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10 cheapest airlines in the world


We present you the traditional annual ranking of the safest airlines in the world, 2018, which is published by the German auditing company Jacdec. The rating is compiled for 16 years.

From this year JACDEC changes the principle of determining the safety of the airline. Now, instead of the Safety Index, the Safety Risk Index is introduced, which is expressed as a percentage.

Accordingly, the entire list has suffered significant changes, compared with the 2017 rating.

Read more about the new calculus of the Risk Index at the end of the article.

P.S. We will present a complete list of 100 airlines later.

Jacdec Risk Index

Jacdec has been compiling a list of the safest airlines for 16 years already. For 15 years, the auditor has used its own Safety Index, however, starting in 2018, JACDEC introduces a new “Risk Index” (Safety Risk Index).

What is this indicator based on?

To calculate the indicator of each carrier, data from three main directions are taken:

  • Accidents / Incidents
  • Related environmental factors (landscape, weather conditions, airport infrastructure features, etc.)
  • Various airline performance indicators (fleet age, route network, safety audit of international organizations IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization))

In total, the calculation formula includes 33 points, thereby increasing their number by 336% compared with the Safety Index.

How it works?

The lion's share of waste carries airfare. Tickets in both directions can cost the tourist in an amount close to $ 1,000. But even here it is possible to save money by learning about budget airlines that are always ready to make a good discount. But before getting acquainted with them, let's see why their tickets have such a low price. There are several reasons for this.

  1. They sell tickets online. The absence of cash desks reduces the cost of their maintenance.
  2. The choice of services at the request of the client. You buy only the possibility of a flight, and additional services such as food or entertainment (movies, games) are available with additional payment.
  3. Comfort level Most often, cheap airlines increase the number of seats in the cabin, which significantly affects your stay in it. For example, if you want to sit next to your family, you will most likely have to pay extra.
  4. Universal staff. Its on board has a minimum amount, which reduces costs. The same workers can be both cleaners and baggage handlers.
  5. New aircraft. Loukosterov try to use a new technique that does not require constant repair, on which they significantly save.

For every taste

And now is the time to look at the list of the TOP 10 low-cost carriers.

  1. Southwest Airlines. The largest low cost carrier in the world, based in the United States. On its balance sheet consists exclusively of Boeing 737 aircrafts in the amount of 684 pieces. Every day they make about 400 flights. Basically, the company's routes cover the demand for domestic movements in the United States, but there are also international flights to Mexico and some countries in the Caribbean.
  2. Ryanair. One of the most inexpensive carriers, often offering tickets for the price of 5-7 euros. It flies across Europe with a frequency of 1500 departures every day. The low price of tickets is explained by the absence of expenses for the maintenance of expensive airports, the cancellation of a business class, and earnings are paid for the cost of additional services (for example, meals on board Ryanair are charged).
  3. Wizzair. Hungarian carrier of medium and low price categories in Central and Eastern Europe. Now the company provides its customers with flights to 66 destinations. Like other budget companies, Wizzair has significant limitations regarding carry-on baggage, which you can carry with you to the cabin. The company's fleet consists of Airbus 320 aircraft.
  4. Easyjet. British air carrier, actively working with European customers. The site is available in Russian, which greatly simplifies the purchase of a ticket. EasyJet makes international flights to more than 300 destinations in 30 countries of the world. In addition, the Russian company Transaero has entered into an agreement with EasyJet and has the right to sell a certain number of their tickets. The average age of the aircraft is 6 years.
  5. Airbaltic. In general, this is an ordinary airline, but often offering substantial discounts, for which it can be added to the list of low-cost airlines. The main advantage is the ability to get to anywhere in Europe from Kiev and Moscow. The average price of a ticket is about 30-40 euros.
  6. Pegasus. If you are going on vacation or on business to Turkey, then this is what you need. You will easily save your budget by getting a pretty decent service. Best prices are usually offered to Istanbul. The average age of the fleet is 4.5 years. Airplanes have one class, but it is worth noting that Pegasus is one of the few carriers that has its own pilot training center and a fleet service company.
  7. Aegenair. The largest Greek low-haul carrier. The fleet consists of Airbus aircraft, whose average age reaches almost 8 years. The most advantageous offers are provided for those who are going to fly to Greece.
  8. Vueling Airlines. Travelers who intend to discover Barcelona or Wehling should definitely study their offers. It has routes throughout Europe, the main airport is in Barcelona. In addition, with Vueling profitable to fly from Barcelona to other European countries. The ticket price is only 35 euros, with the usual prices of 90 euros.
  9. Norwegian. This loukoster is definitely undervalued by customers. Thanks to the many flights, you can get into Europe and many states of America. The main directions of the Norwegian carrier - Northern Europe, but the lucrative offers are often for other countries.
  10. Flydubai. Arab budget airline providing the opportunity to get to 95 points in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. It has several classes, but it often makes substantial discounts on an economy class.

Saving on the flight is not at all difficult; the main thing is to study the information of companies and choose the most profitable option among the many offers. And may your flight be pleasant!

Official airline websites

It is possible to purchase cheap tickets online from air carriers in the following cases:

  • you choose flights with a transfer that are much cheaper than direct,
  • you are subscribed to the newsletter and get the first news about promotions and discounts companies,
  • You are a member of the loyalty program and you accumulate miles, which you can partially or fully use to purchase tickets.

Consider a few cheap and reliable Russian shipping companies:

  • Victory is the first low-cost airline in Russia and the most popular company, with very low prices for flights within the country and in Europe. Tickets cost from 999 rubles one way, and the lucky ones can catch a super offer for 1 and 99 rubles at the sale.
  • S7 is one of the leading companies, ranking second in the number of Russian air services. It flies to 26 countries of the world.
  • Ural Airlines is one of the largest companies with flights to 40 Russian and foreign airports.
  • Nordwind Airlines is a dynamically developing carrier company with regular and charter flights to Russian and European cities with departures from Moscow's Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports.
  • Russia is the largest state airline.

To purchase tickets for domestic and international destinations, it is better to use search sites aggregators, charters and low-cost airlines.

Search sites aggregators

You can search for tickets at once on all sites in the aggregators. Their convenience is that all tickets will be displayed on one site.

All search engines work with the same airlines and add domestic promotions, certificates for air travel and prize draws for their subscribers.

Services differ in the appearance and convenience of the interface, the speed of searching for air tickets, their cost (some of them take an additional commission), as well as some additional options.

The best and popular search aggregators:

You can use all search engines at the same time, comparing prices, or choose a more suitable one for you.

Using the example of the Skyscanner service, I will talk about its advantages, convenient features and options, and how to purchase a ticket.

Skyscanner is a very convenient way to find cheap tickets to all countries and destinations.

Getting to the main page of the website, you immediately see a special search form where the data about the trip are entered:

  • point of departure and arrival
  • departure and return date
  • number of passengers and class of service.

To have a large variety of departures and low-cost airfares, specify not the city, but the country of departure or arrival. For example, it is cheaper to fly from Russia from Moscow than from St. Petersburg and other cities. If you are going to Italy, look at all the options, going to Venice, the price of tickets to neighboring Verona may be cheaper. Or the flight to Bergamo instead of the neighboring Milan will also be much more economical.

Thus, you can significantly save on the proposed option and at the same time look at the neighboring city.

When choosing a date, you can press a specific day and month or use the option “All month”. This will give you the opportunity to choose a specific month for departure and pick up convenient numbers and economical prices. You can also choose the most inexpensive month and compare the cost for the entire period.

Price calendar is a very convenient feature on Skyscanner service with the ability to find the cheapest flights in any month if there is no reference to specific dates.

Having received a full list of flights to the indicated numbers and directions, you can use filters and sort all the options by price, departure time or airlines, and also exclude direct flights or with transfers.

If you want to know the details of the flight, click "Details". After that, you will see information about the carrier company, airport, transfer time.

Skyscanner is an intermediary agent in the search and selection of a suitable flight. To purchase and book a ticket, the service will send you to the airline’s official website.

Getting into the booking form, you enter contact and passport information. In some cases, you will be required to pay an additional fee (for example, for luggage). After that, with the final cost of the ticket go to the form of payment.

If you have not found a suitable option for a specified date at a low price or you want to continue to receive information on areas of interest to you, you can register on the Skyscanner service and subscribe to the newsletter, which will give you many advantages:

  • be aware of all the shares of shipping companies,
  • receive important news about changes in air travel rules,
  • first to get all the profitable and budget travel options,
  • be able to win tickets that are played out between subscribers,
  • lack of spam and advertising, only necessary and useful information.

Loukosterov sites

Do you want to fly from Moscow to Europe for only 50 euros and fly around the European capitals for only 10 euros? All this is possible if you buy a ticket from a low-cost airline.

Low-cost (low-cost) - are low cost carriers with low ticket prices and with a limited set of services on board.

When buying a ticket you need to know and follow the following rules:

  1. Purchase a ticket in advance so that the price is the cheapest.
  2. You must independently check in for the flight via the Internet, and you will not be able to choose a convenient place (only for a fee), you can take any free in the plane itself.
  3. Be sure to check the airport of arrival, as it may be far away or in a nearby city. If you are planning an evening flight, check in advance how to get there by train or bus from the airport to the place you need.
  4. On board the aircraft you will not be fed, only for a fee. So be prepared for this and take something to eat.
  5. Tickets are non-refundable, if you want to change the date of the trip, you will have to pay a large fine.
  6. The most important thing is to read all the conditions and rules of baggage transportation. As a rule, at the lowest price it is allowed to take with you only hand luggage of certain sizes and with a weight limit of up to 10 kg, and for Russian airlines up to 5 kg. More baggage allowance or a backpack is charged separately via the Internet on the company's website. All carriers have their own individual rules, which I recommend to read before buying a ticket.

Departures from Russia to Europe

  • Victory - flights in Russia and Europe. Often there are promotions for tickets at competitive prices: 1 000 rubles in Russia, 50 - 100 euros in Europe in both directions.
  • Wizz Air is a Hungarian company with flights to Budapest and other European cities at very competitive prices (from 10 euros).
  • airBaltic is a low-cost airline from Latvia with direct flights to Riga from Sheremetyevo airport and with flights around Europe with a transfer.
  • Air Berlin - flights to Germany and Europe, daily flights from Moscow to Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich.
  • EasyJet - cheap flights from Moscow to the UK (from 20 euros).
  • Vueling is a Spanish low-cost carrier with flights to over 30 countries.
  • Pegasus Airlines is a carrier to Istanbul and European countries with transfers in Turkey.
  • Smartwings is a Czech low-cost airline with daily departures to Prague.
  • Germanwings is a low cost airline from Germany.

If you were unable to find a cheap ticket from Russia to the European city you are interested in, you can reach the nearest Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn or Helsinki in any convenient way (bus, train, plane) and from there, using a low-cost airline, it is much cheaper to fly to neighboring Europe. From the airports of the Baltic States and Scandinavia flies a large number of companies at very competitive prices.

Here are some of them:

  • Ryanair,
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle,
  • Volotea,
  • Blu-express
  • Blue Air,
  • Eurowings,
  • Flybe,
  • Iberia express
  • Jet2.com,
  • Niki.

Flights in Asia and the Middle East

  • Air Arabia is a Middle Eastern low-cost carrier with departures to 89 cities, also from Moscow.
  • Flydubai - flights to the United Arab Emirates with departure from Moscow.
  • AirAsia - Malaysian low-cost airline, the largest in Asia, also flies out of Russia.
  • Tigerair - Singapore-Australian air traffic control.
  • Air India Express is an Indian low cost airline.
  • Vanilla Air - Japanese low cost airlines.
  • Fire Fly is a Malaysian airline with flyovers to Indonesia and Thailand.
  • Bahrain Air - the airline from Bahrain, flies in all directions of the Middle East.
  • Citilink is a carrier in Indonesia.
  • CH.com is a low cost airline in China.

I repeat that when traveling by low-cost airlines, the most important thing is compliance with all the rules and preferably with a minimum amount of baggage. Then your vacation will be comfortable and economical.

Charter flights websites

As a rule, tickets for charter flights are 2–3 times cheaper than regular ones and they are sold a few days or one day before departure. But this does not apply to high tourist demand, seasonality and public holidays, during this period it is always necessary to buy them in advance.

But these companies have their own nuances and shortcomings, namely:

  1. Due to the irregularity of air travel, flights are carried out on certain days, and the duration of the trip is limited to 7, 10 and 14 days.
  2. Inconvenient departure time, as the priority at airports is regular flights.
  3. You can get tickets only on the eve of your flight or in a couple of hours at the airport itself.
  4. Air tickets are not refundable, but it is possible to find a new buyer, resell or donate, re-register the data.
  5. On flights sometimes there are delays, but when you wait for a long time, you are also entitled to compensation in the form of a free hotel and food.

If you are not afraid of all these difficulties and priority is low-cost airfare, then go to the websites of airline charter.

Here are some of them:

But to look for the best deals on charters are best on the exchanges where travel agencies take off their "hot" tours and tickets:

Airlines carrying out charter flights from Russia:

  • Azur Air,
  • IFly,
  • Nordwind Airlines,
  • Pegas Fly,
  • Royal Flight,
  • Red Wings Airlines.

The main departure countries are Austria, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Greece, Dominican Republic, Israel, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Cuba, Malta, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland , Sri Lanka.

Advantageous offers for flights without commission are advantageously searched on the websites of travel agencies:

  • Mouzenidis Travel - airline tickets to Greece, Hungary and Cyprus,
  • Pegas Touristik - with a wide choice of charter destinations,
  • Buddha Tour - Air Destinations in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Greece.

Before buying airline tickets on the websites that I told you about in today's article, I recommend reading the article and taking advantage of my ticket saving tricks. The article on airline promotions will also help you with this.


I tried very hard to tell you in detail your secrets of budget flights and to share useful information about the best, reliable and cheap airline sites.

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