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How to declare love to a man in your own words


Modern rules of society do not prohibit a woman to show their emotions in the open. If earlier women were at least indecently taking the initiative on their own, now this is not unusual. Having got rid of the prejudices imposed by society, the female half of the population of the planet gained freedom, which gives it the right to independently say amenity to a man. So, how to confess love to a man? The information from this article will help to open the soul, without waiting for inspiration, since a complete list of various options for recognition has already been prepared.

Why talk about your feelings?

Very often in life there are situations when a modest or undecided man torments his lady with anticipation, without taking any steps towards serious actions. In this case, the best way is to take the initiative in your own hands and choose the words of love on your own. This decision will help clarify the situation and give certainty to the relationship.

Number of ways to declare love

Each person is individual, therefore it is impossible to thoroughly count all the variants of the manifestation of a bright feeling. It all depends on personal desire, fantasy and outlook. In addition, many people use various services for a declaration of love. So, we can say the budget is also of no small importance. But with a restriction in the means you can get by with just words. Maybe someone dreams about it, but hesitates to say.

Possible options for brave girls

In the absence of complexes, the task is reduced to a minimum: it is important to choose the right place for recognition and complete it. If a woman thinks about how beautiful it is to confess his love to her partner, then it will be extremely useful to use the tips below.


  • It is necessary to be particularly careful when choosing a place. It is possible that this particular day the couple will celebrate annually as a sentimental moment of relationship and tell their grandchildren how it all happened. It can be a cozy restaurant or cafe, an evening walk or a romantic dinner at home. In no case do not need to do this while watching television or a concert event. It is important to tune in the right way and ensure that the confession is heard and properly understood.
  • Put yourself in order to reinforce the words with your appearance, focusing on the hope of reciprocity.

How to overcome fear and admit your liking

Quite often in society there are situations when a girl says: "I am afraid to confess my love." In this situation, effective methods come to the rescue, when it is morally difficult to express to the love object all words one-on-one.

Options for shy and insecure

  • Write a romantic letter. On paper, you can spell out the words of love without a drop of constraint and not holding back emotions. This option is most suitable for girls who have a better oral speech. Being in a familiar setting and gathering thoughts, it is much easier to concentrate on the importance of the moment and not forget all that I want to say. Initially, you can practice on the draft, choose a soft and three-dimensional font, so that the recipient of the message will be pleased to read what has been written.
  • In the age of information technology do not forget about mobile devices. which make life much easier, and also help maintain communication at a distance. Cell phone can be a real conductor of romantic messages. How to first admit to a man in love? You can just write him a nice SMS-ku, which will arouse interest in him. In the course of the ensuing correspondence, you need to smoothly translate the topic in the right direction, and then proceed to action. The result will depend on the intentions of the partner and his mood.
  • Voice mail and social networks. If a girl is afraid of worrying during a responsible step, you can use various instant messengers or applications to send voice messages. It is important to think through each proposal and feel free to click the "Submit" button.

Examples of beautiful confessions

In order to make the desired impression on a loved one and answer the question “How do you confess love to a man?”, It is recommended to select a recognition in accordance with the level of relationships, age of the partner and other individual circumstances. Below are sample options for the expression of feelings of a young man or man. You can use them in their original form or supplement their own thoughts, as well as modify them at their own discretion.

Ready texts to express your feelings

  1. We have not met for long, but during this time I realized how close you are to me in spirit. This connection means a lot to me. When we part and you are not there for a long time, I go crazy from separation and I want to rather cuddle up to your shoulder. You are the most dear. For your sake, I am ready for anything and I want to go through all the vital roads with you.
  2. I used to think that I never really fell in love. But you changed the whole world around. In my head there are miles of warm thoughts that I want to give only to you alone. During the separation, I sort out the moments of our dates and it becomes so warm in my soul. You became the closest and dearest. Thank you for being there.
  3. At night I can not sleep, because thoughts of you do not give me rest. I just love you.
  4. If you read this text to the end, you will find out that one good girl loves you. He loves so much that he simply cannot imagine his life without you. This girl is me.
  5. I always remember the day of our acquaintance. It was then that I found the wings, on which I fly so far. You are my soul, my world, my breath. Thank you for making my life brighter and more interesting. I love you.
  6. I always miss you. Even when you are a couple of millimeters from me. I will always be a little time that we spend alone. Let me enjoy your presence, and in return I will give you my love and tenderness.
  7. Your kisses are space. These sensations take me to an unknown galaxy from which I do not want to return. You give me unforgettable touches, I want to experience them endlessly. I love you with all my heart and soul.
  8. I do not need stars from heaven - they are absolutely useless on Earth. I do not need a car, because I just love walking with you. Do you know what I want? Mutual love. I have already given you my heart. If you want, it will stay with you forever.
  9. There are so many words for the expression of love, I read a lot about "how to confess my love to a man." It is true, it is. Yes, I take the first step and take the initiative. But I'm not afraid of being banal. I'll just say: you are everything to me.
  10. I want to turn into a little drop of rain and quench the thirst of your expectations. I want to be the moonlight that illuminates your path. I want to be snow and melt in your tender palms. And more than anything, I want to be my favorite girl. I can make you the happiest man on planet earth, I promise.

How to declare love to a man older than himself?

An adult man has probably already seen a lot in life and is difficult to surprise. Therefore, it is necessary to make every effort to partner was admired. For this it is recommended to use the effect of surprise. For example, just call at the height of the working day (after making sure that you do not distract a busy person from important matters) and say pleasant words to him, communicating his feelings. If the partner is aimed at reciprocity, then in the same evening it is worth waiting for a positive reaction. You can also surprise a solid person older than himself with a sudden confession with aspiration into his ear during the usual dinner in a restaurant. Another option: send him to the courier's office with a heartfelt message. Also a surprise may be a carelessly left note on the table (in the place where he will find it as soon as possible).

Extreme Ways for the Sophisticated

Creative personalities approach the work with full responsibility and often think how to declare love to a man in an original way. First, it should be interesting for the partner, and second, not to be banal. To accomplish this goal this form of the game - quest is ideal. You can do the organization yourself, but you can contact the relevant firms. The main prize and the final point is a meeting with a loved one and an oral confession or a written message in a bottle or case.

How to confess your love to your beloved man? When words are not enough, and the idea of ​​writing letters is no longer appealing, you can use graffiti on walls or banners. The location should be convenient for viewing on the territory where the beloved person will see the recognition exactly.

For sports enthusiasts, you can use the method that will be reinforced by the release of adrenaline into the blood. For example, to confess in love during a joint parachute jump or at the finish of conquering a high mountain.

Possible mistakes to avoid

If you seriously think about how to confess your love to a man, you can find many nuances that you should pay special attention to:

  • It is important not to worry and tune. Embarrassment and restraint in such a situation are inappropriate.
  • Do not hang your head down. Try to catch the eye and look straight into the partner's eyes.
  • Do not gesticulate. Unnecessary movements are distracting.
  • Do not inspect the environment. Imagine that in this world there are only two.
  • Do not laugh, so as not to give an opportunity to think that everything said is just a joke.
  • Go to the main, omitting particular. The masculine does not like superfluous words.
  • Stand or sit straight, do not give to translate the topic. Sometimes a man can grab hold of body movements: "Are you cold? Let's get out of here." To avoid this, you must take a relaxed posture.
  • How to admit love to a man? Think in advance how and what to say. In the case of force majeure and forgetfulness, it is important not to get lost and express feelings in your own words.

Preparation for recognition

Before you open your feelings, consider whether you can do it. It is not easy for a man to be the first to be recognized, for this you need determination and confidence in your feelings. If in doubt, do not rush, it is better to postpone this moment. Make sure the man is ripe to hear the words of love.

When moral preparation is over, you should carefully consider what to say and when it is better to do it. The right time and place is the key to a positive result. Do not talk about tender feelings when he is not in the mood, busy with work or watching a football match. Indeed, in such a situation, the words simply pass by the ears.

When choosing a place you need to proceed from his preferences and attitudes towards romance. To say that you can love while walking in the park or on the river bank, at a romantic dinner in a beautiful restaurant or during intermission at the cinema, nothing prevents you from doing so during the farewell when he escorts you home or before leaving for a business trip.

Husband can say "love" every morning, making him coffee in bed or during breakfast, having prepared a favorite delicacy.

Preparation for failure

The more you expect a positive response, the harder it is to realize that there is no reciprocity, so it is always painful to experience failure. But do not give up, you should take the situation and turn the page. Refusal makes it clear that this person is not your destiny, you need to leave him and live on.

Eyes to eyes

This way is sincere and effective, because guys appreciate straightforwardness and honesty in girls. Speech should be prepared in advance, so as not to say too much, improvisation is not an assistant here. A man will be pleased to hear compliments and even a little flattery.

Speak directly, avoiding vague phrases so that he understands that this is a declaration of love. At this moment, the main thing is not to be nervous, but to radiate confidence.

Love confession tete-a-tete is the most reliable method for those women whose beloved man is married, because only this way you most likely will be able to keep it secret.

This is an original and cute way. It is proved that intuitively a person is inclined to trust a whisper. A plus method is that you can whisper your chosen one's words of love unexpectedly: spending time with friends, sitting in a cafe, theater, cinema, when there are many outsiders around. A declaration of love to a beloved man, uttered in a whisper, has a passionate and sometimes erotic character.

By phone

This option of a declaration of love can be chosen if the beloved man is at a distance or you are afraid to look into his eyes at such an important moment. The advantage of this method is that you can peep into a pre-written speech. The minus of revelation on the phone is that you can not visually assess the reaction of a loved one, but by the intonation of voice - this is not always possible.

Through social networks

If you often communicate with your beloved man on the Internet, then a declaration of love can be sent by personal message, choosing beautiful and tender words that describe the fullness of your feelings. Another option is to draw graffiti on his “wall”, if you don't mind if the confession is public. If you are afraid to write directly, you can send a song that tells about your feelings.

Love letter

This is a suitable way for those girls who are not ready to talk about feelings out loud. A letter to a beloved man with a declaration of love does not have to be long, just a few touching lines in prose or in poetic form. You can send a love letter by mail or quietly put it in the pocket of your chosen one.

If a beloved man is not around right now or there is no opportunity to pronounce a declaration of love out loud, a good way will be SMS. In addition, you can at the same time admit that you do not dare to tell him about your feelings directly. If the message is received, but there is no answer, specify whether it received the message. But if the answer is yes, you should not ask clarifying questions or take other steps, the next move is for a man.

Options for recognition

  • Thanks to you, I feel happy every day! I like it when you give me your attention and tenderness. I feel so good with you that I am ready to sing from happiness. You are so attentive, caring and sensitive! I am happy to be with you. And I am ready to make you the happiest man in the world, because I love you very much!
  • Each person is looking for his soul mate, and there is no limit to happiness when he finds it. I pulled out my lucky ticket when I met you. Now you are my destiny and happiness, because only when you are near the world becomes bright and bright. My heart and soul belong to you, you are the only man for me. I do not want to hide the true feelings, because I love you. I love and is ready to shout it to the whole world!
  • I never stop thinking about you, because I love you so much! I want to be with you to give you my affection and tenderness. I want to spend with you unforgettable days and nights, whispering in your ear: I love you!

  • I can not imagine myself without you, without your eyes and smiles, kisses and courageous hands. Now I know that you are happiness, my happiness. I love you!
  • I do not need expensive gifts, I only need your attention, only you alone. After all, when I wake up in the morning, I realize that I live for you ... for you. I wanna be with you. I love you!
  • At first glance, I loved you. I like everything about you: a gentle voice, a pleasant smile and hot kisses. My heart trembles like a bird in a cage when I'm alone with you. I dreamed of such a man all my life. With you I feel like a real woman, with you I am happy. My dear, I love you and wish that with a small sparkle our feelings would light up in a huge flame of love!
  • My most beloved and dear, I can say with confidence that our meeting is not an accident. Heaven was destined to find each other. And so it happened, our paths converged. My heart immediately told me that we were born to be together. I love you and I hope it is mutual!
  • I miss your hands, eyes and lips! I miss you! I really miss you! And all because I love you!
  • No one can feel and understand the fullness of my feelings for you. No one will understand how I love you, because no one on the entire planet is gifted with such happiness to love to the point of absurdity, to madness, surrendering to one person completely. I love you and I want to make you so happy!

  • You are the meaning of my life! I think about you when I fall asleep. I think about you when I wake up. I smile in a dream, thinking of you! I want to shout that I love you. After all, without your smile, I can not imagine myself. You are my half! I love you!
  • A light comes on in me when you're around and I like this warmth, it warms me up so much. I feel comfortable with you, I feel hot in your arms. Your kisses are soft and sweet, and your lips are passionate and soft. You are my world, my universe! I have nothing more to say, only that I love you.
  • What is love? Words can not be described, it is both simple and difficult. What is love? It is impossible to explain this, in order to understand, you need to feel. And I understood, because I love you!
  • Не существует расстояний и препятствий, нет сотен километров между нашими городами, потому что я люблю тебя и жду нашей встречи!
  • Существуют люди, с которыми даже на мгновение не хочется расставаться. Они настоящий наркотик: чем больше ты их узнаешь, тем сложнее их забыть. Их хочется постигать снова и снова, полностью в них растворяться. Они восхищают разум и пленяют сердца. Их мало, но они есть. Для меня такой человек — ты! Я тебя люблю!
  • You know, I'm calling you to say that I love you! I understood it and decided that you have the right to know!
  • How to declare love to a guy in your own words

    Confessions of love to your favorite guy in your own words can be the following:

    1. When I hear your voice, my soul sings. This melody fascinates me and gives me strength. I have never heard such great music before. This tune has your name. I love you.
    2. You are the person I have been waiting for so long. Next to you, I live when you are not, I die. You are my light, air and water. My feelings for you are like a whole universe in which one single sun is shining - it is you.
    3. I read a lot of books and watched love films. Having met you, I wanted to write my own story. After all, my love for you is not like others. It's because you are special to me. I love you, you are the best man in the world.
    4. What is happening in my heart is difficult to convey in words. It is joy and confusion, it is the miracle of the birth of a beautiful feeling called love. Thank you for the fact that thanks to you I feel these incomparable sensations.
    5. Previously, I did not know what true love is like. Now I know, she cannot be confused with any other feeling. It grows in me like wonderful flowers, I enjoy their magnificent aroma. Her petals are tender, as if your touches. I love you and give myself entirely to this love.
    6. Love is to give oneself without reserve and demand nothing in return. It means being close to you and feeling your breath. Love is to hold your hand and enjoy the touch. It is to look into your eyes and to see there a bottomless ocean called Love.
    7. You know, I seem to be seriously ill with the most beautiful and incurable disease called love. There is only one means for my salvation — that you should be with me. This is the only thing I want and I do not need another happiness.
    8. Loving you is a great pleasure. I used to think that such love is a fairy tale and fiction, and I could not even imagine that such a thing was possible. Thanks to you, this tale has appeared in my life. And let it never end.
    9. To tell you that I love you is to say nothing. Just how can I pick up words to describe my feeling? It is so huge that it does not fit into my little heart, it is so strong that I can not hold it, it breaks out like a bird. I say that I love you and in every word I hear your name and see your image.

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    Beautiful declaration of love to the guy in verse and prose

    Sometimes you want to show your feelings in the original form, for example, in verses or unusual prose. Not every person is a born poet or prose writer. Here come to the rescue tips.

    You are my spring, and I am snow.
    Because I know,
    Just touch you
    I'm melting.

    Splash the river
    Soul all for you spill
    I am not afraid to melt, because I love.

    I draw love, fly to heaven.
    I paint love as an artist blind.
    I draw love, I die without you,
    And I live only a moment, where next to you.

    Asking nature for the magic colors
    On the palette of dawn, where the birds are voices,
    I'll draw your kisses and caresses
    And special paint native eyes.

    Where joy sings magic sounds,
    Dissolving in me glorify love
    I'll draw your tanned hands
    And I draw myself next to you.

    I like! I want to scream
    Without you, my life is loneliness.
    I want to hide in your arms.

    And from the happiness of this cry.
    And may flowers bloom around
    As beautiful as you are.

    Do you want me to be rain
    Hail or foliage
    Only with you next
    Only always with you

    Star I rush into the night
    To make your path light
    I will learn to sing a bird
    I will learn everything in the world.

    Do you want me to be the sun
    Do you want me to be the moon
    Hear the heart beat,
    This is my love!

    1. My love for you is more mysterious than the most distant planets. In her thousands of revelations and a million gentle words. My love is like wondrous nectar, having drunk a sip, which I understood what true feelings are. I am the happiest because I have you.
    2. My love for you is like a huge stream of water, which destroying all the dams of life rapidly filled my life. Everything that was before you - it does not matter, everything will be after you - has no right to exist. I am drowning in this stream, but I am not seeking salvation. Let me drown in this love once and for all.
    3. The Lord heard my prayers and sent the best man into my life. He rewarded me with a great feeling called love. It is like a candle burning in my heart and illuminating my life with extraordinary light and warmth. I love you and I wish for one that this divine fire should not be extinguished and as it grows with each passing day it becomes brighter and stronger.

    Sms declaration of love guy

    If there is no opportunity or courage to tell a guy about his feelings one-on-one, then you can express your attitude to him in the form of SMS messages.

    1. Tuk-tuk, this is me your sms girl, I was sent by one very good girl who wants to tell about her feelings for you. I am very small, but I have a lot of love that belongs to you alone.
    2. I write about love, I breathe you, sms is about you, for you. You read it and remember the words. You are my only. Adore you!
    3. My hopes and dreams are all you. I eat badly and sleep badly. Yes, I just love you.
    4. I love you and send SMS, I will feel when you read these words, because love is an invisible thread that binds our hearts.
    5. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, what time of year and what rate the euro is. Only one thing matters - I love you.
    6. With this message I will send you a piece of my soul. In your power to accept or reject it. I love you, but whatever your decision is, I will accept it worthily.
    7. My SMS is a pigeon, it is a symbol of my love for you. Write me the answer and ask the pigeon to hurry to me with good news.
    8. I love you and wherever you are now, my words found you. They have invested half of my heart, which I give to you for life-long use.
    9. I hasten to tell you, sir, that my love has violated all boundaries and hurries toward you at the speed of light. I ask you to prepare for her meeting with dignity. Resistance is meaningless.
    10. You gave me a chance to be happy. You gave the opportunity to continue to live. Love and do not hide it. I am writing about it and waiting for an answer.

    And some more tips on the topic of the article - in the next video.

    What can be the recognition?

    How beautiful, romantic or unusual to confess to a guy in love? We offer you several original ways:

    1. You can make a confession in verse. The best option is to write a poem yourself. So you can put into it all your soul, all your feelings. And may you - not a poet, and some rhymes are given to you with difficulty. This is not the main thing. The main thing is that the poem will tell exactly about your feelings for a particular person. If you have failed, use ready-made poems. This may be a work of world classics or the creation of an unknown but talented author. Read the poem sincerely and emotionally, looking beloved straight in the eye and holding his hand. If you are a shy nature, then read the verse by phone.
    2. Unusual will be recognized in writing. Write a letter and certainly state in it everything that you think and feel. Do not hesitate, do not hide anything. Written letter can be transferred in different ways. First, you can simply give it in person to the recipient. Secondly, you can send it by mail or put in the mailbox. Thirdly, you can leave the message in a prominent place so that the guy just noticed him. If you want to confess your feelings in an original way, then write a few or even many letters and arrange them around the apartment or pass them in turn. And you can also make a real game. Spread out the letters and give your loved one a map with which he can find them. At the same time intermediate messages can tell about pleasant joint memories, and the latter will be the most important and tell directly about feelings. You can also send several letters with confessions in different languages ​​of the world. Let the young man break his head and try to translate your messages.
    3. Record a song for your loved one. If you are shy, then write it to disk and give it to the guy. If you want to see the eyes of a loved one at the moment of performance, then either sing a song in private or in public, for example, in a restaurant (for this you need to agree in advance with the DJ).
    4. Give the guy a gift and attach a note with a confession.
    5. Have a romantic dinner. Everything should be romantic and talk about love. Arrange the candles, arrange the rose petals, fold the napkins in the form of hearts, lay out the food in the form of hearts. And you can bake a cake and put a letter with recognition in the filling.
    6. Write a confession on the asphalt under the windows of your beloved. It is better to use chalk for this, since the paint may stain the passing cars and become a reason for disapproval from other residents of the house. If it is winter outside, then it is even better for you, because you can write a confession in the snow.
    7. Order an inscription on the billboard over the road, which your lover walks or drives every day.
    8. If your boyfriend is an active computer user, then use this device for recognition. Create a slide using your collaborative photos, beautiful poems and phrases, as well as romantic music. Save it to your loved one's computer, place a shortcut right in the middle of the desktop and give it some talking name, for example, “For (name of guy) from (your name)”. The young man will definitely see the file, open it and find out about your feelings.
    9. If the guy who likes is far away, then you can send him a text message or a personal message on the social network. Do not be shy about your feelings, write whatever you think.
    10. If your lover has a personal car, then you can quietly take the keys, open the door and attach a love message to the steering wheel, seat or glove compartment.
    11. You can put a declaration of love from the petals of roses. Arrange them in the shape of a heart or in the inscription "I love you." Together the petals can use candles. Arrange them, light, turn off the lights and invite the guy into the room.

    Useful tips

    Some useful advice about the declaration of love:

    1. Consider the nature of your boyfriend. So, if he is a romantic, he will certainly appreciate the original ideas. If you meet with a brutal pragmatist, then the recognition should be sincere, but simple and short.
    2. Do not be shy of your feelings, there is absolutely nothing shameful about them. On the contrary, love is beautiful and natural. So relax and do not worry.
    3. Do not think that the beloved will not answer you in return. Even if it happens, you will not keep feelings in yourself and torment yourself because of this.
    4. If the reaction of the guy is not the same as you expected (delight, tears, response words, and so on), do not worry. Men think and act differently. Give the young man time so that he can realize what you said and understand his feelings. Then he himself will say and explain everything.

    Let the confession be romantic, sincere and original. Then the guy will definitely appreciate and remember him!

    Speak or be silent?

    In fact, everyone, both men and women, are afraid to talk about feelings for one simple reason - there is always the likelihood that these feelings are not mutual. The girls have significant doubts about whether the guy should confess his feelings. But men like confession frankly scared.

    In fact, there is nothing terrible in recognition. The more you will suffer doubts about the feelings of your partner, the greater the likelihood of a speedy separation. Love is never funny - and even if your partner doesn’t have such strong feelings for you, you shouldn’t postpone the recognition until later. Because "later" it will be worse and more painful.

    Therefore, when asked if the guy should admit his feelings, there can only be one answer - of course, to admit. After all, it is likely that in response you will hear the words that will make you the happiest in the world.

    Time and place

    If you are committed to first making a declaration of love, you need to choose the right time and place for this.

    For example, you can say such important words during:

    • romantic dinner
    • walk in the park
    • going to the movies
    • outdoor recreation, picnic,
    • in bed.

    The time of day itself does not matter - the main thing is to try to create a romantic secluded setting (you do not need extra eyes / ears / comments).

    If you have prepared a beautiful confession in a public place, for example - a restaurant, cafe, cinema, try to make sure that you are not heard. For example, in a restaurant or cafe you can order a secluded booth in advance, and in the cinema simply buy seats for the last rows.

    If you are planning to be recognized at home, you can make a delicious udin, create an appropriate atmosphere. Candles can perfectly help with this - they create a mysterious and romantic twilight.

    It is important to remember - when planning to confess to the guy feelings, try to predict his mood in advance. That is, if he came to you tired after the daily shift, or angry after the meeting, the recognition is better to postpone. Perhaps a man will gladly respond to your feelings, but his own emotional and physical stress can ruin the beauty and importance of the moment. So, better wait.

    How to get away from stereotyped behavior

    Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that the most wonderful feeling on the mortal Earth is love. Thanks to her, humanity continues to dwell on the planet. And not only lives - and feels the true pleasure of life, can be happy, upset, sad, rejoice. If it is not there, then you have to drag gray life, the days pass monotonously, without bright colors, emotions.

    As soon as this feeling “swallows” into our life like a spring swallow, everything changes in an instant. What previously did not seem interesting and did not attract our attention - it immediately turns into a stunning vision, a unique thing. We immediately have a meaning in everything - live, study, work, communicate. Does anyone argue with the fact that the eyes of a woman in love and her indifferent girlfriend are radically different. In the first they glow, radiate beauty and joy, in the second there are no "signs" of life. Therefore, all the representatives of the weaker sex strive to be loved and desired. Without these categories it makes no sense to start something. But what to do if the object of desire is silent? The logical step is to take the initiative.

    How to act correctly

    So, you decided to "push" to the decisive actions of the one who is dear to the heart. But you should never hurry, you need to think in detail about their actions. Assess your strengths and think about whether you can clearly and beautifully express your feelings? If you are not sure until the end - set aside an important "event" and prepare yourself even more carefully. But do not stop flirting, continue to lure your chosen one with women's tricks and do not allow any other person to interfere in the relationship, otherwise you risk being left with nothing.

    Be proactive but not intrusive

    Most of the representatives of the male part of the population love the initiative girls, but you must admit, the annoying "fly" never delights. If you want to “tame” the object and make unremitting efforts, act with regular importunity - you are doomed to failure. Do not forget about the leadership qualities of men, this is precisely their mission from Mother Nature. And if someone tries to intercept his supremacy, then there is bewilderment, aggression towards the girl, whom he, in theory, should protect and guard. Should she play the role of the “first violin” in their love duet, master the “masculine” traits, as the man immediately repels herself from her. After all, he needs a weak and fragile lady, and not the second guy in a pair.

    It is completely natural for a man to make any decisions on his own, for the reason that this has happened since ancient times. It was the male who thought about how to find and bring into the shack a hammered mammoth, then cares fell on his shoulders in agriculture, etc. And women had to wait for them at the family hearth with loot. So which of them had to make decisions? Of course, the breadwinner, exposing his life to the dangers in search of food. These skills have not changed by nature, and modern women absolutely should not change them. May he continue to be a leader and rely on his strength.

    As soon as the man turns into a pliable kitten, the woman will immediately lose interest in him. And here also natural reflexes work - why does she need a second “skirt” next to her. A wise lady will make all her initiatives come only from him, but she will only help them to manifest.

    The second important point in the relationship - the difference level of emotion. And as everyone understands, it will be many times higher for ladies. Any splash in the eyes of men becomes a huge wave that is difficult to “swim across,” while everything happens very calmly and smoothly with them. И не удивительно, что действия дамы выводят из равновесия самого сдержанного товарища. А представительницы слабого пола по ошибке губят отношения на корню, неправильно распределяя энергию чувств. Необходимо тонко, мягко, если хотите дипломатично прокладывать свои цели, а с темпераментом охотницы и завоевательницы стремиться сделать из мужчины добычу не стоит.So she is not only at risk of losing relationships, but also turns into a man "in a skirt" with all his qualities. In order not to become a victim of such consequences, it is important to remain tender, feminine, fragile. It is these character traits, given by nature that allow a woman to find the very protector who will have true, masculine traits of character.

    Why is he shy

    No matter how strong he feels for his passion, but if there is a natural shyness, timidity, it will be very difficult to take the first step. Rather, he will continue to live with dreams, hope, while away the evening alone, give her a coat, bring medicine, etc. In short, he is ready for anything for her, but he cannot decide on the main action. Why? Most women are confident - he does not like or is not sure about his feelings. Believe me, most often the problem lies in its indecision, and not the strength of the senses. Consider the reasons for the strange behavior of men and try to understand what is happening exactly with your object of claims.

    1. The most frequent reason - the fear of rejection. It is for this reason that a man is afraid to admit his feelings and say the main words. Many ladies do not know that not only the weaker sex, but also the strong, are afraid to hear a refusal in response and detain an important point for a long time. Men are very self-critical, and having met love, they may believe that they are unworthy of their passion, it is too good for him, can laugh in the face with recognition. Or maybe he also had a relationship in which he collapsed and heard the word "No!".
    2. Everybody knows the fear of taking responsibility, a decision on which the entire subsequent fate will depend. Moreover, this reason is the most common among the stronger sex. The problem creeps in the nature of modern men since childhood. They were spoiled by their parents, they did not give chances to assume obligations, responsibility, to bring the matter to the end. By the way, the “defect” also often manifests itself among girls. And, as a rule, being an adult person, the manner of behavior flows by inertia. How to be? Be patient and wait, behave so that he still showed his care and said the main words. But be warned, it can take years. And if the one on the horizon that can take the initiative? So do not be shy, act!
    3. State of uncertainty. If he is silent and does not admit to feelings, think, maybe he has another? Perhaps he still can not forget about his past love? In such cases, men quite often rush from one woman to another and do not know which one to choose. Here you really need to start yourself at least in order to decide for yourself whether he is with you or not.
    4. Past relationships have become a living hell for him, and he has undergone many disappointments with the former chosen one. Only frank and trusting relationships will help him open up before you and find out the true nature of your novel. You must also openly show what kind of person you are, how you feel about the institution of marriage. In short, he should stop being afraid, and boldly enter into romance without looking back.
    5. He has such a nature - to wait. He used to, that everything flows its course and a moment will come when everything will be clear. After all, it is no secret to anyone that women love with their ears, and men with their eyes. So, he is ready for years to admire your figure and stunning appearance, he is satisfied with everything and you do not want to change anything. But this does not mean that at one moment he will easily fly over to another “skirt”. Such men are absolutely sure that it is not necessary to say those words, because everything is clear.
    6. He appreciates your moral, personal, and maybe even physiological qualities. Maybe you do not like it, but nature laid down so that he looks out for not only a woman with whom it is not a shame to go to restaurants, but also a potential mother of her future children.
    7. He is a natural daffodil and is waiting for recognition to come from you. The soft nature of such a person does not interfere with further relations, and it’s okay that you, not he, take the initiative. Believe me, as a sign of gratitude for the high appreciation of his merits, and this is precisely what implies recognition, he will do anything for you. Immediately after the words you uttered, he will begin to act very actively. Do not have time to blink your eyes, as you will flaunt a stunning ring, accompanied by a revealing offer of hands and hearts.

    Whatever it was, a woman should not wait long, you know, the woman's age is short. It is important to understand for yourself whether you need him or not; maybe it makes sense to find another, more stable person who will not play cat and mouse with you.

    Moral preparation for recognition

    So, we looked at the main reasons for which he "is silent." If you are not worried that you are a “spare toy,” make up your mind and confess. Just before that, go through the preparation and carefully plan the day and place of the event. You do not need to do this spontaneously, you need to know - what words to say, at what time of the day. After all, how stupid and strange it will look like a confession to a tired, exhausted man from work. As soon as you start - he just slumber. Well, this is of course an extreme, just an important moment in life should take place in a beautiful setting and with complete relaxation, harmony. And yet, it would not be desirable, of course, to grieve, but still it makes sense to prepare for any development of events, including refusal, misunderstanding.

    Where to confess

    The choice of location is also of great importance, the situation also applies here. So a woman helps to relax. Judging by the reviews, many girls have achieved an excellent result, saying gentle words on the river bank or while walking along the lake, in the park. Not bad recognition in the cinema between the words of the heroes of the screen in love or at dinner at a beautifully laid table. Not a hindrance will be a big bunch and a noisy evening, invite him to a white dance and whisper in his ear that he may have long dreamed of hearing.

    Not too beautiful to furnish an important point. If your chosen one is a fan of delicious food - prepare his favorite dish, pour a glass of good wine into a glass and start delighting with warm words.

    In cases where a couple lives under the same roof and has long shared a bed, you can say the words of love in the morning, during the early and best sex per day. Get up a little earlier, make coffee or make fresh orange juice, tidy yourself and shaking his nose with your curls, whisper the three most popular words in the world.

    Experienced ladies share their skills and do not advise "first mover" to admit to men in moments of special employment. It is unlikely he will appreciate your words while watching an important football game or being in a bad mood.

    What if he refuses

    In every case there is a risk that something will go wrong. So being confident that after recognition you will receive a lot of positive impressions, you should still prepare for the option of refusal of the beloved. You must always remain a true lady and respond to everything as a proud, self-respecting person. You just need to accept the situation and understand - this is not who you need. If he had the audacity to refuse you, then he does not love you. And it is great that he opened, and did not hide his attitude. After all, life with those to whom you are not nice is the worst test. After refusal, one should not be sprayed and roar into the pillow, but gather one's thoughts and think about what to do next.

    1. Categorically you can not call the abuser, to pursue him and demand an explanation. The best option is to erase its number and forget about its existence forever. Quite often, a man does not immediately realize what he is doing and can only after separation from you understand what kind of mistake he made. And yet, men are also proud and they are always worried - why does the one that confessed of love the other day runs after them? And your additional attempts to improve relations will be perceived as dragging - do you need it?
    2. Do not try hysteria, scream, threaten your abuser. Vymatvat emotions - it's like recognizing your inferiority and showing a man - how miserable and insignificant you are. Moreover, the fact that he refused, does not speak about him necessarily bad. You just do not like him and his openness, honesty should be perceived only positively. Remember the saying, “You can't be sick of love!” From any situation, no matter how difficult it is, you need to go out beautifully and with dignity. So between you there will be no love, but respect will remain.
    3. If you meet him on the street, in a restaurant or other venue - do not get lost, do not be nervous and do not panic. One must always maintain composure. Of course, it is not always possible to keep your psychological surges in control, but still it is worth trying. Failure is not a humiliation or an insult. Unlike our compatriots, the women of the West have long taken everything into their own hands, and if they failed with one, she is looking for another. At the same time, they are absolutely sure that nothing terrible happened - and rightly so. Remember - you are the most beautiful and charismatic, very soon the one who really brings happiness to your home will appear on the horizon.
    4. Do I need to continue contact with this man? You decide, but abrupt failures will indicate that you still feel humiliated. Friendship is not binding. And if he still does not leave your soul - rejoice in his invitations to communicate. Most likely, he regretted his refusal long ago and is ready to once again scroll through the situation, but only with a positive outcome.

    Personal presence

    If you say words of love looking into the eyes of your chosen one - then most likely everything will end well. He will appreciate your straightforwardness, honesty and determination. Your actions suggest that you take this person very seriously and your feelings are strong. And men, in turn, are big children who love our flattery more than ours, compliments. The main thing is not to talk too much, so you need to carefully prepare for the recognition and say everything clearly and without hesitation.

    Written confession

    Epistolary genre is gone in the past, and in vain. How well the words of Tatiana Larina’s confessions to Eugene Onegin sound. The paper will endure everything; moreover, before writing the final version, drafts are written, the superfluous is excluded and only the main thing remains.

    It is not necessary to write out the whole “sheet”, let the confession be brief, concise, the main thing is that the main words should appear in it. But they will protect the modest maid from unnecessary complexion, embarrassment and embarrassment. Also, the method is great for men who have time to seriously think about the situation and form the answer.

    Recognition by phone

    Constraint, the fear of admitting that you will have to look your beloved in the eye, the fear that something will go wrong may spoil the whole picture. If you are a very modest person - admit your feelings on the phone. There are pros and cons. The lack of telephone communication is that you will not see the true reaction of the beloved. A good moment is in its intonation, the timbre of the voice, according to which one can understand what kind of sensation a person experiences.


    The development of the situation after the declaration of love depends largely on who is the "pain" of your heart. If he is older than you, it means a lot of life experience, good luck and disappointment. And most likely, he will respond to your words wisely and carefully. If he is older, and besides, an avid bachelor, perhaps, does not want to part with their freedom. Here you need to act carefully, as if on the sly groping for his weak points and to teach him to his society. It should eventually turn out that simply can not without you.

    Often, unfortunately, women fall in love with married men, as they say - "Love is evil!". Psychologists agree that there is no point in wasting time with them. If he agrees to leave the family after your confessions, then there will be no happiness anyway. Well, if you want to confess your love to him - do it as quickly as possible.

    After all, the majority of "revelers" has an outside relationship due to the lack of commitment. And your words will sober up his condition a little and make him think - to continue the relationship or to put an end to it, which is what you need!

    And most importantly - before making a declaration of love check your feelings, think about it - is it really love? Or maybe you confuse passion with this unique and most important feeling on Earth? In any case, no need to hurry. How to check? Just know that love is unconditionality, selflessness, the desire to be with a person in spite of any problems. Even if he lost everything he had before, you should want to be close and enjoy, support, go for self-sacrifice without getting anything in return. Well, what is it? Then start preparing for an important event, put yourself in order and go for it - admit it!

    Bye everyone
    Regards, Vyacheslav.

    If you are afraid to look into the eyes

    Situations are different - and sometimes with an object of love we can share the distance. Or, even worse, feelings flashed to the unfamiliar person. Or is it just scary to say the words of love, looking man in the eye.

    In this case, you can confess to the guy in feelings by SMS. Modern technologies have become so firmly established in our life that today many problems and disputes are resolved through SMS. And if you are afraid to talk about love, looking man in the eye, you can write him some warm, sincere words. The main thing is that these words come from the heart.

    Do you think SMS is too dry and far from romance? Recall that there are other ways to communicate. For example, you can always send a letter by mail. Of course, there is always a chance, then it will not reach the addressee. But, contrary to popular belief, this probability is quite negligible. Therefore, if you decide to write a letter, you can be sure - most likely, your elect will keep this message for a long time.

    Where to find the right words?

    Planning to confess to the guy feelings, the text should not be searched on the Internet. Just write or talk about what you really feel. If you can write poetry - write them. Even if you didn’t find the best rhymes, do not despair - there will be so much love and tenderness in your words that a certain “limp” of the lines will not be so noticeable.

    If you do not know at all what to say or write, then you can use the verses and songs of famous authors. There are a huge number of them today - and you can easily find the right one. For those who are not afraid of public recognition, there is a great solution - you can just sing a song with words of recognition while visiting a karaoke bar. Of course, you will have to accompany her with a few words - so that your partner will understand that you are talking about your own feelings, and not just perform a beautiful work.

    Girls who are already ready to confess their love often torment the question - why doesn't a guy admit to feelings? The reasons for this may be several.

    First of all, as has already been said, banal concerns that feelings will remain unanswered.

    Another reason is more unpleasant - in fact, there are no feelings. But in this case, the first step on the part of the girl decides a lot - in the end, even if the guy does not love you, you can just leave. Yes it hurts and hurts. But it is much better than maintaining a relationship in which "one loves, and the other allows love."

    It is safe to say one thing - there is no exact advice on how to properly confess feelings to a guy. Situations are different, and people are different too. And everyone responds to words of love in different ways. But it is important to understand that one cannot conceal feelings in oneself. Love, not fed by words, can fade away too quickly.