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Luxurious velvet dresses - photos, new styles, trends


Fashion in recent years does not accept frames, so you still have to learn how to wear velvet skirts, jackets, tunics, evening dresses. Do not be afraid, because cool summer is suitable for such a fashionable experiment.

Velvet dresses

Let's start the review with the most, perhaps, familiar velvet outfit. That's just the designers have made a variety even in this item of clothing - dresses from the "royal" fabric can be divided into evening, casual and office. Admit it, this division is very convenient and practical.

For the outlets, Monse, Prabal Gurung, Fendi and other fashion houses presented discreet dresses long below the knee and even to the floor. Expensive wine, red, emerald, black shades themselves created an aura of chic, so no additional details of the toilet are not meant.

Dennis Basso and Antonio Berardi diluted heavy velvet with weightless lace to make simple A-silhouette dresses look more harmonious and complete.

Velvet luxury also benefited office dresses - dresses from Roksalanda, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino looked restrained, but without a single hint of boredom or monotony. It turns out that prints, ruffles and ruffles are appropriate even in a business toilet.

Edun, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, Nicholas K. and Ralph Lauren presented more informal outfits that fit into everyone’s favorite casual style.

Not without the trendy underwear style this season. Therefore, to please the eyes of the opposite sex in the autumn-winter season 2016-2017, Valentino and Brock Collection are offered in deliberately simple dresses, resembling seductive combinations and nightgowns.

Velvet suits

Some designers have managed to bring a touch of femininity using a pantsuit. Style Creatures of Comfort suitable for office work. As a rule, such suits consist of a strict jacket in men's style and trousers of laconic cut.

A little provoking the public costumes from Haider Ackermann and Roksalanda. Pathos notes, trendy details like stripes and long-cut jackets made it seem like strict velvet suits gave unprecedented freshness and originality.

Antonio Berardi and Temperley London stood out with the help of velvet skirt suits.

Trouser suits do not have to be worn in full, it is quite acceptable to combine parts of the costume separately. For example, Naeem Khan and Monse demonstrated the enchanting combination of a lightweight blouse with high-rise culottes. Topshop Unique is a duet of light trousers and a black velvet jacket.

Velvet overalls

If you want to collect all the fashion trends of the autumn-winter season 2016-2017 together, then it's time to buy velvet overalls. And exactly the same as Ralph Lauren, Topshop Unique and Roksalanda showed us - classic black or other muted shades with a minimum of distracting details. Complete it with sharp-toned shoes and a tone accessory to get a complete casual or even bold office look.

We advise creative people to take a closer look at the Holly Fulton, Nicholas K and 3.1 Phillip Lim collections. Their overalls are distinguished by an unusual cut with eclectic elements, unusual for velvet things that are familiar to us.

Sport style

If you think that alluring velvet looks appropriate only in the evening and business wardrobe, the creators of modern fashion will quickly destroy your confidence. The first bell on the catwalks that the sport is velvety, became short jackets from Tommy Hilfiger and voluminous jackets Dion Lee.

Trend entrenched, Opening Ceremony presented a short sporty velvet jacket as part of their mono.

Lacoste went further, creating a cozy warm dress and a duet of a jacket and a skirt for everyday wear. Note, no bright shades - the "right" velvet should not go beyond the black, graphite, dusty purple, burgundy and blue tones.

Velvet, as a fashion trend of the autumn-winter 2016-2017 season, has become an anthem of the versatility of the combination of Victorian restraint and the modern denial of any framework. Sport on the catwalks easily sided with evening chic, and closed dresses with inviting toilets with a lot of cuts and straps-threads. So do not be afraid to experiment, you still have time to create the perfect wardrobe.

Dresses with a smell

Among the trendy velvet dresses, the smell is not only the most beautiful, but also the most popular among the models of 2018-2019. There are both short and long outfits. This can be attributed, and velvet dress styles, jacket and robe. The first variant of the velvet dress will be distinguished by the presence of a flap collar and button decor. In the second version, the dress on the smell will be complemented by a belt.

One sleeve

The trend for naked shoulders in velvet dresses 2018-2019 manifested itself in several variants, each of which deserves special attention. The first style of velvet dress with bare shoulders was an outfit on one shoulder or with one sleeve. Such a model dress is more suitable for an evening out. In such a velvet dress you will look amazing and luxurious.

Lowered shoulders

No less luxurious and charming style with bare shoulders, velvet dress with a boat neckline and long sleeves. The ideal length for this model will be midi. The cut can be fitted and A-line. In any case, a velvet dress with bare shoulders will look unmatched and seductive.

Fully bare shoulders and arms in models of velvet bustier dresses lend an image of sophistication and confidence. Since these are predominantly slim styles, such velvet dresses 2018-2019 are not suitable for everyone. The dress will gracefully emphasize the form and more suitable for tall ladies with a proportional figure.

Thin straps

In support of the linen style, fashionable dress-combination can now be found among velvet dresses. Such velvet dresses can be safely put on a party or stroll on a summer evening.

Beautiful velvet dresses in the classic version 2018-2019 will not do without a case model. The elegant and feminine style looks rich, emphasizing the refined taste of its owner. Thanks to the correctly selected accessories in a similar velvet dress, you can appear at work and go to a restaurant or visit the theater.

Raised waist

Trendy casual velvet dresses 2018-2019 are characterized by a simple cut and a free style. One of these models was a velvet dress with a high waist and flared skirt. Very comfortable and practical dress, goes well with both rough shoes and shoes with heels.

Asymmetrical cut

Asymmetry is now at its peak of popularity and she could not hook on fashionable velvet dresses 2018-2019. Asymmetric motifs are found not only in models on one shoulder or notches. More often, these are velvet dresses with a slanting hem or mallet model cut.

Who is the velvet dress?

Who would suit such a thing? Velvet is a very specific fabric, therefore the dress made from it goes far from any woman.

  • Firstly, this material has a nap that creates additional volume, and this means that girls and women with appetizing forms should choose something else.
  • Secondly, the velvet can in the unfavorable light expose the flaws of your figure, such as voluminous sides, folds, tummy, and so on. Although these defects can be hidden by a correctly chosen style, only happy owners of a slim and close-to-perfect figure can afford an elegant and fitting velvet dress.

Some restrictions apply to age. Since velvet was very expensive before, only wealthy ladies, who loved this fabric very much, could afford it. And therefore, many people associate material with maturity, a certain status in society, which is why it can look inharmonious for a very young girl. But such a fabric perfectly emphasizes the sophistication, impeccable taste and wisdom of an older woman.

When is this outfit appropriate?

Velvet is a fabric that has always been associated with luxury, chic, wealth. And although now it is treated somewhat simpler, it continues to be unusual and far from everyday. Based on this, it begs the conclusion that it is not worth wearing a velvet dress every day, and it is unlikely to fit into an office or business style, as it stands out and draws attention to itself. But this thing is ideal for special occasions, such as a date, a party, a formal event, a dinner in a restaurant, a celebration of some important event, and so on.

A small note: since velvet is a rather heavy and dense fabric, it should be worn in the cold or at least cool season. In the summer in a dress it will be stuffy and extremely uncomfortable, lighter materials are more suitable for heat.

Which dress to choose?

How to choose an elegant, beautiful and fashionable dress of velvet? When buying, be guided by the following criteria:

  1. Style. Many present the perfect velvet dress as elegant, long and tight, with a flared hem. And such a cut is really relevant and, probably, will never go out of fashion, remaining the same evening option. The “fish” style also deserves attention, but it may inappropriately emphasize the hips. Interestingly look model "new look" with a lush hem, they are ideal for parties, especially thematic. Such a cut, in contrast to the previous ones, is also optimal for full, delicious ladies. Laconic cut "case" in velvet performance will acquire a new sound, and in this case the midi will be the ideal length. A young girl can choose a short dress, but it must necessarily close the middle, and preferably 2/3 of the thigh, otherwise the image will be extremely vulgar or even vulgar, which in no way can be attributed to velvet.
  2. Pay special attention to color, because velvet is capricious and does not tolerate any shades. Harmonious of all this material looks in dark and deep colors, also associated with luxury and emphasizing the elegant restraint of the image. These include chic emerald green, rich or dark blue, wine, burgundy, chocolate. Of course, classic black is also appropriate, velvet can make it multifaceted and truly magnificent. If you are ready to attract attention and attract views, and are not afraid to be known as a vamp, then take a chance and choose a red dress. But light shades in velvet can just get lost, bright ones, as a rule, look ridiculous on such fabric and create an impression of disharmony.
  3. The decor. Although the velvet itself is luxurious and attracts attention to itself, it quite gets along with decorative elements, but they must be extremely elegant, feminine and fancy. For example, a stunning tandem will create velvet and lace, which will emphasize the veiled sexuality. Will add chic to the stones, but small, and creating a barely noticeable shine. In modern and fashionable models, inserts from different materials are increasingly common, and contrasting combinations can be a bright accent of the dress, so the fabric should be light, sometimes translucent. Velvet interestingly will play with chiffon, guipure, silk.
  4. The size should fit the figure, as a tight-fitting dress will flaunt all the flaws.

What to wear with a velvet dress?

Creating an image, it is worth starting with a choice of tights. Some do not pay due attention to this, but in vain, because the wrong choice can spoil the overall impression. Choose extremely thin, laconic and transparent nylon pantyhose without unnecessary details in the form of patterns and inserts. As for the color, it is suitable as black and beige, but darker skin tone. Tight pantyhose in most cases out of place.

Equally important is suitable shoes. If you decide to wear a velvet dress, then your choice should fall on the shoes, other options are inappropriate. And elegance is best emphasized by simple pumps with a stiletto or more steady heels. Sandals can replace them, but certainly with closed noses (it is desirable that the heel should be closed).

The material also matters: for example, suede or velor definitely won't fit. Although it would seem, according to the texture, they are very similar to velvet, but this is precisely the reason for the rejection of such options. Lacquered shoes can overload the image, since the dress should be the accent and the main detail. But the skin - the best option. The best color is classic and versatile black. Shoes in the tone of the dress - “not comme il faut”.

And finally, go to the accessories. A thin strap is appropriate only if the style and decor allow (a dress that fits a rhinestone and does not need a belt). The handbag should be small and elegant, so you should choose a clutch.

Jewelery is permissible, but remember moderation. Noble materials and stones, such as gold, diamonds, pearls, are well combined with velvet. It is advisable to choose no more than two accessories, for example, medium-sized stud earrings and delicate beads or necklace with a discreet pendant and a barely noticeable bracelet. The thickness of the jewelry should be minimal, and the stones - small.

If you firmly intend to buy a velvet dress, then feel free to do it, because now you can choose the right one and wear it correctly.

Fashionable color of velvet dress 2017-2018. A photo

The inviting shimmering outfit of soft material is popular among millions of women and due to the rich color palette. From all the abundance of tones, you can select the top five pets, regardless of the fashion season.

  • Black velvet dress. That fabric, that shade of such a dress speak for themselves. The warm and practical style is good as an office and festive attire. For winter, you can pick up a indoor dress to work, with cutouts - for parties and festive moments. A long velvet dress is a sophisticated evening decoration, which is worth complementing only expensive metal or stones.

  • Green velvet dress is a real find for brown-haired women and owners of hair with fiery shades. Among the many tones of green in the trend of muted gamma.

Emerald velvet dresses today are so popular that many stars and socialites appear in such clothes at the most famous events and ceremonies.

In emerald color

  • Red velvet dress embodies all the qualities that can make pay attention to any woman. Dear royal material, soft gloss and bright color will serve as a magnet for the eyes of others.

  • Not less effective dress is the claret velvet dress. The muted shade of red is great for many women with different color types.

  • Always in fashion blue dress. And the styles of the dress from the rough mother look elegant and restrained at the same time.

Colors of velvet dress 2017-2018

The above five shades is a constant trend. 2017 and 2018 are also supportive of other velvet dress colors. These include styles in pink.

The bright sun and autumn foliage - all these are fashionable colors of 2017-2018 dresses from a yellow palette.

Blue turquoise or aqua are saturated tones of blue. This velvet dress remains in memory for a long time. Look at the photo below and see for yourself.

Expensive wine and velvet - immediately appear images of a romantic evening or social event. The wine color of the dress will match with any of these events.

Velvet Maternity Dresses

Even the interesting position of a woman is not a reason to abandon a beautiful dress. Velvet dresses for pregnant women 2017-2018 can be stylish clothes for any season, both winter and summer. Many of them are decorated with drapes on the back and bodice, fashionable and intriguing cuts on the back and not only.

Practical dress transformer

Buy velvet transforming dress - a way to follow fashion trends and constantly be new. One style allows for each new case to have a new look. The main thing is to choose your length of dress and the most advantageous ways of draperies.

Dress for prom 2018 of velvet. A photo

Beautiful material is also under close attention from the creators of prom fashion. Sherril Hill velvet prom dresses 2018 embody the latest fashion trends in creating beautiful clothes. There are among them evening dresses in the floor with an open back, inlaid with stones. And separate models consisting of a top and a skirt.

From crumpled velvet

Evening styles of velvet in different designs

Separate prom dresses 2018

Young girls in the model range of 2018 from this brand can choose a short velvet dress in a suitable design: with sleeves, open shoulders, inlays.

Evening velvet dresses 2017-2018 haute couture

Elegant material is constantly used in creating stunning clothes for evening exits. Ralph Lauren collections from time to time adorn long velvet dresses in blue, red and purple from time to time.

Velvet - the favorite among the elegant textures of the fashion house Giorgio Armani.Looking at each evening dress in the photo, you are convinced of the pleasant "dependence" of the masters of the Italian brand on this fleecy material.

Light and airy seem velvet dresses on thin straps.

Не отстает от вышеназванных брендов и Elie Saa. Мастер создает потрясающие одежды из бархатного материала, сочетая его с иными фактурами. Так в осенне-зимней коллекции — это сетка и гипюр.

Elie Saab - styles from the winter collection

In the collection from the haute couture his outfits are distinguished by rich tones, the décor of styles is majestic materials. Blue, red and green evening dresses are worthy of these queens.

In fashion shows from haute couture there are dresses with velvet inserts in the neck and hands, fluffy skirts of rough texture and light transparent materials.

A real trend of the cold season can be called a velvet dress with an interesting decor. Which version of the fashionable decoration of the dress depends only on the preferences of the beauties. What do stylists offer?

The popular decoration of cold season clothes will be cutouts, open parts. This is the current style in asymmetrical design, on one shoulder.

Embroidery designs and embroidery are another way to transform and bring originality into an outfit. An image on any subject, patterns, floral pattern, beadwork and thread, volumetric flowers made from fabric or bijouterie will suit.

As a rule, velor dresses are clothes for holidays and various ceremonial situations, social events and evening exits. Therefore, many of them shake their luxury in decorating.

Armani Privé - velvet dresses with decor

Another fashionable way to transform a warm dress is to combine fleecy material with transparent fabrics: lace, guipure, organza, mesh. Due to the openness of such decor, velvet dresses 2016-2017 acquire a special femininity and lightness. And the masters skillfully use combinations of named textures to create patterns and whole pictures on clothes, from which it is hard to look away.

Velvet dresses 2017-2018 for full girls and women. A photo

Velvet, velvet - rather dense textures that are ideal for owners of magnificent forms. Such styles "make" a feminine and elegant figure. Among the various options for velvet dresses for hollow women are very often the model with the smell. Deep V-neckline emphasizes the beauty of the bust, and fixing clothes with a belt - the waist.

A popular option for dresses for appealing beauties is styles with wide sleeves-kimono. He covers the plump arms, while emphasizing the other advantages of the magnificent mill.

Today, the trading network offers a large number of styles of velvet dresses for full beauties, young and older, short and long, open and with a sleeve. Therefore, every woman can enjoy the fashion trend.

How to care for a velvet dress

To store a velvet dress is necessary in the straightened form with a nap outside. This will prevent the appearance of unnecessary folds on rough material. After transportation, be sure to immediately remove the outfit from the bag or suitcase, send it to the hanger.

Smooth velvet dress also needs to be very careful. Smooth fabric without a pattern can be ironed with a towel. Of course, it is better to steam the clothes using a special hand-held device. The latter method of ironing is suitable for panbarhat styles, on which the patterns consist of villi located in different directions.

Special rollers and brushes for cleaning clothes will help to remove sticky threads, lint and wool from a piece of clothing.

Wash velvet dress can be in slightly warmed water, the temperature of which should not exceed 30C. Hand washing with the use of delicate products is suitable for this. In order not to damage the nap, the dress is not rubbed or twisted. It is necessary to dry clothes from velvet in the straightened form, on a flat surface, having previously straightened the wet pile with your hand in the right direction.

Cut fabric should be on pile. Therefore, those women of fashion who decided to sew a velvet dress with their own hands need to buy material with a small margin.

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Characteristics of the material

Velvet is a fabric, one side of which is smooth, and the second is covered with a nap. Depending on the type of pile, there are several types of fabric. So, the fabric with a long nap is called plush, if the nap is looped, then the fabric is called looped velvet.

Originally velvet was made of silk fabrics and exclusively in China. Later, the production of this fabric was mastered in European countries. For the manufacture of velvet they began to use not only silk, but also cotton, and later - artificial fibers.

The velvet which appeared in the Middle Ages in Europe was extremely expensive, therefore it was used for tailoring elegant clothes for representatives of the royal family. Many royal persons are depicted on their ceremonial portraits in velvet dresses and camisoles.

After the introduction of new technologies, the material became available to ordinary people. But since the fabric is not the most practical, it is used mainly for elegant clothes. Periodically, certain types of velvet came into fashion. So in the middle of the last century, dresses from panne were extraordinarily fashionable. This fabric is a chiffon base, over which velvet patterns are woven.

Nowadays, velvet is made with the addition of elastic fibers, so clothes are quite comfortable out of it. However, the elegant appearance of the fabric and its impracticality (dust and various fine debris easily adhere to the velvet surface) do not allow the use of this fabric for sewing everyday clothes.

Modern designers represent a variety of models of velvet dresses. Photos from fashion catwalks will make sure that all outfits have a common feature - they look solemn and beautiful. In most cases, the most simple cut is used, since it relies on a beautiful fabric and not on an abundance of details.

Casual fashion

Of course, a velvet casual dress is not a model that can often be found on the street. But why not become original and not sew a simple velvet dress for every day? A classic sheath dress or knee-length A-line silhouette will look great.

To "muffle" the solemnity and elegance of velvet, it is worth to supplement the dress with a jacket of smooth-colored matte fabric. A velvet sheath dress complete with a jacket is an excellent office suit. A black outfit is perfect for work. To him should pick a gray jacket and beige shoes.

Evening fashion

Much more diverse styles of velvet dresses, designed for the evening. These models can be of different lengths, often using a combination of velvet with other fabrics. The combination of velvet and lace looks especially elegant.

Short dresses

Very popular short dresses made of velvet. This outfit is laconic and beautiful. A short dress made of velvet fabric can have different styles. Modern designers offer such models:

  • tight dress with narrow sleeves to the wrist or three quarters long,
  • models with bare shoulders or thin straps with flared skirt,
  • with an asymmetrical neckline and shoulder strap,
  • one-piece straight dress from velvet or model, cutting off along the waist line,
  • models with draperies.

Long Dresses

For a festive occasion, velvet long dresses are perfect. Such models are sewn with softly flowing skirts and a bodice that fits snugly to the figure. Velvet dresses with a skirt to the floor, complemented by inserts of chiffon, lace and other openwork materials, look original.

Incredibly impressive looks long velvet dress, slinky figure, like a second skin with a cut on the back. In front of such a dress should have a stand-up collar, the outfit is often sewn with long narrow sleeves.

A straight long dress made of thick velvet can have a high slit on the skirt, in which a slender leg will seductively flicker.

For a very special occasion (graduation, wedding, etc.), you can sew a ball gown of velvet with puffy skirts. Such a dress can have a corset top with fully open shoulders and a bell-shaped skirt.

Long dresses are often sewn with sleeves, as a rule, a long, narrow sleeve is used, which can be sewn both from velvet and from openwork fabric, for example, lace.

For full

Full ladies are perfect evening dresses made of velvet. It is only necessary to choose the right style of dress. Choosing the style of dress on a full figure, you should take into account the peculiarities of your physique to be able to hide the most unattractive places of the figure.

For full girls of proportional physique, a dress with a zipper, made of velvet will be an excellent choice. It is better to choose models not with a classic round neckline, but with a letter-shaped neckline. If the shoulders and arms are too full, then it is better to get a dress with long sleeves and closed shoulders. It is recommended to use lace or translucent chiffon for sewing these details.

Ladies whose abdomen area is a problem area should prefer a model with a high waist. To divert attention from the imperfect waistline and protruding tummy, it is necessary to sew an outfit with a deep neckline.

Another technique that distracts from the protruding abdomen is the use of companion fabrics. A bodice with a high waistline and long sleeves is sewn of velvet, and a skirt is made of fabric of the same shade as velvet, only it should have a matte texture. The bottom of this dress can be in the form of a trapezoid or be flared.

Perfect for full A-line models, made from velvet. This style will visually make a fat girl more slender. A deep neckline in the shape of the letter V will allow you to focus on the luxurious bust and lengthen the neck.

An elegant option for full girls - a dressing gown from velvet. Of course, this outfit is a little like a bathrobe. But these models have a common feature - the presence of smell. Drapery, which is formed in the zone of smell, visually make the figure slimmer.

Color palette

Velvet looks great in almost any color. But since this material has long been considered precious, most often velvet repeats the color of precious stones. Dresses of sapphire color, amethyst, emerald, ruby, black diamond look great.

Shades of red

Red - the color of the holiday, so it is often used for sewing festive dresses. And if the red dress is sewn of velvet, then its owner will be in the spotlight.

You can use different shades of red - coral, bright scarlet, noble burgundy.

The black

Universal black color is appropriate in almost any event. Black velvet looks great, as it shimmers when moving, creating an indescribable visual effect.

Black dress can be complemented by inserts of silver or gold lace.


Multifaceted blue color - a great choice for a festive dress made of velvet. This color can be chosen for sewing business dress, in this case, you need to give preference to the darkest shades. But for the festive attire fit bright blue options.


The rich color of emerald is the perfect choice for making evening gowns. The best decoration of this dress will be the golden decoration. Other options of green (the color of young grass, lettuce) - this is not the best choice for a velvet dress.

Velvet is beautiful in itself, so a dress made from this fabric may not have additional decor., but at the same time, look great. However, designers often use a variety of decor to decorate the model.

Especially Lace is used to decorate velvet dresses. Lace braid can be used to frame the neckline, it is decorated with sleeves and skirt hem.

Inserts for velvet dresses can be made not only from lace, but also from other materials. For example, from satin, chiffon, silk. Sometimes use thin natural skin.

One more A common variant of the decor is draping. Velvet is a soft material, so it drapes perfectly, forming beautiful soft folds. Draperies are a great way to draw attention to certain places of the figure and hide what is undesirable to demonstrate.

Embroidery is a great decoration option. It is used to decorate the bodice of the sleeves or skirt. Embroidery can be made with silk threads in the color of the base, but embroidery with gold or silver threads looks more impressive. For additional decoration embroidery apply sequins, beads, artificial pearls.

Choosing options for velvet dress decor, you need to observe the principle of moderation. The desire to make the outfit more elegant is understandable, but it is important not to overdo it, so that the beauty of the fabric does not “get lost” behind the numerous decor.

What to wear?

The velvet dress is great in itself, but this outfit can be complemented with a variety of accessories.


To the side of velvet need classic shoes with heels. It is strictly not recommended to choose shoes of a similar texture, that is, it is not worth buying suede pumps. Shoes from matte or patent leather will look much more successful. Shoes can be designed in the same color as the dress, but be a more muted shade. You can buy shoes the color of gold or silver, especially if the outfit has a finish of this color.

Bolero or jacket

If the dress is sewn with open shoulders, then it can be worn with a bolero or jacket. Charming will look and stole. For sewing these elements of clothing, you can use lace, satin, silk, chiffon. That is, we need fabrics of contrasting texture, but stylists do not recommend wearing complementary contrasting colors to a velvet dress.


Jewelery for velvet dress need elegant. It is strictly not recommended to use cheap jewelry. Decorations made of plastic or wood with a velvet dress will look ridiculous. Therefore, we need either jewelry or very high quality jewelry.

Beautifully blended with velvet dresses jewelery with natural pearls and stones. The stones should be small in size and rounded, this will give the image softness and femininity. Massive and coarse jewelry should be avoided.

Velvet luxury 2019

Chic evening gowns from a famous designer house are gorgeous!

In the fashion collections of famous designers from around the world today this exquisite material prevails - velvet. No collection of autumn-winter is complete without garments made from this capricious material. Indeed, it is worth noting that the velvet material, which requires special care in selecting the image and blunders, it will not tolerate!

Fashionable, velvet will be not only in the autumn-winter season. This luxurious fabric will be in trend in the spring and summer. An evening dress with velvet will look great on any occasion.

Please note that velvet itself looks very expensive.

  • You should not complement the image of bulky stone jewelry (if, of course, you are not going to the royal family), do not complement the image with lycra stockings, accessories with sequins or rhinestones. At a minimum, you will look ridiculous.
  • Give your preference to concise accessories and do not lose. Small earrings, carnations, laconic choker, classic watches, here's what you notice.
  • Do not wear more than one thing from velvet. Velvet trousers, a velvet shirt and a velvet bag to boot are already overkill.
  • Learn to combine products from velvet with things of basic wardrobe.
  • The shirt will look laconically with a straight knitted skirt, pants with a satin blouse, and a velvet bag does not need any addition.
  • Do not forget the color. Yes, black is a classic. But, for sure, not every fashionista can decide to experiment with green or red velvet.
  • Remember one single rule: when choosing products from velvet of complex colors, you should not fanatically select accessories for them, invent hairstyles, choose shoes that match the tone. Such a product is self-sufficient and will do its work for you.
  • If you plan to replenish your wardrobe with a new velvet thing, please note that it will not always and not everywhere look appropriate. Velvet trouser suit is not suitable for business negotiations, but it will look great on a date in a restaurant.
  • Wear a combination dress with tight black tights and shoes with a steady heel.
  • A blouse, a bomber jacket, a turtleneck made from this material are perfectly combined with straight trousers of dark colors, wide shorts and a bell skirt. But remember, a long dress in half is only for special occasions!

Triumphant Velvet Return

The widespread fascination with the 70s fashion this winter revealed to the true fashionistas a new peep - velvet. Already, world celebrities and advanced it-girls from around the world tirelessly show us a huge variety of options for using the newly popular texture in all cases of life. Meet Before you, fashionable dresses from royal velor!

Royal dresses look amazing! Так, если вчера на красной дорожке в шикарном вечернем наряде из черного бархата блистала неподражаемая Джулианна Мур, а звезда светской хроники Алекса Чанг демонстрировала облегающий бархатный костюм-двойку, то уже сегодня толпы модниц со всего мира экспериментировать с этой роскошной тканью.

Роскошный, дорогой наряд!

Бархат пробрался во все элементы по-настоящему модного женского гардероба. Velvet dress will look great on New Year's Eve, as well as on a wonderful birthday celebration! Maybe it's time to go to the restaurant? Also worth it and in this case, take a closer look at the magic velvet fabric! Velvet splendor will serve you excellent service on any festive day.

Stars are happy to defile on the red carpet in velvet dresses, to the delight of their fans.

Celebrity in a chic velvet dress

Now dresses of a darkish hues are particularly relevant, giving a truly royal chic to their owners, invariable dressing gowns, which, depending on accessories, can give the appearance of deliberate negligence or, on the contrary, underlined sophistication, even outerwear is now offered to sew from velvet using high-quality warm lining.

Evening velvet dress - fashionable chic

Not spared velvet fashion and pants.

Everything is in fashion - and narrowed cropped pipes, flared trousers, and, as without them, so-beloved pants of free cut lately.

If you are a fashionista, you should definitely have velvet trousers, at worst - jeans, because it is jeans that are made of velvet today, even Hollywood stars are especially often wearing.

Fashion trend 2018-2019 velvet clothes

In 2017, velvet products are again in fashion, from this matter designers have always created new collections that made any model stunningly beautiful. This season, any outfit of velor and velvet will be considered ultra-fashionable. The price range of fluffy shiny material can be different. In cool time, you can sew a suit of velor or plush textiles.

Fashionable velvet dresses 2018

New fashion season in the photo. If you want to go to a restaurant, go to the theater or go to a friend's birthday party and want to feel worthy and expensive, then a magnificent velvet outfit will be able to serve you well in this!

The velvet season is open!

Everyone keeps coming back to us from the echoes of the 90s, when bright outfits were in trend. Flower print has long taken a popular position among fashionistas. Each spring-summer season is distinguished by its style. Today at the peak of popularity embroidered floral patterns. Increasingly, you can see on the clothes of girls embroidery or appliqué in the form of flowers, both on the gloss pages and on the streets. Designers put it literally on everything: clothes, bags, shoes. Collections of clothes continue to bathe in floral embroidery.

How to choose a dress from velvet?

Such bright things need to be able to properly combine with other clothing and accessories.

Fashion trends 2018. Embroidery

1. Jacket and leather jacket

Of course, the denim jacket is always relevant, but it acquires special relevance with the presence of embroidery. The sizes of flowers can be completely different: from small flowers to large buds. As for the location, it can be different and depends on imagination: from the local location to the fully decorated jacket.

Special attention deserves the jacket. This season it is decorated with a small flower. Thanks to this, the fateful and romantic combination will become the most popular among women of fashion.

Embroidery also adorns the bombers, parks, jackets and jackets.

A big rush was caused by embroidery on transparent and translucent dresses, chiffon and mesh. Designers create the whole plots on light dresses. There are two completely different variations: bright large flowers, for lovers of the “Gypsy” style and restrained small colors in the range of colors.

Embroidery on the shirt adds femininity, elegance and practicality. It can be combined with an office skirt, trousers, which will make the outfit less strict or vice versa with jeans, which will soften the image and add a touch of femininity.

With jeans, designers have done a great job and as a result, with the advent of flower embroidery, any model of jeans becomes even brighter and more popular.

However, here you need to be careful in the selection of the image, so as not to overdo it and not look tasteless.

Ideal with these jeans are combined white shirts, plain clothes, strict cut jackets. In a properly selected image, jeans will not remain without attention of others, it is important to emphasize them.

Embroidery can also be a decoration for a loose sweater. With her sweaters take a completely different look. For example, calm pastel flowers give tenderness, refinement, and bright ones emphasize charisma and attract more attention. It combines with almost all things. This sweater should be present in the wardrobe of every girl.

Designers were not limited to applying embroidery only on clothes, they went further and put floral arrangements on bags. Embroidery decorated not only expensive models, so it is worth emphasizing the availability of today's trend. Embroidery is observed on strict shades of brown and black, bright and soothing shades. This contributes to the expansion of the range. Perhaps every girl can get a fashionable handbag.

7. Decorative embroidery

For fans of minimal decoration on clothes, designers have developed fine embroidery. It is placed in the hem, along the neckline. Looks especially beautiful on velvet dresses and a grid. The calmest option is the arrangement of several colors at the bottom of a dress, coat skirt, etc.

Much attention is paid to designers shoes. Having decorated shoes with embroidery, coarse shoes acquired a more calm and gentle look, heels with heels gained a more elegant look. Some designers have decorated their prints with floral prints. That did not leave any girl indifferent.

Embroidery flooded this season. Everyone can wear such clothes, bags and shoes. There are no bans in combination, the main thing is not to overdo it. Therefore, you can safely buy these products and wear with pleasure.

How to wear and with what to combine

Leading stylists in this matter provide the broadest choice.

Therefore, today, both a fully velvet image, for example, a dress or suit, and the use of the main velvet element in combination with basic things are considered permissible: therefore, an exquisite velvet jacket in combination with a white shirt or a light sweater with a high collar will look topical.

If you follow the fashion trends, but in principle you do not want to share the universal velvet fashion insanity, then you can limit yourself to stylish and bright velvet shoes, or a sophisticated clutch.

The main thing is that the accessory clearly stands out against the general ensemble.

Therefore, do not miss the chance to catch your velvet wave, and when you catch it, remember what the royal robes were made of all ages, and then you yourself will feel like a queen!

Fashionable material

At the word velvet, the first thing that most likely comes to mind is the memory of old Soviet grandmother’s curtains. Dear and luxurious in its time fabric, today has become associated with something old and ancient.

In velvet, you can find older women wearing old fashionable things many years ago. Maybe someone in the chests left these weird velvet blouses, skirts.

Formerly, gloves and handbags made of velvet served as the subject of real luxury. Perhaps it will seem ridiculous to someone, but for real vintage lovers, this is a real find. However, do not forget that everything is new, it is well forgotten old.

Unexpectedly, velvet things appeared in the new collections of the year: jackets, skirts, dresses and velvet accessories. Also unexpectedly, the fabric has changed, in combination with modern styles and colors.

It turns out that velvet is not only not outdated, but has become a completely new feature of fashion collections.

About velvet for the first time actively started talking after the release of the famous film "Gone With the Wind." In the picture, the famous Scarlett amazed the imagination with her outfits. A young girl showed the world the unsurpassed and beautiful figure. One of the dresses was remembered by the viewer especially, it was a green velvet dress. Herbal color and beauty of the texture played on the silhouette of the girl and made a special impression on the audience.

Velvet again became fashionable.

Fashionistas of the last century went in velvet dresses. Its texture allows you to hide all the flaws of the figure and emphasize the advantages.

The peculiarity of the fabric is that when playing in the light, it seems to flicker, and any thing looks expensive and luxurious in it. After the main boom was over, tablecloths and curtains began to appear from the fabric, from which the Soviet-era objects appeared in the chests of the grandmothers.

How to choose

There are a sufficient number of types of velvet, and, consequently, products made from this material will be very diverse. By the way, the word "velvet" in English sounds like "velvet", and in French - "velor". So maybe you should not buy only one dress, especially since designers offer us many stylish and fashionable models?

Undoubtedly, the fashion for velvet will never pass, but you can be in trend by choosing the color of the dress, which will be relevant this season.

But, despite the color accents dictated by designers, classic velvet colors will certainly be popular with fashionistas all over the world.

The embodiment of classic and elegance can be considered a dress of black velvet. The writer would compare the modulations and depth of this fabric with the southern velvet night. If you have not yet purchased a “little black dress” according to the advice of the great Coco Chanel, start with a dark velvet model with a slimming effect.

Shoes for such an outfit choose only a classic, obligatory heel, platform shoes, as well as models covered with ornaments made of bright stones are completely excluded.

Amazing dresses in red velvet as long mini and maxi. Such models are recommended to wear in solemn occasions. And remember: no tight tights, just thin, the color of your skin.

A girl in such a dress in itself attracts attention, so you should not overload the image with too large elaborate ornaments; a small pearl necklace will be enough. Wear shoes with a high thin heel to match the dress or a neutral shade (for example, beige). You are irresistible!

Blue velvet dresses have become the fashion trend of the year. By the way, with such dresses designers recommend wearing bright bold accessories, for example, shoes with a leo-print or clutch “under the skin of a reptile.”

And, finally, dresses “powdery” shades. This amazing velvet color can be compared to the delicate peony petals. These dresses are suitable for young girls, delicate shades of fabric emphasize a fresh complexion. Remember that the velvet of light shades visually fills, therefore, it is recommended to wear such models only to slim girls.

What dress from velvet to buy - long or short? First you need to decide for what case you need a new thing. If you are waiting for a solemn event, buy a maxi-long dress, for other cases a medium-length model will do.

Before choosing an outfit, find the pros and cons of your figure and, depending on this, look for the style of "your" dress, especially since designers offer quite a wide choice.

Pay attention to the velvet dress with a slit, sometimes it looks much more sexy than too bold neckline. It is best to choose such a model of dark shades (for example, emerald or sapphire), shoes with heels to match the dress.

For the office fit closed velvet sheath dress. Do not be afraid to look like a “blue stocking”, the correct style and luxurious material will emphasize both a thin waist and seductive hips. Classic boats with an unusual decor will suit this look.

Velvet dresses with an open back or on thin spaghetti straps look very seductive. They are suitable only for girls with model parameters.

Will velvet dresses for ladies with curvaceous fit? Of course, yes! Stop your choice on dresses with drapery, models with high waist, maxi or midi length.

Do not try to cover yourself too much, it will not be your decoration. Remember, there is no ugly figure, there is an incorrectly chosen clothes. Good luck to you!

Velvet models for full

Classic dressing element for women with excess weight - elegant dresses from all kinds of velvet. Products made from velvet, semi-ecarch, plush, and velor look luxurious, both in everyday life and as indispensable for celebrations.

Velvet is a soft-touch fabric that has an appearance incomparable to any other fabric. It has the ability to shimmer with artificial and natural light, so the products look effective.

Variety of models

Correctly selected style - the success even of women with curvaceous. When choosing a dress you must consider all the features of your figure.

Modern designers offer many styles of velvet dresses:

- dresses with a raised or high waist - an indispensable addition to the wardrobe of overweight women. The high waist makes it possible to hide the protruding tummy, visually stretch the legs. This model will provide an opportunity to demonstrate a magnificent bust,

- the classic fit of the dress case model is ideal for women with a proportional figure. The unique model will effectively emphasize the figure and, at the same time, hide the existing drawbacks. A good addition to this model will be the zipper on the back. This dress will complement not a classic round neckline, but a letter-shaped neckline. The versatility of the dress looks strictly and businesslike,

- Beautiful shoulders of plump women will accentuate the velvet dress with or without shoulder straps. This model will focus on the waist, and draperies will hide excessive completeness,

- no less relevant is the style of dresses with A-silhouette. The gorgeous trapezoid model is practical in every situation. Often styles for full ladies have a solid cut with no sleeves. Owners of feminine fullness need such outfits. They are able to hide the flaws of imperfect hips and full legs.

Ladies with an hourglass figure will ideally sit down on A-line dresses made from any fabric. This model will skillfully emphasize the waist by visually hiding figure flaws.

Fashionable velvet dresses from the Pakistani collection

Beautiful dresses from the fashion collection 2015 presented by Pakistan. Not only mature girls, but also teenagers love to wear this style of clothing. Fashion designers have come up with new styles of dresses to please the girls. Beautiful patterns, survival, decoration with beads give the feeling of a beautiful unique and original dress. In this dress you can be unique.

Girls in Pakistan and India enjoy wearing beautiful outfits. Pakistani designers love velvet dresses and adorn them with pleasure with stones. There is a large selection of such beautiful outfits in the fashion collection 2015 - 2016.

Types of materials

Modern manufacturers produce a large number of fabrics, in composition resembling velvet.

For example, velor wool or knitted plush is used for a coat or raincoat. Therefore, the price of the fabric is different, and anyone can pick up a material in their own pocket.

Suits for playing sports or tight clothing are sewn from elastic stretch velor. And for evening dresses, chic panne is used as part of such material is either silk or viscose. And the patterned structure on such material will look expensive and beautiful and will amaze you with its depth.

Engraved velvet is a fabric of a special structure, velvet patterns are stuffed on a silk or chiffon base. The difficult process of making such a fabric makes heavy velvet lightweight and very elegant. A woman in such a dress looks very seductive.

The designers gave vent to their fantasies and suggested using velvet in casual clothes. Velvet is so self-sufficient and noble that even sports breeches will look gorgeous. But we must be careful with the decor of such a noble fabric so that there is no busting. In any case, the matter of your taste and the choice is always yours. A cozy and soft chitons mentally take you back several centuries.

Dress to the floor

A long cocktail dress will visually make you taller. And complete with high heels shoes will look elegant and luxurious, even on fat women. A deep cut from the side will add sexuality.

This year, the asymmetry is still in fashion, so the model of a free silhouette and a laconic cut with a decollete of geometric shape (cutout on one shoulder, or another asymmetric pattern) will look very impressive.

Velvet mini

Young ladies are more likely to have a short dress, its simple cut is suitable for both work and everyday life. With the apparent simplicity of this style can be distinguished in the form of a different cut sleeves, neck, or style skirt. And the mini models look no less impressive than the maxi.

Suitable for everyone!

To dress from velvet looked at you perfectly, choose the right style that will hide all your flaws and highlight the dignity. Если вы все-таки не смогли остановить свой выбор ни на одном варианте, рекомендую присмотреться к комбинированным моделям: бархат-шелк, бархат-атлас или волшебное кружево. Так же можно использовать разные аппликации, вышивки, стразы и тесьму.

Оттенок платья выбирайте по своему вкусу, но, если вы хотите быть стройнее лучше всего подойдет классический черный.

И конечно, правильно подобранные аксессуары, например, ожерелье, дополнят образ шикарной женщины.

Velvet is a material of restrained luxury.

Do not clog wardrobe lots of items from it. Pairs of three things will be enough to be in trend this season!

Choose basic things, do not immediately purchase a long dress with a train or a velvet trench. Perhaps this is not your material and you will feel it is not quite comfortable.