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Pros and cons of tattoos on the neck


Signs on the body are one of the key elements of self-identification, thanks to which one can also emphasize one's attractiveness or invoke into fate those features and qualities that are lacking. The pros and cons of a tattoo depend on how much a woman wants to beautify herself and what she puts into the printed pattern.

General facts

A tattoo should carry a certain meaning for the person who makes it. You can not fill yourself just a beautiful story, which eventually get bored. It is necessary to understand the depth of responsibility, because the chosen motive will be on the body for the whole life. It is necessary to discard impulsivity and pay attention to the symbolism.

Although first of all, many girls make tattoos, because it is beautiful. It is also necessary to understand the meaning of the selected pattern, so that later it does not negatively affect life.

Derive pigments of paint from the skin is simply unrealistic. Rather, really, but very expensive, a method using laser burning is considered effective. It hurts, even harder than the process of stuffing. After this, scars or darkening of the skin may remain.

If the desire to fill yourself with a beautiful picture has come by itself, then you need to weigh all the pros and cons of the tattoo and decide whether you need it or you can do without it. Even famous people make tattoos for themselves to bring something into their lives.

Art history

Primitive people applied their tattoos more than 6,000 years ago. Then the marks on the skin served as landmarks and were divided into tribes and castes. By tattooing in different cultures, it was possible to find out where a person came from, what his social position was. Women stuffed their signs, which were used to identify the number of children and the place where they came from.

The history of body decoration is ancient and full, besides the usual pointers and social factors, myths and legends. There is no such culture in the world that would not believe that having a tattoo on the body can change life for the better or open spiritual chakras for development.

In the Middle Ages, only leaders and people with a certain position were tattooed. It could be warriors or women from a rich clan. Simple peasants could not afford such luxury.

Tattoo was able to open up to the whole world and began to develop as a direction of art thanks to pirates and sailors. It was during the periods of sea travel that new motifs, plots, and interesting combinations began to open.

Thanks to the youth culture of the 60s, tattooists have again become popular, and their skill has erected a tattoo for a new rank of popularity. Now the pros and cons of tattoos, everyone determines for himself, because this is a personal choice and an independent decision.

Application process

Throughout history, the application process has changed. At first it was a simple rubbing of pigments of paint into the skin, then wounds were made into which the paint was rubbed. After this there was a period of scarification, the essence of which was to cut out small parts of the skin and then in the process of healing by mashing with a pigment.

After that, people learned to make cuts on the skin and to pull the colored thread through the wound. Today, the process uses electric machines with a sterile needle, which is attached to the can of paint. The needle moves up and down and penetrates the skin by about 3 mm. It is quite thin, so the pain of penetration under the skin is minimal, but palpable.

The pros and cons of tattoos for each individual. But there is nothing wrong with having beautiful jewelry with a symbolic meaning on the body.

Cons tattoos

It is necessary to decide on the choice of the picture, because this decision will remain for life. The pros and cons of tattoos are personal choice. If you make a mistake, then all your life you will have to see what has already become disliked.

The second disadvantage is the discomfort in the process. Not everyone is able to tolerate static pain. Even special sprays do not always help to suppress them, and the action does not apply to everyone.

The third disadvantage is the periodic update of the figure. On average, every five years it is necessary to renew the tattoo, so that the pigments of the paint are just as bright and beautiful, and the details of the pattern do not begin to disappear. The pros and cons of colored tattoos are the correct selection of paint. If you buy low-quality pigment, then over time all the advantages of the tattoo will turn into cons.

Heal tattoo will be about two weeks. During this period, you must use special creams to the healing process occurs faster. A crust is formed on the surface, which cannot be torn off so that ugly scars do not appear. The pros and cons of tattoos on the female body each highlights itself, but in the total amount of advantages there are more.

Decoration Pluses

Tattooing makes it possible to stand out from other people and look more stylish. If a motive with a symbolic meaning is chosen, then it is also an opportunity to bring into life a lot of positive emotions and motivation for the future.

The study of the symbolism of different cultures will help determine the choice and make yourself a symbol of moving forward or bringing something to life. You can fill a colorful tattoo, it will be more elegant and stylish.

If there are scars or irregularities on the body, then they will be hidden with a beautiful motive. Tattoo adorns the body and attracts attention. Therefore, for shocking personalities there is no better way to stand out among the crowd and focus on attention.

A sign made by a professional in his arms can also symbolize an important life event or a turning point. The pros and cons of tattoos on the fingers do not affect the beauty of the drawing itself. Each person himself puts the meaning into the chosen symbol and fills it with the necessary energy.

The value of female tattoo

As well as a place for future drawing, so the motive itself must bear value. Most often, girls make tattoos in the form of floral symbols on the forearm. It can be sakura branches, lotus, roses and other floral motifs. The pros and cons of a tattoo on the forearm are determined only by the location of the pattern.

Women also choose paired scenes. These can be gentle butterflies or birds. Beautiful dragonflies or elements of the pattern. You can combine several motifs to create in one picture, it all depends on the wishes and possibilities.

Pros and cons

Presenting to the dilemma - to do or not, you need to understand the existing advantages and disadvantages of such a tattoo option. So, let's talk first about the pros:

  1. If tattooing is your way of expression, and thus you want to declare yourself to the world or emphasize your individuality, then, of course, feel free to ask the master to decorate your neck with an image. It will always be in sight.
  2. The girls are popular drawings on the back of the head. This option is perfect for those who like to wear loose hair, so the tattoo can be hidden from prying eyes behind a shock of curls at the right time.

And what about the minuses? They also have:

  1. One of the advantages can turn into a significant minus if the image is on the side and is constantly visible. Such an "decoration" of the body is unlikely to appeal to the employer of the company in which you are applying for a serious position. That is why you do not need to hurry, making a decision.
  2. Wrinkles are another flaw. The neck, like the hands, is first of all subjected to the aging process, which means that your chosen pattern will eventually lose its former shape and even color. And it concerns equally both girls and boys.

Which one to choose?

There are a huge number of image options, and in a self-respecting tattoo parlor, the master will surely provide you with a catalog that will help you make a choice.

Girls wizard recommend to stay on small and beautiful images of birds, butterflies, insects or flowers. It can also be an important word, a short creed or a significant date, as shown in the photo.

Male variations are usually more voluminous in size, and are located mainly on the side or even in front. It can be intricate patterns, portraits and whole pictures. Inscriptions, images of animals, crosses, and fire are also popular. But small, less noticeable tattoos, which mostly have an intimate meaning - important dates, names, events, are not excluded.

As for color, it all depends on the customer. But the prevailing monochrome is explained by the fact that the procedure on this part of the body is rather complicated and painful. Thin skin does not always allow you to portray the desired picture, and often the paint begins to flow.

Gone are the days when tattoos were a mark of distinction among certain sections of the population. Today, they can do everything, regardless of gender and even age. But, as in any hobby, measure is important here.

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But what should not be done is to put a name on the body and even more so a photo of the beloved, because no one knows what life turns await your relationship.

+ It's beautiful

Tattoo is a complete art of body art. Pictures serve as decoration for our body. Of course, to make it really look cool, you need to find a good sketch. The original sketch can only make a good artist. It is also very important to find an experienced master who would not have filled the so-called "partak", but implemented a sketch on your body as realistically and accurately as possible.

+ This is symbolic and individual.

Body drawing is a great way to stand out from the crowd. A tattoo is a fairly common occurrence, however, not everyone decides to take such a step.

In addition, it is important that tattoos can serve not only as a reminder of something, but also can symbolize something. If you associate yourself with any animal or would like to adopt some of its qualities, you can get a tattoo of this beast. Who knows, maybe it will magically affect your destiny.

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But what should not be done is to put a name on the body and even more so a photo of the beloved, because no one knows what life turns await your relationship.

+ It's beautiful

Tattoo is a complete art of body art. Pictures serve as decoration for our body. Of course, to make it really look cool, you need to find a good sketch. The original sketch can only make a good artist. It is also very important to find an experienced master who would not have filled the so-called "partak", but implemented a sketch on your body as realistically and accurately as possible.

+ This is symbolic and individual.

Body drawing is a great way to stand out from the crowd. A tattoo is a fairly common occurrence, however, not everyone decides to take such a step.

In addition, it is important that tattoos can serve not only as a reminder of something, but also can symbolize something. If you associate yourself with any animal or would like to adopt some of its qualities, you can get a tattoo of this beast. Who knows, maybe it will magically affect your destiny.

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Also, many people fill in certain patterns, hieroglyphs, inscriptions symbolizing something, for example, that the tattoo owner is lucky.

+ Can hide flaws

One of the big advantages of the drawings on the body is also the fact that they allow you to hide the flaws. If you have always disliked, for example, a scar on your body, you can easily disguise it with a tattoo.

- But we are not getting younger ...

As we said earlier, our body serves as a canvas for an artist in the case of a tattoo. However, over time, this canvas is not as attractive as in his youth. Yes, of course there are exceptions and tattoos look great on the body and in old age. But not the fact that such an exception will affect you. Who knows what you have to go through in this life? Maybe you will recover much, and then lose weight? Of course, skin with age can stretch out and become wrinkled. This, of course, may also affect the figure, in particular, distort it.

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- It is unpleasant

Each person has his own pain threshold and attitude to pain.

If you decide to fill the tattoo, then be prepared for the fact that you may be hurt. Yes, today tattoo artists use special tools to relieve or suppress pain. However, they act on different people in different ways.

It is least painful to get a tattoo on areas of skin that are far from the bone.

It should also be remembered that after you put in a tattoo, you will have to endure discomfort for about two weeks until it heals.

- Relevance

This may indeed be a problem. Making a picture on the body today, people often do not think in advance about what will happen in 10, 15, and maybe 20 years. But then, perhaps, this tattoo will be irrelevant. Or even worse, it can serve as a painful reminder of an event from the past. Situations are different. But it can be said unequivocally that if you have already decided to decorate your body with a pattern, think a thousand times what exactly you will apply. It is necessary to fill something that would not lose its relevance for you even after several decades.

Dignity tattoo on the neck

In the salon, you can do both permanent and temporary tattooing. But it is worth considering that the tattoo on the neck will be with you for the rest of your life. The latter type of tattoo can last only a few weeks, as it is applied with a special vegetable dye. While the constant is applied with artificial dyes, and it will live with you until the end. If you want to apply a temporary image, it will be applied only on the top layer. Although with a similar application, the quality of the symbol itself may suffer. As soon as blood begins to flow, a small part of the paint will come out with it.

If you have long hair, it is best to put a tattoo on the back of your head. This way you can hide your picture at any time. If you do not have long hair - it's not scary, because you can always cover the tattoo with a collar. Guys fit the image on the side of the neck. Of course, employers will not like this very much, but this should not worry us. You just want to show your individuality, and now many companies are going against this principle.

Disadvantages of tattoo on the neck

If you have a terrible quality tattoo, and you do not need to get rid of as quickly as possible, you will have to pay a decent amount of money. The tattoo is removed using laser equipment. If you remove the tattoo with the help of milk, then a small scar will go. The paint can be removed, but you'll live with disfigured edges.

For some, applying a high-quality image may seem very painful. Since the neck is very sensitive, the pain increases in several roses. Regardless of the pain threshold, this procedure will be very unpleasant. In addition, it is necessary to put on the neck some unique pattern or symbol - it is impossible to surprise with a usual Chinese hieroglyph or a rose.

If you have long dreamed of a tattoo specifically on the neck, then why not do it. It is important to remember that you have to choose an image, get rid of various doubts, this will not affect your work, where there is no special control over the appearance and you have chosen a high-quality master, then feel free to carry out this operation.

"Pluses of tattoos":

  1. Expression of their individuality. With the help of tattoos, people try to stand out against the gray mass. People with tattoos are more likely to pay attention. There are a large number of drawings that you can without fear of putting on the body, express your inner world and cause admiration of other people.
  2. Guardian. Some tattoos are applied specifically to protect themselves. For example, many people believe in the strength of the Japanese and Chinese characters, so they put certain symbols on the body. For those who believe, they really help in life and protect against troubles and troubles.
  3. Memory. There are people who put tattoos in honor of memorable or important events: the birth of a child, the date of the wedding, a meeting with a loved one, etc. Looking at the tattoo with a memorable value, pleasant memories and events associated with them emerge.
  4. Belonging to a specific group. Many communities or groups come up with a symbol for themselves and impale it to all their members as a sign of belonging, respect and love.

"Cons Tattoos":

  1. Health hazard. Applying a tattoo always carries a certain threat to health. Even if you turned to a good specialist and reputable tattoo salon, this does not mean that you have completely protected yourself from blood poisoning, AIDS, skin rot, etc.
  2. Pain. Во время нанесения рисунка на кожу, ты получишь массу «приятных» ощущений. Татуировка наносится с помощью иглы, вводя под кожу чернила. Безусловно, процедура нанесения является достаточно болезненной. Конечно, мастер может предложить тебе вколоть обезболивающее, но зрелище от нанесения и вида крови смешенной с краской, все равно пугает.
  3. Татуировка – это навсегда. They say that a tattoo can be removed with the help of a laser, but it is very painful, long and expensive. In addition, no one guarantees complete disposal of the picture, because in its place remains a scar. Therefore, before you ruin your skin, think about whether you want to get a tattoo or is it a passing whim ...
  4. Deterioration of the appearance of the tattoo. Over time, the drawing will fade and in some places will be erased altogether. On a young and beautiful body, the tattoo looks very impressive and neat, but think about how it will look like in 20 years? Is it appropriate or not?
  5. Problem with work. Many employers do not accept any distinctive marks on their employees. If the piercing can be removed at any time, then the tattoo is for life. Think about whether you want to constantly be in search of a good job or should you still abandon the tattoo idea?

How to care for a tattoo?

If you have firmly decided that you cannot do without a tattoo, then you need information on how to properly care.

After a certain time has expired (the master will tell you about this), you must remove the bandage and rinse the area with cold water. Wipe the tattoo is impossible, but you can gently blot with a soft towel.

Twice a day, wipe the place with a tattoo with a spirit of calendula tincture and lubricate with a baby or antiseptic cream. In addition, you can purchase a special tattoo ointment at the tattoo parlor. Such manipulations will accelerate healing.

Approximately 3 days after applying the tattoo, the pattern will be covered with a crust that can not be touched until it is completely healed.

Until the pattern is completely healed, you will have to forget about the sauna, bath, gym, swimming pool, solarium and hot bath. It is forbidden to open the tattoo in the sun. Before taking a shower, be sure to grease a drawing with a thick cream or petroleum jelly - they repel water.

5 days after drawing the pattern, itching may appear and the crust will start to go away. At this time, do not touch the tattoo and do not rip off the crust, otherwise you will have an unsightly scar.

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Features of the tattoo on the neck

Among the huge variety of patterns on the body, any client of the tattoo parlor can choose for himself exactly the place that he considers particularly significant and symbolic. Almost always in sight of others will be a tattoo on the neck, because this place is rarely completely enclosed clothing. Doing such a tattoo, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons, as the drawing will certainly draw attention to such a delicate area of ​​the body.

Representatives of the stronger sex often do tattoos on the side of the neck, but beautiful ladies place the picture behind. With such a tattoo, you can play, then open it to outsiders, then cover it with the help of hair strands. Neat small patterns or three-dimensional drawings - the described part of the body opens up great opportunities for creativity and a flight of fancy.

What should be the original tattoo?

The choice of ornament is a purely individual matter. Drawing completely depends on a plan of the master, and also on flavoring preferences of its future owner. On the neck can look great patterns of various sizes and shapes. Very often, this place has all sorts of inscriptions that can tell a lot about the life credo or the innermost desires of its owner or owner.

Many people choose for themselves beautiful and unobtrusive images that do not have a deep semantic load. Modern tattoos can be made in the form of butterflies, birds, animals, flowers or a variety of patterns. Some tattoos consist of a set of numbers that represent important dates in the life of a person or his relatives.

Is pinning a way of self-expression or a tribute to fashion?

Pictures on the body is a huge field for creativity and the possibility of self-realization. Such tattoos are able to distinguish a person from the surrounding crowd, declare him to society and preserve his personality. To meet a girl or a young man with a tattoo on such a place as the neck, today is not difficult.

In order for a few years after applying a tattoo, did not cease to give pleasure, you need to think in detail all its outlines. To do such tattoos better in professional salons, in which skilled craftsmen work, who have not only sufficient experience, but also corresponding certificates.

What is the reason for the demand for a tattoo?

All kinds of tattoos today are popular with people of different ages and professions. They look particularly attractive and stylish. In addition, they are the epitome of beauty, sexuality and mystery.

In order not to overdo it with a picture, it is recommended to make small images around your neck that will not look defiant. These tattoos are very practical. If necessary, they can be hidden, and in a certain situation - put on display.

You can find your zest in colorful catalogs with photos of various tattoos or trust the master, who will select the picture depending on your character, mood and activity.