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Lacing on clothes - the most promising fashion trend


Tapes everywhere

The more free flowing stripes of fabric in your outfit, the more dynamic the image. Release the belts and belts at will and let their ends catch the tail wind. By the way, this outfit is ideal for street photos in motion.

Braid instead of belt

To focus on the new trend of fashion, try on a belt instead of a belt of hue contrasting to the rest of the clothes. For the role of an imaginary belt, a piece of string or a leather cord is also perfect.

Want to be like this fashionista? Just take a red ribbon (its price is only 52 rubles!) And tie it on a belt over a cardigan or a coat.

Ribbon and Ribbon Lacing

For the second season in a row, fashion trends are telling us about the need to lace up anything and everything: clothes, swimwear, shoes. This year, the rules are changing - the entire emphasis is shifted to loosely hanging, “flying” ends. To get the overdose of the attention of others, choose lace and ribbons of bright colors for lacing.

For this image will need a tape wider

Ribbon bows

If you are too lazy to do lacing, and you want to be in the “cheeky” trend topic, bows of long-ending tapes will do this hard work for you.

Scarf ribbon

An elegant narrow scarf tape - or, as it is also called, “skinny scarf” (from colloquial English skinny - skinny) - is quite capable of playing along with you and taking on the role of this new ribbon trend. A black skinny scarf will complete the ensemble and help to “soothe” an overly bright outfit.

Narrow scarves are in the collection of the brand Rockins

Belt or scarf?

From now on, the fabric belt is a completely new accessory. Feel free to use it as a skinny scarf or, if the length permits, wrap around your torso as a crop top.

How to find a stylish use for things in a multi-layered image, read the article “Nothing superfluous. Eight creative ideas for a multi-layered image. "

Creative outfits from ribbons

Particularly ardent fans of this trend are ready to replace almost any wardrobe item with ribbons. Do you want to try on a coat of braid or a mirage skirt of corrugated ribbons?

How else can you wear tape?

Decorate your hairstyle with ribbons, tie it on a bag or wear a velvet ribbon with jeans instead of a belt - there are many options. To achieve the desired fluttering effect, do not forget about the main condition - the ends of the bands must be free.

What options of this new stylish trend are you ready to try on today?

Trend 2018 - lace-up boots: what should they be worn to look stylish?

It has long been known that fashion trends have their own cycles.

Rough winter boots with laces were once incredibly popular. After they faded into the background. But in the current season they have again become a real rage.

This shoe has returned to the main catwalks of the world fashion houses. Rough boots and boots have become a real highlight of the autumn-winter shows of the most famous fashion designers of the modern world of fashion: Dior, Givenchy, Hermes, Altuzzara and many others.

But it should be noted that comfortable and stylish shoes returned to the lives of ordinary people. After all, how cool it is to replace uncomfortable studs with comfortable and stylish lace-up boots.

Kinds of fashionable shoes in grunge style

At first glance it seems impossible, how can one put on shoes that look so rough and be in trend.

But, looking closer, it turns out that there are a lot of options for shoes and lace-up boots. Surely each will pick up your favorite pair of shoes. After all, long boots with a rough platform, or army boots, or boots with elements of the Gothic style are very expressive.

Therefore, sets of clothes with such shoes on lace-up will be bright and memorable.

Spectacular combinations

Let's look at the burning question of most readers: what is this kind of shoe worth wearing?

The average girl is unlikely to want to create an image neformalki. Therefore, you should pay attention to some nuances, understanding which will make it easier to choose the right sets of clothes.

  1. It is necessary to refuse things in a man's style.
  2. Do not choose sets of clothes of the same texture. For example, wear clothing made of leather or lacquer materials.
  3. Boots look great with popular winter warm sweater dresses, maxi and midi skirts, leggings and pants.

Selection criteria when buying winter lace-up boots

Before you opt for one or another version of fashionable lace-up shoes, we suggest you to study the tips of famous experts in the world of fashion and style:

  • when choosing the height of shoes, give preference to models with the height of the tops just above the ankle - this style is the most practical and warm,
  • for the winter period of time you should buy only insulated versions of fashionable shoes,
  • as far as possible, choose shoes made of genuine leather - they will be much warmer and more comfortable for your legs,
  • For those who still want more femininity in this type of footwear, lace-up boots with fur trim suit - they look quite soft and perfectly combined with midi skirts and warm leggings.

When buying winter boots or lace-up boots, you do not just pay tribute to fashion, but add incredibly comfortable and stylish shoes to your wardrobe.

Laced shoes and other accessories

Lacing is able to harmoniously approach almost any modern footwear:

  • gladiators of different heights
  • ankle boots
  • boots
  • sandals
  • shoes.

Laced shoes can play any role - both primary and secondary. If you also expect clothes that will be laced up, then their finishing should be very similar, if not the same. When choosing a long dress, give preference to high heels, and sandals with a flat sole are better suited for short skirts.

Knitted dresses, cardigans, skirts and blouses with lace, breeches and matching leggings or cropped trousers are perfect for oxfords. In addition, the wide scarf will be simply necessary. Perfectly complement the image of a vest made of leather or felt hat. If the shoes are patent, they can be worn with a business suit, coat or evening dress.

Timberlands - boots on a flat sole, traditionally yellow, well suited to denim clothing, sweatshirts, shirts, T-shirts and tracksuits. If to add this footwear with the fitting trousers and a fur vest, then the image for both daily wear and for parties will turn out. Such shoes fit well into the image of military, will look great with a short jacket and leggings. These shoes allow for large jewelery, laced clothes and even fringe.

With lacing and without heels. These shoes will decorate any shape. Jeans and a free sweater will create a light and exciting look. Shorts or pants - fit to such shoes, but cropped trousers can ruin everything.

If the shoes are high (boots or sandals), a denim miniskirt, tunic dress, or long jumper will be a good addition to it. Clothing in this case should be more modest than shoes, otherwise the image will be overloaded, that is, vulgar.


Good shurka and for belts, and for suede and leather bags. It is practical if the lacing coincides with the tone of the product, but the contrasting decor is much more effective.

Lacing adds originality and glamor of any thing. To place accents correctly, it is desirable to choose monophonic clothes. Although if you have everything in order with a sense of style, then you can create a stylish look from printed items.

The photos of the most successful combinations given in the article will help you create your own individual image in the trend of this season, and the video will tell you even more details.

Lacing: choose the right outfit

Like any trend element, lacing is actively used to create fashionable clothes, which unwittingly leads to the appearance of both bright and stylish images, as well as failed options. In order not to look in a dress on a lace-up inappropriate and vulgar, you should familiarize yourself with the rules for choosing seductive clothes:

  1. Lacing is an accent. This means that in any outfit lacing is a key element of the image. That is why the original decor is increasingly used in monochrome products and try not to overload the stylish ensembles with lacing accessories and decorations.
  2. Lacing is appropriate in any style. It may sound strange, but bold and spectacular things with the right combination with other elements look good in all situations. Dress with lacing can be found boho style, in a business image, on a date and on a summer walk. Even more popular are the pants and tops with lacing, as they are absolutely suitable for any fashionable experiments.
  3. Lacing is the decor. Once upon a time, lacing was used to create the perfect lines of a female figure - ladies would be pulled into corsets, which would be tightly tightened by lacing from the neckline to the waist and below. Today, too, you can find a corset with a lace-up under the clothes, but this is more the exception than the rule.

Choosing clothes with lacing is important not to “overdo it”: the image should not be overloaded with bright or decorative details. Also, do not use lacing in several details of a single bow.

Lacing on clothes - a look at the catwalks

If there are still doubts, whether the lacing is so popular today, we recommend to study the High Fashion trends that are never wrong. Completely different, but bright, stylish and unusual, use the original design of a variety of designers and fashion designers:

  • Givenchy. Lacing is used to emphasize femininity and sexuality. It complements blouses and tops, boldly harmonizing with other types of spectacular finishes.
  • Dolce & Gabbana. In the Italian brand, lacing is another opportunity to draw attention to the luxury of the models being created. Most often, trendy decor is used when creating corsets, emphasizing their belonging to Provence and Baroque styles.
  • Louis Vuitton. If you look at the lacing on the dresses - a photo from the shows, you can see that here a fashionable design is necessary to give the products airiness and refinement.

Also, clothing with lacing is actively used in the collections of Balmain, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren. Each designer applies a fashionable element in his own way, creating exotic combinations and vivid images.

Today, lacing is a trend, and this fact should be used to create bright and stylish bows. Harmoniously combining lace tops and blouses with jeans and skirts, choosing overalls with "corsets" and dresses in the spirit of "boho", you can ensure that each created image will be unique, spectacular, memorable!

Frank style

Things with lots of laces can be seen in the collections of the famous Fashion Houses Prada, Alexander McQueen and many others. She is present on outerwear, dresses, knitted sweaters and even ornaments. But one of the special elements is, of course, a corset. Let's understand in what cases they will be appropriate.

Street look with a skirt. Modest at first glance, but at the same time, a very effective image will be created by a shirt or top with lacing on the chest. It will perfectly complement its monophonic stylish knee-length narrow skirt and laconic jacket or vest. If the pencil skirt is uncomfortable for you, you can replace it with a flared version of the same length. In this form, you can better go to a business lunch, training or coffee break with friends at lunchtime.

Street style with pants. This option will look more bold, but you're not afraid of experiments. The same top, dressed with torn jeans and an elongated cardigan, will create a casually feminine look.

But lacing can be a decoration not only for the top. Sports pants with this decor are perfect for walking, recreation and informal meetings. To make the ensemble look harmonious, it needs to be complemented with sporty or long-sleeved T-shirts in sporty style, sneakers or moccasins.

In the light. Are you going to the theater, for a celebration or corporate party? Choose a pantsuit or a jumpsuit with a lacing on the chest and a V-neck. The only thing you need to remember is not to choose bright colors. Pastel colors will be a great solution and will not give the image of vulgarity.

Date and rest. Such a frank decor on the dresses will look perfectly appropriate if you choose the right style. Everyone's favorite boho style, which is notable for its particular comfort, can be created by wearing a light maxi dress with flirty cords on the chest. This may be a monotonous version or a model with an ethnic pattern. Such a bow will complement the bag with a fringe and shoes with low speed or steady heels. Wearing such clothes on vacation is a pleasure.

But a beautiful dress to the knee with a slightly flared skirt and a neckline, neatly tied with ribbons, will suit for a date.

Beach look and underwear. Beach tunics, swimsuits, short dresses and even panties and bras are decorated with lacing. Attention men provided to you.

Footwear. Here, the flight of designers' fantasy did not stop at any particular model, but fully covered all possible options, ranging from winter boots and demi-season ankle boots, to ballet shoes, neat sandals with heels and gladiators.

Lacing is able to make any thing feminine and tender. But remember that measure is important in everything. When purchasing such a noticeable and sometimes defiant thing, do not forget to balance the image with monophonic clothing of simple cut.

Video about lacing as a trend of the new season:


The trend in transparent shoes is gaining momentum with each season. It is very practical and convenient, but it is too early to talk about comfort, therefore we create it ourselves. In order to fit this trend into a casual look, we wear plastic pairs with contrasting socks and a mesh. This spring you can’t do without socks and golf, and the brighter and more interesting they will be, the more options you have to mix in style. Catch life hacking designed for those who do not like prints, flower motifs and other brilliant decoration of socks: use simple plain socks, wearing over a large mesh socks, or replace them with colored tights with a logo - for example, such as those of Fendi.

White color

White shoes are a separate story, and I want to pay special attention to it. First, white or all its shades are the best idea for this spring. Secondly, it is a great accent in almost any monochrome set. Moreover, the stores have options for the most sophisticated taste: whatever model of white shoes you choose, it will look fashionable, stylish and interesting. See how easy it is ?! If boiled white seems too bright, choose black-and-white shoes like MSGM. Feel free to combine with a sporty style, casual and classic.

Correct heel

To make the image “correct”, when choosing shoes, pay attention to color, shape and heel. Fashionable square or exaggerated elongated nose does not fit all. How to choose? If you have a large foot size, your option is a square nose. It visually cuts the leg and makes it more fragile, the ankle is thinner, and the foot is neater. You can wear such shoes with dresses or with shortened trousers.

Exaggerated elongated nose will suit the owners of Cinderella's legs. A narrow ankle can be emphasized with a décor, such as that of Jill Sander, or with a cute accessory. This model of shoes fits perfectly into the office dress code, and is also suitable for an evening walk.

A massive or architectural heel, as a rule, is made of modern materials and has an additional
futuristic accent in the form of transparent plastic inserts with a mirror surface. You want to be original and stand out from the crowd - choose a transparent heel with flowers and pearls inside, like in McQueen. Such shoes will look great with dark denim in contrast with the romantic gentle dress and leather jackets, as well as with tight pants.

Choosing shoes for the upcoming season, make sure that the design used in its design. Unusual straps, mesh, high tongues and rhinestones, popular flowers and bows - all this can serve as an accent in the image. Especially this technique will appeal to those who do not like to wear accessories. Socks and socks are another way to attract attention. In order to leg looked elegant, choose socks from thin fabric without elastic. Make no mistake with socks - their length should end at the narrowest part of the shin, this will add fragility and tenderness to your image.

Unusual Sneakers

Fashion ugly shoes in full swing, we are talking about sneakers. This shoe is perfect for high
thin girls. Mix them with asymmetrical dresses, jeans, shorts, and for the integrity of the image
add accessories. An interesting addition will be round and square oversize bags, as well as
colored backpacks. The main principle is to maintain a given volume on the legs with either an oversize-top or a bulky bag. Then the image will be harmonious and balanced.


In cool weather, your friends will be boots, ankle boots and their imitation. The main principle in the choice is the mixing of colors and textures. Шнуровка , глиттер , цветной деним — все это поможет тебе быть яркой , стильной и модной даже в рабочие будни. Лови лайфхак: используй один и тот же принт обуви и колготок или сочетай в одном цвете , но разной фактуры. Все эти приемы придадут образу индивидуальность и сделают твои ноги стройнее и длиннее.Experiment with the lacing on the shoes, make an unusual weave, fix the laces around the shin or ankle - and then you will not go unnoticed.

And most importantly, remember: fashion is self-expression, an indicator of your lifestyle, your inner state and mood. Be yourself, be in trend and change the world around you!