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Do-it-yourself phone case: stylish ideas and workshops


Any transparent silicone or plastic case for a smartphone can be decorated to your taste.

There are several ways to do this.

You can decorate the case with nail polish, acrylic paints, rhinestones and other small details.

Here are some interesting options for how to decorate the cover of your smartphone with your own hands:

How to decorate the case washi-tape. Option 1: geometric shapes.

With the help of such Japanese colored scotch (can be found in stationery) you can decorate almost anything.

- surface for cutting (a plate or a special mat).

1. Prepare several types of washi tape.

2. Start cutting off pieces of colored tape and gently glue them to the outside of the case, varying the colors as you like.

3. Use a stationery knife to carefully cut a hole for the camera.

How to decorate the cover with your own hands: use acrylic paint

- A cotton swab (if necessary).

1. Glue a part of the masking tape to the inside of the transparent cover - it will divide the cover into 2 parts.

You can cut out the form of a cover from white paper, insert it into the cover and then paint it. The stationery knife can cut a hole for the camera and flash.

2. Using acrylic paint, paint the upper part in one color and the lower part in another color - paint only inside the case, NOT outside.

3. When the paint is dry, apply another layer.

* To keep everything neat, check the edges of the cover, and if necessary, remove paint from them with a cotton swab.

4. When the second layer of paint dries, remove the masking tape - ready!

How to decorate a phone case with your own hands: paper with patterns

- the pattern of the phone case (the case for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and HTC One can be found here)

- drawings or patterns (some can be found here)

- a surface on which to cut (a board or a special mat).

1. Download a template for your phone and print it on colored paper.

2. Cut the template with a stationery knife.

* You can draw a pattern for your case and cut it.

3. Print the drawings and patterns and paste them onto the template.

* You can simply draw any patterns or make a picture on the template, not necessarily print.

4. Insert the pattern with the pattern into the case and put the case on the phone.

How to decorate a silicone case with watercolors

- template (can be printed here)

- waterproof handle (if necessary).

1. If you wish, you can print the cover pattern on watercolor paper.

2. Draw a picture with a waterproof handle on the template.

3. Paint the picture with watercolors and allow the paints to dry.

4. Cut out the template and insert it into the transparent case. Put the case on the phone.

How to decorate a transparent case: "confetti"

- nail polish (multiple colors)

1. Using toothpicks, apply a few small drops of nail polish. Use different colors of lacquer.

2. Put the transparent cover on your phone and you're done!

* If desired (especially if the phone is dark), you can insert white paper cut out to fit the cover under the cover.

How to make a beautiful case of beads and pearls

- beads, pearls and other decorations

1. Think about the pattern of beads you want to depict on the case.

2. Using glue, start to glue the decorations as you planned to make a beautiful and neat pattern.

Another version of the case, decorated with more stringent rhinestones or pearls

You can use multicolored neon decorations

Such decorations can be found in stationery, and, as a rule, they already come with an adhesive surface. But if you find a simple one, you can purchase Moment glue or any other superglue.

Silicone Case

To make a simple silicone case, prepare the following:

  • potato starch,
  • construction silicone,
  • rubber gloves,
  • knife,
  • putty knife,
  • sandpaper.

On the work surface pour starch in small quantities. Squeeze the silicone over it.

We put on gloves and mix everything up to the formation of a thick paste, resembling clay in structure.

Roll out the mass into a thin layer.

Put the phone (or template) in the center. Wrap the mass on the sides so that the cover fits snugly. Leave to dry completely.

Take out the phone or template. In the case we cut out holes for the camera and other connectors. We cut off the excess mass near the display.

We try on the cover on the phone. If done correctly, take the sandpaper and process the cover with it to make it smoother.

We apply an additional layer of silicone to the surface, due to which the cover will acquire a characteristic luster.

Leave to dry completely, after which they can be used.

Stylish decor cover for your smartphone

Of course, on sale there are a variety of phone cases. But if you did not find the right one, be sure to try to decorate a simple transparent case.

For this you will need:

  • printer or printed image
  • clear case,
  • scissors,
  • ruler,
  • knife.

Measure the size of the cover.

We print out the templates of the selected images.

Carefully cut out the pattern of the pattern so that it lies flat in the case.

Insert the template into the case and adjust if necessary.

To make the image a little old you can crumple the pattern and straighten it.

The original, stylish cover is ready!

Cover with dried flowers

You will need the following materials:

  • case,
  • dried flowers and leaves,
  • epoxy resin
  • acetone,
  • glue,
  • wooden stick,
  • sparkles
  • wadding stick
  • parchment paper
  • scissors.

Before starting to work, consider the design of the cover. To do this, lay out the elements on the surface and try different combinations.

Getting to the decoration. We put a little glue on the largest dried flowers and attach it to the cover. Repeat the same with the rest of the details, and also complement the decor with sparkles.

Leave the composition to dry. At this time we prepare the resin, according to the instructions on the package. To do this, mix it with water in the same proportion. Pour the solution on the center of the cover and distribute it over the entire surface.

Leave the case to dry. If in the process the solution flows along the edges, remove it with acetone and a cotton swab.

After drying, you get a wonderful cover that will delight you and others.

Gradient design

To give a simple silicone case a gradient design, you just need colored paint and a brush.

It is best to start with the brightest shade. After it dries, apply another color starting from the middle. Leave to dry completely and add a third color along the bottom edge.

Bright covers for your smartphone are ready!

A riot of colors

Alternately glue the tape to the cover, alternating shades.

Using a knife, cut a hole for the camera.

Bright cover for summer is ready!

Metallic design

In the coming season, the metallic luster will again be relevant. And that means it's time to make a fashionable design for your smartphone.

To begin with, we make a template of the required form in the editor and print it on adhesive paper.

Cut circles and glue to the case in a chaotic manner.

If you chose another drawing, repeat the same steps.

You can make a stylish metal design with a special adhesive tape.

Choose your favorite color and cut off several pieces of the same size.

Alternately, glue them to the phone, forming a geometric style.

This accessory will complement your fashionable image.

Soft pastel

Another trend this year - pastel shades. They are great for decorating a transparent cover in different styles.

For the decor will require:

  • clear case,
  • acrylic paints in pastel colors,
  • Scotch,
  • wadding stick
  • brush.

Glue the tape to the cover in the place where there will be empty space. From the inside of the case, we apply one shade above the tape, and the second under it.

We remove the remnants of paint in unnecessary places.

Leave the cover to dry completely, then remove the scotch strip.

To create the following version of design in pastel colors we will prepare:

Alternately, we put points of different shades on the case. You can do this in a chaotic sequence or stick to some kind of pattern.

Drawing for cover

If you like to draw, be sure to try to make such a decor cover for your phone.

  • clear case,
  • phone pattern
  • a pen,
  • watercolor paints,
  • scissors,
  • brush.

Apply the pattern you like to the template. Decorate it with soft pastel colors.

When the image is dry, cut out the template and paste it into the case.

Unusual felt cover

Cut out two felt rectangles from the felt, based on the size of the phone.

Cut the corner on the outer layer of fabric, as shown in the photo. It is necessary to create a pocket.

We put the details on each other. We fold the workpiece in half so that the rectangle is on top. With the help of the machine we sew the cover on the sides.

If desired, this case can be decorated with interesting inserts.

Interesting ideas for the decor of the cover

We picked up a few ideas that can be realized by repeating the steps from the above workshops. Anyone can make a phone case or decorate it stylishly. To do this, do not need too expensive materials, just enough a little imagination and practice.

1. Add light to the shadows and darken the bright areas.

Most photo processing tools have options for adjusting light and shadows. And you need to use it.

To improve the photo with the image of nature, Cole balanced the exposure by adding light to the shadows and slightly darkening the bright areas. He also applied the Winsy filter from the Litely application collection to the photo to bring warm tones to the image.

2. Add a vignette and shadow effect to make the photo brighter.

The vignetting effect adds a dark border around the perimeter of the photo and brightens the middle. This is one of Cole's favorite tricks. The original photo would be too dark, so Cole increased the saturation and added a bit of sharpness to separate the balloon from the landscape. This allowed to keep the photo natural.

3. Edit the image, and then return all settings back to 50%

It is very important.

The trick is to make your photo look natural. Edit the image as you used to do it, and then return all settings back to 50%.

Last year, Instagram users finally got the opportunity to control the power of filter effects. To use these settings, simply select a filter, and then click on it again.

And one more tip: do not use the Instagram tool LUX. His task is to correct the lack of contrast, which makes the photo unnatural.

4. Shoot people wherever possible.

Landscapes look better when they have people on them. The person in the photo is able to convey feelings The best example of how people add individuality to a picture is the work of Murad Osmann, who takes a photo of himself holding his girlfriend in different parts of the world (follow me for a series of photos).

6. Try to take pictures, leaning out of the car window

You will never know in advance what you get. In the case of the iPhone, just hold down the shutter button and hold to take pictures in the burst mode. On a smartphone running Android, you can enable serial shooting by selecting the appropriate mode in the camera settings (Burst Mode). On Samsung smartphones, it may be called Burst Shot. When creating this photo, Cole used the Slow Shutter Cam to add a blur effect.

10. When shooting landscapes, press the volume button to release the shutter.

Did you know that you can just open the camera in the iPhone and press the volume button to take a picture? The same is true for phones running Android. In the Samsung Galaxy S4, assign the shutter function to the volume button in the settings instead of the default zoom function. Such a castling of the buttons will make it more convenient to take the phone to avoid the effect of "shaking hands", which can spoil the photo.

12. Do not attract attention and do not carry a backpack.

A tourist hung with gadgets is a great lure for thieves. During his travels, Cole never puts on his challenging clothes, keeps his camera and phone close to him and always leaves his backpack at home. Before taking a merchant or just a person on the street, be sure to ask for his permission. You will be surprised how responsive people are.

14. Get ready to shoot even in the most unexpected moments.

It is not always possible to thoroughly prepare for the shooting, there are also unexpected moments. As, for example, this frame with a low-flying plane. Therefore, if you do not want to miss the great shots, learn the hot keys of your phone. For example, Samsung smartphones have Camera Quick Access option in the settings. And in the new Galaxy S6 there are built-in hot keys, you just need to double-click on the Home button.

We decorate the phone with nail polish

Of course, in matters of decor mobile phones leading women. They make the most imagination, using long-known means. For example, nail polish.

There are two options for such a transformation of the old phone:

  • In a container with water, a few drops of varnish of different colors are mixed with the help of a stick. A colored film forms on the surface. In this film, gently dip the cover of the phone, take out and give the lacquer to dry. An interesting abstract pattern forms on the lid, which is then fixed with acrylic varnish.

  • Degreased surface, drawing is applied about the same as on the nails. After drying, the phone is covered with acrylic lacquer, which forms a water-resistant film.

Bead decor

Few people know that the cover of the old phone can be decorated with beads. Such a design can radically change the appearance of the product.

The decoration technique is also very simple:

1. First, the surface is degreased with alcohol.

2. Draw the outline of the future drawing with a pencil.

3. Glue is prepared on an epoxy base, it is applied with a thin layer to the surface.

4. Gently tweezers superimposed beads on the pattern.

5. When the glue dries, you can cover with a layer of clear lacquer to secure.

It is accepted to decorate phones and various key chains - this is a real hit of the last seasons. Keychains from Fendi and other manufacturers are now worn on bags. Make this set: a key ring on the phone and for a handbag or backpack. You can cast the keychain body either from epoxy or made from clay. At the end they decorate the phone with multi-colored beads, adding small feathers.

Phone with rhinestones

Women like bright accessories decorated with shiny stones. The range of covers with rhinestones is quite large. But I want the product to be original and original. To do this, you can invent your own phone decor. You just need to learn a little bit and understand how to decorate your phone with rhinestones.

For decoration, it is better to choose rhinestones with one flat surface or small pebbles. As an accent, it is possible to apply several rhinestones of a larger size. The technology is the same as when decorating with beads. We make the contour, apply glue, glue the stones, varnish it. The pendant on the neck, the key chain on the bag and the rhinestones on the phone, made in the same manner with similar stones, look original.

On video: decoration of a transparent case with rhinestones.

Dot painting as decoration

With the advent of resistant liquid contours for drawing on glass, point painting is also coming into fashion. Such paints are sold in small tubes with a thin spout, are applied by extrusion, forming volume points resembling beads.

The advantage of contours is that they adhere perfectly on a smooth surface and are resistant to water.

We apply the future drawing to the surface, then with a contour we extrude small droplets, which will merge into the decor image. The drawing is a bit voluminous, it looks beautiful and original. For reliability you can fix varnish. In this way, you can both decorate your phone and transform mobile phones of loved ones.

We use color films

This is perhaps the most affordable, but at the same time effective way to decorate the phone with your own hands. Self-adhesive films used by advertisers can be purchased in almost every clerical department. Sell ​​ready-made stickers, but you can dream up and come up with a picture yourself.

To liven up the picture, combine different decor techniques. For example, you can add eyes with rhinestones, glue beads as hair. Teens need to release creative energy, so for them this method of decoration can be not only a favorite hobby, but also a business. Create your own collection of cases and offer to buy them to friends.

Steampunk Jewelry

You can not ignore the men, they will also be interested in how to decorate the phone case. For the decor of a mobile phone fashionable style steampunk. This is such a retro style using small parts from mechanisms or computer boards.

The decoration technique includes the following steps:

1. First you need to give the surface a slightly aged look. Делаем это при помощи металлизированных акриловых красок, они наносятся первоначально на обезжиренную поверхность-основу.

2. После высыхания слоя создаем искусственные потертости, используя подручные материалы (старую зубную щетку или мелкую наждачную бумагу).

3. Сверху приклеиваем плоские детали, например, шестеренки, проволоку или небольшие диоды.

four.We open and fix varnish. We get a modern gadget in a stylish package.

If a little on the Internet, it is easy to find a hint how to decorate phone cases with your own hands. Do not rush to part with the old mobile phone, after all, a little fantasy, you can make it even if not new, but "cool." The main thing that you will experience the joy of creativity, and the phone will not be like the others.

Shoot a lot ...

Once I was engaged in professional photography and made a conclusion for myself that the difference between a good and a bad photographer comes down to the number of pictures taken. Agree, if you make 100 photos, you will definitely find several photos that everyone will like?

Therefore, the next time you take pictures, do not be lazy and click the shutter again, this should become your habit. Thanks to the excellent Google Photos backup feature, captured images will not clog the device’s memory. A small change in position, focal point or angle when shooting will be in the future to choose from.

Try the mode of continuous shooting or recording in 4K

Burst mode is very convenient to use when taking pictures of children, group shots (there is always someone who asks to retake), athletes or home devices. Play with a shutter speed, a short shutter speed (approximately 1/1000) will literally freeze time, and a long one - 1/15 will let you get artistic blurring.

I also recommend trying to shoot a 4K video, and then choose a frame that you will take a photograph. The easiest way to do this is to press the camera shutter button while shooting. There are several pre-installed video players (for example, from Samsung) that allow a frame during clip playback.

If the phone does not have such a function, try a third-party application like AndroVid.

Find out all about the camera in the smartphone ...

This is one of the most valuable tips. Whether your phone is old or new, take the time to learn all the functions of the camera application. In the end, you can not seriously talk about beautiful photos from your phone, if you shoot everything in auto mode.

Take, for example, cameras in Huawei phones, tap to focus the camera on an object, and then drag your finger from the focus area to the exposure. In any brand of the phone there are such hidden functions, Nokia and Samsung, they are available after clicking on the plus icon in the camera mode menu.

Install third-party camera application

A standard camera application is not always perfect and it may not have many functions. In the Google Play store, there is a huge amount of decent camera apps from third-party developers.

In these applications will give more advanced settings, so that more space for creativity. If you need a camera with a manual control and a histogram, try Footej Camera. Need a camera with a built-in editor? I advise Candy Camera. Even if you do not need the features available in third-party applications, they can still easily make beautiful photos.

Regular readers should be aware of the Google HDR + unofficial camera application. You will not find it on Google Play, but this is a fantastic application (if there is support for your phone). Another noteworthy application is Open Camera.

Still using flash?

Smartphones have achieved great success in shooting in low light conditions, therefore, in principle, the flash can practically not use. Very often, a flash spoils what could become a really cool photo.

In fact, most of the flagship smartphones in most cases can shoot without flash. So, the next time you take pictures at dusk or a room with poor lighting, try to take a few pictures with a flash and some without.

Of course, there are moments when the flash can not do without, but again, this does not stop experimenting. Just remember that many professional photographers specifically take darker photos, because they can be more expressive. Dark images can also be more memorable than illuminated ones.

Know when and how to shoot in the sun.

Use the rule to try not to shoot people in the sun. Of course, there are exceptions, for example, if you want to create silhouettes or just experiment. Nevertheless, try to make the sun illuminate objects, and not immediately fall into the camera.

Speaking of the sun, I recommend trying to take pictures during the so-called golden hours (immediately after sunrise or before sunset). Try it, and most likely the pictures will have great colors. Everyone knows that the sunset itself looks great in the pictures, and I am sure you will get great shots. Also try to focus on the horizon and the sky to get really gorgeous colors.

Turn on the grid and use the rule of thirds.

One of the main techniques in shooting is to use the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds involves dividing the camera's finder into nine sections. There is a grid for the camera in all phones, find it in the settings and turn it on.

This rule is based on the fact that key objects should be ideally located at the intersection of lines. Choose which objects are the most important and try to place them along the intersection lines.

Obviously, adherence to this rule will take you up a notch as a photographer. But you shouldn’t dwell on it much, in some cases it’s impossible to use them, for example, if you plan to use your photos in Instagram.

Use HDR more often ...

Now almost every phone has an HDR mode, combining the best parts of three shots taken with different exposures. When using this mode, the picture will get more details in the shadows and bright parts of the scene. Some phones have an automatic HDR mode, in others they need to be turned on manually (for example, in Huawei).

HDR is best used with landscapes and urban scenes where a combination of bright sky and dark shadows can spoil a photo. If you do not use HDR, then the picture can not see what is in the shade.

The processing speed of the HDR image has increased significantly over the past few years, but with the advent of AI cameras this mode has become less relevant. Since it is not always possible to see the difference between HDR and a standard picture taken on an AI-camera. But in most budget phones it is still relevant. When shooting HDR, keep your phone still a little longer than during normal shooting, otherwise the picture may be blurred.

Pixel phones from Google show that HDR photos (more precisely, HDR + mode) is very useful when shooting night scenes. Thus, this mode is not limited to daily scenes.

Learn manual mode

Manual or professional mode for beginners may seem like one of the most difficult functions. But besides reading articles about him, one of the easiest ways to learn all about manual mode is to spend time and learn everything yourself.

Here are short tips for using manual mode.

  • I can take a long time to use it in the dark, but at this time the camera should be kept still.
  • ISO is photosensitivity. Lower setting is worth using during the day, and high in the dark. A picture with too high a level will be noisy, that is, a large grain.
  • Aperture - how large the gap is in the shutter, the amount of light falling on the matrix depends on its size.

Just remember that during long exposures the phone should be as motionless as possible, otherwise there will be a blurred frame. When shooting, try to fix your hand as much as possible, or lean on something and hold your breath, then blurring will be minimal. Fix the phone on a fixed surface and use a timer, so you can eliminate any camera shake. Or you can try the next tip ...

Buy a tripod for long exposure

Photos with a long exposure in most cases are chic, they can see more details. The point is that the shutter opens for a long time and if the camera is not fixed, this will lead to inevitable blurring. Some phones, such as the Huawei P20 Pro, use AI stabilization, allowing you to take pictures with a shutter speed of up to 4 seconds.

One of the best solutions is to buy a tripod for a mobile phone, with its help you can shoot with a long exposure time and absolute stabilization. You can buy a tripod on AliExpress; you can buy a good Xiaomi selfie stick, it costs about 1,200 rubles. Even if you are not going to use a tripod, a selfie stick is always useful.

Wipe the lens before shooting

The lens glass often plays a second fiddle with other phone functions, such as aperture, matrix resolution and a second camera. But it is another important factor when it comes to high-quality photos, because low-quality and dirty lenses can spoil a shot.

Therefore, make it a rule, before you start to remove the wipe the lens. Of course, the sleeve is not the best option and it is better to carry a microfiber cloth with you. As soon as the habit of wiping the lens before shooting appears, you will notice that there are more good pictures.

Use the Google Photo auto correction feature.

Google Photos is more than just a photo backup service, as it has many editing tools. These tools allow you to adjust everything from lighting and color to applying filters and changing orientation.

Nevertheless, despite all these possibilities, I recommend simply using the “auto” option (click on the “Change” button, then click on “auto”). After applying the photo will look aesthetically more pleasant than the original picture.

Install another photo editor

There are many options for editing photos in Google Photos, but you can install another photo editing application. For example, I'm a big fan of Snapseed photo editor from Google.

The editor has a large number of tools, ranging from editing RAW and supporting S-curves to changing the inclination of the head and white balance. It also has filters, the ability to trim and auto-adjust.

Want some more good photo editors? I advise you to look at the list of 15 best photo editors for Android for 2018.

Remember that you can always trim

Previously, when I was just starting to take pictures with my phone, I had an aversion to cropping photos. I think it was due to the fact that earlier the camera phones had a small resolution and after cropping the photos looked terribly noisy. However, one of the most obvious tips is to simply crop the unnecessary in the snapshot.

Now the phones are removed in high resolution and the quality of the image does not deteriorate after cropping. Therefore, do not be afraid to capture unnecessary shots; you can always cut it out. If you did not think about the rule of thirds during the shooting, you can execute it after shooting by cropping the photo.

How to decorate your phone with rhinestones

To do this, you will need toothpicks or matches, cotton swabs, epoxy glue, alcohol or acetone. And ... Attention ... PICTURES! )

Start by removing the fat from the phone. To do this, moisten the cotton wool with alcohol and carefully wipe the surface of the phone. Next, prepare the glue. Its components are best mixed on a piece of plastic (on an unnecessary plastic card or business card). Stir the glue with a toothpick or a match.

And now for the process of sticking! Apply the epoxy on the phone, either dotted or immediately with a line. Take the rhinestones, pre-slightly moistened with water, and glue, slightly drowning them in the glue. We are waiting for a couple of hours and you can use your updated decorated telephone!

And further! Glue should not be too small, otherwise all your rhinestones fall off. But do not overdo it, otherwise your phone will be decorated not with rhinestones, but with glue. So here you can easily and simply decorate your phone with rhinestones and give it a second life!

And now it was the turn to decorate the phones of men.

How to decorate the phone men

In this case, we will not paint everything in detail, but just throw one very interesting idea! Steampunk phone. And it is better to see it once to understand what it is about:

The steampunk technique is quite complex, requiring accuracy, accuracy and patience, and with it, you can decorate not only phones, but many other things. But let's not move away from the topic. If you still manage to turn your gadget into a work of art in steampunk stylethen all your friends with their iPhones will be guaranteed to envy you!

Well, let's continue the topic.

Almost every person has a cell phone, but not many people know how to decorate the phone with their own hands in order to impress others. This question is interesting to many, and most of all to those who want to stand out from the crowd. Long ago cellular telephone ceased to be a common means of communication. Currently, the phone is such an accessory, without which it is simply impossible to live peacefully. Today cell phone world Every day is improved, thousands of models are produced, and it is very difficult to find exactly that unique model. Someone from your acquaintances or friends will find the same phone as yours. Is not it? Of course, that most people do not take this very close to their hearts, but for the rest it can be said a whole tragedy.

But you should not be upset. You can decorate your mobile phone very beautiful and inexpensive. But how to decorate the phone with your own hands read more below. Before you begin the procedure of decorating your mobile device, think carefully, do you need it at all? The most important thing is that your desire to change the look of your phone should not be taken simply spontaneously, since in this case you can simply regret that you did not leave the appearance of your phone as it was originally. Perhaps, without thinking about what could be next, he will simply start annoying you with his bright colors and brilliant rhinestones. Think whether you want to change the appearance of the design of your phone yourself? And if you finally decide to change design your cell phone, consider several options for changing the design of the phone below.

How to decorate the phone with your own hands

If you are still afraid change the design of your cell phoneThen you can use accessories in the form of keyrings or beautiful cases to give beauty to your phone. Do not buy them in the store, and do it yourself. For example, case for phone You can make an attractive fabric of a patch or simply knit it with crochet knitting needles. Very well "sit" on the phone decorating their clay or beads. Therefore, every day, you can decorate your phone with new things. If you are in a romantic mood, you can decorate the phone with a key ring in the shape of a heart, but if you are sad, you can hang the key ring on the phone in the form of a drop. Here you decide the set of options. Also a great way to decorate your phone can be shiny rhinestones or pretty pebbles. your phone number definitely not left unattended.

It is clear that the option with rhinestones is suitable only for women and girls. Pebbles can add beauty to even the most inconspicuous phone, making it glamorous. Decorate the back panel with beautiful pebbles in the shape of a flower, you can add elements of gold or pearls to the flower. The most important thing in this case is not to overdo it. You do not want to have in your pocket not a stylish, but a tasteless phone. The procedure of decorating the phone with stones can be done in the cabin for money, but if you do not have “straight” hands, you can decorate the phone yourself.

Look unusual phones decorated with beautiful ornaments. Such ornaments are obtained by laser engraving or airbrushing. You cannot make such drawings yourself without any preparation, but a specialist will help in this matter.

Airbrush - This is when your phone is painted, but engraving on the contrary - this is when a beautiful eternal “tattoo” will remain on your phone.

There are also low budget mobile phone decoration options. These are cute colored adhesive films with different patterns. You can also choose a suitable version of the picture in a mobile store or place an order via the Internet, but if you suppose you want to order a sticker through the network, we recommend you to ask about its size in advance. To glue such a film on the phone is not particularly difficult. The end result will please you greatly. The main principle of films, they can be changed at least every day. In the mood to download pictures on the screen and change stickers around the screen, creating a completely finished style, and moreover, every time a new one. Some even buy films of the same color, so that they can paint the phone with permanent paints to their own taste.