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Clothing rental - new fashion service


What girl does not want to look gorgeous in special occasions? A graduation party, a long-awaited date, a girlfriend's wedding or your own, New Year's corporate party - are there many reasons to wear a beautiful dress? Here are just evening and cocktail dresses are not cheap. You can wear them on the strength of two or three times. And then you need to buy a new dress for a special occasion in which nobody has ever seen you. This ruin!

Where is the best place to rent a dress in St. Petersburg?

You can google, find the addresses of rental companies, search on the Internet ads of individuals. Then process this entire array of information. But why so tense up? The convenient Next2U things search service gives all the girls in St. Petersburg comprehensive information on what and where to borrow. Here, on the site, it is possible to rent any outfit.

Service catalog offers to take dresses for rent of various styles, for all types of figures and of any sizes.

Here is an action plan for a real fashionista:

  • rent a dress
  • look amazing in a new dress
  • while saving as much as possible,
  • ideally even earn
  • repeat (renting a new dress through Next2U).

Rented dress will serve you only one evening. It will not clutter your closet and cause regrets about wasted money.

How to earn by renting your dress in St. Petersburg

And if your wardrobe is already full of dresses: everyday or for a special occasion, practically new, which you can not or do not want to wear? Conscience does not allow to buy new ones, and the old ones are no longer to be dressed ... We see in this situation the possibility of easy money making on renting dresses and other things. The site Next2U is a service that promotes the idea of ​​reasonable and responsible consumption to the masses. Everyone can rent or rent clothes, accessories, children's clothes and much more from us.

Why renting is better than buying

In order to take a dress or rent their own, girls find a lot of advantages:

  • You can find a truly unique model that you cannot afford to purchase for financial reasons.
  • You can rent a dress for a costumed presentation, or simply very extravagant. Buy this, too, the hand does not rise.
  • Hire dresses perfectly saves space in the closet and money in your wallet, saving it all for more desirable and necessary purchases.

On the pages of our catalog hire companies and private individuals exhibit their belongings. All transactions for the transfer of dresses for rent reserved. If you want to find a rental company in St. Petersburg near your home, do it with the help of an interactive map or a catalog with the addresses of our partners.

We are waiting for you to take part in the cycle of beautiful dresses! Take and rent them, dress up often and with taste!

Features of rental service

For the convenience of customers, such enterprises usually organize some kind of office or a real exhibition hall, where you can see possible options, try on the ones you like and apply for a future reservation. Sometimes all the available options can be presented by the company on their personal website, which is also convenient - you just have to go to the salon and try on what you have already selected on the Internet.

Most often, dresses or suits are rented for a short period of time, for example, for 3 days, and each subsequent day will be paid separately, being considered a fine for the delayed time.

Self-respecting rental services always rent clean and fresh clothes that must have been dry-cleaned before they reach the next customer.

This moment, by the way, needs to be stipulated in advance so that no unpleasant incidents come out: clothes with foreign smells or even worse, stains or some kind of clues can spoil your mood before the upcoming event, and it will not be easy to fix something.

In addition, you need to remember that for renting the dress you like you will have to leave some sort of pledge: more often, it is 50-70% of its cost, the rent is paid separately. After the dress returns to service, the deposit is returned.

Advantages and disadvantages

When you can not decide - to rent or still buy the necessary thing, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of the rental option, because there are plenty of them here.

  • Such prokaty, most often, can offer a fairly wide range of clothes, almost everyone will be able to pick up what she needs. If this is a wedding or evening dress, then the range of models of the latest collections, which would be very expensive to buy, can be represented. In addition, you can always take a chance, choose something extraordinary, in general, an outfit that you would never decide to buy. After all, having passed it back to rent, you do not have to suffer the question - where then to put such a "beauty".
  • One of the main advantages is, of course, the price. Paying an impressive amount for a thing that you may not wear more than once is not serious, especially if your finances are very limited. For example, buying a dress during pregnancy for only one photo shoot is stupid, because it is better to spend this money on an unborn child, rest assured, there will be really a lot of purchases! Rental will solve this problem - and you will save, and you will be able to show yourself in the best light.
  • All those things that are bought at one time, then only litter cabinets - there is nowhere to store them, and it is a pity to throw them away, because they are almost new or have a special meaning for you (for example, a children's dress from the first matinee, etc.).

  • Not everyone can calmly relate to the fact that he will have to wear a thing that a completely stranger has already put on - with his energy. This is especially true for wedding dresses - it is not very pleasant to realize that several brides may have been trying their luck in it before you. And, what is the saddest thing, there are even such dresses that are secretly called “with a bad history” - outfits in which the brides were never destined to get married, perhaps they were returned because of some kind of disagreement or some other unpleasant incidents. Although, if you do not consider yourself to be superstitious people, then you can not worry about it.
  • Dresses or rented outfits do not always fit perfectly on the figure, in a few minutes of fitting it is difficult to see all its details, and the next time you can see it only on the eve of the event.
  • An outfit that was accidentally damaged during the rental period (holes, puffs, spots) will have to be paid according to the fines system, which can be very expensive.
  • Some things are still very pleasant to keep all your life, you never know, when and for what they can still be useful to you. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to still buy the coveted dress - perhaps it will be more reasonable.

Olga Malyarova

The winner of the contest “New Names in Design-2015” Olga Malyarova is our contender for a place in the High Fashion Syndicate. The designer makes outfits of crazy beauty from real feathers and the finest lace, and after the show rents them so that every girl who does not have money for expensive things can feel like a star in the evening. “I am the ancestor of the direction“ photo session in a chic dress ”, until the appearance of my studio in St. Petersburg there was no such service. - says Olya. - Now there are a lot of similar projects, but not everyone will find a unique quality. Because of expensive materials, my rental does not even pay off, I keep it at my own expense from orders for the sake of creativity. I want the culture to infiltrate the masses and give beauty to absolutely everyone. ”

In the future, Olga plans to close the rental and work in a new exclusive format: until the end of the prom and wedding season, her dresses can be bought at a discount of up to 90% or rented from 3,000 rubles.

Dress Bar "Wardrobe"

The “wardrobe” was opened only a couple of months ago - last October, but it already gathered the dresses from the main red tracks of Hollywood: Badgley Mischka, The Population, Frock and Frill, Pretty Little Thing, Nasty Gal, and Chi Chi London. Its founder Alisa Tselovalnikova promotes an integrated approach to gathering for events: the dress bar team not only selects the outfit, but also creates a complete image with make-up, styling and accessories. In an hour of witchcraft on Konyushennaya Square, you can go straight to the Mariinsky Theater or to our TOP 50 Prize. The Most Famous People of St. Petersburg - the social chroniclers will not leave you alone!

Own party - with disguise, photo shoot and champagne - can be arranged directly in the "Cabinet": the service offers rental space for any event. In this case, the damage of the dress in the process of boldness is already included in the rental agreement: the only thing that does not cover its cost is a gap on the seamless part, burnt holes, pollution by fuel oil or engine oil. In this case, the girl will need to pay for the repair of the dress, in the rest - three-day rental will cost at prices from 2,450 to 5,000 rubles, and one-day (for example, for a photo session) - from 1,900 to 2,400 rubles.

Let’s go dress

Maria Abashova, Katya Ivanchikova, Galya Golovanova, Polina Sidikhina and Sasha Almazova are only a small part of the clients of Let’s Go Dress. Founded in 2016, after unsuccessful experience with the opening of such a service, he brought a hundred dresses from the best American, British and Georgian brands to St. Petersburg. Some project owner Tatyana Bushueva orders online, others select personally when meeting designers, but regardless of the origin, each outfit gets a Russian-language name: “Zena-warrior queen”, “Gatsby” or “Carrot”. “I would like to buy interesting and sophisticated models, but they mostly come to us for two types of dresses:“ sexy ”and“ pride girl ”,” says Tanya. Anyone can take to a party or shooting (from 4000 to 9000 rubles), while if you return the outfit on the day of order, Let’s Go Dress will give a discount of 50%.

In the showroom there is only one fitting room - his individual approach presupposes an hour’s acquaintance, unhurried fees and exchange of life hacks: “We love fittings: while we chat, while we discuss the event ... After all, we have really cool clients - 15, 20, 30, 50 years And we call everybody girls! ” You can continue communicating with Tatyana's team in the beauty mecca of G.Bar, who are partners of hire, and there they will select make-up and classy styling for the rented dress.

The showroom Pre Party is a five-minute walk from the Moscow railway station, so you can run into it after the “ship” and before the “ball” - without an appointment, calls and SMS to the owner. Lina Khripunkova together with a large team of beauty-makers will select a dress, accessories, hair and makeup in a short time - four fitting rooms and several jobs for stylists allow you to simultaneously accept a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother.

Among the 300 Pre Party dresses, including those from Prada, Burberry, Moschino, Elisabetta Franchi, Tarik Ediz and Patrizia Pepe, there are options of large sizes (up to the 54th) and non-standard cut. All of them can be rented for three days at prices from 2,400 to 9,900 rubles. In addition, in the large room of the showroom there are locations for filming and parties, although the champagne is waiting for clients without any particular reason, but as a bonus to trying on one of the weekends.

Lucky Dress

Lucky Dress by Evgenia Grinchak, Natalia Bugayeva and Ekaterina Sarycheva are located not far from Komendantsky Avenue - for those who do not live in the center, it is convenient to rent outfits for school balls and corporate parties here. The list is impressive: Dolce & Gabbana, Sherri Hill, Little Mistress, Missguided and Chi Chi London, which the trio of founders is looking for in the showrooms in the UK and Poland. It is possible to rent a dress at prices ranging from 800 to 4500 rubles, and if it is stuck, then the possibility of redemption is three to four times more expensive. You need to sign up for a fitting, writing to the team in personal messages on VKontakte - body-positive clients will pick up the model up to size 54, and for fragile girls, on the contrary, they will be tight in the corset.

Dress rental: refinement at an affordable cost

Dress hire is a wise decision for a woman who aspires to be elegant, fashionable, beautiful, but does not want to replenish her wardrobe. The shop of inexpensive, but beautiful women's clothing "Burlesk" invites residents and guests of St. Petersburg to visit branded stores near the metro stations "Petrogradskaya" and "Chkalovskaya". We provide services for the rental of chic outfits for women, advise on the selection of the perfect dress and accessories for it, and also offer to purchase luxury toilets at competitive prices.

The online store catalog presents models for every taste. Look through - you will love it! In order to come for a fitting at Burlesque, call us at the indicated contact numbers, and we will gladly make your life more beautiful.

When choosing a rental outfit, which will be beneficial to combine with the suit of your companion, consider the following:

  • the combination of the style of the dress and the features of the figure,
  • sewing fabric, color and texture,
  • the dress code of the event
  • time of year and weather conditions.

However, using the services of the Burlesque stylists, you do not have to worry about the final look: competent salon specialists will help create a spectacular, expressive and stunning image.

Where to get a dress for rent in St. Petersburg: the range and prices of "Burleska"

“Burlesque” is an opportunity to save money and a place in the wardrobe, because we can rent an outfit for all occasions: weddings, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, beauty contests, performances, cocktail meetings, photo shoots or romantic dinners.

Burlesque offers its clients original models at competitive prices:

  • A dress in a floor for rent for creation of a royal image and festive events.
  • Cocktail dresses with elegance and comfort.
  • Need a magnificent dress for rent in St. Petersburg? Ready to offer models of any color and size.
  • Short dresses with puffy skirts to create a playful look.
  • Models for the prom for every taste - the perfect outfit for a young princess.
  • Models for hire for expectant mothers with a free silhouette and a high waist.

Renting dresses in Burlesque will allow every woman to be different: delicate, elegant, intriguing, fascinating, but always beautiful. Allow yourself a dimensionless dressing room with the Burlesque women's clothing salon!

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