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What should be fashion for women over 50? (10 pictures)


With the outfits and style of young persons everything is more or less clear. But what kind of wardrobe should be a woman of elegant age, after 50 years? After all, you want to look attractive in 50 years. Simple advice on this matter to readers of "KP" gave our fashion expert, stylist Alexey Sukharev.

Get rid of tweed

- Many ladies in age love tweed kits and tweed jackets. Koko Chanel made them hit in due time. This is a classic. But tweed suits look great on women up to a certain age. A young woman is interesting and elegant, but when a woman of age 40 plus puts on the tweed, she automatically turns into a blue stocking. If the goal is to rejuvenate yourself, you should forget about the tweed.

If you feel sorry to say goodbye to your favorite tweed jacket, learn how to wear it properly. Complete it not with the same “teacher’s” skirt, but with jeans and a leather pencil skirt. Under the jacket you can wear a t-shirt. And complement the image of sneakers or sandals.

Mini: you can, but be careful

- Mini (contrary to outdated rules) can be worn and in adulthood. The main thing is to take an objective look at the condition of your legs and in case everything is fine, wear a mini without any problems. Another question: is it appropriate? In the mini at a business meeting will not go. But if the legs are in a luxurious state, then why not periodically show them to the world. Do not forget about the rules: if we have an open bottom, then we need to close the top properly. And if we have an open top (shoulders, neckline, open back), the bottom should be closed. Mini easily replaces the pencil skirt. It is just possible to go to the feast and to the world. I would also advise you to pay attention to the pleated skirt. It is important that she was below the knees - preferably to the middle of the calf.

No moccasins

- The older the woman, the younger should be her shoes. Shoes of the “Mary Jane” format (closed-type model, fixed on the rise of the foot with the help of a strap. - Ed.) Leave to young ladies who can stylize them as retro and look very fresh. Shoes with overlap strap, rounded spout, on a low heel will give your passport age. Pay attention to the boat (especially with a pointed nose). They are really young. The same as sneakers. Continuing the theme of shoes, I advise you to save wardrobe from moccasins. They do not emphasize the beauty of the legs. Now a huge amount of shoes on a flat course, which can be replaced moccasins: white sneakers, sneakers, loafers (they have a more dense sole, that is, they do not crawl on their feet). Or muly (shoes without a backdrop).

Jersey change to cashmere

- Adult women need to be more careful about “sluggish” knitwear, such blouses should be eradicated from their wardrobe. First of all get rid of blouses with prints, which still, God forbid, have a decor in the form of a flower laid out of rhinestones. This all greatly reduces the cost of the image. Replace blouses for cashmere turtlenecks. If you want to look younger, to refresh your face, replace the knit jacket with a cotton white shirt. This may be a shirt, similar to the men's office, blue, for example. Or a striped shirt. The problem of knitwear is also in the fact that things and him are usually very short. And our task is to lengthen the silhouette. If your shirt covers your hips, you will look slimmer.

It's time to pack

- Giant bags give out a woman with a lot of problems. For low ladies, this is generally a forbidden thing: she turns the hostess into an ant, which drags on itself a heavy burden. If you need to fit a laptop, cosmetics and a tray with lunch, separate things and carry several bags. In a cross-body bag (this can be worn on the shoulder or crosswise over the shoulder. - Ed.) Put everything you need (makeup kit, keys). And in the bag-shopper unload the minor things. A huge bag can be replaced by a backpack made of leather, velvet and suede. The main thing is that the backpack was not of a sports type, but resembled a handbag.


Instead of a fur hat - a scarf

- When a hat, scarf and gloves are assembled in a headset - this is a sign of the Soviet era, which should not be dragged into today's life. There are no rules according to which the kit is selected. You can use as the base color outerwear, but a different shade or contrast.

And one more thing: if you choose a hat for a fur coat, do not take it with a fur one. Even to the most refined, expensive fur coat, you can wear a knitted hat. This will immediately facilitate the image and make it less pretentious. Or you can replace the fur hat with a scarf, tying it on the head in different ways - it will be interesting and stylish.

Hats and prints: Vyacheslav Zaitsev showed that it will be fashionable in the spring of 2019

The show "Phantasmagoria", presented in St. Petersburg, impressed even the most sophisticated audience

Hats and prints: Vyacheslav Zaitsev showed that it will be fashionable in the spring of 2019

The show "Phantasmagoria", presented in St. Petersburg, impressed even the most sophisticated audience

How to choose a style dress or skirt?

For all types of figures, styles that are up to the knee length and a little lower, by 5-7 centimeters, are suitable, but no more, otherwise the effect of weighting the lower legs is created, maxi dresses are also allowed.

The most profitable figure is the type of “hourglass”, such women can boast of rather large breasts and hips, which harmonize in their width and almost completely coincide with the upper part.

Practically all styles of dresses will suit such women, especially those that emphasize the waist, for example, with a belt or grooves, will look particularly advantageous. Women with wide shoulders need to choose such styles that will increase the narrow hips, for example, models with low waist.

If you have a rather heavy bottom, then you should choose the styles of dresses or skirts, flared to the bottom. If rather narrow shoulders are added to the wide hips, then a round neckline will help to visually expand them, thereby balancing your body shape.

For the same purpose, suitable dresses with sleeves, flashlights, as well as jackets or the upper part of the dress with a V-neck, not very deep. Women with a "rectangle" figure can pick up wrap dresses, you should also emphasize the waist with the help of belts, models with a high or low waist will look good.

Fat women, of course, will have to mask their extra pounds, flared skirts and slightly loose, but not loose, dress styles do the best.

Many women after 50 years, there are new problem areas, which, in their opinion, can not hide. We are talking about the hands and neckline. In this case, you can use different transparent fabrics in such zones that will not create the impression of a “sealed” briefcase, but at the same time they will cover your problem areas.

What should be clothes for women after 50?

First of all, learn how to correctly choose the color scheme, for each age has its own preferences and recommendations. For example, it is preferable to forget green and purple colors, because even young girls are able to make them older than 5 years, why do you need it?

Black color is not always appropriate either, because of it skin tone can acquire an earthy and unpleasant color, with the exception of those women who it really goes, or it combines well with other colors and shades.

It is best to choose colors that will harmonize with the tint of your skin and eyes, most often it is light and pastel shades: soft blue, pink, peach, beige, cream, white, coral.

The next moment - drawings and prints on clothes. They are easily combined with any age, the main thing is to choose the right direction: if the cell, then it should not be too wide, if you prefer flowers and berries, then it's time to stop choosing a large print, but not bright, but rather muted, look will be noble and very harmonious.

Dresses in polka dots or in a dim abstraction look very feminine. The main thing to understand yourself is that a woman of golden age should not allow herself too bright inscriptions, huge pictures and ultramarine colors.

Remember that your age is a period of elegance and nobility, therefore it is the discreet classics in clothes that will harmoniously look.

Many designers recommend at that age to switch their attention to expensive and natural fabrics, the same can be said about accessories and shoes: if the bag, then leather, if the earrings are precious or natural materials.

But still, this is a purely personal affair, moreover, now the progress has reached the point that jewelry can look nothing worse than, for example, natural pearls, and leatherette is not inferior to natural materials. So it's up to you to count on your wallet and your preferences.

Remember, there is no rigid framework, what is possible and what cannot be worn by 50-year-old women, the main thing is a state of mind, everything should be harmonious: your appearance with your inner world.

And most importantly, remember, the most beautiful and attractive woman is the one on whose face a sincere smile shines, so enjoy the moments and each period of your life, because they will not be repeated.

Basic wardrobe of the year

Fashion for women over 50 suggests a minimal and concise fashion style. The softness of the lines, strict cuts, fashionable cut and expensive fabric will help to comply with all the laws of clothing for this period. Pick up products strictly according to size. If you get too small clothes, it will visually ruin even the most ideal shape. Baggy items are also not allowed.

The right shade of things will help to look stylish and fashionable. Visually, younger, green, sandy, lilac, and terracotta shades will help to become younger. You can highlight your personality with bright red or green. But the dark shades effectively hide the flaws, give a slim figure.

Women's fashion for 50 suggests a minimum of decor. It is important to choose things that will be organically combined with each other. You can create a new and stylish image every day. It should be remembered that your wardrobe should be from high-quality things. It is better if you choose things from expensive natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk.

Do not use a variety of rhinestones, sequins, stones. If you want to add a stylish accessory to your bow, it is better to use a pearl thread. This will give an image of elegance, sophistication. You can use a capsular wardrobe - pick up a basic set of things that will be designed in the same style direction, color scheme or for specific situations.

This applies to things, and shoes, and accessories. This will greatly facilitate the task of choosing what to wear exactly today. Think through every detail. Let the image give you joy and confidence.

Color solutions

For a stylish youth bow, you can use all the most varied colors in pitch and brightness. As for the image for women who are already over 50, then you need to be especially careful about the choice of shade. The ideal option is to wear natural colors of watercolor and light pastel shades, and they should not be flashy.

In addition, the right choice of color solution can give a special freshness to your face, make you visually younger and more attractive. The trends of this season suggest taking into account the color type when choosing the color of clothes, as well as the season in which you want to wear the product.

Thus, before you buy any clothes, be sure to try them on. And before that, attach the thing to your face and look in the mirror. You saw your image transformed, became visually younger, then you can safely buy an outfit. If the face has become gray, then this shade is not your option.


This shade will look great in the kit, and in individual things. You can buy a peach jacket and complement the image of a stylish midi skirt.

In the trend this season, sand color. It will help you visually look younger and more attractive. You can choose a stylish blouse or pants. Complete your look with a trendy cardigan in a neutral or light color.


Another actual color of the season, which is to face older women - is caramel. You will feel stylish and attractive if you wear articles of similar color.

Among other colors that deserve attention - it is pale green, Marsala, pearl-caramel. Choose a shade to your liking and combine things with each other.

Creating a fashionable image, choose the right style for yourself. Modern life dictates its own rules. However, beautiful clothes were not superfluous in any situation. Fashionable bows suggest an organic combination of suitable clothing. So you can feel confident and attractive.

There are various styles that you can use, emphasizing your strengths and brightening flaws. The choice of clothing will depend on your preferences, the time of year, and the expected event.


The casual look includes stylish and fashionable clothes that will give you only comfort and coziness. In this dress you will feel free and at ease. So you can pick up a stylish dress in which you can go for a walk, go shopping or meet guests at home. This season, relevant things in a cage or strip. You can purchase such a product and be in trend.

Especially beneficial will look sets. This can be as a trouser version, and products with a skirt. When choosing a dress, remember that in it you should feel free. Choose natural fabrics that are pleasant to the body. You can choose and branded products. They are of high quality product, wear resistance, durability. Of course, such models will not be cheap.

For the ladies will not be difficult to find a suitable set of stylish things. In addition, each product must radiate nobility, chic and elegance. In a fashion and large flower ornaments. Choose a fabric according to the season that suits your favorite color and make your own fashionable ensemble.

For a non-working woman, you can choose almost any clothes from this direction. Its style will depend on the situation in which you are going to use the product. Making up a fashionable image, the main thing is to be confident and not be afraid to experiment with suitable colors.

Special attention - elegant clothes. It should be elegant and stylish, it is beneficial to emphasize your dignity. You can choose a great pantsuit. In this case, the trousers themselves should be slightly flared. Such an ensemble can be put on for an anniversary or another celebration.

A black classic dress case will also look great. However, its length should be below the knee. Refresh the fashionable image will help properly selected accessories. If you prefer skirts, you can choose any style. At the same time try to avoid the length of the maxi. Elegant shoes with heels will complement this look. In such a bow, you can go for a birthday party, use a wedding dress, and meet friends.

Transparent clothing this season is also at the peak of popularity. In this case, the choice of the level of transparency and color depends only on you. Of course, these models for brave ladies. Not everyone will risk wearing a similar skirt.

Choosing an elegant bow, pay attention to the blouse. This season all light shades are popular. In this case, the material must be dense. You should feel comfortable. You can add an elegant style with an accent in the form of a jacket.

Whatever outfit you choose, the main thing is to feel confident and radiate positive. Then in the eyes of others you will look even younger and more charming.

For sports and recreation

For women who are over 50, any sportswear is perfect. You can emphasize your style, hide flaws. Stylish clothes will fill you with confidence and positive. You will radiate grace and appeal.

This season are relevant denim products. Choose jeans to your liking. Of course, it is better to choose direct models in a dark color. You should not get carried away and excessive decor. It is better if the products are simple and concise. It is better to use models with high waist. So you effectively hide your flaws.

You can choose comfortable trousers or sporty pants. They should not be too tight. They can go on nature, do fitness or make an invigorating morning jog. It is important that the pants are comfortable and comfortable. Then nothing will hamper your movements.

If you are an avid tourist, you can create a stylish holiday bow on the basis of suitable clothing of this style. When going to the sea, beachwear should be carefully considered. You can pick up the actual tunic or beach dress for sunbathing. The main thing that the products were not frank.

Eye-pleasing home clothes will help raise the spirits of you and your loved ones. The main thing is that the chosen kit is perfect for you. This may be a trouser version or not a short home dress. You should not choose crumpled fabrics. Лучше остановиться на одежде из натуральных материалов.

В этом сезоне известные дизайнеры предлагают одежду с разнообразными принтами и рисунками. Можно выбрать модный цветочный или анималистический мотив, приобрести изделие в мелкий или крупный горох, полоску. Вы точно будете в тренде, даже не выходя из дома.

It should be remembered that home clothes should be loose, not hinder movement, but not baggy. You should not even wear too-open T-shirts and tops at home, and even more so put them on the street.

Products need to buy things for the season. Summer clothes should consist of light natural fabrics that will allow your body to actively breathe, and you will feel comfortable and at ease. Winter clothing differs in the use of things more dense fabrics. They will allow to keep warm in the most severe frosts.

In the summer on a hot day, you can wear a light dress. It may consist of cotton, chiffon, silk, flax or other materials. Choose low-key colors. Elegance can be emphasized with the help of properly selected accessories. Place all the accents and you will look stylish and young.

As for winter ensembles, here you can choose suits with trousers or a skirt made of thick fabrics. It is worth paying close attention to the outerwear. It can be a beige coat. Stylists consider it a classic option for women of this age. This color can rejuvenate any woman.

You should have a sweater or pullover in your wardrobe. Moreover, they should be dark and light in color. Then you can always perfectly combine products with any clothes.

Street fashion presupposes the presence of comfortable and non-constraining things, wearing which you can take an evening walk, go to the park, meet friends. Mostly used comfortable trousers and jeans (not tight), as well as shirts, blouses. You can add a stylish bow with a fashionable jacket or trench.

We consider age

Clothing for those over 50 has certain criteria that women must take into account if they want to look younger, elegant and elegant. The first and most important thing is to take your age. Many ladies are trying to look younger, putting on practically youth clothes. But it looks not only inappropriate, but sometimes funny. Despite how old you are now, it is worth taking it with dignity and correctly setting fashionable accents.

Clothing for 48-50-year-old women, as well as for 55 years, for 60 years has common criteria, following which you can not only profitably apply, but also become a little younger visually. Discard the narrow, tight products, shapeless overalls, open tops. At this age, your wardrobe should be discreet and elegant.

Clothing for women after 50 years

Fashionable image for a woman of 50 years should be restrained and concise. Soft lines, strict cut, fashionable cut, actual model, expensive fabric - all these are indispensable attributes of a chic style. Clothing for 50-year-old women should be chosen strictly according to size. Too small things can visually spoil even the most good shape, and voluminous robes can hide all the charms of a still young and attractive woman, and this too should not be allowed. For full ladies baggy things also do not fit, you need to dress in clothes on the figure, but not tight-fitting

To look stunning, regardless of age, it is very important to correctly choose the color of clothes. A few years will help you reset the lime, sand, lilac, terracotta shades. In a red or burgundy outfit you will look spectacular and bright. Dark blue, black, green will visually give a figure harmony, and a peach will refresh the complexion and even hide circles under the eyes. For a basic wardrobe is better to pick things that fit together. So you can create a new image daily.

The entire wardrobe should mainly consist of quality items. It is better to choose products from expensive natural fabrics. Flax, cotton, silk, wool dyed in classic noble tones would be an ideal option. It is better to exclude or minimize bright finishes such as rhinestones, sequins, stones. It is better to add an image with stylish accessories or a string of pearls - this will add elegance, but do not refuse from modern expensive jewelry.

Do not spend a lot of money on clothes and always be different - this is real. To do this, you need to match things that can be combined. What should include the basic wardrobe:

  1. Dark blue straight jeans with no decor.
  2. 2-3 tight knit turtlenecks.
  3. The classic suit, which includes a skirt, pants and jacket.
  4. Several blouses delicate shades.
  5. White shirt.
  6. Cashmere coat with a belt.
  7. Three skirts: pencil, flared model or A-silhouette, maxi.
  8. Beautiful fitted sweater.
  9. A few dresses. Necessarily evening and classic case.

Basic wardrobe for a woman after 50 years: a carefully thought out image

A woman can look fantastic at any age if she carefully thinks about her image.

  1. Jeans in the modern world have become classics, because every woman should have at least 2 pairs. It is better if they differ in tone and are suitable both for the warm season and for the colder one.
  2. Blouses and shirts of pastel shades - the ideal decision for top. If the lady loves black color and the fact that he is slim, she should take into account that she can get a completely different effect and he will add years to her. It is worth thinking once again before buying a fashionable beautiful blouse, which may not be suitable.
  3. The skirt should be at least two: one is intended for each day, and the second can be worn on special occasions. It should be noted that the basic thoughtful wardrobe for a woman after 50 years should not include clothes with ruffles, laces and many layers. Such finishes are very old and do not benefit the image.
  4. Those who want to look stylish, it is better to have a cream set in their arsenal. If a lady likes to pick up each thing separately, she should remember that they are not always perfectly combined. If a woman can not decide, it will be better to buy a skirt or pantsuit, you should choose the first option. Feminine elegant images after 50 years look much better than the masculine style.

For things that make up the base of the wardrobe, it is better to choose neutral calm colors. They look good in combination with pastel shades of other things, and with bright fashionable details that can be added and revived.

Basic wardrobe for a full woman of 50 years and a lady with a figure of "pear"

The basic wardrobe for a full stylish woman of 50 years is somewhat different from the one that goes to thin ladies.

Fat women fit loose styles blouses, while it is better to exclude white and black colors, and use pastel. For those who have wide hips, it is worth picking up skirts of a classical cut. There is a wide choice in the choice of dresses, but it is better to complement them with wide belts. Belly is well concealed by a belt, if you put it on in the right place. Strasses, sequins, stones on clothes should not be used, they can look ridiculous and inappropriate.

The basic wardrobe for a 50-year-old woman with the figure “pear” also has a variety of clothing options. The ideal option would be A-shaped dresses and skirts, but a year skirt would also work if it is not too narrow and has a cut. At the exit a successful option can serve as a monochrome dress of soft tones below the knee and using shoulder pads. He can have a wide round neckline and short sleeves, but to mask the flaws it is better to wear a light cardigan or trench coat over it. Well-fitting women jeans, flared from the knee or pants that have a free form from the thigh. To make the silhouette more slender, you can wear classic low-heeled shoes. They will make a woman not only more elegant, but also more feminine.

Makes up the basic autumn and winter wardrobe for a 50 year old woman

In the closet of a true lady no longer young age, there must be a cashmere coat with a belt. It is better if it is of medium length. Any clothes that form the basis of the wardrobe should have a perfect cut and consist of the best expensive materials.

Ideally, the basic things should still complement a bright jacket, and a striped dress will not be superfluous. The basic autumn wardrobe for a confident woman of 50 years should include a coat of sand or gray color. Bright decoration also will not be a minus, if it is well combined with shoes, a scarf, gloves and jewelry. For cold days, things are better to choose semi-fitting cut. Cardigans, vests and jackets should be made of thick fabric, also knitted options will do. It is better to leave short and knitted outerwear in the past, but ladies of wise age are well suited for silk scarves and scarves. Special luxury and charm can be given to the image by adding a hat.

For the winter is to stock up on a jacket, sheepskin coat or fur coat. It is important to choose styles without a hood, as it can distort the silhouette and make the posture wrong. It is better to purchase a model with a removable hood, which can be fastened on frosty days. If a woman decided to pamper yourself, you should buy a mink coat. From headdresses it is best for mature women to take beats, and it is better to replenish the fur coat with a dense silk scarf.

Accessories for women over 50

In order for the basic images to play in bright colors and open up in a new way, they need to skillfully select jewelry and other accessories. Bag must be expensive and emphasize the status of the ladies. Ornaments are also excellent, but you should not choose jewelry. Classic for ages - pearls, it will decorate any image and complement it with feminine beauty and elegance. Pearl string of beads can be used in several layers and tied in a knot, you just have to choose beads with the same texture. When we make up the ideal basic wardrobe for a 50 year old woman, do not forget that the additional details should also look harmoniously with the base.

Wooden bracelets of different widths are suitable as wrist jewelry. Bracelets made of stones and precious metals also look luxurious. They can be worn either one by one or as a combination with each other or with a watch. Plastic options also look good, but strass inserts should be discarded. Massive earrings are aging and more suitable for holidays and other special outlets. If the owner still wears them, do not combine with other decorations, as this will destroy the elegant image and will look too pretentious and nalyapisto. If the lady prefers earrings with stones, it would be better to choose the option under the eye color.

If the main clothes should be pastel shades, then the addition in the form of a bright scarf with a print, wrapped around the neck with hanging edges, will just dilute the boring base. Instead of a scarf, you can also use a scarf, combined in color with the skin. Such jewelry is also good because it hides the skin of the neck, which is able to give out age.

A necessary item to supplement the basic wardrobe for most women 50 years old can be seen in the photo - these are glasses:

Over time, they are needed to improve vision, but this is not a reason for sadness. Nowadays, even many young girls wear fashion glasses, designed to complement the image. For those over 50, they will not spoil their appearance, but on the contrary will emphasize the wisdom of the years, making the bow interesting due to the correctly chosen frame and shape.

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Become fashionable again!

You do not want to look in the mirror, do you think that you are no longer so slim? You do not want to dress stylishly?

I am sure that after our conversation, you will again want to dress fashionably, which means turn around in front of the mirror!
You open your closet, and there, basically, "accounting", absolutely not fashionable clothes, in which you become "aunt". And our task is never to look like “aunt”, even if the weight is not the same, and the figure is not a girlish one.

Basic wardrobe

After 50 years, it is necessary to take care of your appearance even more, to choose clothes more carefully, not to look younger, but at the same time look young, stylish, elegant. In short, we must learn to know ourselves again.

What things should be in the wardrobe of the ladies, over 50? Those who do not go out of fashion for a long time will be perfectly combined with each other, because not every woman will be able to update her wardrobe for every fashion season.

Composing your basic wardrobe, you should pay attention to such nuances:

Replace some pants and jeans for skirts and dresses. In them you will always be elegant, feminine, you will be able to hide the flaws of your figure.

To emphasize your status, choose quality fabrics.

Choose a classic style of clothing that is suitable for any occasion. For the ladies after 50, the style of Chanel, Provence, retro. Look good vintage or romantic styles.

Let's go to the drawing up wardrobe

It should certainly be a business suit. Pay attention to the fitted suit or with a basque, it will help to hide the wide hips.

The dress should be not one: business, and also for publication. Stylish beauty must certainly have a little black dress, which came up with Coco Chanel. At work it will look good dress-case.

In the upcoming holiday season, you can afford a polka-dot dress with a deep neckline, both on the chest and on the back.

What skirts to wear? There should be several skirts in order to look stylish every time. A good option - a pencil skirt - this is a classic and chic. It will make your figure slimmer, and the image - feminine, and if necessary - business.

Fashion for many years, do not forget the long skirts to the floor, which make the image of a seductress easy, mysterious.

In the basic wardrobe should be a few blouses. These can be feminine blouses, men's shirts. Colors are not necessarily only white. All light shades look great.

What should I look for? Of course on the material. It must be tight, hide all that is not necessary to see under the blouse.

Shirt type blouses look very fashionable. They can be worn with any accessories, ranging from brooches to scarves.

Choosing shoes. Shoes must be different. Not every woman after 50 whole days will run on heels. Therefore, it is important to choose shoes with a steady, wide heel or completely without a heel.

Fall Fashion

Autumn clothes should not be dark, dark, boring tones. Win-win - beige coat.

Such a coat will give your appearance an incredible femininity, make it look elegant, very young. Light or burgundy raincoat - also looks good in rainy autumn.

Medieval style

In the autumn and winter of this year, stylists brought medieval-style clothing to the peak of fashion. Women in 50 years can afford to keep up with fashion. An excellent option would be a coat in the form of a cape or a coat-cap of soft natural shades.

What to wear under a coat: pullover or sweater?
Fifty-year-old woman should have in their arsenal these clothes of dark and light tones to combine them with any thing.

How to wear black pants

Every mature beauty should have a pair of black-tone trousers, because they can be worn for any occasion. They should ideally sit on your figure, be of high-quality dense fabric, with a length that covers the heel. This length will visually lengthen the shortest legs.

In order not to look like an “aunt” in black trousers, try wearing a white shirt-shirt blouse with a buttoned collar or a wide tunic, tightened with a strap.

And next time just drape a knitted poncho or a wide stole, take a bag of a rich thick color.

The main thing is that everything is of high quality. Not necessarily expensive, but all clothes should look expensive.


A beautiful woman should certainly have chinos in her closet. They have a free cut, narrowed down, with beveled pockets, made from natural fabrics. They are also called "Chinese". At first they were khaki, now they are most often sewn in light beige shades.

The width can also be very different, ranging from free cut, to very narrow slim. Some models have tucks at the waist or well ironed arrows.

What is a woman to wear chinos for 50?

They can be worn with blouses, strict shirts, jackets, T-shirts, leather jackets or knitwear.
Make a fashionable set of such things:

  • Light beige chinos
  • White top
  • Dark blue jacket
  • Black sandals
  • Sandals strap
  • Brown rectangular clutch.

You will look stylish and young!

Flared skirt

Why not! See how this skirt emphasizes the dignity of your figure. Now, remember our youth or even childhood, back to the fashion of the 60s.

Now again fashionable dresses and skirts in the form of a trapeze. Here are some things that can hide all the flaws of the figure!

The most fashionable bright monochromatic or neutral colors, and let the length be up to the calf, and to whom the figure allows, just above the knee.

Maxi skirt

Here is where you can give free rein to your imagination - in evening dress! Fifty-year-old lady can have an evening dress in the form of a skirt to the floor with a spectacular but unpretentious decor.

Choose skirts of dense fabrics that flow when walking, and do not keep a strict shape. A thing can be decorated with a large ornament, even embroidery.

In such clothes you will be elegant and stylish at the same time. К такой юбке подойдет роскошная блузка с минимум деталей.

Лучше всего облагородит женщину юбка-плиссе. Она держит линию, смотрятся эффектно, стильно, никогда не мнется.

Нарядные брючки

Украсьте свой гардероб таким оригинальным трендом, как прямые или классические, а также слегка зауженные брючки из атласа, шелка, парчи или вельвета. Такие брюки надо носить с однотонными водолазками, рубашками или блузами.

Одежда для деловой женщины

Пятидесятилетняя дама еще работает, поэтому не может обойтись без делового костюма. Winter business clothes are a beautifully fitting suit.

Suits this season with an emphasis on the waist. They can be worn with any clothing. As an alternative to a business suit - sundresses. Yes, yes, they again returned to the podiums, and therefore in our lives.

Stylists recommend wearing them with blouses, shirts, T-shirts. Just such sets are perfect for office style, especially for ladies of serious age.

What colors and prints are in fashion today?

This season, stylists focus on white, blue, red. These colors are suitable for absolutely all women.

They can be easily combined with other colors, making up your daily or festive wardrobe. But best of all you will suit natural tones, ranging from sandy scale to chocolate.

Pay attention to the ash-pink, dull burgundy, pearl-gray, moss green. Avoid toxic chemical shades.

Stylist tips

Forget about the bright green and purple tone, as they add age. Do not get carried away with black color. Your skin may acquire an earthy, very unpleasant shade.

Learn how to properly combine black color with things you have, then it will look very advantageous.

Do not forget about the color of Marsala (the color of red wine), to always look like a royal sumptuous.

Marsal + emerald + chocolate - this is a win-win option attire.

Why should a fifty-year-old woman choose a Marsala color? This shade of burgundy looks aristocratic, noble.

It hides a hidden secret, unique charm, besides, it carries the strongest energy, so luxurious women choose it. And the famous Coco Chanel discovered this color.

The strip is also the trend of the season.

But aged ladies can wear only one thing in a strip, and women of small stature should not wear horizontal stripes in order not to appear even shorter.

Ladies with a lot of weight can choose vertical stripes or patterns where there are vertical lines.

Jeans for all time

Jeans? You can't do without them! But there is one condition - they must be of very good quality. Denim clothing will never go out of style.

How to choose jeans for women over 50? If you want to look neat but stylish, choose jeans:
with a clear silhouette, a high fit, covering the entire abdomen, with a smooth color, no scuffs, narrowed down to fit them beautifully.

For older women of solid age, there is an excellent rule, which is called the “closed sides” rule. Wear a trench coat, or a sleeveless blazer, to hide your curvy sides, visually become thinner.

Another image with jeans: flannel shirt + fur vest immediately creates the look of an expensive woman.

You chose a style in clothes for women after 50 and decided to immediately review your wardrobe? I am glad for you, it means that all is not lost! So 50 is the end of life with eternal borscht and knitting. This is her sequel!

How to dress a woman 50 years old?

Even if you wore bright all your life, after 50 years, “muffle” the colors. Choose pastel shades for your dresses, skirts and sweaters. We have heard the statement “pastel is not mine” many times, but whenever we persuaded women to try on clothes in this range, arguing that they will look aristocratic and feminine in pastel-colored things, they most often made sure that the pastel colors to them to face.

In the photo - approximate sets of clothes from the wardrobe of a woman 50-60 years old in pastel colors:

If possible, wear white more often:

A 50-year-old woman should have in her wardrobe a shirt-dress of a semi-adjacent silhouette just below the knee. Such a simple but stylish dress will decorate a mature lady much more than a dress with a large complex print from the latest fashion collection.

In addition, when choosing clothes it is important to consider your body type.

60 year old woman in pencil skirt:

Fashion for women 50-60 years

In 50 years, you can afford to approach the fashion very selectively. Choose from the fashion range only what suits you. For example, if a tiger print is in fashion, then handbags with such a print will be quite enough to make it clear to others that you are aware of fashion trends.

In the photo - street fashionist of mature age in a stylish gray oversized coat:

In fashion long cardigans, kimonos and scarves? Wear them!

Is tweedy in fashion? Do not miss the opportunity to dress like a lady

The photo shows an exemplary wardrobe of a woman 50-60 years old from Venezuelan-American fashion designer Carolina Herrera:

What not to wear a woman after 50 years?

  • In 45-50 years, women are better to abandon the tunic in Indian style with a large bright ornament. Exception - you are going to India and bought yourself a few tunics to wear them there.
  • Mature women should forget about decollete and mini-skirt once and for all. This does not mean that at 50 you cannot be the object of someone's desires (the fact that all ages are submissive to love is first a fact, and only then a quote): the fact is that a clear demonstration of the body in 50-60 years will look more like a plea than a call.

  • Women over 50 are not allowed to wear transparent clothes
  • And skinny jeans in combination with a short top - too,

  • If your forms can be called ideal only with a stretch, give up the jackboots and very high boots. Remember the movie "Pretty Woman" where the heroine Julia Roberts wears such boots? Remember who she was before her miraculous reincarnation as a lady? Now imagine that she was 50 at the time of her shooting ...

  • Older women should not wear pearl beads in combination with earrings: once is a cliche, two is old. Point.
  • Ladies after 45-50 should not wear clothes of neon and acid colors: "neon" is too flashy. Let the youth shout and thus try to prove something. In 50 years, a woman does not prove anything to anyone: she does not need it.

Beautiful woman of mature age, model Cindy Joseph

  • A woman of 50-60 years old should not dress in black from head to toe: this color is not only slim, but also old. If your favorite costume is black, wear a white, cream or light blue shirt. Light shades very lively complexion

But the photo is an example of how a woman after 50 years should wear a little black dress. You can also wear a bright neckerchief or jewelry (not very large).

  • Ladies after 40 and especially after 50, we do not recommend wearing leggings and leggings. Better wear straight loose pants, see photo:

Buy cheap and expensive things and then mix them: things exclusively prestigious and expensive brands are aging.

Stylish women of elegant age

Make exceptions to the rules, including ours, at any age! For example, wear a blouse of your favorite color - bright blue, fuchsia or emerald instead of a cream blouse. In the end, why should you deny yourself wearing bright if you want it ?!

Make-up, hairstyle and personal care after 50-60

  • Having a good hairdresser and hair styling products have no age restrictions.

Hair and make-up matter!

  • Flawless manicure and well-groomed eyebrows are the basis of the perfect look of a woman of any age.
  • Tint eyebrows, use only a brown pencil, and in any case not black. Use a soft pencil to give your eyebrows the correct shape and dull it well.

  • Putting make-up, ladies of mature age should focus on the eyes and not on the lips.
  • To emphasize eyes, eyeshadow should be the same shade as the color of your eyes, only lighter.
  • It is better to impose mascara mainly on the upper eyelashes, the lower tint only slightly.
  • Women after 50, we do not recommend using dark colors of lipstick: they are aging. Use pink and coral lipstick.
  • If you use a lip liner, make sure that it is the same color as the lipstick.
  • Apply blush not on the cheekbones, but on the cheeks. Like the lipstick tone, the rouge tone should not be dark.
  • Every day, use a nourishing and moisturizing cream for aging skin. Change the brand of cream regularly: the skin gets used, and the effectiveness of the cream decreases.

The secret of youth and beauty from this Frenchwoman Catherine Deneuve

From her point of view, women after 50 years need to eat right. It is important to include in your diet as much as possible vegetables and fruits.

To the question “Why don't French women get fat?” Catherine Deneuve replied that, most likely, because French women always refuse dessert, and for lunch they eat a salad with a small portion of meat and drink a glass of wine.

Collagen creams need to be used 2-3 times a week. If you use them every day, the skin will get used, stop producing its own and, as a result, the aging process will only accelerate.