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Fashionable swimwear: new 2018


Having decided on the most fashionable images for spring, it is worth exploring and becoming familiar with all the fashion trends and trends of the summer season, which will come very soon.

Long before the arrival of the heat and the very opening of the beach season, real ladies get ready and pick up the latest fashion news and sets that match the trends of the season better than others.

And today we just would like to tell you about fashionable and stunning swimsuits of 2019-2020, which will be the most popular in the summer season.

After all, the female representatives think out in advance their summer vacation and beautiful images for the beach season, bringing the body into shape and learning the best fashion ideas from famous designers.

Regarding the swimsuits of 2019-2020, the designers showed models for every taste at shows, allowing you to choose a fashionable swimsuit for any type of figure and for different occasions and purposes.

Going on vacation, lovely young ladies choose several swimsuits in different styles at once, which will help to be at the height and look irresistible, both on the beach, sunbathing in the sun, swimming in the water, and at a pool party.

Therefore, we recommend that you look at once several options for a swimsuit for all occasions: from elegant and luxurious, to sports and for swimming, as well as amazing swimsuits to get a beautiful tan.

We tried to collect the best swimsuits of 2019-2020 in one collection, which reveals the trends of the upcoming summer season and will help you to easily determine the desired swimsuit for purchase.

Let's find out which swimsuits of 2019-2020 are fashionable and relevant for beach fashion ...

Trends and trends in beach fashion 2019-2020: which swimsuit is best to choose for yourself?

Women's swimsuits have many characteristics that determine their type and purpose, as well as different styles of swimsuits that would be appropriate for one type of figure and not at all suitable for another. But how to decide whether this or that swimsuit of 2019-2020 is suitable for you?

The key feature of the swimsuit is its color and, of course, the print, which creates the most important and basic impression of the whole image in the swimsuit. The main color of the season is ultraviolet, in which it is preferable to select fashionable swimsuits from 2019-2020.

Pink, blue, red, flesh, white and, of course, black swimsuits are no less relevant. Do not forget about the metallic luster, which is welcomed for beach fashion - swimwear in gold and silver shades in trend.

Choose animalistic and predatory prints, floral designs, stripes, and monochrome, which will help to be in the trend of the season 2019-2020.

Swimsuits with high panties, cuts and deep cuts, stripes and corded fabrics will help to correct the flaws of the figure and make the image more ideal, which create an additional accent, making the look with the swimsuit irresistible.

It is worth paying attention that the most actual models of the swimsuit are decorated with decorative elements in the form of fringe, tassels, strings, stripes, lacing and ruff in various variations.

Next, we will look at the models of the swimsuit 2019-2020, which will be trendy and will help to perform the best images for the beach and summer holidays.

Stylish women's swimwear 2019-2020: tassels and fringe

Fashion houses at their shows showed swimsuits with decorative elements in the form of brushes. Interesting jewelry attracts attention and will become a highlight in the summer look of 2019-2020 with a swimsuit.

Flirty brushes can be of the most different forms and attached in different parts of a swimsuit, allowing you to better decorate the figure and give a touch of playfulness and carelessness.

Also megapopular fringe that will literally pursue fashionistas in all types of clothing without exception. Intriguing fringed swimwear on the bodice or on the panties will give the image extravagance and zest.

Fringe can be short or long, which will give a different effect to the setu. As accessories and jewelry, we recommend to add a swimsuit with fringe earrings in a spectacular style with large rhinestones or in a colorful shade.

Interesting swimwear 2019-2020: stripes, strings and lacing

All models of swimsuits of the summer season of 2019-2020 in a separate and cohesive form, the designers decided to diversify with actual stripes, all sorts of ties and lacing, which make the swimsuit amazing.

So, stylish swimsuits can be complemented by lacing, both on the bodice and on the panties. Slip-on swimsuits are especially beautiful with lacing in front. Lacing can also be on the side or back.

The stripes are most often found on swimsuits in high-waisted, detached form, where the stripes look incredibly attractive, giving sophistication.

There are lacing and stripes on swimsuits, bikini models, halter, and fused models, which look very nice and stylish on both monochrome and patterned swimsuits.

Fashionable swimsuits for women for the summer of 2019-2020

Models in the continuous version are invariably popular and demonstrated in each season, but in different variations.

Fashionable swimsuits will surprise you with refinement and elegance. In particular styles with ryushechkami and frills, perfect for a romantic and feminine bow, complementing them with large earrings and a hat.

Beautiful one-piece swimsuits look interesting in one-shoulder variations, cutouts on the tummy, with suspenders, mesh, deep cutouts in the décolleté, original patterns and fringe.

For swimming will also be more practical combined swimwear in sports style without unnecessary decorative ornaments and in the most comfortable silhouette with a classic bottom and riding straps that are suitable for active women.

Attractive high-waisted swimwear from 2019-2020

High waist until recently was exclusively a feature of retro style, but designers turned swimsuit models with high panties into a must have for every woman of fashion in the summer of 2019-2020.

Fashionable swimsuits with high panties - stripes, cuts and lacing are different. An attractive option is a high-waisted split swimsuit with mesh inserts on the bodice and on the panties, making the look exciting and compelling.

In addition, amazing and stunning prints will turn a separate swimsuit with high panties into the desired option for every girl, giving flirty and playfulness.

Choose beautiful swimsuits in any of the proposed silhouettes that you liked and were perfect for your type of figure.

In addition to the aforementioned swimsuit options, we found fashionable swimsuits for 2019–2020 with unusually made shorts in separate swimsuits with high cutouts on the belly, and also fused ones - with high cutouts on the hips, which are suitable for confident and bold girls.

Elegant swimsuits on one shoulder, as well as interesting combinations for every taste that you can find in the gallery more ...

Fashionable swimwear styles for the summer of 2018 (with photos)

Open or closed? This question becomes the main one in selecting a model according to one’s own figure.

In the trend were frank very frank styles, combining micro panties and a bra of arbitrary shape.

But the main rule of the season - the ensemble can be assembled from sets that are completely different in style and color.

Swimsuits 2018, allow not only to demonstrate an excellent figure, but, if required, to delicately correct its shortcomings. First of all, thanks to the most diverse styles of panties.

Tango, slips, thongs, low waist models and micro shorts ... The main collections of this year offer to make their choice in favor of their own figure.

Yes, and do not forget about the trendy styles, complemented by a micro skirt - they look impeccably feminine and very piquant.

But a special and very important trend in fashion for 6 swimsuits 2018 is bras. In separate or open styles, feminine silhouettes are very vividly declared.

One of the most relevant - a gang, a voluminous and free bra of this style, is a beautifully draped wide strip of fabric, it can be strapless, this option will be appreciated by the owners of miniature busts.

But the gang with a single shoulder strap, which is worn "loop" through the neck, looks no less impressive.

After several seasons in which the bikini set the tone, luxurious and sexy bras are back in the trend.

One of the most fashionable styles is the halter. He, in contrast to many others, not only ideally creates an emphasis on the neckline, but also forms a beautiful silhouette.

Such as in the photo swimsuits-2018 will become real beach hits:

This actual idea of ​​the best swimsuits-2018 can be used not only by the owners of a magnificent bust - he highlights it flawlessly.

The effect of push-up, which perfectly embodies this bra, will appeal to the owners of the most slender figures. In combination with this bra, draperies, ruffles and flounces look very stylish. Create a spectacular illusion and perfect silhouette with the help of a fashionable swimsuit in the summer of 2018, you can easily.

Fashion 2018: Victoria Secret swimsuits and their photos

It is not a secret for anybody that leading brands set trends in beach fashion; they not only embody expectations, but also are able to surprise with something absolutely new. The constant headliner acts in vogue for swimsuits 2018 Victoria Secret. This brand, well known to all as a manufacturer of luxury linen and in its beach lines is not inferior to the positions.

Demonstrative sexuality is read not only in explicit styles, although brand designers often use well-tried classical ideas.

The color scheme of this brand leaves no doubt, only feminine, and sometimes complex color combinations - its unchanged trademark.

What are the swimsuits in fashion in 2018. Bright tones of pink and coral, which so well underline the shade of tanned skin and at the same time look great if you just went to the beach. To wear such models, you must have confidence in the perfection of your figure or trust the skill of brand designers.

This year, the brand beat the classic styles in a new way, making the title line of their collections very conservative and at the same time flawlessly sexy styles.

See how fashionable swimsuits look like feminine - 2018 in the photo below:

Victoria Secret never changed the rules of catchy, but sophisticated decor.

Rhinestones and sequins under the bright sun always look doubtful, but the spectacular accessories in the color of silver or gold - perfect.

The innovation of this season was the finishing of the models with the help of large decorative beads - coral and turquoise, the most “summer” stones ideally emphasizing the style.

What swimwear in fashion in 2018: Calzedonia

Call a collection of swimwear 2018 Calzedonia, frank mass market will not dare any one stylist. Although the brand is focused, and for this is particularly popular, women of fashion of any size and wealth.

First of all, you should pay attention to the line of separate models of this brand. Young and dynamic, he willingly develops the most complex and relevant ideas, part of the collection of the brand is devoted to a very fashionable theme of “retro”.

Separate styles with high panties, perfectly delineating the line of the hips due to not only the high waistline and the corrective properties of such models. The lineup of Calzedonia bras will delight everyone in this beach season.

Elegant draperies and ruffles for miniature sizes or frankly sexy “balconette” or “angelica”, brasieres and the most relevant “halter”? The brand does not set strict rules and offers to choose the best model for a perfect holiday.

See how elegant the swimsuit 2018 in the photo of the new collections is:

The best swimwear summer 2018 from Italy

The main theme of this year, almost all designers have chosen the tropics and exotic holidays. Fruits, birds, flowers and complex, color-rich abstract prints are an invariable feature of beautiful swimsuits in 2018. Their gamma is quite predictable, the main colors of the season set the tone for beach trends.

Turquoise, sapphire shades of blue and ruby-orange hues - catchy, bright and very sexy!

This year, shiny fabrics and evening-style models have dropped out of the trends. For the most courageous fashionistas proposed marine themes - graphic strip in the style of vests and contrasting combinations of colors - blue, white and red. As well as the decor in the form of anchors and elegant chains - in this model, you can safely enter on board the yacht.

But along with the exotic range of shades and prints, the closed styles return to fashion. The main intonation is set by Italy, swimsuits-2018, presented by designers of leading Italian brands, such as Amarea or Jolidon - the embodiment of femininity. These brands specialize in the production of magnificent linen for more than half a century, and their beach rulers are designed in the spirit of luxurious and demonstrative femininity.

In the trends of this year, paid tribute to the styles of miniature forms, designed for very slim ladies. All the rest will be interested in the growing trend for separate, but at the same time, fairly closed styles, the best of which is considered to be tankini.

The style of such swimsuits for summer 2018 is simple and, at the same time, diverse. Panties of any shape - from shorts to strings are complemented by an elegant T-shirt. They look most impressive in such sets, tops, with beautiful and expressive bras of various styles, complemented by a tunic flared from the chest line.

Delicately veiled waistline and hips allows you to feel absolutely comfortable on the beach. But here is the ideally allocated decollete area - the main focus of such models. They look great not only on girls with expressive forms, but also on very slim ladies. Mysteriousness and sophistication after many years of popularity of too explicit models returns to beach trends. Look at the photo of swimsuits 2018, in the summer on the beach in them you will be irresistible:

Fashionable swimsuits 2018

A fresh and very stylish trend of this year is retro. Models from the 40s and 50s of the last century have returned to trends. This rather bold design application is designed for owners of delicate taste and the ability to elegantly use non-standard ideas.

The new look in 2018 was swimsuits in the style of new look, just the style icon of those years preferred by Marilyn Monroe.

A return to the standards of true femininity and sexuality has brought back a separate-cut model with panties with an over-high waistline and expressive bustier - a gang or halter. But the models in the style of "retro" are presented this season in a completely new interpretation.

In 2018 swimsuits, everything is decided by color, the combination of bright colors requires a special approach, and in such models the duet of a single-colored bustier with colored panties looks most elegant or vice versa. Designers, by the way, thus offer to improve the proportions of any figure - the accent zone can choose either the hips or the bust. The most effective will add to them the volume of clear, contrasting drawings of medium size.

Nobody expected that the swimsuits will return to the trends of 2018. Today it is not only models for full ladies, closed models in the most interesting interpretations are addressed also to the most harmonous girls. This season they are divided according to the shape of the cut, the most interesting of them is the plunge - with a deep cut on the back. No less relevant gang - in this case, they look best strapless.

Independent trend - styles of sports cut. Even if you do not like active rest, you should definitely look at fashionable 2018 high-neck swimsuits. They are solved in the design of minimalism and look great in a contrasting color scheme or with a graphic print - a relevant stripe in a maritime theme.

Certainly, charm with a miniature coquettish skirt will add charm to the beach image, they are called “suim dress” and resemble elegant dresses. Most elegantly they look strapless. But the styles of the bustier for them are offered by designers to be the most different, flawless, as always, push-ups and underwire bodices. These photos of fashionable swimsuits for the summer of 2018 perfectly illustrate the trend.

Classic, but not giving up their style, also relevant in this beach season - monokini. Deep cuts on the sides and completely open back make the closed style very sexy.

Pay attention to the current colors and prints of such models, the designers have relied on a miniature graphic (diagonal strip) and floral print this season.

What fashionable swimsuits in 2018

By setting trends, designers do not set strict rules. Основной тренд – женственность, которая совершенно по- разному раскрывается в актуальных фасонах. Решая для себя какие купальники модны в 2018 году, прежде всего, учитывайте возможности вашей внешности. Предложений эффектно подчеркнуть фигуру – более чем достаточно.

Но для начала исключите темные цвета: черный, коричневый и серый – какими бы заманчивыми для дополнительной стройности силуэта они не казались.

Модные купальники для лета 2018 года предлагают не менее удачную гамму, которая отлично смотрится под лучами яркого солнца – синий, зеленый и фиолетовый.

И не забивайте про актуальные принты. Диагональная полоска, яркие цветы на темном фоне, очень актуальные драпировки позволят выглядеть на пляже великолепно. Look at how unusually designed the design of fashionable swimsuits - 2018 fashion in the photo below. Even the most fashionable swimsuits 2018 should be chosen for the color type of their own appearance. The more contrast your own color type, the brighter the shade of a beach outfit can be. Actual shades of fuchsia, orange, lime and deep blue will perfectly suit brunettes, but will “drown out” the delicate color type of the blonde. Sea azure, shades of fresh greens and pale yellow are the best colors in this year’s collections, ideal for girls with this color type.

Sports, styles are perfect for those who want to swim, and feminine with open shoulders and complex bodice brim will make you irresistible not only on the beach or by the pool, but also at a party. It is not superfluous in this case will be a pareo - most brands produce them, delicately selecting colors and shades.

Look, each of the most fashionable swimsuits - 2018 in these photos, deserves special attention:

Fashion trends 2015

Immediately it is worth noting that the summer season 2015 will be the season of diversity and freedom of choice. Models are so diverse that any girl will choose something suitable. A variety of options for styles, colors and decor will not leave anyone indifferent. Be prepared for your eyes to run. But before you go to the store, study the fashion trends of the next season.

Variety of styles

Styles in the summer of 2015 will be the most diverse. Here are the possible options:

  1. Still in bikini fashion. It is incredibly sexy and comfortable. But remember that only girls with a slim figure can afford open models. When choosing a bodice, consider the shape and size of the breast. If the bust is elastic and has medium size, then you can choose the upper part without cups. If your breasts are not too large, then choose a swimsuit with voluminous cups (they can be foam or silicone) that will make you more feminine and sexy. And if the chest is large and rather heavy, choose a halter swimsuit model with straps tied around the neck. It is better to pay attention to the bodice with cups (but not bulk), which will keep its shape well, and with wider straps that will provide the necessary support and will not crash into the body. Bikini swimsuits are represented in the collections of almost all designers and fashion houses, and Victoria Secret suggests them.
  2. Models in retro style. Pretty frank bodice and high panties will make you sexy, but not vulgar. By the way, high panties can hide stretch marks on the abdomen, but remember that such models can afford only a girl with a pronounced waist. If you have a rectangular shape, then these panties aggravate the situation and can make you look like a teenage girl or even a boy. High pants are not suitable for ladies with excessively volumetric tummy, but at the same time they can perfectly hide a small excess amount.
  3. Incredibly popular model gang. In general, such a word is translated as “bandage”, and this name fully reflects the essence of this model. A distinctive feature of this swimsuit - the lack of straps. There may be thin strings, but most often they are not. This model is suitable for girls with almost any chest size. If the bust is small, then choose a gang swimsuit with voluminous cups, but if the chest, on the contrary, is voluminous, then pay attention to models without cups. But if the chest is heavy and too bulky, then it is better to refuse such a model.
  4. Popular and swimsuits will be that will help to hide some of the figure flaws and visually tighten the body and make it more slender. But do not think that a one-piece swimsuit is boring and too banal, because there are a great many models. So, for owners of magnificent forms, a swimsuit-tank with single-cut straps and cups will be an ideal option. You can experiment with neckline. It can be both round and square or V-shaped and even extremely deep, reaching to the waist. These swimsuits are also suitable for slender girls who can afford slinky models with strapless and figured cuts in various parts. Some swimsuits look so sexy that they can bypass outright bikinis in this respect.
  5. Girls who lead an active lifestyle will certainly appreciate comfortable and functional sports models. In this swimsuit, you can not only soak in the warm water and under the gentle rays of the sun, but also play outdoor beach games without fear of confusion and discomfort. Comfortable panties, shorts and bodice, made in the form of a top, will make your figure fit and athletic.
  6. Relevant and very popular swimwear monokini. This model is a cross between a separate and one-piece swimsuit. Usually, the lower and upper parts are interconnected by a small strip of fabric. This model will help make the waist more feminine and pronounced and at the same time can hide a slight excess volume in the lower abdomen (but only a small one).
  7. Tankini is a very convenient model, which also allows you to hide some flaws, such as stretching. This swimsuit is a set of panties and an upper part that almost completely closes the belly. The easiest top option is a shirt. But also the upper part can have cups or straps tied around the neck. There are also models without straps.
  8. Pay attention to the most diverse models of Trikini swimsuits. In general, this swimsuit is a connected upper and lower parts. But the connection can be carried out in a variety of ways: strings, straps, jumpers and so on. By the way, if you decide to purchase such a model, then first sunbathe in an open swimsuit, as numerous fittings will leave traces on your body in the form of white stripes.
  9. For a cool summer, a swimsuit with sleeves is ideal. They can be short or even long. Long sleeves can be a one-piece swimsuit, and tankini, and even monokini.

To choose the right model, you can first explore the photos of different swimsuits.

Color palette and prints

What will be the fashionable swimsuits 2015? Colors can be the most diverse, in the summer we will see a real riot of colors. Here are the most fashionable colors:

  • Noble dark tones: blue, burgundy, purple, brown and other similar.
  • Bright "acidic" colors: pink, light green, bright yellow.
  • Fresh blue, turquoise, coral.
  • Sunny yellow and orange.
  • Metallic shades: golden, silver, platinum and bronze.
  • Classic black and white.

A few color matching tips:

  • The unusual and unusual color tandems will be relevant: blue and red, blue and pink, lilac and yellow. If you want to be stylish and fashionable, choose a swimsuit with different top and bottom in color. Particularly relevant contrasting combinations.
  • Forget the gray tones, in the summer of 2015 you will not see them.
  • Pastel colors are also irrelevant.
  • Do not be afraid to choose bright multi-colored models, summer is the time for diversity and violence of colors.

Now we list the most fashionable prints:

  • Stripes. If you need to visually extend the silhouette, the best option would be vertical stripes. If you want to add volume to some part of the body, choose horizontal stripes.
  • Various curved lines, geometric patterns and zigzags.
  • Topical peas.
  • In a fashion animalistic prints: snake, leopard, tiger.
  • Landscape and photographic drawings, for example, images of the sea or people.
  • Floral and floral patterns.
  • Ethnic motifs.

And finally, the most fashionable details:

  • Inserts from other fabric, for example, from lace or a grid.
  • Flounces, frills, ruffles.
  • Straps and chains.
  • Stones, rhinestones and beads.
  • Figured cutouts.
  • Fringe.

Now you know everything about the most relevant and fashionable models of the future summer season 2015. By the way, it is best to buy cheap swimsuits in advance, because prices usually rise at the height of the season.

Fashionable swimwear for summer 2015 in retro style

I don’t know about you, but I too didn’t particularly like naked forms and bikini-thongs. Ie, of course, if the figure is perfect, then such swimsuits on girls look, of course, beautiful, although too frankly, as for me. But when the trend goes, let's say, into circulation and becomes massive, try on thongs in order to look fashionable, even girls and women consider themselves obliged, whom the thongs clearly do not adorn. Of course, I am not talking about you, I generally speak.

In the summer of 2015, in order to be the most fashionable on the beach, it is not necessary to bare oneself to obscenity at all. It is better to wear a swimsuit with high panties from the 60s, eyes - pussy sunglasses, which, they say, were the first to offer elegant women Christian Dior and ... to look like a real lady, seemingly restrained, but feminine and sensual at all. In the photo - retro swimwear from Mara hoffman, spring-summer 2015. As you can see, all sorts of openwork and large jewelry is very welcome.

All photos are clickable

Retro swimwear for summer 2015 by Mara Hoffman

Fashionable swimsuit in retro style 2015 can be both monophonic, and with a print. By the way, the high sports bra-top is almost a separate trend. At the same time, if you are going to sunbathe, I would recommend having a more open bra for this “top”, which will even out a tan.

Swimwear in the style of the 60s for the summer of 2015 from We Are Handsome and Mara Hoffman

Retro swimwear by Gottex and Mara Hoffman Summer 2015

Retro swimsuit 2015

Fashionable swimwear 2015 in ASOS

The photo - 2015 retro style swimsuit for a full girl or woman

Swimsuit in the peas 2015 for full beauty

Recently, I was at a seminar for fashion bloggers, and they told me there amazing thing.

It turns out that in many non-virtual stores there are things specially brought for shop windows - bright and very stylish. They attract the attention of potential buyers and motivate to go to the store / boutique. Wherein on practice most visitors choose something "dark and inconspicuous“, And things from the shop window may be unclaimed in general.

They explained to us that ... very few people are ready to stand out in fear of showing oneself in all its glory because of the complexes and internal self-doubt. So if (well, suddenly!) In your wardrobe most of the monotonous dark things that you bought, because they “fit everything,” think and deal with self-doubt with the help of, including bright things!

At the same time, I am not sure that the lecturer’s statement applies to black swimsuits as a photo. At least, these girls absolutely do not give the impression of self-doubt :)

If you have a black swimsuit that you bought a year ago, save - buy only retro bikinis. They cost a little more than a thousand rubles.

Retro bikini

Printed swimwear for summer 2015

Printed swimwear and combined for summer 2015

In addition to ANY prints that you like, you can also in the summer of 2015 boldly combine the bikini with a pattern with a solid bra and vice versa. In this case, if you need to divert attention from, say, the hips, wear a bright top and a dark bottom. If you have big breasts and narrow hips - do exactly the opposite. For more information about the styles of swimsuits for one or another type of figure - “pear”, “apple” and “inverted triangle” I told last year, but for a year nothing changed in this sense.

As one would expect, a huge selection of swimsuits with a print offers for the summer of 2015 a beautiful, moderately democratic and overly provocative brand. Victoria’s Secret. On the virtual showcase of this store there are swimwear in retro style and sports, and, of course, with a print, see photo:

Fashionable Swimwear Spring-Summer 2015 Victoria’s Secret

Swimsuit with a horizontal striped bra will add chest volume:

2015 Swimwear by Victoria’s Secret

In the photo - closed swimsuits with prints from Pako Pano, Cia maritima and Mara hoffman SS 2015 presented at the show Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami this spring. Pay attention to the contrasting strip on the swimsuit in the photo in the middle, which visually narrows the waist:

Fashionable swimsuits for summer 2015

Sporty swimwear 2015

To be honest, that sport style - one of the most popular for several years already, I was even tired of writing. The fact is that in recent years, playing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle is not even fashion anymore, this is the norm. And, you see, it would be strange if we left sportswear / underwear / shoes / swimsuits exclusively in the locker rooms, and never walked along the streets (I'm not talking about bathing suits and underwear, of course)), and fashion designers did not sew clothes, which you can both play sports and wear it on informal events. In general, from my point of view, sportswear, including underwear and swimwear - this is a new classic.

On the right and left photos are swimsuits 2015 in sporty style and at the same time - in the retro style of the 60s from Tommy hilfiger. Swimsuit with the inscription in the middle of Wildfox:

Fashionable swimwear 2015

Swimsuit in sports style from the online store ASOS

Swimsuit in sporty style for summer 2015

Swimwear with high sports tops instead bras could be distinguished in a separate trendbut because of their inconvenience for constant wear to the beach I will not do that. If you regularly visit the pool, be sure to buy yourself a similar one!

On the picture - Victoria's Secret swimwear weightat summer 2015 in a sporty style.

Swimsuit with a high sports top, summer 2015, Victoria’s Secret

And finally, two swimsuits just like that :)

The first one is a basque swimsuit with a floral 3-D print from Wildfox SS 2015, see photo:

Swimsuit with 3D print 2015

The second is in sex-appealing sporty style from the famous brand of women's underwear. Agent Provocateurthe only disadvantage of which is its not very low price - the “top” and “bottom” will cost you about 25 thousand rubles together. But…

Stylish Agent Provocateur swimsuit for the hot summer of 2015

Let your summer 2015 be hot and even hot, but not exhausting!

Amarea - uniqueness and diversity

Amarea is an Italian brand that is very popular not only in Italy but also in the world. Products of this brand are very diverse, unique, original. Amarea is a swimsuit competition in all Miss Italy competitions.

Each girl, trying on the swimsuit of this brand, turns into a graceful, sophisticated and elegant nymph. Russian girls adore this Italian brand for its exclusivity, quality and affordability.

David - comfort and reliability

David is another Italian leader in swimwear manufacturers. The style of this brand is distinguished not only by its quality, but primarily by its comfort and convenience.

Style, fashion, quality, comfort, elegance and elegance in one bottle.

Argentovivo - audacity and refinement

Argentovivo is the most sophisticated, bold and bold Italian swimwear manufacturer. Do you think lace, sequins and fringe only for evening and cocktail dresses? And no, this swimsuit brand proves the opposite.

Women from all over the world appreciate Italian brand Argentovivo swimwear for their elegance, originality and beauty. In this swimsuit, every woman will be the queen of any beach in the world.

Bacirubati - ease and freedom

A swimsuit should be not only beautiful, expensive and brilliant, but also light, comfortable and concise. Such swimsuits and is another Italian brand Bacirubati.

This manufacturer uses a unique embroidery, an interesting and unusual cut, which makes their products unsurpassed and unusual.

French brand - Huit - brightness and individuality

The French are lovers of elegance, luxury and sophistication. Therefore, the designers of the French brand Huit produce their collections of swimsuits in this particular key and style. A special highlight of this brand is the bright, variegated and interesting colors of its products. All swimsuits are carefully tailored to the size and therefore fit very well on the figure.

Lovers of vegetable prints and brightness necessarily need a swimsuit of this French brand.

Salinas - and its Brazilian roots

This brand of swimsuits is of Brazilian origin, as the colors of their products themselves say. Swimwear of this brand is very original, colorful and bright.

As a rule, geometric figures are taken as the basis of the figure, but there are exceptions, and experiments with color matching are very interesting and unusual. These baths are quite consistent with the summer mood.

Jolidon - Romanian flavor

The opening of the beach season and the holiday period for a woman is a very important event. The Romanian brand Jolidon understands this perfectly and creates, not only for her compatriots, but also for all European women, elegant collections of swimsuits.

Some rebelliousness, an innovative spirit and non-standard, unconventional design approach and style prevail in them. The swimwear of this Romanian brand is very extraordinary, but at the same time they attract some with their magnificence.

Fianeta - colorful and affordable

Лидером в странах Балтии по производству купальных костюмов для женщин является фирма под названием Fianeta. Эту фирму очень любят российские женщины за размерную сетку, доступность и качество.

Можно отметить, что латвийский бренд с каждым годом все больше набирает популярности среди европейских женщин, а ассортимент, качество и надежность не уступает известным итальянским и французским фирмам.

Victoria's Secret – роскошь и простота два в одном

Популярность нижнего белья этого знаменитого бренда перешла и на коллекции купальников. Но здесь все гораздо проще, ведь нет ни перьев, ни блесток, ни страз. Victoria's Secret bright and stylish swimsuits are striking in their beauty, quality and elegance. Well, a separate category of women is also a price.

The only drawback of the popular brand and its swimsuits is not the full size mesh and women with large sizes can not please themselves with the outfit of this wonderful brand. I would like to say that Victoria's Secret swimsuits are more numerous, so almost everyone has chances.

Ysabel Mora - Spanish color and brightness

This brand is characterized by such features as bright colors, accurate, soft forms and vegetable colors. The motto of the company is “Young, that's the main landmark and our goal is to emphasize it in any woman.” Indeed, swimwear from the Spanish brand Ysabel Mora will make any woman attractive and charming.

RVCA - streetwear swimwear

California swimwear brand RVCA - manufactures its masterpieces in the style of street clothes. This is an American innovation, but it has found its fans.

Lovers of lacing and cuts love this brand for the simplicity of style, comfort and beauty. The colors of swimsuits are mostly dark and pastel, but there are also bright notes, but this is already in the mood of the designer.

Mara Hoffman - and her Caribbean motifs

Fashion designer Mara Hoffman launches her original collection of swimsuits. The designer is very keen on and loves Caribbean and Cuban cultures, so she always brings her notes to her swimwear collections. It turns out very extraordinary, fascinating, interesting and beautiful.

Kupasi - Can't find a suitable swimsuit? Think it up yourself

A young girl and a novice designer who lives and creates in Bali, Elina Almukhametova did just that. And now the line of her swimsuits called Kupasi is sold worldwide. And all because of the unusual and interesting prints.

Her swimsuits are decorated with sketches of her own drawings, and these are colorful cats, stars, flowers and moths. Swimwear from this designer will not leave anyone indifferent, because they are unusual and very colorful.

Black Milk - and her grim beauty

Everyone perceives beauty differently. For example, the designer of the Australian brand Black Milk sees beauty in dark colors and gloomy drawings. It is dominated by dark and black and white tones. And the drawings themselves are dark, for example, the human skeleton, mystical oracles or galactic constellations. Quality and materials are not worth worrying about.

But the most interesting thing is that this collection of Black Milk swimsuits has its fans. As they say the taste and color.

Minimale Animale - sexuality is the key to success

Los Angeles-based interior designer Cassandra Kellogg is pretty sure that woman's sexuality is the path to success. Therefore, creating their sexual collection of swimsuits, Kellogg thinks through every detail. In her swimsuit collections you will see a transparent net, obscene forms and indecent cuts, but sexuality requires sacrifice.

And the famous stylist calls her most successful swimsuits with the names of the sexiest and most successful women in her opinion.

For example, her collection has a swimsuit under the name of Claudia Slate, Monica Bellucci and Angelina Jolie.

We Are Handsome - famous for retro style

The famous Australian brand is engaged in the production of exclusively women's swimsuits. Its creators Indhra Chaguri and Jeremy Somers produce their retro-inspired swimwear returning to the distant 70s, 80s and 90s, giving them a certain value and zest.

Indeed, as they say: “the new is well forgotten old”. Sydney designers swimsuits are very colorful, deep in meaning and high-quality in their material and composition.

Instead of drawings, designers choose photos of flowers, animals, landscapes, cars and airplanes, thereby supporting young photographers and photo artists. Great idea isn't it?

Zimmermann - oh, these tropical patterns

Another Australian brand on our list of the most beautiful swimsuits on the planet, it was created by two sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann. The swimsuits from the Zimmermann sisters are very bright and colorful, and the main pattern is tropical motifs and landscapes.

Excellent quality, reliability and availability have made this brand of swimsuits the most popular and beloved among Australian beauties and fashionistas.

Lisa Marie Fernandez - and her swimsuits in the style of diving

Stylist Lisa-Maria Fernandez once expressed the idea that for diving it would be nice to sew a swimsuit comfortable, beautiful and practical.

Her idea was interested in the designer duet Peter Pilotto, and so a joint collection of swimsuits in the style of diving from the most durable and high-quality neoprene came to light. Evaluate the result yourself.

But, in my opinion, it turned out very nice and stylish. Now, even diving, a woman will remain beautiful.

You can be irresistible in any clothes, even a bathing suit. Today we tried to show you the most beautiful swimsuits in the world. We hope that you liked our article and will help determine the choice of swimsuit to the beginning of the beach season.

Be confident and happy as a woman, and then you will go to any outfit and any swimsuit.