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9 myths about black


Brave girls prefer bright images and unusual colors in clothes. If you are ready to catch the eye, then pay attention to the clothes of golden hue. And in order not to look ridiculous and vulgar, find out how and with what to wear it.

Who would suit such clothes?

The first limitation concerns the age: clothes of a golden color (especially if it is bright and resembling a brilliant precious metal) look more stylish on young girls. And mature ladies should pay attention to the muted tones and not so shining.

The second limitation is the shape features. Golden tones shimmer and thereby visually increase the volume, which is not always appropriate for appetizing forms. So if you are a girl "in the body", then you should pay attention to the dark shades of gold, as well as simple fabrics without excessive gloss.

And one piece of advice: you should not put on golden things for modest and shy ladies, you need to get used to such an unusual and even somewhat shocking color, because it will inevitably attract looks.

The main rule is relevance.

The ideal image should be, first of all, appropriate, especially when it comes to bright and eye-catching colors in clothes. And in this case, the rule: the brighter the image, the less light. That is, if you decide to shine, then do it best in the evening, for example, at a party or some other event. But if the thing is discreet and relatively restrained, then you can wear it in the daytime: for a walk or a date. But in a strict and business style, this shade does not fit.

What exactly to choose?

If some things in gold color look simply divine, then others may seem vulgar or ridiculous. In order not to become an object of ridicule, it is worth a responsible approach to the choice of clothing. Valid and most stylish are the following things:

  • Evening dress to the floor. Gold is an indicator of luxury, so this outfit will once again emphasize chic and allow you to feel like a real queen. But the style should be elegant and concise, otherwise from a person from high society you will turn into a fairy tale heroine who escaped from the ball.
  • Skirt. For example, you can choose a tight-fitting medium length or flared in the style of new look. But it should not be too long, otherwise the gold color will be too much, and it will overload the image.
  • A bright gold top can be a part of the everyday youth look. Moreover, it should be the accent of the kit, so the other components should be more restrained.
  • Dress-shirt This option is ideal for a party or going to a nightclub. Gold color will highlight you in the crowd, and a simple cut will restrain such a bright bright shade.

Advice: it is advisable not to choose outerwear of a golden color, it often looks vulgar and is usually an attribute of public famous personalities. But if you want to bliss, then you can choose a cropped leather jacket.

How to wear?

What to wear clothes of gold color? It all depends on what kind of thing you decide to wear. But, anyway, it will be the accent of the image, so the rest of its components should be restrained and concise.

  1. Gold skirt can be combined with a simple top, T-shirt, T-shirt or a stylish blouse.
  2. Dress shirt can be supplemented with a jacket or blazer, which somewhat muffles the brightness of the color and closes the shoulders, avoiding vulgarity.
  3. If you chose a golden top, then pick a tight-fitting high-waisted skirt, narrow cropped trousers or, for example, wide and not very short shorts. Blue or blue jeans are also appropriate.

Special attention is given to shoes. It should be stylish, but not striking, because the bright part of the kit already exists. Carefully consider the choice of accessories. If you want to complement the brightness of the image, then use a small clutch of a juicy shade.

As for jewelry, it is better to avoid gold, although still one small object may be present. Glittering rhinestones and large stones are also irrelevant, therefore, prefer them engravings, convex patterns, volumetric textures on ornaments.

What colors does gold match?

If you choose clothes of golden color, then your main task is to create a stylish image. And it will be such if you choose the most harmonious color combination.

The most successful tandems:

  • Gold and beige. Beige is gentle and romantic, and it will make gold softer and not so eye-catching.
  • Although white is considered to be neutral, it will literally come to life and be transformed in a tandem with gold.
  • Black will be the perfect backdrop for gold, making it even more brilliant, eye-catching and bright.
  • Emerald color will emphasize chic and remind expensive jewelry in tandem with gold.
  • Red will add passion to the image and, oddly enough, make gold less catchy, eclipsing it.
  • Add a tender blue or more interesting mint.
  • Dark blue can be attributed to the classic scale, so it will help prevent inappropriate catchiness.
  • The youthful, bold and bright version is gold and fuchsia, purple or hot pink.
  • Combination with yellow is a beautiful summer sunny option.
  • Brown is noble, restrained and elegant, so not only young girls can afford a golden tandem with him.

Tip: You can try to combine a golden hue with prints, but remember that the slightest mistake can ruin everything. Experiment with predatory animalistic patterns, such as a leopard or a tiger, but they should be as small as possible. Also relevant are strips, simple small uniform and monochromatic drawings.


Finally, useful tips:

  1. Make-up can be bright, but remember the rule: select only one part of the face. In addition, it is necessary to give the skin a light shade of tan, so that in contrast with the gold color, it does not seem excessively pale.
  2. Pay attention to simple hairstyles. From complex it is better to refuse, so as not to overload the image.
  3. If you doubt whether to wear such a bright thing, and whether it is appropriate, then start small: choose a piece of clothing with gold prints or inserts.
  4. Pay attention and choice of fabrics. The glitter of gold looks equally good on dense and flowing materials, but it is better to choose practical and non-flammable, since inaccurate folds can ruin everything.

Fashionable, stylish and bright clothes of gold color will help you to shine and attract attention if you wear it correctly!

Myths about black

When buying black things you need to be especially attentive to their quality - things of black color must of course be of very good quality and stitched from expensive materials, as cheap fabric in black will look really cheap, but dark blue, for example, or maroon - may look decent. Clothes of black color, made of not very high-quality materials, often become grayish after washing, and knitwear quickly rolls.

2. "Black slim."
This is true. Black is really slim. Also like any other deep dark color - indigo, dark blue, dark green of pine, eggplant, chocolate, burgundy, cherry, marsala, etc., etc. This is an optical effect - darker objects seem more compact to us, but dark is not necessarily "black."

In the example below, a girl with forms in identical dresses looks more compact in burgundy than in bright blue.

Vertical lines are no less slim (in a print of fabric or in clothes - an unbuttoned elongated vest, for example), as well as matte non-shiny fabrics. All about the techniques that will help you visually build, you can read here.

3. “Black is practical because it is not easily soiled. "
Yes, you may not see black dirt on it. But all the scarf hairs, pet threads and pet hair are visible on black (it all sticks to us more often than real dirt) is much stronger than on other colors, which does not at all testify in favor of its practicality.

4. "With Black you will never miss and will not look defiant."
Very weak argument. Indeed, there is no risk of overshooting with the wrong choice of color or color combinations, but there is a risk of never creating any interesting combinations that would please the eye.
And also there is a risk to look bored and sad.

5. "Black matches all colors."
I can not agree with this controversial statement, being a color expert.
First of all, black clothes are quite difficult to combine even with each other.. After all, black also has different shades, just like any other color - black objects of different shades put together look quite casual.
Secondly, black creates a rather rough contrast with things in pastel shades.such topical this year. All about how to wear pastel colors, you can read here. It also makes many light colors heavier, unlike other basic colors (dark blue, camel, burgundy, etc.).
Also, I very often meet women on the street, whose basic accessories are made exactly in black. They are worn with other basic brown accessories (this is real brown, not camel or terracotta). For example, black boots plus a brown bag. Black with real brown - frankly unfortunate combination. But if in your basic wardrobe instead of black there was a dark blue or burgundy color, they would look great with any other color (with brown, and with pastels, and light, etc.). So this imaginary universality of black is clearly contrived.

7. "Black is coming to everyone."
It should upset you - this is very far from the truth. Black, by contrast, is quite a few people.. Black really suits either the representatives of the Deep Color Type (you can learn all about color types here) of a cold subtype, that is, people whose natural colors are close to black, or people with Cold colors, while their appearance should have a pronounced contrast.
Everyone else it only emphasizes the flaws and unevenness of the skin, makes circles under the eyes even darker, gives off bags under the eyes, if they are present, some are frankly old, some have a tired look, etc.
How to wear black to representatives of different color types, read the articles on this link.

8. “Only black basic clothing is sold in stores.”
Black clothes, of course, a lot in stores. But besides her, there are many others. Perhaps we do not find an alternative, because we don’t even try - we automatically go to the hanger with black things as soon as we cross the threshold of the store. Perhaps this is also because we have no idea what alternative this color may have. All about other basic colors, read the following article and subscribe to the news.

9. "Black is good at any age."
The older the woman, the brighter the shades go to her. Especially you need to be careful with black, as he is able to highlight all the flaws of the skin.
On the contrary, lighter or brighter colors can somewhat “rejuvenate” the appearance of a mature woman.

In the photo - the age model, really an elderly woman. See for yourself how the gray color beautifully shades her skin, exactly the same black turtleneck, on the contrary, emphasized the circles under the eyes and wrinkles - the eyes seem sunken, and the nasolabial folds are especially noticeable.

Miniature gold jewelry - how to wear them?

Small, modest jewelery made of yellow metal for a long time were considered a sign of sophistication and good taste - they were suggested to be worn during the day, with equally laconic classic clothes.

But ... the rules have changed a long time ago, and the image of a "strict teacher" in a jacket and a turtleneck, with a thin gold chain around his neck and earrings, hooks in his ears, is terribly old-fashioned!

However, minimalist gold jewelery still makes up the lion’s share of the mass-market jeweler range - if only because of its affordability for the majority of the population. And the usual thing is when a woman has a couple of those very thin necklaces in the box, some tiny earrings, a brooch or a pair of pendants ...

What to do with this property?

  • Chains (though thin, though thick) are worn exclusively for clothes - they are intended for a cross, an amulet or other symbolic pendant, and it is not accepted to put such things on display and take them exactly as decoration, an addition to the image.
  • If you want a decorative pendant on the chain, then let there be several thin chains of different lengths on the neck, with several stylistically and thematically combined pendants.
  • Chains without pendants should not be worn at all - with a thin chain you will look like the very “teacher”, and with a thick gold chain - a successful representative of the Gypsy ethnic group.
  • Brooches miniatures are worn on the collar collar of a shirt or jacket, on a shirt pocket or simply on a plain blouse. But it is more important to wear several gold brooches at the same time.
  • Thin gold rings make sense if they are symbolic - engagement, wedding, given on a special occasion (for example, husband to wife for the birth of a child), etc. They are constantly worn; they can be combined with neck and ear jewelery.
  • As for earrings, small gold studs are an option for business clothes. But more relevant are long, thin pendant earrings or chain earrings, as well as earrings of geometric shapes.

How many small gold jewelery can be present in one look?

For a long time, the correct answer was considered - no more than three. But fashion is rapidly moving away from classics and traditions, and therefore now two solutions can be considered quite acceptable as to how to wear gold things correctly:

  1. Wear one or two minimalistic gold jewelery. For example, ring and earrings, bracelet and brooch, etc. They must be perfectly combined or be items of a single headset.
  2. Wear a lot of small gold jewelry of the same type. Say, three or four long chains with pendants, or three or five brooches, or “studs” on all the existing punctures in the ears (if there are many punctures), etc.

Tips for wearing large gold jewelery

The approach to massive gold products dictates their considerable cost: it is either evening decorations, or "elite" day.

Evening necklaces, bracelets and earrings, as well as cocktail rings, are worn with matching dresses. The number of gold jewelry in the image at the same time - one or two. Three flashy gold jewelery (say, a ring, necklace and earrings) are worn except for very respectable events, with a dress that opens the shoulders and arms.

There are large, but not evening-style jewelery made of yellow precious metal: they require wearing with equally expensive and high-quality clothing.

In a separate group, you can select a massive gold ethnic (Indian, Arabic, etc. gold) - but these little things are so specific stylistically that it is difficult to fit into some images, except for ethno and boho. In principle, they are not designed for either classics, casual or even any “European” style of dressing - therefore, if you really like and want to wear, you should create a look with elements of ethnicity.

Golden rule - necklace or earrings

Even if you decide to wear a nice piece of jewelry from the jewelry collection, one accessory should be the soloist. Perhaps this is a spectacular ring with a large amethyst, a stunning cast bracelet of yellow gold or stylish pendant earrings.

Large necklaces will make friends with modest stud earrings

It is not necessary to overload the neckline and face in one image. Wearing hoop earrings? Let the next note be a bracelet. Chose a massive chain? Then let the ears be decorated with miniature jackets or studs.

Earrings tassels better to wear without additional accessories in the neighborhood

How to wear jewelry around your neck

Luxury necklace is desirable to wear on the skin, sometimes over thin blouses. Although there are options.

But the main rule for neck accessories is the right combination of decoration and neckline. For example, under a collar-collar or an outfit with an original collar it is generally better not to wear beads, pendants or chains. Round necklines look good with massive necklaces or beads. And the V-neckline will ideally complement the jewelry in a geometric style and elongated pendants.

Jewelry is selected not only by the type of figure, but rather by a cutout on clothes.

How to wear jewelry sets

Headsets consisting of three or even four parts in absolutely identical design went out of fashion. Stylists advise to wear a maximum of two identical decorations. If you really want to look like a needle, make a bet on concise silver accessories or white gold. But where is more effective if you create a set of your favorite accessories.

Комплект из абсолютно одинаковых украшений считается больше моветоном, чем оригинальным выбором

Выбирайте более расслабленные и стильные наборы под максимум нарядов из гардероба

Актуальность цвета

Золотые платья достаточно часто можно увидеть на торжественных мероприятиях. Но сегодня оттенки металлик актуальны как никогда. Leading designers rush into the past and the future, presenting collections in the style of disco and futurism. Fashion houses use metallic fabrics, rhinestones and sequins to achieve brilliance.

Who is suitable

Sets of gold color, despite its complexity, will suit women of any color type. Only you need to decide on a shade, or its location in the image:

  • Pale gold. Gentle, light shade, which is appropriate in everyday and evening wardrobe.
  • Bright gold. Very rich tone. In the rays of the evening light plays special colors.
  • Pink gold. Soft shade with intense shine. Looks winning against the background of darker tones. It is possible to dress a similar thing both in the afternoon, and in the evening.
  • Old gold. Looks restrained and noble.
  • Dark gold. Luxurious and mysterious tone that attracts the glory with its radiance.

Combinations with other colors

To look really impressive, it is worth figuring out what color thing is combined with gold. Such a total look in itself deserves attention, but various combinations will create an unforgettable image.

Golden and black look great together. This set looks elegant, but not catchy. With it, you can adjust the figure, placing the accents. Variants of combinations can be very different: the top of one color, and the bottom of another, shoes and bag will serve as an excellent complement.

Another successful combination with clothes of golden color is red. It is primarily suitable spectacular, confident beauties. This combination looks festive, feminine and a little bold. Just do not forget about the features of the figure, because both of these tones are able to add extra pounds.

If red seems too defiant, then it can be replaced with burgundy. This combination is very sophisticated, it is especially well suited for aged women.


Purple will also help you look luxurious.

White with things of golden color makes it possible to create a fresh and delicate look. The combination is relevant for young women, mature beauties should prefer other options.

Blue and cyan

When you want to wear gold and look at it with restraint, you can combine it with blue. It will somewhat soften the brilliance, a woman of fashion in such an image will look luxurious and at the same time elegant.

Another unobtrusive and aesthetic combination - with green. You only need to choose rich, dark shades of green. They are not only well combined with gold, but also give the figure slimness.

What to wear

Gold-colored clothes look gorgeous. It is not surprising that women gladly dress up in dresses, skirts, blouses of this tone. Shoes and bags are also popular. It is useful to know with what things and accessories it is better to combine them.

Gold-colored dresses are made of women queen. They can often be seen on the Red Carpet.

    Case. Bright tone combined with a discreet cut looks advantageous.

Dress with a V-neck. Will emphasize the beautiful breasts of fashionistas.

Dress with open back. Frankly enough behind, in front it more often closed. This model is very feminine and seductive, but you need to monitor your posture.

Bustier. A great option for a festive event.

Mermaid. An elegant model that wraps around the hips and extends from the knees. Suit a very slim girl.

If you have a question about what to wear a golden dress, then you need to remember that it is in itself very bright. It is better to refuse jewelry or choose minimalistic options. Shoes can be worn to match. Black shoes look good if this shade is present in the pattern of the dress.

Skirts and pants

Golden skirt is appropriate in the evening. There are a lot of options for what to wear with it. Well suited black blouse or top, the kit can be supplemented with black shoes. Blue and brown top are very relevant.

Tops and blouses

With the help of a golden blouse you can get both evening and casual look. In combination with skirts and trousers of different styles, the set looks elegant and festive. The combination with jeans or leather pants is original, in this form you can go to meet with friends.

Send us to the 80th and 90th years at the peak of popularity have become exaggerated metallic gold jackets. Outfeed can be seen in the photo.

Images with shoes

Gold shoes are very popular, because it adorns any images.

  • Such shoes or sandals look interesting in combination with jeans and a T-shirt or sweater. They will add zest to the casual bow.
  • White trousers or a skirt is a great solution for a combination with elegant shoes.

You can also choose shoes with gold details. Black shoes with similar inserts are almost universal.

Golden handbags of any shape can become an outfit decoration.

Not bypassed metallic gold and makeup. Use options can be seen in the presented photos.

The later time on the clock, the larger and more expensive decorations

Trying to challenge this axiom. But the fact remains: massive necklaces and grand headsets are designed to shine in the glow of evening light. During the day you can wear diamonds. For example, if it is neat studs or a miniature suspension. But a luxury necklace often looks ridiculous in the daytime. Only if you are not invited to the red carpet of Cannes.

Large jewelry can be worn during the day, but in the evening with a spectacular makeup and styling, they look much more advantageous.

How to wear bracelets

You can wear a bracelet and watch both on the left and on the right hand. What matters is their style and successful ensemble with clothes. For example, long-sleeved bracelets should be worn only if it is a tight-fitting outfit. It is important that the sleeve of the dress or blouse does not completely cover the decoration. And certainly you don’t need an accessory if you have lace, beads or sequins on the sleeve.

Sleeves should not completely cover the decoration.

How to wear a cross

It would seem that the answer to the question of how to wear crosses with a crucifix lies in the title. But many ladies, trying to show all the wealth of jewelry wardrobe, turn the creed into a fashion accessory. To do this, there are the usual jewelry with inserts of precious or semi-precious stones, wood or leather, but without the image of Christ.

Classic wearable crosses are worn under more relaxed and concise images.

A classic Orthodox or Catholic cross is still an ornament, but so personal that combining it with a deep neckline or pendant in the form of a zodiac sign is true vulgarity.

Decorative crosses are worn in combinations with any accessories and clothing.

When to remove jewelry

Can I wear jewelry 24 hours a day? Yes, if you want the jewels to be turned into cheap-looking trinkets. But in order to maintain the perfect brilliance and shape of rings, earrings or chains, remember when it is better to remove the accessories:

  • before going to bed, so as not to damage the jewelry or leave scratches on the skin,
  • going to the shower, bath, sauna, water park, spa-salon or the sea,
  • doing home repairs or digging in the garden,
  • before a visit to the hairdresser, makeup artist and a moment when you want to enjoy your favorite scent,
  • before manicure,
  • in gym.

Once a month, arrange a bath day for accessories, rubbing with special napkins and washing in soapy water

What jewelry is worn with a sweater

In summer, the neckline is usually open and you can safely wear a few pendants or massive earrings. But in the period of warm sweaters with voluminous collars, wear long chains with V-shaped pendants. But the beads in this case will look ridiculous. Instead of jewelry, it is better not to choose a massive ring or a spectacular brooch at all.

Even under a voluminous sweater, you can pick up stylish accessories.

How to combine jewelry

In this case, there may be no rules, but only recommendations. It all depends on the style of jewelry, design, size and mood. But if you are afraid of miscalculation, remember the following tips:

  • Pick up accessories in the same style: the popular Pandora bracelets do not get along with glamorous yellow gold jewelry, and ethnic leather details are best not combined with elegant diamonds.
  • For hands, choose one thing: either a bright ring with a large stone, or a set of bracelets.
  • A bad idea for the image - a mix of plastic jewelry and jewelry.
  • Do not wear everything at once. A simple rule that is violated most often. To demonstrate good taste, it is not necessary to put on all the contents of the box. One or two accessories in the original design is enough to make a good impression.

The harmonious combination of jewelry is more important than their value.

How to combine decorations by color

Forget the rule about banning the duet of gold and silver! Fashionable women perfectly combine them in one image, not looking at the contrast. But what really matters is the harmonious palette of the whole image. The color of the stones in the earrings, the color of the dress, and in which shoes you decided to conquer the world, also matters.

Bella Hadid in large earrings in the color of his jacket

Under the motley outfits with active prints, patterns, choose concise jewelry, so as not to overload the image. But experiment with monochrome, monochromatic bows: you can choose large accessories with bright stones or in the original design.

Under the bright prints, the popular strip is to choose plain accessories

At the same time, choose to create an image of no more than three to five colors. Otherwise, you risk looking too motley. The simpler the thing, the more active the decoration. And vice versa.

Jewelry is tricky details of the image. Now you know how to successfully place accents to attract exclusively entranced views of others! Tell us about the secrets of girlfriends in social networks.

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Golden color in clothes - combination

Create a spectacular image? Easily paired with our festive touch! To do this, we need to determine the clothes of what color is combined with gold. Of course, you can simply use the total look option and it will look great, but using additional colors will allow you to create truly unique and original images.

White has one unsurpassed quality - it adds freshness, lightness to any dress and makes it more elegant. This combination is most suitable for girls of tender age and young women. Adult and stately beauties will be able to discover for themselves a shade in other combinations.

Black paired with golden look amazing. This combination can be called universal, because with its help you can create a huge number of images: from classic to street, casual and sports.

Another of the advantages of black color in this context is that it makes the figure visually slimmer exactly where you need it. On its background, our color becomes even more “golden”, acquiring a special elegant shine.

Incredibly spectacular and catchy combination of gold and red, just to attract attention to you. This option looks very festive, a little bold, but definitely bright and emotional.

Do not forget that this combination can visually add to you a couple of kilograms, so be careful when you make this way.

A truly royal couple looks noble, elegant and mysterious. Suitable for everyone, but especially well the combination of colors will look on women in age.

+ Blue (Blue)

Blue has many shades and the overall look of the combination will depend on which one you choose for it. For example, paired with a tinge of blue, the electric blue gold will be a bright and dynamic pair, while paired with a dark blue - a discreet, elegant composition.

The blue shade allows you to create gentle images in which the golden hue is softened and muffled. The resulting composition looks very harmonious and festive.

Dark green, emerald green and other restrained and deep shades of green will help to visually make your shape slimmer, and the golden color even more expressive and bright. This is the perfect composition for an evening gala dress.

In everyday images, you can use accessories and shoes metallic color.

+ Beige (Brown)

Excellent variation for everyday wear. Light golden details decorate a beige outfit.

When paired with brown, the gold color acquires a special softness, a calm, even tone.