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How to choose a good name for your baby?


I took the choice of the name of my child very seriously right away. I thought about this problem long before his birth, almost immediately, as I learned that I was pregnant. At first I just remembered the names that I liked since childhood. For girls, these are fabulous names like Alyonushki and Nastya. And for boys, just favorite names that were already liked just at a subconscious level, maybe, were connected with sympathy for this or that boy in due time. Since there were a lot of names, it was necessary to somehow be determined. In the course went to the book, which described the meaning of names, their characteristics. I often asked friends who had their children how they chose the name. I was shocked: the child was sometimes called in honor of the cream "Antoshka" or chocolates "Alenka".

I plunged into the problem of choice: I was not going to give a name at random. So, work has begun to boil. It was one of the most interesting entertainment, which did not let me get bored during pregnancy.

Studying the names and characteristics of my favorite names, I began to notice that I ceased to like names, as soon as the descriptions met character traits that I did not want to see in my child. Then I reread all the names and just watched, which I prefer not by sound but by characteristic. And, reading the description of the name, I immediately imagined how pleasant it would be for me to communicate with a person with such qualities. The list immediately thinned out.

Recalling that my sister was named after the Saints, she also decided to use them. It is believed that children named after the Svyatsets have a guardian angel. Approximately assuming when my baby should be born, I chose three months and considered all the days. Those. One month before the deadline, if suddenly the child decides to be born earlier, a month on time, which the doctors set for me and, finally, a month later, if the child turns out to be sluggish and does not want to leave my mother's tummy. And again, there were difficulties, as the birthday was several daily, and the name had to choose one. Break a lot of books, found an article in which it was said that each letter in the name has certain character traits. And the first letter has a particularly strong influence. By shortening the names, we, expecting to get a child with character traits of the given name, get a completely different, not familiar to us little man. So I decided in no case to abbreviate the name given to the child, and if abbreviate, the abbreviated name began with the same letter as the full one.

In this regard, I really like foreigners. They have called the person as he himself appears. For example, you say that their name is Yevgeny, and you are called just so, but not otherwise. And we will have a man called Zhenya. This also applies to other names. For example, such as Elena (Lena), Ekaterina (Katya), Anastasia (Nastya). Calling a child by one name or another, we are programming the future of a person and his character traits.

For a long time, doctors could not tell me exactly who I was expecting - a girl or a boy. Therefore, names were initially chosen for 3 months and every day for children of both sexes. Before the birth I was told that I would have a wonderful son. And, having tuned unequivocally at the boy, I forgot to think about female names. What was my surprise when, contrary to all the predictions of doctors, I had a little pretty daughter. I was completely unprepared. Since Dad studied far from our home, he did not attend childbirth. And at a distance, very reluctantly participated in discussions about name selection . I decided to choose the name myself. But when he arrived, he was very indignant and said that he wanted to call her daughter differently. So our daughter for a month after her birth was without a name just because father and mother could not come to a consensus. Even going to the Department of birth certificates, we could not choose one of two names. Nevertheless, I insisted on my choice, and my efforts were not in vain. It turned out that I chose a name, guided solely by what it carries, and did not use the nominal calendar at all. So far, the daughter is fully consistent with the planned characteristics. I wonder what it will be next.

The name for the person is very important. It is given for life, therefore it is impossible to treat this issue carelessly. All moms who are still undecided in choosing a name for their baby would be advised to pre-read the literature about names. And moms who chose a name, do not get involved in various nicknames for the child.

What's in a name?

Modern parents, most often, choose the name of the unborn child, following two basic principles: to like the pronunciation and combination with the patronymic or, alternatively, suit its meaning and mystery.

And if earlier the origin and meaning had to be judged only from a general idea, now there is a huge number of reference books on etymology, which fully reveal the meaning of a particular name, describe how a particular option can affect a person’s fate.

Therefore, if you can not make a choice, the consultation with such a reference book will be able to resolve most of the questions you are interested in.

By the way, sometimes parents are repelled by another principle, comparing the time of year in which the baby was born and how they want to be called. The latter should balance the personality, add those qualities that he lacked by nature.

For example, strong-willed, rather harsh, sometimes even tough and imperious personalities are born in winter, so these children are advised to give softening and melodic names that will somewhat ease the rampage of the "winter" character.

But in the summer, often, spineless, craven, sometimes emotional and impressionable personalities are born, who should be called “hard” names to reinforce their influential spirit.

But autumn kids are universal, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, they can be called by any names. Spring babies are advised to give firm and stable names, as they are often mentally unstable.

By the way, if you are going to baptize your baby, here he will also receive a church name, which, according to beliefs, will be a real amulet for him, because it is his guardian angel's name.

It will be easier to choose a church name for baptism, because its baby will not be used in everyday life, it is a kind of “protection” that modern parents, rather, consider as a tribute to traditions.

But in the old days the church name was a real talisman, according to it one could say a lot, be cured or, on the contrary, reduced to its grave, its owner. That is why, often, the real church naming hiding, and in everyday life used a kind of "tricks".

Baby Names by Month of Birth

Each family has its own technique for choosing a name for a newborn baby. Some are guided by the church calendar, others follow signs, and still others listen to the advice of experts. There are parents who are interested in how to name a child born in a particular month.

Boys: Valentin, Pavel, Egor, Kirill, Fedor, Artem, Nikita.

Girls: Evgenia, Irina, Vasilisa, Anastasia, Polina, Maria, Tatyana.

The boys: Grigory, Boris, Oleg, Yuri, Roman, Timofey, Kirill.

Girls: Maria, Zoe, Christina, Veronica, Valentine, Anna, Rimma.

Boys: Leonid, Anton, Matvey, Yuri, Yaroslav, Vasily, Alexey, Danil.

Girls: Christina, Marina, Nika, Galina, Margarita, Antonina, Marianna.

Boys: Danil, Zakhar, Philip, Ivan, Nikolay, Samson, Antip, Peter.

Girls: Lydia, Anastasia, Alexandra, Maria, Eve, Sofia, Akulina.

The boys: Konstantin, Sergey, Vitaly, Mikhail, Lawrence, Gregory.

Girls: Valentina, Zoya, Alexandra, Pelagia, Irina, Taisiya, Christina.

Boys: Oleg, Michael, Dmitry, Jan, Gabriel, Cyril, Tikhon.

Girls: Antonina, Theodora, Cyrus, Kaleria, Theodosius, Valeria, Nelly.

Boys: Stepan, Efim, George, Eugene, Stanislav, Ivan, Roman.

Girls: Inna, Anna, Olga, Zhanna, Marina, Efrosinya, Alevtina.

Boys: Rodion, Yuri, Vladimir, Maxim, Konstantin, Denis, Boris.

Girls: Praskovya, Valentina, Magdalen, Milena, Maria, Svetlana, Seraphim.

Boys: Lawrence, Denis, Arkhip, Victor, Ilya, Zakhar, Gleb, Timofey.

Girls: Vera, Natalia, Nadezhda, Martha, Raisa, Lyudmila, Anfisa.

Boys: Nikolay, Georgy, Pavel, Alexander, Khariton, Vyacheslav, Nikita.

Girls: Marianna, Praskovia, Jonah, Zlata, Pelageya, Ariadne, Veronika.

Boys: Dmitry, Taras, Vasily, Kuzma, Zinovy, Artem, Andrey, Athanasius.

Girls: Natalia, Zinovia, Maria, Nelly, Anna, Anastasia, Euphrosyne, Claudia.

Boys: Artem, Mark, Trifon, Moses, Semyon, Valerian, Zakhar.

Girls: Augusta, Olga, Angelina, Marina, Zoya, Anfisa, Catherine, Anna.

Now you have at your disposal a list of popular names for boys and girls. Taking as a basis the month in which the child was born, you will find a great option. Remember, the material is educational. Choose a name you like more. This is just a hint.

How to choose the name of the child

Name - a symbol of man, reflecting the character. There are a huge number of options, so many parents believe that choosing a name is a simple task. But when faced with this fascinating exercise, difficulties arise.

It is not surprising, since mother associates the name that her father likes with an unpleasant person and vice versa. What to say about grandparents who strive to participate in it.

In this part of the article I will share recommendations and present useful tips that will ease the fate of choosing a name for a newborn baby. It will be a question of the moments to which it is recommended to pay attention during the decision of a question.

1. Combination with patronymic and surname. The junction of name and patronymic should not have a large number of consecutive vowels or consonants. Believe me, this kind of combination will not bring pleasure to either the owner or others.

2. Lack of dissonance. Often the name is in disagreement with the surname or patronymic. The cause of this phenomenon is different "nationality". Therefore, if the father has an old Russian name, choose a similar child and vice versa.

3. Exotics. Practice shows that the names of an exotic character are combined with surnames that are rare among the inhabitants of Russia. It is extremely important that the name does not rhyme with the surname, since such combinations are comic and ugly.

4. Diminutive name. Ideally, the name chosen for the child should have harmonious diminutive variants. If there are no kids, they will still come up with something and no one will guarantee that the notion will be good and the child will like it.

5. Initials. During the selection, not all parents pay attention to the initials, but in vain. Sometimes such a trifle is extremely unpleasant, especially if the initials add up to an indecent or ugly word.

With a successful name, the child will become an independent and confident person, conquering peaks and achieving success.

Popular names for boys

I do not know which option you would prefer, but the main thing is that it is in harmony with the middle name and surname. Many parents choose popular names, not paying attention to the fact that they sound bad with other components.

Fashion is unstable. The name, which is today at the peak of its popularity, after a few years will become commonplace. Be sure to consider this.

1. Arthur. This universal name has Celtic roots. Its carriers are usually hospitable, enthusiastic and emotional personalities. It sounds great in any country and brings good luck to the owner.

2. Herman. Boys with this name are extremely irritable, cunning and stubborn. But their patience together with aspiration helps to achieve success in life and career in adulthood. At the beginning of this century, the name was spread, but then its popularity declined.

3. Lyubomir. Popular in the Czech Republic and Poland. Its owners are consistent, intelligent and pragmatic people who come to the rescue at any time. If you stop the choice on it, you will notice that the child differs from his peers by harmonious sound.

4. Nathan. A few years ago, met only in Israel. Under the influence of fashion gained popularity among the Slavic peoples. The bearers of this universal and beautiful name are gifted, docile and wise people. In the original, the emphasis is on the last letter “a”, although the other option is correct.

5. Stanislav. The owners of this Polish name are persistent, decent and kind people, characterized by having their own opinions. Stas is a shortened version, more harmonious and modern. The female version of Stanislav is rare.

6. Felix. This Latin name is extremely rare. Its owners are extremely lucky in life and career. Gaining popularity and fell into the list of the most beautiful names in Russia.

This is a sample list of popular male names. Go to the choice responsibly, because the name will accompany his son all his life.

Popular names for girls

Many parents are beginning to be interested in choosing a name from the moment of conception, because medicine helps to know the sex of the baby long before birth.

1. Anna. The name will not leave the pinnacle of popularity. Women honored to bear this name have a big heart, delicate taste and golden hands. They are gullible, selfless, attentive and careful.

2. Olga. The New Year spells popularity for this Old Norse name. Olga is a feminine, serious, ambitious and thoughtful person, an excellent hostess and wife. If you name your daughter Olya, she will succeed and build a happy family.

3. Faith. The owner of this Slavic name is a wise, prudent and sensible girl, characterized by logical thinking. Being an obedient, gentle and affectionate person, Vera sets big goals for herself and never changes them. The treasure of the owner of such a name is considered modesty.

4. Hope. This name was common among the Slavs. Hopes are purposeful, adventurous, emotional and noisy individuals who value mother's authority and family values. Thanks to his intelligence and sociability, Nadya becomes a support for relatives and friends.

5. Milena. Meeting a girl with that name is rare. If you want your daughter to be soft, kind and gentle, this is the best option. For Milena nothing is more important than family. For the virtue and loyalty love her parents, husband and colleagues.

6. Nina. I do not understand why this Greek name is rare today. It is unfairly forgotten. Nina is an independent, self-reliant, arrogant and stubborn person who, for the sake of justice, is ready for anything. Due to punctuality, responsibility and principles, she comfortably feels in the chair of the head. As for softness, femininity and charm, these qualities ensure popularity among men.

From myself I will add that today parents are guided by dictionaries, paying attention to the meaning and origin of the name. I do not recommend unconditionally trust the interpretations. Better use the generally accepted recommendations. This will help make the right choice, and the child will receive a reason for pride. What are you guided by when choosing a baby's name?

to read more:

Error # 1. Call the child in honor of someone.

Relative, movie hero, famous or successful person. But this name may interfere in solving the tasks of your child, will not provide support and, as a result, will negatively affect the individuality of a particular child. And instead of helping on the road to success, health, happiness, the name becomes a weight that warps the aura and disrupts development.

Error # 2. Call the child on the calendar.

For the inclusion of the energy support of the saint is not enough to name the child the name of the saint. We need other, more serious procedures performed by an advanced spiritual elder. A wise father who has clairvoyance will help you choose a name that positively influences your child from all the names in the Christmas calendar, but there are very few such specialists. Therefore, the use of calendar calendars are often devoid of awareness of the consequences on the fate of the baby.

Error # 3. They call a child by astro-numerological miscalculations.

Numerology as a science is almost dead. In modern astrology, the mechanisms of miscalculation of the influence of a name on the soul, character, energy of a child are lost. The zodiac of the name, the month of the name - these are just general lists of names that do not have knowledge of the influence of the name on the uniqueness of a person, his karma and the birth channel. The number of the name is even more crude generalization which is a blind and highly distorted echo of ancient knowledge, and therefore bears much more harm than good for the child.

Error # 4. Call the child by melody name.

Selecting the "sound" name, the degree of softness or hardness of the name. Virtually any simple name is endowed with a certain melodiousness. Also, the very concept of melody is very conditional. A selection of softness or rigidity does not make sense without an analysis of the innate strengths and weaknesses of the child. Так например называть мартовского ребенка, рыбу по зодику, только твердым именем — нельзя. Характер человека намного более объемней, чем просто качество месяца рождения. А потому мелодика это поверхностный и неточный метод.

Ошибка #5. Называют ребенка по принципу «а я так хочу!».

Невежество и безответственность в чем-то символ нашей эпохи. And despite the great scientific achievements of rare people, the overall level of our culture falls. Personal ambitions and selfishness stifle in the buds all that can shake personal power and control over the situation. Although the proper development of the child will also contribute to the development of parents, strengthening the family and in general their success in life.

Error # 7. Call the child without knowing the consequences.

We talked a lot about the mechanisms of influence of the name on the child (here). If the name is chosen incorrectly and do not have a positive impact on fate, this is recorded by minus in the karma of the person who picked up the name. (Details about karma - here). Therefore, the choice of a name is not only a matter of alleviating the fate of the child, it is also a change in the karma (fate) of the chosen in plus or minus.

Error # 8. They call the child without studying the child.

Many parents use popular methods of delusion and select a name for a number of external factors. For example, they call a child by patronymic, surname. Or call the child on the lists of popular names. These methods do not take into account the individuality of the child. And therefore, in principle, incorrect. The name must be chosen by the person and his fate, and not by fashion, the name of the pope, etc. From the child must go.

Error # 9. They call it a simple name, considering that the name is not important, but love, upbringing, education, work are important.

Love, care, proper education and education are very important. But this does not take into account the mechanics of the influence of the name on the energy of the child. These are different, complementary processes. The better the child feels, the more harmonious his aura is, the more he learns in the process of learning. The more he knows and is able, the higher his level of professionalism. The higher the quality of energy, the more likely to realize themselves as a specialist. The name does not replace labor. Nor does work prohibit a person from using different methods of support, stabilization and development. Why deprive the child of an additional source of strength and a positive internal state.

Error # 10. Call on the recommendations of sites that are designed to make money on advertising.

On the Internet, dozens of identical sites have been created, which give irresponsible recommendations on the choice of names, in the form of lists and interpretations of names. The purpose of these sites - earnings for advertising due to attendance. There are also a number of portals for moms that give general lists and recommendations for choosing names. But there is no help in this, without serious work of a seer and experienced specialist it is almost impossible to find a name that positively influences the fate of a particular child.

The real effectiveness of the impact of the name on the child's personality

often remains out of sight and interests of parents. And this leads to unpleasant consequences in the development of the nature of the child and the disclosure of its potential.

Below is a list of common male and female names in our culture. You can choose several names that you intuitively like and send them to check - find out what effect these names have on your child or on you.