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How to choose a good bandage for pregnant women?


Very often, gynecologists in the period of carrying a baby recommend a bandage for pregnant women. How to choose this supporting product, and will there be any complications when wearing it?

Some believe that it is really necessary both for the health of the future mom and the baby. But there are opponents of this, because wearing a bandage can harm an unborn child. In order for this not to happen, it is important to know who can wear it, how to choose the right size, and what to look for when choosing.

What is a bandage?

In order to know how to choose the right bandage for pregnant women, it is worth finding out what it is. This is a corset, belt, shorts or panties that perform the function of supporting the belly during the period of gestation of the baby, as well as after delivery.

Since the tummy of the expectant mother increases with the term, wearing a special bandage can somewhat reduce the load on the back. In addition, it also has a therapeutic effect, because it helps the fetus to take the correct position and prevents early lowering of the abdomen. Many mommies say that the bandage prevents the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, which appear in almost every woman at the time of carrying the baby.

Knowing the features and functions of the product, which one is better to choose a bandage for pregnant women? It all depends on personal preference and the size of the abdomen. It should be noted that no obstetrician-gynecologist will give mandatory prescriptions for wearing a bandage, he can only advise wearing it in some cases, but the woman always has the choice.

The functions of the supporting product are as follows:

  • reduction of the load on the spine (with strong physical exertion, pregnancy, osteochondrosis, and spinal curvature),
  • fixing the fetus in the correct position (the child must take a position in the tummy, in which he lies head down),
  • Improving the well-being of future moms (all this is associated with a decrease in the severity of the growing and increasing abdomen),
  • prevention of the formation of stretch marks and premature lowering of the abdomen,
  • reduction of painful symptoms in the formation of an umbilical hernia,
  • support of the baby in case of low presentation or with the threat of miscarriage,
  • reduction of pain after cesarean section or other lane abdominal operations.

Types of bandages

To decide which is better to choose a prenatal bandage for pregnant women, it is necessary to get acquainted with its types and types. All supporting products can be divided into several groups.

  1. Prenatal. This is a supporting structure made of durable tape, which often looks like a belt or panty. Thus, the pressure on the lumbar area is reduced and the expectant mother’s growing belly is supported. Often these products have a high waist and do not squeeze the baby. Prenatal bandages can also have the appearance of seamless shorts of various designs, but they are intended only for wearing in the cold season. The best option is a belt with a fixing sticky tape on the abdomen, which is selected depending on the size and fits perfectly. There are also various designer models with corset lacing.
  2. Postpartum. These are products that are intended to be worn during the postpartum or postoperative period. Thus, the rehabilitation process is accelerated, the muscles of the abdominal cavity, the skin and internal organs recover faster. But they prescribe wearing such supporting structures only on an individual basis, based on the characteristics of the body and the state of health of the woman during pregnancy and delivery.
  3. Universal or combined. In order to know how to choose a bandage for pregnant women, it is worth knowing the features of these supporting structures. Along with prenatal and postnatal products, there are also combined ones that can be worn both before and after the birth of a baby. This is a double-sided belt with orthopedic stiffening ribs, the degree of stretching which is controlled while wearing. Such a supporting element is chosen in order to save, as it combines two types at once.

From what time of pregnancy can and is it worth wearing a bandage?

Before you choose a prenatal bandage for pregnant women, you need to know how long it is best to wear it. The duration and time when it is recommended to wear a supporting corset, is appointed taking into account the health status of the future mother, taking into account all pathologies that may affect the fetus.

Most often, the bandage is prescribed for carrying pregnant women, starting from the fifth month, when the belly is actively growing and pain in the pelvis appears. You can wear it before delivery and after the birth of the baby.

When is it recommended to wear a bandage?

  • pregnancy after thirty years (at this age, the skin of a woman becomes less elastic, so wearing a supporting product will help prevent stretch marks and improve the well-being of the future mommy),
  • weak abdominal muscles,
  • problems with the spine of the mother (in this case, an excessive load on the back can lead to additional problems),
  • the second pregnancy, especially at delivery by Cesarean section in the first case,
  • multiple pregnancy,
  • pathology of the cervix, which can not withstand the increased load during pregnancy,
  • increased physical activity during pregnancy.

How to choose?

What is the best bandage for pregnant women to choose? The reviews are ambiguous in this case, but both specialists and future mothers agree on one thing - it is better to make a purchase in a pharmacy or a specialty store. The selection takes into account the anatomical features of the woman, her circumference of the hips and abdomen.

What to look for when choosing?

  1. Material production should be only natural (cotton and a minimum of artificial fibers that will ensure the product elasticity).
  2. It is better not to take second-hand products, because it is stretched while wearing and no longer fulfills its supporting function by 100%.
  3. A fitting is a must-have when buying (the future mom should be comfortable in the bandage, the retainers, the seams and the fasteners should not press down).
  4. Reviews, what to choose a bandage for pregnant women, play an important role, but, first of all, we must rely on their own feelings.
  5. Price category (if the product is made from natural materials that do not cause allergic manifestations, it can not be cheap, but you should not overpay for the brand either.

How to wear?

In order to know how to choose a bandage for pregnant women by size, you need to measure the parameters of the expectant mother. The circumference of her belly and thighs is taken into account. If this is the second pregnancy of the woman, and with the first she gained more than 10 kg in weight, then you should take a supporting corset one size larger.

The bandage is put on only in a horizontal position. Clamps or velcro are located in the area below the abdomen, so that the expectant mother can easily unfasten it. When putting on or wearing a woman should not feel discomfort.

Also, gynecologists advise not to wear it all the time, and every three hours to remove it or unbutton it for a certain time. Constant wearing of a bandage can lead to a decrease in the motor activity of the future baby and impaired blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

How to wear a bandage?

To any product, including the bandage, there is an instruction. With her certainly need to read. Along with universal recommendations, each manufacturer gives its own. It is important to read them before choosing and wearing a bandage for pregnant women.

Any bandage should not be worn constantly, it should be removed at night, and during the day you should also take rest in wearing. Feelings of pressure when wearing should not occur. You can sit or lie in a bandage, but this is inconvenient.

Wearing a bandage is often prescribed from the 20th or 16th week, but if the pregnancy proceeds well, then you can start wearing it from the 28th week. Often women wear a supporting corset during physical activity or during house cleaning. It is important to understand that it is impossible to manufacture a supporting product on your own, since only production experts know all the subtleties. In addition, such products must comply with all quality certificates and pass the appropriate tests.

Who can not wear a bandage?

Despite the fact that they wear a supporting corset, many pregnant women, in some cases, it may not help but harm. Before you choose a bandage for pregnant women, it is important to consider all the individual characteristics of the body of the future mother.

One of the contraindications is allergy. With the appearance of various allergic manifestations on the skin of the abdomen to wear a bandage is impossible. To avoid this, it is worth choosing products of famous brands that have proven themselves in the market for years.

The bandage should not be too narrow to prevent the baby from squeezing in the womb, and also not to disturb the blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Bandage is not recommended in the following cases:

  • reaction of an allergic or other nature to the material of manufacture (itching, rash, eczema),
  • tumor in the pelvic area, in which compression is not recommended,
  • increased puffiness and impaired kidney function during pregnancy,
  • violations in the digestive tract.

Appointments for wearing a bandage are made only by a specialist, taking into account the peculiarities of a woman’s pregnancy.

Overview of popular models of bandages

Which is better to choose a bandage for pregnant women? Experts recommend to give preference only to reputable manufacturers. Consider the brands that are most popular among women.

  1. "Fest" - the most popular company that manufactures bandages, all products, the names of which are many, correspond to quality certificates (the company produces not only bandages, but also panties, and bras for nursing mothers).
  2. Orlett is a company that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality orthopedic products and medical devices, among which there are supporting corsets.
  3. "Orto" - produces a variety of models of antenatal and postnatal bandages.
  4. Mama Comfort - the company specializes in universal support corsets of various modifications.
  5. Bliss - produces high quality underwear and bandages in various variations.
  6. Well - the company produces not only medical equipment, but also various medical products, including bandages.
  7. "Anita" - a wide range of bandages, characterized by high functionality.

These products can be of different colors, but all of them, regardless of brand, are made of high-tech materials (cotton, viscose, elastane, polyester, microfiber, lycra, polyamide). It is impossible to answer the question which manufacturer is better, since every woman chooses according to her own preferences. It is important that he meets all quality requirements.

Reviews of women who wore bandage during pregnancy

It is the recommendations of buyers and future mothers will help to understand the shortcomings and advantages of certain models, before choosing the right bandage for pregnant women. Some young mothers note that most models of bandages are made for women of medium or large stature, therefore, it is more difficult to find a suitable product for skinny women. Manufacturer Emma Jane manufactures small sizes of supporting corsets that are durable and have a long service life.

Many pregnant women note that budget models rub, move out of the place of fixation and quickly stretch, therefore they do not fulfill their supporting function in full size. Some also note the positive characteristics of orthopedic models with ribs on the back, especially with a strong load on the spine. According to reviews of mothers, they significantly reduce pain with a growing belly of a pregnant woman.

Women also note that universal models are the best option, since the bandage can be useful after delivery.

Price category of products

Price category depends on several factors that need to be considered before choosing the right bandage for pregnant women: the size and type of product, which depends on individual preferences, manufacturer and material of manufacture.

Domestic models, as a rule, are cheaper than their foreign counterparts. But this does not mean that they are of lower quality, they are not taxed during transportation. Therefore, you should not choose a product based on the price. Moreover, even with the delivery of the bandage, many online stores provide an opportunity to try on the supporting product to the expectant mother before purchase.

Before you choose a bandage for pregnant women, it is important to consider many factors. Also it is necessary to be guided by the advice of experts. You also need to remember that wearing a bandage, even prescribed by a gynecologist to a pregnant woman, is not necessary all the time, but periodically, most often when walking or increased physical exertion.

Bandage for pregnant women which company is better to buy

According to the analysis of popular manufacturers of bandages for women in the "position", the following can be highlighted:

  • Trives - the company produces orthopedic products, compression hosiery and medical products. It uses only skin-friendly, breathable materials, always equips bandages with stiffeners and makes them invisible under clothing.
  • Fest - products of this brand are recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists of Russia, recognized as safe and reliable. The brand has both prenatal and postnatal, and universal bandages for pregnant women.
  • Fosta - This brand belongs to the American manufacturer Irufa Industrial Group KO.LTD. You can buy it without any problems in pharmacies or online stores. Products from this company have a good value for money.
  • Bliss - The company boasts a huge assortment and variety of types of bandages - cowards, corsets, belts. In its assortment there are products of both classic white and beige color, and practical black ones.
  • Orlett - the manufacturer specializes in the production of orthoses and bandages, for pregnant women he does not have very many offers, but the product is sold in several colors, in a wide range of sizes and made partly from natural fabrics (cotton, latex).

The budget brands in our ranking are Fosta, Fest and Trives, while Bliss and Orlett offer premium products.

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Rating of the best bandages for pregnant women

This TOP is based on real reviews of pregnant women and mothers that have already taken place. When analyzing them, we took into account the attitude of women to the following indicators:

  • Quality,
  • View,
  • Colour,
  • Safety and hypoallergenicity,
  • Elasticity,
  • Versatility and practicality in wearing
  • Ease of care
  • Wear resistance
  • Comfort to use,
  • Belt height and fit,
  • Efficiency - elimination of pain, prevention of stretch marks and diastasis, etc.

Rating for convenience was divided by types of products - in the category of the best prenatal, postnatal and universal bandages.

Trives T-1118

The bandage is made in the form of a belt, is inexpensive, has excellent quality, is sewn of safe fabrics, there is very little polyester in the composition. He is well supported by the stomach of a woman, but at the same time does not press on him. The lack of complex fasteners on it makes it practical to use, and the available Velcro is adjustable in width and comfortable. However, the need for this rarely arises, since the manufacturer has several sizes - 44, 46, 48, 50 (RU).


  • Misses the air,
  • Durable buckle,
  • Adjustment of the degree of fixation
  • Reducing the load on the lower back due to two stiffeners
  • Invisibility under clothing
  • Dim color.


  • Plastic stiffeners.

The Trives T-1118 prenatal bandage for pregnant women is safe even for women with sensitive skin and allergies. It does not cause irritation, redness and itching, even with prolonged wear.

average price: 1000 rub.

FEST 19411

In the TOP, this option stands out because of the convenience for the mother and its practicality. Such a bandage has a huge plus - you can safely wear it instead of shorts and look aesthetically pleasing due to the lace and soft white or beige color. It is not very tall, and allows the skin of the abdomen to breathe freely.

The product, according to reviews of pregnant women, does not press anywhere, therefore irritation from its regular wear is excluded. In the reviews indicate the elasticity of the fabric, for which the manufacturer had to add a little artificial material in the form of polyamide, but this does not affect the safety of the baby and the woman.


  • Well supported belly,
  • Comfortable to wear
  • High-quality tailoring,
  • Elastic,
  • Long maintain washing
  • Не растягиваются со временем.


  • Нужно стирать каждый день,
  • Светлый цвет.

При неправильной фиксации липучек у дородового бандажа для беременных «ФЭСТ 19411» жесткие крючки могут натереть кожу.

Средняя цена: 850 руб.

Лучшие послеродовые бандажи

These products have slightly different goals than antenatal ones - they are designed to reduce pain in the back and abdomen after childbirth, to accelerate the recovery of the shape of the abdomen and muscles after diastasis. Only the best postpartum bandages presented in this rating can cope with this.

This product helps to tighten the abdomen after childbirth and prevent the navel from protruding. This contributes to the considerable height of the belt, which covers the entire abdomen and at the same time does not create discomfort in the sock. In it you can walk comfortably for several hours a day, the skin breathes, does not irritate and does not redden. This is a merit of the natural composition of fabrics, in which more than 50% is occupied by viscose and cotton.

The bandage belt "FEST 1248" is universal because of the wide size range - 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52 (RU), therefore even full women will find a suitable option for themselves. There are bones, taking the load on themselves, and reliable Velcro, which do not allow the product to disperse on the body.


  • Belt adjustment
  • Suitable for use after cesarean section
  • High landing
  • Securely on the body
  • Many sizes
  • Adequate cost.


  • Below it can be hot, especially in summer.

The bandage-belt “FEST 1248” has an optimal ratio of price and quality, easily tolerates washing and is worn for months without wearing out.

average price: 1050 rub.

Trives T-1222

A real find for moms will be this bandage at a low price. It has a standard look - a few plastic and velcro bones, which allow it to confidently hold on to the body. With its help, the stomach is maintained in a comfortable position and no discomfort arises. There are no complaints about the quality of tailoring, the fabrics here, at least partially and synthetic, are easy to maintain and are worn for a long time.

Women who gave birth may be confused by the prevalence of synthetics over natural materials that someone would consider a minus. But this is precisely what prevents it from absorbing sweat and increases the wear resistance of the product. The belt does not slip from the abdomen, supports muscles in tone and unloads the back. It is invisible under loose clothing, and does not spoil the appearance.


  • Width,
  • Good fit to the skin
  • High density
  • Strength,
  • Large Velcro.


Trives T-1222 can be worn comfortably at any time of the year, it perfectly tolerates the negative effects of moisture, water, etc.

average price: 850 rub.

The best universal bandages for pregnant women

This is the most practical option, because for one cost a woman gets two in one - prenatal and postnatal bandage. In the period of carrying a child, it is worn on one side, and after the baby is born, it is turned over. In this category, the best were 3 universal bandages for pregnant women.

Fosta F 7651

The rating would be incomplete without this universal bandage, made in the form of a convenient belt. It has an optimal width that allows it to be used effectively both during pregnancy and after childbirth. It has reliable velcro for fixing the product on the body, a mesh that allows the skin to breathe, and a tight fringe that does not allow it to fold.

The elasticity of the belt allows it to be worn by a pregnant woman on a vest, although this is not required due to its softness and hypoallergenicity. Itching and redness from it almost never occurs. He has two working parties, one for women in the "position", the other for already established mothers, which helps to save a lot. Girls celebrate relief in the back after wearing a bandage.


  • Availability for sale,
  • Low price,
  • Does not interfere with the skin to breathe,
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Good belly support.


The universal bandage for pregnant women "Fosta F 7651" has the best price in our rating.

average price: 650 rub.

This model leaves many competitors far behind because of its reliable fixation of the back and abdomen before and after childbirth. It consists of two parts, at the top there is a special insert with regard to the figure. With its help, the figure is modeled, it is easier for the child to take a correct position in the uterus, the muscles do not diverge and are not deformed during the period when the baby is born.

Bandage pants Bliss 103 reduce pain in the back of a pregnant woman and after childbirth, reduce the load on the lower back. If necessary, they can be easily moved to the stomach and just below, so as not to pass it. Over the entire surface, they have small holes that allow air to pass through to the skin, which prevents it from overheating and sweating. Customers are especially pleased with the wide range of sizes and availability of the product in black.


  • Fixing the back in the correct position
  • Do not interfere with movement
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Air Breathable Fabric
  • Skin comfort.


The bandage pants “Bliss 103” help well with diastase (divergence of the abdominal muscles) and prevent stretching.

average price: 900 rub.

Orlett MS-99

Officially, this bandage is intended for use during childbirth, but in fact it is successfully applied after delivery. He deserves a good mark because of 4 bones instead of two, which competitors usually equip their products. This further enhances the protection of the back and abdomen from stress, while movements are not constrained. Velcro large enough and reliable, strictly fix the belt on the woman.

The Orlett MS-99 model is sold in several sizes - from 42 to 54 Russian, which makes it one of the largest. Its elasticity makes it possible to use the belt even with larger hips. The choice is available in two colors - white and beige. The fabric contains both synthetic materials and natural materials, which makes it practical and durable.


  • Supports all parts of the back and thoracic spine,
  • Reduces the likelihood of intercostal neuralgia,
  • Large size range,
  • There is a passport of the product,
  • 23 cm high
  • Does not interfere with living a normal life
  • Does not violate blood circulation.


Reviews show that for 3-5 months of regular wearing of a bandage during pregnancy, Orlett MS-99 retains the appearance of almost a new thing, does not stretch and does not fade.

average price: 2240 rub.

Which bandage is better to choose pregnant

Antenatal bandage will be more effective to support the back, if the back height of the back is increased. To adjust the degree of support for the abdomen, an additional screed should be provided. In order to exclude hernias, omission of internal organs and stretch marks, you should pay attention to products with 2-4 stiffeners.

It is better to choose fabrics with semi-natural composition, with the presence of synthetics, so that they stretch and wear for a long time. It is important here and strict compliance with the size of the hips. Underpants are more comfortable for wearing under clothes, and belts at home. Be sure to have reliable velcro for fixing on the figure.

When choosing a suitable option from this rating, you should consider the following nuances:

  • After giving birth to large women, Orlett MS-99 products will help out.
  • With a mild diastasis, Bliss helps well.
  • Pregnant or already born with sensitive skin should pay attention to Fosta F 7651.
  • You can use the Trives T-1222 or FEST 1248 model to relieve your back after childbirth, eliminate discomfort and minimize vertebral hernia.
  • For those who do not like belts and who seek practicality, it is best to choose the pants FEST 19411, which sit confidently on the hips and perform their function 100%.
  • In late terms, in the third trimester, the Trives T-1118 belt will be relevant.

We have described all the best models of bandages for pregnant women, selecting them according to real reviews. Which of them will be more comfortable and efficient for you, it can be said only after receiving personal experience. Among the prenatal, the highest rating can be given to Trives T-1118, postpartum - FEST 1248, universal - Orlett MS-99. Have a good choice!

How to choose a bandage

There are several types of medical devices for pregnant women. All of them must meet the following requirements:

  1. hypoallergenic material
  2. anatomical forms
  3. high-quality tailoring,
  4. wear performance
  5. ease of putting on and taking off,
  6. convenience of washing and drying.

The bandage must be hidden under the outfit and fit perfectly in size, otherwise it will squeeze the stomach. Before using the product, you need to talk with your doctor and discuss the need to wear tissue construction. Sometimes it is contraindicated in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Buy goods are advised only in specialized stores. The choice of fabric construction will help the rating of the best tires, compiled on the basis of the above characteristics and customer reviews.

The best prenatal bandage for pregnant women

The prenatal band is produced by manufacturers most often in the form of corsets. This is due to their beneficial properties and ease of wearing. Such an orthopedic product can save a pregnant woman from unpleasant pain and sensations. To wear such a bandage begins in 2-3 trimester, when the stomach is already beginning to acquire or has already taken the desired shape. The product contributes to the correct development of the fetus, keeps all the internal organs in the right position and reduces the load on the spine. As a result, a woman even in the last periods feels comfortable and does not feel pain in the lower back, which is often observed in girls who do not wear a antenatal bandage. Another argument in favor of buying such a product is preventing the formation of stretch marks on the skin. Rating the best antenatal bandages will help make the right choice.

4 FEST 1444

For more than a year, the prenatal bandage in the form of a belt from a Russian manufacturer has been pleasing mommies. Adjustable belt and velcro make it convenient to use, no need to spend a lot of time on its fixation. The manufacturer offers women three colors of the bandage, suitable for any clothing and mood: classic white, practical black and romantic pale pink. You can wear it on top of clothes or under it.

Experts recommend that pregnant women wear a bandage while in a horizontal position, which guarantees the most correct fixation of muscles and internal organs. Perforation on the product ensures normal breathing of the skin and the prevention of the unpleasant feeling of the "greenhouse". Especially recommended to wear this belt lovers of active lifestyles, who are on their feet for more than three hours. In customer reviews, they note that this model is perfectly fixed on the back, eliminating the discomfort and giving ease when moving.

3 Medela 200.08

Elastic support belt for pregnant women from the company Medela - a great budget find. The color palette and wide size range will delight any woman, no matter what volume she has. The absence of seams makes the model very comfortable, because nothing will dig into the skin and leave unpleasant traces. Maximum adherence to the body and a slight thickness of the material makes the belt invisible under tight clothing. Microfiber does not cause allergic reactions and other irritations of the delicate skin of a woman.

Special translucent inserts on the front of the product eliminate the possibility of squeezing the abdomen, and the compacted opposite part creates additional support for the pregnant woman from the back, giving a feeling of comfort and reliability. At first glance it may seem that the product does not allow air, but it is not. The model can be washed in a typewriter, which is a great advantage, it is well worn, does not lose its shape and external consumer qualities for a long time. Judging by the women's reviews, this is the best antenatal bandage in the "price-quality" ratio.

2 Tonus Elast 0008

The bandage for pregnant women made in Latvia is made in the form of a corset and has a comfortable Velcro fastener. It is made of cotton jersey, does not cause allergies on the skin and is very convenient to use. The wide ribbon, comfortable shape and classic appearance - all this combines the bandage TONUS ELAST 0008. Made in white.

  • nice and high quality material
  • comfort when using,
  • pleasant sensations on the skin
  • good orthopedic effect
  • perfectly prevents stretch marks
  • optimal cost.

The best universal bandage for pregnant women

The rating of the best bandages could not do without a separate category dedicated to universal products. They have this name because of its versatility. The possibility of using this type of bungee both during pregnancy and after childbirth make them especially popular in the market. When buying a universal bandage, the girl saves money and time, because she does not need to choose two different products. Orthopedic properties provide good health of mother and child before delivery, and after them contribute to the rapid recovery of the female form.

3 Mama Comfort Ideal Universal

The bandage of the Russian production differs in optimum cost and a good ratio of the price and quality. It has a universal purpose, made of polyamide and elastane, which easily take the form of the stomach, regardless of its size. It can be used before and after childbirth by simply turning the bandage upside down. The product helps to reduce the load on the spine and reduce unpleasant pain in the back and lower back.

  • low price,
  • elastic materials
  • reliable fastener
  • wide size range

  • much visible under the clothes
  • not very comfortable feeling when using,
  • too tight.

2 Orlett MS-96

Universal bandage Orlett MS-96 perfectly copes with its tasks, both before and after childbirth. Judging by the reviews, it really prevents the appearance of stretch marks, is not felt when worn, and improves the physical condition of the woman. It also relieves from back pain in the prenatal period and helps to quickly get in shape after the birth of the baby.

  • a separate sticky layer to adjust the bandage volume,
  • high wear resistance
  • comfortable feeling when wearing
  • quickly tightens the stomach after childbirth.

Advantages of wearing a bandage

  • The bandage corrects the load on the spine and legs of the pregnant.
  • It reduces overall physical fatigue.
  • Wearing it is a good prevention of lower back pain.
  • The skin on the abdomen of a pregnant woman is subject to less stretching (prevention of stretch marks).

As a rule, expectant mothers need to wear a bandage from about 25 weeks. And in case of carrying a multiple pregnancy, you will have to purchase it even earlier. But in any case, medical bandage can be applied only on the recommendation of your gynecologist.

The appearance of modern bandages will please the eye. Many models are almost invisible under the clothes and look no worse than underwear. And with the proper wearing of them, future mothers do not actually feel them on themselves.

Like any other medical device, the bandage has not only indications for wearing, but also contraindications. This pregnant woman must know.

Indications and Contraindications

Wearing a bandage is not recommended for all pregnant women. If a woman has well developed abdominal muscles, and she does not suffer from back pain after hiking, then she is not required to wear a bandage.

Do not recommend doctors bandage and so pregnant, which upon examination revealed the wrong presentation of the (transverse or pelvic) of the fetus. In such cases, it can prevent the baby from settling in the mother's womb in the manner provided by nature.

If during pregnancy for a period of 24 weeks the fetus does not yet occupy the correct position with the head down, it is absolutely impossible to wear a bandage.

All contraindications consist in it. But the indications for wearing pregnant bandage quite a lot.

Bandage is recommended to wear:

  • with regular back pain, osteochondrosis, scoliosis,
  • with the infringement of a nerve in the spine, in its lumbar region,
  • with pain in the lower limbs, varicose veins,
  • with weak abdominal and pelvic floor muscles,
  • with underdeveloped cervix
  • at a lot of water,
  • if there is surgery in the abdominal cavity (if less than a year and a half has passed since the operation),
  • with a low, lowered position of the fetus: the bandage will not allow the fetus to fall prematurely,
  • multiple fetuses or large fruit,
  • in late pregnancy with the threat of miscarriage,
  • when a pregnant woman spends at least 2-3 hours in a row on her legs and leads an active lifestyle,
  • for cosmetic purposes to prevent stretch marks on the abdomen.

Although there are few contraindications to wearing this device, and there are many indications, you should consult with your gynecologist, who is monitoring your pregnancy, before starting to use it. It is the doctor who will recommend which bandage should be purchased, and will show how to properly wear and wear it.

Varieties with photos

Medical bandages for pregnant women are available in several types:

  • to wear before delivery (prenatal),
  • postpartum (postpartum),
  • universal (combined, they can be worn before and after childbirth).

Consider prenatal bandages. They, in turn, can be made in the form of elastic panties or a wide belt.

Elastic panties

From the usual shorts elastic differ in density and height of landing. They have elastic inserts (tape) in the front and rear lower parts.

Elastic elements in front are located under the abdomen, supporting it and thus reducing the load on the spine. However, they do not squeeze the tummy and do not prevent the baby from moving inside. Behind the tape tight to the waist, securely fixing the position of the bandage.

Такие модели можно носить поверх нижнего белья или вместо него. If you choose the second option, then the elastic panties, you will need to buy a few (per shift).


  • securely fixed, do not curl and do not slip - they are comfortable to wear,
  • suitable for thin women with small tummies,
  • look attractive thanks to the decorative elements used for their tailoring.


  • you should only wear them while lying on your back (you will not be able to visit the public toilet),
  • elastic panties are not suitable for women who are gaining weight quickly during pregnancy, otherwise their expectant mother will have to buy almost every week,
  • in summer they can be very hot.

The belt bandage is made in the form of an elastic tape. It has clasps (hooks, buttons, etc.) or has velcro fasteners. Such a bandage can be adjusted depending on the size of the rounded tummy.

The wider and denser the tape, the less it will be deformed when worn. Wear a belt-bandage and lying down and standing. On the underwear or on tights or leggings in the cold season. Theoretically, it can be worn after childbirth: it will help the speedy recovery of the abdominal muscles, however, not all models are comfortable and wide enough for this.


  • provides good belly support,
  • regulated by volume
  • suitable for big tummy
  • it's not hot in the summer
  • It can be worn after delivery.


  • with improper fixation can shift,
  • sometimes forms creases and folds, cuts into the body,
  • visible under clothing.


Also is an elastic band. Only one side of it is wider and more rigid (reinforced with special inserts). Universal bandage can be worn during pregnancy as a prenatal, and in the postpartum period.

Put it on while standing or lying down wide back. At the same time, the narrow side provides support to the stomach, and the hard, wide belt unloads the lower back.


  • can be worn after delivery,
  • suitable for mummies with big tummies,
  • It is easy to put on and adjust.


  • not suitable for women with small bellies,
  • with improper fixation can wrinkle, bump into the body,
  • it can be seen under the clothes.

How to determine the size?

So that you can choose for yourself the appropriate size, before you go to the store for shopping, take two measurements.

  1. Waist, that is, the circumference of the abdomen in the place where you once measured the waist.
  2. Girth of the hips (under the belly).

Important! Bandage "for growth" is not necessary to take. In the design of the product, as a rule, this development is already provided.

Table "Band sizes"

But, even if the size is determined correctly, it is possible that a particular model will have its own design features, which, when worn, will be very pleasant to someone, and will cause inconvenience to someone.

Therefore, it is highly desirable to try on before buying. And it would be better if you try on several options and choose the most comfortable one for yourself.

The correct bandage is one that is made of cotton, elastin, microfiber. Such products breathe and absorb moisture well. The less synthetics, the better.

The presence of metal parts, hard fasteners, a large number of decorative elements that can stick into the skin, cause allergic reactions and create other inconveniences when wearing is not welcome.

Reviews about manufacturers and prices

Today, the range of bandages on the market is quite rich. When choosing besides quality, the price of the product is important for many expectant mothers.

  • France, Germany, United Kingdom. In these countries, manufacturers of bandages for pregnant women work in close cooperation with doctors, who strictly control the quality and monitor the safety of their products. Such bandages are not cheap.
  • Italy, the Baltic States. Bandages made in these countries are cheaper. As for the quality and convenience, in the reviews of them, for some reason, little is mentioned. More common statements about the appearance of products. Many people like it very much.
  • Domestic bandages. Functional, flexible, quite nice models at reasonable prices. They have proven themselves in the market as quite competitive products.

You can choose Hotmilk or Ilifiya, Alles, Mum's House or Mamma Lux. Focus not on the big name of the manufacturer, but on the results of the fitting. On yourself a bandage you should not feel! This is the main criterion, the rest - minor.

What to consider when choosing?

  • It is recommended to buy a bandage in specialized stores for pregnant women. There you can try it on and carefully consider it. In other places, this opportunity will not provide.
  • If your choice fell on a band in the form of elastic panties, its size should be one size larger than the underwear that you wear.
  • Choose a belt-bandage, taking into account the volume of your abdomen and hips. In the standing position, the navel should be considered as the extreme point.
  • Carefully consider the quality of the material from which the bandage is made. The ideal option are natural fabrics that allow the skin to breathe and do not cause irritation.
  • When you try on a medical device, you need to pay attention to the fact that the bandage does not cause you any discomfort and discomfort.

Video "Bandage for pregnant women: what to choose, how to wear?"

And finally. Choosing the right bandage is still half the battle. It is important to wear and wear it properly. Follow your doctor's advice and product instructions carefully. Then the bandage will bring you only benefit, unloading the spine and supporting the stomach. This will allow you to lead an active life until the birth of the baby.

Why do you need a bandage during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the bandage is important for the health of the woman. It is a special medical belt (or elastic pants) and fixes the anterior abdominal wall. It is easy to guess what the true purpose of this device is to support. This is beneficial not only to the physical condition of the woman, but also contributes to the normal development of the fetus.

It is known how much load on the spine of the future mother. Especially if she expects the appearance of two or three babies at once. In addition, internal organs, compressed by an enlarged uterus, are also affected. This is exactly the condition when you need a bandage during pregnancy.

The purpose of wearing it is to compensate for the load, and also to prevent stretch marks on the skin.

It is of great importance, whether you choose a special supporting panties or a belt-bandage for pregnant women: for each future mother this is individual, and you should consider the many features of the body.

Positive aspects of wearing a bandage during pregnancy:

  • significantly facilitates gestation, especially if the pregnancy is multiple,
  • helps reduce fatigue, pain in the ankle joints,
  • reduces lumbar discomfort, reducing pressure on the spine and organs located in the pelvis,
  • prevents the appearance of stretch marks,
  • prevents untimely descent of the fetus (physiologically, it is characteristic for the 38th week of gestation), reduces the risk of premature birth,
  • supports the stomach, if the abdominal muscles are weakened,
  • contributes to the correct location of the child inside the mother's womb,
  • thanks to the special breathable fabrics in such a device will not be hot even in summer,
  • easy to use (each model is complemented by detailed instructions and operating scheme).

Bandage pants for pregnant women

On sale, they appeared not so long ago, but have already received a lot of positive feedback because of its convenience. Such a bandage is a pant with an elastic belt-insert, located under the lower abdomen. There is a wide range of styles and colors.

One of the obvious advantages is the low cost of this type of bandage. In addition, the device is easy to wear and comfortable to wear. Due to the reasonableness of the model, and, in particular, the presence of an elastic insert, a good support of the abdomen is guaranteed - the pants stretch as it grows.


  • They need to be put on while lying down, which makes it less comfortable if you need to visit the toilet in a public place.
  • Manufacturers prescribe in the instructions the need for daily washing. Therefore, the future mother will have to buy several spare tires at once.
  • Not suitable for women who have a predisposition to weight gain above the norm: the model is not designed for excessive stretching, so soon the pants will squeeze the stomach, rubbing the skin and creating significant discomfort.

The best manufacturers of bandages for pregnant women - which company to choose

The range of bandages is quite diverse. To choose the most comfortable option, it is better to purchase a device from well-known world companies that have been producing orthopedic products for several years.

The best manufacturing companies in this segment include:

When creating products, these brands use the best natural fabrics and organic synthesis products. Before selling, all products are tested to confirm the safety and effectiveness of each product.

Thanks to modern production facilities, high qualifications of employees and vast experience in the production of orthopedic products, companies produce reliable, wear-resistant products, confirmed by international quality certificates.

To select a specific product model, read our ranking of the best tires.

The principle of operation and the device bandage

The bandage for pregnant women is an orthopedic product that ensures the correct position of the child and supports the tummy without unnecessary restraint. The material that is used in the production is a special slimming elastic fabric with good breathability. The device helps to evenly distribute the load, reduce pain in the back, protects the skin of the thighs and buttocks from stretch marks.

Wearing is recommended in the following cases:

1. Weak abdominal muscles.

2. Pelvic presentation of the child.

3. Increased physical activity of women.

4. Danger of abortion.

5. Soreness in the back, spinal diseases.

6. 2nd pregnancy or expectation of more than one child.

7. Exceeding the normal amount of amniotic fluid.

8. Low placenta.

9. Indications for cesarean section.

The product begins to wear after 20 weeks (and until the end of pregnancy). During this period, the fetus begins to develop and there is a likelihood of stretch marks. Products are developed taking into account the specificity of this stage, so you should not worry about the fact that with the increase of the fetus, the product will become small. Experts recommend wearing no more than 10 hours a day, while after 3 hours take off for 30 minutes.

Restrictions for wearing devices practically no. If the fetus is lateral or oblique, you should first try to correct its position with the help of various exercises, otherwise the bandage will fix the child’s wrong posture and the latter will not be able to roll over. Also, the limitations should include an allergic skin reaction to the material of the product.

Bandage belt

The product is made in the form of a stretching tape, which prevents the appearance of stretch marks and provides soft support. The tape is fixed with a velcro at the bottom of the tummy or on the side; it can be positioned as it is convenient for a woman, and there is no need to remove the bandage.

In some views, a hood is attached to the ribbon, which is placed on the belly. Such products are quite practical and do not require daily wet processing. Due to the side fasteners, you can adjust the fit, so if you squeeze or stretch the bandage too much, you can easily adjust the size. It is necessary to put on in the supine position on the lumbar region, just so it can be fixed in the most comfortable position. Wear recommended after 5 months of pregnancy.


  • effectively fixes the uterus and does not press at the top of the abdomen,
  • prevents premature lowering of the fetus,
  • it is possible to easily adjust the degree of tightening, while removing the product is not necessary,
  • Great for the hot season, because does not close the belly.


  • prolonged wear weakens the abdominal walls, therefore it is periodically recommended to do massage or gymnastics of the abdominal muscles,
  • at the beginning of pregnancy with a small tummy, the bandage can be twisted, go up during any physical exercise,
  • fasteners can stand out from under clothes
  • with intensive wear, the device may be deformed (roll, crash into the skin).

1 Orto DB 111

Universal bandage from a popular German manufacturer has an anatomically convenient shape, fits snugly to the body and causes pleasant sensations when wearing. The product is suitable both for use before delivery and after. The fabric is elastic, breathable and natural. In this bandage it is convenient not only to walk and sit, but even to sleep.

  • correct shape
  • elastic material
  • reliable velcro,
  • good orthopedic properties
  • perfectly relieves pain and supports the abdominal muscles.

  • low wear resistance
  • not very comfortable to wear after delivery.

The best postpartum bandage

The use of a bandage after childbirth contributes to the tightening of the abdominal muscles and the support of the internal organs. With this product, the girl may not worry about a loose stomach or stretch marks. If you have undergone a cesarean section, then you especially need this type of orthopedic means. They reduce pain and form a regular scar. Rating the best postpartum bandages will facilitate difficult choices among a wide variety of products and will save valuable time.

2 Nuova Vita 11698

Bandage in the form of panties, probably the most comfortable option for those who are in constant motion. A seamless corset for young moms does an excellent job with the task of maintaining and correcting the figure in the first months after birth. Soft tissue pleasantly fits to the body, without forming creases, smoothly repeating anatomical lines. Lack of seams guarantees a comfortable sock for a long time.

The bandage is completely invisible even under the most fitting clothes, allowing you to feel your own attractiveness and lightness. Comfortable fit of the product will not allow him to crumple at the waist. The manufacturer claims a special property of a fabric that has an antibacterial coating. The bandage is fastened with hooks located between the legs and preventing clinging to clothes. A wide size range and color palette will find a response in the heart of any woman. This is the best option postpartum bandage.

1 Belly Bandit Original

The “original” model of the American company was the first in the Belly Bandit line, so it cannot boast of a sophisticated design, but this does not prevent it from remaining the best on the world market. Experts recommend wearing it after childbirth and surgery. It perfectly supports weakened muscles, does not create discomfort when in contact with sutures and scars. The unique material quickly brings the internal organs and abdominal muscles to a normal state, preventing protrusion of the navel.

The bandage simulates the problem area of ​​the abdomen and relieves tension from the spinal muscles. It is comfortable to wear, it does not deform after washing. The degree of tension is regulated depending on the wishes. Judging by the reviews of customers, regular use guarantees the restoration of muscle tone and the body as a whole, reduces the occurrence of stretch marks on the skin.

Bandage for pregnant women "Fest"

The manufacturer "Fest" produces a whole line of products for expectant mothers. Therefore, based on the individual characteristics of the body, each woman will be able to choose the very band in which she will feel comfortable. The advantage of a medical product of this brand is the ability to treat existing pathology and prevent the development of new complications.

Its main destinations are:

  • reducing the likelihood of circulatory disorders in the renal parenchyma,
  • reducing the risk of premature abortion,
  • prevention of the prolapse of the female genitals in the postpartum period.

Bandage for pregnant women "Orlett"

It features practical, range of destinations and high cost. For the fabric from which the product is made, wear resistance and breathability are typical. It is resistant to moisture, a low degree of allergic effects.

The bandage has additional numbing tapes that make it easier to fit to the desired size, while reducing pressure on the lumbar spine. The accompanying instructions indicate when to wear a bandage during pregnancy: the end of the second - the beginning of the third trimester and the postpartum period.

Bandage for pregnant "Nuova vita"

This manufacturer offers bandages of different styles, sizes and colors. You can get a prenatal bandage in the form of panties, and in the form of a belt. If you made the decision to purchase the product from this manufacturer, then you were right: the bandage is made of microfiber, which ensures its tighter fit to the body, not to the detriment of the feeling of comfort.

Each future mother will be able to choose the most appropriate color for herself: white, solid or black.

Bandage for pregnant women "Ekoten"

Несомненным положительным качеством бандажей этой марки является наличие в каждом изделии дополнительной стяжки, удерживающей живот беременной, и двух пластиковых «ребер». The reason for wearing it is a predisposition to sagging of the skin, prevention of weakening of the abdominal wall and unloading of the lumbosacral spine. The belt is universal, so it can be used after childbirth.

There are many brands, colors and models of this orthopedic design. A gynecologist will recommend the best option. Before you buy should measure the abdominal circumference and the volume of the hips - this will determine the desired size of a bandage for pregnant women.

It is advisable to purchase this product only in pharmacies or specialized stores for pregnant women: you do not need to buy it "from the hands". First, it is unhygienic. Secondly, it is not very practical: the bandage could be subjected to repeated washing, which will adversely affect its functionality.

How to wear and when to start wearing a bandage?

If you will soon become a mother and do not know how to choose a bandage for pregnant women, ask the gynecologist to advise you. He will explain that this support device should be worn only in a horizontal position, and the hips should be slightly raised.

The belt or elastic insert should be located in front of the abdomen, slightly closing the pubic part. This is provided so that the woman herself can use the bandage: to fasten and unfasten it without help. In a fixed state, it should not put pressure on the expectant mother’s belly, cause even mild discomfort or, even worse, pain.

If you continue to work, you need to plan time in such a way as to be able to unfasten the bandage every 3 hours. The duration of such a break should be at least half an hour. Otherwise, the constant wearing of the supporting product in a fixed position can turn into a number of troubles. For example, a violation of the motor activity of the child, circulatory insufficiency of internal organs or diseases of the spine.

Pregnancy should proceed without complications. If you do not know how to choose a bandage for pregnant women, it is better to ask a specialist, and not to choose it, based on a personal vision of the situation, which is often wrong.

Author: Khatuna Gabelia, doctor,
specifically for Mama66.ru

Bandage corset

Such products are similar to the design of a bandage-belt, but unlike the latter have a wider adjustable belt, reinforced with additional tapes that securely fix the organs of the small pelvis and abdominal cavity in the correct physiological position. They also provide effective support for the tummy, contributing to the normal position of the fetus.

Some models have stiffeners that reduce discomfort in the back, sometimes lacing the back - which is not very convenient for a pregnant woman. Products reduce the likelihood of uterine hypertonus, prevent excess stretching of the skin and muscles, the appearance of stretch marks. They are recommended to be worn in 2 and 3 trimesters of pregnancy, in case of spinal diseases, in order to reduce back pain.


  • This model prevents stretching of the muscles and skin of the anterior abdominal wall,
  • unloads the lumbar,
  • easy to put on and take off
  • helps to fix the uterus at the right height.


  • the bandage is not recommended in early pregnancy,
  • contraindicated in transverse or pelvic position of the fetus.

Combined Bandages

Such models are considered universal, since Suitable for wearing during and after pregnancy. Products are a belt of rubberized material that stretches. With the help of side velcro, you can adjust the degree of tightening and size. During pregnancy, a narrow part of the button down at the bottom of the tummy, providing it with effective support.

After childbirth, the skin of the abdomen becomes stretched, wearing it back will help bring it back to normal - the wide part on the stomach for tightening and fixing it. The device is perfect for women with problems in the back.


  • This is a practical and economical option - you can wear before and after childbirth,
  • the product effectively prevents the appearance of stretch marks,
  • has a soothing effect, visually reducing the volume of the hips and waist,
  • reduces the load on the internal organs,
  • eliminates discomfort when walking.


  • contraindicated in the wrong position of the fetus,
  • if the bandage was worn regularly during pregnancy, then reuse after delivery does not guarantee fixing properties.

Options for selecting bandages for pregnant women

Pregnancy and body structure of each woman are purely individual. A bandage in which one woman is comfortable may not fit the other at all, so you should be guided by your own feelings before buying. A sign of a suitable product is wearing comfort.

Products have their own dimensional grid. To prevent the bandage from pressing and rubbing, you should measure the girth of the hips under the belly before the acquisition, and choose based on the parameters obtained.

Do not buy the product with a margin of size, because The design of the bandage involves a gradual increase in the abdomen. Excessive restraint, poor fit or other discomfort indicate a wrong choice.

When choosing a bandage pants, you should take the product a size larger than the size that was before pregnancy, choosing a bandage belt should take the same size as the woman before pregnancy.

It is better to purchase products mainly from natural materials. As part of the bandage will still be present synthetics, because it gives elasticity, but the smaller the percentage of its content, the more the fabric will be breathable and pleasant to the skin. Also, the material must be strong enough so that during the first wash it will not deform and not lose its dragging properties.

The bandage should not have elements that rub skin or press on the stomach: buttons, zippers, hard metal parts.

This parameter is not basic, since the purpose of the bandage is to support the abdomen and relieve the load on the spine, however, the design should not cause discomfort.

Products are available in various colors, the most common: beige, white and black. Some manufacturers modify their models with laces, ruffles. Before buying, you should take into account these parameters and their “visibility” under clothing.

6. Place of purchase

It is not recommended to purchase a bandage without the opportunity to try on. It is better to go to the store for pregnant or orthopedic products, where the seller will help determine the choice and size. In addition, buying clothes in the store, a woman will be insured against low-quality fakes.

What bandage for pregnant choose

1. If you need a product that can be worn not only during pregnancy, but also after it, then it is better to buy a universal model - a combined bandage.

2. In the cold season, it is better to choose a bandage shorts that covers the tummy and warms the feet of the future mother.

3. Bandage pants suitable for women who want to buy a product that does not stand out under clothing. Such models can be worn even under the fitting dress.

4. If you need a practical model that is easy to remove and put on, it is better to choose a bandage belt. Products are great for the hot season, because Do not cover the stomach. In addition, these models are easily adjustable in diameter, so the expectant mother will be able to easily adjust the size.

5. If a pregnant woman is suffering from severe back pain, a bandage-corset will be a great option, which effectively relieves stress from the lumbar region and reduces discomfort when walking.