with spectacular modulations.

Models decorated with sequins can be combined with summer denim clothing or outfits of more noble fabrics. It all depends on the particular case for which look is chosen.

Crop top strengthens position

If you have a chiseled figure and not an ounce of excess weight, you should definitely have short summer tops in your basic wardrobe. This year bushes, gangs, sconces and models with a smell are especially popular

And what about those who love Crop tops, but at the same time can not boast the perfect press? A small tummy can be hidden under the fringe - this is one of the most relevant types of finishing this season.

Another option: choose for the "bottom" styles with a high waist.

Crop Tops

Suits, where the cropped top is combined with a skirt or summer trousers, have appeared this spring in many fashion collections. "Variations on the theme" proposed by Alexander McQueen, Piccione Piccione, Dolce & Gabbana and Giambattista Valli.

Now, women of fashion will not have to independently select the "bottom" under a capricious cropped top. It is enough to purchase a magnificent ensemble created by professional designers and feel like an icon of style.

Beautiful summer top with naked shoulder

Asymmetrical styles are so interesting in themselves that they do not require additional decoration. Any "top" with an emphasis on one shoulder looks attractive, whether it is a classic fitted top or a trendy oversized T-shirt.

Asymmetrical models with long sleeves are coming into fashion this year, which may well go through a non-strict office dress code.

White T-shirts and tops with American armhole

Another novelty of the season is a great option for casual clothes. The American armhole has a wide diagonal cut, almost completely opening the shoulders. Thanks to her, the female figure becomes especially seductive.

The simplest white top with an American armhole looks fresh and elegant. Feel free to combine it with classic trousers, breeches or a long skirt.

Summer T-shirts in lingerie style

It seems that this trend is so loved by fashionistas that they do not want to “let go” of it, returning to the podiums from season to season.

In 2018, the linen style has undergone some changes. T-shirts began to move away from the image of the "bottom shirt", gradually approaching feminine blouses. They owe their reincarnation to silk and satin fabrics, which completely replaced cotton, as well as sophisticated decor: frill, lace and draperies.

He played his role and sharp-fashionable metallic color, actively used this summer - he certainly is not associated in our imagination with underwear.

Cotton Cropped T-Shirts

After leaving the linen style, cotton remained one of the favorites of the hot season. A simple T-shirt for the summer of this material will complement not only the street look, but also the office summer suit, if you choose a strict concise style.

Trendy cotton tops with a V-neck and round neckline that make a strong accent on the female breast.

Plastic for rainy summer

World designers shocked the audience a little by “releasing” plastic clothes, shoes and accessories on the podium. Despite the futuristic look, such things are extremely practical, especially if the summer was rainy.

Not spared fashion trend and tops. It is clear that under such a "raincoat" it is necessary to wear something more dense and less transparent.

See photos of summer tops from the collections of leading fashion houses and do not forget to choose your perfect style. Bright and romantic summer to you!

Popular T-shirts, T-shirts and Tops for the 2014 season

In a huge variety of multi-colored T-shirts, which almost all women's clothing stores are full of, it’s hard enough not to get confused and choose exactly what you really need. But everything is not as scary as it may seem, every year the designers put forward certain criteria by which you can distinguish the novelty of the season from last year’s collections. What is this year's favor?

In order not to lose sight of the choice of a fashionable T-shirt or T-shirt, it is important to pay attention to its color, because, in many respects, this is the main criterion characterizing its popularity in the current season.

For example, it is already recognized that their bright representatives will be the fashionable colors of this year: red, bright yellow, lemon, orange and electro-blue. Classic and black models are not inferior, such things can really be considered universal, because they can easily become the basis for any image.

But the gray tones, which were so popular in the past seasons, are already behind us, now the designers are working hard on two-color combinations - black + white, black + blue, black + red. T-shirts for summer remain at the peak of popularity with various prints in the form of animals, fish and birds.

The latter occupy a special position in the ratings of popularity, and it doesn't matter at all whether you have a picture - a parrot, a flamingo or a cartoon feathered hero - any such drawings will be in a trend. The gothic and rock-style admirers are also lucky: a variety of skulls, cute and not very large, small crosses that can be filled with some other patterns also promise to be popular next summer.

However, the undoubted leader and favorite of the 2014 season among designers was a print with the image of various flowers: poppies, peonies, roses or irises - any flower you like will easily become yours.

Fashionable styles of summer T-shirts and tops

A variety of styles and original models of the upcoming season, there is no end, T-shirts with favorite lace, asymmetrical tops, maki-bustiers and T-shirts in the popular gang style, you can’t list them all at once! The choice is great, each model is more suitable for a particular case.

For example, very fashionable lately strapless tops are literally created for a hot and active summer. Such models, made in marine and sunny themes, are perfect for going to the beach or visiting, in such T-shirts everything is harmonious - a seductive chest line, beautifully outlined hands and collarbones that do not hide under the bored straps of T-shirts.

Asymmetrical T-shirts, made on one shoulder, are in no way inferior to the previous ones: elongated models, resembling short dresses, can be worn with light leggings or shorts: you get a very seductive and feminine look.

T-shirts-bustiers, which perfectly emphasize a beautiful full breast, perfectly suit girls with appetizing forms, but since they are most often made of rather thick cotton or jeans, they no less harmoniously “pull” several extra pounds on the sides. The perfect combination is a bustier T-shirt and a high-waisted skirt.

Shortened T-shirts, which in their form resemble a square, took possession of a particular interest among young people. Rather wide and asymmetrical, they are very interesting to sit on the figure, creating a very dynamic and playful image. Do not forget about your favorite classics - white T-shirts or tops perfectly emphasize the contrast of the tanned body, it is easy to create an ensemble with almost any summer clothes.

Trendy summer combinations. What to wear T-shirts?

Real women of fashion should know perfectly well what to wear tops and summer T-shirts in 2014, if you do not know, we will be happy to help you. As we have said, such summer things are truly universal, because you can combine them, without much difficulty, with anything.

Ultrashort shorts are coming back into fashion, which will fully open the beautiful female legs. Кстати, шорты, как и майки, долгое время были абсолютно неприемлемы для женского гардероба, теперь же сочетание майка+ультракороткие шорты просто идеально для любого женского образа.

Главное, не забывайте следить за состоянием своих ножек – они должны быть идеальными во всех отношениях. To balance such a light and open image, designers advise to use rather bulky shoes, although a high heel or sandals at a low speed will also be very appropriate.

The second fashionable combination is elongated summer T-shirts with leggings or light skinny jeans. This image can be complemented with large accessories, a small clutch bag and wedge sandals. In the evening, if it becomes cool, T-shirts are in perfect harmony with jackets, light cardigans and baleros.

Solid colors

Solid models - the most popular of the variety of T-shirts, because women can wear them of all ages. T-shirts of the monophonic color of a free and fitting cut well look with a deep cut or a round mouth.

To choose a fashionable monochrome T-shirt, it is important to take into account the features of the figure, and designers already picked up stylish shades of T-shirts in 2016.

Peach color will be perfect on light skin. T-shirts of this shade emphasize the girl's tenderness and femininity, creating a romantic and light look.

The fashionable shade of a moonstone in 2016 was realized in models of T-shirts. Chiffon patterns of color representing a combination of turquoise and cyan, inspired by marine motifs.

The color of the blue gamut won all popularity ratings between shades in 2016. Designers of fashion houses released shorter tops of this shade and complemented them with clear lines of styles.

And, of course, white and black T-shirts, conquering fashion houses with enviable regularity, do not cease to be among the stylish solutions.

Chiffon in the summer - the material is incomparable with anyone in lightness and comfort. Gently flowing over the skin, it allows the skin to breathe and does not create the effect of "sauna".

Models of chiffon are presented in the form of T-shirts of free cut shortened and standard length. Trapeze or straight cut translucent fabric is popular for several seasons.

Variations of T-shirts on thin straps and T-shirts of classic cut, monophonic or decorated with floral motifs are indispensable for hot summer days.

Wearing a silk T-shirt is not only very stylish and beautiful, but also useful. It's all about the uniqueness of natural silk fibers that can slow down skin aging. Natural silk prevents dry skin, which so often happens in the summer under the hot rays of the sun.

Silk T-shirts are reminiscent of underwear. Thin straps and delicate lace make this item of wardrobe very intimate and seductive.

Asymmetrical models of silk T-shirts also emphasize the delicate fabric and femininity of the nature of its owner. Complemented by basque of various lengths and elongated models on the back, they appeared on the podiums and could not go unnoticed.

T-shirts from lace are common in girls' wardrobes, because when, if not in summer, to demonstrate their sexuality.

Lace can be made of guipure and suitable for hot days, and can be made of natural fabrics, allowing you to wear a shirt, even in bad weather.

Models consisting only of lace, suitable for summer casual bows, and T-shirts, including lace in the form of a frame, can be an option for the office.

Knitwear always attracts attention, because every hook and eyelet in it are created by hand and have a unique pattern.

Openwork T-shirts are made of cotton, linen and silk. In such models, despite the warm look, it is easy and convenient. When choosing natural fabrics it is worth remembering that such things quickly crumple.

In order not to spoil the appearance of T-shirts with numerous ironings, it is enough to choose a model that incorporates synthetic threads, for example, from viscose.

Modern jeans in tandem with an openwork T-shirt will create a fashionable image, and a unique pattern will make others admire the beauty of handmade.

Multicolored T-shirts

Spring-Summer 2016 collections are distinguished by the presence of clothes with prints, and of course, T-shirts are no exception. Designers recreated abstractions, clear geometric shapes and lines, and floral patterns on canvases.

Flower motifs will never lose their popularity. Dark undershirts, complemented with roses, peonies and a small floral pattern, will look especially stylish.

Horizontal, vertical and curved lines of a contrasting shade on a white t-shirt became another fresh solution.


Classic is eternal and suits absolutely everyone. Classic T-shirts are no exception. T-shirts of medium length with a low neckline or a small round neck or boat neck are a stylish choice for women of all ages.

The straps of classic T-shirts should be selected depending on the type of figure. So, slim girls can choose T-shirts on thin straps, and for women who want to hide the fullness of the shoulders and arms, T-shirts with single-colored straps will suit. This season they have risen to the top of popularity.

Classic models in 2016 have a tight-fitting silhouette and make the figure especially outlined and elegant.

Deep cut

T-shirts with deep cuts are the standard of sexy clothes. Made of knitwear, chiffon and silk, they create a very seductive and playful image.

This season cuts are distinguished by maximalism. The extreme point of the shirt is located under the breast and advantageously emphasizes the beauty of the breast. Small classic cuts will emphasize the pomp of the forms and add extra chest volume to a smaller size.

The cut on the back is an original and trendy solution. The neck in this model is closed, and the back, on the contrary, remains naked. Cutout can reach the waist. Such deep-cut options require special underwear or lack thereof.

Wide armhole

The sports-inspired T-shirts are gradually moving into everyday wardrobe. Models with a wide arm for hands, reaching to the middle of the ribs, and sometimes even up to the waistline, delight with their originality.

Such models require a bottom top in the form of a soft sports bra with bright fabric. For this season, the color of sports-style T-shirts differs in basic shades of white and black with inscriptions and inconspicuous prints.

Wide armored t-shirts are ideal for shorts of various fabrics. Jeans, cigarettes and boyfriend jeans will also be a harmonious combination for this model.


Cropped T-shirts appeared in this season in retro style. Clear silhouettes, straight lines and length, reaching strictly to the waist line, are distinguished by models in 2016.

Short length T-shirts are an effective way to demonstrate the perfect flat tummy. Such models are combined with men's shirts and jackets.

Short gang T-shirts have resonated in the heart of designers for several seasons. Models resembling bodices are designed for summer walks and open-air evenings. Complemented with a cardigan or shirt, they can be part of everyday wardrobe.


T-shirts of maximum length this season look no less seductive than their shortened competitors. However, they are absolutely suitable for all figures.

For girls with an imperfect waistline, T-shirts of a free cut are suitable for concealing figure flaws. For example, a bustier shirt emphasizes the chest, and the fabric flowing freely through the body hides imperfections.

Wrestling T-shirts or T-shirts with thin straps of length below the hip line - a choice that is in the trend of the latest fashion collections.

What to wear

Different styles of T-shirts look equally good with shorts, skirts and jeans. It’s easy to create an image with them, because the same model can fit different wardrobe elements. With the help of special compatibility of T-shirts, you can look in a new way every day without unnecessary financial investments.

Harmony reigns in the relationship between shorts and T-shirt. Together they are the personification of the long-awaited summer days. With shorts you can wear a shirt of any color, but there are combinations that make the image perfect.

One of these ensembles is a brilliant in its simplicity image, created from white shirts and denim shorts. Tight-fitting or spacious white T-shirt and denim shorts in a wide variety of colors are perfect for a summer wardrobe.

T-shirts with prints or T-shirts of contrasting colors are also suitable for jeans shorts. The main thing in the selection - choose the appropriate accessories for a bright T-shirt.

When choosing shorts made of silk or cotton, the spacious silhouettes of a harmonious tandem will be tight-fitting T-shirts. You should not stop your choice on the tops of the free cut to match the shorts, because in this case, a fashionable bow can turn into night pajamas.

T-shirt and skirt in the summer - the necessary links in the wardrobe of every girl. The skirt is able to hide all the flaws and, of course, it is advantageous to focus on slender tanned legs. To look irresistible, it is important to select this ensemble depending on the type of figure.

A small chest size and wide hips will look even more disproportionately in a tight T-shirt and a full skirt or tight mini. For the purpose of demonstrating its beauty, an alcoholic T-shirt tucked into a pencil skirt is perfect.

With wide shoulders and narrow hips, a well-fitting T-shirt and a full skirt of various lengths will be a good combination. Another option is a tank top, supplemented by a basky.

If the figure resembles the shape of an apple, the shirt must be complemented with light cardigans or jackets suitable for a casual look.

For owners of ideal forms, skirts and T-shirts open the entire range of styles and colors. Mini with tight shirts is a bold decision for young girls. Spacious tops with a pencil skirt will suit women of all ages, because they combine classics and modernity.

T-shirts on thin straps

Even in winter, podiums hinted that in the spring and summer of 2019, women's t-shirts will be sold like hot cakes, since it is impossible to do with a single model today. The most popular in hot time will be the styles with the most open shoulders.

"Linen style" - the most trendy this year. In the collections of Dolce & Gabbana, fashionable T-shirts on thin straps are beautiful and even a little shameless. But this is indiscretion on the verge of, when, without showing anything, the woman allows herself to walk through the crowded streets naked. As if naked!

Women's summer jerseys of this season are not obliged to be knitted. Designers offered a lot of ideas on the straps, sewn from the finest chiffon, batiste or damask.

Habitual types of women's T-shirts also underwent reincarnation.

So, traditional crop tops, the perfect solution for the summer, have become even more perfect - more freedom, more body, more interested looks!

Conventionally, women's T-shirts and tops on the straps can be divided into two classes - casual and elegant. The task of summer casual wear is to "breathe." Stylish T-shirts made of cotton or viscose are worn with short shorts, light skirts and a bag in which sunscreen lies.

Women's T-shirts for the summer can be solemn styles. In this case, fashion T-shirts sew chiffon, lace, silk. Silk T-shirt - a self-sufficient item of clothing. She - the accent in itself, therefore, no such flashy accessories, or in the fanciful bottom of this shirt does not need.

In order not to freeze in the evening you need a sweatshirt. See 80 photos of women's sweatshirts.

T-shirts on thick straps

Mike on thick straps does not fit every. Owners of narrow shoulders will look a bit ridiculous in them. If the shoulders allow you to wear such a style of T-shirts, then please accept our congratulations - T-shirt on thick straps can be combined with almost all women's clothing. Tucked into a skirt, she will draw attention to the girl's waist ...

And in combination with jeans and an elongated cardigan will emphasize the independent character of the one that chose such a democratic look.

Monochrome gray T-shirt or black women's T-shirt on thick straps is a unique thing. Any experiment with them is doomed to good luck! A short or long bottom, a cell or polka dots — a black or gray T-shirt will balance all the nuances, becoming the background, canvas on which you will draw your today's “me”.

By the way, let in the summer of 2019 your “I” does not feel like a “seaman Dad” - blue-and-white T-shirts are no longer in fashion. But the strip - in fashion. Is it a paradox?

Also in fashion - all positive and caramel! Rose quartz and serenity are the crowned shades of the season. Choose boldly pink T-shirts and remember that girls do not have a lot of pink!

A shirt on thick straps of a standard cut can look very unbanal due to the use of interesting textures or a noticeable decor - stripes, badges, rhinestones.

Wrestling shirts

There is nothing more sexual than a unisex T-shirt - scooter! On the one hand, it declares the strength and independence of its owner, on the other hand, it presents its other advantages so favorably!

The first bortsovki were exclusively masculine and monochrome, but having migrated to the female wardrobe, the wrestlers became noticeably brighter. The women's t-shirt bortsovka is no longer obliged to be exclusively white (or black), but it is still best combined with a sports style of clothing.

Stylish T-shirts for girls are good not only with jeans, but also with short skirts, shorts and even (secretly) with office clothes, if only she assumes the presence of a jacket.


Mike-alcoholic is a tribute to the street fashion of the USSR. The absence of drawings, ornaments, a round neckline and an armhole, treated with a slanting inlay - this is the legendary alcoholic. Nothing more stylish, it seems, in the wicking female fashion has not yet been invented. The most preferred option is a white T-shirt. We see such fashionable women's alcoholics T-shirts in the summer collections of Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera, Dsquared².

Colored T-shirts

Good news for those who can not decide on the color of fashionable T-shirts: this year there are no favorites among the tones on the podium!

The absence of a pattern on the fabric is simply replaced by the color of the fabric itself.

Fashion fairies have agreed to make favorites all the main colors of summer. In the colors of such T-shirts you can guess the peaches and green grass, raspberries and sea pearls, sand from the golden beach and blue surf.

In addition to the color in the color T-shirts, they also play textures. Summer colors in silk or viscose looks especially noble and is not limited to street or vacation. In such a t-shirt "high class" you can safely go to a party or dinner in a restaurant.

Color T-shirts are nice in a different way. With a skirt or shorts, they form a gentle look, in combination with denim - sexy and a little aggressive.

Printed T-shirts

Prints are a mood. T-shirt prints are a mood that you can afford to change by mood! This season women's elongated T-shirts are relevant again and many designers have generously decorated them with drawings and ornaments.

The unusual combination of materials and drawing is a must-have. Knitwear plus chiffon plus recognizable characters from your favorite cartoon is the queen of the summer party!

The preference this summer is given to large drawings. This is - in general. And in particular, the actual images on T-shirts are 3D abstractions, camouflage, portraits of historical personalities, animalism, brand names. And, of course, women's t-shirts with skulls do not lose ground.

Strip, strip, strip. It's a hint! Boldly lined women's shirts got a second life. By the way, the horizontal bar makes the chest bigger visually. This is also a hint!

Another trend worth mentioning is watercolor painting on T-shirts and floral motifs. Luxurious canvases depicting wildlife flaunt on clothes from Loewe, and flowers bloomed in such a number of collections that there is simply no possibility to list them all!

Thoughtful carelessness is something every fashionista should master in the summer. Ripped jeans, a “vintage” fashionable Mickey T-shirt is what's called attention to detail.

Mike is universal. It is worn with skirts and leggings, sneakers or stilettos. Regardless of weight, height or color type, anyone will find a T-shirt for everyone.