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The most beautiful hairstyle at the prom: photo prom hair for real princesses


Graduation balls today are a common phenomenon not only for young girls entering a new life, but also for young beauties of 6-7 years old who leave the walls of their first educational institution - kindergarten.

Often, graduation students arrange additional training, as well as for children who have completed the first stage of primary school, finishing 4th grade, and leaving their first teacher to become on a long path of knowledge from 5 to 11th grade.

Both in the first and in the second case, the girls are most responsibly preparing for the graduation ceremony, because on this holiday they should turn into little princesses, delighting all those present and, first of all, their beloved parents with their appearance.

In the process of preparing for an important event for the child, the important thing is the choice of dress and the selection of hair for girls at the graduation party.

It is the most beautiful graduation hairstyles for girls 2019-2020 and will be the topic of our conversation today.

We will show you a gorgeous photo collection on the theme “Beautiful hairstyles for girls at graduation”, presenting your attention to wonderful graduation hairstyles for girls in kindergarten, as well as holiday hairstyles for girls of primary school age.

In our review, you will be able to see and decide on what elegant hairstyles for girls to do at graduation in kindergarten and school.

So that you don’t have to look for graduation hairstyles for girls across the Internet, we collected the most beautiful hairstyles for graduation for girls with braids, undoubtedly fashionable graduation hairstyles for girls, loose hair for different hair types, and graceful high prom hairstyles for girls.

Before we demonstrate our photo album, we want to share with you the main trends that determine which fashionable hairstyles for girls will be relevant in the years 2019-2020.

The most beautiful hairstyles for graduation for girls in school and kindergarten - fashion news and trends

Beautiful hairstyles for girls at graduation in kindergarten and primary school implement many of the trends in hairdressing, which are inherent in adult hairstyles, making little fashionistas inimitable in the day of the ball.

Graduation hairstyles for girls should, no doubt, be comfortable for the child, so try to decide in advance on the hairstyle option for the girls' graduation dress so that the baby gets used to the idea of ​​how she will look at the ball.

Graduation hairstyles for girls are better to choose, after consulting with the very hero of the occasion, who at the age of 6-7 or 10-11 years will easily answer the question about his preferences about the hairstyle.

When the prom dress is already purchased, choose beautiful hairstyles for girls at prom, which will be in harmony with the festive image of your daughter.

Nowadays, beautiful hairstyles for girls' graduates in kindergarten and school are presented in a large abundance of variations, among which you can find graduation hairstyles for girls with curls of short, medium length, as well as hairstyles for girls for graduation for long hair.

If your baby is short, it's not scary. Look at beautiful hairstyles for girls at prom for loose hair, decorated with elegant accessories in the form of a small hat, a cute rim, headbands, hairpins with flowers, bows, etc.

So that the hair does not interfere with the girl, in the presence of at least a small length, pinch the silt and braid the hair on the sides, fixing them with hairpins.

If the baby has medium curls or your daughter has healthy long hair, you can try a variety of hairstyles for girls at graduation.

Amazing graduation hairstyles for girls 2019-2020 for medium and long hair

With the appropriate length, you can make any masterpiece of hair that will impress you and your baby.

Fashionable hairstyles for girls at the prom 2019-2020 affect an abundance of examples. Most often, little graduates are doing graduation hairstyles for girls with braids, traditional spikelets, braids.

A simple, French, walnut, wrapped braid, fishtail hairstyle and other variations of braids will look inimitable if they are decorated with rubber bands, pebbles, flowers. Braids can complement loose curls or stabbed upward strands, giving the hairstyle an original and unique look.

Graduation hairstyles for girls with braids of different sizes and technology can be combined with tails, beam, babetta.

In addition to weaving, you can choose beautiful hairstyles for girls at graduation with folded and pinned curls. Holiday hairstyles for prom for girls of this type look just as good as adult options.

The following hairstyle ideas that you should definitely try to do are graduation hairstyles for girls in kindergarten and school in the form of a bun, shell, tail. Girls with such hairstyles grow up in front of their eyes and look like real ladies.

Very often, graduation hairstyles for girls are presented in the form of loose curls, which can be fine, flowing, voluminous, light.

At long length, such hairstyles for girls at the prom look just gorgeous, but it is better to fix the upper part of the hair in the form of tails, a bun, neat plaits or braids, so that the girl would be comfortable with such a hairstyle throughout the holiday.

And now our photo collection, where you will see not only difficult hairstyles for girls at graduation in kindergarten and school, but also simple graduation hairstyles for girls, which it is quite possible to do with your own hands.

The proposed holiday hairstyles for girls at graduation with great success you will be able to make daughters for other special occasions, and many of them even for every day.

Beautiful hairstyles for prom 2019-2020: what stylists advise us

If we say, without exaggeration, then the hair for a graduation girl is chosen not by the rules, but simply because she likes it.

And there is a logic to this, because the ideas for hairstyles at the prom 2019-2020, first of all, should please you. And only after that, to someone else.

Nevertheless, you should not be so serious about the advice of stylists, who actually recommend one or another of the rules for choosing a hairstyle for graduation.

Choosing for yourself hairstyle options at the prom 2019-2020, see which fashionable hairstyles at the prom 2019-2020 will be relevant this season.

A rule that slightly contradicts the first one, we also call it. Considering the beautiful hairstyles at the prom 2019-2020, do not pursue fashion, try to choose those hairstyles at the prom 2019-2020 that will suit you.

It would seem a contradiction, but everything is correct. Fashionable is good, but the main thing is that your options and haircuts for the prom 2019-2020 should not suit the girl in the fashion magazine, but you.

In order for the beautiful haircuts and hairstyles you have chosen at the prom 2019-2020 to become the embodiment of your amazingly beautiful prom image, choose them according to your face type.

Among the photos offered by the News In Time team at the prom can be selected for a triangular, square, round and oval face type.

Girls with a triangular face type nature endowed with pronounced cheekbones and a rather narrow chin. Having picked up hairstyles for graduation properly, you can hide these inaccurate proportions of the face just with the help of hair.

Doing hair for little beauties: Haircuts and hairstyles for girls

But hairstyles for graduation with asymmetric bangs and curls will be with this type of person just right.

Graduates who have an oval type of face, everything is fine. This type of face will suit very many options for hairstyle at the prom 2019-2020.

Eleventh-graders with a square face type have an impressionable jaw, which, again, asymmetrical hairstyles on the prom hide.

Round face type - girls with this face type should hide their round cheeks and the same length and width of the face.

For girls with a round face type, we recommend that you give up your hairstyle at the graduation party with a smooth part, your hair raised up and smoothly combed into a bun. But if you choose hairstyles at the prom with voluminous bouffant, you will get to the point.

Today, hairdressers recommend that girls pay attention not only to ultra-fashionable hairstyles for prom 2019-2020, which we have presented in sufficient quantities, but also hairstyles for prom, which can most successfully convey the inner world of a graduate.

Ask why. It's simple. The more hairstyle combined with your inner world, the more natural and attractive you look.

For graduates who want to look elegant, fit a variety of beautiful hairstyles for prom 2019-2020 in the form of a beam. Smoothly combed hair with a laid beam is a hairstyle of elegant aristocrats.

Create a romantic and quivering image will help the hairstyle at the prom 2019-2020 on loose hair, complemented by weaving.

More festive hairstyle ideas: The most beautiful wedding hairstyles

According to stylists, this season will be fashionable not only hairstyles for prom 2019-2020 with different types of weaving, weaving technique will be popular in creating wedding hairstyles and evening hairstyles for a special occasion.

In fashion hairstyles, as in previous years, will lead the hairstyle at the prom 2019-2020 in the Greek style, evening hairstyles with matched and styled curls, a variety of styling options for flowing hair. Hollywood curls will be especially popular.

Remember, whatever hairstyles for the prom 2019-2020 you choose, as long as they reflect your joy on this special day, and make you the goddess of the evening.

Let's not go into fashion trends, but rather look at the beautiful hairstyles at the prom 2019-2020 at different lengths of hair.

Creating hairstyles for prom 2018-2019: style trends

The choice of hairstyle for graduation depends on many factors that in one way or another influence the creation of an ideal image of a graduate.

Considering the hairstyle at the prom, you must take into account the features of the shape of the face, hair type, their length, because it depends on what will appear on this holiday on your head.

If you have triangular face typeYou should consider hairstyles at the prom that will smooth out the imbalance due to the presence of wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. Hairstyles for prom with asymmetric bangs or curls that cover the cheekbones fit just right.

Owners oval shaped face lucky! They fit fancy hairstyles for prom of any type.

If you have square facePay attention to graduation hairstyles with asymmetry, which visually reduce your features.

Girls with round features would be appropriate to trim the hairstyle on the final volumetric texture with a pile. In no case do not choose a hairstyle with smoothly combed hair or smooth selection. This is not your option.

In the case when it was not possible to grow hair to the final, consider short hairstyle for prom. They look very feminine and romantic. Short hairstyles at the prom with a pile, small curls, gathered back, will look very stylish.

Using ordinary styling tools and devices, you can even make a masterpiece with short hair.

In addition, short hairstyles for prom can be decorated with various accessories that will become a very fashionable addition to your showy or gentle prom attire.

If you do not want to make an elegant hairstyle for short hair, you can choose a styling that will look just stunning.

For styling, you will need fixing agents such as varnish, foam, gel, etc.

Most beautiful hairstyles for prom on medium hair This is probably the easiest thing to do, because any master will easily come up with dozens of options to style his hair of medium length.

Trend 2018 - 2019 will be braids for prom-based hairstyles. With the help of weaving, you can create stunning hairstyle options for graduation: from a basket to simply braided French braids wrapped in a neat flower.

Do not go out of fashion classic hairstyle for prom on the basis of the beam. Here, the masters propose the creation of hairstyles for prom with the use of stones, rhinestones, flowers and other interesting accessories.

The most beautiful hairstyles at the prom 2018-2019 on the basis of the beam are complemented by curls or loose strands, which effectively emphasize the grace of the evening look.

Retro hairstyle graduation with laid large curls and side parting, or wavy curls will also be relevant this season. These hairstyles can be decorated with feathers, textile colors, a bandage.

Retro hairstyle for graduation will emphasize the sensuality of the girl, not hiding her sexuality.

Most beautiful hairstyles at prom for long hair Today, these are gorgeous final hairstyles in the Greek style based on loose or pinned hair, in which wedding hairstyles are very often made.

Elegant and discreet, gentle and romantic hairstyles for graduation in the Greek style and the style of the Greek goddesses are not only very beautiful, but also very comfortable.

To create such a hairstyle at the prom use flowers, headbands, stones, tiaras and other hair ornaments.

Fashionable women's hairstyles for graduation for long hair can have thousands of variations, because an experienced master can unfold her imagination precisely on long hair.

Very stylish hairdo for the prom 2018 - 2019 will be prom hairstyle in the style of brigid bordeaux. These hairstyles at the prom look very elegant, characterized by bulk, smoothness and neatly selected hair.

You can not forget about the style of these princesses. The most beautiful hairstyles at the prom will not do without all kinds of curls, lush curls and weaves that resemble the fashionable traditions of the original and gorgeous baroque style.

No less popular hairstyle on this festive day will be hairstyle "Malvina", which will always look beautiful if you have lush and healthy long hair.

Here also is not without variations. Hair can be curled, and can be straightened, creating a great version of hairstyle at the prom.

So that the creation and the result of the hairstyle at the graduation party did not disappoint you, be sure to try out the festive styling options.

In the process of working with hair, be careful with the means and devices for styling, such as hair dryers, curling irons, ironing, stylers, varnishes, tight elastic bands, etc.

All this is not very useful for your hair, so do not forget about the strengthening procedures for hair before and after creating the final masterpiece on your head.

We invite you to look elegant hairstyles at the prom 2018-2019 for every taste. For the gallery “The most beautiful hairstyles at the prom 2018 - 2019” we collected photos taking into account the latest trends in the creation of evening women's hairstyles.

Here are really the most beautiful hairstyles at the prom, among which any beauty will find her own version.

How to start choosing hairstyles

Hairstyle - an important element of the evening image. She should not attract too much attention with her fury and eccentricity in combination with modest decoration, her task is to decorate the graduate and complement his chosen outfit, dress.

In contrast to the hairstyle on the last bell, graduates can use complex options. But do not forget about the ease and naturalness of the image, these criteria still remain the leading, unshakable in today's fashion.

What should be considered when choosing a hairstyle for prom:

  • No dramatic changes in the evening image. For example, if at school you were quiet, gentle, gentle all the time, dyeing your hair in bright shades, a new ultrashort haircut is not the best way to stand out. Stick to an image that will not go against character traits.
  • The hairstyle is selected after the dress. This is its essence: hairstyle is the complement of the image, not the base.
  • When choosing a styling, consider the length, structure and thickness of the hair.
  • Please note that simple hairstyles, decorated with a rim or a sophisticated tiara, bow or flowers, look more elegant and interesting. This trick is relevant for those who perform laying at home, without the help of a professional.
  • Do not forget about the type of person when choosing styling. It should give the appearance of harmony, hide angular or curvaceous forms, emphasize the beautiful lines (features) of the face. For example, chubby beauties are not recommended to make a smooth beam at the top of the head, so you will open the plump cheeks. In this case, it is better to play with curls or use the styling in the styling.
  • In the evening hairstyle you can safely combine large curls with weaving, a bun with weaving. This will only benefit the styling, and the girl will look like a model on the cover of a magazine, like from a picture.
  • 1–2 weeks before the scheduled celebration, visit a hairdresser to update your hairstyle, cut off the cropped ends and trim the bangs. A few days before the prom is not recommended to perform haircuts. Чтобы волосы «улеглись», а стрижка выглядела более естественно и гармонично, нужно немного больше времени.

Attention! Не бойтесь экспериментировать. A few days before the solemn event, perform a trial styling: if the hairstyle option does not work, there will be time to pick a better one.

We offer several bright, elegant, bold and fashionable hair styling ideas for graduates.

Bundle, bow or high hair

Bundle in recent years - a reflection of elegance and femininity, so it is ideal for prom. Ideas for laying a lot: from a smooth beam to compositions with braids and curls, decorated with fresh flowers, ribbons, bows or unusual, amazingly beautiful hairpins.

High hairstyle means transferring the volume up. This may be a bundle or a volumetric shell. This style opens the shoulders, the neckline, demonstrating the beauty and elegance of the dress, visually lengthens the neck. High hairstyles are perfect for dresses with an open back. As a result, such techniques make the image romantic, feminine and elegant.

We suggest to consider The best collected hairstyles for prom:

For girls with short hair (four of a kind), stylists propose to wind up elastic, small curls, make a parting part, lift curls up and fix them with invisible hair. A few curls leave the face to give the image extra lightness and playfulness.

We offer another option for high styling girls with short haircuts. In this case, the maximum volume is created from the top, with calling on the forehead. Looks very stylish and elegant, especially in combination with a strict dress.

For owners of hair of medium length, you can try a wavy or smooth beam. It is recommended to decorate it with a bow, beautiful studs or barrette.

Pay attention to how expensive the beam with the diadem looks. Undoubtedly, such a graduate will be able to compete with a Hollywood actress or even the queen herself.

Before the long-haired beauties opens a lot of amazing ideas. Try to combine the lower beam with weaving. This option looks tender, feminine and will fit almost any outfit.

The bows and ribbons woven into the bundle look naively and youthfully look. It is only important to choose a bow to match the evening dress.

Hairstyles with tiara, flowers and rim

Luxurious tiara, bezel, hairpin - a simple but effective way to decorate any styling. Loose hair, careless curls, bun or French braid in combination with these accessories look more impressive, bright and refined.

The following photos will demonstrate several successful styling ideas using laced hairpins and tiaras on hair of various lengths.

Long-haired fashionistas recommend decorating asymmetrical styling with curls. To do this, wind the hair on large curlers, curling and lay on one side. Decorate your hair with a diadem, a beautiful hairpin.

Headbands are often used in hair styling in the Greek style. Such images look feminine, with sophisticated elegance, tenderness and grace.

For those who are in the evening image lacks tenderness, romance, stylists are advised to turn to flowers. Small twigs, single flowers, large or small elements - your choice depends on the styling and length of hair.

Braids, tails and weaving

Weaving is used as a win-win expression of grace, femininity and style. Spit can be performed independently or in combination with the tail beam. In any case, it is fashionable, beautiful and feminine. Besides, braids - a great way to hide thin and thin hair. The only caveat - they are recommended for the length of the strands below the shoulders.

French braid gives the image of easy romance, ease. It looks spectacular, but does not always fit the classic dress. You can decorate weaving with beads, ribbons, flowers. We offer several decent hair styling ideas for graduation with weaving.

Two braids on the sides, gently framing the face, are also relevant this season. This hairstyle is also called in the style of “Deineris”, but this variant of styling is intended exclusively for long-haired beauties.

Tails Every year this hairstyle is gaining more and more popularity. It is simple and unusual at the same time, fashionable and light. Please note, the tail can be located at the top or bottom, but be sure to surround and air, as in the following photos.

Braid is often used to decorate hair, as its separate element, and not the base. It is enough to collect the curls in the tail, and braid the French braid on the side.

"Fishtail" - this type of weaving is also used in laying for a graduation celebration. Again, it is not necessary to braid all the curls, it is enough to separate their upper part and perform weaving. Just do not forget to fluff the braid at the end, because the tight, strict elements are not in fashion now.

"Waterfall" - this hairstyle in popularity occupies a leading position. Recall, this is a kind of styling of loose hair using weaving. It looks feminine, gentle, neat and fits almost all outfits, is fast and easy to do.

Complex, intricate weaving in recent years have lost their popularity, therefore, are rare. But we still managed to find several successful options.

Decorated with bows, ribbons, hairpins

Bows are always associated with school years, childishness and spontaneity, so they are often decorated with hairstyles for prom. Important point their color should harmoniously overlap with the outfit.

Bows can be used not only for long and medium hair lengths, for girls with short strands, they will also fit. A small bow on the left or on the right will add playfulness and coquetry to the image, soften external features, and add originality. Here are some examples:

Ribbons are decorations for long hair, but with classic dresses rarely looks harmonious. They can decorate the beam or French braid. Again, adjust the ribbon to match the color so that color contrast does not occur. White and pastel shades are relevant for dark-haired beauties, and dark colors can be used for light and light brown curls.

Hairpins with rhinestones, iridescent pebbles and beads - the perfect accessory for any celebration. This decoration will fit any styling. Note, with the help of a hairpin, even an ordinary tail will look stylish, extraordinarily beautiful. Take note, if you can not visit a professional to perform styling at the prom, do not be discouraged, and go to the store to buy a festive hairpin.

The variants of hairstyles decorated with barrettes are countless, and each of them looks bright, romantic, unique and, most importantly, always fashionable. Curls, laid on the side and decorated with a barrette - a great option, it looks luxurious, elegant and irresistible.

Or, the usual low bun with a barrette looks more harmonious, attracts attention with simplicity and at the same time luxury and charm. Additional mystery and romance in the image - what you need for a graduate.

Curls, curls, waves, loose hair

Hair at all times personified strength and beauty, and long curls are the most important criterion for the attractiveness of the girl. Loose hair always looks amazing, brave and does not remain without the attention of outsiders. The only nuance of today's fashion - the curls should look natural, disheveled and untidy in the image are not allowed, the strand fits one another, complementing each other.

For decorating loose curls use hairpins or weaving. In this case, the curls should be soft, large, in the style of Hollywood waves, but not elastic spiral.

Curls can be used for girls with short hair. The side parting, raised fringe and twisted ends are the perfect composition for a classic dress.

Beauties with hair below the shoulders complicate the hairstyle by braiding.

Perfectly look Hollywood waves, decorated with a bright hairpin with rhinestones and pebbles.

To create a romantic and feminine image fit hairstyle "malvina". Notice that a small bouffant is being made in the upper part, which is fixed by the invisible; To complete the hairstyle, you can use a barrette, a ribbon, a small bow.

Ideas of the most simple and spectacular hairstyles

You can make a hairstyle for girls at graduation with your own hands, without resorting to the help of a professional. Pay attention the speed and ease of its implementation does not mean that the image will look simple and discreet. We will teach you how to make your graduation hairstyle step by step.

The bottom bundle of braids, decorated with an original barrette, looks tender and interesting. The execution will take 5-10 minutes, no more. Make a little bouffant on the top of the head, then weave all your hair in a regular braid or using a fishtail technique. Tighten the braid from the bottom, forming a bundle, fix the studs. In conclusion, release a few strands of face, decorate hair with butterflies or small flowers.

One more wavy bunch with weaving variantwhich looks romantic and does not require long styling. Hair wind on hair curlers or curling. Divide them into 3 parts: two side and back. Collect the back of the hair in the lower beam, in some cases, you can perform a small bouffant at the crown. Weave braids from the side strands and fix them from behind, above the beam. Decorate with beautiful hairpin, studs.

Original and fresh look the next version of the installation. Dissolve the hair, make a side parting, wind on large curlers, iron or curling, fix with varnish. Lightweight bouffant will add volume to the crown. Then braid a small "spike" from one side, fluff the braid.

High bun or tail with a bow of your own hair Looks original and bold. To perform, collect the high tail, put on a roller and secure with a rubber band. Divide the hair around the bundle into 2 parts: braid the braid from one piece and place it around the bundle. Use the second part to complete the bow. The bow is done simply: divide the hair into 3 parts. From the side strands make the sides of the bow, and from the rest of the hair, braid the braid and place it in the form of a flower in the center of the bow, fix it with a hairpin.

Air beam with a diadem, hoop or bow - option of laying for the most lazy. Your task is to make an airy, careless bundle, before that it is recommended to twist your hair. Decorate your hair with a diadem, a crown, a small bow or a beautiful hairpin.

Light braid diagonally braided - Easy styling to create a romantic, feminine image. You need to select 3 strands from the left temple, braid a braid from them in the direction of the right ear, gradually adding part of hair to each turn. At the end fluff the weave, and you can hide the tip of the braid, fix the styling. For decoration, use small flowers or a beautiful hairpin.

The following styling option will delightfully transform you into a Greek goddess and look at the prom ball. Dissolve the hair, starting from the tips, twist them on the tape, a special band-gum. Fix hair hairstyles, release a few strands from the face and twist them. From the ends of the ribbon, make a bow.

"Flowing Waterfall" - this style looks tender, unmatched, delicious and fits perfectly on prom. Note, the hair should be long. Make a side parting, and twist the ends on large curlers, curling iron, iron. Select a few strands in the forehead and weave a small braid around your head. Do the same on the other side of the parting. Lay both braids and fix.

Wind long hair on curlers or curling iron, separate the upper part, perform a little bouffant. Carefully lay the hair on top, fix varnish. In the end, decorate with an openwork hairpin, bow.

Hollywood curls - The trend, which successfully used movie stars. You need to make a side parting, wind the hair on curlers of large diameter and lay curls one to one. Strands lay on one shoulder, fixing the back of the studs and beautiful hairpin. If you do not have bangs, you can visually lift the curls at the forehead.

Hairstyles with bangs

The owners of bangs a week before the prom need to trim it, put in order. What kind of female hairstyle with bangs to choose for the prom, some fresh and trendy ideas, the answers to these questions await you in the following photos.

Creative, unusual and bright options

Brightness, eccentricity, the unique courage of the nature of individuals, stylists also recommend expressing in a hairstyle. Looks like moderately bold and irresistible graduates will be helped by the following styling options:

  • two high bunches look quite playful and unusual. At the same time they can be decorated with ribbons, bows. Perform small bunches on top of the head, and twist the remaining curls,

  • big bows of your own hair is another compromise solution for brave fashionistas,

  • Retro-styling, decorated with beads, looks no less bright. Do not forget the bright make-up and stylish outfit

  • A rose made of her own hair or a complex interweaving of strands looks artfully and in an original way. Please note that this option is the creation of the master, do not try to repeat at home without experience and special skills,

  • Express your own uniqueness, individuality of character and color. It is not necessary to use resistant paints, it is enough to buy mascara, crayons of bright shades,

  • Using braids of unusual, asymmetrical shape, size, you can create a no less brilliant and original image in the style of a cosmic princess, an unearthly beauty.

Hairstyles with false tails, bows, hair extensions

For those to whom the length of the curls does not allow to recreate the chosen hairstyle, stylists recommend using false hair, hairpieces, hair bows. Not less bold step - to increase the locks before the triumph. The main thing is the choice of false hair to match your own hair so that they are not a bit different, creating a single image.

As a rule, false tails and hair extensions are not hidden in bunches, but, on the contrary, demonstrate all their beauty in such styling options:

For lovers of beams, stylists recommend using hair bows. They are also matched to the tone of the hair.

Trends in recent years on the example of star children

It is time to look into the lives of celebrities, because they are considered by many as style icons. What hairstyles preferred children of celebrities at the prom, look at the following photos.

Femininity, tenderness and romance in the evening image chose Alexander, the eldest daughter of the Russian singer Slava. Pay attention that the curls gathered from behind visually lengthen the neck of the graduate, demonstrate the young beauty and charm of the girl, the perfect figure, grace and, of course, an elegant outfit.

Lily-Rose, daughter of the famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, has also preserved the naturalness, tenderness in the image. Charming flesh-colored dress complemented the sloppy and airy curls.

The daughter of the Russian “star” of tennis, Evgeny Kafelnikov, did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate beauty and style, choosing casual slogans decorated with a golden rim at the prom to the bright, original dress.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the chic hairstyles of stellar parents, which can be safely noted by future graduates.

As you can see, modern fashion does not tolerate "oak", lacquered curls, only naturalness, romance and tenderness.

Men's hairstyles for prom

Not only girls worry when choosing a festive attire and hairstyle, for guys this day is no less disturbing. We offer several important tips from stylists on the choice of male hairstyles:

  • cascading haircuts with uneven, profiled tips are suitable for guys with long hair. This will give shape and lightness to the image,

  • bold and extraordinary people choose asymmetrical hairstyles with elongated bangs. Using special tools you can experiment with laying bangs,

  • haircut in the style of "military" will give a special charm and confidence to its owner,

  • Asymmetrical, slightly disheveled bangs, shaved whiskey - this is a popular haircut "grunge." Suitable for guys who can boast a thick head of hair,

  • Undercard haircuts are an opportunity to emphasize bold, confident character traits. These guys do not remain in the shadows, but only in the center of attention of beautiful women,

  • shaved zigzags, lines on hair - this is an option for the brightest, brutal personalities.

Do not be afraid to experiment with hair, because there is still time for experiments. Only in this way you will be able to choose the best, most harmonious, elegant and original styling, which will reveal all your virtues and charm. And the advice of our experts and photos of hairstyles for prom 9, 11 class will make this solemn moment the most colorful and memorable!

Useful videos

Top 5 hairstyles for graduation 2018 do it yourself.

Hairstyles for prom to attract attention.

Features hair selection

Many mothers make one gross mistake: they try to create a complex styling with an abundance of jewelry and intricate curls. Слишком «взрослая» причёска на голове маленькой девочки выглядит нелепо, говорит о дурном вкусе родителей. Старайтесь, чтобы укладка была «детской», но стильной и красивой.

Ещё несколько советов:

  • вначале купите платье, затем думайте о причёске,
  • учтите тип шевелюры, качество, длину локонов, подумайте, как будет сочетаться укладка и общий образ,
  • thin hair is desirable to wind, from thick strands braid the original braids,
  • select styling in harmony with the oval of the face,
  • accessories must fit the dress,
  • ask if the girl likes the festive look, consider her wishes,
  • put your hair in advance, ask the young princess if she is comfortable with such a hairstyle. Perhaps the hairs are too tightly pulled, or curls unwind after a couple of hours.

Styling accessories and decor

Children's hairstyles at the graduation party in the garden can not be imagined without jewelry. The lack of volume is easily compensated by a suitable decor.

Consider the style of the dress, the overall image, think about the reliable fixation of the ribbon or colors. Buy in advance a sufficient number of stealth, studs, thin elastic bands.

How to decorate a festive hairstyle:

  • attach a hairpin with a volume flower or a bow,
  • wrap the bundle with a satin or pearl ribbon, decorate with hairpins with beads and small flowers at the ends,
  • Strict styling can be decorated with mother-of-pearl rim, white flowers,
  • secure on the curls or braids medium-sized flowers.

Popular hairstyles for graduation in the garden

See how many interesting images you can create on long hair. Gentle and romantic, cute and mischievous, young graduates look like real princesses.

Learn all about the benefits of Selentsin shampoo from hair loss.

A list of shampoos without sulfates and parabens can be seen in this article.

Showy curls

This variant of laying is very much loved by little girls and their mothers. For the celebration fit soft angel curls and elastic curls.

Injury gentle children's hairs less, do not curl curls with a curling iron or thermal rollers. If the girl has thick, strong hair, use magic curlers Magic Leverage before the holiday.

For any type of hair, especially for thin, rare children's hairs, paper wipes are ideal. Do not be lazy, make simple fixtures yourself. The bigger, the better.

The thin locks twisted on papilotki for a long time will keep a form. Hairspray, mousse or foam securely fix luxurious curls.

It’s easy to make fixtures for creating curls:

  • cut strips of paper 5–6 cm wide, 8–10 cm long,
  • on a wide edge, put a narrow strip of cloth or a piece of bandage so that the ends peeking over the edges of the paper,
  • twist the tube so that the rope is inside,
  • remember a little paper for softness: it is more convenient to wind strands.

How to make curls:

  • comb the hair, slightly moisten the strands of the spray,
  • make sure that the hairs are not too wet, otherwise they will not dry over night,
  • apply a little foam or mousse on the hair: so the curls will last longer,
  • separate thin strands, wind on papilotki,
  • twisting to the head, tie the fabric on the bow, so that it is convenient to unwind,
  • do the procedure in the evening, then in the morning the curls will be quite elastic,
  • remove papilotki, check whether the strands have dried,
  • in a pinch, blow-dry,
  • comb the strands, add volume at the roots,
  • put the curls on one side or pick up the strands from the face with the help of two braids, as for malvinki,
  • Spray your hair with lacquer.

Bow-shaped bundle

Make your girl such an original hairstyle. Laying fits to any dress, does not constrain movements, reliably keeps. Create an unusual bow of hair is quite simple.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • comb the clean strands, collect on the crown, secure with a soft rubber band,
  • tail must be half elongated,
  • divide the “loop” into two identical parts, stretch it to the sides: this way you will get the “wings” of a bow,
  • loose hairs from the end of the tail, twist, completely close the gum: you get a kind of jumper from the strands,
  • fasten the hair with a hairpin, if necessary - with the invisibility,
  • correct the details of the bow, lightly sprinkle with varnish,
  • If desired, attach a beautiful hairpin to the front.

Pigtail Ideas

Many types of weaving are suitable for creating a festive look. Consider whether the “too-grown-up” braid will turn out, if it will not look funny against the background of a child's face. If the image suits you and pleases the girl, boldly braid your favorite braid.

French waterfall

Win-win, not a boring option for hair of different quality. Many girls weave this type of French braid themselves.

On the head of a daughter, you will certainly make a luxurious styling. Two or three workouts - and the gentle streams of the French waterfall will decorate the head of a young fashionista. For greater effect wind the strands.

Side braid

Beautiful, original version. With this styling, the girl will look like a real young lady.

Combing all the strands on one side, braid the classic braid from the bottom or from the ear zone. If you own French weaving techniques or know how to make a fishtail, create a masterpiece of a daughter for a graduation party.

Looks great side braid on thick hair. If the volume is not enough, wind the hair on papilotki. After finishing the work, leave 10–15 cm of loose curls below the elastic: so the braid will look tender and romantic.

Basket or netting

Another popular styling with braids. Cute image is not so difficult to create. Practice in advance to pick up all the curls in a circle or weave a pigtail diagonally. You can create a double bezel of braids, decorate the "wreath" with pins with flowers or beads on the end.

Use horizontal, vertical, circular or diagonal weaving. The result will be the original “basket”, “spiral” or “snake”. With such a design, it will be convenient for a young princess to dance, participate in contests and skits.

Useful tips:

  • make a smooth or more voluminous braid. Consider the build, shape of the face,
  • fasten the pigtails well. For reliability, use a few stealth,
  • You can decorate the original weaving with a bow, hairpins with decoration on the end, satin ribbons,
  • if the girl's hair is curly, release a few strands from her face.

Original hairstyle

This hairstyle fits a rather strict, “adult” dress in retro style. Fluffy frills, volumetric ruffles are not quite to the point.

Make an elegant styling, if the girl is slim and tall enough. A stylish handbag in tone to the dress or original decor will certainly attract attention to the young graduate.

How to act:

  • clean the strands well comb, collect at the crown or nape,
  • make the tail securely with a rubber band
  • divide the loose strands into narrow strips, twist with a rope, wrap around the gum in turn,
  • from the long curls comes a beautiful bunch. See if it’s a big construction,
  • if the strands are very thick, discard the idea.

Another option:

  • make the tail at the top or in the neck area, divide into 3-4 strips,
  • braid your usual braid from each part,
  • wrap pigtails around a rubber band or lay out a bundle in the shape of a ball,
  • secure the design with invisible beads, decorate with a satin ribbon or delicate flowers to match the dress.

See trendy hairstyles with bangs for graduation.

Methods for treating alopecia at home are described in this article.

At http://jvolosy.com/pricheski/povsednevnye/kosa-5-pryadej.html find out the weaving pattern of the original 5-strand braid.

Scroll of curls

Fancy hair will require a little effort to create it. This design of the gentle curls looks great on smooth and curly hair.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • wash the strands, dry, apply a little mousse or delicate foam to fix the curls,
  • twist strands on papillots in the evening, unwind paper curlers in the morning,
  • the thinner the strands, the better the curls will be,
  • gently comb the front of the head of hair, do not touch the curls,
  • bring the tail closer to the crown
  • curls beautifully lay out in a circle from the gum, each curled fix invisible,
  • Spray the finished structure with varnish
  • decorate the original bunch of curls with a wreath, as in the photo,
  • If desired, replace the accessory with a satin ribbon, small flowers on heels or stealth.

There are a lot of options for this installation:

  • some mothers twist several vertical bundles from the front strands, then collect the curls tail, decorate it,
  • it is possible to do otherwise: divide the front strands into 6–7 stripes, braid the pigtails, pick up the tail with the rest of the hair, lay curls in a circle.

Important! Check whether the jewelry is firmly held, whether the studs will fall out during outdoor games or dances.

In the following video, watch even more hairstyles for girls at the kindergarten graduation day:

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We had a graduation this year. We responsibly) approached this event. Long chose a dress. Could not decide on the image. As a result, stopped on a light cocktail dress gently turquoise in color. Daughter's hair is blond and long. Immediately thought braid beautiful and unusual spikelets. But in the end they made big curls. And decorated with hairpins. My daughter was like a gentle angel. All the girls were hairstyles. Eyes scattered from their beauty. Even girls with short hair managed to build beauty on their heads. But it should be so. After all, this is their first prom.

How to make beautiful hairstyles for prom?

Any hairstyle you see in the photo or video can be created with your own hands. Given the length of the hair, the structure of the curls and the color of the hair, you can gradually make the air styling in retro style, romantic, harder rocker or high with loose curls.

Before you make a choice and decide on something, by all means refer to the photo lessons in which the master reproduces step by step all the steps describing the way to recreating the evening styling. Or try to download ready-made instructions in pictures, which will visually help you to braid complex ears, make flowers from the strands, lay knots and bunches on the back of the head.

Today, it’s easier to choose a standing image for girls for a school party, young girls for prom night, little girls in kindergarten. In the free access there is a mass of photo examples with the names and types of styling for long, short and medium hair. Air curls, vintage babette, high or low tail, styling with spikes, tiara, loose hair, retro style and Greek - all this you can repeat at home, carefully and step by step repeating everything, as in the photo.

Hairstyles for prom for long hair do it yourself

In this touching and solemn ball, any girl wants to look the best of all, so she painstakingly and carefully thinks out her image, on which the final styling, outfit, makeup and shoes will depend on.

Looking at the photos of hairstyles made with your own hands, you realize that you can actually do them yourself, the main thing is to do everything in stages, as in the photo.

Ease, unpretentiousness and naturalness is the motto of the fashion industry over the past few years, so the deliberate and special negligence that hairdressers create with the finest accuracy is always possible to create.

A bouffant with a high beam and curled curls with tongs is the perfect combination with any evening dress and is suitable for girls at a ball in the garden and for school graduation. The children's face will be beautifully decorated with various braids braided on the top, around the whole head, a fish tail decorated with colorful ribbons, crowns and tiaras on loose hair.

Photo examples for Inspiration:

Hairstyles for long hair for prom - lessons with step by step photos:

Simple and fast

Idea with rezinochkami

On prom hairstyles for medium hair

For the average length, asymmetry, hairpins with stones or beads, flowers or ribbons can become a highlight and unique detail. In this case, it is worth trying to create swirling flagella around the head with oblique bangs. Putting curls on one side, gradually tighten them, securing the studs. Strands on temples wind up the curling iron. Secure the strands on the right, tucking them from the face to the back of the head. All connect and properly fasten.

For a hairstyle with a diadem, you will need to make a tail, divide the curls into strands and comb. Before this, slightly wrap them and fasten around the gum with hairpins. You can wear a tiara and splash varnish.

An elementary high or low nodule also begins with a high tail, the ends of which need to be tightened up, then take a roller and fix all the invisible. You can release the coiled large locks on the sides. If you are not confident in your abilities, take a look at any photos with an exact description of how to perform this or that hairstyle in order to choose an appropriate method individually for you.

Hairstyles for prom 2018 for medium hair:

DIY hairstyles - step by step photos:

Simple and quick idea

Two ideas on medium hair

Hairstyle for 2 minutes (can be decorated with flowers and hairpins)

Hairstyle prom

Simple ideas for short hair at home

Looking at the fresh photos of the stars with a short haircut, you understand how a variety of ideas can be realized with short curls. With the help of wax for hair, you will emphasize the elegant contour of a short haircut, and mousse and foam will help you to create curly curls. After all, the main thing is the competent decoration of unruly short curls.

The simple way out of the situation, if you have little time - a pixie haircut can be laid in a simple way. First, wash your hair and dry it so that the tips remain wet. Apply the gel or mousse and give them the direction you want.

Evening retro for short curls is done with ordinary varnish, mousse or foam. The head should be divided into a side or middle parting, combing the hair on the top of the head and fixing it with varnish. Curl the side curls behind the ears or smooth over the cheeks, securing with varnish.

Photos for inspiration:

Simple hairstyles for short hair at prom at home:

Careless curls ironing

Hairstyles for girls at graduation in kindergarten step by step

As a child in kindergarten, you can always braid long braids or small braids up to the shoulders, which are already a full-fledged decoration of a small head. With the addition of various decorations, your daughter will be a real princess. If you do not know how to weave long curls, then you will go with a low beam and a pile pattern behind, which is decorated with a hoop with flowers all over the head or a graceful bow. To do this, start with a pile at the top, then collect the hair in a low tail and roll it in a bun, while strengthening the barrettes. Gently put on a beautiful bezel and fix varnish. Another way to form a high knot, for which you need the ability to weave a reverse French braid. Weave from the base of the neck to the middle of the head, collect the remaining curls in the tail and spin around its axis. On the side, you can decorate with a bow or a beautiful rubber band around the knot, or with a bright scarf.

Photos of hairstyles for graduation in kindergarten:

Step by step photo ideas for girls:

Horsetail Idea

Basket with flowers

Video how to make a graduation hairstyle for long hair

Before embarking on such a difficult process, purchase tools for curling: hair dryer, round comb, thermal spray, barrettes and pins, comb with a sharp tip, varnish.

If you are first engaged in curling hair, then look at the detailed photos. Whatever hairstyle you take to do, it requires clean and dried hair, then you can begin to wrap from the back of the head, gradually moving towards the top of the head. With ready-made large curls, you can do anything. Try to twist the side strands in the flagella, securing with a barrette with stones on the back of the head or the same flagella, only the tail fastened on the crown. Volumetric tail, free weaving, gentle bundle - consider each of the options that will fit your mood and image on the prom.

Simple video tutorial: