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How to become the most fashionable in the world?


The concepts of "style" and "fashion" are often perceived by many girls as synonymous. It is this little mistake that probably creates problems for many beautiful ladies, because in trying to keep up with the latest trends in the fashion world, they simply forget that they need to learn to develop their own style. Remember those beautiful ladies who are just fashionable icons for you. Surely each of them can trace the exact trend of their own unique style. It is he who distinguishes them from other equally beautiful and interesting personalities. So, the question “how to become fashionable” should be formulated a little differently. Namely, how to find or form your own style?

Learning to listen to yourself

To understand how to become fashionable and stylish, you need to start looking for your style not in the pages of glossy magazines, but in your own taste preferences. What is meant? A stylish girl should first of all like herself. That is, it is enough to deal with popular and close to you in spirit modern trends and choose for yourself exactly the direction in which you will feel most comfortable.

Yes, it is comfort in such a difficult choice that plays a key role, since a truly fashionable girl knows how to stick to her own style, which means that she should be pleased to wear appropriate outfits and not at all make interesting hairstyles and makeup. Listen to your inner voice, he will tell you which of the current trends will bring joy every day, so that you look at your new reflection in the mirror with a smile. The most wrong decision you can make is blindly following some styles and trends of the fashion world that are not in harmony with each other. The result will be deplorable, since you will not like yourself or others.

Discovering something new

Fashionable girls never allow themselves to stand still, because continuous improvement and development is the key to success. Want to become a fashionable girl too? Then give up the usual way and stop constantly wearing only your favorite and very comfortable clothes. Even if you are accustomed to appear in public in classic costumes, it is worth trying to dress in something completely unpredictable, for example, try on fashionable clothes in the style of boho or hippie. And let this idea seem crazy to you, who knows, maybe you will just fall in love with a new reflection that will look at you from the mirror.

Basic wardrobe

All fashion girls are familiar with the concept of "basic wardrobe." Since no one has the opportunity to buy almost all the novelties of the fashion world, and really want to be on the crest of a stylish wave, you need to learn how to separate the main from the secondary. Get a dozen fashionable things of the chosen style that will be perfectly combined with each other.

Basic wardrobe items

You must have:

  • a beautiful dress, tight enough to emphasize femininity, but at the same time modest enough to show that you are a real lady,
  • comfortable jeans that will look great with delicate stilettos and massive sneakers,
  • a jacket or cardigan that will not make you look like a high school teacher, but emphasize the beauty of the fragile female shoulders,
  • simple white blouse
  • white and black T-shirts with wide straps,
  • a skirt, the silhouette of which is worth choosing, based on the features of your own figure,
  • Coat classic cut.

Do not forget about shoes

Even the most fashionable outfits will not look full without properly selected shoes. In the fashion world on this issue also has its own trends, for which a stylish girl is simply obliged to follow. If you do not have the financial opportunity to regularly buy several pairs of shoes, which is fashionable this season, the right decision would be to create a basic shoe wardrobe, which should include:

  • Beige pumps. Yes, it is beige. Even classic black shoes are inferior in their versatility, but powder-colored boats really fit almost any look.
  • Shoes for the summer - these can be sandals that are as open as possible, without unnecessary jewelry, and sandals on a neat heel or wedge.
  • Sneakers - modern trends allow you to wear sneakers even with a dress, so buy really beautiful and high-quality sneakers.

  • Demi black knee-high boots.
  • Comfortable winter boots without a heel.

Choose really stylish pairs of shoes that will be combined with things from your basic wardrobe. To understand how to become fashionable, and learn how to create interesting images from such a small number of things and shoes, you should study the information provided in couture magazines, as well as the experience of girls who have already found their style and are improving it now.

Hairstyle as a decisive accent

Being in search of a complete answer to the question of how to become fashionable, and chasing new clothes for wardrobe, many girls forget that even the most luxurious outfit will look ridiculous if it is worn by a lady with unkempt hair. Do not underestimate the value of well-groomed washed hair in your life. So, forming your stylish image, remember that fashionable hair is also a modern concept that has the right to life.

Hair that can be called fashionable:

  • well-groomed - no split ends should be
  • fresh - a ponytail on greasy hair - this is the hairstyle that you can afford only if you are going to stay in bed all day,
  • stacked - yes, easy carelessness is in fashion today, but it is also necessary to work on creating such styling, just to refuse a comb is not an option.

Hairstyles and hair styling should be selected based on the length and condition of your hair, as well as from your chosen style. Never be lazy to spend a few minutes laying, believe me, your overall image will benefit from such efforts.

Fashion trends in the world of manicure

Before you become stylish for real, study also the currently relevant manicure options, as unkempt hands spoil the image no less than a bad haircut. No wonder they say that well-groomed hands - this is the girl's business card. Among all the variety we recommend to give preference to classic manicure options, as well as with geometric patterns. Glitters, rhinestones and flowers are no longer relevant, these are not the most fashionable trends. Summer is the time of simplicity and harmony, which should be in manicure.

Say "Yes!" To accessories

Stylish jewelry will always be the highlight of a fashionable look. Any outfits can be made even more interesting if you find the right decorations for them.

Recent trends dictate the love of a large, bulky necklace, as well as earrings and bracelets with geometric motifs. In the arsenal of a fashionable girl, all these things should be, but not everyone can combine them - this is a whole skill. Stylists make the following recommendations:

  • if you have already decorated your swan neck with a beautiful massive necklace - give up other large-sized jewelery so as not to look like a representative of the uncivilized Aboriginal tribes,
  • the color of the stones on the earrings should be in harmony with either the color of the dress, or the color of the handbag, or emphasize your eyes,
  • If you want to wear a big bracelet, then give up on massive rings.

The trend of this year is such an ornament as a choker. How to become stylish in just one minute? Wear a choker, torn knee skinny jeans and a cropped top - this is a perfectly simple image of an urban fashionista. It is very important to choose the right shoes. For the summer, high-top sneakers will suit; in the colder season, massive timberlands will complement the look.

As we see, in order to become fashionable, it is not at all necessary to spend millions and try to buy all the new items in the boutiques of your city. It is enough to choose your own unique style, choose a basic wardrobe for it and don’t forget to monitor the condition of your skin, hair and manicure.

We study the main trends in the world of high fashion

The simplest way that will allow you to turn from an ugly duckling in a matter of time into a beautiful swan is to study and follow the world fashion trends that change each other from season to season.

Of course, blindly repeating and copying all that you saw on the catwalk of one of the fashion shows is not worth it, try to select from the total mass those elements and details that are more likely to fit into your image and lifestyle.

Listen carefully to the advice and recommendations of world famous designers and stylists, mostly people who have a specialized education in the field of fashion and art, and if they have become famous all over the world, they will definitely not advise the bad.

In any case, it is always important to remember about moderation so that your appearance does not become a bunch of fashionable, but tasteless, trends.

In order to look not just fashionable, but also stylish, always, first of all, when choosing a regular thing, make a start from your own body type, skin type, eyes and hair color. For example, a lush build with big breasts can afford a deep cleavage, which is always in fashion and will allow you to divert the attention of others from extra folds on the sides.

Girls with a beautiful waist and a slim figure can wear tight dresses, short skirts perfectly emphasize beautiful and smooth legs, but again, it is very important not to overdo it.

One bright detail should not shout over the other, for example, a deep neckline and mini skirt - not the best combination, an excess of lace, stones and rhinestones can look defiant, even vulgar.

We conduct an audit and choose a new style.

How to find yourself? Where to find the perfect and fashionable image that will make you feel comfortable? Look at the well-known and recognized style icons, for example, Merlin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bridget Bordeaux, their uniqueness will never go out of fashion ever, you can always learn something from yourself, your beloved, from their magnificent taste and sense of beauty.

Maybe you are attracted by some characters from the world of music or cinema, try on their image on yourself, roll around in front of the mirror and think whether you are comfortable in it. So, the general features of a fashionable and stylish future are drawn, what to do next?

Be sure to conduct an audit of your own cabinet, pull out all the things and think about what to really wear, and what has long been out of fashion for a long time, worn out and has a completely unpresentable look.

After all things that are no longer subject to further use are sent to the trash can, the rest is carefully examined, think about what things can be combined with each other, and what is better to buy, so that your image will play with new colors.

Go shopping. After all the fashion trends have been studied, the desired image has been selected, and empty shelves for your new clothes are gaping in the closet, you can go shopping.

Remember, in order to understand whether a thing is suitable or not, it is necessary to measure it, with it, preferably, specifically under the clothes with which you plan to wear it. In order to make a choice, it is quite possible that you will have to try on many models, but this is not a problem, because a fashionable girl cannot wear the first thing that fell into her hands.

Do not be afraid to experiment, try and combine, look for yourself, do not hesitate to ask the opinions of others and your loved ones. The choice should be made only when you feel comfortable, you like what you see in the mirror, and the surrounding people are delighted with your choice.

To start a completely new life, fashionable and beautiful, completely different from the previous one, you must not only update your wardrobe, but also pay attention to your hair and makeup. Go to a beauty salon, consult with a stylist and decide on something new, maybe it will be a short haircut, which is so popular this season, and can be repainted in red color and curl wild curls?

Remember, to be really fashionable, great attention must be paid to small things, especially accessories.

No modern image can do without bright and harmonious jewelry, look at hats, glasses, gloves for a cold season - such important little things make the image special, so to speak, unique.

And finally: remember, to be a fashionable, stylish and self-confident girl, it’s not enough to buy a new dress or change a hairstyle, you need to form a special grace, charm and personality, only so your image and appearance can become a subject of universal respect and even easy envy.

How to become fashionable and beautiful?

Being fashionable today is the ability to stand out from the crowd and show your individuality. Therefore, the main thing is to find your own style in which you will feel like a queen! Be original and take into account the features of your figure. Find something that will enhance your beauty. In no case do not copy celebrities, learn to feel your inner world and desires. Before you leave the house, think over in advance your image, how things will be combined with each other. Remember that clothes should decorate you!

Keep up with fashion, follow fashion trends. Be interested in what kind of clothes will be relevant in the new season in order to know how to update your wardrobe. Choose things that fit your style and image. Learn to be attractive and sexy, but by no means vulgar. Focus on your strengths: chest, waist, legs. Be sure to use fashion accessories and jewelry.

This fashionista, agree that bright colors attract the attention of others. That color will create a mood for your image. Browse fashion magazines and sites about fashion, be interested in current shades and fashion styles. Choose what suits you best, do not necessarily follow all new trends.

How to become the most fashionable?

There are things that never go out of fashion. In the wardrobe of this fashionista must be present:

  • little black dress
  • trendy jeans,
  • a white blouse,
  • feminine skirt
  • dark pants
  • fashion jacket
  • shoes on a steady heel,
  • ballet shoes.

Fashion is not only stylish clothes, but also beautiful makeup, hairstyle and manicure. Ask for advice from professional hairdressers and makeup artists. Take care and watch your appearance.

To become fashionable and attractive is not an easy task! Do not be afraid to change and experiment more!

Ideas. Where to get?

9. Cinema. Look closely, which of the actors (movie characters) is close to you. Maybe the exquisite Audrey Hepburn or the ardent animal protector Bridget Bordeaux?

Compare temperament, activity, figure. Practice in front of the mirror. It turns out? Add in an image of individual features. Look, whose star style suits you >>

10. Fashion. You will not become stylish, blindly copying fashionable images. But you can not neglect fashion trends, otherwise you will look old-fashioned and sad. Every season add some fashionable ideas to your look: an interesting combination of colors, an original collar shape, a trouser style, a tie knot, a fashion accessory, etc. Things to pick up in accordance with their color type.

It is as stupid to despise fashion as it is too eager to follow it.
Jean de la Bruyere
11. Life. Ideas can be scooped anywhere - the main thing is to make this process creative by adding a certain amount of humor to it. Then even the flowers on the window or the watched movie can inspire you.

Important elements of style

12. gait. Fussy gait and poor posture will not add elegance to you. Learn to walk.

13. Gestures, facial expressions. Learn sign language and use only those that express Your openness to those around you. And do not forget to smile!

Never stop smiling, even when you are sad: someone may fall in love with your smile.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
14. Inner culture. A stylish person is aware of its attractiveness, but it is never arrogant. Politeness, participation, nobility - these are important qualities.

15. Environment.
Stylish should be not only the appearance, but also:
- items that you use,
- the interior of the house or apartment where you live,
- dining room in which you have lunch,
- the table at which you work,
- places of rest, Your hobbies and even travel.

Alexandra Vernier,
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6 basic rules of modern fashion

The first rule is figure knowledge. Take a little black dress. Оно различно смотрится на женщинах с разным типом фигуры. Идеально подойдет фигуре типа «песочные часы», чего не скажешь про фигуру «прямоугольник». Это не означает, что женщинам с нестандартной фигурой подобные наряды противопоказаны. Не копируйте стиль других, подруги, сестры, лучше выработать свой.

The second rule is a perfectly fitting thing. Do not buy outfits. Deposits in unwanted places in a tight-fitting dress will creep away for show. Pick up a dress of the necessary size and free fit. If you buy an outfit on the size less, believe me, you will not become thinner, but you will cause a slight smile to others. Remember, the perfect thing fits the contours of the body. The dress should sit comfortably and comfortably. Clothing decorates a person, not vice versa.

Selection of fashionable and stylish colors by type

The third rule is fashion color. Women are sincerely mistaken when they think that all the colors of the rainbow suit them. Much depends on the skin, eye color and hair color. Classic colors, black and white, optimal, but there are lots of other colors and shades that will emphasize the positive side of your fig and appearance. How to determine which color is suitable?

There are 4 types of appearance.

  • Type of appearance - winter. Coldish skin color, pale pink or white, sometimes skin of transparent darkness. Hair color is black or chestnut, but dark shades, sometimes ashy. Eyes of all colors, but pronounced. Winter is suitable for deep, slightly muffled tones: turquoise, inky-purple, coffee, dark pink.
  • Type of appearance - summer. Pale skin pink, sometimes with an olive tinge. Hair is blond, from natural blondes to dark blond. The eyes are bright, blue, gray or green. Looks good shades of green, brown, milky. Stylish jeans look.
  • Type of appearance - autumn. The most pronounced type. Leather golden brown, dark blond hair. The eyes are green, brown, tinged with amber or cognac. Suitable cool colors of clothing: white, blue, gray, black.
  • Type of appearance - spring. The skin is light, creamy, milky or golden. Hair the color of wheat, golden or amber. Eyes are gray, blue, green, light shade. Different colors are suitable: emerald, turquoise, shades of green, muted red or peach.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the color type of appearance, you can easily create a fashionable wardrobe, become a stylish personality even in a gray dress.

Video tips on how to become stylish and fashionable

Choose the right accessories

The fourth rule is accessories. Choose stylish and in harmony with the outfit. Sometimes there is a picture when pretty ladies have ridiculous decorations. It seems that she is wearing the whole jewelry box. Remember, even a pair of ridiculously selected accessories will completely spoil the “tasty” and chic outfit.

Accessories are a logical continuation or completion of a dress, and not a separate part. In the selection of accessories there are some simple rules.

  • Accessories to select, given the age. The younger, the less jewelry.
  • Accessories must be combined with the figure. Slender and slim ladies do not wear large jewelry, they will do even less. Ladies of impressive forms will not fit small and fragile jewelry, visually they will further increase the shape.
  • The more expensive and colorful accessory, the simpler the outfit. The main rule: no more than two bright details in the wardrobe.
  • Accessories are selected based on place, time, season, occasion or circumstance. For winter, accessories are selected in large volume - bags or weighty jewelry. In summer, preference is given to natural materials: stones, leather, wood.
  • The more attire complex elements of decor, the smaller and simpler accessories.
  • Around the face no more than 3 accessories. If you wear glasses, chains and earrings are enough. The rest of the details will overload the image.
  • When leaving the house, think about the outfit, pick up matching accessories. Possible combinations: scarf and handbag, strap and shoes, gloves and shoes.

Get used to follow the most minor details. If expensive mink coat and a stylish bag, it is absurd to put on an old shabby purse. As soon as the rules firmly come to life, she will play with other colors, you will become a fashionable and stylish lady.

Fifth rule - underwear. No wonder that underwear is hidden under clothes, since it performs the primary function, remaining invisible, supports and tightens the necessary parts of the body. Lingerie should be invisible on the body. Agree, when the panties dug into the body, it does not make you attractively sexy. Close panties represent a lot of inconvenience and stop the views of others on one of the most attractive places of the body, if you wear a tight dress or pants.

Thongs sticking outward look ridiculous, especially when wearing pants with a low waist. If some consider it to be sexual and cause indescribable delight in men, they are mistaken. This causes a grin, and men misinterpret the girl's extravagance.

Another detail is the bra. Choose it correctly, choose a neutral color. The correct form and perfect color will help to create the desired level of perfection, aesthetic appearance and add sexuality. By purchasing this part of the women's wardrobe, do not hesitate to try on. The bra should sit in such a way that nothing would interfere, it would not press anywhere.

In order to check the correctness of choosing a bra, take a deep breath and raise your hands several times. If it does not press and there are no traces of the strapless, feel free to choose it. Remember, it is better to buy a product from natural fabrics.

The sixth rule is cosmetics. Make-up in everyday life apply moderate, this applies to young girls and mature ladies. In everyday life, bright makeup looks at least ridiculous. It is quite enough if a base is applied on the face, a little powder, and the lips are accentuated with gloss. Mascara will emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. Do not pick up makeup for the color of the wardrobe, it only at first glance seems an acceptable option. Agree, pink lipstick on the lips, pink shades to the pink blouse look ridiculous and ridiculous.

Video "10 beauty secrets"

A bit of fashion history

Each era brings its own ideals. At the time of the artist Rubens, the pompous ladies were considered the ideal of feminine beauty. In the modern world, men are attracted to slender girls. Everyone knows the common expression - "beauty requires sacrifice." History remembers many facts when sacrificed in tribute to fashion and beauty. In China and Japan, the girls tightly bandaged their legs, put on wooden pads to the foot was miniature. The process is very long and painful, but the fashion required just that. In Europe, women corseted their bodies so hard that it was difficult to breathe. Reached fainting. Fashion demanded more and more victims. In Spain, in the Middle Ages, flat chest was in fashion. To keep the chest from growing, lead plates were applied. You can talk about fashion quirks for quite a while, but I want to say: “O time, o manners!”

The rules of decency in fashion for many centuries remained almost unchanged. To bare the legs of a woman began at the beginning of the last century, then it was called a revolution in fashion. Now there is a tendency to increasingly expose the body. If we talk about the feeling of shame, it is very different among different strata of society and representatives of religious faiths.

Decollete, a very old element in women's fashion, is known in ancient Greece. Then it was not used for some time, and is reborn in the Middle Ages, when women lifted their chests with corsets. In the days of the Renaissance, they began to expose the body even more, and nobody started talking about the feeling of shame, everything was in the canons of fashion. If you track the history of fashion, everywhere there is an erotic element, and modern fashion is no exception.

When a person realized that he needed to dress not only in order not to freeze, but to give an appearance a peculiarity or individuality, the language of fashion appeared. Then they began to think about style and aesthetics. By clothes you can determine the vision of the person’s world, ideas about beauty and fashion. Each era dictates its own rules regarding appearance and people follow these rules.

100 years of fashion in 1 minute

There is still a concept - style - talent, a sense of certain measure and taste. Someone gets it easy, but someone needs to explain how to properly and competently make a wardrobe to look fashionable and stylish, and not become a laughing stock.

Having learned to follow these rules, you will gradually notice changes in wardrobe and style. Do not forget about individuality: having found your own style, you will become a fashionable, exquisite lady only because you are wearing things that are really in your face. It is better to be beautiful and elegant, to feel confident in everything. Let the clothes and not the most fashionable, but it is stylish. This is much better than being the most fashionable, always in trend, but looking ridiculous and ridiculous.