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Is it possible to lose weight on a Hollywood diet?


Hollywood diet - one of the options for low-calorie, low-carbohydrate food system. Hard restriction of carbohydrates and fats makes it very effective: you have to starve, but guaranteed to lose weight. In two weeks you can quite easily get rid of six, or even nine extra pounds.

However, as soon as the weight dropped, as quickly and can return. You need to complete the process correctly, and then follow the daily calorie content, do not abuse fatty and sweet food.

General principles of nutrition on a Hollywood diet

The basis of the daily diet on the Hollywood diet are protein foods: ryaba, poultry, eggs, meat. Green vegetables, fruits with low carbohydrate content are allowed: tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, grapefruits, oranges, apples. The diet is suitable for active people who never have a full breakfast. There is no Hollywood breakfast as such: either water or a cup of unsweetened coffee.

The principles of nutrition are as follows:

• rejection of everything fried, fatty, sweet, pickled, salted, canned, and flour and refined,

• exclusion of starchy vegetables and sweet fruits: potatoes, legumes, grapes, bananas, mangoes, figs, melons, dates, etc.,

• for the whole time of the diet it is necessary to completely exclude from the menu pasta, rice, cereals, chocolate, confectionery, store sauces: mayonnaise, ketchup, ready mustard, bouillon cubes,

• instead of breakfast - a glass of water (some options allow unsweetened coffee or half a grapefruit),

• allowed products are prepared without oil and fat: they can be boiled, baked, cooked in a double boiler,

• salt food can not be! This is one of the secrets of the effectiveness of the Hollywood power scheme,

• portions should be small: no more than 250-300 grams,

• you can not confuse days and dinners with dinners,

• water regime - at least 1.5-2 liters of water without gas daily, green tea,

The rate of weight loss depends on many factors. Starting numbers, speed of exchange processes, age matter. However, on average per week of food restrictions on a Hollywood diet, you can lose seven pounds. And at the same time, and slightly improve the body by reducing the use of sugar, alcohol, fat, salt.

Salt restriction - a subtle question. The fact is that unsalted food contributes to the rapid removal of water from the body, due to which the weight drops very quickly. Therefore, a significant portion of the kilograms lost on the Hollywood diet is not fat, but excess water. This is also good: the swelling goes away, the face is tightened.

Guaranteed to lose weight will help classes in the fitness room, home exercises, long walks. If you combine a diet with at least a minimum physical activity, the results will be much higher. Swimming, yoga, dancing - anything, just to move! Metabolism will accelerate, body fat will burn. Otherwise, there is a risk of burning muscle mass, and not fat.

Hollywood diet: menu for the week

Breakfast is offered daily to eat two oranges with a cup of natural grain coffee. If a strong hunger stalks, you do not need to endure it. The diet allows in this case to arrange a low-calorie snack: eat an apple, an orange, two handfuls of berries, one loaf or drink half a cup of nonfat kefir.


• Lunch: chicken egg (or a couple of quail), a large tomato, 40 grams of unsalted and roasted almonds, an espresso cup.

• Dinner: a steam patty of minced chicken, a salad of one cucumber and tomato (do not fill with butter!), A whole grapefruit.


• Lunch: soft-boiled egg or steep, large grapefruit, coffee.

• Dinner: boiled or steamed beef (150 grams), unfilled green vegetable salad, green or black tea.


• Lunch: one egg (you can fry in a non-stick frying pan without oil or boil it), a tomato, a light salad of finely chopped cabbage (instead of a white one, you can take color or mix them), coffee.

• Dinner: boiled or baked fish (150 grams), to her dessert spoon of ketchup, medium cucumber, tea.


• Lunch: a large grapefruit, a light salad of cabbage and celery, seasoned with a drop of vinegar and a spoon of natural yogurt (vinegar is not necessary), tea or pure water.

• Dinner: a boiled egg, 140 grams of cottage cheese not higher than 2% fat, mixed with a pinch of cumin and finely chopped bell pepper, lightly grated carrot salad, seasoned with a drop of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Instead of cottage cheese salad, you can make a delicious hot dish: stuffed pepper with cottage cheese and bake in foil.


• Lunch: boiled proteins of two eggs, chopped with a hundred grams of parsley or the same amount of boiled spinach, tea or coffee to choose from.

• Dinner: two hundred grams of boiled chicken with a side salad of lettuce.


• Lunch: a delicious fruit salad made from orange, apple, half a grapefruit and a handful of roasted nuts.

• Dinner: a piece of boiled fish low-fat varieties (no more than 200 grams), 60 grams of mushrooms stewed in water, unsweetened tea or coffee.


• Lunch: one hundred grams of low-fat cottage cheese, one egg, a glass of vegetable broth with a clove of garlic.

• Dinner: fruit salad, a glass of kefir.

If after a week of a strict diet there is a desire to continue losing weight, you can repeat the Hollywood diet from day one to day seven. It is important to remember that some vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, leaf lettuce) can be eaten without any restrictions until full saturation. Trifle, but nice!

In addition to coffee, tea and kefir, you can drink herbal teas, rose hips, mineral water, fresh juices, berry sugar without sugar.

Hollywood Diet: Express Option

Magnificent Elizabeth Taylor is credited with creating an express version of the Hollywood diet. They say that in a week the diva managed to lose from three to six kilograms of excess weight.

This version of the Hollywood diet is more concise: every day during the week you will have to eat the same thing. The difference from the classic version is that every day begins with breakfast. This diet is more suitable for those who are accustomed to breakfast and hardly endure the forced starvation.

Breakfast: 150 grams of fruit (except grapes and bananas), orange.

Dinner: boiled chicken (150 grams), a light salad of green vegetables and tomatoes without dressing.

Dinner: boiled meat (beef or veal) with a slice of whole grain (in extreme cases, bran or black bread).

How to get out of the Hollywood diet

The main trouble is a strict diet - the wrong way out of them. Many girls, with honor endured a two-week marathon, in the coming months are gaining lost pounds. And all because they are attacking fatty and sweet food, rewarding themselves for the time of the forced carbohydrate starvation. Is it any wonder that not everyone can fix the weight?

To keep the achieved results, and perhaps continue to lose weight, you need to continue to restrict your diet for seven or 14 days (as long as the diet lasted), introducing prohibited foods gradually and adhering to the system of proper nutrition.

You need to start with morning porridge. A cup of steamed oatmeal water with half an apple is a great start to the day. Gradually, oatmeal can be replaced by buckwheat, rice, wheat kurpa. For tea, you can fry your bread in a toaster, but only from rye or whole wheat flour. Lunch gradually begin with broth - meat, mushroom or vegetable. Do not limit yourself in non-starchy vegetables: bake, stew with a spoon of oil or even on water.

From the third day of release from a Hollywood diet, you can make a toast of rye or bran bread with a slice of cheese for breakfast or dinner. Snack can be any dairy product or a cup of cottage cheese with fruit. Protein dinner with green salad does not need to do more nourishing. Fish or baked meat, leaf lettuce and radishes, cucumbers and stewed zucchini - ideal for the last meal. At night you can drink half a cup of yogurt.

You can then enter boiled or baked potatoesand by Sunday treat yourself to a breakfast bun. Having completed a full cycle of withdrawal from the diet, you can return to the usual diet. And it is better to reconsider it: did something cause the appearance of excess weight? The diet needs to be made balanced, switch to proper nutrition and love yourself. Contrasting showers, baths, massages, wraps are all welcome, as it allows you to create and maintain a positive attitude.

Further weight retention depends on two reasons: compliance with daily caloric and physical activity. Instead of sport (if it is not at all compatible with life principles), you can do breathing exercises. Some treadmills prefer oksisayz or bodyfleks that you can do at home.

Hollywood Diet: Important Notes

Any change in eating habits can cause malaise. Hollywood diet is no exception. She is very strict, tough and unbalanced. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to sit on it for more than two weeks. Low-carb diet can provoke weakness, depressive states, weaken the nervous system, cause irritability.

A large number of eggs, which will have to eat for a week or two, is dangerous for people with elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, it is better to be safe and pass the tests.

Eating oranges and drinking coffee on an empty stomach is strictly prohibited to those who suffer from high blood pressure, gastritis, stomach ulcers or have problems with the pancreas. You should find another, safer option for weight loss.

Unbalanced diets are dangerous because they limit the supply of vital minerals, vitamins, microelements and amino acids from food. Therefore, taking multivitamin complexes during the Hollywood diet is required.

Some people do not like coffee, and in fact the diet prescribes to drink it every day! Not necessarily, but only if you are a born coffee lover. Tea lovers can easily replace a cup of espresso with a glass of green tea - natural or flavored. If you treat coffee and tea equally, you can simply alternate them.

If the results of the diet are very good, and strict restrictions do not cause much discomfort, you should not be tempted to continue the low-carb marathon. Between a fully completed seven or fourteen day cycle, at least three months must pass! This time the body needs to fully recover.

Violation threatens to fail metabolic processes and serious health hazards.

Better to maintain the results achieved.

In the end, these are exactly what Hollywood beauties do all their lives: Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zelweger.

Slim for 2 weeks

You will not have to exhaust yourself with prolonged starvation, because the duration of a “hollywood” is only 14 days. Its basis - reducing the total caloric intake of food. Approximate rate per day is only 600-700 kcal. And the basic rules are:

  1. The basis will be foods rich in protein - meat, fish, eggs, and fruits, containing a large amount of fiber.
  2. Salt and sugar will have to be discarded, even for sugar, which is part of the products.
  3. Alcohol is a taboo, because it is he who contributes to an increase in appetite. But water and tea can be drunk a lot, 1.5-2 liters will help the body maintain water balance.
  4. For the entire time of the Hollywood weight loss system, you need to cancel breakfasts (if you need to lose weight quickly) or have nothing but ½ grapefruit and sugar-free green tea.
  5. Cooking can only be steamed, boiled and baked, but not fried. The use of any oil is prohibited.

The results are really amazing, already in the first week you will be able to lose about 6 kg in total.

Approximate diet

The original Hollywood diet is an unbalanced, but very tasty food system, which is very popular with the stars. After all, you can enjoy such favorite delicacies like oysters or pineapples. But for our conditions, the diet was slightly adjusted, because the same oysters (fresh and tasty) are either not affordable for everyone, or their freshness leaves much to be desired.

This menu is quite acceptable for our women, and all products are absolutely available.

Lunch: quail eggs - 2 pieces, tomato - 1 piece, black coffee - 1 h.

Dinner: egg - 1 pc, vegetables, grapefruit - 1 pc.

Lunch: egg - 1 pc, grapefruit - 1 pc, green tea - 1 h.

Dinner: a portion of low-fat beef (boiled) - 200 g, fresh cucumber - 1 pc, coffee.

Lunch: egg - 1 pc, tomato - 1 pc, green tea.

Dinner: a piece of baked beef - 200 g, cucumber - 1 pc, coffee.

Lunch: cucumber salad, whole grapefruit, coffee.

Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese - 200 g, chicken egg - 1 pc, tea.

Lunch: quail egg - 2 pieces, cabbage salad, coffee.

Dinner: a portion of baked or boiled lean fish - 200 g, salad, tea.

Lunch: fruit salad (apple, grapefruit, orange).

Dinner: beef meat - 200 g, cucumber - 1 pc, coffee.

Lunch: boiled chicken meat - 200 g, green salad, whole orange, tea.

Dinner: fruit salad.

Increasing the duration of the diet is not recommended, because the imbalance of nutrition and its low calorie content will affect the general state of health, causing weakness, headaches and fatigue.

Repeat the "Hollywood" can be no more than 3 months.

The main advantage, of course, is that you can lose those extra pounds relatively quickly, and the rejection of salt, sugar and other products will help clean the body of toxins. But it is worth remembering that such experiments adversely affect the state of the immune system, so you need to supplement the diet with vitamins.

Reviews of ordinary women and even famous stars indicate that the results of the Hollywood diet will soon bring visible results, which means that after 2 weeks you will look slimmer and more confident in yourself.

Now the question of how to lose weight quickly, will not disturb you. Competently and wisely approach any food system aimed at reducing weight, and soon you will definitely get the expected result.

Hollywood Diet Rules

  • Lack of breakfast. If it is very difficult or there are any contraindications, then you can 1 cup of herbal or green tea without sugar and half a juicy, tasty grapefruit.
  • Cooking is allowed only steamed or baked in the oven. To fry and use rast. Oil is prohibited.
  • Meal is strictly according to the scheme.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • Drink mineral, purified water in the amount of 2 liters per day. Possible replacement for green tea.

The meaning of the Hollywood diet lies in its effective removal of fat reserves and excess fluid from the body. Results can reach within a week minus 7 kg of excess weight. Also, the advantage of this type of weight loss is the healing and cleansing of the whole organism.

Other recipes for Slender living :

History of

The emergence of such a "magic" way to lose weight Hollywood stars are obliged to dietary consultant Jamie Kabler (Jamie Kabler). Having passed the program of detox and weight correction in the European SPA-center, in December 1997 he presented one of the options for a rigid but very effective carbohydrate-free diet. This diet is different from other incredibly low calorie, which allows you to quickly get rid of extra pounds.

The essence of the Hollywood diet

Rapid weight loss using the method of American celebrities is based on a strict restriction of fats and carbohydrates. Mostly protein diet helps to preserve muscle mass and remove excess fluid from the body.

Proteins guarantee weight loss in a short time, but in the future it is necessary to competently get out of such a diet, monitor the calorie content of the products included in the daily diet, do not abuse sweet and fatty foods.

Reducing caloric intake to 600–800 kcal per day (instead of 900–1200 kcal recommended by WHO) leads to a weight loss of 6–10 kg depending on the starting weight, the structure of adipose tissue and the time of use of the Hollywood diet.

There are two types of "star" diet: within 7 or 14 days. The second option is to repeat the same weekly menu.

Opinion of nutritionists

Most experts in sports and diet are critical in relation to such severe calorie restriction and the unbalanced diet of the Hollywood diet. They are recalled negatively and on the exclusion of breakfast from the daily diet, which should start the metabolism in the morning and stimulate its speed during the day. A cup of unsweetened green tea or half a grapefruit is not the best solution, and such a breakfast is contraindicated for people with gastrointestinal problems.

The rest of the professionals allow short-term use of the Hollywood diet as the most effective way to move from a high-calorie diet to a balanced diet.


Голливудская диета не подходит людям, страдающим заболеваниями почек. Интенсивное белковое питание, которое исключает углеводную пищу, может стать опасным для любого человека с гастритом или панкреатитом. Исключить такой способ похудения придётся и тем, кто склонен к аллергии из-за большого содержания яиц, апельсинов и других антигенов, провоцирующих негативные реакции. You can not stick to the Hollywood diet:

  • pregnant and lactating
  • people with diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems,
  • in adolescence,
  • during illness or rehabilitation after surgery.

Weight loss rules

How do celebrities eat when they need to lose weight? They adhere to many restrictions and prohibitions:

  • reception of any type of alcohol, including cooking with products containing alcohol, is excluded,
  • the lack of breakfast will appeal to those who are accustomed to do without it, others are advised to drink green tea without sugar or to feast on half a grapefruit,
  • during the diet, there is a taboo on flour and sweet, white bread, pasta, vegetables with a high content of starch (potatoes, yams and others),
  • food must be prepared without the use of oils: boil, bake, steam or grill,
  • sweets, desserts (not from fruit), drinks with sugar or sweeteners are not recommended; occasionally you can afford 1 teaspoon of honey or 1–2 pcs. dried fruits
  • salt is completely excluded.
Fried foods are completely excluded from the diet menu.

Product Selection Principles

To diet was effective, you need to adhere to the basic principles of product selection:

  • high-quality proteins (lean meat, fish, cottage cheese, egg white),
  • the minimum amount of healthy fats (cold-pressed olive oil for salad),
  • some carbohydrates contained in the gifts of nature - fruits, berries and vegetables,
  • food rich in fiber.

Diet for 14 days with breakfast

Beloved by many film stars, Elizabeth Taylor dumped from 3 to 6 kilograms a week, eating daily:

  • in the morning - 1 orange and a handful of non-starchy fruit,
  • in the afternoon - chicken meat without skin (150 g) and assorted vegetables (cucumbers and tomatoes),
  • in the evening - lean meat and a small toast of whole-grain bread.

This diet can be used for 14 days, including instead of chicken meat turkey meat, beef, fish or seafood.

Cons diets: what pitfalls need to be considered

Among the disadvantages of the Hollywood diet is the following:

  1. Lack of salt, which leads first to the loss of fluid, and then to excessive dehydration of the body (dehydration) and impaired water-salt balance.
  2. The lack of carbohydrates in the diet causes a lack of energy, loss of strength, reduced mental and physical activity, concentration, memory loss and performance. You may experience unexpected weakness, apathy, depression, insomnia, as well as nervousness or drowsiness.
  3. Lack of fat - the cause of the deterioration of the nails and hair, flabbiness of the skin and painful type of face.
  4. An excess of animal protein in the diet can cause an increase in cholesterol in the blood and its thickening.
  5. Lack of vitamins and many macro-and micronutrients is harmful to the body, so nutritionists recommend compensating it with taking vitamin-mineral supplements.
  6. Caffeine in coffee and tea can cause disorders of the cardiovascular system.

How to return to the usual diet

Completing the main weekly or two-week meals, you need to gradually move to a healthy menu. All harmful products that cause weight gain (sweet, fat, flour) will continue to be banned. The first 3 days we start the morning with liquid porridges on the water, 1 whole-grain toast and 2 slices of cheese (low-fat). At lunch, gradually add vegetable, and then fish and meat soups on the secondary broth with a small piece of meat or fish. For dinner - vegetable salad with a slice of boiled chicken breast. Fruit, cottage cheese with raisins, ryazhenka with a banana - snacks for a second breakfast. Sugar and salt continue to limit for the sake of body shape and health.

As soon as salty dishes appear on the table, 1–2 kilograms of excess weight will return with them. Therefore, the transition to the usual diet should be gradually.

Photos of the stars that have lost weight with the Hollywood diet

The well-known actress Kate Winslet, who played the role of seventeen-year-old Rosa Dewitt in the movie “Titanic,” lost 20 kg with the help of a Hollywood diet. Kate claims that, despite her new weight, she loves herself in any body, and the graceful figure acquired by her own efforts stimulates further improvement.

Popular singer and actress Britney Spears has repeatedly struggled with being overweight. The star claims that those extra pounds are more difficult to lose than to collect them. Reflection in a mirror with an ugly body makes you feel insecure. Hollywood diet helped Britney to get rid of 25 extra pounds, which allows the celebrity to feel much better than before.

Actress Renee Zellweger more than once had to gain and lose weight in a movie. Rene used many different diets for weight loss, and also underwent rehabilitation in clinics to get rid of excess weight after the next shootings. Hollywood diet allowed celebrities to lose weight by 10 kg without extra effort and painful feelings of hunger.

Analyzing the pros and cons of the Hollywood diet, it is worth noting that it does not comply with the rules of healthy eating. Considering one of the options hard but effective means for losing weight, it does not solve the overall problem of the appearance of extra pounds. If a person has only 5-6 kg in excess, then you can drop them in the Hollywood way, but within 1-2 months this weight will definitely come back. The cardinal solution for obesity is only a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Recommendations for the diet of the Hollywood diet:

  1. Breakfast throughout the 14 days of the diet should be excluded (in some less rigid versions of the Hollywood diet, breakfast may consist of a cup of green tea or a cup of coffee and half a grapefruit - according to well-established or unsupported opinion, this fruit resolves cellulite).
  2. Bread, pastries, vegetables and fruits high in starch should be completely excluded for the duration of the diet.
  3. Alcohol and all alcoholic beverages and foods are prohibited throughout the 14 days of the Hollywood diet.
  4. Sugar and all its derivatives should be completely excluded (you can add carbohydrate-free sugar substitutes).
  5. All food must be cooked without the use of fat and oil (only boil or steam).
  6. Like some other fast diets, such as the French diet, the Hollywood diet requires a complete rejection of salt and all sorts of brines.

Menu on the 7th and 14th day of the Hollywood diet

  • Lunch: boiled chicken (200 grams), cabbage or cucumber salad, grapefruit or orange, a cup of coffee (green tea)
  • Dinner: fruit salad: apple, orange and grapefruit

It is the Hollywood diet that allows you to lose weight quickly, subject to several simple restrictions. Moreover, there are no restrictions on raw foods in salads - cabbage of any kind (it can be regular white cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli) and cucumbers can be eaten in any quantities. In some cases, coffee can be completely excluded from the diet with its replacement with green tea or plain water - because The diet was developed in America, where a cup of coffee has become almost a national tradition - most likely this is the reason for its presence in the diet in large quantities. The absence of salt in the prepared food will contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body, which can give a significant weight loss (up to 1.5 kg per day) on the first two days of the diet.

Features of the Hollywood Diet

The diet in this diet is quite scarce, but it is thought out to the maximum by medical specialists and nutritionists who serve Hollywood stars. It is not recommended to change the diet, as this may adversely affect the result of losing weight and your health. The main rule of the diet - a hearty breakfast. Lunch and dinner can be easily missed, but breakfast should be as satisfying as possible (as part of the diet, of course).


I give a detailed menu of food for a week, in the future you will repeat it (for the two remaining weeks).

1st day
Breakfast. Two soft-boiled eggs and a cup of black coffee without sugar.

Dinner. Salad from fresh vegetables and greens.

Dinner. One grapefruit.

2nd day
Breakfast. 150 grams of boiled beef and a cup of black coffee without sugar.

Dinner. One egg and one cucumber.

Dinner. One grapefruit.

3rd day
Breakfast. 150 grams of lean steamed beef and a cup of black coffee without sugar.

Dinner. One soft-boiled egg, one tomato and one cucumber.

Dinner. One grapefruit.

4th day
Breakfast. 150 grams of cottage cheese and one soft-boiled egg, a cup of black coffee without sugar.

Dinner. Fresh fruit salad and stewed spinach.

Dinner. One grapefruit.

5th day
Breakfast. 200 grams of steamed salmon and a cup of black coffee without sugar.

Dinner. One soft-boiled egg, braised spinach.

Dinner. A fresh vegetable salad.

6th day
Breakfast. 150 grams of boiled beef and a cup of black coffee without sugar.

Dinner. Fruit salad.

Dinner. One cucumber.

7th day
Breakfast. 200 grams of boiled peeled shrimp and orange.

Dinner. Vegetable vegetarian soup, orange.

Dinner. Fruit salad.

The diet is not very tight, but I assure you that there is no feeling of hunger as such. Hunger will be present only in the first two days, but if you can hold out these days, then it will be easier and hunger will go on. In general, the diet does not bother at all and it is easy to sit on it.

If you have any gastric diseases, then I recommend replacing black coffee with green tea. In terms of efficiency, it will be almost the same, but on health, green tea, unlike black coffee, only has a positive effect.